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Swaron SS: 3 more wishes... (Page 11)

damonTVDrocks Senior Member

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 11:34am | IP Logged
This should've happened in the show too!!Ouch

Autumn_Hue IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
Brilliant dear I loved the update..Thumbs Up.
Sharon finally realised how painful it would have been for swayam seeing her with rey and how difficult it was for him to handle everything at one time..
Waiting to read further do pm me..Smile
ToujoursPur IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
love it spongy.
u r a really good writer.
Vaddy Senior Member

Joined: 08 July 2012
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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nancynnv

The update was awe awe awe awesome...
Waah dance Kiya on the previous songs...
Mast idea tha...
Swayam aaj kal bohot bhao kha raha hai na...
Par its fun warna it will u look forced...
Par jaldi se patch bhi hoa chahiyeh 

I loved it to the core...
I read all the uptade a from the start 

Whenever u uptade na add that in ur subject so that ppl can knw about it 

I can't tell how special I feel ryt now thanks. Lot lot lot lot...

Loved loved loved the gift 

I'm glad you loved it Big smile
Meine dekh Li...par reply nahi ki...socha baad mein karu :P
And sure i'll add the topic too...thanks for the suggestion :)
Vaddy Senior Member

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by medhasarkar

love it spongy.
u r a really good writer.
Di mein Vadhana hoon...spongy nahi Confused
MrsChandlerBing IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2013 at 9:50am | IP Logged
Amazing update ..loved it :)
great job Thumbs Up
-spongy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 October 2013 at 6:33am | IP Logged
superb update
loved it
thanks for the PM

i'm extremely sorry for the late comment
and for a short one as well
mere exams are going on Confused
Vaddy Senior Member

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Posted: 05 October 2013 at 6:46am | IP Logged
Back again :) this time its patch up the way I thought will happen...i wasn't expecting secret admirer and all Tongue swaron are unpredictable and maybe that's why I like them Embarrassed 
I read all your comments and seriously I'm so happy with them, they're so full of encouragement and it made me feel really special <3 thank you so much :) on with the story then :)
The day continued as it was supposed to, except Sharon's eyes would well up with tears everytime she thought of the afternoon incident. She couldn't concentrate on what she did, and after a while, she let the others take charge. The day came to an end and Sharon was devastated. "Meine tumhe itna push kiya Swayam, abh aur nahi, iss baar mein tujhe pull karungi, mere pass, mere saath, and until ye nahi hoga I will not rest, this is my promise to us for you for our love" she promised as she sat on her bed in tears that night, thinking on how to get Swayam back. "mujhe aisa nahi karni chahiye...sab meri galati hai..." she cried hugging her pillow for comfort thinking about all their fights.
 The next day rose sunny and bright. Sharon woke up with a string determination that she will get Swayam back, her Swayam back. She got ready to face the next day, planning out her day. She made her way to the college and went to the canteen guessing everyone would be there. She entered and was greeted by hi from everyone but Swayam who returned to drinking his tea. Sharon cleared her throat and pointedly said, "Hi Swayam" to which he glanced at her and mumbling a hi back returned to sipping his tea. the gang discussed what was to be done for the day and Sharon assigned them duties. Swayam got a call which he had to attend and went to take the call. By the time he came back, his face was grave and on asking what happened, he replied, "Bad news...firstly aaj aashi nahi rahi hai" "Really? Thank you bappa, apne ek hurdle tho door kar Li " she thanked god mentally smiling. "Hass kyun rahi ho?" Swayam asked looking at her. "Mein kyun nahi Hass sakti? My mouth I do what I want" she replied back curtly. "Second...KR college aa rahe hai...last minute entry...aur unke GS..." he trailed off trying to reign himself. "GS?" Sharon asked warily "Shivam" he replied looking at her, his eyes blazing with fury. She looked back at him and got scared by what she saw. His posture was stiff, fists clenched and his eyes blazed with fury. "Sharon tum teek ho?" Rey asked. Concern immediately replaced fury as he looked at her. "He still cares for me" she thought. "Mein kyun tensed hogi? He was a nobody and will remain a nobody for me" she replied curtly and to change the topic and divert Swayam she changed to a stern tone, "Tumne stalls ko check kar Li?" she asked Swayam. Swayam looked at her all concern and emotions replaced by indifference and told "Karunga" "What karunga, abhi issi waqt jaake dekho" she commanded. Swayam could take it no longer, and left the canteen in a huff. "First chance kho gayi" she mentally cursed.
The fest started and Sharon didn't get a glimpse of Swayam until shivam entered. (here imagine exactly what happened yesterday, how he stood in front of sharon? That scene). "He still cares for me, and he is still affected by me" she thought happily. The king rangers challenged them to a face off and after a lot of egging on the team decided to dance for the college. The bottle spun and the king rangers started. Individually one by one they came grooved to the music and then it was Shivam's turn. He came forward and Sharon glared at him while Swayam knuckled his fists. He did a few basic steps, and took hold of an unsuspecting Sharon. *Wham* Swayam's fist slammed into his gut, Sharon looked back terrified. Swayam stepped forward smiling and continued dancing and fending Sharon. Shivam just looked at them and backed of as Swayam's steps were such that, if he'd stood there for long, he would've been bleeding by then. Swayam went on dancing and then paused and passed a glare to shivam daring him to touch sharon once again. He then caught hold of Sharon's wrist and they did a few tango steps and left the stage. Sharon didn't leave his hand even though he tried pulling away his once they'd reached their side. She held onto his hand and dragged him behind where no one could see them, "Thank you" she whispered and after giving him a quick peck on his cheek ran to join Simmi. Swayam's features which had been intense all the while stayed frozen in shock. She kissed him again. He stood there feeling his cheeks and after a while went to join the team for the final dance. They finished their dance with a bang and the crowd cheered for them, making them the winners of the dance face off. The gang got together as one and cheered and in the process Sharon hugged Swayam in excitement. Shivam only stood there watching them.
The gang went about their duties and just as Swayam passed by Sharon, so did Shivam and talked to Sharon. "Sharon..." he tried to speak. Sharon showed him her palm and stopped him and without a word she called Swayam, held his hand and left.
Two hours later, The gang looked had assembled in the canteen. Swayam entered the canteen looking exhausted. "Aap aa gaye" aashi said. "Ache types hai, mujhe aapse kuch baat types karni thi" she said, hurrying over to Swayam's side. Sharon looked at her irritated. Aashi had come back sometime before the face off. "yahan se koi kahin nahin jayega" Sharon commanded glaring at them. "Aapka problem types kya hai Sharon?" aashi started again. "Tum ho meri problem!" she yelled at her. Aashi looked stunned and scared. Realising what she'd said she said sorry and then tried to calm herself. The gang looked on confused. Even they were confused with what was happening. Swayam looked at her. "Ok guys, mujhe kuch baat karni hai...aap sabse" she said her voice a bit more controlled. "Sorry aashi" she said. Aashi looked at her and then Swayam spoke, "Kya baat hai aashi? Kuch batane wali thi na?" he asked. "Wo actually kuch nahi...mein aapko baad mein batati hoon...important types tho nahi hai" she said in a small voice. "Aashi. Kuch logon ki wajah se tumhe mujhse baat karne ke liye darni nahi chahiye" he said, giving sharon a glance. "Aur agar kuch logon ko tum usse baat karna acha nahi lagta" she said pointedly. "Aur aisa kyun hoga? Agar aashi mujhse baat karni hai...tho what's the problem?" he asked. "Because you belong exclusively to me only, and I will feel jealous agar koi aur ladki tumse baat kar Li tho..." she replied back curtly. "Par kyun?" he asked. "Because it hurts dammit! It hurts to act like I'm indifferent to you! It kills to act like i don't love you! It kills me Swayam! Everyday i die a little when i yell at you! Mujhe farak padta hai agar koi nahi, agar tum mujhe ignore kare...mein bhi affect ho rahi hoon jaise ki tum, and don't rubbish this mister coz you know that Shivam's entry made you know that you still love me, i know it too! Meine sun li...aur jab mein effort kar rahi hoon tumhe wapas paane ke liye, tum kyun ignore kar rahe ho mujhe?!" she yelled. "Kyunki tum bhi mujhe ignore kar rahi thi!" he replied back spontaneously. "Mein bhi insan hoon Sharon, I've feelings too, aur jab mujhe tumhari zyada zarurat thi jab i needed someone..not someone...YOU to understand me, what did you do?" he asked her, his voice raising with held up emotions. Sharon looked back at him. The gang who stood watching all this were shocked and confused. What on earth were these two talking about. Simmi tried to stop the fight but Rey held her back and said "Nahi, abhi nahi tho kabhi nahi khatam hoga inn dono ka misunderstanding". "Tune chillaya mujh par" Swayam said. Sharon took a step forward. "Par that's because i was concerned for you! Meine puri raat tumhare ghar ke bahar bitaya, tumse baat karne ke liye" she said tears slowly making their way into her eyes. "You know what Sharon? Meine socha ki tumhe tumhari galti ki ehsaas Hui, par i was wrong and now there's no point talking about it!" he finished it it one breath and without waiting for a reply he left the canteen in a huff. Sharon stood there shocked for sometime, before it hit her again. She made the same mistake again. She'd yelled at him again. She knew that whatever was her action would be his too; if she yelled he would yell back, if she cried he would comfort her, if she was hurt he was hurt too. And to heal the wound she needed love not anger. And she used anger instead of love, thus hurting him more. She went after him, firmly resolving that this time when she came back, it would be with her Swayam. Her intense lover boy Swayam. The gang was clueless about what had just taken place. Simmi went after Sharon for explaination when Rey stopped them again. They hung around in the canteen waiting for their two friends who had stormed off.
She knew where to find him. It was their place to be alone as a couple or not. It was their place to find peace and solace. She entered the terrace and looked around. There he was. Looking at the moon just as he had at Manor. Sitting with his head in his arms looking broken. He felt her presence, he always did. "Kyun aaye ho yahan?" he asked her coldly. "Swayam" she started. "Mujhe kuch nahi suna hai" he said and left the place. "Swayam Shekhawat! Iss baar mein tumhe chodungi nahi" she said and followed him. She saw him going towards the abandoned corridor, she followed him, calling out his name. He stopped and looked like an angry kid. "Kitne cute ho tum" she thought and then whispering"Focus Sharon! Focus!" to herself she looked at him and tried again. "Kyun aa..." Swayam couldn't continue because by then, sharon had covered his mouth with her hand and looking viciously into his eyes said, "Abh mein baat karungi aur tu sunoge" she commanded. He tried to protest, but unfortunately couldn't. "Mein gusse mein thi, isliye kyunki tune kisi ko bataya nahi ki tum kahan gaye...aur mujhe chinta ho rahi thi...mein dar gayi thi...agar tumhe kuch hua tho? Aur phir uss gussa meine tum par nikli...mein nahi karni chahiye thi, par you know me Swayam" she said and paused. "Aur Aditya ka contract bhi sign kiya...promise karne se pehle, kyunki mein confused thi...i wasn't in the right frame of mind...meine tumhe nahi samaj Li...I'm sorry Swayam, sach mein...aur jab promise kiya mujhe tumse bata Dena chahiye par meine socha ki abhi abhi sab resolve Hui and i didn't want anything to ruin our date, it was perfect. Mein galti ki by not telling you the truth but understand Swayam, agar tum mere jagah hote tho tum kya karoge? Aur uske baad jab Reyne tujbe thapad mara, i was hurt Swayam, but before that i had to explain everythingto you, aur tum kuch sune ke liye taiyar nahi thi...and phir jab Reytried to sympathize, i yelled at him for you sach mein"  she told and looked at him for a reply. He tried answering but couldn't. "Abh baat bhi nahi karoge?" she asked tears welling up. Even after all this explaining he hadn't forgiven her. As the tears escaladed down her cheeks, he quickly caught her face and rubbed her cheeks and shook his head. "Kuch bata kyun nahhi ro?" she asked. He slowly touched her palm that covered his mouth. "Oh" she said and removed her hand quickly. "Tum ye sab pehle kyun nahi batayi?" he asked. "Kyunki mein gusse mein thi, aur meri ego ne allow nahi kiya...after whatever you said, i was hurt Swayam, mujhe aise lag rahi thi ki sab kuch khatam Hui hamare beech, i let us to our fate, to destiny. I'd given up hope of ever getting you back" she said and broke down into his arms. He leaned in close and their foreheads met. "I love you so much Sharon" he said his voice overcome with emotions. "I love you too Swayam" she said smiling through her tears. "Aisa kabhi nahi hoga" he promised. "Kabhi nahi" she promised. "I love you" he said. "I love you" she said. They stayed that way in each others embrace for sometime.
The gang waited anxiously for them. It had been more than an hour and there was no sight of Sharon or Swayam. "Guys should we go check?" Simmi asked uncertainly. "Hi guys" Sharon's voice floated with joy. Next to her stood Swayam who smiled equally. They entered the canteen their hands entwined. "Sharon..." Simmi said uncomfortably, not wanting to make her observation loud. "What?" Sharon said and followed her gaze. They looked at their entwined hands and Sharon blushed. "Oh this" she said her voice shy. "Well let's go official...shall we?" he asked her quietly. She looked into his eyes and smiled, blushing more. And then turning to the gang she smiled and said. "Well And Swayam. We'" she said. "What?!" they gang looked at them shocked.

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