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Zuby hurry up! I want ur color to be cahnge soon!Tongue

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unreserved my post on Page 1

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Originally posted by Meself

Bhavna!!!! Main tujhe chodungi nahi!!! AngryAngryBut tumhe bhi main kya bolun?? Yahi hota hai jab aap do nao ki sawari karte hain! ConfusedYesterday started my beloved music based show Coke Studio@ MTV. I couldn't watch it for obvious reasons and today the repeat was from 8:3 and boy! I had to juggle so muchOuch. And that's how I land third. Zuby...CryCry

Awieee Hugs to u... Hug
Isiliye mai TV par kuch aur nahi dekhti LOLLOLLOLLOL
Okay enough of my rona-dhona!*sniffs Cryand tries to control herself*
What has suddenly happened to the CVs? Ek ke baad ek dhamaakedar episodes! I love it!!!StarStar Today the case rested on my favorite topic. Anthropology! this field of science fascinates me to the core. And the use of mitochondrial DNA to establish a connection with Antara and her killer, brilliant. ClapClapI would have been more happy if they elaborated it a bit more. Forensic front is gearing up. Thumbs UpAnd amazing performance by Kishwer as Chaya. I must applaud her for she blended with the team.
A question... I asked in my post too... Chhaya said, they would be taking an X-Ray... was it not a blooper when the took X-Ray without any safety measures or safety jackets on them while taking an X-Ray
Truth always finds a way to the surface and even if you scatter in the winds it's will rebuild itself; no matter what. Vikram and Antara could have had a perfect life if only his brothers greed hadn't surfaced.Dead Greed is the root cause of all evil and today it was proved again. Because of the same greed one lost her life and other is now a living dead. My heart went out to Vikram. But the real victim was Antara for no matter how much the entire team tries Antara can never be brought to full justice for " Justice delayed is justice denied."Unhappy
And boy this phenomenon called Shaleen, he's determined to make us all hyperventilate to our death. Matlab there's a limit to look fab. And he is crossing them all. Arjun was superb today, though comparatively he had sight less screen time( I don't know why but I felt thatGeek) he still left his stamp in permanent ink! From his entry to his dialogue delivery it was all as usual fantastic. But the one who stole my heart today was Behzaad or rather our Rowdy Rathod!! Day DreamingSameer was suave, sexy and Ma Ma Mia!!Blushing From start of the episode to the end he was sexiness personified. But I really wanted to smack him for walking off with Chaya leaving Aayesha alone. How could he????Angry
Behzaad is always the sexiness personified... I cant take my eyes off him when he is on screen... and today I saw him smiling a lot ... Ummm... Ayesha ke saath dinner date par bhi to gaya tha... agar Chhaya ke saath ek coffee pee li to kya hua... Aisha bhi to Chhotu ke saath bike par aayi thi last episode mein Wink
And then the Rathod and Rawte confrontation. Rathod in firm and strict words told Arjun off and that's enough a warning that Sameer knows what he's up to but know the question is why on earth he's letting Arjun have an upper hand?Ermm Am I to believe there's another round of chess coming up with two masters of the game pitching against each other? Well that'll be an interesting watch and I'm all game for it!Cool
Again... Rathod, the chief was proven to be a fool missing on all obvious things... I wonder what was he doing before Arjun came to ETF... or all of a sudden hi intelligence disappeared with Arjun's entry ... i'm tired of it now... Never expected from Chief that he will be hell bent on proving someone guilty just because of a personal grudge with his second-in-command only to be proven wrong Dead
And Aayesha, I so envy this lady! She's grace, candor and women power personified. StarStarA thorough dignified personality that knows well to transition between soft and hard. Aayesha was somewhere hurt with Sameer's behavior but instead of sulking and letting her emotions get the best of her she remained focused on the case. She carried a stoic persona and smile all the while although her eyes spoke volume that she was hurt. Shital is ruling the roost.Heart She is the ultimate alpha woman on screen and no one can match her. My super three!! Now please don't be offended Arakshi fans but this is the sensual charisma and subtlety that's missing between Arjun and Saakshi as a pair. Sameer and Aayesha are my favorites for the very same reason, they don't go overboard but still manage to keep us hooked.Heart
Just one thing... I too envy her... I wish I was like Sheetal/Aayesha Wink
Liza was fantastic and I love Ritu for making he character so kickass! Loved Chotu( he had to take on Shree's job as well0 and missed my cutie Shree. Pata nahi Shriza as a couple dikhenge bhi ya nahi?Angry Overall a fantastic idea and execution!

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Originally posted by bgargate

The episode began with Arjun entering the record room like a chor and stealing something... I  raised my eye-brows thinking "ye kya ho raha hai?"... I was expecting Rathod to catch him red-handed followed by a heated confrontation... but I was disappointed Embarrassed

There was a pang in my heart for his desperationOuch Don't know when his quest will end.Poor guy! Rathore methinks is in a dilemma.He is aware of what his bestie is doing & knows he is right & deserves truth yet doesn't want to go all the way to support him for Arjun's personal & professional safety primarily.It was beautifully portrayed by Behzy.Kudos!Clap
Coming to case ... it was one of the best case stories so far ... not just in Arjun but as compared to other crime based shows too... Brilliant Clap
I had a doubt on Viraat when he told Arjun and Rathod to come back with Warrant, but still the motive was not clear.
Vikram's love story... Viraat killing Antara for money... his involvement with Shreekant was properly connected... the story was perfectly paced.

As I always say for Arjun no sorrow beats the one where the love of one's life is mercilessly snatched away & one has to live in hell every waking moment.Vikram's story mirrors that of Arjun's.So painful!Ouch Also the fact the Anatara had a baby in her seems to have shook Arjun.I strongly believe Rosh was carrying his child when she diedCry That has doubled the horror of it all for the poor man.
I just had one confusion, Chhaya had said that they would be taking an X-Ray of the pillar to determine how body is placed inside it... but I don't think X-Rays are taken out like this with people in that room without any safety shield 

i didnt notice it but Mom was shocked. Yeh kaise X ray le rahe hai, she asked me.LOL If she had kept silent we could have assumed it was scanning or sonography but she specifically said X-Ray.Tongue Also, why didn't she or Liz look for hair or other foriegn bodies on the skeleton?Confused That's the first thing forensics specialists look for.Arjun had to come & point it out to them.This wasn't an archaeology dig for them to simply identify the body & be on their way. LOL
Arjun's final dialogue was so touching "humein un logo ko bhi insaaf dilana hai jo apni ladayi khud nahi lad saktey"... Clap
The moment Arjun and Rathod challenged each other on Vikram ... It gave me the feeling of "Ohh Please ... not again" ... again... Rathod, the ETF Chief will be proven to be an idiot... someone who is not worthy of this post... who misses the obvious things... and not at all capable of handling any case Dead

I saw the Chess Killer case earlier in the day.What a damn good portrayal a schief of ETF! Alas they always lose out on consistencyOuch
Initially I was happy to see everyone working together but one last part spoiled the fun for me CryCry
Arjun to Chhaya : tum iski pehchan dhundh rahi thi aur mai iske qaatil ko"
Was only Arjun looking for the culprit? not the entire team?
Something that I didn't understand:

A boo boo I tell you!Dead Arjun may be a lone ranger but def not a braggart. He usually says "Hum".Even yesterday it was all team effort.
Aisha offered lift to someone... that meant Aisha had her own vehicle...
then why Rathod offered lift to Aisha?

And if it was Rathod who had to drop Aisha back home, and Aisha didn't have her own vehicle, how was she offering lift to someone?

Rathore has dropped Aisha before too so may be Ash uses company vehicle to travel to work. We have seen only Liz driving her own car.As for offering lift to that other woman maybe by lift she meant they were sharing a taxi or an autorickshaw?Confused 
But definitely the entertainment other than case was Chhaya-Sameer-Aisha track ...
Sameer-Chhaya scenes were rocking.
Chhaya : drooling over ETF Chief... I was really chuckling when she was trying to get info about him from Liza and later her direct conversation with Rathod. I simply loved her bold attitude when she asked him for coffee Wink

Very spunky na? But the best was her charming retreat when she realised the man was taken already.By the beautiful AishaEmbarrassed
Sameer Rathod : haaye... kya kehna... pehle gussa... fir impressed by Chhaya's work... definitely a thorough gentleman... didn't refuse for a coffee... he owed one to her... Chhaya helped them a lot... there was no way he could have bluntly said a "No" to her... it was pure courtesy and no flirting ... and clearly communicated with Chhaya about not being interested Wink
Aisha: Aisha's expressions were priceless in 2 scenes - 1. Rathod goes for a coffee with Chhaya, without inviting Aisha... and 2. Aisha talking to Chhaya... no obvious jealousy ... a quiet nervous smile... a little disappointment... her eyes spoke a volume... the sparkle of surprise in her eyes when Chhaya said that Sam has clearly told her that he is not interested in her and she also knew the reason behind it... it was a delight to watch.
Auraton ki izzat rakhli. No TV soapish reactions mercifullyLOL You know those crooked, twisted facial expressions, the OTT huffing puffingDead She was graceful, poised & handled the awkwardness with elan!And like her bosses put her job at hand on the forefront!Thumbs Up Never for one moment forgets why she is in ETF in the first placeSmile

Shaleen: As usual impressive Wink Day Dreaming Lajawaab, Bemisaal!
Behzaad: haaye... so many variations today... angry in interrogation room... frustrated when Chhaya was late... Happy when Chhaya impressed him by her work... smiling when happy and thanking Chhaya... everything was sooo perfect... Blushing Gosh! What happens to his eyes when he "eyes" PYTs?ROFL They went all goo goo over Chaya!Tongue
Sheetal: supercool... I loved her expressions in the scenes that I have mentioned above...She rocked in her part Thumbs Up A wonderful performerClap
Ritu and Ketan : Perfect in their parts... Thumbs UpThumbs Up
Ketan's Marathi dialogue was jhakaas WinkWink Ho! Ekdam mast!Clap
Kishwer was amazing in her part... I envied her too... perfect in her part...
Missed Siddharth CryCry

Thanks for the lovely comments,B! As sharp eyed as ever!Embarrassed
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kya mast epi tha and zuby ji ki analysis hum padhna  kaise chod sakte hainSmile
superb epi ...awesum satish nayar and amitva mitra ...m impressed by the scripts and the epi of this weekSmile truely amazing shaleen k liye mere paas ek hi dialogue hai -ladies vs ricky behl ka -ye handsome dikhna kab chodegaLOL kal to matlab i was shocked i mean aajtak serial mein saari ladkiya arjun ko line maarti thi bt kal to chaya ne mujhe shock de diya waise apne ETF chief hai hi itne smartWink i too missed epi was so gud ki main sab bhool gayi thiSmile arjun stole sumthing frm rathore's locker that was shocking Shocked dunno jab rathore ko pta chalega to kya hoga...

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zuby ...teri drooling chalu rahegi 
jab tak hai shallen...
right!Wink LOL

really its hot chor
aisa chor sabke ghar aayeLOL Wink

aur rathod very bad!
aisha ko coffee ke liye ni puchaAngry LOL
chaya ki rathore pe drooling chal thi
but vo bi aisha ki feeling samjh gai thi bt ye rathore last me hi samjhegaLOL

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me here fear beta
awesum epi
haye chaya ji me whistle
coffee n sam haye
ayesha claps
beautiful expressions
wow rr bro indirectly haye
drugs sik n ayesha wid 100 epi waitig
case was int
but samesha rocks
kishwar ji cha gyi kudi
in btw arjun bro pain always visible
chotu n liza gud in their parts
stil mising shree
want more patriotic nt kinda love story. case
sumthing like dua pls
ps. sign is janam me dikega lol

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oye hoye piya di
u back in action wow
missed u
shona di hugs
n al d best

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