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update as i told life is unpredictable, shop work will not be complete this week so i thought to update. this update is romantic,teasing,cute too(i am bad so tried, ready to bear your tomatoes and all stuff) and also a rolar coaster ride to past. 
as i sadi there is last two update remaning of past. so those who have till now not commented once on past. please this time you have too comment. okay. and please read it carefully and with consideration and with little pain and litle emotion. 

pari life last few days i hope you will able to feel for her. 
and also who not like my way to be rude to her. for them can talk to me clearly i will not mind and also to all only i can say that sometimes pain is given as necessity to heel the wound. 

and we all this would not happen how come pari would have travelled from palace of mumbai to lucknow in arnav's arms. 

arnav is,always and will be her saviour

Big smile

 and like and comment is compulsory 

even it is small smiley. i know i am bad but one smiley toh banta hai. 

is it so badCry

Now let me start with my update without any delay. Read today past and present carefully lots of hints. 

past and future update differentiated by dividers 




Baba: mai janta hu tu us par vishwas nahi karta, par voh sabka karta dharta hai. Uski nazaro se koi gunah nahi chipta, sabka hisab hai uske paas. Joh samay aane par chukana padhta hai,teraa bhi samay aayega. Jo dard tune diya hai voh tuje bhi milega. Waqt aa gaya hai judai ka ek lambi judai ka. bade se yudh ka aahan hogaya hai.

Agar apne barose par yakeen kar gaya  toh samaj duniye jeet li, varna aisi harr mile ki sab khatam ho jayega kuch nahi bachega

(i know you not believe in god, but he is god father of all. He has his eyes on all and no crime is hidden from him, he keep accounts of all. That have to repay when time come, your time will also come, the pain that you have given will come to you too. Time had came for a long separation a long this time, there is a big war awaiting for you.

If you kept trust on your trust you will win or will loose so badly that nothing will be left)

(meaning : unintentionally, or intentionally arnav have given many pain to pari in past, due to arnav one misunderstanding pari, had to suffer so much humiliation and pain to lost love, though he have also that pain but it was filled with nafrat in side too. So he will also have to suffer separation, that nafrat from loved ones that he gave. But in that phase if he will keep trust on her relationship and love, he will win like pari at end)


Arnav took charge on her lady, blinding her with assurance to trust him.

Arnav: relax khushi trust me i will not let you fall

Pari: jante hai par yeh kya bachpana humari aakhen toh kholiye, dekhiye agar aapp humare vishwas ki pariksha lena chahte hai toh hum keh de deta aap har jayege, bazi bhi aur hume bhi.

(arnavji if you are trying to test my trust on you then you will lose both, me and this game too. Open my eyes)

Arnav: don't worry i will tight my hold before it, ok here you go.

Arnav finally open blindfold of angry and pouting pari. Only for succumbing in arnav's arms whom arnav hold at rigth time, and the reason was view which was she witnessing in front of her. That was not less than any dream.

 It was beautiful on a terrace cum garden area, with floor land capped with red roses, and corners cede with brightness of countless fragmenting candles.  Adding glory to the yet another unforgettable and never ending evening of mr and mrs raizada. Pari was adoring and exploring to every attempt to her mysterious and sweet husband proudly and carefully, not missing a single step like arnav, who had planned full evening according to likes of pari. Pari got curious, when her eyes fall on little dim area but shining half, she wondered why that corner was not lighted up, she move there to know what was now cooking in arnav's mind. On-going closer, she saw a white sheet covered two mates floored with flower spread on it on top it was full covered with sliver sparkled strings and stars, the arrangement made her way to the memories of their first date, where they become one forever, the remembrance of his teasing her acceptance, his love her surrender, and his taking her giving. As the pages of memory were fastening his heart was throbbing loudly and cheeks blending into a deep crimson colour, likes thousands are butterflies flying pinching her abdomen. Which was not gone unnoticed by her already ready and naughty soon to be husband arnav.

(Pause here: An important note, here i am showing closeness of pari and arnav before their marriage. it is not to hurt or misguide anyone's beliefs or rituals. For me marriage is a pure bond of promises and trust, where two individual get engaged with each other, but i too belief things like making relation not need any certification of marriage, it is our trust and love that needed. And marriage not a permission for it. So on that belief i am here showing this all, in context of a pious bond of love and surrendered of souls. Then also if anyone has problem to it can tell me i will not mind)

Arnav(huskly whispered in her ears)

Kya hua tum itna blush kyun kar rahi ho

(why are you blushing so much)

Pari: jaise aapko nahi paata(as if you not know)

Pari said with her eyes down with shyness

Arnav (straightly) : no not at all. What's  the matter.

Pari get irritated and angry with his playing

Pari: nothing.

She was about to go far when arnav hold her hand push her back making her fall on bed with him toppled her. Both tangled with each other and eyes reading its own story hidden in depth of painful laugh. Pari hiss at very moment when arnav blazing playful fingers started exploring her bare arms, and lips smartly tracing their way from her corner of her neck towards the lips.., She clutches arnav's hands tightly with her that were now locked on her waist, embracing her tightly. Giving her long smooch against her cheek, His lips approach more closure to her quivering soft, now little wet lips. And finally it came his capture and her surrender only one inch far, pari slightly open her lips not waiting to give him chance to ask for access. She only know how this half day has been spend without him, in fear of losing him, in despearcy to touch him, to love him, to tease him. All she was waiting like a first timer on their first date. But before her craving finally meet to end arnav stopped in mid ,Earning a frown from him. Pari open her eyes surprisingly and he chuckled, and get happy seeing her impatient. Making her more anger. She  stand up and get sitted with very angry face from arnav. With hands fold on her chest and face facing against him.

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Sometimes our decision is right from our pov of view because we can only see the right side of it. But we are always unaware of the negative sides of our decision that can make pour estimation wrong, as can cost huge amount to us.

Pari decision also bought such storm to her life. She disturb a sleeping snake in its den. Why not he will bite. It was not also properly half day happen of preject sarkar to started that problem started coming and bulk on pari.

It was so many times happened that pari was attacked now openly, secretl and in anyways. All times rehan and ansh was there as am standing sword between her and sarkar.

Rehan not has so much authority to request pari, but ansh it has every right to force her in home. But he always get defeat by her  perverseness


Pari was not less in tension, due to all. At one side it was ansh worry, other so big and dangerous project one mistake but this time not her but many lives have to bill it, then raj carelessness, his drinking habit, debt rising like anything, playing habit then doing all wrongs thigns that were little bit far from him earlier. He was destroying himself pari cannt understand what he want, whatever he done is on one side, but on one can get over this fact that pari loves him. It is of no use how much ansh and chahat keep her away from any means. Till she not get ready for it or any new bond not push her back from going to him nothing can be done. I feared one day pari would not call her death by own because of raj.and at last chahat it is so difficult to hide all this from her.. Anyhow she will come to know from anyone. Family member will stop but how she will stop other. She is so careless about her pregency, she know to care her sister but not her own child. But pari cannt leave it as it is. Her both children are equally important to her. BE it chahat or her child. She has to be full time on duty, for chahat eating schedule, exercise, doctor checkup and all. Aand not to forget her mood swings that has made her anger worse than before.

In all this how can she forgot two uncurable and can not be leaved disease

Khushi and her health. Both were destroyed by raj,

Doctor says her body has now become addicted to the drugs raj was giving her. And she need to be on full bed rest. But she know if she will rest her whole family will go paralyse without her, she is engine of it ans engine has one rule it cannt rest.

Other khushi, whom she not saw after the incident but she is here only, as she listenend employess seeing together raj and khushi out of house. But where who can give her shelter after strike order of ansh.

Only one person whom ansh tust the more. Without a minute she left to rehan cottage.

Knock on door 

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He silently come near her, stopped his teasing and tried to turn her so she'd face him, but she shrugged him off. Finally, left with no option, Arnav pulled her near, by force.

Pari muttered: Chodiye hume.

(leave me.)

Arnav soothed her: Shhh, quiet! okay...

(arnav declared in no nonsense tone)

Pari said angrily: Kya hai?

(what it is?)


Then again he turned her so her back was toward him, he closed her eyes with his hand and lifted her chin up. 

He whispered: 3... 2... 1... Happy birthday, Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada.

On the count of 1, there was a huge sound of lots of twinkling stars like crackers, they were shining and glittering and lighting up the sky. Pari was speechless, dumbstruck. It took her nearly a minute to get over the shock, and feel in her happiness and excitement. She looked at Arnav with elated and moist eyes. He made a simple gesture asking her to look behind. Pari was confused and lifted her chin to enquire what was it. Without a word, he lifted her chin once more and carefully with a light touch, he made his impatient and curious wife look at the sky again. There was complete silence all around, all the crackling had stopped and the blue and black blanket of night covered the entire space. When there was a loud and shooting sound. Pari wondered what it was till on the sky before there appeared writing in the shape of a star! It said,

I love you. Happy Birthday.

Arnav was still holding Pari from behind.

Arnav: Pasand aaya? 

Pari: Yeh sab... 

(All this) 

Arnav: Tum hi toh darr ti thi ki tumhare arnavji sach kahi asli tare nahi todh kar lade, toh mai saare toh nahi ek tara toh tumhare naam kar hi sakta hu. haina?

For a while Pari was perplexed as to what he was talking about, then she remembered her conversation with her mother. That she feared that Arnavji loved her so much, he would even bring stars for her. 

Pari: Aapne us din sunna tha... 

Arnav: Ha. 


Pari can witness sadness in his eyes. She simply put her hands on his cheek, and say

Pari: apne birthday ki badai toh de di par hume apna tohfa toh diya hi anhi

(you have given me my birthday wishes but not gave my gift till now)


Arnav: aur kya chaiye tumhe

(and what you want)

Pari: a promise

Arnav: diya


pari laugh

Pari: sun toh lijiye mr raizada iss tarah koi bhi deal puri janne bager karna nuskaan hai

(listen atleast it is not good to do deal without knowing full thing about it)

Arnav:khushi stop it

Said irritated arnav

Pari: arnavji aap aur hum zindagi ke jis mod kar kadhe hai, us modh par aane ke liye hume kahi bure aura ache safar tay kiye hai. Kuch yaadein aisi bhi hai joh bahut dardnaak hai , hum jante hai unn yaadon bhulaya nahi ja sakta voh humare zindagi ka hisa hai, par ha hum unn yadoin ko yaad nahi karke thoda sa dard toh kam sakte hai na.

Arnav smiles and feels happy knowing, khushi anyhow and in any manner can read his unspoken words.

Pari take his hand in her palm and clasped it tight.

Aaj ki sachaai yeh hai, hum saath hai ek hai aur hume kisi chiz se matlab nahi jhoot,sach,galat sahi sab kuch ek ehsaas mai samagaye.

(arnavji where we are today,at this place we reached after crossing many hurdles some were good and some bad. Some memories are those that are very painful,I know we cannt erase them they are our life important part. But if we not remember them then our pain can be reduced right.

Arnav smiles and feels happy knowing, khushi anyhow and in any manner can read his unspoken words.

Pari take his hand in her palm and clasped it tight.

Today truth is this and I not want any other thing to be mattered. No truth,no lies, no right or wrong. All this thing are merged in one emotion)

Arnav: kaunse

(arnav asked surprisingly with a little laugh on her innocent yet cute wife)

Pari peck arnav's lips lightly, before saying

That I love you

Arnav too confess his love, by claiming her lips in short and slow kiss, peeking to each corner of it, softly, Numbing her face with his face whooly and perfectly. They break away the kiss but his hands was still pattering her bare waist. His each touch was slow and soft, assuring her that he is there always with her, and handle her with care.

After completing his confession in his style, he takes out her another surprise, her favourite and a thing without which this evening would be incomplete, jalebi.

Pari: jalebi. (She got delighted seeing them and on other moment one was in her mouth)

Arnav : unbelievable(under his breath)

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Rehan: mam you, I mean you should not come your leg is badly hurt and there is an injury too on head. You must have called me

The damn injury it has been the reason of red alert for all rathore family. Yesterday night when pari was returning home after getting a successful and one win over sarkar . a big black car speed up and run towards her to crush her. But not till she has hidden lover and true employer rehan with it. He pull her from way. But still she got some minor injury on leg and head. Atleast less than rehan. But all know ansh, no wonder pari is accompanied by team of doctors since two days.

Her devi maiya and poor aisha know how they are able to hide the real truth of her health from ansh. And all,

Pari: khushi kaha hai

(Where is khushi)

She asked straightly, rehan know now there is no means to hide the truth. He tells to be in.

Khushi was shocked and suprised to see pari, that too coming her here to take her.

Khushi: hum thik hai yaha, hume aapke sahare ki koi zarurat nahi

(I am fine here I not need your help)

Pari: excuse me. Mai kisi kamzor or hare hua, khassghar tum jaise ghire hua insan ko sahara nahi deti, jo kar rahi hu kisis karan se.. aur haan tumhare liye toh bilkul nahi.

(I never give help to week and losers, and to cheap like you never. I am doing everything with a reason. Not for you)

Khushi: lekin hume koi case nahi ladna, aap kyun nahi samjati

(I don't want to fight any case why don't you understand)

Pari: kyun, I thought you should be the first to file it, afterall, whatever had happened in my life or with mr sighania. In all where you loose. Raj toh haath se gaye hi izaat bhi nahi rahi.

(raj has gone earlier only now you left with no respect too)

Khushi: how dare you

Khushi puts her hands to slap pari when pari stop her.

Rehan: khushi


Pari show her hands to rehan

Pari: hum bat kar rahe hai na

( I am talking you not interfere)

Daring, tumne aaj tak humari daring dekhi kaha hai. Miss khushi whatever. Yeh shukar manao ki humne bhai ko tumhe kuch bhi karne se rokha hai varna humare aakhon mai aasoo lana pr bhai, uss insan ki zindagi narak bana dete hai

(daring, till now where you have seen it, miss khushi whatever. It is god grace on you that after doing so bad with me I stopped bhai to punish you or otherwise the person who brings tears In  my eyes, my brother turns her life as hell)

Khushi: I will not come

Pari: koi fyada nahi hai humse behes karne, ansh bhai kehte hai ki unke pyaar ne hume itna ziddi bana diya hai ki kal hum kissi se tare bhi todne ko kahe toh usse karna padegha.

(it is of no use to argue with me, ansh says that there love had spoiled me. Now if any day I will demand for stars in sky too that guy have to bring it)

Khushi: aap yeh sab karke mahaan kyun bana chahti hai. Aap yehi jatana chahti hai na ki hum kitne bure hai aur aap kitni acchi.

(you are doing all this to become good. you want to show all that I am very bad and you too good.)

Pari: toh nahi haai hum aache, humare pati ko humse hi chin kar apna baan liya, phir bhi hum tumhari madaad

Oups correction

Tumhare bache ki mada karne aaye, usko ek pita ka nam dene ke liye tayaar hua toh hum aache hai,

Aur tum buri bahut hi buri. Par hum nahi chahte iss burai ka asar is nanhi si jaan par pade jo abhi ta kiss duniya mai nahi aayi.

Isliye behes mat karo aur chup chap chalo.

Otherwise mai tumhe yaah bhi nahi rehene dugi

(so id I am not good, first you have snatch my hisband from me. Then also I am helping you. I get ready to give her a father namm so do I am not good. And you bad very bad.  

Ouups correction, Helping your child but I not want that your sin are paid by your child. Who has not came in this world till now)

And remember one thing I never tried to become what I am not, there is difference between you and me, you have learned to spoil and snatch other life and I to gove and make life.

Khushi see helplessly at rehan

Pari: usse mat dekho, voh humari kahe ki itni respect karta hai  ki tumhe ek minute mai yaha se nikal dega.

(don't see him, he respect my words so much that he will just now push you out)

Khushi have no option then to go with her, after khushi move ahead

Rehan: mam takleeb hogi

(mam you will be hurt)

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Pari go busy in sweet and hot juicy of her jalebi and arnav in lavishing her, making love to her every adda, which was provoking him to take her in just now. Be the syrup of that hot and rounded jalebis whom his wife is munching and kissing so lovingly and then moaning on its act out of pleasure. One unbelievable he awarded to himself to go crazy in love with khushi. That gets increasing day by day,  

It is so strange one time he compare love from their life partner as those rays of sunlight which is very bright, and powerful on its first phase but as evening approach it get dim and week. Finally diminishing into a dark night. But love had twisted and played with his own phrase on him so tactfully and skillfully that its all meaning changed. Now love is that sun rays for him which is certainly powerful and strong in initial stage but, also as much soothing, beautiful,  and loving like evening sun, it like thousands color of one shades, similar to an sunset mix. And whenever any night come to its way it hope of a new chapter, and new shine in the way. Like after every night there is new sun. 

 Finally Mrs Raizada gets over with her sweet jalebi. Or else devi maiya only know what more arnav would have done while drolling on her.  

Pari: thanks. Pata hai hum har saal iss din sabse pehle jalebi khate ha. Hume laga ki iss saal hum jalebi nahi kha payege, par aapne humari icha puri kardi, vohi humare bina bole. 

She kiss on his cheek 

Isliye thanks 

(thanks, you know I each start this day with eating jalebi, I thought this year I would not be able to do so 

But you bought for me and that too without saying,

She kiss on his cheek 

So thanks)

Arnav clean a sweet syrup left on corner of her lips. 

Arnav: you are welcome 


Tumhe yeh jagah pasand aayi,

(did you like the place) 

Pari hugging her tight: bahut 

Arnav: tumne pucha nahi ki yeh hum kaha aaye hai

(you have not asked where we have come) 

Pari: kya farak padhta hai jab tak aap humare saath hai, hume kisi bhi chiz se farak nahi padhta

(it not matter where we are when you are with me)

Arnav: hum lucknow mai hai, mai tumhe seeshmahal laya hu. 

(we are in lucknow at seeshmahal)

Arnav said slowly giving pari time to assimilate the fact, and come over to dreadful memory this city gave her. 

Arnav: khushi

Pari cut her 

Pari: kaun laye aap hume

(pari protest) 

(why you brought me here) 

Arnav try to sooth her, but she get up from there, and move far from him 

Arnav follow her, and holding her turned hr around. Pari eyes were tear filled. He lift her face. When pari hug her firmly. 

Arnav: khushi listen to me 

Pari: aap nahi jante arnavji hum yaha se kyun gaye, kis halat mai hume lucknow chodna padha sab kuch, par phir aap hume yaha par li aaye aapne aisa kyun kiya. 

(you not know why I leaved this place, what were the situation everything. But then also you brought me her. Why you have done this.)

Arnav: kyunki mai apni nayi zindagi ki shuruwat, bina kisi guilt, koi bhi past ke bina karna chahti hu. 

Yeh wohi jagah hai na jaha meine  tumhara saath choda tha, isliye mai chahta hu ki mein tumhara haath fir se yahi se thamu humesa ke liye. Taki humare bich koi aisi yaad nahi rahe jo hume pareshan kare, hum eek dusre se dur kar sake. 

(bcoz I want to start my new life, without any guilt, or past. It is that place only where I left your hand and here only I will hold it forever. So that no bad memory can affect our togetherness)

Pari: (arnav thought made pari rethink her decision) 

Kya purani yaadoin ko khatam karna itna zaruri hai. 

(is to finish past memories is so important)

Arnav: offcourse, khushi pehle mai bhi nahi manta tha isse isliye shayad mere past nai muje, arnav se asr bana diya tha. Par ab mai samaj gaya hu ki jab purana panna pura nahi hoga koi bhi naye raah pe kadam nahi rakh sakta, aage badne ke liye past ko khatam karna he padhta hai. 

(offcourse khushi I was too mot believe on it and that is wh my past made me asr from arnav. But now I understand that to move ahead we have to close the pages of past. Otherwise it is very difficult to move ahead)

Pari smiled silently on finding the answer of her each question by arnav. 

Arnav: kya soch rahi ho. 

(what are you thinking)

Pari: yahi ki aap humari har mushkil ko kitna aasan kar dete hai, kahi dino se ek sawaal ka jawab dundh rahe the aaj mil gaya. 

(that you always easy my problems, from many days I was struggling because of one question today I got answer to it) 

Arnav break the hug, and worrying for pari. 

Arnav: kya hua, I knew something was bothering you 

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Pari: zaruri hai, mr singhania ki zindagi jab hi sahi hogi jab unki zindagi mai koi zimadari aayegi. Hum toh chah kar bhi voh zimadari nahi ban sakte. Par shayad yeh bacha voh kam kar de.

(it is needed as mr singhania life will get proper only if ther is some responsibility to him,  I cannt be that responsibility if wanted also to be. But might be this child do some magic)

Rehan: mam I am sorry

Pari: its ok aisa waqt mai yeh fiasla hi thik tha, I know tumne khushi ke bache ke liye

(at that time your decision was correct I know you have done it for khushi child)

Before pari complete

Rehan : khushi meri behen hai

(she is my sister)

It was like earth shaking truth to her, she cannt even believe it

Pari: what

Rehan told her full story.

Pari: aapne itni badi sachai chupayi humse, bharosa nahi tha.

(you have hide so big thing to me did you have no trust on me)

Rehan: no mam aap par toh bhagwan se bhi zyada bharoa hai par sharam se nahi keh paya, kaise kehta ki mam ki hasi ke liye meine apni puri zindagi deei, voh hi hais meri khud ki behen ne chin li.

(no man I trust you mare than god, but due to guit I was silent. For the happiness of this girl I have spent all my life, her happiness was only destroyed by my own sister, how I come and tell you truth after all this)

Pari: rehan I would ha veneer thought against you, jo hua usme galti hushi ki hai usse jude logo ki nahi

(the fault is of khushi not persons related to her)

Rehan was happy that pari not misunderstood her. When they were inferred with a loud noise of probably chahat from out, pari panicked 

why she is shouting is she is having pain, hey devi I hope is not fallen down. What happened then, she rush to go to house.

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Pari: kuch nahi, ab sab thik hai. Aur jo nahi hai ho jayega

(nothing now all things are alright and what not It will be)

Arnav was getting confused by changing moods of his wife.

Arnav: tum bahot ajeeb ho

(you are weird)

Pari: jante hai.

(I know)

And both laughed, arnav was content thinking everything is fine now, unaware of storm that was coming towards him. Pari tight her holding more to arnav as the thought came in mind that

Pari( thought): bus ab hum aur nahi sochege hum arnavji ko sara sach bata ke hi rahege, par aaj nahi kal di ke function ke baad. Aaj ki raat hume phir se uss mandap par akeli bethi dulhan ke pass le jati hai, jo apne dulhe ka intezaar kar rahi par voh kabhi nahi aaya. Khushi ka dhoka yaad aata hai, aur mr singhania ki bewafai.

Aaj hum arnavji ke saath hi rehana chahte hai taki yeh bate phir se humari dil aur dimag ko takleeb na de.

(Enough now I will not think any more, I will tell truth to arnavji, after tomorrow function. Becoz today night take be back to the place where a bride was sitting lone waiting for her groom, who never come. It makes be remember khushi deceit and raj lying. Today I will stay close to arnavji so that those things not dominate my mind and heart again and give me pain)

Arnav pat pari bringing her back from her thought.

Arnav: kaha khoy gayi muje, tumhe kuch dikhana hai, mera saath chalo.

(Where are you lost I want to show you something come with me)

Pari follow her. It was a dark room, and pari was not able what was he upto.

Pari: aap humein kaha le aaye

(where you have brought me.)

Arnav: relax have patients.

Arnav switch on the light. It was a big decorated and acient type room, its work and dcor was introducing it as if any space of some king of palace.

Pari: bahut sundar karma hai

(it is very beautiful room)

Arnav: khushi actually yeh mera karma hai , aur hum do din apne stay mai yahi rahege.

(khushi actually this is my room, in our stay of two days we will stay here only)

Pari: do din

(pari told surprisingly)

(two days)

Arnav glares at her not to start, again on matter to stay here.

Pari: aacha thek hai jaisa aap chahe swami

Arnav: khushi


Pari: chila kyun rah eek toh pata nahi aap kya kar rahe hum pata nahi chal raha, phir aachanak se yaha par le aaye hume toh kal ke function ke liye kapde bhi nahi laye aapne.

(don't shout first what are you doing I am not able to understand and then you brought me here without informing I even not have dress for tomorrows function.)

Arnav: what about this

He handed a packet to pari. She opens it and it was a dress, she cannt see it properly due to less lights. But by her weight she can feel it is some heavy worked lehenga type thing. She questioned him about it.

Arnav: voh actually, tumhe yaad hai kuch din pehle mzi raat ko office ai dertak rukha tha, aur meine kaha that ki meri ek important meeting hai, jis din tum hospital se discharge hui thi

(actually you remember one day I was working late in office and told yo that there is a important meeting, on that you were discharged from hospital)

Pari remember how can she forget that day, the day when she meet khushi her adopted daughter, and the day when she told another lie to arnav.

Arnav: meine tumse jhooth bola tha, meri us din koi meeting nahi thi balki mein toh tumhare liye yeh dress design kar raha tha.

(I told lie to you, actually I want to make this dress for you.)

Pari was shocked and suprised at same time, she turned and fold the dress twice, though she cannt she it properly but she knew it was the most beautiful dress she ever saw.

She throws her arms on him,

Pari: arnavji dhaywaad, yeh iss worls sebse best dress hai, kyunki yeh aapki pasand ki jo hai, bikul humari tarah

(arnavji thanks. This is world best dress bcoz it is your choice, like me.)

Arnav: really bina dekhe itna confidence.

Pari: toh thike pehen kar bata dete hai.

(ok no problem I will saw you wearing it)

Arnav devil mind aroused, to tease his wife again.

Arnav: ya if u think you should try it, pata bhi chal jayega ki dress fit hai ki nahi

Pari gave a victory smile

Pari: hum abhi aaye

(I came after change)

Before pari could leave him he, hold her hand and twirl her towards him.

Pari got startled by sudden and unexpected action,  she struggle 

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As soon as pari reach home she saw chahat dragging out khushi forcefully from house, even not listening to prem, She push her. But by god grace pari hold her at right time. Khush was in pain but not less than pari. The anger can be clearly witnessed in her eyes. Whatever khushi done on one side how can chahat forget ethics that she is pregnant like her.

 Pari asked unwillingly: aap thik hai

(you are ok)

Khushi nodded. Making chahat give a surprisingly and disgusting look.  

Upar se left wala karma humara hai, aap jakar waha rest kariye.

(on top left side room is mine. You go and rest there)

Khushi was terribly frightened from chahat so she quietly decided to move up. Chaht try to move towards her when pari stops.

Pari: don't you dare

(give chahat warning)

Chahat stay quiet but anger was boiling to heights under her. After khushi gone, pari took glass of water and offer it to chahat, but chahat throw it on floor.

 Pari : yeh aapke bhai ka ghar nahi hai, jo jab maan chaha udha ke faik dia. Yeh aapke pati ka ghar hai, joh in sab ke liye, aapke aisho aaram ke liye din raat mehnat karke inhe karidtha hai.

( this is not your brother house, where you do what you want, throw want you wish. This is house of your husband. Who for all luxury of you do day night hard work.)

Prem: angel leave it, its ok

Pari : no not at all, its not done chahat , you are pregnant dammit nahi dikhta, nahi sunnai deta mgar mehsus toh hota hai na. ki nahi

(if you cannt see, cant hear it. Atleast you can fell him right)

She put chahat hands on her womb.

 koi dhakan sunai di, apne ansh ki . jo sirf tum sun sakti ho. Par tum sunna nahi chahti. Tumare gusse se, narazgi si, nafrat se kitna ghabragaya gaya hai voh. Bilkul usi tarah jis tarah aap raat ko darr jati hai. Fark hai ki aapko sambhalene ke liye hum hai. Par ise sambhalne ke liye koi nahi.

(did you hear any heartbeat, of your part. That only you can hear. But you don't want to listen it. By your anger,your hatred how mch scared he is, due you even know. In same way like you get awake in night on feeling alone. But difference is to handle you I am here, and no one for him.)

Aaj khushi ko kuch ho jata toh. Aur sabse badi baat aapko kuch ho jata.arre hai kaun khushi koi nahi, phir kyun humari life ko affect kare. Hum usse laye hai taki humari zindagi se humesha ke liye nikal sake. Bacha ghav jab tak khule rahege takleeb dege. Unhe barna zaruri hota hai. Aur khushi voh hi ghav hai.

(today if something happened to khushi then. And more over if something happened to you. Who is that khushi to affect our life. She is no one. I have bring her to close her chapter forever. Khushi is that wound which If I will not fill and leave as it is, it will give pain t me forever.)

Chaht: I don't care, for person who cannt maintain there limits of crossing.

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Arnav: what(innocently)

Pari: kya kar rahe hai

(what are you doing)

Arnav: tumahare saath cricket khel raha hu

(Playing cricket with you)

Pari: what

Arnav: obiously tumhe jaane se rokh raha hu

(Obviously I am stopping you from going)

Pari: kyun


Arnav: arre tum agar andar change karogi , toh muje pata kasie chalega ki dress mai koi adjustment chaiye ya nahi.

Pari: hum bata dege, ab chodiye.

(I will tell)

Arnav tighten his grip more

Arnav: no khushi, you have to understand yeh dress meine design kari hai so I have to go to each minute stiching, and see whether it is perfect or not.

Pari: aacha toh ab kya hum aapke samne yeh dree pehne


Arnav: offcourse


Pari: kya


Arnav leaned close to her and whispered in her ears.

Arnav: if you want i can help you.

Pari push him back,

Pari: sochna bhi mat. Hum nahi karege.

(don't think of, I will not do)

Arnav taking back the packet: ok then forget this too.

Khushi ya toh tum meri baat mann lo ya phir yeh dress ko bhul jayo. It is upto you.

(khushi either you accept my del or forget this dress)

Pari was helpless and hell nervous both, but she too want to see the dress,

Arnav: common khushi tum toh aisai bol rahi ho jaise mai pehli baar tumhe iss tarah dekhu ga hume us din toh...

(common khushi you are saying as if I will see you first time like this. We have that day too)

Pari put palm on her mouth,

Palm: bade beshram hog aye hai aap, koi sun lega toh.

(you have become so shameless if someone hear it)

Arna: khushi hum apne room mai hai okay, aur waise bhi raat ko husband wife ke kamre koi nahi aata.

(khushi we are in our room, and anyways all know not to disturb husband and wife at night)

He said winking, and brining a o shape to khushi mouth. She turned her gaze down, with fingers tangling with her duppataa, and anger and fer both acoompany together and roaming from heart to eyes.

Arnav breath in her ears

Ab tum ha bol rahi ho ki mai sone jau. Promise khushii will not do cheating

(now khushi say or I go to sleep., I will not do cheating promise. Say yes)

And he gave a huge laugh on her condition. Pari glares him angriliy

Pari bahut maza aa raha hai na aapko

(you are having fun trapping me)

Arnav nodded

Pari: thike.


Finally giving in. she know her eagerness to see the dress will make her die too, and it better to die in arnav;s arm from shyness than on dress.

 par agar aapne kuch bhi cheating kari toh

(but if you have done cheating then)

Arnav: coming close to her cheeks

Nahi karuga, until you will permit me.

Pari: hum ha karege kabhi nahi

(I will do yes never)

Arnav: karogi khushi kyunki jab meri saase tumhari saaso ko chute hai, jab humare dil milte ahi, jab humari dhadkne ek hokar dhadkti hai, tab tum bebas ha jati ho. Aur phir

(you will khushi, bcoz when my breath touch your breath, when our heart bind together, when our heartbeat meet and beat as one. At that time you become armless and then)

Before arnav could complete

Pari: aisa kuch nahi hoga.

(nothing will happen like this)

Arnav: we will see

Before pari could waste more time in her stupid talks arnav grabbing the opportunity silent her.

Arnav: shhh

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Pari: limits, apne bhi cross kari thi, remember. Agar hum aapko maaf ahi karte toh. Aapko issi tarah ghar se bahar nikal ete toh, lekin humne nahi kiya. Jab hum aapko maaf kar sakte hai toh aap khushi ko kyun nahi maaf kar sakti

(limits are crossed by you too. Remember. If I have also not forgive you, if thrown you out. Then what will you have done. If I can forgive you then why not you can for give khushi)

Chahat: you are comparing me with that khushi.khushi voh insan hai jiske karan humne aapki hasi kho di, usne aapka sab kuch chin liya. Dhoka diya hai usne aapko.

(you are comparing me with that khushi, who have betrayed you, because of which you have forgot laughing. She has snatched everything from you)

Pari: dhoka usne nahi humare dil nai diya hai, galat insan se pyarr kar ke. Aur rahi baat chinne k toh joh chiz huamri kabhi thi hi nahi koi usse kya chine ga, Khushi yaha sirf uske bachee ke karan hai. Only becoz she need medical help that its.

Samjne ki koshish kar chahat, hum duniye ki koi bhi muskil ko sehen kar sakte hai, lekin tuje aur huamre iss baby ko agar kuch hua na toh khud ko nahi maaf kar payege, Promise kar ki aaj ke baat kai baat tu aisa kuch nahi kargi jisse humare baby ko pain ho.

(my own heart betrayed me not mr singhania, by loving wrong person. And the thing which was never mine who will snatch it or give to me. Khushi is here because of her child. Bcoz she need medical help.

Try to understand chahat, I can bear any trouble of world. But not on cost of you and our baby. If anything happen to him I will not able to forgive me. Promise me that you will not do anthing now that will hurt the child)

Chaht: ok I do, but before you have to promise me that khushi will be out

Pari: yeh possible nahi

Chahat: you know what aap huamri didu hai hi nahi. Humari didu humesa pehle humari khushi sochti thi. Humese sabse zyada pyar karti thi. Lekin ab meri jagah us khushi nai le li.

(you know what yo are not my didu anymore now, who thought of my happiness first, but now my place is taken by khushi.)

Chaht yell loudly. Giving severe pain to her womb. She denies any help from prem and pari too. Just stand yelling clutching her adomen tight

Chahat: aap sirf khushi ke bare mai sachai mere dard ke bare mai nahi. Sahi kehte hai log humari di mar gayi.

(you take care of khuhsi pain not me, all were right my didu has died)

And she collapse on floor. doctors were called and also the call was done to ansh house too. But pari was standing there only,Chahat words shattered pari totally. They were pinching her like a throne. Aisha hold her when she was feeling dizzy, and give her some water.

Aisha: kaha than a meine baat bahut bigad jayegi

(I said things will be worse)

Pari: baat toh bigad chuki thi aisha, ab samlani toh hogi

(things are already damaged, now I have to fix it)

Aisha: tu kaise karegi

(How will you do)

Pari: abhi humare pass harne ka waqt nahi, toofan aa chukka hai, ab barbadi toh hogi bas yeh  dekhna hai ki hum kya bacha sakte hai kya nahi.

(now I don't have time to loose. Storm had came, and now disaster is confirm. He have to see what we can save and what not)

 Little far there was someone that also who was enjoying the drama of pari life. Khushi give an evil laugh. And remember how before coming of pari and prem she told how much ill and bad for pari to chahat. So that she get terribly upset and angry.

Khushi: khushi jo chahti hai voh hasil karti hai, humara kam tha pari ko kamzor karna voh humne kar diya, baki sab sarkar jaane aur unki muzrim. Aur waise bhi in sabme aaj huara bhi badla pura ho gaya. Aaj pari ko pata chala, hoga ki hume kaisa laga jab mr singhania nai hume isske liye chod diya. Aur takleeb toh raj ko bhi kam nahi hogi apni pari ki aakhon mai aason dekh kar

(khushi get what she want. My work was to week pari that I have done. Now sarkar know and his culprit. And this also complete my revenge now pari will know how I felt when mr singhania left me from her. And pain rj will not have less when he will see tears in eyes of her pari.)

On next second she found raj fuming on her from behing, khushi turned back with a smile

Khushi binding her arms on raj shoulder

Khushi: yeh kya darling aapne hume welcome bhi nahi kiya, aur humar itni sperb acting bhi miss kardi vey bad.

(what you have not even welcomed and missed by wonderful acting too)

Raj: stop it.                                  

How dare you, to play with my brother happiness I swear if his child will land in danger I will not spare you.

Then he holds khushi arms tighlt and sequencing it miserably warn her.

Pari and mere bich kya difference hai. Its none of your business. It is pari wish that you are staying here. Don't do anything that she will only throw you.

Khushi leave from there in anger

Raj: how bad our differences, but pari never influence prem against me. And today somewhere because me she is hurt by chahat, and I can understand better how it feel when our own sister or brother hate us. I am sorry .

Who know that unintentional words of chahat will come true. And pari will be now few days away from her death 

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Arnav in a second shh her blabbering wife with her fingers. Pari first of all get angry then ask what with lifting the face up. In reply of which, he snap his fingers. In seconds pari and arnav were covered by red netted curtains hiding them from lights and rest of world. Arnav slowly and without losing the touch trail down her fingers from her lips to the cleavage nd hold on her waist. Pari breath catch up to peak, with cheeks full florid, disobeying her, her lips by own were pulling towards him, he slid her fingers inside her kurta and dispose of all gap between him and her by pulling her from waist.

Pari close her eyes tightly felling his form rubbed against her. She plead

Pari: ar... nav.. ji


Ignoring which arnavs started pattering on  her waist, and his other hand was sliding the long locks of hair, that were covering her face, stopping him to lavish her face which was fully drench in sensuality. He sooth her emotion by kissing on her head and then in one go untie her dori of salwaar. Pari clutch his shoulder and shut her eyes more tights. There anticipation rises, distance get more shorts, till they can feel each other heart to heart. Arnav playfully trace down his hands from her waist to groin, swinging it here and there, giving twinkling to her sense. then He caresses shield of her core, from back of palm, which was now wet, ready and blazing with desire, making him difficult to hold. He controlled his desire. Pari frowned she thought he will break the boundary but he went down and   after striking to her inner thigh profoundly and giving a lustful kisses to her bottom part, he moved down when, pari hands stooped her, totally getting unhold by her teasing. But arnav was determinate he kissed her palm. And then take her rossy and luscious lips, into a searing kiss, chewing and biting, then fondling her both lips. Pari too respond back to his each touch, equally. As there escaty took charge over them the kiss get more wilder, till there throat dried up. While they were exploring in their mouth, arnav slip up the tunic on pari waist. and breaks the kiss to bent down and  fix the tunic on her. He first kisses on her waist and tight the dori of tunic, sending shiver down the pari back. But arnav was In full mood too punish his wife to be fewhours away from him and Its was now turn to devor her  back.running his hands through her back and eyes fix with her , he losen the dori of her top and shove it off from body. Pari got shy and hide her face in his shoulder, as arnav was now making the blouse fix on her body not leaving a single chance to touch,pinch adore and play and squeesh her rosen breast with giving ful time and  love on her nape by kissing passionately, giving his love sign to it. How to forget her red little nose tweaking on it was also a work on way. pari gaps as arnav hands trace her uncovered back, pari was blushing deeper and deeper, arnav sweet and torturning foreplay was setting havoc to her sense, he  was enjoying playing with his half wedded wife. And she feared to erase her own set territory if this continued evenmore than a minute. After completing his former part.  He turned pari towards the mirror holding her shoulder from back. And veil a red heavy but beautiful worked net dupata with golden strings at end of it. Pari eyes were closed, but then too He can clearly see by pari happiness how much she liked it.

Arnav: (said pari looking in mirror)

Khushi tum apni shadi ki raat duppata aisa lena chahti thi na.

(khushi you want to take your stole on head like this on your marriage)

Pari nodded with wet eyes.

He bent down and made her wears the goegeous, ancient worked, chanchan like sound anklet that play at every single touch of air. Arnav lift pari ankle and placing it on his foot, and bound her with his love, offcourse not disturbing the place of her mother anklet ,the beats in the anklet was as if fully arouse, crooning loudly, saying the shivering that pari;s skin letting out on feeling arnav's hot and artful hands on it.

Arnav: pairo mai chan chan karti payal.

(in ankles chanchan playing anklet)

Pari smiled still not thrusting to open her eyes, as she not want to spoil the moment with her overwhelming emotion and tears. Next He slide down bundles on bangles in her arms. Kissing with each slide of bangles

Arnav: hatho mai itni chudiya hai ki tumhari kaliya bhi nahi dikh rahi hai

(your hands are full of bangles, and no single skin is visible)

 Pari: (still eyes closed)


Inka kya matlab, janab pehle chudiya pehnate hai, aur phir(blush) khud hi todh dete hai.

(what they are meant for, you first  give me the bangles (blushing) then break them by own.)

He know pari was teasing him, but he carried over to incident of their forced marriage, when he pool her towards his room regardless of her wound to set his terms.

Pari: arnavji

Pari asked as feeling strange due to sudden silence.

Arnav: I am right here khushi

And he kissed her palm deeply, and promises himself that he will not give her pain from now even in dream. pari never needed words to understand, the people close to her heart. Be that be prem,chahat, ansh ,arnav or even raj. And chahat and arnav, there emotion are like open book to her. She know how possessive and delicate he his in emotion thing. Like chahat. Pari take his hands in her hands. And sealed them tight, them with a smile on her lips confirm arnav. 

Pari: arnavji, aapne kabhi bhi hume dard nah pahuchaya hai, ha anjaane mai takleeb zarur di, par uss par malham bhi toh lagaya hai na

(arnavji you have never gave me any pain. Yes one hurt a little but that too unintentionally. After that you healed it too.)

Arnav: meine kuch bola kya

(Ignoring his tears)

Pari: nahi aapki dhadkano ne kaha. Humari uske saath setting hai,

(no your heart beat told. I have done setting with it)

Arnav: bandh aakhon se bhi

(by closed eyes)

Pari: aap nahi samje yeh janam janmanter ka saath hai

(you wll not understand, this bond is of infinite life)

Arnav: itni cheapy lines tum lati kaha se ho.

Pari: rehen dijiye, aapse sade hua joke se aachi hi hai, ab raja sahib ki ijajat hot oh hum aakhen khole pls.

(leave it they are better than your useless joke, now if you permit I open my eyes)

Arnav: no last thing

Pari: (pout)  thik hai


Khushi shuddered with pleasure as his expert's hands softly locking her bends behind the ears make her wear earning. It was heavy but light weighted as they sung with little bit of air too. Arnav make pari stand. And make her eyes open by swaying up his hands upwards from her eyes. Pari was seeing an angel, fully shuddered with brightening and heavy, crystal work costume. Her face was shining and also red giving proof of his each touch and love.

Sometimes some incident compel us to believe the never seen and told word coincidence. And whichwas that the same day, the samse dress and the same bride. How to forgot pari can change her name but not dream. Will this dream of pari would not be there at time of her first marriage and would chahat had not fulfilled that wish.

But happiness of his with her is so much that she not noticed that the past is returning to her, and unknowingly it was arnav who is making past way to pari, whom she want to keep it away.

That is why it is said, we think as much but what have to happen when and how, all are predecided. This time pari not noticed it was same design. But when she will I don't think there will left much distance between chahat and her.

Arnav said: aur lehenga

Pari: pura laal nayi thoda hara humara man pasand

(not red little green my fav)

She completed. And hug arnav tightly, letting out all her happiness, she not know what to say, how to express, where to start and at what she end.

Pari breaking the hug, and fixing her hands on arnav cheek.

Pari: humari har khushi, har takleeb, har khawab, har manmani, sab kuch bahut itna mayane  kyun rakhta hai aapke liye.

(my all happiness,all pain,all wish , all one words are why so important to you)

Arnav: tum nahi janti

(you don't know)

Pari: jante hai, par pyaar mai sab kuch dena toh nahi hota, kabhi kabhi hume bhi aapke jaisa banne ka mauka dijiye.

(I know. But in love there is not everything to give. Sometimes give me too the chance to become like you)

Arnav: khuhsi mai tumse pyar karta hu tum jaisi ho waise hi. Aur waise bhi kisi ko badal kar pyar karna ek adjustment hota hai pya nahi right.

(khushi I love you the way you are, and moulding anyone according to you and then loving is not love it is adjustment right)

Pari: aah voh                     

Pari not found suitable words

Arnav kissed her forhead, and turn her round facing to mirror again. Adorning her, making love to her each sight and expression with his looks, khushi shade her eyes down.

arnav: khushi apni aakhen udhao aur khud ko dekho,

(khushi raise your eyes and see yourself in mirror)

she slowly raise her eyes to meet his.

Tumhe pata hai na muje tumpar ek hi rang pasand hai laal, aur meine toh socha bhi tha ki mein isse full red crimson colored design karuga, bikul tumhari naak ke rang ki tarah.

(you know I only ike red color on you. Ad want to make it full red crimson like your nose)

Arnav tease her in return of which he got punch on his abdomen

Ouch jalebi asar dikkha rahi hai.

(ouch. After jalebis effect is clearly seen)

Aacha sorry, the truth is

Agar mai usse apni pasand ka banata toh usme tumhari voh khushi nahi dekh pata jo dil se sifha aakhon mai aagayi hai, aur tumhare chere ki chamak mai jalak rahi hai. Meri voh dress sundar ho kar bhi sundar nahi hoti. Isliye meine kaha pyar aone partner ko usi chaiye khushi dene se hota hia, apni marzi tobne se nahi.

(if I by my will make the dress, I would not be able to see the happiness that from your heart has straight traveeled to your eyes and refleting out as shine on your face. I that dress being beutfiul might not look like that. That why I told love is to allow our partner to do what she wants not to put our wish on her. )

 Pari give a week smiled, hiding what was in her mind.

That was left unweaved, suddenly when arnav started kissing hungrily on her nape, not caring about her duppata sliping down the head, and hairs getting disordered. Pari was travelled to an intoxicated, world of bliss whose king was her husband, and he command the way, and amount to pay off from his one person kingdom, his and solely his wife mrs raizada. As there ecstasy took charge, pari holds arnav armas tighly and clasped them on her waist, telling him to hold hr due to turning of her legs as jelly .while arnav continue with his love bite, now on chin then, jaw,then cheeks then nose, then on eyes, then after playing with her long and silky strands. He turn her half and was about to claim her lips, when pari put her hands on his lips.

Arnav: what the

Arnav open her eyes, pari laugh

Pari teasing: kya hua mr raizada. Ab kaun desperate ho raha hai,

Arnav: (angriliy) khushi what is this

Pari: isse kehte hai jaise ko taisa. Ab so jayee aisai hi.

(it is said to give other like he gave. Now sleep)

Arnav come closure to her :

Atleast meri itni mehnat ka kuch inaam toh dedo.

(atleast give return of my so much hard work)

Pari: inaam apne boss arnav singh raizada se lena, voh dil ke itne bure bhi nahi hai, aapko man chaha inam dege.

(take price from your boss arnav singh raizada he is not so bad from heart. He will give what you want) 

Goodnight. Pari give a winning smile and move to there bed arrange on terrace. When arnav got hold on dori of her blouse and pull it, making her blouse go loose. Pari gasp as felling twinkling of cold air on her bare back, which was now been lavish by his eyes more perfectly and holding front of her top, regretting to arouse the bad temper of mr raizada. Pari without turning.

Kya kar rahe hai chodiye hume,

(what are you doing leave me)

Arnav: mai kaha mana kar raha hu, tum jaha jana chaho jao

(where I am stopping wherever you want to go, you are free)

Pari: aap humari choli toh chodiye.

(leave my blouse)

Arnav with a naughty grin kept coming close to her.pacing up dhadkan of pari

Arnav: khushi mai toh vohi ka raha hu joh tumne kaha, ab meri boss toh tumhi ho. Toh mai tumse hi aapna inam luga na.

(khushi I am doing as you told. Now my boss Is you, so I will take award from you)

With that he opened up remaining binds of her back, exposing her skin ready for him

Arnav: shall I

Arnav asked giving a sucking and long kiss on her back. Making her moan his name.

Considering it her yes he lift  her in his arms. Pari hold his shoulder and showing her anger.

Pari: yeh ranmanchi hai

Arnav: nahi isse kehte hai sher par shava sher.

(this is said to be smarter with smart)

And in a minute arnav exclaimed the meaning of his phrase practically and minutely,as long duration classes to his dear wife.He sucks the tears of completion from her eyes and drift into sleep, with pulling her close to him. Keeping her head on his chest. Pari open her eyes after confirming that he had slept. Today arnav confession was again and again bothering her. Pari got in thought for second, she know the love is what she do to arnav, the sacrifice is what she had done with happiness for arnav, the pain is what she took to save arnav. Arnav her love. Does he is her first love. Then who mr singhania, who is that person whose dream still haunt her, why his heart decline to think of raj . did her heart know any piece of her forgotten memory which her mind not.She sacrificed for raj, took pain for him, loved him,  also get change for him. But then also she not got that happiness that she get with arnav. If that was not love what was that.

She lift her face to sky. Where same stars were twinkling like on that day, when ansh told her to be happy, give her lesson which every mother give to her daughter when she go to another house. It was same shine, she was decorated as bride in like this only. That day she was looking so much beautiful and all were like dreams, When pari get into her past, starting leaving that moment of anxiety, happiness, fear, all in one she also not came to know, as her imagination took more charge on her she slowly drift into sleep, now fully in hands of her illusion. But less she know is that dream also contain the biggest pain of her life, it that pain that is the first memory she want to erase, but it is only with her as last memory of her past.




 Arnav bent down not bothering abput her injred legs,

And forwarding her hand asked pari

Arnav: mrs pari arnav singh raizada will you marry me again, will you be mine forever.

Will you give me permission to make me partner in your all pains and love me more than me as each secong of our life passed

Will you

Pari: yes

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full past last update 

on 9 november 


aisha: reports

pari: whom 

aisha: raj 

pari snatch it fastly and shocked to read 

aaisha: according to it raj  is having a hidden mental disease. if he get possesive about something he will get it anyho, and if  he hate someone or irritated then he can even kill her. 

in short he is severe stage mental patient. 

pari: hey devi maiya what i put khushi into,i have tos ave her. 

i have to go out from her

sarkar and pari convo, 

sarkar: common miss pari dont be angry. see this is mere business. i told your khushi to kill you but she not fullfilled it. and denying from it. saying that you are goood person 

boe this all not work in professional know 

so either you come here and free her or i will free her and child forever. 

pari: dont you think of it you want me i am coming there. 

only aisha that can witness from far in running ca that a black colored car probably pari is scratching through land hit the petrol filled tumbler fastly and  then flowing in air and dripping two three round get hit to tree and then blast. 


link to latest note :

references of update given 

pari in hospital

first date

arnav make bridal dress


this i snot useful to next udate 
but this llink is about how pari became after her marriage break 
it will be useful in other update 

pari past wedding day

it is how pari found death 
again helpful in future update

also qupted all in previous update and note . 

and do vote to see prologue of 

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tiahalder IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 October 2012
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Posted: 16 October 2013 at 1:33am | IP Logged
I'll wait for your shop to open..and all the best for exam..!

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 November 2012
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Posted: 16 October 2013 at 1:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tiahalder

I'll wait for your shop to open..and all the best for exam..!

soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 October 2013 at 7:08am | IP Logged
updated the update

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 October 2011
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Posted: 16 October 2013 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
well he better win her warna morcha le karr jana padega
so he will loose her for sure
and will have to pay for his past deeds
but and thats the main thing he will have her in the end too
yes she truts him and so does he
and that will matter when the truth comes out dont forget arnie
wow loved his surprise
well he sure knows how to woo his lady dont he
hmmm reminding them of their first night huh#
he is really very naughty sometimes
well most of the times i tell ya
yup he is being too naughty well he should pay for it now
aisa koi karta hai kya well its his right naa
ahhh her past is making a come back too
and it seems that what she did caused many troubles for her but well what should she do
hmmm this project is big and involves so much risk too right but she didnt stop
but the person pari is she never can stop
raj love has now been shadowed with that of arnie and this too is very potent
did she ask rehan to look after khushi
awww this is why he stopped wow man who would have thought he would be so romantic that was just beautiful gift he gave her
well she said was right for now and later
that her past doesnt matter all that matters is that she loves him
okay so she was with rehan and pari took her away with her
and not for anyone else but the child she is gonna have
khushi dont say silly things like that this is pari not someone else dont mess with her
though i agree with rehan what he said
arnie control mate at least you are married to her properly
well arnie guess she got her answers but will you though
oh ya rehan was her as in khushi brother but pari didnt know that
hope chahat is okay though
well the storm has to come any way
so she might as well do it soon
ahhh the lehenga designed by her sis huh
okay it wasnt that it was just chahat throwing khushi out well trying to
did she just say those words when she herself crossed all the boundaries
poor aarav though i so feel for him
man this arnie kuch jayada hi romatic mood mein hai
but then might as well enjoy this while we can right
oh god chahat your words came true too in a way dear
but this khushi wont get anything in the end too except death
awww the way he made her wear all that
well at least he saw her as his bride now when it happens again is for later
oh pari khushi that wasnt your true love this one is
and it will break her even more if he doesnt come for her
but he shall in the end
so the full truth of past will be here huh cant wait

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 October 2013 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
wow superb update loved it thank you for pm.

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alicia212 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 October 2013 at 3:58pm | IP Logged
wow great story plz update soon
it's awesome and good luck on your exam
thanks for the pm

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venkata IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2013 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
Awesome update. Very long. But you have a exams. Plz concentrate on that. All the best for the exams. Really loved the update.

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