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Swaron SS: 3 more wishes... (Page 5)

swaronarshi Senior Member

Joined: 25 October 2012
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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 10:27am | IP Logged
awesome ss
 first the name is good
 and the camping date was really romantic perfect laila majnu
thanks for the pm
thanks for writing such a wonderful ss

kamlesh32 Senior Member

Joined: 10 July 2006
Posts: 349

Posted: 19 August 2013 at 10:28am | IP Logged
Superb update! Loved the camping was innovative! And finally swaron figured out adi's plan and main target. Please update soon!

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anushka1129 Senior Member

Joined: 12 May 2013
Posts: 694

Posted: 21 August 2013 at 4:05am | IP Logged
wow awesome one..
loved it..
sharon ka sorry was soo cute..
what ghar pe camping..what an idea yaar..
everything well written n awesome camping portion.
thanks for the pm ..
update soon..
Vaddy Senior Member

Joined: 08 July 2012
Posts: 621

Posted: 21 August 2013 at 6:44am | IP Logged
Here's part 3 :D thank you for all the wonderful commemnts :D made by day better :D <3 Clap without further ado:

The sun rose in all its glory bringing forth new hope and happiness. Our couple still slept. Wrapped up together, with a sweet smile on each of their faces. Sharon woke up first and squirmed a bit to look at Swayam. He slept on smiling his charming, heart dropping smile as he dreamt away of a future clear of misunderstandings. Sharon stretched and as she pecked his forehead, she blushed, her mind was reliving last night. She then quietly made her way to the washroom.
Swayam woke up finally about 2 hours later and looked around for Sharon. Unable to find her he stepped out of his tent...and called out for her. Her voice floated back to him from the kitchen. After brushing his teeth he went to the kitchen and saw Sharon poring over her phone, muttering away to herself. One look at thee stove told him what she was doing. He stood at the entrance of the kitchen admiring her every move. She was straining to reach the salt bottle which was out of her reach...deciding he would help, he crept behind her and lifted her off her feet so that she could reach the salt box. Sharon turned around and smiled a deep red smile. After setting her on her feet he asked, "wish no.4?" eyebrows raised in surprise. She nodded and looked away from his captivating eyes. She resumed her cooking and soon it was breakfast time for both. She laid out the table, made Swayam sit and served him. Swayam was very say that would be the lest. He started eating as Sharon watched him anxiously. He looked up and flashed a grin and held out three fingers indicating the food was amazing. The reaction was immediate, she broke into a relieved smile. He gestured for her to eat too, as his mouth was full. She served herself, and put a bite into her mouth. The next moment, out it came and sshe spluttered, "Tum ye kaise kha rahe ho?" she coughed. The food was horrible. He just smiled and cooly took another bite. She stopped him. "Mat khao isse, mein kaka se keh kar kuch aur khao." she said apologetic. "He held her hand and said, "Ye sab tumne, Sharon raiprakash ne, mere liye banaya...mein kaise nahi khati? Jo bhi tum kare, wo mere liye bohot special hai, jaise ki tum mere liye precious ho. Ye khana tu ne banayi, so ye breakfast extra special hai mere liye...waise itna bura bhi nahi hau, thoda salty hai...par so what?" he assured her. After a lot of convincing, Sharon finally managed to make Swayam have something else. As they ate they talked. "Breakfast ke baad mein tujhe ghar chodun? " he asked. "Abhi humare camping baki hai...camping ek raat se finish nahi hoti" she replied. "Ok..." he started, when she cut him off, "Mujhe ek raat rehna hai camping mein...tumhare saath" she said. "Are you sure Sharon? I mean tum awkward nahi feel karungi? Mere saath akele mein..." his voice was hesitant. "Are you sure tum ladka ho?" she suddenly asked. "Huh?! Of course mein ladka hoon!" he said a bit taken aback. "Kyunki mujhe kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki tum ladki ho aur mein ladka...itna hesitant aur shy ho tum, ladkiyon ke tarah." she mocked him, faking confusion. "Mein aur've had it miss raiprakash" he said and grinning mischeiviously tried to close in on her. She ducked and ran to the hall. Swayam chased her, and she got cornered again, but yet again she escaped and ran towards Swayam's room. He chased her and just as she was about to enter his room he caught her, they both lost their balance and fell at the doorway with Swayam on top of Sharon, both breathing fast. "Phas gayi" he murmered. Her ears turned red. She tried to shove him away but the hand around her waist tightened. She couldn't budge. Swayam looked at her, trying to free herself. It was like the day they'd played kabadi, except this time they weren't as muddy, and they were a couple now. What everyone at one point had thought was impossible was real now. Sharon and Swayam, two people who were completely different, who used to be enemies were now a couple. To him it was a dream come true, his most precious and the most beautiful dream come true. By then she'd given up trying to escape, she was lost in his eyes which adored her. Everything she did looked prettier in his eyes. His eyes which were deep pools of intensity, the very same intensity which she wasn't sure she'd match, intensity of the love he had for her. The same love she had for him. Not from the start like him, though her heart did skip a beat the first time she'd seen him. She smiled at the memory, their first sight, the first link, dance. She kept looking into his eyes, mesmerized by what she saw. He slowly leaned closer. Closer. Closer. Their noses touched. His lips were a bit apart. She responded automatically, she slowly slid her eyes shut and her lips parted ever so slightly. His breath blew across her cheeks. He felt her breath on his cheeks. He leaned in more closer. They could feel each others breath on their tongues, like countless times before. His lips almost pressed onto hers. The skin of their lips just felt a breeze of the other...when. "Tring Tring Tring Tring" their phones beeped, rudely cutting across their romance. They both bore the same irritated expression as they sat up to see which brilliant person chose the perfect time to ruin their romance.

"Kahan hai aap ji?" aashi asked Swayam. "Ghar mein actually..kyun aashi, kuch hua?" he asked her. "Nahi ji kuch nahi hua, bas aap aur Sharon rehearsals ke liye late types ho rahe the isliye meine call kiya." she replied. "Sharon bhi nahi aayi abhi tak?" he asked to avoid suspicion. "Haan ji, sharon bhi late types hai, aaj kal wo gayab types ho rahi hai" aashi said. "Ok, mein aa raha hoon, aap sab rehearsals shuru kijiye" Swayam instructed her. "Oh haan, aur aaj raksha bandhan hai, aap ko wo plan yaad hai na?" aashi asked. "Haan haan mein sab handle karunga" Swayam assured her. "Ji, tho mein rakhti" aashi said. "Teek hai bye aashi" swayam said. "Bye" aashi said a bit shyly and kept the phone. Swayam had put the phone on speaker so that Sharon could also hear. He kept the phone and looked at Sharon who still had the sullen expression on her face. He put an arm around her bought her close, she rested her head on his shoulder and said, "Wo aashi itna flirt kyun karti, jab usse pata hai ki tum usse like nahi karta?" she asked jealousy evident in her voice. Swayam chuckled. "Tumhe, tumhe hasi aa raha hai?!" she pulled away and glared at him. "Tum itni cute ho jab tum jealous ho na isliye" he explained. "Aur wo kya plan tha...aashi ne tumhe bata rahi thi..." Sharon asked to change the topic. "Aaj raksha bandhan hai na, tho meine socha aaj sab log Indian mein hoge aur hum celebrate karein" Swayam explained. "Tum itna smart kaise ho?" sharon asked. "Tum intna khoobsurat kaisi ho?" he asked in return, mimicking her tone. Swayam's phone rang again...this time it was Taani's call. He put the phone on speaker again. "Hi Taani" he greeted happily. "Hi bhai!! Aap kaise ho? Aur aap intna khush kyun ho?" she asked. "Wo...well kal bohot hi special tha isliye." Swayam replied looking at Sharon who smiled at him. "Waise happy raksha bandhan bhai!!" taani squealed excitedly. "Thank you, aur same to you too" Swayam said. "Kas mein wahan hoti..." Taani said wistfully. "Hey hey koi Baath nahi, jab jodhpur aaunga tab tum mera rakhi dhe sakti ho...aur kya chahiye tumhe?" Swayam asked. "Umm kuch nahi, aap sochiye aur aap hi kharidiye gifts mere liye...aap Sharon bhabhi ke liye itna soch samajkar lete tho meri gift bhi aasan honi chahiye" she said unaware her bhabhi was with her bhai. "Tum Sharon se baat karungi?" he asked Taani. "Aap college mein hai kya?" Taani asked. "Nai ghar pe...sharon ke saath" he replied with a smile at Sharon. "Hi Taani!! Happy raksha bhandhan!!" sharon wished her. "Thank you, and same to you aur Sharon, aap? Aap kab aaye?" Taani asked surprised. "Kal raat, aur haan, agar tum chaho tho mujhe bhabhi bula sakte ho" sharon said. She knew exactly what Swayam had in mind. "Ek minute...aap sach me...OMG...congratulations" she yelled. Swayam and Sharon both chuckled. "Ye kab hua? Aur aap mujhe bataya kyun nahi? Sab ko pata hai kya?" Taani asked. "Actually batane wala tha, par uss din tum jaa rahi thi, tho batane ki mauka hi nahi mila...Papa ko pata hai...aur Rey ko bhi, abh tum bhi...hum official nahi hai abh tak" Swayam explained, carefully letting rey's name out. "Oh isliye tauji khush the jab hum wapas aa rahe the...wo bata rahe the ki Swayam is in good hands all the way back home" she said cheerfully. "Acha mujhe abhi jaana hai, mausi maa aanewale hai, tho taiyar hona hai..." she said. "Mausi maa? Sach mein? Oh no! Anyway take care Taani we miss you" swayam said and then they hung up. "Kya tumhe sach mein rakhi chahiye?" she asked him. "Mein tumhara bhai ho ya boyfriend" he asked. "mera world's best boyfriend hai" she said pulling his cheeks. Then on a serious note she asked about Rey and after assuring her after today, it will be the final twist for adi, they got ready for college, as they'd happily missed rehearsals. Swayam had bought her a new set of clothes. It was really pretty white anarkali, carefully wrapped in a box and was set in Taani's room where Sharon had gone to change. It was delicate and elegant. Simple yet pretty. Set with pearls and stone work, it looked gorgeous on her. Of course Swayam had pre planned everything so he'd bought matching accessories too. She pit them on and she just looked perfect.
She stepped out of the room where Swayam waited in a white kurta with blue jeans. It was simple and classy. She took his breath away as she stood in front of him. The fabric which looked immobile when he'd bought it, now looked alive, it flowed on her. She beautified the outfit. He looked at her winked and holding up three fingers mouthed "Khoobsurat". To which sharon blushed and looked away. After locking the door, hand in hand they drove to the college, this time not on his cycle as Sharon didn't want to spoil the dress.

They were greeted by the gang, Rey included, at the canteen. While the girls marveled over Sharon's outfit, asking her where she'd bought it, she smiled and turned to look at Swayam who'd chosen that minute to look at sharon. Rey recieved a call from adi and had leave. The gang then came together recalled their plan and went to the atrium where the girls officially could tie rakhis for their brothers. Rey and the boys stood in a line, faces solemn with their gifts ready. The girls smiled as they came forward to tie rakhis on the boys. Well as we know the college was abuzz with rumours of Rey and sharon as a couple, so while the on lookers betted on wether Sharon will tie a rakhi on Rey or not ran high, the girls started. Sharon firstly tied a rakhi on Rey's hand, publically proclaiming that he was her best friend and the brother which she could never have. "tum mera bhai ho, brother from another mother, thank you bhai for everything" she said and hugged him. She then took turns tying rakgis on all the other guys except Swayam. Swayam smiled broadly. Once the traditions were done, the girls demanded for their gifts, which the guys dutifully gave remembering the rigorous task. And then the show started. First a dance by the girls which showed how much they loved their brothers. Followed by the boys, who performed on mere brother ki dulhan. This was followed by the group act, which rey wasn't a part of. So he looked on surprised and a bit hurt too. The dance began by Swayam, entering the stage dressed up as Rey, followed by nilesh dressed as adi. As the dance progressed they showed how adi had brainwashed them at first, seperated Rey, and when he realized Swayam was the bond which held the group together targeted him. Swayam was potrayed by Vicky. The boys meetings, the contract deal during which adi had called sharon offering her an exclusive deal. Pairing sharon and rey and Swayam and aashi, performing an intimate dance on the number. The swaron fight after that. Ignoring rey because of the pact. Everything was potrayed beautifully. Rey who stood watching this was confused at first, but slowly realised what his friends had been trying to tell him. Remorse hit him, he had been a fool to trust adi in spite of swayam's warnings. How could he have been this foolish? As he mulled over it, the gang finished the dance and joined him. "I'm so sorry guys, mujhe ye sab sach mein nahi pata tha" he choked. "Hum expect kar rahe the ki tum aa kar poochunga ki hum kaise feel kar rahe hai" Simmi said. "Par jab aisa kuch nahi hua, Swayam ne ye idea suggest kiya" nilesh said. "we didn't want to tell you this now either, Swayam forced us to" Vicky said. Rey looked at Swayam with red eyes and said, "Thank you, thank you so much for supporting me even when I wasn't there..." saying that he pulled Swayam into a hug and completed his sentence admist cheering, "Sorry, meine tum aur sharon ki relationship mein stress daal di" he said. "Iys ok, hum patch up kar Li, kal raat..." Swayam said patting his back. They pulled away and came in for a group hug. And then they stood together holding hands in the bond style and in unison said, "mission Aditya khurana here we come".


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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 August 2012
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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Such a cute part dear...

Loved the way she made him feel special...

Swayam was perfect like always...

All the dates nicely done...loved the cooking part...


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zk456789 Goldie

Joined: 16 February 2013
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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Nice update
Do next update soon coz waiting for adi secret to reveal

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-spongy- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 20 September 2012
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Posted: 01 September 2013 at 11:22am | IP Logged
amazing update
im simply loving the way you are shpwing swaron
simply khoobsurat 
thanks for the PM
trisha19 Senior Member

Joined: 06 November 2012
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Posted: 01 September 2013 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Its sooo cute!!!
the rahiwala twist was just awesome...
waiting for the mission aditya khurana...

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