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arshi new ff truth - trust inquest updated on page 1 (Page 73)

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Originally posted by reemamariyam


will waitBig smile

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Originally posted by Meem01


thanks a lot
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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

nice update Soni.ClapStar

Why do I feel he will lose her ?Cry(di no war has not strated till wait a little)he is naughty with his lady but his surprise is awesomeBig smile(thanks i gave idea).Khushi's fears and her strange talk does have effect on him but one thing is clear he loves her and she loves him and TRUST has developed from both sides.He tells her the past doesn't matter but in reality it seems it matters and it will effect their relation.

Rohan's talk makes sense.

Nice precap and TRUTH didn't come out again...Confused

i know you will beat me 
and i was ready for it 
but di truth hai 
if it will come out 
soon then what a meaning of suspense story
ok i give yo u hint 
it will come at the day
when i will give
intro of season two 

thanks for comment love you 

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Originally posted by ameena671

wow superb update loved it thank you for pm.

tanks good to see you 
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Originally posted by chavvi16

well he better win her warna morcha le karr jana padegaShocked
so he will loose her for sureWink
and will have to pay for his past deedsBig smile
but and thats the main thing he will have her in the end tooTongue
yes she truts him and so does heBig smile
and that will matter when the truth comes out dont forget arnieLOL
wow loved his surpriseEmbarrassed
well he sure knows how to woo his lady dont heLOL
hmmm reminding them of their first night huh#Embarrassed
he is really very naughty sometimesStar
well most of the times i tell yaDead
yup he is being too naughty well he should pay for it nowCry
aisa koi karta hai kya well its his right naaSmile
ahhh her past is making a come back tooShocked
and it seems that what she did caused many troubles for her but well what should she do
hmmm this project is big and involves so much risk too right but she didnt stop
but the person pari is she never can stopBig smile
raj love has now been shadowed with that of arnie and this too is very potentTongue
did she ask rehan to look after khushiBig smile
awww this is why he stopped wow man who would have thought he would be so romantic that was just beautiful gift he gave her
well she said was right for now and laterTongue
that her past doesnt matter all that matters is that she loves himBig smile
okay so she was with rehan and pari took her away with herBig smile
and not for anyone else but the child she is gonna haveTongue
khushi dont say silly things like that this is pari not someone else dont mess with herTongue
though i agree with rehan what he said Smile
arnie control mate at least you are married to her properlyWink
well arnie guess she got her answers but will you thoughOuch
oh ya rehan was her as in khushi brother but pari didnt know that
hope chahat is okay though
well the storm has to come any way
so she might as well do it soonCry
ahhh the lehenga designed by her sis huhLOL
okay it wasnt that it was just chahat throwing khushi out well trying toAngry
did she just say those words when she herself crossed all the boundaries
poor aarav though i so feel for himCry
man this arnie kuch jayada hi romatic mood mein hai
but then might as well enjoy this while we can rightLOL
oh god chahat your words came true too in a way dearCry
but this khushi wont get anything in the end too except deathCry
awww the way he made her wear all that Embarrassed
well at least he saw her as his bride now when it happens again is for laterShocked
oh pari khushi that wasnt your true love this one is
and it will break her even more if he doesnt come for herCry
but he shall in the endBig smile
so the full truth of past will be here huh cant wait Big smile

i am speechless thanks angel for bringing  big smile and forcing me nearl 10 times to read this commetn 
this is 11 no. 

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past update

Hello all finally we reached here and all because of your support. Without which truth trust inquest was nothing, I wil dedicate this update which my last update of past, and also one step forward toward the end of this ff.

To my reader chavvi who was first to comment on this ff, and till today is she first to reply to it.

Thanks a lot dear.


Chahat open her eyes, the first name she whisper was obiously pari. She found pari at herright side preparing medicine for her.

Pari: yeh dawai le lijiye aaram milega.

(Take this medicine you will get relief)

Chahat took it without argument and when pari was about to go she held her hand and made her sit beside her.

Chahat: I am sorry.

Pari was silent for few minute, after some time.

Pari: chahat hum raj se bahut pyar karte hai, usse koi farq nahi padta ki voh humare bare mai kya kayal rakhte hai. Sirf kisi ko panaa pyar nahi hota, usse protect karna aacha insan banana bhi pyarr hota, hum vohi kar rahe hai, khushi ke aane se mr singhania par zimadari aayegi toh unki buri aadate bhi chutegi, khushi waha sirf apne bache ke liye hai hum logo se accha kaun janta hai ki annat hona kya hota hia aur jab maa khushi jaisi hot oh bechare bache ka jeevan toh pehle hi kharab ho jaye.

 (chahat I love raj a lot, it is not matter what he thiks. Only to own someone is not love, love is to give our love a new and better life. It is my responsibility to work against his bad habit, it can be done by giving him some responsibility like khushi and there child. Khushi is here for her child as who then us can know better what it mena to be without mom and if mom is like khushi that child future automatically get destroyed)

Chahat: man li aapki har baat maan li, par in sabme pari kaha aati hai. Uski khushi kkisme hai

(ok I agree to all your point, but in all this where is your happiness, where is pari)

Pari: uski khushi uske samne bethi hai, chahat aaj tak humare liya khushi ka mayana sirf aap log rahe hai, teri hasi, bhai ka saath, ma aka pyaar, prem ki dosti

(her happiness is in front of her, chahat till today my happiness is only you all, your happiness, bhai blessings and mom love and prem friendship)

Kuch nahi

(nothing else)

 Chahat: didu aap humese kuch chupa rahe ho.

(di are you hiding something from me)

Pari hold chahat hand tight, confess her about her bad health.

Pari: chaaht humari reports kehti hai ki mr singhania ne jo drugs hume diye unne humari sari nerves ko damaged kar diya hai, aur humare paas jyada samay nahi bacha hai.

(chahat my report says that the drugs that mr singhania insist me had damaged my nervers and now I have not left with much time)

Chahat: what rubbish, I am sure didu there will be anyway out , it cannt happen, I will not let you happen anything.

Pari: no chahat its too late now

Chahat: I cannt live without you

Chahat try to get up but pari stop her, she keep her head on pari lap. Pari caressing her hairs.

Pari: but you have too, hum sikhayege aapko, inn kuch mahino mai hum itni yaadeinbana dege ki aapko kabhi lagega hi nahi ki hum aapse dur hai.

(I will teach in this few month we will make so many memories that you will not feel I am away from you)

(pause: here pari health is shown worse but you all must be thinking how she alive then I will cover it in future the reason. But for now I can say true love is bigger than any disease, even death can loose infront of it)

 Bas aapko humara saath dena hoga.

(only you have to be with me always)

Degi na

(will you)

Chahat: aur koi option hai

Pari: nahi.


Chahat finally loose and cried a lot in pari arms, pari too not stop her with promise that this will be last tears from  now they will live every moment happily. Time  pass out, as bond of khushi and chahat with their children got strong, on other side pari health was leaving her hands slowly. It was now 5 month of both pregnancies. And 1 month passed of khushi case, it was her fault that was strenching the case, her admittion of raj and her relationship was important which she was not doing, but pari too was determinate she want everything to be sort out before her last breath. Sarkar project was in its high speed, she was slowly getting close to him. Ansh was hapy for pari achievement but worried too for her security, in result of which he called double  guards for protection. And duty of rehan 24*7 with pari. That irked raj to core.

One day when pari was returning from office, raj cornorned seeing no one around.

Pari: kya batameeji hai yeh. Aapko bilkul sharam nahi aati is tarah humse jabarthasthi karte hua

(what kind of behaviour is this you not shame to ,mis behave)

Raj: I don't care, listen pari one thing, I told you before too that you are mine only my, and if someone else or you too tried to anatched from me this right I will not spare any one, wil kill that person, it not matter if that person if even you.

Before raj could speak pari pushed him and slap on his face.

Pari: bas kitni ghatia soch hai aapki, chi hume ghin aati hai ki hum aapse pyaar karte hai, aare aap jaise janwar se koi shaitaan bhi pyaar na kare, aur ha hum apni life mai kya karte hai that none of your business samje aap, ainda e hume chuna bhi mat, yaad rakhiye aaj aap yaha hai sirf humare karan, aap sirf humare bhai ke tukde par jeete ek naukar hai baki naukar ki tarah. Samje. Isliye apni had mai raha kijiye.

(enough raj your thinking is so cheap, disgusting.

I feel ashamed that ay time I have loved you. A monster like you is not loved even by any animal. And yes what I do or not do in my life it is not your business. Next time you not dare to touch me, remember that till now you are here only because of me, you live on charity given by my brother. Like other servant, understood. So stay within your limit)

Rahi baat rehan ki hum unse pyaar kare ya nafrat humari marzi, aap aapna aur apni hone wali biwi ke bare mai sochai bas.

(and the thing about love it is my wish I choose rehan or anyone else. You keep your concern and right till you and your soon to be wife khushi.)

Pari speak out all, it was like years frustration finally out, she was tired of leaving like how raj want, now she want to do what is right, and also show other that she not a toy to be played with, but raj was fuming with anger, profusely, Don't know why but he suddenly loose control, and holding pai neck, squezze it badly.

Raj: tumhari himat kaise hui mere samne bolne ki.

(how dare you to speak in front me)

Pari: raj chodiye, hum mar jayege.

(raj leave me or I will die)

Raj: toh mar jao, tum jaise dhokebazz ke saath yehi hona chaiye.

(then die, this is only the punishment of lier like you)

Pari: rehan, chahat,

Raj here the voice and ran to see her, meanwhile rehan reached here. He freed raj hand and started  beating him badly.

Pari: rehan rukhjaiye humari baat toh suniye.

(rehan stop listen to me)

Rehan was heedless to pari voice he took out a glass bottle was kept random on street and was about to hit on raj, when pari put her hand on mouth of nottle hurting her nd stooping rehan, ansh got there till that time.

Ansh: ghudiya

He check her hand.

Ansh: bahut khoon beh gaya aap chaliye humare saath.

(it is blodding heavily, let go home fast)

Raj : pari sirf meri hai onlymine

(pari is only mine)

He murdered intoxicated with alcholol. Ansh move ahead to give him answer bit pari stop her

Pari: aapko humari kasam

(please stop for me, I give you swear of my)

Ansh: pari yeh kya hai hum nahi jante , na aap hume raj ko haath lagne deti hai aur na hi jawab dene deti hai, aur uski saari galat battein bhi sehti hai kyun. Yeh pyaar ke karan hai , ya phir koi majburi.

(pari why you do this I don't know, you not let me beat raj not let her say him anything, and also bear her wrong things. Is it love or any thing else any force)

Pari: pata nahi, aap hume prem key aha chod dijiye chahat intezaar kar rahi hogi

(don't know please drop me to chahat home chahat will be waiting for me)

Ansh: ok as you wish

Ansh go to get car in anger.

Pari stop rehan

Pari in rehan house .Pari simply took his righ hand on her hand, that was having little bit injury due to fight and stilled unheeled.

Pari: first aid hai aapke yaha

(you have first aid)

Rehan: mam I will do

Aap humse gussa hai haina

(you are angry fom me)

Rehan: aapko samaj nahi pate hai , aap kabhi aachi kabhi

(I cannt understand you, you are sometimes good and)

Pari: and sometimed wrong.

Rehan humare pass waqt kam bacha hai, aur halat bahut bigade hua hai, hum jo kehna chahte hai apko iss yakeen ke saath ki aap yeh baat kissi ko nahi batae ge

(rehan I have less time, condition here are very worse. I am telling you this with a trust that you will not say this to anyone)


I want a promise from you

Rehan: kaisa wada

(what promise)

Pari : you will never hurt raj, will protect him always and and will be his shadow like me always

Rehan: but mam

Pari: you trust me

Pari: I promise


Rehan: mam sorry to say till now I only listenend but today I came to know it is true love is really blind.

Pari: love(pari laugh) I wish

Koi kissi ki jaan hai toh kissi ke pass kisi saase udhar hai,, yeh andha pyarr hai pyaar ka koi andha khel jisme koi gir par bhi shambhala hua aur shambhal kar bhi gir gaya.

(someone is life of someone, and somebody breath are mortaged to other. This is blind love or blind play of love, where someone had not fallen(winner) instead being fallen (loser)down and some one wants to fall down(loose))

Rehan: excuse me mam sorry I don't understood

Pari: goodnight, and yes tomorrow is date of case I would be happy to see a brother for his sister.thana bodyguard for his responsibility.

While pari was moving to car she noticed some shadow hidden behind bushes, she silently without giving her doubt went near to the spot. And found khushi there, she was shocked on been found by pari, pari was thinking something else tears, she first time saw tears in khushi eyes. But moved silently from there to waiting ansh in car.

Khushi wipe her tears,

Khushi: you will have to pay for your lie mr raj,how dare you to say lie to me, you told me that you love me but no you love pari only pari. Now I will show you what I can do,be ready



Khushi case hearing

Chahat: didu dahi sakar, aap hi kehete hai na ki isse kam aacha hota hai, aapki devi maiya kare ki aap case jeet kaye aur iss khushi se chutkara mille.

(didu curd and sugar you only say that the day get good by eating this, I wish you win and we free from this khushi)

Pari: voh toh uski gawai par depend karta hai

(that will depend on her statement)

Chahat: joh voh degi nahi, I am sure di something in cooking in her mind.

(which she will not give)

Khushi: I am ready

Chahatt: what

As much shock chahat is with her all were too.

Chahat: di I think you should record her word, who know what game she is playing

Pari: choti, kitni baar kaha ha aise halat mai yeh saari baatein nahi karte, aapne apni dawai le li

(choti how many times I have said you that it is not good to think about this think in this condition, di you took your medicine)

Chahat: ha


Pari: thike uday  ko saath mai lekar boutique jaana, aur khud ddrive mat karna, aur apna khayal rakhna, hum court se aate waqt aapko le ne aajaye

(ok then take udai with you forboutique and don't drive car, and take care. I will pick you while returning from boutique)

Chahat: ji best of luck, I will first go to meet bhai then boutique.


She kissed on pari cheek and leave

Pari to khushi: tum thik ho

(are you alright)

Khushi: he not love me

Khushi see to pari with wet eyes.

Pari: we should leave.

In pari house.

Chahat: bhai did you talked to doctor, what he said

Ansh: chahat he also said that pari report are not good, It is now very late. But you not very I have talked best doctor in London and if needed I will go to each corner of world but will not let pari happen anything.

Chahat: bhai didu will be alright na

Ansh: offcourse you trust me

Chahat: ya

Ansh: ya then don't worry just think about my nephew ok.

Chahat gave a weak smile,

Chahat: bhai I should go

Ansh: one monute I had told raja to prepare your favourite juice, see he is here

Paja: please have it baby ji

Chaht glares him

Sorry mam

Chahat: you can call me babyji

Raja: thanks, but can I say one thing, tody after your marriage I first time saw smile of sir face, or since you and big mam gone sir not eat well,t ake rest, day night just talk to doctor for you both, I am tired to make him understand but he not listenend, you only make him understand

Chaht: me no way I am very bad in it, this complaint I will logged to miss pari rathore she can only handle it

Ansh: chahat did raj still go near to pari

Chahat:don't worry bhai me and prem keep care of this thing nicely.

What happened is there anything

Ansh: choti I talked to doctor theywere telling is it not the case that pari is still drugged that is why medicine are not working, as it Is not eas to leave habit of drugs and pari leaved so easily how. But if you are saying nothing then it must be nothing

Chahat think

If not raj then who, didu has to bear so much only because of me on beacause of this child. With raj and khushi I to is the reason of di sadness.

In court pari win the case, raj was given order to marry khushi and bear her all expenses and also order pari as being lawyer of khushi to take care of eyerything. Rehan was doubtful about khushi sudden change but pari explaimed him and advice to support his sister, she need him this time.

Pari was waiting for rehan to take outcar when she suddenly feel raj hand on her back, she got feared.

Raj keeping his hand on her cheek.

Raj: what happened dear realx its me.

Pari kerk his hand, but raj make his way to her neck where still  mark of his attack as there,

He laughed

Pari my mark on you, make you more beautiful, this is prove of my llove and my right on you

Ansh : no actually it is proof and caution tha some mistake arre nto to be repeated again

Pari was shocked to see ansh there, but ansh know very well that to what extent raj can go so he was ready to protect pari.

Ansh: pari shall we go

Pari nodded and ansh take pari from there without letting them talk. So khushi and raj marriage decided. Pari explaimed and made prem agree to prepare for marriage as it is duty of younger brother, pari arranged all function of khushi marriage, chahat stopped her but she said it is first time for khushi and who more than her can know what are dreams of a girl on her marriage. Chaht not able to understand what pari is but pari understood on that day seeig teas in khushi eyes that now khushi had become good and she deserve happiness in return of raj betrayal, pari called garima payal all too but sashi told not to keep any relation with khushi and refuse to attend the wedding.

So now pari forced rehan to be a brother fullfill all rituals on behalf oj their parents. Rehan has no option

And for what he refuse here pari is s bravely preparing for marriage of her own love so where is his hatred toward khushi stand, and above all he isbrother of khushi and she is his little sister and not to forgot rehan love pari


Love is only root of all problem. 


Pari was not so strong if ansha nd chaaht not supported her, now if we take talk of engagement day only, the full ceremony of going but don't know how in full filmy style ring ordered for khushi not came, so now what to do,

Khushi told they can complete engagememnt if pari give her engagement ring to khushi as it is of no use to her. If rehan was not on duty he had made khushi realized what she said but he controlled him.

Chahat not want  to delay in marriage she took out the ring from pari hand and helped and support her while giving to khushi

Chahat:: didu kshi is right why to keep memories that are false and not ovee, it will give only paain.

It was now 7 month of khushi and chahat pregencies.

Pari now spend full time wih chahat, chahat mood swing were too unbearable for others so pari has to be with chahat, she had got more angry now days. Pari make her eat, read some sprititual book for her, go with her for walk in garden, take her to mandir, give her knowledge about thing she had to do after baby, also try prem and chahat come closure.

But in between all this someone was there who watch pari and chaaht from far and get happy and sad both.

Khushi was all alone now no family support, a husband who beat her abuse her as his badluck, no friend no one. Ya rehan is there he any how ask her health, bring some good thing for her to eat, accompying her to doctor, but due to work he cannt be all ttime with her.



Khushi just watched how pari take care of chat, how both laugh, tease each other, play together, eat together, doo masti and all, she remember payak a lot. Bu she know no one from her house will talk to her for her deed no what raj made her do. 

It was evening time when all had lunch today, pari was late for home due to work, she came at evening.

Raj was as usual abusing khushi for his bad fate and pushed her, but pari was hurry to hold khushi.

It was usleless to talk to raj as he was in intoxication of liquor; pari made khushi sit nd gave her some water.

After assuring she was right pari goes to her room and order servant to bring her lunch in room only. Servant keep the plate on dinning table s he forgot to add something to plate when khushi took out the drug that raj was giving pari brfore truth and then khushi on order of raj after truth, but she stop midway suddenly she remember how much pari helped her and raj bad behaviour feeling guilt in self she runs to her room. 

it was morning time when pari was reading geeta for chahat, when she saw khushi too. Pari invited her in temple and gave permission to listen it. Chahat not in mood to shout and trouble pari so she too not said anything, that was the day when pari and khushi bounding took new way, khushi slowly understood what is right and wrong, she got attached with pari.

Pari goodness had nw worked on her, she started felling guilty for her deed.

It was now 8 month of chahat pregencies and pari was feeding her luch as usual when chahat suddenly shout, prem ansh got panicked but pari understood, she quickly brought her ears on chaht womb, to hear first voice of her child,and feel his kick, prem and ansh was too exicted they were too much impatient to feel but pari not let them too

Pari: first it is chahat right and turn ok

Chaht: no didu it Is ok I don't want

But pari put her hand on hr womb, all her no were silent for a moment hen chaht feel life inside her, first time, firstitme instead of hating the child she started loving him. She laugh and got nervous and exicted

Chaht: didu I can feel it, I can him bhai see

Ansh too tried it

But prem was happy seeing chahat only

Prem: you know angel chahat first time reacted to our child. Till now she even not seen her report, thanks. 


Pari: hume thanks kehte rehna agar aapke sehjade so gaye toh phir se yeh kick feel karna ka mauka nahi milega jaiye.

(keep thanking me after ward if your son will sleep you will not able to feel its kick,)

It was after years a joyful moment for all in house, pari go to temple area to thanks devi maiya 

when she see khushi with tears holding her womb, pari feel angr on herself to not being ngry on khushi this is not fair khushi done so wrong with her but pari heart even not permit to hate her 

khushi was going to her room when she feel a hand on her womb. pari kneel down and pout her ears on her womb.  

she smiled. khushi was shocked to see kindness and good heart of pari, she felt more guilt. 

pari: she is kicking 

khushi: how can you tell it is girl. 

pari: dont know i just felt and told 

but you are so lucky khushi it been different feeling to be a mother and of who, you love. 

i wish 

khushi: no pari ji never say and wish to be in my place it is a punishment.

khushi gone from there first time ari felt did her decision of marriage of khushi and raj was right or wrong. 

next day 

pari called khushi in morning prayers and had over a paper to her. khushi was confused about it when pari told her that 


this i still mow all my wealth and property which i named on your daughter named, 

khushi: but 

pari: dont worry its all clause are set by myself no one will dare to hrm your daughter for property trust me 

khushi: how can i take 

pari: look khushi fct is that i am left with many few days and also as much i am worried for chahat child in same way for your too raj is hopeless, and to safeguard your daughter name this is only the way, khushi i realized that to make you marry is raj was my biggest mistake as to correct that i will promise you that your daughter will get what she deserve she will be named as rathore and daughter of pari rathore. 

khushi got happy listening she hug pari. 

pari too finally hug her thiking for sometime 

khushi: i was very much worried about my daughter thanks  thanks a lot 

khushi goes to her room wothout any worry 

ansh come to pari 

pari: bhai i 

ansh: you know first i get angry on your way of treating khushi softly but the change i saw in her and after today incident i feel proud to be your brother, thanks for being so nice 

it really not hurt to pain you 

pari: bhai i feel pain when i get time from your love you love me so much that i not get time to feel my pain too 

ansh kiss pari forhead and hug her, they hugged for long till ansh felt full weight of pari, if broke the hug ans saw that pari fainted and was having little blood flowing from her mouth, he hurried her to her room and prem called for doctor. 

aisha checked pari. 

ansh: what happened 

aisha: bhai i am confused 

i mean report are weird they say that pari was faint and all blood this all because she suddenly stooped  taking drugs. but how is it possible. 

khuhi got tensed listening, she was more worried for her daughter than her, because she kow that she had betrayed and raj and now becoz her his truth will be out he will not leave

she has now one way only left to confess everything to pari.

but before she could speak anything all gt to know the truth , because aisha got khushi report in her hand where it was written that she is 9 month pregnent. that proof that khushi was with raj before coming here. 

khushi beg pari to listen to her once but no one listen and throw her out. 

khushi: i want to tell pariji that her life is in danger, someone is there as sarkar man to kill her, but how. 

in morning 

pari: mr sharma files are ready

sharma: but mam sir had told you too rest and not come at ofice. 

pari: work is important and i cannt let it unfinished 

while pari was talking climbing down stairs a nurse came for her care and is sarkar man pull the carpet from pari feet making pari loose balanced , then rolled on stairs and hitting her head with floor badly. 

she was taken to hospital, 

 aisha told pari condition is critical and she needed to operated in bigger hospital and with specialist.

chaht cannt handle pari condition she was first worried for pari health and now this accident. 

she suffer for pre time pain, and taken for operation. 

ansh was out for doctor help 

prem with chahat 

and aisha with pari 

pari open her eyes after sometime, she found  aisha on her side. 

before they can speak aisha phone rang it was for pari 

sarkar: good morning pariji, are you alive or death 

pari: how dare you too call me 

sarkar: i thought you might be interested to know your guest mrs khushi, is my hostage now. 

pari: what rubbish are you talking 

sarkar: one minute hear her voice 

khushi: hello pariji you not come here,i will suffer what i have done please

sarkar slap khushi

sarkar: be quiet you 

pari: how dare you too touch, see this is our fight leave khushi.

sarkar: common miss pari dont be angry. see this is mere business. i told your khushi to kill you but she not fulfilled it. and denying from it. saying that you are good person 

see now this all not work in profession you know .

so either you come here and free her or i will free her and child forever. 

pari: dont you think of it you want me i am coming there. 

pari cut the phone 

aisha: who was there 

pari: khushi is with sarkar

it is all my fault i should have not let khushi out when you told me about raj disease. 

 raj  is having a hidden mental disease. if he get possessive about something he will get it anyhow, and if  he hate someone or irritated then he can even kill her. he is possessive for me so to get me he can kill me and khushi too, and his hatred toward khushi i know it then also i let khushi marry him . today khushi is in trouble because of me. probably raj was not with her that is why that sarkar able to get khushi. all my mistake i have to rectify it. 

aisha: dont u think to be out from here, you are in icu, your full body have stitches and u want too go out, that too to sarkar not possible. i just now call bhai 

pari take her phone and keep with her. 

aisha: pari what it is give me my phone 

pari : first you promise me you will not call bhai. 

aisha i am alright, 

it is my duty to save khushi she is responsibility, i  dont want bhai to be harm in all this, i have to go alone. 

and you and me very well know that sarkar has eye on us our one call can get khushi life in danger. 

after all arguments finally aisha helped pari to go out hiding from security. pari told aisha to inform ehan as soon as possible, they have a pre plan for this condition already. 

and then she sit and go in car send by sarkar.

it was now night pari was missing from 9 hours with rehan raj and khushi. 

 all were searching for pari, chahat was slept due to medicine. and aisha cannt tell due to pari promise. 

suddenly her phone rang it was pari, aisha pick the phone. 

aisha: pari where are u pari 

pari voice was painful, her condition was very bad, she was with blood all where and also stab brutally on abdomen she managed to speak. 

aisha i am on way to national highway, i and khushi had run from there, and i dont know i will be able to reach hospital too, khsuhi is having pain i needed doctor you come fast. 

 aisha hurry up and follow same route as pari told. 

phone was on aisha could listen 

khushi: pariji you stop i can bear the pain see your condition if you will do little movement the wound will get deeper

pari : no khuhsii cannt rest on cost of your daughter life, i have promised you to give your daughter a good life, and she will get it. 

khushia nd pari were in talk, when khushi realized a car from front, she warn pari. 

pari took sudden turn, as car was no high speed it got little unbalanced 

pari tried to applied when she realized they were failed. 

then car started moving  zigzag 

aisha :hello pari hello

pari: khushi jump out or you will also hurt 

khsuhi: no i will not leave you, you have to jump with me or else i will not 

pari: i am sorry khushi i would have never thought to hurt you but i have only this way.

next aisha could hear.front passenger door open and someone been pushed out , khushi, aisha speed up. 

but no use after khushi jump out, car flew in air after some distance and then dipping to and from, sliding through road hit the tree 

aisha : hello hello 


aisha cannt listen pari voice as her mobile was no broke 

aisha reached after 15 minute.

she can see khushi on one side of road and on other side a car burning. she hurried there it was not only but but pari too inside. 

aisha was felling helpless she dont know what to do 

suddenly rehan came there

aisha: rehan how you got his injury, and you were with pari then where you gone. 

rehan: mam this is long thing i will talk to that later. 

then aisha and rehan both helped to take out pari from fire. but it as too late. 

as soon as pari was taken out seeing her condition aisha got frightened and hid his head behind shoulder 

rehan gining strength lift pari and and put her on back seat. 

khushi was also to be operated but how to take her and pari both in one car. 

rehan come to khushi

khushi: no bhai first you take pariji 

she need to be saved, it is time to pack back all her kindness and love. 

pls bhai 

dont worry for me i promised you that for the child because of whome apriji sacrificed her life, i will not let anyhting happen to her. she will come to this world as pariji wanted. please bhai 

rehan: ok 

rehan make khushi sit with help  on support of a tree and promised her to comeback soon. 

pari was taken to hospital and then khushi 

that all dear for past

story ends hear

the conversion of sarkar and pari is between them only they know and might be rehan. 

and next what happened i told earlier 

you can read again here 

thanks for your time 

comment and like awaited 

precap: pari and arnav marriage.

vote for and also comment about your hopes and eagerness for 

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 October 2011
Posts: 30355

Posted: 08 November 2013 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
sorry raj she was never yours
and will never will be yours
she is only arnies
and will remain his even if he marries her or not
you think he will let go of her
when he is just as bad as you when it gets to her
after all even arnie can be hell possessive of his wife
but i dont think raj really loved her
maybe she just became an obsession for him
hope that khushi isnt gonna make things worse
well doesnt matter she dies so what difference does it make
well it can make and it did make difference
but pari is all okay
how did she become all okay
if she wasnt gonna live for long
guess we shall know of it soon too
cant wait for more
Updated part from here
She didn't did she
But it seems she did what did you do khushi
Tried to get her killed
All thanx to Raj not him again man
Didn't she change but guess the thing that's done cannot be undone
That's why chahat hates khushi daughter more
Because what her mother did and also that she cared for that child
Awww first kick of baby
But pari is getting worse
Was it Raj and khushi or also the villain of this piece sarkar involved

Edited by chavvi16 - 08 November 2013 at 4:45pm

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 November 2012
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Posted: 08 November 2013 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
thanks chavvi ya you will know today only i am updating more Big smile

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