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Kamini nautanki band kar aur updt kar jaldiii

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thanks !!! mahi...

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"Akram?" nikhat eyes popped out s she saw him close to her..

akram traced his finger from face to her breast and pinching it lightly on her nipple he moved his hand near her waist ..he circled it around and bend to kiss her lips when she jerked him away..

"stop! ...dont do that?" nikhat said in a very confirm tone..

akram watched her in amusement as he with a force pulled her legs apart and started to carress her on her woman hood..

"kyu? mera chuna ab bhi tumhe acha nai lagta haan..?" he asked her teasingly..still his hand between her legs..

she tried to move but her dint let her he hooked his finger between her c***..

trails of tears surfaced in her eyes coz of this humilation..

"leave me!" she said loudly..

and next thing she knows she felt a sting on her cheeks..god his hands are hard!

the unshed tears failed to hide her pain and dripped slowly drop by drop on her cheeks..

"chui mui...mat bano baby...i m not new for you and not the touch too.."

akram ripped her clothes and pulled her to him so as now her breathing was fanning his face and lips at only mere distance..

"akram m not you sl*t ...please lemme go!" she pleaded..

"oh..not in a mood...lets make it than..hmm well..i have a deal for you just like before..!" he said as he fondled her breast and pecked her lightly..nikhat wanted to kill this man here itself but , she couldnt ...

"what?" she said in anger

"i want you too call someone and you will be free.." he said as he bent down to suck on her perk..

"i am not again falling for you deal...last time you black mailed me for abu and now for someone else...its because of you my hubby died..you bast*rd..get off me !" she said as she pushed him hard..making him fall back two steps..

nikhat quickly ran towards the cage door but it was locked..

"r u looking for this?" akram asked showing her the keys in air..

"uhh.." nikhat screamed as she ran back to him to snatch the keys..

"woa ..slow down baby...you know i have least interes in you..and i guess we have mutual feelings here...you are of bad blood dont forget that..." he pulled her back again and slammed her on floor...

nikhat fell on the floor and she was sure her wrist bone was twisted coz of jerk..

she screamed as he got on top of her..

" i m no bad blood!! leave me! i wont call anyone.." she said as she tried to hide fear from him but she knew she was failing miserably..

akram chukled as he got of her and made her stand with him..

"sl*ts dont behave this way ...BABY!! " he again pushed one finger inside her stressing on word BABY...making her squirm in pain..

"no m not your s**t.." she said in a shaky voice..
"oh u r not? well let me count than...umm...1st batsman anwar...2nd me...3rd imraan sissy..oh man these are people i know wht about those n numbers which are not in the list...' akram licked his lips in teasing way and winked at her..

"so wil you do the favour.." akram asked her grabbing her arm and handling her a phone..


"hummy just relax baby...relax..we will go to see nuzzat  but 1st finish up with the doc's appointment.." ayaan tried to put some sense in hummy who was litteraly on her feet to run to nuzzat..

hummy pulled from the grip and did exactly which was expected..she ran towards the exit of office and before ayaan could understand she was all the way out ..trying to catch a rick...
she got one and floped in...she looked at ayaan who was staring at her blankly

hummy popped her head out and called out

"look kya de rahe ho..run and come here!" she tapped the place next to her..

did ayaan had an option...nai!! so bechara too ran behind her...


hummy sat on the floor and ayaan ran to get water for nuzzat..
"baji ghar nai aai...kuch samajh nai aa raha.." nuzat sobed against hummy's shoulder while ayaan patted her forhead..

"hum dhundenge unhe..." hummy and ayaan together assured her..

"apki baji kaha ja rahi thi kuch bataya unhone.." ayaan asked

"nai ..per akhri baar wo bhaijaan ki diary pad rahi thi..' nuzzat pointed towards the diary ..hummy quickly went towards the table and pulled few pages untill she read those line which i guess was prohibited for her..
as she finished her reading she looked up to ayaan ..ayaan smiled at her but her eyes gave all wrong signa;l...

"what?" he asked as he found the hurt in her eyes..."

"you too!!" humzie said to ayaan with a surprise hurt tone..ayaan dint responsed anything his head angled the floor on its own...

hummy couldnt takle it,...she closed the book went towards her bag and stormed towards the door followed by ayaan..

"baby i can explain wait..hummy wait.." he said as he followed..

"what?" hummy said as she pushed aayaan hands off her..

"mujhe ofsos hai ayaan maine apse pyaar kiya ..mere andar apka hissa raha..ap aisa kaise kar sakte the???abu se itna bada dhoka...ap dilshad ke bete hai...apne abu ko dhoka dene ke liye unke sath kaam liya..ap sirf us file ke liye meri zindagi me aaye..kyu ayaan kyu?"
hummy could not control her emotion and burst out on him..

"apne mujhse kabhi pyaar nai kiya hai na?" she said as she looked at ayaan who was nodding his head in no..while tears were flowing freely from his eyes

"please ayaan ..no more lies i wanna know the truth..our truth !" she said as she fell down on her knees..

ayaan quickly sat next to her and pulled her in a forced hug..she was too weak to react and so she sobbed on his should clutching his shirt..

"i dint lie to you hummy...trust me..i always have loved you!" he whispered as he hugged her tight


"khala ye apne kya kiya??"

"jo kiya sahi kiya!" khala assured him as she stroked zoya''s hair for a while..

"per .." \
"per kuch nai asad ...maine zoya ko sirf itna kaha tha..ke use hummy se milna hai ..tumhe nai khona hai..to sir haan me hila do...agar na kaha to asad kabhi tumhe hummy ke pas nai le jayega.."

"per khala ye ek dhamki hai...ye nikah nazayaz hai.."

"nai ye jayz hai..kyunki meri umeed se badkar zoya ne qubool hai khud kaha.."

"zoya ne?"

"haan! ab apni kismat apnao tum..khush raho.." khala walked away from his room ..after blessing them for their happiness and unity,,..

asad heard a sound and turned to lock the door..zoya was still in her bridal attire, beautiful as always and silence too..

asad felt a pain in his heart to watch her so lost..
he walked towards and made her stand with him...

"chub raha hai na" he asked in a childish tone..

zoya looked at him and nodded her head in yes...

asad smiled at her princess and waled towards the closet to get a new pair of comfy clothes for her...

he reached out for zoya who was still standing obediently..

he holded her firmly with one hand while he undressed her with other..
quickly changing her into comfy clothes he made her sit on  bed..

he noticed she was not comfortable with the idea of sleeping on rose bed...

asad kissed her forhead and made her stand back while he carefully picked up the bedsheet wwith flowers on it and dusted it in the corner of room..

he came back placed the bedsheet properly and pulled her hand to sit next to him..

"zoya ..i know ..ye nikah se tum anjaan ho.." he kissed her lightly on her hand

asad pulled her back on the bed so as his body was not resting on head board..

"he touched her tummy gently and kissed her hair again..
"baby,,..i love you..i really do...please dont ever leave me..please!"

asad kissed her hair and turned her face so as now she was facing him and her legs were tangled lightly on his waist ..he pulled her more...

"baby...u wont ever leave me ..haina?" he asked innocently..

as tears dripped down his cheeks he felt a cold body on his face..

he opened his eyes just to see zoya 's lips on his cheeks..

he smiled at her and cupped her face...

he took her one hand in his and lingered few kisses on it..

"i love you..jaan ..i love you so much...please dont ever leave me again...i wont survive without you...you are my life baby..my soul..my existence..always remember this..you are only family of mine.. and i love you crazily.."

asad kept on saying and kisssing her hands and cheeks till he chocked on his words coz of crying..

he felt a warm pair of sensation grewing in him as she hugged him back...
she hugged him? realization struck him and he pulled her from hug just to face her..

"zoya" he called her softly..

"i..i love you!" she said in a stammer..

asad could not believe what did he just hear..he pulled her face closed and hugged her face tight ..he pulled her again from hug and smiled..

"what did you just say?' he asked unbelieving to what he just heard..

"i..i love you!" she repeated herself...

asad smiled and blushed so hard that his face was painted with read..tears were now at freedom..he had just heard something which he thought he wont ever hear from her..she said she love him..oh god after years he heard her voice ..after ages he felt so complete...
asad let out a small laugh in happiness as he again and again pulled her in hug...repeating zillion times in ear..."i love you too..i love you so much..i really do...zoya..i ..i love you baby..i do..."

he was taken away for a second when zoya pulled herself from hug and sat next to him..she touched her kurti and lifted it over head..

asad was bewildered with the feel and the things happening around him..

wht is she doing.? he asked himself..

"zoya..' he said in husky tone..

she dint say a word just reached out for hook on the bra and struggle to unclasp them...when asad holded her hand gently and leaned over her ..

asad looked at her from top to toe..he felt his heart racing  more faster than a formula car..he was proud to admit that his wife still has a charm to make him go crazy..

"zoya" he breathed near her lips as his hands lingered on her body gently...

he looked in her eyes ..she was smiling at him..she was happy with what is happening and it made him happy too..

the next move by her just blew him out..

she leaned a bit forward so as now her lips were touching his..but she suddenly stopped in between./.he expected a kiss but she had just kept her petals on his..as if she dont know what to do next..

asad smiled against her lips and cupped her head from behind and pulled her more to his lips..he brushed it on her and then licked her lower as if asking for entrace..
zoya felt a tickle on her petals and her lips parted on its own..

asad deepened the kiss second by second as his hand stroked her hair cupping them from behind..and his other hand rubbed her sides..

after what looks like forever he finally broked into his kisses and leaned down on her shoulder and dropped few butterfly kisses there...

he traced her bra strap and pulled it to her shoulder with his teeth...he was panting coz of earlier activity and he was sure she was too breathing heavily coz of her chest heaved movement..

he kissed her and kissed her till she was moving like a snake on his bed in pleasure..

he again came on top of her smiling to her...he burried his face on her neck...when he thought he heard something..

he again came face to face her and kissing her on her forehead he smiled to her ..he nodded his head in yes slightly and took her hand in his placing few lingering kisses on them..

"kya ab ..ab..hummy ke paas le jaoge na !" she said in a sweet childlike tone..

asad was taken back for a moment...he looked at her seriously..with scrunch eyebrows..


zoya nodded her head in yes ...he stopped his hand from what he was doing to her  ..he pulled himself off her and sat beside her..

"did anyone told you anything..hmm baby.." he asked zoya holding her chin a little to raise her face up..

zoya nodded in yes slightly..

"asad looked in to her eyes straight and serious as she looked down..
"what ?"he asked

"that wo woman said if i do as she say than you will be happy and  you will take me to hummy.." she said to him blinking her eyes ..so innocent...so stupid he thought

"who said that old lady..haan!!" asad aked as he kept looking at her in her eyes and nodded his head in yes a little..

"no..the fat one,," she answered..

"haseena bi!" he smiled in amused and nodded his head in no looking at her princess and their situation..
he led out a laugh before pulling her to him...

"dont do anything coz anyone says that..do what you feel baby.. " he said as he hugged her from behind and placed his chin on her shoulder..

"will u take me ..." she started..

asad adjusted her body on her lap in a way that she was facing him..

"yes..i will..but you have to wait..will you wait baby.." he said battering his eyes

zoya nodded her head in yes and smiled beautifully  battering her lashes too..

asad pulled her in a hug again and sighed looking at the sky..

wait a minute..she talked to me? did she..?? asad found himself asking but he chuckled at the thought ..he can think over it latter and dance on this happiness in the morning..coz  rightnow he needed his princess and his baby to fall asleep...and also not to forget ,...he needs a shower very badly..

he came out of his thought smiling foolishly ..he tried to place zoya on bed ..but she was already in fairy land..he slightly turned her over on bed ..pulled the strap of bra back on her shoulder ..he pulled the covers on her as he made a walk towards the bathroom...

"rashid...file hamare paas hai..fir kyu aap is tarah.-"dilshad was hell scared ...rashid had destroyed almost everything near him...he was angry would be understatement..

"they cheated us... chip is not in the file..." he threw the file in air...and broked almost everything near him..

"how is that possible.." dilshad asked confused...

"i was with ayaan the whole time till he left in a search for his brother.." she said recollecting about past memoried
the gaffur phone call-ayaan tricking him-their hug - and ayaan running with keys to search asad..


ayaan and nuzzat helped hummy to lie on bed while nuzzat went to pull her sandal off her feet..
and the chip is there on near the sole of sandal..but everyone missed it...


omg omg,..i cant believe i got nearly 150 msgs..from yesterday till date...
i never knew  people loved my stories so much...enchanteress and others see i updated,.m not evill...i guess i can update this story often coz this is like my stress buster..


aaaloo fimmy guni..tumhatri kaka ki tang..ab kyu..iska kawab tuhe pata hai..

pari...rofl...kya pm tha..i think next time if you answer me this i will be in ICU

oh god ankita and shreya..kitni fikar meri...

mahima..u r sweetheart bus...

and lavlina...ap katti hue to yaar mera jee ke kya faida..haina..i love you inna sara jante ho na aap!!*battering eye lashes*


baki sare...yoyo honey singh...party is still on kritz...

and sab ki request suni maine.,...character sketch ek dungi u have to wait and zoya ands asad ki past love story ..ok glimpse bhi milega ..promise...

ramsha jani...tera wo beena much ka hansa i mean vampire ki akhri pusht Rajbir bhi milega...
trust me...
i love you yaar log..do you all love me...??LOL
mt do jawab pata chala...main faint ho jao na sunkarLOL


milliBig smile

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Originally posted by MILII_BAKSHI

thanks !!! mahi...

i am so happy that you are updating Smile

and not suspending this story
--Mahima-- IF-Stunnerz

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this was awesome

brilliant work

Poor Nikhat though

Humeira is so cool

ASYA were the best

chip in Nuzzhat's sandal


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waiting Big smile
love yah :*
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milli ki bachchi ROFL
jaldi update kar Tongue

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waiting 4 ya updateLOL

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