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|| Punar Vivah-ENU Times #8 - Chugliyan ||

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Salaam Namaste PVians! Hug Here we are with the 8th Edition of our Weekly NL: Punar Vivah - ENU Times #8 - 

Check the next posts to read more and don't forget to turn up the volume: a song is playing in the background as usual! Wink 

Please do like & comment: they encourages us! Embarrassed



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 This week was focused on how Raj's life is incomplete without Sarita while she is was from him and Raj fixes her remarriage with Vikrant by the end of the week.

Raj,on his way to Vikrant's house,bumps into a woman.He is having look at the contest photos where the woman sees Vikrant & says he is a rich like a king Tongue (so what?? ConfusedLOL ) & anyone who lives with him would be like a queen. Star ( mata ji aapki beti nahi hai kya?? Shocked kyun Raj ke kaan bhar rahi ho?? Disapprove ) The woman asks him about Sheila & Vikrant marriage.When she is about to talk about Rohan,Raj gets angry & leaves. Clap She says if he is so furious when it comes to Rohan,then what will happen when he comes to know about Vikrant?? ShockedConfused ( ab aap hi bata dijiye google mata WinkROFL )

Raj reaches Vikrant's house to examine if the house if worth of Sarita. LOL ( waise yeh toh Rohan wala hi ghar hai .. Wink ) Vikrant asks him to send Sarita to take care of Abhi & Raj agrees! Ermm

Raj reaches home & he says his foot is hurting.Then Sarita brings balm & applies on his feet ... Embarrassedkoyi toh mauka chod ko dono !!!  Tongue ) He changes the topic & says good words about Vikrant & asks her to go to Vikrant's place to take care of Abhi.She refuses but he insists. Wacko ( lagta hai Raj ji ko aaj kal koyi kaam nahi, Angry competition ki taiyari karo na ja kar Raj babu  Evil SmileLOL )

Sarita comes to Vikrant's house.At the moment of entering she lectures Vikrant Sleepy .. then Abhi comes running & addresses her mumma Shocked & he thanks Vikrant for bringing Sarita. ShockedShocked She is shocked. Geek Abhi takes her to his room where she tells her they will have a top secret,Abhi can address her Mumma in private but not before anyone, specially before Vikrant. Confused ( yeh kya ? Deadmaamta ka overflow nahi ho raha aaj kal ...Thumbs Down )

Raj is missing Sarita as he is not able to find things by his own. Embarrassed ( baan geya tu meri aadat ... BlushingDay Dreaming ) He calls at Vikrant's place & Vikrant tells him,he needs to learn living without Sarita or else he would never be able to get her remarried. StarClap ( itna talent Vikrant ji??? Clap phir kyun khud shadi karna chahte hai aap ConfusedErmm )

Kamla is bad mouthing Raj for forgetting about his sisters & only caring for his wife's marriage.The match makers tells Kamla what happened earlier. Raj again calls at Vikrant's place .. Embarrassed ( itna bhi kya Raj ji,ruk jao!!aa jayegi aapki chotu WinkLOL ) ..He overhears Sarita & Abhi's convo while he was on hold & then he hangs up saying he is already missing her so much ... Disapprove ( ab itna kuch maan liya par sirf ek thing hi nahi maanoge Wacko ..ufff.. Angry typical men! LOL )

Kamla comes to Raj's room.She asks him what he is upto. LOL She wants some like Vikrant for Sheila,her daughter & his sister Clap .. but Raj says he didn't went to Vikrant with proposal. Pinch He just want Sarita to be happy.Embarrassed

Sarita busy playing with Abhi notices time, it's late Embarrassed .. Vikrant,drinking with colleagues, receives a call from Sarita.She asks him to reach home & some lecturing happens here between these two. Sleepy Suddenly electricity goes off & Sarita & Abhi both are scared. LOL Sarita again calls Vikrant when Vikrant overhears that she gave leave to Marry,Abhi's nanny.He gets angry with her & rushes home. Stern Smile

Raj is buttering Kamla about not telling anything now to Sarita. LOL He just wants her to mingle with Abhi.When Kamla is not sure about her being hiding it,he threatens her that he would leave the house forever ShockedEmbarrassedLOL ( Raj ji aap toh pure bawre ho gaye hai chotu ke liye TongueROFL ) .. Electricity comes back & Vikrant scolds nanny,asks her to stay with Abhi from now on always.Coming outside he lectures Sarita & Sarita lectures him Sleepy ( itna time hai inn dono ke pas ShockedClap & people say I m vella one ShockedLOL ).Sarita is succeeded in making him bit guilty about not being there for his son. Pinch

Raj is having a conversation with Sheila.She says now a days it is so clear that SaRa are falling deeper for each other Thumbs Up .. Raj says he even cares for his sisters too Confused ( ab sister aur patni ek hai kya bhai? WackoROFL ).. She wants Raj to give Sarita plenty of Love in future. Embarrassed ( zindi reh Hug ) Raj also says he wants to give Sarita every happiness of the world. Blushing He gets Sarita's call who is on way & her auto broke down.He says her to stay there & he rushes. EmbarrassedSeeing this Sheila smirks & says He is so in love with Sarita .. StarDay Dreaming thing is he is not ready to accept it at the moment .. WinkApprove ( hume pata hai behen Big smileLOL .. ab aage tu hi kuch kar DisapproveWacko )

Vikrant calls the servant to bring food for Abhi,he says Sarita has not fed Abhi. Stern Smile The servant says today Abhi had his meal very happily & she made him eat pizza.Vikrant misunderstands that she ordered it but the servant says she herself made it .. Abhi is in sleep & utters that he won't tell his dad anything about their secret.Again Vikrant gets angry that she made Abhi learn telling lies also. Sleepy ( itna hyper kyun hai aap bhai shahab??? ConfusedGeek )

SaRa got wet as when they were returning it was raining. Embarrassed Sarita comes out of bathroom & is wiping her hair off. EmbarrassedRaj asks her if she enjoyed the rain & while talking he is about to unfold the secret but manages to change the topic LOL .. but Sarita gets some hints that there is something that Kamla knows but she doesn't. Thumbs Up ( detective Sarita wapas aa geyi  CoolROFL )

Next Morning,Kamla is taunting Sarita that she is fooling Raj & wants to leave Raj for wealth. LOL Raj comes & takes her from there saying mom is always like this.Kalma is adamant she won't let Sarita get remarried. Clap ( taaliyaan .. ClapApprove ab jaake saahi kaam kar rahi hai phatphati StarHug )

Abhi asks about Sarita on breakfast table & Vikrant says she won't come today but he will be there.Raj calls Vikrant but he ignores Angry .. Raj again calls & he ignores . AngryAbhi asks him to go to office if it is urgent,he will mange with servants.Raj messages him,still he ignores. Angry Raj wonders what happened yesterday! Ermm ( kuch nahi,bas ab pack up. Cool no PV of ur wife TongueLOL )

SaRa are in dress shop.Sarita is changing in the changing room but the hook is not closing.She asks Raj to come for help & Raj helps her Embarrassed .. this results in a romantic awkward momentBlushingDay Dreaming ( finally they share a moment Heart ) .. the hook seems to have some fault & Raj asks the shop attendant to alter it. As Raj gets a call from work,Sarita asks him to go ahead,she will manage. Thumbs Up Raj admires her sensibility & wants her to get every happiness in the world. EmbarrassedApprove

Sarita decides to go to meet Abhi in school Confused ( why you are having so much maamta all on a sudden? Thumbs Down ) but Abhi was not responding to her.On her way she was helping an old woman & a car was rushing towards them.She yelled at the river & the woman inside the car comes out,it was Rohan's mother. Sleepy They taunt each other ( there are seriously many better things to do in world Pinch ) & Rohan's mom leaves. (thank god! Tongue ) .. Raj again is calling Vikrant & he picks up at last.Raj asks when to send Sarita,he replies he will get back to him later.Vikrant receives a call from servant that Abhi is hurt,blood rolling down from his nose. Shocked

Sarita is wearing her suit.Vikrant calls her & showers anger on her asking how dare she meet Abhi & what she did that now he is hurt!! Confused Sarita also taunts him & clarifies what happened & tells him it is better to not yell at her,rather to go to his son. Clap ( exactly this man defo has some problems Evil Smile ) Vikrant asks the doctor what he needs to do for Abhi.Doctor says Abhi needs a mother's love. Ermm ( so now make Sarita Baali Ka Bakra Big smile .. Oooppss Bakri Star .. wow what a policy!! Clap )

Sarita comes to meet Abhi,Vikrant gets furious & threatens her to call the police.But she says they share a special bond & she would meet him.He says she is not his mother.She replies it is not her fault Abhi has emotions for her rather it is his lack of love that Abhi needs her as mother. Clap ( yah so he needs to marry you now Big smile .. but he would never try to give love to his son EmbarrassedD'oh.. instead he will be a kid like his son Star & gift you as a toy to his son ClapAngry)

A kid is selling threads & comes to Raj & says this thread will give anyone whole happiness in the world.Raj buys & says it is for his friend. Embarrassed ( aww I knew it Big smile ..see Love is conquering you Raj ji Cool .. )The kid gives him two threads saying there is nothing sweeter than to ask something for someone else. Embarrassed The thread gets jumbled by her & Raj says not to worry, he will sort it out. Big smile ( haan khud ki feelings ka pata nahi par thread sort out karna hai ConfusedLOL )

Abhi is afraid of having injections.Vikrant tries to say something while doc says he himself is enough afraid. LOLSarita laughs at this & makes Abhi clam down.He gets the injection thing done with having Sarita.Then Doctor tells Vikrant that this is what Abhi need,love of a mother. Star ( haan so here goes Baali Ki Bakri Sarita .. Clap)

Raj comes home & looks for Sarita.Kamla taunts that she has gone to his suatan Tongue ( this cracked me up,His Sautan ROFL .. even phatphati agrees with us  Cool ) & this is how powerful money is.She leaves taunting him.Sheila tells him not to believe her & Sarita has told her that she is going to Vikrant's house coz Abhi is injured ... Raj walks into room & finds everything done for him & smiles.He sits on bed talking Sarita's photo on the side table Embarrassed ( someone is missing his chotu Embarrassed ) & says he has bring jalebis for her as penalty as this morning when Sarita stitched his button, (hawww Blushing ) she asked for.He wishes every happiness for her. Star

Sarita comes to Vikrant & says sorry & adds she won't come here without his permission & also it is making her very attached to Abhi.She she needs to stop & leaves. Thumbs UpClap ( finally wake up girl! Star ) Vikrant comes to Abhi's room & find Sarita asleep.Later he offers her lift to house.He drives her home.Raj comes outside & find Vikrant giving her lift to house.Raj talks to Vikrant about Abhi but he leaves without talking. Dead

SaRa walking inside house & Raj says he brought jalebis for her.She says she is not hungry.Raj approaches & Sarita comes to Sheila admitting her fear that she thinks Raj is planning her remarriage with Vikrant. Disapprove Sheila tells her not to worry.She will ask Raj herself but Sarita stops her saying don't ask,she fears it may be a Yes! Cry ( aww my sweetheart .. when you will get some real happiness & peace .. Broken Heart ) Sarita leaves & Sheila prays that these two may always stay together as they love each other. Star

Next morning,Sarita is wondering if is it true what she is thinking!!! Disapprove Raj comes & wants to tell her something.She makes an excuse but Raj insists & is about to say about her remarriage with Vikrant,just the moment Vikrant calls & asks Raj to come his place urgently.Raj reaches.Vikrant comes down & says he wants to marry Sarita. Shocked Raj gulps & again asks what he said?why he wants to marry her?After what happened in past days he thought .. Vikrant cuts his words & says Raj is right but he is ready because he loves his chotu. ShockedWackoBroken Heart Raj is at loss. Dead ( ehem ehem kyun??? Evil SmileAb bolo?Tongue )Then Vikrant says he is just joking, don't be so serious.He explains Raj that what he thought about Sarita was wrong.Even he insulted her time to time but still she came to take care of Abhi, cared for him, made his pain go away & made him happy. Abhi feels so great to be with her,he can't even explain. Confused ( haan toh mil geyi na Baali Ki Bakri Sarita .. Star ) Raj says he knows that Sarita will do justice with her relations with Abhi.but asks if he would be doing the same with his ration with Sarita as Raj has failed to give her happiness.Vikrant assures him that if Sarita loves Abhi,he is ready to do anything. Sleepy ( yah as it is a business deal .. Star ) Vikrant says he wants this marriage to happen in two weeks.He adds he just wanted his consent before telling Abhi,Raj is happy & says it si time to start the marriage preparations . Vikrant excuses him & Suddenly Raj is in tears ShockedConfused .He wonders whether they are tears of happiness or sadness of losing his chotu!!! Cry ( ab koyi khud hi aapna pao kulhari pe mare toh koyi kya kar sakta hai?? D'ohAngry ) ..While Vikrant comes & says Abhi he got his wish fulfilled,Sarita is going to be his mom. Big smile (haan baby now play with your new toy,Sarita .. EmbarrassedStar )

Sheila assures Sarita that though she doesn't know much about true love but what she has been seeing from past few days is surely Love. Star ( some positive words she heard after a long timeSmile ) she emphasizes that Raj loves Sarita a lot & he only remarry her only. Big smile She feels this is their day.Sarita is very happy & feels the same.Smile ( aww Embarrassed )

She has a day dream Raj saying 'I Love You' to her which is broken by Raj. Ouch ( khwab bhi tod dete ho Raj ji  Cry ) Raj asks her about her day dream.She says she won't.Raj says he also had a dream.Sarita insists to tell Raj first .. Raj describes it seemed like Sarita found a new life,new hope,she was looking pretty & someone comes,praises her,cups her face & his lips say 'I Love You Sarita' BlushingDay Dreaming .Sarita feels shy. Blushing ( aww how happy she got Embarrassed ) .. Raj reveals he has found true love for her. Ermm ( how can you find love for someone else Raj ji?? Confused I guess she needs to find Love herself na .. Ermm ) & her life partner,Vikrant Suryavanshi. Dead ( wow.. Clap perfect !! Star please open a match making agency Clap ) Sarita is disheartened to hear it. Cry ( again my Sarita has to sacrifice Broken Heart )


Precap: Raj says she deserves more & that house is obviously far better than this. Ermmhaan like it is a competition of getting better house but not getting her loved one. Angry ) He adds whole world would see how a husband gets his wife get remarried .. Clap ( yes I got it,you just wanna prove how Maahan a Pati can be by not loving his wife rather looking for a groom for her remarriage.  Dead simply wow Big smile ) Sarita is still in tears. Cry ( isshhh .. my baby Ouch )

This week scene that manage to stand out Vikrant crazy few lines that tigger into Raj head deeply. Those few lines that Vikrant told Raj " Will you be able to live without her" , "Will you be able to do her Punar Vivah". Damn, Raj have began to wonder.

Another scene of the week was definitely the moment when Sarita left the house in a hurry to go see a hurt Abhi, she knew she was going to be late and so she took out everything for Raj that night so that he would have to search for anything. Wow! What a love she has for our Raj Ji.

Dialogue of the weeks goes to Raj Ji Star :

'Dost geya nahi aur dost ke jaane ka dukh abhi se hi ho raha hai Raj Ji' Broken Heart

These were the words Raj said when he overheard Sarita & Abhi's conversation & they were very happy with each other & Abhi was also calling her Mumma.So Raj who was listening form this side of phone felt bit sad that the one who was with him for 10 years now will be giving happiness to others. Ouch ( What to say Raj Ji? Dead ..still there is time.you can admit your feelings Embarrassed ..jab aankh khule tab hi sabera Tongue )

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yaqeen. IF-Sizzlerz

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This week didn't have many lighthearted moments - but there was one that stood out. This was when the doctor wants to give abhibaan an injection. Natually Abhi is scared of the needle and begins to fuss and Vikrant tries to comfort him, only for the doctor to stop him saying that even Vikrant is afraid of needles LOL. Seeing this Sarita laughs, and as abhi gets his injection vikrant can't help but close his eyes ROFL

The week we had very less of Raj & Sarita but there was one cute moment between these two. In the episode where Raj took Sarita to get her a new Salwar suit and the back of the Salwar didn't had any hook, so Raj offer his help to Sarita by going directly in front of her and putting his head over her shoulders to see her back and if he can hook the salwar back, but he then see it need some alternation.
That was a cute SaRa Moment.

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-Anarkali. IF-Sizzlerz

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Character of the week is Sheila for me who mostly made sense this past week trying to be the cupid again ! Big smile She told Raj that he is having feelings for Sarita & assured Sarita about their beautiful future. EmbarrassedClap She was a fresh breathe in the midst of bhari bharkam drama this week. Smile cheers for Sheila! Hug

This week Most Irritating Character is surely Vikrant for behaving like a complete idiot. Knowing the fact that Sarita fill the gap that Abhi have for a mom but yet denying it.  

This week had 2 main focus's - 1st was the developing story between Sarita and Vikrant, but the one that held more impact was the gradual moments of realization for Raj, thus he stood out with the performance of the week. 

This week started with Raj playing match-maker. He is successfully able to convince Sarita to go to Vikrant's house, but unable to think about anything other than her. He is constantly in denial of his feeling for Sarita-yet calls up vikrant to find out how she is after being gone for about 30minLOL
Vikrant is quick to see what Raj fails to - by asking that if your so dependent on Sarita how will you manage her PV. This was Raj's first self-reflection moment this week. He, then calls again only to remember Vikrant's words and consciously makes a decision to not talk to her...and realizing that he is already missing sarita and continues to wait and worry for her until she calls him for a ride. 

But that doesn't stop match-maker Raj, he tries his best to keep his mom mum and even takes sarita out shopping, only to have more introspection on sarita & PV. 

One of the best parts this week was the foreshadowing with the friendship bracelets. The 2 bracelets get entangled and we have Raj saying "main har uljhan sulja donga" - it doesn't get much clearer than that. 

They say you don't realize the importance of something until its out of reach - and so Raj edges even more closely to that as the week ends. He brings her sweets, talk to her picture, remembers moments with her, waits for her till very late at night, and even when he doses off - runs to her upon hearing her car.

The final highlight in the performance of Raj this week was the conversation between Raj & Vikrant on Fridays epi - when Vikrant finally agrees to marry Sarita. Though rough and tough Vikrant says something that I hope raj reflects on  in later episodes - he mentions the importance of time. Yes he is a businessman and for him time is always of the essence - but even in relationships one should not waste time (especially 10 years). With that said - he demands to marry her in 2 weeks - leaving Raj shocked. Vikrant gauges Raj and even jokes that his reason for wanting to marry sarita is because he is in love with her...leading to a tensed raj. Like Vikrant - us viewers also see a possessive Raj - who did not like hearing someone else was in love with his wife. 

And with everything said and done - we are left with an emotional teary-eyed Raj, who is hardly able to muster up the words to say that he will start the wedding preparations. 

This was the realization that viewers have been wanting to see for some time now. Yes he is still in denial and keeps referring to her as only his friend, but in  the process he is realizing the traits he never noticed before, is missing her when she is not around, gets possessive hearing others talk about her, and teary eyed at the thought of her not being in his life anymore - if this is not love what is?!  Therefore these small moments through out the week - definitely stood out as key performance moments this week 

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For this week the Song is Chugliyaan ! Heart

The song is so apt of Raj's feelings at this moment.the past week was focused on Raj feeling empty without Sarita!! Broken Heart He keeps saying everytime while Sarita is away that he knows how lucky Vikrant is,Vikrant is having his chotu & now he just can mourn over it. Ouch Even he says he is not so much lucky to have Sarita is his life like Vikrant,which he forcibly believes. D'oh

here you go :

mera yaar yaar mujh mein
mera pyaar pyaar tujh mein

mujh se kho geye .. haan ..

mujh se kho geye ho tum
teri yaadon mein .. haan ..
teri yaadon mein main gum
haste mujh pe din mere
raatein bhi yeh jo karti hai ..

mera yaar yaar mujh mein

mera pyaar pyaar tujh mein

last para of the song which suits the most Tongue

karenge bahane milne ke saare

par ab miloge tum kaha
aayenge chhuke ghar ko tumhare
aur hum jalenge khamokha
saanson mein ghula .. ho ..
pyaar ka dhua ho tum

teri yaadon mein .. haan ..

teri yaadon mein main gum
haste mujh pe din mere
raatein bhi yeh jo karti hai ..

mera yaar yaar mujh mein

mera pyaar pyaar tujh mein

Karan & Shristy Madness shall never stop..LOL

A sight every mumbaikar has been waiting for, hope to board the metro soon: pic.twitter.com/VADOwfVo9x

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This week Siggy Of The Week Award goes to 

>>>  Divyanka2012  <<<

Here is your winning siggy to flaunt in your dabba.

This week Avi Of The Week Award goes to

>>> sidra2007 <<<

Here is your winning siggy to flaunt in your dabba.

This week award goes to a wonderful Video Mix made on Raj & Sarita and on All other Zee Tv Couple.

VM Mixture of SaRa & Zee Tv Jodi's

This wonderful Video VM was made by

>>>  ariaria <<<

To flaunt your win here is your award...

No Fiction this week

The Most Active Thread of the Week is

 Don't want Vikrant track, want Raj-Sarita 

>>>  SamLovesIshita <<<

with 20+ Comments and  900+ Views. 

Here is something to flaunt in your dabba as an award.

The Most Loved & Active Member of the Week is.. 

>>>  divyanka2012 <<<

Congrats on your win, here is your award. 

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The show moved very reasonably this week having a rating of 7/10. Well Raj is beginning to feel different about Sarita going to Vikrant but he is happy as Vikrant have finally agree to marry Sarita.

Well, with the upcoming week we just might get to see Raj stepping into the jealous mood. However we can't be so sure but we can say Sarita isn't happy with Vikrant proposal so the big question is will she agree to marry Vikrant? That and more shall be answered in this week Punar Vivah.

This past week had Raj's emptiness in life without Sarita,which was shown beautifully. Thumbs Up Also we had Vikrnat & Sarita's marriage coming in just two weeks.Here would like to add,SaRa got three months form the court..hope you guys wouldn't miss this point out. Smile We also came to know Abhishekh is making his entry again. Thumbs Up Hope it works well too. Embarrassed Please don't haste with the tracks & keep peace among them.Hoping for the best. Big smile

Thank you for giving us PV2 & SaRa! Hug

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Wohoo.. finally our 8th Edition is up! Thanks Amanda, Jes & Sidra for contributing! Big smile Please please like & comment: they really encourage us to post the Edition every week! Embarrassed

From next week, till the 2nd week of September.. I won't be here because of my exams so I apologize in advance! Embarrassed

As usual, if anyone wants to Join us, drop a pm to me (-Alina.) or Amy (-Amanda-).

Alina & Amanda

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