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kr ss : Kyun? Hogaya na? Pt5 pg40(9/3)pms ltr (Page 35)

smileysmi Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2014 at 1:28am | IP Logged

Part 5:

On breakfast table Rey and his parents were waiting for the breakfast. They got to know that like previous day, kriya had prepared everything. Rey was busy checking mails in his iPhone, when his dad says "here is she", rey has never imagined kriya can look so sexy in any Indian attire click . No much makeup, not too many accessories on her. With simple and minimal makeup, she was looking naturally stunning. The dark color of her dress was so complementing to her fair complexion. On top of that, the peach shade shiny lip gloss, was actually giving her lips the tempting look. She doesn't have plumpy or full lips. She has thin lips but the lipgloss shade she had selected was perfect for her lips. The low neck choli was too giving a tough time for rey. Then comes the exposed waist. Rey's inspecting eyes stopped their work when he heard his parents coughing loudly and clearing their throat, just to bring him back from his kriya land. Rey got caught, he could feel kriya's smirk, but without giving up, he looks at her with stern expression and says "can we start breakfast? I am getting late for the office?"

Kriya gets annoyed by his rudeness but knowing the bet, she expected such reaction, or you can say I-am-not-affected attitude from rey. So she just says "sure". She serves everyone the breakfast making sure not to show rey the last, his favorite view of the morning. She keeps it for later. Studying kriya's eager look, rey's parents left the table as soon as possible giving some excuses. Once rey finished breakfast, kriya starts preparing his coffee. She purposely asks rey how many spoons of sugar he wants, to make him look at her back, which was completely exposed now. Till now she was hiding it because parents were there.

The sound of his iPhone hitting the floor brought him back to his sense after long moments. Kriya turning to him with sweet smile on her tempting to kiss lips asks "reyaansh?"

He only could say "hmmm?" Looking at her lips.

"Coffee...sugar..kitna?" She whispers sweetly giving understanding pauses in between. But rey was smart too. Knowing that if he stays more there, he will loose the bet without even trying so he stands up, collecting his laptop bag and car key " no thanks.. will have it in office.. I am already late."

Kriya felt bad. Not that she didn't expect this reaction from him but she had thought, since rey has called her to stay with him so that they can understand each other, she was expecting him to take some off from work like she had taken a week off from her work.

Before leaving rey says bye to her but she was too engrossed in complaining to her universe ji about rey that she didn't reply to him. Rey stops after taking couple of steps when he didn't get any reply from kriya. He understood her complaining session. Shaking his head at her child like innocence, goes back to her and hugs her from back, keeping his bag and everything aside making his hands free to feel her properly. The touch was so soothing for kriya but still her sadness didn't go completely from her face. Rey observes that, he turns kriya to face him and says "bubble", to bring back her smile, but instead kriya hits on his arm saying " rey I am not a kid to do that bubble thing now. And it wont work now Mr Reyansh Singhania". She was still sad and to some extent disappointed as well, as rey still didn't ask her anything about her life in India all these years. He was not showing any efforts to know about her or understand her like she was trying to understand him.

Rey understanding her tone turns kriya to face him, and gives a loud kiss on her cheek making her stop breathing for a moment. She didn't expect this from rey, that too in a dining area. After long seconds, rey moves back saying "this is my way to wish you good morning." He flicks her nose bringing her back, and bringing her lost smile back on her face with cute blush. He takes his bag and whispers near her ear "I will try to return home soon. Take care" and left for the office.. kriya runs to her room closing the door. She stands infront of mirror staring at the spot where rey had kissed her. It was proper kiss, not like morning what happened in gym. She touches her cheek blushing hardly.

It was already 11.30Am kriya was almost done preparing lunch. She had planned to send lunch to Rey so she kept herself busy in kitchen for couple of hours. Payal enters the kitchen and hits kriya's head.

"Ouch mom. Abb maine kya kiya.? "

"Eat something pagal. Mere bete ko khilane ke chakkar mein tum khud khana kana bhool rahe ho."

"So what mom? Muje aapka beta khila dega. Dekha nahi aapne kal night kaise khana leke aaya tha mere lie?"

"Hmm... I am so happy to see you both getting along easily."

Kriya becomes serious at this comment because only kriya was putting all efforts in their relationship. Rey was only trying to understand what he wants to from kriya. Other than that he was full of himself. But kriya pacifies herself saying it's just been a day they met. May be he will open up slowly to her and try to understand her as well.

"Go and freshen up. Your rey will come around 12-12.30 for lunch usually" payal teases kriya.

Kriya beams asking "really?"

Payal continues teasing "don't act as if you don't know. Rey comes home for lunch that's why you prepared all his favorite dishes. I know"

"No mom. I really didn't know. I was thinking to send him food through driver."

After some more teasing from payal kriya runs to her room to get ready for rey. She was happy that she will not have to wait till evening to see rey again. Forgot her hunger and everything. She starts planning for her lunch time Indian outfit. She is full on into the bet. Because she wanted some seriousness in their relationship. Which will come only after she shares all the tactics done by elders to keep rey and kriya separately all these years. And kriya specially wanted share about her father to rey. Which was kept as a secret on rey's parents request.

Kriya gets ready quickly. And while checking herself one final time in the mirror, she calls rey to ask when will he come for lunch today.

On the otherhand, understanding kriya's eagerness, rey understood her plan. He smartly tells her that he won't be coming home today for lunch. He has some urgent work to be finished today. Kriya disconnects the call. Rey keeps the phone on table whispering "sorry bubble". He was still trying to come out of morning kriya's sexy image. He so wanted to take her on the dining table itself. She was looking so hot. He had always imagined her in some typical old style Indian dresses. He never saw her since childhood but imagined his own version of grown up kriya. She always looked beautiful in his imagination but not did he imagine she can look sexy too.

And it's not that he didn't have any knowledge about current trends in Indian outfits, as in London he has attended many Indian festivals with Vicky and neha with many other Indian friends. Saw modern Indian dresses as well. But he didn't want to accept it infront of kriya and his parents. Because all these years he tried to hate them whenever he felt lonely. Whenever he craved for them, he always cursed them. He has his own reason to curse them ofcourse that's why he tried to hurt his parents and kriya's emotions by rejecting to marry kriya temporarily, for some time. He wants to return the favour of what it feels to crave for someone's love and support. He wants them to taste how it feels longing for someone. Rey still trying hurt them in some or the other way on every opportunity he gets. He wants to see the disappointed look on their faces on every time they silently expect something from him. But he too feels bad when he observes a disappointed look on kriya's face. It hurts him as well. And he realised it morning when he was leaving for the office. Immediately against his plan he went to bring back her smile on her face. And here he is sitting and cursing himself for it.

He hits on the table frustrated cursing himself "why can't I hurt her? She should also know how it feels. Wapas jaake usse manane ki kya jaroorat thi you fool. I wanted to disappoint her every time she expects something from me and I was succeeded today then what was the need to go and change her mood.? Why can't I hurt her? The way she did all these years. Bubble... No. I can't let my feelings for you to stop me to hurt you. Yes, I will show you how it feels not talking or caring for someone who is very special for you. I can't understand you agreed to mom and dads request to not to talk to me till I complete my studies. Kaise kriya? How you controlled yourself. I saw the same concern and emotions in your eyes for me like before. I can feel your emotions. I can kriya... I can... But no. I will not let you feel the same for you from my side so easily. Tumne mujse door rehne ke liye haan kaha tha na mom and dad se? Now you see bubble. How it feels. Kaash maine mom and dad ke conversation nahi suna hota uss din. Kaash.. but no. Knowing the truth I will not forgive you so easily. I hate you kriya. I just... hate you. And more than that, I hate the fact that...I still can't hate you after trying all these years..."

Done. I don't think banner is exact in the center.
And coming to update, finally I updated. Sorry.
Next I am planning to update mpk and boomerang.
"Last benchers" will be on hold till I complete one of my stories. Because I have planned so much for that story, I don't want to give delayed updates every time.
And about "kriyansh swaron tani krisha..." one, will try and update in between some time, as only last update left for that story. I have a planned something for that as well.
You can blame me that I only plan, never update. But what to do I am a lazy head like I said before..sorry..

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sharif_lafungi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2014 at 2:15am | IP Logged
growing closeness b/w rey nd kriya is so loving..
he was on verge of losing the saved himself...
loved it how rey cheered her up..
kriya is crazy for him...
so rey knows sm part of deal...

aa said ...half truth is always dangerous...
hope evrything gets fyn soon...they really need to sit nd talk

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meghzzzz IF-Dazzler

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awesum update...
Waiting for mpk update...

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arsha_simran IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2014 at 5:56am | IP Logged

kri was looking awesome in the dress!!and the way rey was checking her out awesome!!
he can't loose so easily hehehheheee
but kri she is cooo cute and their kiss!!
haayeee rey!!!
and then kri's disappointment...hmmm
but wait a minute rey...
ye kya tha.. he wants to hurt them...but why.?
and he says he wants them to feel the pain..
and convo what convo..
kri listened to rey's parents and dinot speak to him... reallly??
what was all that,...
a naya twist... a big mystery in behind..
kri blames vicky rey blames his parnts
and both not talking to eachother.../
a mystery behind...!!!

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kriapatel Goldie

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Nice update i was quiet ummm what to say it was quite unexpected why? i will tell u it later n now coming to the update it was really amazing rey loosing his contol when he saw kria is so amazing n then usne kria ko manaya hayy that was so sweet n now coming to the most unexpected part reys pov i didnt belive rey aisa soch raha ha sab ko jan buch kar hurt kar raha he as he was hurt him self too but alas i love the face that he cant hate kria

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mir_mishti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2014 at 10:07am | IP Logged

awesome update..Big smile

kriya & rey trying to win the challenge..LOL yet care for each other..Wink
Loved it. so rey do care for kriya..Embarrassed
nice one.
update soon..Big smile

Edited by mir_mishti - 05 September 2014 at 11:00am

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sana2c Goldie

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Posted: 03 September 2014 at 10:22am | IP Logged
I read ur ff for first tym...its amazing...

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shakz_KR Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2014 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
kriya in sexy indian attire
abh yeh kaunsa twist hai pout
what was that
jarrooor kuch majboori hogi kriya ki pout

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