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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 5:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanishalnk

Hey jannat ji...its awesome
Awww poor mannu lost her parents
Virats love seems to be dangerous Angry
U stopped at wrong place Cry
Was it manvi or some other girl ???...
Haye virat shirtless in his room...waiting for his love manvi Tongue nd wanted to take first step Wink
Plz plz plz jannat update soon
Srsly girl u r too good Clap

Thanks for the comment dear Big smile
let see...I'll update in few minutes Wink

Originally posted by rasp_berry

Virat slapped to whom? Manvi? If yes then y?...i mean wats wrong in that...he is psycho types kya?...but i love this concept...cont soon soon soon...but devil house is still my fvrt...lmao...cont

Thank u so much...and mine too ROFL
and I'll update in few minutes Wink

nice intro and part 1 she is confuse whether she have
feeling for him or not she scare him so much that
she never made friend  update soon and waiting
u r other story update also

Thank you so much Dear
and let see what happen
I'll update in few minutes Big smile

Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 5:11am | IP Logged

Originally posted by Polo_s

OMG i love dis ff. Nice prologue n story. Is he slap Manvi?? He is too scary yaar. Plz update next soon. We want other story's update too.

Thank you so much Dear and for this u'll have to wait for few minutes
I'll update in few minutesBig smile

Originally posted by lujeyn9

awsum intro & 1st chap interesting story
u r very goood writer 
ur all stories are amazing thanks 4 pmSmile

Thank you so much for appreciation...Thanku u so much
and I'll update in few minutes Big smile

Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 5:15am | IP Logged




1. Hello lovelies a big thanx to all of you. Actually I'm overwhelmed by ur all response and gives u next update. I send only 28 pm but u all made my day

Meera, Roshreb (sorry I don't knw ur name), Uzam, Hangok(sorry dnt knw ur name), HUMA, PREETHI many more, u guys always appreciate to my work but still I didn't send pm to u cause i don't want u guys annoy with my new and new craziness of writing which now-a-days increases and thats why I didn't pm u gals.

but who comments without Pm  Awww, I feel so good... A BIG THANX TO U ALL now if i start anything whether it was hell bored I send pm to u guys.




U all are made my day as I ain't sure about this but u all appreciate it Thank You.



2. I write this part in FB but still want to portray like it happen at yet so tell me hows that And IF U AREN'T LIKE IT, THAT ALSO TELL ME.

Actually I write this update already wrote more than half yesterday but without ur response i don't want to continue it and Now I gives u that update.


3. All of u girls read it from cell actually I put a music track in yesterday post and today I also posted it, if u r interested to listen music then go for it for ur lappy or pics.



4. I replied ur msg if u wanna read then go for it and I also made Thank You in My Hate And Love Story long before who doesn't read it please read it for me.


5. I know u all are think how it is dangerous love for that u have to wait... For little and later u get to see how this love or anger relationship turn into DANGEROUS LOVE



Love U All

Jannat Big smile

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 5:20am | IP Logged

Dangerous Love


Hiii are you all.hope u all are good.. Here I give u next update.Happy Reading


Chapter 2



Virat feel the difference in touch Manvi never ever touch her like and kiss.


No never Manvi is so naive to do something like that. He only teach her to kiss on his forehead or checks nothing else and he does the same as she wasn't adult at all and Virat loves her and wants to go everything slow coz Manvi can't handle all this. She didn't like if someone come close to her, she got scared. And being touch by other than Manvi is last thing in his mind. He feels disgusted. He only likes Manvi's touch pure, innocent and naive. She didn't try to seduce him but she also does something which attract him like anything.


When he pulled her and saw her face, he didn't get shocked that she is His Viren Jiju's cousin Diya who usually comes over here in name of her Viren Bhai but only revolve around Virat's room.

Diya know Virat and Manvi love each other but no use. She gives more tries to seduce him wearing cheap dress in front of him. Virat didn't bother to saw her.


His eyes only search for his Manvi but today she crossed all limit entering his room and took place of Manvi. His rage or anger burst on her like lava and he slapped her.


Now she got knows if she again tries to do something cheap than she gets hurt or suffer more than this. She always wants to separate Manvi from him and try a lot, goes always closed to him. She always take advantage of Manvi's innocence but he ain't blind who didn't understand her intention but he tolerate her just because she is mere cousin of His Viren Jiju whom he respect or reverent person for him and he didn't hurt her but today she done a grave mistake and she got a deserve punishment for that he is more angry on Manvi, why she didn't take his order literally or she comes late.


Meantime Manvi comes in room when Virat pulled her hand and slapped her tight, she got scared.

She is only to say

Vi...vir...Virat stammer.


Virat look at him, his eyes is splitting fire or anger. She knows she is 5 or 6 minutes late which he doesn't like but what she do. Her mom dad wants to talk to her that why she was late but how could she tell him.



Virat comes towards her like an angry lion that comes towards his prey. She got blenched coz of his anger. She always scared of his anger but today there is something more mixture of feeling like frustration, love and anger. But why he is so angry and on the top why he slapped Diya Di.

Manvi comes out from reviver when she feels his presence so closed to her, very closed...

Before she says anything to him, he slammed his lip on her and kissed her fiercely... In his rage or anger forget what mistake now he do, he wants to prove to Diya, he only belongs to her and she is his but she is so naive for his punishment or proves and how she would react only tears comes out from her eyes.


But he didn't stop and nibble her soft supple lips after a moment when he feels tear in his face, he abruptly stop and apart from him.



She thought, she is being punished for coming and coz of her Diya Di also suffers. Her tear continuously flows from her eyes and in her sobbing,

She managed to say, "Mamma Papa wants to talk to me that why I was late in coming plz Virat don't be angry, I'm sorry."


Virat closed his eyes tightly in guilty, firstly he wants his first kiss special to her but coz of this so called Diya, he take out his frustration on her.



He hugs her tightly to soothe her pain and Manvi in his fear hugs him otherwise he will punish her again. It is first time he feels Manvi's touch on his bare skin and it feel heaven to him that all his anger flew away in air. Their bodies got relax but Manvi still scared from him.


He said, "I'm sorry Jaan, i was so disturbed and do that and kissed on her hair."



Manvi said plz don't say sorry I know because of me u r anger and do that, she speak in his skin which gives tickling feeling to Virat and he again kissed on her head and parted from hug when he heard his door sound in mean time Diya also comes out from shocked and she runs out from the room.



Virat kissed her forehead and made her sit on his bed and caresses her face or hair with his hand, he wipes tears which dried now, but still placed it there and leave its marks on her beautiful face.


Virat hug her again to console her for his mistake. After a moments this consoling hug turn into passionate one. His hand roam on her back but Manvi clutches on his back was little tight...

Virat wanna make their first kiss special on her 18th birthday but it was ruined by Diya... And now he consoles her and lost in this cute innocent seductress.

Slowly slowly Virat kissed her ear lobe or nibble it and Manvi is shudder under his... BODY IS NOT ONLY REACTING IN PASSION BUT IT'LL ALSO REACTING WHEN WE ARE HELL SCARED same happen with Manvi, she loves him what she always learns but doesn't understand why he does all this. Kiss always planted on head, forehead, checks but...poor innocent soul was hell confused with Virat sudden changed behavior but she can't dare to stop him otherwise he got angry as always. So she didn't stop him and let him do whatever he wants...

Virat very slowly kissed her neck area, her sensitive spot which give mixture of feeling to her. Virat goes to other side of neck and repeated his action and now his was not aggressive at all but a feathery one because he knows he kisses flower bud which is in her growing age. He stops and looks at Manvi so lovingly, her eyes were close and lips are shiver with fear and anticipation. Virat lean over her and Manvi feel his breath on her lip but peck on her lips softly as he decided to make special for her and he didn't want to scare her more. His previous action still shows on her soft pink bud.


 He once again lean over her for proper kiss but the door knock by someone and they both open their eyes coz of loud knock. Manvi felt relieve coz his action scared her and Virat frustratedly said whose this with plainly not wanna showing his frustration.



Tarun: Sir Viren Sir calls u in Hall.


Virat: okie u leave, We'll come.


Tarun: Yes Sir.


Virat wear his shirt and called Manvi's parents to his house and grab her hand and little forcefully made her move.

Manvi with oblige walk with him.


Viren: Virat why ur phone is switched off so ur manager call Jeevika and said, "they were agree of ur idea and now u can start ur business in California." Congrates Virat.


Viren And Jeevika knows Manvi is with him


Virat: with the smile, does u doubt me Jiju and thanks.


Jeevika also congratulate him and slowly Manvi also but Virat hugs her and said this is the way of congratulating me.


Viren and Jeevika clearing her throat. Diya also comes to him but he just ignores her plainly said thanx.

Meanwhile Manvi's parents also reached there and congratulate him for his success.


Virat: I wanna announce something which is very important to all of u. I want my engage with Manvi today cause of this project it had to live there atleast 2 year.


Madan: Beta, all sudden, any particular reason.


Jeevika: yes Virat bhai we'll do after u come back.


Viren: knows Virat so well and said, "Jeevika, Uncle Aunty. Virat is right why we wait for 2 long year, if we all knows Virat and Manvi loves each other."


All are little surprised with that engagement news but whole family also knows Virat didn't listen to anyone if he decided anything.


Virat take out rings from his pocket and made her wear and Jeevika gives ring to Manvi so that she made wear to him.


In that way their engagement was happened.


Manvi comes out from her thought. Tomorrow will be her birthday but she doesn't want to celebrate as she hasn't any friends and if Jiju organise it, it'll only turn a business party and moreover his Virat is not with him, he will come after her birthday.


It was 10:30pm at night and she decided to take a sound sleep atleast.


It was 11:55pm when a person enter her room and made his way towards her and slowly pushed her duvet from her, when cold wind touch her, she cuddles with her pillow more, which he didn't like at all. He doesn't like if anything else touches her rather than him. But he only watch his sleeping beauty wear a 3/4 night and it shirt, still she look angelic or attract him towards her.


He wishes her at Sharp 12:00am


Happy Birthday Manvi


Kissed her forehead and Manvi waked up but didn't still, she feel his presence but still in deli-ma how she will react.


Virat touches all over her face softly with his finger and control his hidden desire for her. Virat notice that her shirt is bit up and shows her skin to him and he slowly made his way towards her stomach and caress it and kisses her softly, Manvi shiver with his touch, Virat is so much in his world that he didn't noticed it but a minute later he stop himself and put a packet on her side table.

And lastly love over her and peck on her lips.

Made his way out of her room.




So how is this?

Still it is not Dangerous Love, it will show later.

And for this u all have to stay tune

sorry for all mistakes

Give ur feedback if u like it

Dnt forget to hit the like button and do comment if u like

Love U all lovelies

Jannat Big smile

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Niaksharma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 5:35am | IP Logged
Superb yaar
like it
thanks for this pm...
really fab

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Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 5:39am | IP Logged
Mind Blowing..!!! i Love this FF...Virat here is damn agressive..and would not take No for an answer...Bechari Maanvi she is too scared to speak her heart out in front of him..loved their moment..since he is back on her birthday...Eager for next...he would make it special as he is back after 2 yrs...Thanks for the PM Jannat..!

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iluviratmanvi Senior Member

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 5:54am | IP Logged

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5roseparvin Senior Member

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 5:56am | IP Logged
Thank u friend for ur pm and plz update ur other stories also... dangerous love is really very different love story and I love this innocent manvi...

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