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We watch D3 ONLY for SwaRon

Winds.of.Winter Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 5:29am | IP Logged

And my title says what I am here to say. Approve And what many others have to say too I guess. From 2011 till today, SwaRon remains a uniquely beautiful love story ever come across in Indian Television.Embarrassed Unique in the sense because for the first time I came across a male protagonist who wasn't the rude brat torturing the girl, but a simple guy head over heels in love with a diva and not an ounce scared of accepting it in front of the girl, or even the world, whereas the female protagonist was a DIVA full of attitude and anger and not your usual 'helpless girl'!! THOSE DAYS we had a Swayam who said to Sharon "Your wish is my command"

From then to now, the way SwaRon story moved forward along with the D3 story has been one hell of a journey but definitely worth a ride. Cool And as you go deeper appreciating the writing and the acting, comes the second aspect of SwaRon which makes them, according to me, THE MOST unique love story. DANCE!Day Dreaming  SwaRon story has been brilliantly portrayed through breathtakingly beautiful dances, something I guess I haven't seen for ANY OTHER pair Big smile!! SwaRon-The ONLY Dancing Couple Embarrassed

SwaRon story meant passion. Brilliant acting, dancing combined with brilliant writing, precisely the main reason why  majority SwaRon fans sat through the three months of Sharon's absence(Oct 2012 'Dec 2012). Waiting for SwaRon to continue even though we dint have the faintest idea about who would play Sharon.

 Fast Forward to Jan 2013:

Vrushika was the reason SwaRon was saved(Apart from Palki Maam, CVs and Shantanu himself) and 2013 has been the best part of my roller coaster SwaRon ride. Blushing Substantial story,romance, dance, fun, pain, EVERYTHING a SwaRon fan could ask for. VruShan were as if meant to be SwaRon and their chemistry instantaneously gathered all fans back.  Big smile From 2011 to 2013, a two years wait to see them finally together. And do I need to remind how worthy the wait was when we saw them finally accepting their love and Sharon jumping into Swayam's arms and him twirling her around !?! Day DreamingDay Dreaming


 D3 has been at its best ever since. The various facets of Vrushika and Shantanu's version of SwaRon is what gave D3 its life back and seeing them like THIS has been every SwaRon fan's dream. The way Sharon transformed from an angry Diva to the girl in love with Swayam is probably one of the best outcomes of travelling through this SwaRon path! These days we have Sharon saying to Swayam "Your wish is my command"!! A couple in love, enjoying small things in life together, fight over small things and make up over others! LOL


As once said by Nilesh, SwaRon symbolizes E for eternity. Couples came and went, SwaRon stayed forever. THIS forever-together-Love-Story is what we fans ALWAYS clinge to. No third person between them because... come on, its SwaRon afterall. Cool


D3 has seen many couples ! But SwaRon remains the only one that was there when D3 began and is still here ruling hearts LIKE A BOSS in 2013 too! All along, D3 team, dance, friendship have been fun but SwaRon is the MAIN reason for watching D3 , All because its SwaRon! Sacrifice, patience, heart break to BANTA hain!

SwaRon/VruShan is undoubtedly the cream of D3 and it needs an altogether special place in the future track to justify it's beauty because well, SwaRon Love Story has JUST BEGAN Big smile !! There's so much more to seeBlushing!!  Hope to see SwaRon together until the apocalypse hits the earth. With NO third wheel fooling around.Dead We SwaRon fans, are always there for D3, but for that SwaRon should be focussed on and given proper space in the track. SwaRon should be given proper treatment and footage like it SHOULD be, because well, they are the LEADS!! Star


Will end it the same way as I began. We watch D3 For SwaRon, Not Swayam, Not Sharon But Swayam and Sharon TOGETHER with no third person in a 1 million kilometre radius. Angry ONLY SwaRon. 'Nuff Said. Approve


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LiveEatLove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 5:32am | IP Logged
Swayam and Sharon were never the quintessential leads.Swayam and Sharon as individual characters have come a long way. And similarly their love story has been one of a kind. Very different from the usual coochiee-coo love stories on-screen in youth shows.
Anyways, will not talk about the positive points in the SwaRon love story coz u have said it all amazingly in a nutshell.
I would like to talk about why I still switch on my tv at 7 pm to watch D3 even after 2 years:
Coz I want to see SwaRon enjoy moments of happiness and romance.
Coz I want to see SwaRon quarrel and then make up.
Coz I want to see SwaRon dancing every beautiful dance style.
We SS fans have waited too long to watch our favorite pair come together.Its about time our sentiments are respected and given attention to. Swayam-Sharon deserve prominence in D3 which they never got in these two years. We have VruShan's sizzling chemistry which can justify the SS scenes perfectly. Shantanu is undoubtedly the best actor on Channel V India and Vrushi is improving really fast.
CV's better understand what we want and give it to us.Otherwise bbye D3.

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cscs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 5:34am | IP Logged
u made a postShocked
thanx a lot for making this wonderful post..u expressed each n every swaronions emotions so well..nw cmg to swaron...

wht can i say abt swaron..before swaron..i hated tele serials love was same old rona dhona..docile n bechari girl..n so called macho sharon and swayam introduced me with the most unique characters n beautiful love story 'swaron'...their uniqueness attracted me towards them..passion, intensity, love, hatred..swaron's love story has each n every emotion..

i was never a d3 fan..i just used to watch it while surfing channels..a glimpse of a guy forced me to hold on to channel v..tht was swayam..dunno hw bt i feel in love wid his honesty ,simplicity n unconditional love for sharon..tht was d tym i bcm swaron n d3 addict..

n like u i will too jump on to vrushika's entry..never ever in my life i thought tht a cute, bubbly girl in white dress walking down from stairs can give us oue swaron back..she came like an angel in our lives n gv us our swaron me swaron was long back dead after trial confession..n honestly i m here bcz of VRUSHAN magic..

vrushan nt only gv us our swaron also took it to different level..vrushan's awesome offscreen  chemistry reflects on screen too..actually i love them more than sharon n swayam nw..the way they potray their characters is simply brilliant..i was craving to see sharon rai prakash behaving without her complexity fr once..n vrushika gv us that..her pair with shantanu is just wow..n dey really dnt need extra efforts to create the chemistry..its natural wid them..

the most important thing which i love abt shantanu n vrushika is their u perfectly mentioned that they are the only lead dancing couple in the the way they potray sharon n swayam's emotions through dance, is simply amazing..from yaadien to khamkha to man basiyo to maula mere maula..all of their dances have been hv always connected sharon n swayam...n VRUSHAN wala swaron justified it completly..

all in all..i just wanna say that..SWARON are the only reason that i watch d3..n finally they have bcm a i would like to see their journey as an official couple nw...n a big NOOO to faltu ki MU..n tht too bcz of other ppl..
swaron are teh perfect couple..they r different n hv gone through many ups n third angle in their story is just impossible..

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--Anushka-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 5:37am | IP Logged

Amazing post Ishita. By far this is the best post i have read after a long long time:)

Swaron have always been "THE UNIQUE" couple on Indian television till date. It's not just because they are the dancing couple but also for the matter of fact that there has never been a story where in female protagonist is shown in grey character. Yes this is the very first show and very first couple where the female protagonist is not a sati savitri and the male protagonist is not a rich brat as you already said! Inspite of being poles apart when it comes to individuality, still they manage to come together  accepting each other with their flaws. This makes it more relatable and realistic to me as a viewer to connect to their story!
As for from the point where i started watching story exclusively for swaron, it has been a great journey. I have never found at any point of time that their story is hypothetical or illusionary. They have always managed to catch my eye balls with their out of the box acting or dancing. Here the credit goes to CVS as well, firstly for such an simple yet unique love story and secondly for giving us such amazing actors(VrushanDay Dreaming).
Fast forwarding to jan 2013LOL
Vrushika's entry into D3 as Sharon. To be frank this is when i developed interest in Swaron. She, along with Shantanu not only made me fall for swaron but also turned me into a crazy eeeperLOL. Though i had liked Swaron before but it was VruShan who made me love SwaronEmbarrassed.
Since Vrushika's entry and VruShan becoming swaron, i have not only got some extraordinay dances from Swaron but also I got to see different sides of Sharon and Swayam too.
I had never in my dreams thought that i would get to see Head-over-heels in love Sharon, but today whenever i see Sharon like this it makes me more and more happy. Especially the post confession part of Swaron is what i love the mostEmbarrassed 
Post confession we got to see many astonishing stuff like "madly in love-Sharon", mushy yet cute Swaron, and many more but what amazed me was "Swayam was setting new standards as a Loverboy"Blushing I always knew that Swayam was a typical loverboy but never knew that he could be this unique tooShocked .
If seen as a dancing couple, Swaron have raised the bar of partner dances. Yes VruShan are "THE BEST PARTNERS" when it comes to partner dancing. In the past few months we not only got different styles of dancing but also each of them left behind a beautiful memory attached to it. I must say there have never been such a couple where in their understanding between them is easily visible in dances tooSmile When it comes to scenes any couple can be shown understanding but dances i doubt, here is where i found Swaron/VruShan appealing!Big smile . Hope we get to see many more swaron dances tooSmile.
I whole heartedly thank palki ma'am, writer, director and everyone else who made me love Swaron.
And VruShan, you guys are meant to be Swaron. I cannot imagine anyone else with either swayam/Shantanu or Sharon/Vrushika! It is always Vrushika for Shantanu and Shantanu for Vrushika just can't tolerate any fly around them!!
Thanks a lot for this post IshitaSmile

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proudbong IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 December 2011
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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 5:37am | IP Logged
See for the last two years, we have faced many ups and downs. But only one thing REMAINED constant. And that is SwaRon. Undoubtedly Vrushika came into our lives, took SwaRon to another LEVEL. She made me fall for SwaRon all over again. The reason behind my ATTACHMENT with the show is SwaRon and their magnificent dancing-mesmerizing chemistry-mindblasting storyline. Coming to SS FANBASE, the only constant fan base who has always supported the journey of d3 eversince it has begun. So expecting a wonderful story ahead is no fault I see. Yesh the story has just began, and expecting to see many more scenes, which I have never witnessed before in any soap.

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 5:41am | IP Logged

Will end it the same way as I began. We watch D3 For SwaRon, Not Swayam, Not Sharon But Swayam and Sharon TOGETHER with no third person in a 1 million kilometre radius. ONLY SwaRon

Swayam and Sharon...they are not an ordinary couple who fall in and fall out of love every second day...Swayam and Sharon...SwaRon...the epitome of love...a guy with golden heart ...a princess who has kept a shield of arrogance on her face ...just to protect herself from the ruthless outer world...she denied his love ...he never gave up on her...he saw the simple lovable girl behind the Diva...she half opened the doors of her heart for him ..with time he became the emperor of her heart ...their love seemed like a distance dream...but it happened...the character sketch of Swayam and Sharon made us fall for this heavenly u it the worst track of the show ...or sharon's absence ...we passed that phase and supported the show ONLY for SwaRon...

2013 has been blissful...but there are many facets to this beautiful couple...we are yet to explore...we need more focus on Swayam and a couple...and as u said...we dont want any 3rd wheel between them for any purpose...its straight NO...

We watch D3 to see Swayam and Sharon...SwaRon...together...they are the sole  reason we follow this show...without them...there is no D3 for us...

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Riddikulus IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 October 2005
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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 5:41am | IP Logged
Agree, agree and agree some more with pretty much every single word, Ishita. Smile

I really have nothing left to add. SwaRon are why I watch D3, period. I LOVE the dance and the dosti, of course I do, and ALL three elements make D3 whole, but with all of that, SwaRon are the main thing for which I wait for my clock to strike 7 every evening. They're the heart of why I love D3 and everything about it, and like you said, they've been on it since the very beginning and are still here, touchwood! Hope they stay on TOGETHER, without any third angles, and keep enthralling us with the fantastic writing and brilliant performances they've come to stand for through the last two odd years. 

Hope they will be given the special place that is their due on D3 as a lead pair. And hope their storyline will be developed properly from here on too, because we really have waited a LONG time to see them together, and I really hope that wait was worth something real. 

A HUGE Thank You is due to the writers, directors, editors and of course the actors for being the team behind such a beautifully crafted love story, that really managed to touch so many hearts in such a way that it's probably going to live in them for the rest of their days. Approve

Special mention to Vrushika and Shantanu for playing the most beautiful phase of SwaRon far, SO beautifully together! Touchwood for you two, you breathed life into SwaRon again in a way that we can never thank you enough for! Hug

LOVE SwaRon and VruShan and LOVE D3 for giving them to me. Big smile

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PoonamSwaRon23 Senior Member

Joined: 20 January 2013
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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 5:42am | IP Logged
Awesome post IB..a much needed one ;) thanks for this ..:D

20th april 2011 ..It was THE DAY 2 years back we got  a glimpse of 2 newbies i.e. Swayam & Sharon on Channel V ..Was not a regular viewer of D3 by that time ..When i thought of giving a final chance to D3 a scene was going on "Subah bilkul tumhari tarah hoti hai Sharon" Remember RDX party's next episode it was.I completely fell in Love with Swayam & Sharon after this scene only!!

Their tremendous improvement in acting makes me speechless sometimes,their dance leaves me spellbound every time i watch them..They do have the X-factor to pull audience towards them..I should say "Our SwaRon are Magnetic" Never knew a frictional character would affect us this much.. we cry with them,Laugh with them..Their sizzling chemistry,electrofying dance performances,intensity take us to a totally different world..(To SWARON LAND) Cool With every passing day they define a new meaning of L-O-V-E & they make us realize that true love still exists :)

Shantanu Maheshwari,Vrushika Mehta & SK can't thank you guys enough for portraying Swayam & Sharon so beautifully & taking SwaRon to a different level..You guys made us fall in love with SwaRon more by your realistic acting :)

It's SwaRon only because of whom we are still stick to D3 ..We waited 2 long years to see SwaRon as a couple..& finally when we got our SwaRon,we  deserve a Romantic SwaRon centric track with nobody's interference!! SwaRon are the reason we watch D3 ..So please it hurts when they don't get proper screen space !!

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