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hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 September 2013 at 11:17am | IP Logged

i hope you are fine take care

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preethi18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 September 2013 at 11:25am | IP Logged
intersting teaser ...update soon...cant wait to read after such a teaser...LOL

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niki795 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 September 2013 at 11:36am | IP Logged
nice teaser
continue soon

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-LumosMaxima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 September 2013 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
Awesome teaser!!! Big smile Will be waiting for the update.. Take care Jannat Smile

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2013 at 3:45am | IP Logged

Hello Beautiful Lovelies... Hope u all are well... Here is next part... Hope u All liked it... Happy Reading


Dangerous Love



Chapter 3



Manvi unwrapped the gift and shocked after seeing the dress, Virat never liked when she wear western outfit and today he himself gift her. Manvi kept the gift aside and try to get some sleep waiting for next morning bring for her.




Viren: Good Mornin Virat and hugs him... Hows ur trip.



Virat: My trip was good Jiju and if I take any work in my hand then it should be done successfully.




Viren: I know U Virat congrates saale sahab and hugs him again.

And Virat reciprocate hug and said thanx.




Jeevika: I'm always proud of Bhai and give a warm and welcoming hug


Virat: Thanx Jeevika and hugs her back with same warmness or love.



Jeevika: Bhai when u came



Virat: At night Jeevika... Today is very special day for me

With this he saw her princess decent from stair and approaching him with a genuine smile and love for him.




Manvi wore a pink Umbrella Anarkali dress, her scarf adoring her neck without any make up only black kohl or lip gloss which enhances her beauty... She is fidgeting her scarf with her fingers... Virat gaze was fixed on her and he looking at her princess very passionately with love, care and more obssessiveness... Which had no limit.




He also approached towards her and hugs her tightly yet lovingly... Virat: Happy Birthday Manvi and give a quick peck on her hair which covers her neck... Manvi heartbeat beating so fast with his action which is always unexpected...




Manvi: "Thank You" said very slowly a gush of blood reaches on her cheek with is red now due to which, she don't know... And her lashes are down... She can't meet her eyes with him...


Virat: I love U my Princess said huskily or audibly... so u like my gift and kissed her on red check which is now more red and comes out from hugs...



Manvi: nodded in agreement, look everywhere but him due to shyness also...



Jeevika & Viren gives time to love birds as they know how desperate and aggressive is Virat...



Diya: Hello Virat... How are U?


Virat: morning Diya u are here? Ignoring her question, he don't like her at all...



Viren: Actually Virat Diya wants to work so I offer her job that why she staying here... Is there any problem?




Virat: Not At All Jiju what Would I...

Now look towards Manvi u didn't wish me? With teasingly and lovingly



Manvi: Congratulation Virat with audible sound which reaches Virat but showing her loves and innocence in it...




Virat: U know what Manvi, family didn't wish plainly just give me hug... Open his arm...



Jeevika: ofcourse Manvi Bhabhi teasingly



Manvi: know if she won't do that it hurt him so she hugs me quickly little scarcely yet so lovingly...



Virat reciprocate hugs with same passion again, feels her, her love, innocence or care for him...



Diya ain't like at all, she is buring or frustrated but can't do anything...just making fist...

Diya: Bhabhi are u planning anything special... With fake smile...




Manvi broke the hugs so does Virat who is now anger not coz of Manvi but Diya interrupt in their moment...




Jeevika: No Diya only we are celebrating her birthday... And added

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Manvi Bhabhi and hugs her..


Manvi: Thank you Di and hugs her back...




Viren also wish her and gives side hugs so does Diya but her wishes or loves is fake or pure envy...



They all had their breakfast Diya as usual try to come closure to Virat and but only get ignorance coz Virat is busy in Manvi...





Later in the Evening



All are gather in the hall to celebrate Manvi's birthday in a simple manner coz Virat told them already he planned something special for her but alone... he wanna spend some blissful moment but not with all ofcourse...


Viren and Jeevika understand him and give them privacy... This is needed to their relationship...



After celebration they all left Diya but he knows Virat very well... If she does something then it became her last day in that house so she also left...





He saw her coming from her room wearing his gift and knows she is little uncomfortable or shy as well, He goes to her and snake his arm around her shoulder as he knw she nervous coz she never wore such kind of dress that was much revealing which he gave her, it was a hot red dress off shoulder or reaches upper thighs, she put a shawl around her to hide herself from him unaware about his intentions, his passion or madness for her.



Virat eyes become coz of mere sight what would happen when he saw her without shawl... Manvi is so shy or nervous but when her eyes caught his she got scared...



Manvi thought why he is angry now; poor soul can't make difference in passion or anger it because of shawl coz he himself wants to see her in that dress...


Manvi very scared or hesitantly try to speak...wo... Me... Vi... Vira... Virat when we alone I put this shawl



Virat put his finger on her supple lips to stop her and take her in hug and said, "I know, shall we go"


Manvi nodded and they proceed to his car for his destination...




Virat stopped his car near a huge farm house which is decorated like a castle or bright shining stars increases its beauty... Virat slowly put the shawl off from her which only accelerates her heart beat and came out from car... Open the door for Manvi like a true gentleman and extended his hand and she gave her hand.. come out from car




Manvi is very surprised by this, it ain't there any farm house so whose house is this...



Manvi whose farmhouse Is


Virat cut her line and said, "This farmhouse is your princess for ur 20th birthday" with this he remove her hair from one side and tease her with his nose tip very slowly and this is very new feeling which built in her, she feel so many butterflies jumping in her stomach but she can't share it with him...scares of his reaction, so she let him do whatever he wants...



He asked huskily yet sexy voice, "Do u like it"


Manvi is shudder with his touch or with new feeling, her heart is thumping in her chest so fasting "she just nodded her heart", she placed her hand and entangles with his... how voice could come out from her throat...


Virat smile in her neck and places feathery butterflies inhale her fragrance which intoxicated him in no extends... He thought he can't wait for her very long and said, "Let Go Princess".




They spend blissful yet passionate moments with each other, cut the cakes,  had dinner and talking on random things but his gaze was continuously on her... Virat know he had to take very slow steps towards her as this is so new to her...

Virat later made her sit between his legs and wrapped her hands around her waist... Places kiss on her sensitive neck line or shoulder blade... It became very hard for to control his desire which he buried inside him...for so long, his action make Manvi little scared or nervous... Scared of him and nervous is it right what they doing before marriage...




Manvi is stiffed and she is opposing his touch which made virat little more aggressive and angry too...Virat in anger repeated his action little faster or wildly yet passionately... This made Manvi more scared and she come out from his hard grip... It's irritates him limitless, he pushed her...

Virat: For God Sake Manvi, I'm ur fiance, why u feel that much uncomfortable with me. I'm not going to eat U MANVIII... I wanna spend some beautiful precious time and u spoiled everything...

Virat little loudly said, "What the Hell is ur problem, Can u explain Me?"

With this he made little gap and turn to other side to calm himself...



She got hell scared from his outburst and tears comes out automatically from her eyes...Manvi starts cries and stands at same spot for some time but she know she hurts him so she run towards him and hugs him from back

Said, "I'm really very sorry Virat, I don't hurt U but Dii told me it ain't right if boy and girl get closure before marriage coz of that I was scared, I don't want hurt anyone."



Virat: her tear pricked him but he stops himself and smile on her innocence... She always comes after him.







Diya: Manvi it is not right before marriage girl and boy do something I mean... U understands na... They come closure to each other


Manvi: Yes Dii I understand...


Diya knows he can't stop Virat but she manipulate Manvi... It is easy and nobody suspicious about her...


Flashback end





Manvi Added... Stammer a little but dare to said, "Vi... Vir... Virat.. D...Diya Di told me Its not right girl or boy come closure..."




After hearing her, its made him angry coz... Now she played with Manvi's innocence and why she is so sweet, she can't understand her intention but he controls his rage.



He turns around and grabs manvi arms not harsh but tightly and said, "Fine if that is a problem then we'll get married in the end of this week."



Manvi: Her heart skips a beat or she become numb... She knows they will marry soon but not that soon... In a week...

She is scared like anything but can't dare this time to say anything...

She looked into his eyes which is serious... She just nodded... In fear or sacredness.



He is happy a wide grin plaster on his lip and he hugs her tight.


They went from farmhouse to Vadhera Mansion...




In Virat Room




Virat remove his shirt come closure to her and protectively made her lied in his bed comes on the top of her, gives wet kisses on her face, neck or exposed area. Manvi breath got heavier coz of nervous but she can't stop him, she tightly shut her eyes closed... He again come near to her face and reduce the gap between their lip and without wasting any time capture her juicy lips and kissed her passionate yet gently coz he knows Manvi is still want time for this relation when he feels Manvi is out of breath stop the kiss and lied beside her, his arm securely hold her waist and she snuggle more closure to him, her heavy breathe tickling on his neck & placed her small soft hand on his chest.


She knows he loves her and she loves him too and she trust him blindly whatever Virat does or said is always right... And most important she can't hurt him... Loves means to Give Right that Jeevika Di said... She made herself understand... She keeps her eyes closed and snuggle more closure to him...

They slept together in a sound or peaceful sleep...




Next Morning


Diya knows her plan will successful this time so she takes next move to take advantage or Virat lonliness... She wore sexy nighty and made coffee for Virat move to his room...


Diya got shocked to see them in a bed inside the duvet. They both are cuddling each other; only see her bare shoulder and his bare chest.


Virat wake up when he feels Manvi stir in her sleep and her soft lips touch his bare chest which gives him a different gush of pleasure and he smile...



He heard the knob of door is open, he closed his eyes knows whose is their and smirk at her reaction.









So how is that Good Or Bad?

Sorry for all grammatical errors or other.

Hit the like button and do comment if u like

Eagerly waiting 4 ur responses

Love U all Lovelies

Sidrah Big smile

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pink1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2013 at 4:23am | IP Logged
nice update so he will save her
from diya or diya create MU btwn
them update soon

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aman-2 Groupbie

Joined: 27 February 2012
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Posted: 04 September 2013 at 4:59am | IP Logged
Fab update
I think after seeing them close diya will try to create rift between them
Hope virat will teach her a lesson & throw her out  but I am bit confused about manvi's seems like she doesn't love virat ..she is pretending coz she is scared of him
It will be very interesting to read further..I am getting addicted to ur stories..want to read more
Try to update soon this time
Take careBig smile

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madhuharini IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2013 at 5:03am | IP Logged
awesome update Jannat...Clap
thanks for pm...Smile

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