Written Update: ACP In Danger (03/08/2013)

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Okay so I'm back with another update. Enjoy! BTW, my comments are based on my first time watch of the episode. Tongue As in what I would have said if I was watching this for the first time. This episode was so blah to begin with that I actually forgot everything that happened in it. LOL

Written Update - ACP In Danger (3rd August 2013)

ACP sir, Daya sir, Shreya, and Nik (Daya sir aur uske do chamche that's what I should start calling them. Err I mean Daya aur uske do chele. Tongue) arrive at some under construction building and their informer leads them upstairs where something big is about to happen. Firing begins and the informer runs away letting his boss know that he's done and the boss kills him. A gunfight between our jaanbaaz sipahis and the goons, which leads to becoming a hand fight and the face of the boss being revealed. ACP sir recognizes him and wonders how it can be. (Let me guess. ACP sir killed this guy at one time and now he's back from the dead. Or maybe he's supposed to be some good guy and now he's turned to the bad.)

In the bureau, ACP sir is going through his files searching for something. Abhijeet sir wondering what is bothering ACP sir. Freddy says he'll ask, but Abhijeet sir tells him that ACP sir will just get angry. Some news journalists come in and ask Abhijeet sir questions about ACP sir's cowardice. (Puhlease. If ACP sir was a coward then CID would never have run for 16 years. One or two months and thup ho jata. BTW, why do these journalists always arrive when CID does something "wrong"? Why not when CID does something "right?") Abhijeet sir gets angry and the journalist then asks if ACP sir has been bought by the goons. Abhijeet sir gets angry at that and ACP sir comes in and says that CID will never go wrong and they're always there for the public. (Well done ACP sir. But you should have given them a piece of your mind like you give criminals. Then these guys will stop coming back.) ACP sir tells them to go and leaves himself.

ACP sir at his house wondering about that goon he saw. In flashback he remembers killing the goon and then getting a medal for it. The doorbell rings and it's the duo. (Ah if there's one thing I liked about this episode so far it was that the duo knew something was wrong and came to talk to ACP sir separately.) ACP sir asks what's wrong. Daya sir tells him that they've come to talk to him about why he is so worried. ACP sir asks if they remember Ratan Jakota. (Finally I can stop calling him the goon! Guys you need to take a page out of CP and Arjun's book. They introduce every character that is shown even if that character isn't shown again in the rest of the episode! Oh and to my first comment, it's the first one.) Abhijeet sir recognizes the name and ACP sir says that the guy he saw was Ratan Jakota. This shocks Abhijeet sir and Daya sir. ACP sir says even he doesn't know how this happened. Abhijeet sir says maybe he's Ratan's friend who got plastic surgery done to look like Ratan. (Sorry Abhijeet sir but here I have to disagree. No friend or colleague or whatever it is will do something like that. To walk around with a face that everyone recognizes is out of the question.)

Back in the bureau, ACP sir says that while we were fighting Ratan's gang at the same time there was a bomb blast in Bhandup. Freddy says that even Rinku, the informer, was involved in all this. ACP sir says that this is all Ratan's gang doing because they did this before as well to spread terrorism. Nik says that Ratan had a partner, Teja, who has been in jail for the past 5 years.

Now in a jail cell, Teja is taken by some constables to meet ACP sir and Freddy. (Ah chalo yahan toh unhone sahi team ko bheja.) Balwant, Teja's lawyer, gets some papers from Teja and leaves. Teja asks how CID remembered him today. ACP sir drags a chair over to him and sits down and says Ratan is alive. Teja stands up and asks how that can be because ACP sir killed him 5 years ago. ACP sir says he saw him yesterday. Teja says that you probably saw an aatma. (Why does everyone name an aatma first thing for everything? Like really! Is that all you can think of? How about a hologram, or a mirage, or even the real guy? Oh and I'm surprised FW didn't show Freddy going all weak in the knees on hearing aatma. Isn't that what they usually show?) ACP sir asks him what he knows about Ratan. Teja says how can he know anything about Ratan as he has been in jail for 5 years. ACP sir asks Teja where they used to meet. The chaiwala leaves at this moment getting scared. Teja says that there were many places they used to meet.

Outside, the chaiwala tells someone on the phone that CID came today. He hangs up and goes to leave and sees ACP sir and Freddy. He tries to pretend, but ACP sir asks him what he was talking about. (Chalo at least they showed that CID is still hot on the trail. I suspect Freddy noticed this since ACP sir's back was to the chaiwala the whole time.) The chaiwala says that someone called him two days ago and asked to speak to Teja, but the phone got cut and then it didn't come again. ACP sir asks for the number.

ACP sir and Freddy (Ah that's a hattrick! FW stand up and take a bow! You sent the same team to 3 places! First to jail, then outside the jail to catch the chaiwala, and now here! Clap LOL I was half expecting to see Rajat sir and Sachin or Nik and Sachin coming here. LOL) ACP sir calls Abhijeet sir and tells him to come to Godown 22. ACP sir and Freddy head into the godown and hear someone saying that everything is ready and now they will do something that the whole country will get scared. Someone comes from behind and hits ACP sir on the head. (Err and what about Freddy? Didn't he react?)

A little later, Abhijeet sir and Nik enter the same godown. (Why Nik? I wanted Daya sir here! The duo out to save ACP sir! Ah has a nice ring to it. *goes into dream world and imagines Daya sir in place of Nik, then wakes up* Ouch) Nik is trying to call ACP sir and Freddy, but there is no response. They enter the sitting area where the terrorists had been sitting and that's where Abhijeet sir finds Freddy unconscious. (Oh so that's what they did to Freddy. But why not just take him away as well? Oh and did anyone notice that when Nik and Abhijeet sir picked Freddy up he was walking on his own? Oops...they made a small boo-boo. I was watching KHNH yesterday and that boo-boo word is now stuck in my dictionary. LOL) Abhijeet sir says that the terrorists took ACP sir and left Freddy here. He adds that they need to take Freddy to the hospital.

Somewhere else ACP sir is unconscious in a cage.

Back in the bureau, Freddy is back with a bandage and says he feels guilty for letting ACP sir get kidnapped. Rajat sir asks Freddy if he remembers what the terrorists said before they took ACP sir away. Freddy doesn't remember anything.

Two terrorists go into ACP sir's cell and put water on him waking him up. ACP sir asks them who they are. They say your death. (Yeah, yeah. And I'm the Queen of England. Dekhna at the end ro rahe honge babies ki taran. Yaar mujhe ek baat samjh nahi aayi. Yeh sab criminals end main rote kyun hain? Khatarnak se khatarnak mujhrim bhi!) Anyways, ACP sir gets up and gets angry at this saying that his life isn't so cheap. He demands to know what they want. One says let our boss come first. ACP sir says that Ratan is your boss. One says that right now it's just the interval, you'll find out soon who the villain is. ACP sir tries to rattle the cage.

Back in the bureau, Sachin says that ACP sir's phone is still off and his life is in danger. (Ah and you reached this conclusion now dearie? After finding Freddy unconscious, knocked out, and after he says that he couldn't save ACP sir? Uff koi mujhe utha...never mind. I'll just take a break. LOL) They ask Pankaj if he found anything he said no. Nik comes in and says that Ratan has a kidney problem and needs dialysis every week. Rajat sir tells Nik to meet every kidney specialist. Nik leaves and Dhenchu enters. (OMG! Wait! What? far as I recall they had shown Dhenchu getting killed and then disappearing...erm...okay. Whateva.) Dhenchu tells them that Ratan is in Chikuwadi.

Sachin and Pankaj reach some deserted garage in Chikuwadi and enter with their guns drawn. (Uff don't even remind me of a garage. It reminds me of Ragh...*sister wacks me over the head*...clears throat...right. Moving on.) Pankaj is getting scared and Sachin says that a little fear is okay but it shouldn't come in between their duty. (Well said Sachin. Well said. Clap) The two go in and search the garage, but find nothing. Pankaj thinks Dhenchu's info was wrong, but Sachin says no because he sees chai ke glasses. They go out to talk to the chaiwala nearby and ask him about the chai. He says that one guy used to come in a black Lascort car. (Sorry if the car name is wrong. I'm not too familiar with the Indian car companies and car names.) Sachin asks for anything else and the chaiwala says the license plate was red. Sachin says that license plate is used for new cars.

Back in the bureau, Rajat sir, Freddy, Sachin, and Nik are meeting with the kidney specialists of Mumbai and Nik introduces Dr. Avinash who used to treat Ratan in jail. (Pure sher main sirf 4 kidney specialists hain? Shocked I would expect at least 15 or 20.) Rajat sir shows Ratan's photo and Dr. Devendra is getting scared, but Sachin says that CID will keep him safe. He says that he was kidnapped by Ratan's goons one day and taken to a place for a checkup. He remembers hearing an airplane flying after every 5 minutes. Rajat sir thinks it's near the airport and the car information will be found from RTO.

Sachin and Pankaj start searching hidden places near the airport.

Meanwhile, Rajat sir, Freddy, and Purvi go to the RTO office and ask about Lascort cars. The man says that 8 Lascort cars were bought in the last month and 5 were black. Rajat sir checks the names and sees Balwant's name on it. Balwant is Teja's lawyer.

Rajat sir, Freddy, and Purvi break into Balwant's house and start searching it. (Where are the duo?!!) They find nothing. Rajat sir says to inform all the ways out of this city as Balwant should not get away.

Sachin and Pankaj are still out searching. They reach an abandoned house. (Is Mumbai abandoned like completely? There are so many abandoned places just for criminals to hide in!) They enter the house and start searching it, but find nothing. Then they hear a car leave. They see a black Lascort with a red license plate. Sachin informs Abhijeet sir. (Chalo kum se kum naam toh sune ko mila. Warna inke toh darshan hi durlab ho gaye the.)

Back at the kidnapped site, Ratan and the 2 terrorists come back to see ACP sir. Ratan says that as long as he stays quiet it's good. He continues with ACP sir's quietness and a bomb's explosion will be a great combination. ACP sir tries to attack Ratan. Ratan tells them to keep an eye on ACP sir because he is the most dangerous member of CID. (Chalo even criminals agree that ACP sir is the best. Wink) They leave and ACP sir starts shaking the cage again to get out. He starts looking for ways to get out and then pulls the nail out of his shoe.

Abhijeet sir, Freddy, Nik, and Shreya are in a moving car calling people and attempting to find information about the black Lascort. Shreya is tracking ACP sir's phone. Nik says he's worried about ACP sir. Abhijeet sir says that he is ACP Pradyuman and Ratan can't do anything. (Ah so right Abhijeet sir. Woh babar sher hai aur aap aur Daya sir bhi. Teen babar sher hi kafi hain Ratan jaise cockroaches se ladane ke liye. Embarrassed)

ACP sir is trying to open the lock with the nail and finally gets it open. He gets out and a terrorist sees right away. ACP sir attacks and kills the terrorist. Then another comes in and ACP sir knocks him out as well. (Yes! Yeh hai hamara ACP sir! Babar sher and always ready!) He leaves from the place and stops someone and asks for a mobile saying he's from CID. He calls Abhijeet sir who is concerned for ACP sir. (Ah another great part of the episode. To hear concern was enough. But I wish Daya sir was there as well. And not the two cham...err I mean chele.) But ACP sir tells him that there is going to be a big bomb blast in the city, but he doesn't know anything else except that there is a big event going on in the city where a lot of big celebrities are going to be. (Umm...hello? This is Mumbai right? So isn't there always many big celebrities around? Like business, entertainment, army, police, politics, and more?) The 4 get on finding the events of the cities. Shreya finds out about an army officers' function in Andheri. Nik says that there is a neurologists' conference in Juhu. Freddy says a huge award function is happening where all the people who have moved the country forward will be recognized. Abhijeet sir says this is the function in JP Kala Kendre. He tells ACP sir.

Abhijeet sir, Freddy, Shreya, and Nik reach JP Kala Kendre and ask to meet the manager to find the bomb. The manager asks if the electricians did this and says that 4 came yesterday with a big box to check the makeup room. The manager brings the 4 officers into the makeup room and then locks them in. (Ah of course the manager has to be involved. Like how obvious is that! Everyone and their brother is involved in this!) Abhijeet sir shoots the lock out and then shoots the manager in the leg. (Fast thinking! Clap That's the mark of a true CID officer!) Abhijeet sir demands answers. The manager says that all he knows is that the bomb is going to explode at 5:30 and he was just getting away. They have 20 minutes left. Freddy asks how they can do everything in 20 minutes?

STF, Dog Squad, ACP sir, and another car reach the location. Shreya gets to work taking people out of the place, while Abhijeet sir, Freddy, and ACP sir start searching for the bomb with the bomb squad and STF people. Outside a terrorist is talking to his boss when he sees the people running from the place. Abhijeet sir finds a bomb in the fridge and calls ACP sir. The bomb squad get to work diffusing the bomb. (Shouldn't you search for other bombs as well? Just in case...) The bomb squad officer says that the bomb has a sensor and if the remote is pressed from anywhere within 200 metres then the bomb will explode.

Outside the terrorist is about to press the remote, but Abhijeet sir catches him in time and says, "Iss desh ki niv itni kamzor nahi ke tere jaise hawa ke jhonke iss hila sakhen." (GO MY HE MAN!!! I loved how Abhijeet sir arrived there just on time. But take that brown coat off! And where is Daya sir?!!) The terrorist says that this bomb cannot be diffused. Abhijeet sir pulls him out and starts shooting around him and then demands to know how the bomb is diffused. (Kya fatu terrorist hai. Ek do goliyon se darr gaya. Waise yehi hota hai jab CID ki goliyaan chalti hain.) He tells Abhijeet sir who tells ACP sir. ACP sir diffuses the bomb.

In some place, Ratan tells Balwant to get him out of there. Balwant gives him a passport and a ticket to Geneva. The fatu terrorist arrives there and Ratan gets shocked to see him there. ACP sir makes him appearance and the 3 run from there. ACP sir just smiles. (Ah you 3 idiots. Obviously ACP sir didn't come alone. Ab bhagoge. Phir pakde jaoge. Phir ek chanta lagega. Phir ro paroge. Kya yaar? Hamasa wohi sab. Kuch naya karo. Chalo aisa karo ke monkeys ki taran raisi se idhar udhar jao, phir CID pakdegi aur tumhe ulta latkayegi aur phir tab sab bolna. Kaisa rahega? Tongue) The fatu terrorist is caught by Shreya and given a slap! (See even I can slap men. Tongue) Nik catches Balwant and delivers a slap and Daya sir catches Ratan and delivers a slap. (Arre yaar Daya sir aur unke cham...chele aa gaye. Abhijeet sir ko gayab kar diya. You know what the perfect scene would have been. Fatu terrorist gets caught by Freddy, Balwant by Rajat sir, and the duo catch Ratan together. Then the 4 deliver a nice beating to the 3 terrorists before they speak. Ah what a lovely scene. I can just imagine it. Day Dreaming)

At night, Ratan starts crying and reveals that ACP sir shot his twin brother 5 years ago because the law didn't know about him. Daya sir says then you went underground for many years and started making a plan to terrorize the country. He agrees that he wanted to bomb the country and then to torture ACP sir and kill him. ACP sir says that you can't do anything to those who walk on the path of truth and delivers the phansi dialogue. (But yaar why did he become a terrorist? Everyone has a reason for becoming a terrorist and he obviously didn't have one or at least I mean you didn't tell us.)

Firstly, what the hell happened about that bomb blast in Bhandup? Did FW just forget about that or something?

Anyways, what an episode. Everything I wanted...I didn't get. And everything I didn't want...I got. Someone get me a wall. I want to do this!  Bye, bye. I'm off to search for a wall. I'll see you all in the next update.


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Excellent comments Shreya diClapClap.. I just ROFL ROFL ROFL while reading. Just a small thing di, its Babban sher Embarrassed. Thank you so muchSmile.

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Thanx Sri for lovely WU Clap

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thanks for the update

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Lovely comments Shreya diClap ROFL
Thank you so much for the update Smile.

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Thanks a lot sri 4 d wonderful updateClapClap

ur comments were too hillariousLOLLOLi loved itBig smile
so finally did u find d wallWink

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