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Ss:Crazy love of asya..updt..chapter1c pg 4 (Page 4)

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asad is so cute... humming a romantic song

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This is really good, please keep updating! :D

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Note: I addd a brief note about the story and how it goes along with zoya.

I will be updating frequently when asya fans like and comment .

Crazy asya love story series.
Independence for everyone.cahpter1c

As asya in embrace and having lovey dovey mitwa moments..

They hear a noise outside the garden.
They turn around to see the Gardner trimming plants with electric saw.

Note:seeing khan mansion garden always perfect I thought of adding Gardner this is the place we see asya love scenes all the time so will use the Gardner in future .

Zoya seeing this was trying to pull herself..but asad being naughty(music starts by yeh..the scene of nikah, promise and intense hug , asad teases zoya saying actually ms farookhi i am doing this all to trap you..the music starts in background to let us k ow asad in teasing mode) holds zoya more closely and smirks. Zoya with widen eyes blinks not able to speak by the close proximity..asad slowly runs his hands down her back from shoulders to back of her and tightens up..

Zoya. Blushes but again hearing the gardner tool sound thinjs he may anytime come into view as the windows r open (asya  were blocked by the bed).if the Gardner goes tot another plant they can be clearly seen.

Zoya moves to get up asad hold her hand and nods his head in no.zoya rolls her eyes towards her garden and says please mr.khan not now later.

Asad seeing zoya state moves along with her gets up still holding zoya, come close to her and says when zoya.
Zoya; excuse me, what when Mr.Khan.
Asad; u said not know I said when,
Zoya; app bhi na,
Asad; no ms.farooki,seriously I am asking when.
Zoya; again rolls her eyes side ways in mischief(remember the scene where zoya rolls her eyes side when asad asked her so I am your Prince Charming. Loved it so using the gestures of ays for more scene intense). Changes the topic quickly Saying mr.khan u ruined everything.
Asad.; me Ms .farooki. U barged in my room and fall on me, u said about Gardner now u r saying this. U told me to stop. And when I wanted to ruin our moment.
Zoya: Mr.khan I had so many plans for today I cam here to give ur coffee and go. but look at the time it's also late.
Asad; got irritated thinking she was planning for fur guy( farhaan) and getting mad at me to spend time. Ms.farooki bin bulaya aap ayaa was about to say without knocking. Cuts his words goes to yesterday flashback.


Am adding this I always think what did they do after asya love scene ..like let's take asya Nikah promise scene..first duo hug.

Asya come out of hug..asad smirking thinking how zoya carried away. Zoya still in blush.
Zoya; MR.khan I have to go.
Asad; thinking zoya is shy leaves to his room.
Zoya; still shy makes coffee for asad as he was tensed for najma and nikaht.coffee will relax him.
Zoya goes to his room without knocking opens and seeing the scene pops eyes out.

Asad; in his room was thinking about the hug and still feeling zoya acts like hugging and was saying zoya when will u be in my bhaho(embrace) permentally. Turns around sees zoya looks everywhere started saying woh actually, but later retorts saying Ms. farooki  how many times I have to say knock the door befor entering.
Zoya; mr.khan i am your adha garwali(fiance). it gives me permission to come any time though I  can't stay in your room but will stay later and share everything comming to bathroom,bed and even ur closet. So that means I have the right to barge in anytime got it.

Asad ; smirks hearing zoya saying gharwali..comes close to her..pulls her by her shoulder saying what did u say gharwali..so desperate to come and stay with me and share everything ..huskily stressing everything.
Zoya; by now recollects what she spoke. Comes out of trance and says yeah right fiance means has every right and don't u ever recall rules to come into your room. changes topic and says by the way what were u doing when I came in .(teasing asad back).
Asad: I have to make a call will be right back goes away not answering zoya. To avoid.

Flashback ends.

Asad; oh no not again have to change topic. Ms.Farooki, is dinner ready.
Zoya; remembering her plans for both asad and Farhaan says Allah Miyah what's wrong with me I have no time to get ready and have to finish the dish saying this leaves asad who is fuming.

Asad: whattt...get ready and cook dishes for that fur guy..ridiculous. I have to do something thinkingly gets ready wearing white Kurta( asad only wears different white Kurta only) and sits down doing his work.

Zoya; today is Independence Day , so as Will of independce gave blood,next is to spread love with will of Heart means independence to heart. She is thinking of giving the independece to her heart to say the three words..and the second one for farhaan( will leave it for know..will reveal in 2nd chapter only urs and mine).

Asad comes out of his room hearing the bell.

Asad;closing the door to his room looks towards zoyas room as always checking where zoya is. asad stood stunned and speechless. Seeing the angel in white in the gagra choli with the dupatta on side exposing her belly. His hand were desperate to touch her belly and run his fingers but crushed down his thougts. Zoya was adjusting her dupatta not knowing asad watching her. Zoya is looking gorgeous her hair is curled at ends,pink lipstick,khol to eyes.dazzling earring hanging down to neck.neck left empty as alway. So tempting to kiss right away. Asad was still thinking all this of zoya.

Zoya; after adjusting her dupatta heads towards the door. Asad in trance comes out seeing zoya going to door with her exposed belly..runs fast towards zoya pulls her towards him, making zoya landing on him on his chest..
Asad; smells the heveanly scent of zoya closes his eyes taking a air gulp..but comes out as zoya trying to move away from him towards door.

Asad; Ms.Farooki not so fast. Pulls her towards him takes her duppata end,tucks it side ways into her see her lehega. Making zoya loose her sense feeling asad touch at sensitive spot.
Bell rings again.
Asad moves towards door seeing zoya with a shy smirk.opening the door sees fur guy. And says hi nice to see u back soon. Stressing back.
Zoya..hearing Farhaan asking for her comes of trance with eyes down shyly goes towards asad standing besides him says hai Farhaan.
Farhaan; what no beloved what happened to you u alawys call me beloved Farhaan ..
Zoya.hmm..nothing was thinking something else..saying this she lead Farhaan to sofa and goes to get dilsaad and najma.
Asad; wow my plan is working have to move fast..for next(will reveal at end of this chapter asya back yard date).
Asad sits opposite and sees Farhaan dressed in jeans and Lacoste shirt stylishly just the way zoya likes. asad think he wore it to impress zoya..hearing zoya and najma asad turns sideways ..gets another shock seeing najma dressed up in a nice beautiful  Salwar suit like going for a party.she is looking beautiful .
Zoya says najma u sit here I will come back..making sit najma next to Farhaan goes to kitchen to get snacks.
Zoya;talking to herself, phuphi said she will be down in a min after finishing her call in them mean time let me serve snack..heading to oven checks for her cake smirks and takes another plate of chicken kabab and goes to hall hands the plate to Farhaan and sits next to Farhaan.

Asad: fumes why is she sitting next to fur guy..she has to sit next to me, he sees his side its a single chair, no place to sit next to him. he moves from there to love seat which is two seater.
Zoya gets up to get more snacks for najma and asad .asad who was sitting in the next love  seat ( 2 seater of sofa)pulls her sideways without anyone notice. Zoya land next to asad in a sitting position.
Zoya smirks thinking oh my baby wants me to sit next to Him. fumes a little seeing asad and thinks He is being romantic now a days.
Asad smirks as he is not letting any chance for fur guy. Taught of holding hands but seeing dilsaad backs off.
Dilsaad; hey how r beta, how r ur parents when t they comming.
Asad what mom know this guy why is she asking about his parents.
Farhaan namaste maaji.evryone r fine, parents will come once everything is set.
Asad maaji how can ammi be maaji..this guy is upto something I have do act quick.moves close to zoya.
Dilsaad..yes it will be good to come when everything is settled. Did u get some time alone wiith your friend.
Asad;what is ammi saying time alone with zoya what's going on she is my fiance my adha gharwali.
Zoya: phuphi where is the time to chit chat when mr.khan is here.hey na mr.khan.
Asad; whattt..loudly gets up holding zoya.
Zoya; Mr.khan where r u going when a important discussion is going on. What's the matter with you.do you need anything.
Asad; I have work have to do.u guys carry on. I don't need anything u all guys see if this fur guy..hmmm clears his throat Farhaan needs anything.i have to go excuse me.
Zoya; wait mr.khan I will come with you..mr.khan I need some help with the new creeper I planted.can you help me in the backyard.
Asad; whattt..  me with plants are u out of your mind..I have work to do ...
Zoya: lovingly with pouting says please mr.khan mereliye( for me),
Asad; seeing his lady love with innocent face and dimples how can he resist ,he says lets go . I can spare 15 mins.
Zoya says mr.khan wait I have to get twine u go first.
Asad moves to back yard..seeing the scene in front of him is speechless.
The back yard had been set up with nice gazebo( tent with decorative poles) hung with red and white shimmer slik drapes. Red roses, red candles fragnancing jasmine essence. Center table with champagne in ice bucket a cake(something written), wine glasses and a place setting for two with a trolley cart on side with dishes.
Asad mesmerising the scene in front of him thinking did zoya do this..but why..he felt hands sliding from his back from his underarms to his shoulders.
Zoya comming from behind slides her hands up towards asad arms around his underarms.
She is back hugging asad.
Zoya; how is it mr.khan. Do you like it mr.khan. I did it for you, I remember u doing it for me but things went wrong as we were diverted I don't want to mention names and ruin this moment.

Asad; closes his eyes thinking of the pain zoya had by him or thru tanveer that chudale.
Zoya; seeing asad repenting comes forward puts his hand on him and says ,can I have a dance mr.khan.

Zoya plays the music with remote 

(Song from yeh dilagi. I know this is old song but guys I am not good with Hindi songs. As I was looking for a girl singing Hindi song saying i luv u I recalled this one from my good old collage days. I hope u bear my song). Kajol was my fav loved her in this song.

-Honthon Pe Bas Tera Nam Hai Tujhe Chahana Mera Kam Hai - 2
Tere Pyar Men Pagal Hun Main Subah-O-Sham

Ye Rat Soi Hai Khoi-Khoi, Armaan Mere Hain Jage-Jage

Zoya moves to back of asad leans on his back ..backs r facing..shying looks at asad side ways..hums the above lines.
Asad mouth open amazed seeing this side of zoya.

Zoya comming forward leaning forward toward asad face passes her finger from forehead thru nose and lips and lifts the chin singing the down lines.pointing with fingers when played 
I luv u, u love me.

Janam, I Love You, You Love Me
Honthon Pe Bas Tera Nam Hai Tujhe Chahana Mera Kam Hai - 2
Tere Pyar Men Pagal Hun Main Subah-O-Sham
Janam, I Love You, You Love Me

Asad tries to hold her in his embrace feeling her saying I love you..he is at his extreme joy.
Zoya slids down and runs away from him swaying her belly moving backwards sings more of the down lines.

Ye Rat Soi Hai Khoi-Khoi, Armaan Mere Hain Jage-Jage
Ye Kya Mujhko Ho Gaya

Zoya running her hand in her hair points towards asad humming the words and asks him to come towards her with her pointing finger sings these lines .
At end and closes her hands together in a pose of embrace.

Asad: Hearing and seeing her with embrace pose asad walks towards her. As he is having a tough time to control.

Zulfon Ke Sae Chilman Banae, Aa Main Divane Inko Hata Dun
Dekhun Tera Chehara
Divanagi Ka jaam Hai, Tu Ishq Ka Inam Hai
Tere Pyar Men Pagal Hun Main Subah-O-Sham
Janam, I Love You, You Love Me
Janam, I Love You, You Love Me
Zoya shying away turns around when asad was about to approach her.
Later moving far away brings her duppata on to the side and then moving the dupatta on to her face with shy..sings the below lines.

Thandi Havaen Jadu Jagaen, Meri Nigahen Hain Pyasi Pyasi
Chhane Laga Hai Nasha
Ye Gori Bahen Tujhko Bulaen Aaja Mita Dun Duri Zara Si
Ho Na Koi Fasal

Asad comes close when the duri lyrics were played pulls zoya and chups her face, with out most love expression on his face.zoya.leaning on to him putting a hand on his heart drawing heart symbol later arches back as asad holds her by her waist. She is swaying her hands arching backwards as still asad is giving her support holding her waist... sings the below lines.

Dil Ka Yahi Paigam Hai, Tu Chain Hai Aram Hai
Tere Pyar Men Pagal Hun Main Subah-O-Sham
Zoya lifts her eyes to look into asad eyes and says these line with lovey dovey eyes.
Janam, I Love You, You Love Me
Janam, I Love You, You Love Me

Honthon Pe Bas Tera..
stops as asad places his hand on zoya lips ..takes her in a embrace with misty eyes.

Zoya enjoying the intense hug slowly whispers..I love you mr.khan. I gave the independece to my Heart to express my feelings and independence to you and our love to know my feelings.

Zoya comming out embrace says mr.kahn did u like my surprise.

Asad.nods with smile and eyes misthy again taking zoya in a bone crushing hug.

Asad; .zoya thanks for everything this is awesome, no one has done anything special to me..what ever u do , u make me feel special which is what i like the most. Zoya u r unique how in world I got you. Ur way of thinking is different. I hope I am like you..here u were thinking about this surprise getting ready for me making arrangements for me..and I was thinking u and Farhaan.

Zoya hearing this fumes comes out of embrace..saying mr.khan youuu..

End of chapter 1 Independence Day .
2nd chapter.
Only urs and mine.

Mr.khan how could you think of me and Farhaan..u know about me and my vaada, I said I wanna get married to you fast and will stay with you,forever.

Asad; zoya it's not like that. I am only yours and u r mine..that's what I am trying to say.
Zoya looks at asad how possessive asad is for her. Her lips r quivering .seeing this 
Asad leans over comes close to zoya nearing her lips..

Will Contd..after tomorrow episode of QH.

Oishi u liked my post thank you.

Note:Suggest some romantic songs please ..

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Updated post ...
Like and comment
Prani08 IF-Rockerz

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Hey tell me u like fonts or not.
nahsjdnusksmsj IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing update
Can u plzz pm me the next part also

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continue soon...

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