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Swaron OS: No one messes with My Man!

TannuVsmSwaRon Goldie

Joined: 03 February 2013
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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
This OS just popped up when I read the spoilers for the Next week...
I know all the Swaronians are disturbed but lets be patient and see what happens
Till we get to see what happens ahead in the show enjoy the OS Wink

No one messes with My Man!

'What the hell... woh Aashi humesha Swayam ke aage peeche kyun ghoomti rehti hai... Swayam uss main koi interest nahi dikhata phir bhi... '

Sharon was pacing from one end to the other in her room... Swayam and Aashi had choreographed a duet for Rey and Sharon as per Aditya Khurana's orders... Looking at Swayam and Aashi dance with so much passion her jealousy had no bounds... Suddenly all the event that happened in the past few days from the day the poster had been leaked ran like a reel in her head.. She recollected Swayam's reaction at each point...

'Agar mujhe unn dono ka dance dekh ke itna uneasy feel ho raha hai toh Swayam ko mera aur Rey ka posters dekh ke kaisa feel hua hoga?! And sab ke comments and continuous compliments... Mujhe abhi Swayam se baat karni hogi!'

She knew he would be in the college as Aashi and Swayam had to get some changes done in the choreography.. She rushed herself to the college without thinking twice.. As she was walking up to the rehearsal hall, she saw Aashi walking in the corridor

Sharon: Aashi! Swayam andar hai?

Aashi: Haan ji woh andar hai par bahut pareshan types lag rahe hai..

Sharon: ok (Sharon starts walking but was stopped by Aashi)

Aashi: Sharon! Swayam ne mujhse kahan ke unhe akele types chod du.. toh mujhe nahi lagta ke aapko andar jaana chahiye...

Sharon (attitude): Main Swayam ka dhyaan rakh sakti hoon! Aur main usse abhi baat karungi!

Aashi doesn't say a single word and lets Sharon go.. As she sees Sharon enter the rehearsal hall she leaves.. Sharon stood at the door when she saw Swayam venting out his anger (imagine Swayam's dance on timberland's bounce).. He was sweating profusely.. She could see the anger and the pain in each move of his.. Her eyes filled up with the pain she has caused him in just a matter of few days.. She was continuously looking at him but he was too engrossed in his thoughts to have noticed her..

Swayam was angry with Sharon.. He was disappointed that she was ok with all that was happening.. Knowing that people were talking about her pair with Rey, she said that it's no use reacting? Had she even thought of what he felt? Did she bother to even ask him if he was fine after the poster being leaked? Does that mean she was ok to be paired with anyone that was not him? He always got mad at his friends when they mentioned his name with Aashi as a pair.. He is and never will be against Rey and Sharon's friendship but should he be ok when people are calling them a couple?

All these thoughts were just adding fuel to the fire.. His moves were getting more and more aggressive.. When she saw this, she couldn't stop herself.. Sharon ran to him and hugged him tight.. He was shocked and surprised as he wasn't expecting her here.. Her grip tightened but he had not held her yet.. When he realized that she was actually here, he just placed his hands on her waist but didn't hug her.. Not getting any response she broke the hug and stood there with her head dropped down.. A lone tear escaped her eye but he didn't notice it as he was not looking at her.. Sharon mustered up some courage and looked at Swayam.. But he was just looking straight.. He removed his hands from her waist and turned back..

Swayam (coldly): Tum yahan kyun aayi ho?

Sharon (hurt): Tumse sorry bolne.. I'm sorry ke main yeh bhul gayi ke you are the most important part of my life.. I'm sorry for not reacting on the poster leak.. I'm sorry ke maine tumhari girlfriend hoke bhi yeh janne ki koshish nahi ki ke iss baat se tum kaisa feel kar rahe ho.. I'm sorry for not understanding you.. I'm sorry ke maine phirse tumhe hurt kiya!

By now she was lightly sobbing.. He didn't turn back to look at her

Swayam: Please Sharon mujhe kuch time ke liye akela chod do.. Main abhi kisi se koi baat nahi karna chhata

Sharon (wiping her tears): Main kahin nahi jaa rahi hu.. I'm right here with you! Please Swayam baat karo mujhse.. apne andar ke ghusse ko bahar nikalo nahi toh it will drive you crazy.. Mujhe pata hai tum mujhse naraz ho toh I'm right here.. Please tell me Swayam.. Main tumhe andar hi andar suffer hote nahi dekh sakti!

Swayam (angry): Sharon please leave! Maine kahan na mujhe kisi se baat nahi karni!

Sharon (adamant): NO! Main kahin nahi jaa rahi hu! Please tell me.. Let it all out!

Swayam (loses it): Kya bolu? Yeh ke mere best friend aur girlfriend ki aisi poster leak hone se mujhe ajeeb feel ho raha hai? Ya ek ke Mr. Aditya Khurana jo humare team ke manager bante hai is actually trying to divide the team! Ya yeh batau that I'm hurt ke meri girlfriend is ok jab usse aur uske best friend ko as a couple pair up kiya jaa raha hai! Ya yeh batau that I'm a normal human, koi bhagwaan nahi hoon ke yeh sab baatein mujhe affect na kare! Mera best friend aaj kal itna ajeeb behave kar raha hai.. Poori team usse blame kar rahi hai.. Meri girlfriend ko iss galat publicity se koi farak nahi padta.. Koi bahar wala aake hum sab ke beech misunderstandings create kare jaa raha hai aur main kuch nahi kar pa raha hu! Inn sab main koi mujhe samjhne ki koshish nahi kar raha! Mera opinion jaise matter hi nahi karti! For God sake!! Mujhe bhi hurt karti hai yeh sab baatein.. Nahi handle kar sakta sabko.. Nahi kar sakta!!

Swayam breaks-down completely.. He was on his knees trying to get all his frustration out.. His head dropped down and his hands pulling his hair in annoyance.. Sharon couldn't see him like this.. She knelt down and pulled him into a hug.. This time Swayam hugged her tight as if someone was pulling her away from him.. He buried his face her hair.. He so needed her all this while.. She was trying to pacify him..

Sharon (rubbing her hand on his back): Shhh.. Bas! I'm really very sorry for not being there for you jab tumhe meri sabse jyada zarorat thi.. I'm Sorry!

Sharon didn't get any response but she just felt his grip tightening and his hot breath on her nape.. They stayed like that for a while.. As she felt his breath steady she thought of taking him with her..

Sharon: Swayam! Please mere saath chalo.. Bahut late ho gaya hai and I can't leave you like this..

Swayam didn't say anything but just broke the hug and nodded positively.. He needed her the most right now.. They both left from college and Sharon took him straight to her house..

At Sharon's house..

Swayam was sitting on the floor in Sharon's room resting his back on her bed.. Lost in his thoughts.. Sharon entered with two steaming mugs of coffee.. She saw him sitting there all lost..

Sharon (in mind): Mujhe Swayam ko iss state of mind se bahar nikalna hi hoga!

She sat next to him but he didn't budge an inch

Sharon: Coffee!

Swayam looked at her with a weak smile as Sharon handed over the cup.. She settled herself and was sipping her coffee.. There was pin drop silence for a while.. She looked at Swayam who was yet lost..

Sharon (softly): Hey! Ab bhi mujhse ghussa ho?

Swayam just looked at her and crushed himself on her.. She hugged him back but was worried with this sudden action of his

Sharon: Swayam! Kya hua?.. Baat kya hai?

Swayam (softly): Main darr gaya tha!

Sharon: Kis baat se?

Swayam: Kahin main phirse tumhe khoo na doon!

A few pearls made their way down her cheeks.. She had never wanted him to fear that he will lose her.. She held him tight

Sharon: Aisa kabhi nahi hoga! I'm right here.. With you! I love you so much ke tumse dur jaane ke bare main soch bhi nahi sakti! Please iss darr ko apne dil se nikaal do..

She broke the hug and cupped his face.. She placed a soft yet assuring peck on his forehead..

Sharon: I love you!

Swayam (resting his forehead on hers): I love you too!

Both had their eyes closed.. Feeling complete in each other's presence..

Swayam: Thak gaya hoon main.. Harr baar sabko samjha samjha ke.. Iss poore situation main sabko akele sambhal sambhal ke.. Thak gaya hoon!

Sharon: Shhh'.. Main hoon tumhare saath!

Swayam looked completely drained out.. Sharon made him rest his head on her lap.. He took her hand and held it next to his heart.. She was soothing his head with her free hand.. No soon Swayam slipped into a deep slumber and she just kept looking at him.. Tears trickled down her angelic face.. For the first time the Swayam sleeping on her lap was broken.. She cursed herself for being the reason behind it..

Sharon (in mind): I'm sorry Swayam! Meri wajah se tum aaj itne hurt ho.. And the worst thing is that I know I'm the sole reason behind it.. But not anymore! Ab tum akele uss Adity Khurana ke against nahi ho! He has caused you so much pain that he has to pay for it! (Thinking about all that Mr.Khurana has done so far) Mr.Khurana sirf Rey ko manage karna chahte hai, yeh toh samjh aata hai but phir mujhe kyun female lead banaya? And now this poster leak ke wajah se Jigsaw 21 ke new talent launch main just Rey and meri publicity ho rahi hai.. Mr.Khurana team ko divide karna chhate hai but.. One minute! Kahin woh Rey and Swayam ke friendship ko toh todana nahi chahte?! Yes he is doing that! Kyunki ab tak Swayam ne hi poore team ko ek saath rakha hai.. And Mr.Khurana ko pata tha that Swayam and me are together iss liye kahin unhone hi yeh poster leak toh nahi karvaya? So that Swayam Rey ke presence se uncomfortable ho and eventually their friendship breaks! How disgusting!! He is actually using me in all of this as he must have guessed that anything happens between us will affect Swayam! Mujhe Swayam se iss bare main baat karni hogi but usse pehle mujhe Swayam ko iss state of mind se bahar nikaalna hoga.. Kyunki mere Intense Shekhawat ne agar iss state of mind main react kiya toh Mr.Khurana aur bhi alert ho jayege.. And now I can't let Mr.Khurana hurt Swayam anymore.. Ab tak Mr.Khurana sirf uss quiet Sharon ko jaante hai jisse Swayam ke pyaar ne change kar diya.. Now he'll see the old Sharon Rai Prakash jo apne friend ko harm karne wale person ko kabhi nahi chodti.. But this time it's not only my friend but also My Swayam! Now Mr.Khurana get ready for the taste of your own medicine!


So how was it?

Seriously saying even my heart was pounding when I was writing the OS

Please leave in your comments and hit the like button Big smile

My Swaron Writing Gallery

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sadafarsha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 July 2012
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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 5:56pm | IP Logged
Its awsum amazing 
I luved it alooot 
Really felt bad for swayam as now adays the way cvs showing sharon's character am highly dissapointed but after reading description of next week am sooo excited 
I hope this os contain one more part 
Thanx for the pm

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Swaronvrushan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 March 2012
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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
Sumthng positive in whole negative things make not just ur mood lighten bt also it makes ur heart happy...and that's what ur os has done here ...I don't know wats the future of swaron in the show bt reading ur os made me feel relax...thank u so much fr this wonderful os

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swaron9113 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 September 2012
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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
Wow awesm os.
All swaron fans was needing ths. Wink

u beautyfully describ swaron intensity. Wink

m nt sure swaron ka future kya hoga.
Bt sm intance scene are coming in our way for sure. Wink

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amipatel2 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
I loved this os n I so wish that this happens in real pls pls touchwood!!!:*

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Hp_TvD_mAnIc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
really nic ...plzz uodate dis

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pooja123456 Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 10:57pm | IP Logged
Wow...cute os!
Swayam hurt and Sharon controlling him!

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vrushan11swaron Groupbie

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
gr8 work...
hope aisa hi ho jai

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