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Qubool Express#23 AsYa ke Wishes

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:40am | IP Logged


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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:40am | IP Logged

The week started with the Eid celebration where Zoya plays the music doll but siddiqui fails to see her and vice versa. On returning home Siddiqui leaves it upon badibee & Rashid to give the punishment to Rasia when badibee indicates Rashid to make Rasia suffer like her .
Rasia is made to work in chilli powder factory under a strict policer officer and is forced to sleep on floor chained. Rasia vows revenge.

Asad expresses his wish to see zoya peacefully slepping whole night and thru webcam zoya fulfils his wish,coming day zoya arranges for a Boy family to come and see Najma for marriage which leaves Najma in shock. Meanwhile Imran is desperate to patch up with Najma while
she is hesitant as Imran was engaged earlier to Nikhat.

 Imran assures her that Nikhat herself broke the wedding as she is longer interested .
Najma refuses the marriage proposal which makes zoya question her followed by Asad. A hesitant Najma finally blurts out that she is in love with the same Imran to whom Nikhat was earlier engaged.This news shocks Asad when Najma convinces him that she knew Imran before he met Nikhat and that he is no longer engaged to Nikhat. Asad decides to check with Nikhat before thinking of Imran & Najma's alliance.

Meanwhile Nikhat is confident that Imran loves her and he will come back to her.Humeira is under doctor treatment & Ayan blames himself for her condition.

Tanveer continues to blame Imran in the name of the baby she is carrying and also reveals that she knows Imran loves Najma who happens to be Asad's sister and she will ruin his love if he doesnt give her money. Imran is forced to pay her to keep her quite.

Imran comes to meet Asad and asks for Najma's hand, Asad wishes to speak to Nikhat first when Imran says they broke the sagaai as neither was happy in this relation.

Talking of AsYa moments, it was a dry and dull week for us. We got some cute nok jhoks, and the awesome sleeping beauty scene, but this week was more focused on AyRa and Imran-Najma drama.

The sleeping beauty scene was a favorite of many

We saw many family moments

And some emotional AyRa moments

Some comic relief, ha ha ha

And lots of drama

Romance Romance and more Romance

Amidst all this, came the first, complete, reciprocal, romantic hug of AsYa. Our Kodak Moment of the week, ladies and gentlemen... 

Pehle mujhe lagta tha aap sirf aur sirf ek jahan-panah six packs aur Akdu Ahmed Khan types ke insaan hain ye sab baatein to mujhe ab pata chal rahi hain... ki aap ek bahut hi amazing bete, usse bhi caring bhai aur us se bhi zyada mohabbat karne wale would be husband ho sakte hai

This week we did have some comedy scenes which did make us laugh. Let's directly jump on Tuesday's episode where zoya teases asad as he didn't sleep the entire night.Wink Dilshaad was curiously looking at asad as he had never behaved like this before LOL and it was new for dilshaad.Big smile Zoya took this chance and started teasing asadLOL and asad gave her a 'don't-mess-with-me' lookLOL which obviously zoya missed it,LOL though asad was blushing as well so it was quite obvious that zoya didn't see that look.Big smile Next moment asad gave a shock to zoya when he started teasing her.LOL When asad called zoya moti"  her face was worth watching.LOL This scene was enough to crack us up.Big smileComing to Thursday episode Wink that lady who kept speaking nonstop (zoya ka bhi bolne ka record tod diya ROFL) was very funny LOL and expressions by asad zoya and dilshaad were such that we couldn't stop laughing.LOL Thus the funny scene of the week is from Tuesday's episode where asad and zoya both teases each other and also had a cute yet funny banter as well. Also many people on forum made topic on this scene and were having fun discussing itBig smileThus this can be called as the funny scene of the weekBig smile

Zoya: "Toh jaldi si nikaah karlo na"

This sentence is very special because the way Zoya said it made it very emotional and the hug after that was super great Day Dreaming Also the fact that Zoya said it even after knowing that she's a profession running bride LOL

It's a tie! Between Najma's revelation to her bhaijan and Asad's Wish.
For one I didn't think that Najma would reveal EVERYTHING to her brother. And boy, girl did spill her guts through and through on this one disclosing everything from Nikhat's engagement and how she loves Imran. Frankly, I never thought someone as shy as Najma would ever be able to reveal everything so frankly. That scene was also lovely paralleled with Nikhat and Ayaan's conversation. Never expected Ayaan to be on team Immran-Nikhat. Now that the brothers have drawn the line, it'll be clear wether or not this is the tiff that breaks up the brothers and sisters.

Who ever thought that Asad would make such a wish? Or that Zoya would fulfill it in such a way?! Not I. Everyone thought he was going in for an earring. But wow, the man has finally turned into Shehzahan the romantic!LOL

The biggest, most obvious blooper in this week, was the date for Humeira's birthday. In the precap it kept showing as the 12th of August. Anyone would think that in Qubool Hai's world, it's only been 2-3 days after Eid. So it was slowing down to the pace of real, logical life. WRONG. 

In friday's episode, we saw it said the 16th of August. It's pretty obvious the CV's were trying to find the right time to incorporate Humeira waking up without the Imraan-Nikhat-Najma saga being abruptly interrupted. 

However, at least the story is moving forward. So hoorah for that Wink

This week's helpless character was Najma. On one side she is still in love with Imran and on the other side she knows Nikhat also likes him and was engaged to him. She tries her best to stay away from Imran but his desperation, his pain melts her and when he assures her that they are meant for each other & Nikhat is no longer in his life Najma is forced to think about him. She finally drew some courage & tells Asad about her love story.

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:41am | IP Logged

Since Mondays are a huge hit or miss here is how I think the week will go:

Monday: Immran calls to see if the Khan's are coming over to see his parents. Asad says no, he wants to see Nikhat first. But he is unable to do so because of Humeria and all the drama that is going on in the Siddhiqui mansion. Humeria is freaking out, not sure how they are going to handle this one but I'm dead sure that they will play it off as her participation in a college play.

Tuesday: After Zoya's insistence Asad will go see Nikhat who will play it off saying no she is not hurt, and that she is quite over him. She hopes that who ever is written in her destiny will be coming soon. Asad will comfort her and think that she would have no problem if Najma was to be engaged to Imran.

Wednesday: I think Ayaan will find out what Nikhat said and be angry that he lied to bhaijan and they will have another meaningful conversation. Khan family goes to visit Hassena Bi who is surprised that this is the ever rich Asad Khan, pissing off Asad immensely. I believe she will make a crack at Najma for her weight for which Asad might just loose it. But will it be enough to call the wedding off? I don't think so - but then again I can be wrong.

Thursday: Razia has escaped. So does this mean she will come back? If she does I sure as hell know that Rashid won't stand for it. Will she be sent back? Or is Billo going to enter the picture again? My bet is on Billo.

Friday: Think here Najma's relationship will be finalized and leading into a precap for monday where Rashid and Nikhat find out what Najma is engaged to Imran. 

All the while this week I'm definitely hoping for AsYa scenes and ArYa scenes. Now that Hums is back, Ayaan miyan, time to confess. And As for Zoya, try to wear those running shoes to the altar okay dear?LOL

Asad Ahmed Khan

Asad was just on this week, whether it was being a loving fianc to Zoya or being there for Najma. He's evolved on a whole from the perpetually angry man who never expressed his feelings to one who wears his feelings on his sleeve. His emotions were always on point in each situation. His reactions to Najma's secret were spot on with his character's development and he handled the situation like a concerned brother would and comforted and supported her in the way she needed making her know that she shouldn't be afraid to ever come to him as he is always there for her. Doing this even as he is torn over the thought of his other sister being hurt. His romantic scenes with Zoya though wonderful showed the rawness of his love and insecurities as the thought of losing Zoya again is ever present on his mind. Asad was just terrific this week  . . . 


Zoya and her prince charming talks. Asad walking away and Zoya pulling his hand. Asad teasing Zoya about his wish was so adorable.
Then the morning scene when Asad was half asleep and AsYa pulled each other's legs in front of Dilshad.
And the scene when the mother of the boy comes to see Najma and Asad asked about her relatives in Zoya calling Zoya talkative indirectly was so cute.
Ofcourse the running shoes talk followed by the tight hug was so AsYalicious.
But the Nokjhok of the week would be the video chat. Zoya's antics with Asad's smile made it perfect.

This week's one particular scene was Zoya teasing Asad at Dining table. Asad spends the whole previous night looking at zoya sleeping peacefully and hence is dozing off at breakfast. Zoya makes fun at him if he was seeing some beautiful girls in some movie on his laptop whole night and hence didnt get sleep.


Best Scene was when Zoya fulfills Asad's wish, which is to watch Zoya sleeping. While she's sleeping in peace and Asad watches her through his laptop, he gets very emotional thinking about his romantic moments with Zoya. His expressions were worthless, it was a beautiful scene.

TOO MUCH HYPES and high points this week ..!! itsnt it..?

Yes but there were many great scenes of our Jahapanah but this week we saw a protecive and loving brother ...HOW he said being angry "ye kya battameezi hai najma" and then he said "mein gussa nahin hoon bus vajah jaan na chahta hoon" and after knowing about Najma's afair he didnt turned into dramatic bhai saying "how dare my sister fell in love" but HE was rather tensed knowing it is IMRAAN and he was sooo responsible 


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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 2:03am | IP Logged

After the whole revelation about Najma and Imran, Asad was worried. So Zoya tries to cheer him up by teasing him. Joking about wearing her running shoes under her wedding dress and being a permanent runaway bride. She tells him she just might runaway before their marriage Ouch. Hearing this Asad turns serious and tells her never to say it again. Ms. Farooqui lets him know then he should marry her quickly and promises him that marriage is a bond that she will never break and always maintain. Then comes the passionate embrace! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming. I agree with Zoya. Boy you better marry that girl quick! Stern Smile LOL. Hopefully this kind of Mitwa Moment will be the first of many Clap

Hello everyone, this week the major villain of QH razia was arrested so there was nothing major from her side. On the other tanveer was also also shown once this week still we had a villain of the week.

And the villain of the week is none other than tanveer, although she had just one scene where she was blackmailing Imran still she gave full justice to that scene, the way she was talking was like a perfect vamp. So she is villain of the week.

This week didn't really have a particular scene that irritated me per se. I asked around and some people found that mamu and imran were the annoying ones this week. To begin, mamu blamed Ayaan for telling Humaira the truth. For crying out loud, the guy just saved your daughter from being raped by a psycho, a little 'thank you' would have been nice Ermm. Also he compared Ayaan's actions to that of Razia. Like seriously? I thought comparisons were only done for similar things. Razia knew Vikram was fake but she still allowed him to stay with her daughter. All Ayaan did was try to open Humaira's eyes to the truth. Yes mamu has every right to be worried about his beti but he over-reacted.

As for Imran, this guy just won't quit until he messes up these sisters' lives. Misleading Nikhat, emotionally blackmailing Najma (that's how i see it), Imran has made his way into this irritating portion of our QH NL. The scene that particularly annoyed the viewers was the one shown in Friday's episode when he arrived (unnanounced) at the Khan mansion. The audacity of this guy. Does he even care that Nikhat is pining away for him? Angry


The Eid performance costumes were mashallah so gorgeous..that Last Week..they had to make it to the Cut..but.. considering that this week began with AsYa and others still in the Eid attire..its only fair that Zoyas gorgeous attire and look make it to the Fashionable list..! Embarrassed So very pretty ...love love..loved it.. Day Dreaming


Your gift

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By -Rimsha-sizzles

Your Gift

By -Rimsha-sizzles

Your Gift



By -BadtameezDil-

Your Gift

By Ankita.M

Your Gift

By Mema

Your Gift

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Aoa Na Aoa Na- Blossoming love by arnav4ever

Your Gift

FF of the week

My Heat beats for you


By Aishwaryaa

your gift

OS of the week

Twist Sway and Whirl


By Sand_Princess

your gift

SS of the week

Confession on Hold


By sgksg3

your gift

This week had some good episodes and some great scenes. Some of them being, Razia being put to hard labour, AsYa's webcam sleeping scene, Humeria regaining her memory, parallel scenes between the siblings, AsYa's hug etc. etc. All of these and more combined, made for a great week. Let's hope for an exciting week ahead! Big smile
I'll give the rating of the week to be 9/10 Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 2:46am | IP Logged
Fabulous work everyone
Congrats to all winners Party
Thanks to all the participants & volunteers Clap Clap

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Congratulations everyone!!

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