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arshi new ff truth - trust inquest updated on page 1 (Page 88)

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Originally posted by divsarunfan

awesome update salua-okay hand gesture smileyClap.very well writtenOrange Guy Thumbs
loved d precapHeart.continue soonWink

divu lovely expresiion 
for comment 

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Originally posted by ganaluvsarshi

Awesome update...
Waiting to read what happen next!!
luv d precap...
update soon...

thansk a lot
for being regular here
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Originally posted by avinaarshi

awesome update
loved it

soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by wiwy

Pari is such a wonderful person. StarShe is so giving and does not expect anything in return. She fixed Khushi and Raj's marriage when Khushi's parents disowned her. But Raj is such an awful person. How could he even think that Pari was his! Angry Hope Pari will get well soon and get married soon! Wonderful update Soni! Clap

thansk a lot di loved your thansk a lot 
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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Nice ...Don't like this Raj ...ArgggAngry

Arnav is getting possessive and he is as he will be showing his right more than ever.Pari is getting worse why? Interesting angle.Smile

thanks di 

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Originally posted by chavvi16

so khushi was helping sarkar to kill pari
but then had change of heart
seeing how nice she was to khushi
but it was too late as they got to know about it before she could tell pari
uff that was getting complicated
so to save khushi pari went to sarkar
but then she was injured
not to forget she saved khushi
hmmm how much did rehan know
doesnt really matter does it
well we know that pari is safe but her family dont
well except her daughter and aisha of course
hmmm so wedding or no wedding only time shall tell
wow that was action packed for sure

seem u enjoy
happy for it 
thanks for readiiing Big smile
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Sun was shoning bright veiling dark. Sun has a special quality that makes us learn the biggest chapter of our life. That is strength in goodness. The way he burn himself and enlighten the world, and after overpowering with darkness he rise again with dignity and with more brigthness than before, ready to fight again with dark. Show us that by facing problem we gain only not loose.  Like pari, pari too face difficulty, had tried to be harm by dark but today it cannt be denied by anyone that she is the luckiest girl to have a family and husband that love her immensely. And who are not with her they too love her more than there life. Pray for her happiness. Which is more than any property or luxury.
 As sun rays brim on pari face, bringing a beautiful smile on her face, she streched her hand to seek arms of his husband, but the side was empty. Pari open her eyes wondering where arnav was gone.

Pari: itni subah subah kaha chalegaye

(Where he gone so early in morning)

On searching here nd there, she found a rose kept on their bed with a letter. She opened it and starts reading

Arnav: hi gorgeous.

I know tum mujse gussa ho kyunki meine tumhe udhya nahi, but I cannt help khushi tum jab bhi soi hui rehti ho to pata hai khamre mai kitni shanti rehti hai, varna tumhari non stop batoin ke karan shanti ka hona toh impossible hai.

(I know you are angry as I not waked you up at morning, but I cannt help. Khushi when you sleep, it feels so peaceful and good. Otherise your non stop talked never give this opportunity)

Pari form a perfect o shape, and boiling with anger she complained.

how laad governor dare talk that i  talks too much.

She regains reading

Waise ek baat kahu khushi jab tum iss tarah chid jati ho aur phir muj par gussa karti ho toh bahut cute lagti ho, and ravishing too. Pari blush and look down. And the way you look down with a smile on your lips, heart beat pacing up and hairs flying and a red nose, I become captivate in that moment.

(by the way can I say something whenever you geet angry on me like this you look very cute. And ravishing too. Pari blush and look down. And the way you look down with a smile on your lips, heart beat pacing up and hairs flying and a red nose, I become captivate in that moment.)

Pari: itna sab keh diya par joh kehna chaiya voh nahi kaha

Mr Arnav singh raizada

(said do much but forget what really he should say)

Arnav:  tum bhi ajeeb ho khushi jab mai romantic baat bolu toh problem aur jab nahi bolu toh problem.

(you are antic khushi whenever I do romantic talks you are angry and when not do then too angry)

Abhi bhi tumhe meri batein nahi dekh rahi par iss baat se problem hai ki meine tumhe wish kyun nahi kiya

(see now only you are not admiring my tlks rather angry that I not wish you )

Pari: hawww appko kaise pata

(how you know)

Arnav: tumhe jaane ke liye muje aman ki analysis report tak wait nahi karna padta hai

(to know you I don't need to ait for aman analysis report)

Pari pout

Phir amanji, arnavji bhi na bar bar amanji ko humare bich la dete hai

(arnavji always bring amanji in between)

 Arnavji: aacha sorry meri Jhansi ki rani

Abse humdono ke bich mai tum aur der sara pyarr.

(from now only me and u and lots of love)

Pari (surprised): yeh bhi samaj liya          

Not bad mr raizada

(he understood this too)

Arnav: compliment ke liye thanks.

Khushi happy birthday, I wish you get all happiness in your life. And your all wish get fulfilled

Pari eyes got wet.

Arnav: ab apne aasu pahucho aur udh jao. varna kisi ne tumhe iss halat mai balcony mai dekh liya toh sab samaj jayege ki humne sharat ki hai.

(now stop crying. And wake up, or anyone will see you ln this condition in balcony, they will understand that we had been naughty)

Pari: arnavji aap

Pari stopped in mid way

Pari: par humne toh letter pada bhi nahi, phir

(but I have not letter)

Her doubts get cleared as he saw arnav in front of her with his teasing smile, adoring and enjoying pari each expression.


In Delhi, pari house. Chahat was siting in her room silently. When ansh came with breakfast plate for her. He kept plate in front of chahat.

Chahat(irritated): kitni baar humne kaha hum nahi kahege

(how many times I told you that I will not eat)

Aap(she turn)


Bhai aap hume laga servant hai

(bhai you,I thought it was any servant)

Ansh: humne socha kyun na aaj, bhai behen saath mai nashta kare. Aur waise bhi thode din baad prem aa jayega aur aap unke saath chali jayege gi. Hume bhi toh aapke sath thoda samay milna chaaiye

(I thought why not today I eat with my sister. And also after prem will come you will go fom here. So we should spend come time together)

Chahat: bhai humara bikul mann nahi hai

(bhai I am really not feeling to have it)

Ansh: ok I will also go like this

Chahat: nahi hum khate hai.

(no I eill eat)

Chaha tears a piece of paratha, when she remember how pari use to make her eat by her hands every morning, Which were soon wiped by pari.Chahat look at her surprisingly

Pari: kya aise kya deh rahe hai, chalo ab jaldi se breakfast finish karo hume aur bahut kham hai


(what happened why are you seeing me like this, now finish your breakfast fast. I have lots of other work too)

Ansh: chutki le

(chutki take)

Chahat dream break.

Ansh: kya hua

(what happened)

Chahat: thanks, bhai hume didu ki yaad nahi aaye isliye aap humesha humare liye humari didu bane ki koshish karte hai.

( thanks bhai I not  miss didu that is why you always try to become like my didu right)

Ansh: Bahut ziddi thi. Pata hai bachpan mai maa humesha usse kehti thi ki yaha waha nahi jana hai, ider mat khelo,par voh nahi sunti. usse luka chupki bahut pasand this, humesa aise chupti thi ki usse koi nahi dhundh pata tha. Sivay mere.

Par muje kya pata that ki ek din voh aisa chupegi ki koi usse dhundh nahi payegaa.

(she was very stuborn. In childhood mom warn her lot to not here nd there, not play there, but she not listen. She like hide and seek game a lot, always hide at place where no one can find her, except me. But when I was knowing that one day se will hide like that that even I cannt find her)

Chahat: I hate her bhai, I hate Khushi

I wish didu too could hate her, but

Shayad kisi se nafrat karna, badla lena diduko aata hi nahi tha. Chaye voh raj ho ya khushi.

(she don't know how to hate or take revenge from anyone . no matter whether it is raj or khushi)

Ansh: shh

Ansh hug her tightly, and console her

Ajj nahi, aaj ka din iss ghar mai sirf hais aur aachi yaadein he yaad kari jati thi aur abhi bhi aisa hi hoga.

(not today, this day only happy and good memories are remembered and it will be done same today too)


Chahat: promise




pari got angry. And turned her back to him. Then to herself.

Pari: har waqt majak, hume satane mai inne bahut maja aata hai na.

(Everytime you joke. You get happy by teasing me. )

Arnav keep hands on her shoulder but she removed it and continues with her murmuring. Left with no option arnav push her back in bed, coming on top of her.

Arnav : itne se majak par itna gussa



(Such big anger on little issue)

Pari: app nahi samjege kitna darr jate hai hum jab hum aapko apne pass nahi pate. Khas ghar aaj ke din, aaj hum aapse bilkul durr nahi rehna chahte .aaj

(you will not understand, how much tense I get not seeing you around me. Epescially today . today I cannt stay far from you. Because today)

Pari stop realizing what wrong she was going to say, but arnav understood other meaning of it, he related her fear to their 6 month marriage that was also over today.

Arnav cupping her face

Arnav: sorry for being not trust on you and forcing me on you

Pari: nahi arnavji hum aapse naraz nahi uss bat pe bikul nahi, bas aapki aadat si hogayi, isliye aap humare pass nahi hote toh aacha nahi lagta.

(no arnavji I am not angry on you, and on that matter not a cent. It is just that I am addictated to you. If you are not near me I not fel good)

Arnav: I am at your service mam, so tell from where to start

Arnav ask giving mischievous glimpse, nd his fingers deeping inside the white shield wrapped on pari with playing to each inch of her nudge skin. Pari closed her eyes tightly as her limb got week and breath pace up. They were just an inch far from each other, when there was a knock on door. Pari got alert and sit up making arnav fall down on bed.

Arnav: what the.

Pari: what the badme karlijiye ga pehle darwaza kholiye, zarur di , nanhe ji  aur sab hoge. Aur ab hume kitni saari baatein sunni padegi

(you say your what the afterward, go and first open the door. It must be di nanhe ji and other. And I have to bear all teasing)

Arnav: shut up khushi tum change karlo jitney mai door kholta hu

(you change I will open the door)

Pari went to washroom and arnav to open the door and swear that if it is nk he will kill him this time for sure. Arnav open the door

Nk: hi

Ansh: ab jaldi se breakfast karlo. Phir orphanage bhi toh jaana hai, vahi jaha pari jati thi. Har saal

(now you finish your breakfast. Then you have to go to orphanage too, where pari go every year.)

Chahat: kaise bhul sakte hai bhai, yeh din didu pura orphanage ke bacho ke saath kati thi, iss din unhe mom ki bahut yaad aati thi. Aur Didu kehti thi ki jab bhi hume kisi baat se dhuk ya hume kuch kami mehsus ho toh, humesa hum se jyadya dard ke insan ke bare mai sochna chaiye isse humara dhuk chota dikhne lagta hai.

(how can I forget it, this day didu spend with orphanage children, because she miss mom a lot today. And she say that if we are sad about anything or we feel any imcompleteness in life we should always see to those who have bad faith more than us, our grief lessen.)

Ansh:  pari ne aaj tak apni har responsibility nibhai, ek behen ki,dost ki, maa ki.Ab humari barri hai apni responsibility puri karne ki, chahat thodi der mai pooja hai, aap usme.

(pari has fulfilled all her responsibility till now, of sister,friend, mother. Now it is our turn, tu do our part. Chahat pooja is going to start will you.)

Chahat: nahi aap jante hai na, hum uss kisi insan ke bare mai sochna bhi nahi chahate jisne di ke saath dhoka kiya ho,

Chahaye voh raj, ya khushi ho, ya unki devi maiya bhi.

(no you know I hate to even think about any person who had betrayed didu trust, be it raj, khushi or her devi maiya.)

Ansh: meine driver ko bol diya hai voh aapko orphanage le jayega. aisha aur gudiya, kisi marriage ke liye lucknow gaye hai, aur muje bhi mere employee ke yaha jaaana hai ek function mai, Iccha toh nahi hai par pari hoti toh yeh nahi chahti ki hum uske dhuk mai apni responsibility bhul jaye.

(ok I have ordered driver he will take you to orphanage. Aisha and gudiya are gone to there friend marriage in lucknow. And I too have to go to my employee function.i not willing but if pari would be here she wound not want that because of her we ignore our responsibility)

Chahat: aap jaiye hum yaha sab sambhal lege.

(you go I  will handle here all things)

Ansh:  Chahat aisha ne yeh recording di hai, vaise toh mai chahuga tum isse aage bado par jab hi jab tum apni marzi se yeh karo.

(chahat aisha had given this recording to me, I would be happy if you not listen it but when you do that by your own will)

Chahat: I have no other option bhai, I not know to live without. Cannt she come back

Cant I get my didu back.

Ansh kiss her forhead:  I wish I can complete your wish.

And leave from there.

Ansh not want to be weak in front of chahat so he leave for his room and taking pari photo near her heart,cried her heart out. On helplessness that he has been suffering.

Arnav controlling his anger

Arnav: tum yaha kaise

(for what you are here)

Nk: voh nanav actually mein itne bade se mahal mai soa gaya, meine bahut try kiya aapna karma search karne ki par voh muje mila hi nahi

(actually nanav I got slept(instead of lost) in this big palace. I tried a lot but I not found my room)

Pari: nanhe ji soa nahi kho gaya, aur aap bahar kyun khade hai andar aa jayea

(nanhe ji it lost. And what are you doing outside come in)

Nk: offcourse.

Arnav was surprised and angry on his wife generousity. Which shower on all expect him and too always at wrong time.

Nk: nanav side toh hato

(nanav give me side to get in)

Nk came inside their room and wish pari

Nk: khushi ji very happy birthday to you. This rose for you.

He took out the rose from her back and give to pari

Arnav: you came mistakenly in our room, (suprise) with a rose.

Nk: actually khushiji meine yeh rose na kal hi karid liya tha, aapke liye muje pata hai aapko rose kitna pasand hai.

(actually khushiji I have bought this rose yesterday only knowing how much you liked them)

Pari: thanks nanheji aap kitne sweet hai

(thanks nanheji you are so sweet)

Arnav: aacha hai muje diabetics hai

(its good that I have diabetics )

Arnav comment fuming with anger, khushi give him odd look

Nk: never mind

So khushiji waise it so cool na that aaj aapka birthday bhi ur marriage bhi

Arnav: nk

Arnav give him unbelievable look and step near her as if will kill him now only. how he can spoil his surprise so easily.

Nk: ouups sorry

I think di is calling me.

Arnav: you

Before arnav can hold his collar he ran away.

Pari: arnavji rukhiye kya kar rahe hai galti se bol diya rehena dijiye na

(relax arnavji he spilled out mistakenly, leave him)

Arnav: khushi galti. you know mai kitne samay se yeh surprise plan kar raha tha, mai chahta tha ki sabse pehle mai tumhe yeh news du,  mein tumhara expression dekhn chahta tha jab mai tummhe propose karu par

Ek minute surprise toh tum abhi bhi nahi lag rahi

(khushi mistake. You know I was planning how long for this, I wanted myself to give this news to you, I want to see your expression, when I propose you but..

One minute you not seem surprise even now too)

It means u know it.

Arnav get sad and angry as his surprise spoiled, Pari holding her ears

Pari : sorry arnavji humne aapka surprise karab kar diya. Hume humari shadi ke bare mai toh pata chal gaya tha par yeh nahi patta tha ki humari shadi lucknow mai hai.

Iss baat ka hume shocked bhi laga aur surprised bhi.

(sorry arnavji I have spoiled your surprise. Yaa but I don't know that you will surprise me here bringing me to lucknow.)

Seeing cute face of pari, arnav cannt help but only to smile.

Arnav: you know tum paagal ho aur muje bhi kar karke rahogi.

(you know your mad and also will do me)

Pari: pata hai

(I know)

Arnav: tum tayaar ho jayo phir hum neeche chalte hai

(you get ready, then we will go down)

Pari: usse pehle hume aapko ek baat batani hai. Humare bare mai.

(before that I want to say you something , about me)

Arnav: kya


Pari: arnavji hum khushi nahi.. hum

(arnavji I am not khushi i)

Arnav phone rang

Arnav: sorry khushi I had to take this call. Excuseme


dai maa keep hands on his shoulder.

Ansh: pata nahi maa par jabse yaha aaya hu pari ki bahut yaad aati hai, pehle muje lagta tha ki shayad Mumbai se durr jane par mai apne aap ko shambhal pau,

(I don't know mom now days after coming here I started missing parri more, first I thought if I leave mimbai I will able to handle myself but)

But nowdays I feel as if pari is near to me, very close. As if she is here only as a life. Like always laughing, emotional and crazy.

Dai maa get shocked hearing it, she quickly close the door

Dai maa: soch samaj kar boliye ansh, aap jante hai chahat ne aaj tak yeh nahi mana ki pari iss duniya mai nahi rahi phir aapki yeh sab bate uske vehem ko aur badava degi.

(think before saying ansh, you know chahat till now not assume that pari is dead, your talks will encourage her wrong thought)

Resting his head to dai maa lap

I feel so heelpless,

Jin behno ki awaaz par unke samne pura jahaan rakhne wala bhai, Us din nahi apni gudiya(pari) ko bacha paye aur nahi apni chutki ki khawshis puri kar paya.

(that nrother who on one voice of his sister bring whole world intheir feet, that brother cannt save life of her pari and today cannt even fullfill one wish of his chahat)

Dai maa: aur koi nahi kar sakta, Ansh aap shadi   kar lijiye, chahat ko aur aapko kisi  ki zarurat hai joh pari ki tarah iss ghar ko shambale. Saath mai Khushi ki maa bhi bane.

(and no one can fullfill it, ansh you do marriage, you and chahat need someone that take care of this house as pari also live as khushi mom)

Ansh:pari ki jagah koi nahi reh sakta maa. Aur rahi baat chahat ki toh uske liye hum hai, uske bhai uska zindagi barr khayal rahne ke liye, aap tayaar ho jayea pooja chalu hone wali hai.aur rahi baat shadi ki humne pehle pari ko bhi kaha aur aapko bhi keh rahe hai ki hum kisi anjan insan ko apni jaan, humari behen ki zimadari nahi de sakte.

(no one can take pari place. And about chahat for her I am there  her brother. To take her care. You get raedy prayer is going to start. And about marriag I said it to pari too and today to you also that I cannt let any stranger to be near and take responsiblitly of my life my sister.)


next update on 6 

and zmd will be updated after arsshi marriage scene over in truth 

sorry Big smile

do like and comment 

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