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I cant believe  only in 12 chapter i am in new thread..thanks every one yaar...

okay i suck in speeches so here is the thread for the old one...LOL
shukriya everyoneBig smile
milliBig smile

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"zoya" asad whispered while humera hugged him tight...

humera happily signaled ayaan to come quick with a cute O face...ayaan had a smile on seeing her cute antics he motioned his head in yes..he turned around to see zoya who was walking like a sloth..
he whispered something to her before taking her hand in his , and then they started to walk fast till they reached asad and humera...

"aapi...hume bahar raste me mile...pehle dekha to pehchaan he nai paye..she was looking mess...untamed hair and bruises..she could not even walk properly...thank god i asked ayaan to stop the car ...nai to pata nai kya hota..."
humera was contantly talking with her one audience out of three..yes it was only ayaan there to listen to her words..smiling lovingly..
while asad and zoya were lost somewhere...asad intense gaze where building holes in zoya's face whereas zoya stood there lowering her eyes as if fighting something in silence..

humera voice echoed more coz of her constant blabbering when ayaan  interrupted in between...

"baby..sari baten yahi karni hai kya?? lets get in first ...fir araam se baat karna asad bhaijaan se.." he said as pointing towards house and raising his eyebrow and directing towards asad who was still looking at zoya angry and possesively..
humera caught his signal and dragged zoya with her inside the house..

ayaan facepalmed himself seeing this..."ye bhi!!!" he said as he looked up to sky and chuckled..
he looked at asad who stood there confused for a while as if in a deep thought..ayaan touched asad's shoulder lightly and blinked his eyes to which asad responded the same...the two couples once got inside,the chirpy voice by humera echoed again..

"aapi...ye ghar aisa kyu hai.?? *making faces* jaise bahot buri tarah se jala ho?...bilkul bhutiya haweli!!!" she said touching the wall which still had ashes...she rubbed the hand agaisnt each other to remove dirt off hands..

ayaan coughed to her question making her quite immediately..he gave one quick death glare to humera before looking at asad..

"zoya ..bhaijaan...ap dono aaram kare..main or humera fresh hokar apse bad me milte hai..." he said as he looked at zoya and then back to asad..

asad nodded his head in yes..ayaan holded her chatter box hummy by her arm and gently pulled her to other room..

"kitni baar bola hai...asad bhaijaan mat kaho...complicated hojata hai.." he said as he opened a door making hummera walk in first..
"oh sorry ..." she said as she entered.." i forgot..agli baar asad jiju..pakka!" she showed thumbs up gesture to ayaan..as ayaan walked in closing door from behind..

asad and zoya stood there in silence while their eyes followed this cute convo..asad face got lit up on hearing jiju..he looked at zoya giving a bright beautiful smile..but soon his face got dropped when he saw her leaving with out even looking at him..

"zoya..!" asad called her from behind

zoya stopped for a while but dint bother to look at him..

" what story you made?" he asked as eyes moved to the new couple door..

zoya sighed.."i said i was lost here and then met with an accident.." she replied and was above to move when asad grabbed her hand from behind..

"ayaan is my brother .." she heard him saying but it dint shock her and that is what surprised asad..

" i know..." she answered and quickly went to other room..

after a minute zoya came out worried and searched for something in the hall..she than took a cloth piece and got back to her room..asad who was there standing saw this and he too followed her..

as he entered he saw zoya on floor cleaning her blood marks...he felt bad about it..he went close..to her and pulled the cloth from her grip..
zoya stood up and was about to leave when she thought she had heard something...
she stopped for a  while and looked back at him..

"m sorry!" she heard him saying again..No no...she dint really hear this she thought..
it just apperaed to be some kind off joke to her amused she got back to asad...

"Sorry???? thats it...u think your sorry will heal me...will erase all dark images of those nights...

zoya was walking on an empty road bare foot ..each steps making her remember all those nights with asad..and each burn reminding her of all torture..
zoya sobbed as she murmured..i wont come back to u asad...i hate you... several times in her head.
she was so lost that she dint realize that there was four eyes on opposite site of road staring at her blankly..and the next thing she knows someone ran in to her arms followed by the other one who was running to stop her from running..

"aapi..!!!" humera squealed as she ran for the hug...

zoya was niether shock nor surprise..she was shattered coz of the convo sh ehad with asad a while before..

humera shooked zoya again and kissed her on her cheek..."aapi..aapi...ap theek ho!!!" she said in worried tone..

this was the time when zoya got back to earth she saw humera as teras started to feel in her eyes...she was more than happy in her sisters arm..she felt a feel of security there..but then all her smile got vanished when ayaan apeared to her sight..

"zoya ...how are you?" he said as he looked her with a smile...

how is he here??? what is he doing with her sister? she thought as she remembered asad talking over phone to someone...
was he the one who asked to take care of me?? she asked herself...

humera realised from the hug and enterwined her arm with ayaan's..
"aapi ..we..we!!' she said as she blushed..

this was it and zoya knew that it was another slap of betrayal  she and her abu got...
she looked at ayaan and found him grinning..she shooked her head in no and was about to say something when humera screamed...

"lets go home...asad bhaijaan ..oopsie jiju must b waiting for us.." she said as she heard asad name again..she flinched with the thought of seeing him again..

humera ran quickly to the car and open the door asking her to seat..
zoya stood there in silence before ayaan said something in her ears...

"she loves me...as he loves you...come with us...u cant say no zoya..." he said in a threatning voice...
zoya looked at him and then towards his hand which were on his stomach and eyes on hummy...

sh*t hummy is pregnant...but she is just 17...!! she felt disgusted with ayaan ..
throwing a disgusting look to him she finally agreed to seat with him in the car..


"i hate asad even more.." she said as she opened her eyes..

she said as zoya found herself alone in the room...where was he? anyways she chuckled at the thought..i dont care anymore..she said as she walk in to the bathroom..she had not taken bath since two days..and was briuse bleeded and what not...she just wanted to be fresh..
"she entered the washroom and opened the tap but as the water started pouring on her wounds..a painful scream escaped her lips it was like the wter were acting like a salt on her injury...she quickly closed the tap..and took her face in hands and cried in to it..

her weeps dint go miss to the chirpy ears which were just about passing the door to reach for kitchen..

"aapi are you ok..?" she asked worried..

"hmm m ok!" she said as she quickly kept her hands over her mouth ..not to let hummy know about her misery..

"open the door api...i think you are lying to me..." hummy gently banged the door asking to open..

zoya cried more hearing this..her little sister could feel the pain she thought..

hummy voice and demand to see zoya raised as she she banged door even more which brought panicked asad running in to their room..

"bhaijaan she is not well ...appi please open the door.." she looked at asad agian and banged the door hard..

"zoya ..open the door..." asad said more like a demand..

zoya dint want hummy to know anything about her and asad issue so she quitely opened the door hiding behind the door..

"main theek hu baba..itna shor kyu?" she said with a fake smile which dint go unnotice by hummy..she looked at her with her serious kind off expression..

"hatiye mujhe andar aana hai.." she said as she was about to open door..

"ek min main check karta hu.." asad jumped in between pulling hummy to other side..

humera wished to check on her own but before she could say she heard ayaan scream ...like he had just fall on floor...she ran towards him asking asad to take care of zoya..
asad entered the bathroom before humera left the room..

"asad get out..." zoya said onseeing hummy's departure

"no..." he said as he reached to her..

asad raised one  hand to wipe her tears and before she could push him he hugged her tight...

he on the tap to fill the bucket from one hand still holding her on place with other..

"asad..leave.." zoya said as she pushed him actually tried to push him..wish was useless on his hard physic..

"shshhh.." asad said as he made her seat on the counter and reaching for the towel..
he dipped the towel in the water making in thorou wet..

he drained it properly and patted lightly gently on every wounds..occasionally blewing on them as zoya clutched his shirt coz of pain..

he repeated few more times reaching to all place to clean her up...

he kept the cloth back to the hanger and reach for the detol..he took few coton and dipped it in the detol and looked at zoya..

he pulled her close and made her head rest his head on his chest while his hand were slowly caressing her wounds with the cotton detol..
as the detol touch she jerked his body away but asad holded her there still..and kept on roaming the detol over every wounds ..his hug became more tighter and caring as the pain in her rose more coz of detol sensation..

asad separated her from him and look at her in his eyes ..she had tears but asad was no different he too had cried in bucket in silence as he was trying to heal her..
he kept the cotton back on table and leaned to pick the ointment ..he took some in one hand and holding zoya's chin up in one finger..he nodded his head in no..as to asking her to stop crying more..

he then slowly leaned in to give her the most loving and gentle kisses on her lips while his hands were wraping her wounds with ointment..zoya dint even realised when he has ust finished with everything..all she knew she felt warm..good..and much better!!

he broke into kissing and holded her hand gently and whispered ever slowly in her ears..

"i love you ..." he said as a last drop of tears fell down from his eyes looking straight in her eyes where she just sat blank...


"hello ...beta! " dilshad said over phone..

"hello.." ayaan said as stealing glance from hummy who was waiting for him on bed..

"kaam shuru kar do.." she ordered him and hunged the phone..

"abhi?" ayaan chukled and left the room ..poor hummy laid there confused seeing him walking out...

"maine kya kiya?"she heard herself pouting and then she touched her tummy ever so lovingly...giving a flying kiss on her stomach...she smile to the fullest...

nikhat got out of the taxi after paying the taxi..
she started walking towards the big door as a grin spread her lips..
she took a i pad and stucked it on the wall of the house outside ..then she reached the other side and planted a cell phone on the wall..and then she did to the other side too..

"alvida ..zoya..!" she smile as pressing the red button on her phone which made the gadget to blink in red and a timer appeared on each one...walking away from house she took another cell phone and pressed the green button..

"5 minutes to go.."she hunged as she let a small laugh..walking quickly out of the house..


i know its a thoda bada wala update...menu maaf kari..please so mat jao padhte padhte..dont forget to comment


 part 14

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omg omg just loved itBig smile
awesome, superbHeart
milli chaaa gayi ho yaarThumbs Up

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congrats for the new threadSmile
 awesome writer u certainly rWink

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Lovely... Smile congratulations

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Glitter Text Generator












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