Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

|-| Nautanki Times#58 : Har Ek Mausam Mein Jaana Sang Hoon Tere |-|

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Shivu smiling and making all the preparations... Dimple enters.

Dimple: Tum itna kyun muskura rahe ho...

Shivu: koi ghum NAHI hai jisko chhupa rahi hu...

Dimple: Ahaan!!

Shivu: haaye!! Bas isi "Ahaan" ne toh *in Madhuri style* Maar Daala...

Dimple: haye...tu mujhe inna pasand karti hai ShivuHeart

Shivu: TU?? arey baba...not you...main toh mere Right Kameene ki baat karing...

Dimple: *disappointed* hmm...waise... tu right hai!!

Shivu: main toh humesha...right hoti hu...Approve

Dimple: bas bas!! NO MORE dialogue baazi...chal chup chap NL bana...

Shivu: aaj KITNE SAARE din baad NL banane mein mazaa aayega...!!Big smile

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Monday,19th August

The episode Starts with Madhu asksing RK to sign in the divorce papers but he does not sign the papers.Sultan asks Madhu about why RK didnt give divorce to Madhu and Sultan blackmails Madhu. Press meet and asks questions about their divorce and suddenly one car almost hits RK  so Madhu gets shocked. Madhu see that RK gets injured in his hand by that car accident and Deepali applies medicine for RK so Madhu feels very bad. Deepali taunts Madhu and Deepali tells Madhu that she hears what they talk about Sultan. RK asks Madhu what she feels about Deepalis attitude for that Madhu asks divorce form RK and she wont worry about Deepalis attitude. RK tells Madhu that her turn is over so RK is going to start his turn so RK picks her Mangalsutra,telling that their marriage was anyways going to get over so Madhu feels very bad.

Tuesday,20th August

The episode starts with Madhu feeling very bad because of RK's actions. RK asks Madhu how she felt about his actions but  Madhu pretends that she is unconcerned. RK sees Madhu lovingly when she sleeps but suddenly he recalls Madhu talking angrily so he gets angry. RK see Madhu having her Mangalsutra in her hands so RK again thinks what happened to Madhu. Bittuji and Radha feel bad for RK and Madhus divorce and they tell RK and Madhu is a good pair. Madhu makes RK angry by bringing Sultans photo to which RK asks to put that photo out. Madhu insults all of RKs family so RK again gets angry with Madhu.

Wednesday,21st August

The episode starts with Madhu saying that she is trapped in the house and cannot live there anymore. Radha is upset with Madhu. Madhu prays to God for forgiveness for her lies. Radha says she is packing her things to go and live in the farmhouse and tells Deepali that she will manage and does not want to get into Madhu and RK issues. It is late and RK comes home drunk with a girlfriend to make Madhu jealous. RK hugs the girl and takes her to his room. Madhu asks Bappa how she can bear all this anymore and she needs more courage. Madhu asks Bittu to help. Bittu tells RK that Madhu has no love for him anymore and they will both be happy if he sets her free.

Thursday,22nd August 

The episode starts with RK telling Bittuji that Madhu does not hate him but she is acting as per instructions of someone else. RK tells that he has to find out the person behind Madhus acting. RK plans for an outing. Bittuji informs Madhu that RK is going outdoor for shooting and immediately Deepali passes the information to Sultan.Sultan tells Madhu to meet him. Madhu goes to the place where Sultan called her with a fully covered face. RK asks Bittu to follow Madhu. Biituji gets lost in that crowded place. Biituji finds out that its fully planned. Madhu meets Sultan. Sultan tells Madhu that he does not want any court case and all. He asks Madhu to start her life afresh with Sultan. Biituji sees Madhus face and he conveys the news to RK and Madhu asks time from Sultan. Bittuji follows Rks instruction and Bittuji talks to Madhu and locks the car door.

Friday,23rd August

The episode starts with Bittuji taking Madhu to RKs place. RK asks Madhu why she is acting like that but Madhu doesnt reply anything to RK. Madhu asks Rk to leave her but he does not leave her and Bittuji informs about Madhu's behaviour to Radha. Deepali over hears Radha's conversation and gets angry with Sultan. Deepali conveys the information to Sultan. Sultan gets angry. Deepali asks the servants to find out  about Madhu and RK. She recalls all the things related to Sultan & confirms that this is Sultan's plan. Bittuji tells Deepali and Sikki that RK is going to arrange a party for their family members. Deepali does not hear that. Biituji watches Deepalis activities. RKs producer warns Biituji as RK didnt turn up for the shooting. Madhu asks RK to leave her. Rk tells Madhu that she is acting according to someone else.

Saturday,24th August 

The episode starts with RK trying to hear the truth from Madhu about why she is acting like that but Madhu does not tell anything. Madhu leaves that place but she feels bad for Rk. Sultans servant keeps a watch on RKs family.  Bittuji takes RKs family for a tour and takes all their mobiles. Deepali gets tensed because Bittoo Ji has taken her phone & she is unable to convey the information about Madhu to Sultan. RK tells Bittoo Ji that Madhu went out from his place. Deepali calls Sultan and informs about Madhu. Sultan tells Deepali that RK is planning to catch him. Madhu searches for RKs family at their house as she is unaware of RKs plan. Madhu thinks that Sultan has come there to kill RK and tells him that she will not allow him to do that ! But it turns out that it is RK she is talking to and Madhu gets shocked! 

20th August:

Madhu refuses to stay with rk in the same room and tells him shes going to live in guest room,but RK says she cant in these 15 days they will have to live together,madhu refuses and is leaving when rK pulls her pins her to the wall and says,its him who will decide everything,he caresses madhus arms and madhu goes weak and rests her hand on rks chest and they share an intense eyelock and get closer but than madhu pushes back rk and says shes leaving but rk says if she wants a divorce or not,finally madhu agrees to stay with rk in the same room.

24th August:

RK says to madhu look into his eyes and says the truth,madhu looks straight into rks eyes and tells him she feels nothing for him hates him,rk says shes trying very hard but not getting successful he starts to walk and madhu walks backward he pulls madhu close and caresses her arms and shoulders and asks if she feels nothing when he comes near to her,madhu begs to let her go but rk pulls her into a hug and says her to hear his heartbeat so they can reach to her heart,he caresses madhus face and lovingly set her locks and pulls her more closer and asks her to tell him what is worrying her and whats her tension?but madhu amidst tears begs him to let her go and rk says now he cant stop her,madhu walks away and self though I love you RK and runs away.


Hello shelloHug I am back with the nailed it scene for this week! And no doubt it has to be a scene of RishBala again. These two make us go crazy and even the simplest of the scene RishBala make it drool worthy! BlushingBlushingThe scene that makes to my list is when finally RK connects the dots and finally realizes how everything was in front of him and yet he couldn't decipher it.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed He was angry at the fact that he acted stupidly and the consequences Madhu, His Madhu had to bear.OuchOuch It was time he made the plan and listen to the truth from the horses mouth. As RK knows how much he affects her, he decided to close in her. It was poignant that he reminded her about how he used to not make eye contact lest she figured his real emotions, she was repeating the same.Embarrassed He pulls her in Tightwala Hug and both melt in the moment. It was a Magical Moment as at that very moment, Madhu forgets all her pains, her anger, her anguish and her so called claims of not loving RK. It was only the two of them in their sweet little world! Epic!BlushingBlushingBlushing

Seriously?? Chalo mere sath?? No need to fulfill the legal proceedings? No need for consent? Just forcing a married woman ..Ouch Ouch Me no likes.. Me no likes. ..!! Feel terrible to see Madhu live in constant fear and terror...! Cry

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RK again this week.. Seems like Cv's started giving RK new Shirts & Tshirts..LOL RK looked Dashing in red Tshirt Day Dreaming

Aur kitne hafte?? Ouch  Poor Madhu ... always stuck.. between bhai and her baby as in hubby Confused Thankfully tho .. hubby has realised that Madhu is in trouble and has done the needful to get her to spill the beans... but feel bad that things are still pretty troublesome for Madhu ..!

RK of course who else can be,his smirks,mesmerizing dialogues are stress buster from madhus constant dilemma and sultaan blackmailing her,RKs playing his game and has faith that madhus not divorcing him willingly his moment of realization in 23rdAugust epi was amazing,love how intelligently and secretly he brought madhu to a totally unknown place ,locked madhu there and realizes the whole event.His smirks and punchlines were a bonus.

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Biwi itni badi ho gayi ho ab bhi mujhe tumhe samjhana padega ki mein kya kar raha hoon

I tell you this guy is very very or I can say Extreamly besharam. Kuch to soche before speaking that bache bhi yeh show dekhte hin *Hides face, and blushing hardly*

Chup kar, warna yahin ke yahin maar dalungi

ROFLROFL BIWI ClapClap got scared thinking that her Pati's izzat is in danger zoneROFLROFL

Biwi tumne iss darwaaze ko itna pita, iski halat dekho 

LOLLOL Ab kaun samjhaye iss tharkey ko. Well he already knw if he will bring a girl to "Their" bedroom to darwaze ki kya halat honi thiLOLWink

Jab mein tumhare kareeb aata hoon to kya tumhara dil mere dil ki dhadkane nahi sun paata

Sunne do tumhare dil ko mere dil ki dhadkano ko, Pahunchne do mere dil ki dhadkano ko, Tumhare dil tak

AwwwDay Dreaming I was like crying listening to these lines. They both are just so magicalCryDay Dreaming

Agar tumne mere RK ke saath kuch kiya na to maar dalungi mein tumhe, chodungi nahi mein tumhe

ClapClapYeh hui na baat, we all wanted this junglee billi to come in front and speak to Sultan like this only, But here we all know it was RK. But I just loved the care for RK which she showedTongueDay Dreaming

Mujhse dur jaogi kahan.. jab ye zikr ho ke hum tum ho juda iss zikr par bhi hasta hoga woh khuda - RK

Aye haye... Right Kameena. .kya punchline mara..  Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed  Madhu ke sath sath hum bhi clean bowled ho gaye..Day Dreaming Loved how RK sensed Madhus turmoil and did all he could to make her spill the beans..! Great lines... n so true... Rishbala are meant to be together..forever! 

Well oh Well ... an angst filled week but nevertheless.. lots of Rishbala moments... so here are the few that truly ..shine in the light..! Embarrassed

- Sare rishte swaha...

The sindoor .. the mangalsutra... why do u need them huzoor?? RKs shocking reaction Madhus declaration of divorcing him ..left everyone shell shocked..!! 

- Kaho na pyaar hai..

No matter how much Madhu resists.. RKs love.. her own heart just hums one name.. Right Kameena n so whenever he comes near.. Madhu is left speechless and breathless..!

 - Baho me chale aao...

Day Dreaming Day Dreaming One of Rishbalas most intimate hugs... gosh the sheer emotions in this scene ..made it a treat to watch ...Heart

By - ..Pooja..


by PrittB

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Please cvs got dips arrested too with sultaan the equal partner in crime and yeah give seema some new acting tips and also give dips some other job to do except for eves dropping  shes no more cunning and a manipulative dips anymore she just sit and watch and make bad faces seeing rishabala happy than suddenly someone comes in rishabalas life and she got an idea to use him/her to separate rishabala,she must use her own tactics and use her own intelligence against her enemy,shes acting like a puppet these days and yeah same smirks,same dialogues and way of delivering dialogues is poor,rather give seema a break from the show so she can learn how to act.

After sultaans torturing track we want some sizzling rishabala romance.

I would rate this week 4/5 Cool It was superb week.. this week episodes reminded us of our OLD MEIEJ episodes.. I won't talk this time about Bhai , Deepali nonsense .. So  the Week begins with Right Kameena RK refuses to sign the divorce papers.. RK Brings another girl to make Madhu jealous.. Madhu that day was superb the way she sho off that girl.. Dare she touch her hubby..Tongue RK makes the plan and brings Madhu to his out door shooting place.. Finally Finally bulb glew on RK's brain Cool He understood its Sultan behind this.. Getting closer to his biwi kameena knows his effect on biwi Embarrassed  Also RK had some killer dialogs this week!! So 4/5 Approve

 RK - Madhu's plan would be going awesome . But in middle we will feel RK's plan has flopped . Sultan will take Madhu away with him fooling RK & Police . But since this time RK knows about Sultan being alive he will surely not leave any stones unturned .  But then with Ganpati Bappa's RK will be able to save Madhu from Sultan & Finally Police will shoot Sultan . 

  Finally 31st August will be the date to say Bye to Sultan . 15 days extended from my previous prediction of 15th August LOL LOL . 

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Editorial Note:

Had super fun making the NL this time! Kuch toh current track ka result and also...there were almost all the sections there!!LOL I really hope everyone enjoys this week's Nautanki Times! Please do pour in your suggestions and any feedback.

Lots of Love,
Shivu and Dimple!

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congratulations on 58th NL
lovely work shivs & dimple

congratz to all winnersClap

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