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arshi new ff truth - trust inquest updated on page 1 (Page 110)

soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2013 at 7:06am | IP Logged
today update not have much arnav khuhsi scene but this scene are relevant for move the story ahead 
if after reading you all think it was not neccessary 
do write to me and share your disappointment 
but read he update 
like and comment 
as it too need same amount of time and work to 
and i think today update is important to see other aspect of story too 

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Pari: unka phone nahi lag raha hai

(di his phone is not connecting)

Pandit: beta bachi ka naam rakhne ke liye uski bua ko bulaiye

(please call your sister in law to keep child name)

Anjali face fell,

Nani: panditji Anjali bitya humare sivay koi nahi kya hum mai koi naam rakh sakta hai.

(panditiji we are only Anjali family cannt someone from us fullfill this ceremony)

Pandit ji: ha kyun nahi


Anjali: nani hum chahate hai humari bachi ka naam unki asli maa, jinke karan aaj voh humari zindagi mai hai. Khushiji ,humari bachi ka naam aap rakhe.

(nani I want that person to keep my daughter name because of whom my child is alive today . that khushuji keep name of my daughter)

Pari: hum nahi di yeh aapka haq hai

(no di it is your right)

anjali: please, hum chahte ki humari beti aapki parchai bane, aapki tarah acchi aur sachi bane, humesa sirf khushiya bate.

(please I want that my child become your shadow, like you honest and good, and always spread happiness only)

(dedicated to my inspiration chavvi and anjumenon,angel and all readers who were till now with me)

pari: toh inka naam chavvi anjali raizada rakh dete hai, aapka ansh aur pari ki parchai. Jiska mann saaf  ho aur joh sabko sirf khushiya batteingi.

(so why not keep her name chavvi Anjali raizada, your part and pari shadow. Whose heart will be pure and who keep all happy)

Mami: very rightly saids phatis sari

Nani warn mami

I mean khushi bitwa

Nk: wow lovely name khushiji

Anjali: thanks, isse aacha uska koi naam nahi ho skata tha

(there cannt be any other name better than this)

Nani: ha beta bahut aacha naam hai

(yes khushi it is lovely name)

Pari: dhanyawaad nani

(thanks nani)


Kyun choti sehzadhi aapko naam kaisa laga

(so new princess did you liked your name)

She ask while giggling chaavi, in return she laugh and played more with her.

Ansh phone rang, she was khushi who informed him that their car had got in some problem, and they are still on way ansh call driver and tell him to reach the spot. Ansh thought it better to be leave fast from here as he first time left chahat alone at home  though raj being there is no help and also he wil get to kknow about aisha and khuhsi journey, it so long they have been step out and till not there call of safe landing came.

He move with a small gift towards Anjali.

Pari: I should call arnavji once more(pari thought) and get up to call arnav again

Ansh: miss raizada for you

Anjali was surprised and happy too see ansh there

Anjali: thanks sir I was of no hope to come you here

Ansh: me too but then yo said that pari will happy if I live my life normally so I am just trying it.

May I

He asked asking for permission to hold the baby.

Anjali: offcourse

Ansh found it most adorning baby and fo anjli too was surprised seeing ansh handle the children so nicely, but why not as he has very well handle his two princess sisters from their childhood.

Chavvi too end search for warmth in ansh arms.

Ansh : mis Anjali aahh actually I don't know much about the women stuff

But I think this gift will be one you wanted 

Arnav was returning from the meeting for seeshmahal, when she saw a cute little girl in middle of road asking for lift. He stop the car, and get out. The girl was none other than khushi(junior). She was standing in middle of road in front of arnv car, with bag on shoulder and hands on waist and face covered with lots of anger.

Khushi: itni der lagata hai koi aane mai

(you have took so much time to come here why)

Arnav: excuse

Khushi: quiet(scolding), wait mai abhi ansh mamu ko phone karti hu ohi aapko lesson sikhayege.

(wait I will call ansh mamu now he will teach you lesson)

Arnav: what the,  who are you and how you can give me order,

Khushi: hey devi maiya, lagta hai aap yaha naye hai ,kaise driver hai aap, aapko pata nahi hum kaun hai,, hum khushi rathore hai, jab kisi ko pata chale ga ki aapne humse iss tarah se baat ki toh voh aapko bahut datege.

(hey devi maiya , it sem you are new here, how you are like this, you know who I am khushi rathore, if anyone came to know that you talked to me like this then he will scold you )

 Arnav: (in his breath)  lagta hai devi maiya ke saare fan mere hi pale padhte hai

(it seem all fan of mighty devi maiya collide with me only)

Khushi: kya kaha aapne

(what did you say)

Arnav: nothing so aap yaha akeli hai ki aapke saath aur koi bhi hai

(nothing, so you are here alone no one is there with you )

Khushi: ohfo, hum ghar se aisha masi ke saath nikle the na toh unke saath hi hogi.

(oh god I came out of home with aisha masi na so she is with me )

Arnav: (think): aisha, khushi rathore... he remember( hi I am chahat rathore)

Oh toh yeh bala doctor aisha ki hai.

(oh so this problem is of doctor aisha)

Ya remember, now where is your masi.

(ok so now where is your aunty)

Khushi: arre baba aap driver hai ki chahach chaudhari, question pe question app ghadi mai bhdhege toh hum masi ko dhundhege na.

(oh god you are driver or cacha chaudhary. Your question not end only if you not sit in car then how we will find anunty)

 Arnav: ok

Khushi run and open arnav car door, must to his surprise, but before he could ask her she come back to her car and take out devi maiya photo with her and place on her reserved seat in arnav car, that slowly filled with her waterbottle, drawing book nd all stuff, then she come to arnav who was still shocked and confused what to do, 

Ansh was about give her gift when few gossiping caught his hand and also extracting other ears on it,

They were talking rubbish for pari who was also not far by them that is intentionally to make her and anjali hear it.

Mrs gupta: dekh rahi hai aap kya jamana aagaya pati ko gaye 1 saal bhi nahi hua aur yeh yaha sab kuch bulakar naye dost bana rahi hai.

(see what time came here, her husband death had not completed 1 year also and she isbusy in making new friend)

Mr Mehta: arre ghar mai jab bahu ke chal chalan hi aache nahi toh beti ko kyun dosh dena.

(when their daughter in law in only having loose character then why to blame other)

Nani: yeh kaisi baat kar rahe hai aap humari betiyo ke bare mai, hum aapko yaha apni khushiyo mein samilit hone ke liye bhulaya hai, humare jakhm par namak chidakane ke liye nahi.

(how you all can talk like for my dughters, we have call you to bless them on our happiness not to hurt us and make us remember our bad days)

Mrs singh:  humne toh yeh bhi sunna hai ki inki bahu ke karran hhi shyam ji ki jaan gayi hai, isne pehle shyamji ko apne pyarr ke jaal mai phashya aur phir saara dosh unhi par dal diya.


(I have also listened that first their daughter in law trap shyam in her love and then put al blame on him)

Anjali and all fell embarrassed with low thinking of their relative, ansh too was in anger as he know what and how this situation are very well some old memory of him were freshen up by their help, the argument increases inspite of warning and request by raizada member, some guest cross their limit. Pari who controlled her till now being cannt take any more

Decide to move out.

She was walking toward her room with her back infront of the hall where function was taking place, she was in so hurry that not notice a blopper in way and hit her leg with it, and was to fall when some one held her shoulder.

Ansh hold pari by her shoulder, pari back still facing his front.

Ansh: aap thik hai

(are you alright)

A strange fear and elation tug inside her heart. Those three words seem to be so familiar, she can still recognise his voice how can she forgot her brother voice who is the only family to her. But what he will do here, certainly her imagination are shaping up in her mind and showing her illusion

She only node.

Anjali: khushi ji aap thik hai

(khushiji are you alright)

Pari node again.

The feeling of  someone close not been denied by ansh too, she don't know wh but touch of the girl whomhis hands are there making him remember about her small gudiya who kep on falling and he has to run before him to catch her.

But this time it is more important to answer the society. 

Khushi: arre dekh kya rahe hai aap, jaldi se sare bag ghadi mai rakho, aur ohir aisha masi ko dhondne jana, aur humare liye ice cream bhi lana, hume bahut bhook lagi hai.

(what are u seeing. Keep all bag in car fast, then we will go to search aunty and then you take me to eat ice cream, I am very hungry)

Arnav: yes mam, anything else.

Khushi: no

Aisha: khushi

Khushi run to aisha.

Aisha: baat mat kariye humse aap kaha chaligayi thi hume chod kar humne mana kiya tha ider uder bhagne se

(don't talk to me where were you gone leving me alone, I told you not to go here and there then too you )

Khushi: hum driver se baat kar rahe the

(I am talking to driver)

Aisha: driver kaha

Arnav: goodmorning mam, hello I am your brand new driver recently appointed my this beautiful and crazy lady

Aisha: mr raizada aap

Arnav: hi

Aisha: I am sorry, yeh khushi bhi na paagal hai kuch bhi karti rehti hai

(she is made do anything)

Arnav : it okay and I am use to It

Actually mere ghar mai bhi ek kkhushi bikul inke jaisi bus thodi is lambi.

(actually in my house too there in khushi only little big then her)

Aisha and arnav both laugh, and khushi hide behind aisha.

Khushi: sorry.

Arnav: it okay waise aap ja kaha rahe hai

(where are you going)

Khushi: angel se milne

(to meet angel)

Ansh hold pari hand and answer other.

Ansh: toh aapko yeh problem hai ki Anjali ji apne pati jinhe inko dhokha diya, inh marne ki koshish ki aur jo kuch bhi kiya uske bavjhud bhi unki yaad mai roye or chup chap ghar mai bedhi rahe kyun unki kya glati hai . Aur aap khushiji ko kis karan se doshi bata rahe hai, yeh kaha likha hai ki ek ladke ko apne aur aakarshit karne ke liye sirf ek ladki hi zimmedar hai, khot uss ladke ki nyat mai bhi ho sakta hai.

(so what is the problem you have with Anjali, that the husband who betrayed her, try to kill her, why she is not siting in house and crying in his rememberence. And khushiji how she is in crime is thee anywhere written that reaon of boy lust is always a girl, why he cannt be at fault)

Mr Mehta: arre jab tumhe in duniya ki riti riwazo ke bare mai nahi pata toh bbich mai mat bolo, agar ek bar rishta jhud jaye toh usse nibana hi padtha hai

(you when not know about all rituals then not interrupt in between, once relation is made it is to be followed forever)

Ansh: aapko jab iss situation ke bare mai nahi pata toh aap kuch mat boliye, Kya janti hai aap kaisa lagta hai jab voh insan jis par aapne itna bharosa kiya voh aapko dhokha de de. Kya hota hai uski family ka uss ladki ka.Anjali bahut lucky hai ki unke pass unka pariwaar, unki beti hai,aur voh jinda hai, har kisi ki aisi kismet nahi hoti.

 (when you are not aware of the situation then not talk. What you know how it feel when the person you tusted more he only stabs on your back. What happen to that family and that girl. Anjali is very lucky that her family is with her, her daughter is alive, all not have that fortune)


Aisha quickly silent her keeping hr hand on khushi mouth.

Aisha: iska matlab hai mrs raizada, actually aapki wife bikul pari jaisi dikhti hai isliey

(she mean mrs raizada your wife look like angel)

Arnav: voh toh hai, par khushi nai tumhe kab invite kiya, aur yeh usse kaise janti hai

(but when khushi invited you an dhow she know her)

Aisha: voh Anjali ji ne hume invite kiya.aur aapki wife jis school mai padhati hai yeh bhi usi school mai padhti hai

(anjaliji invited us, and your wife do job In same school where khushi study)

Arnav: oh I see

Arnav and aisha were talking when khushi pull down aisha stole indicating her to come down.

Khushi: masi se yaha se khishak lete hai, yeh unkle na bahut sawal puchte hai bikul chacha chaudhary ki tarah.

(let run from here, this unkle ask lots of question like chahca chaudhary)

Aisha: chup


Arnav: chaliye I will drop you , waise bhi mai bhi venue pe hi ja raha hu.

(come I drop you)

Aisha: thanks

 In way

Khushi was busy in playing with her doll with arnav stoling galnces of her cuteness and crazyness, but when khushi notice arnav looking at her doll and her she quickly covered her doll with stole of aisha, as If preventing her doll from his look.

Arnav: smiled.  Unbelievable.

Khushi: stop

Car stops with sudden halt

Aisha: kya hua bacha aapko kahi lagi kya.

(what happened did you in pain)

Khushi: masi icecream

Khushi show them an icecream vendor with her finger.


 He move to Anjali and open his gift

Yeh aapka appointment letter, Anjali aaj joh bhi hua usse muje koi fark nahi padhta par iss job ko naa lekar tumhe loss zarur hoga.  ek baat yaad rakhna ki jis din tum independent ho jaogi apni ek pechaan banaogi toh yahi log tumhe palko par bidha dege aur agar yahi kadhi rahi toh isse tarah tumhe tumhari nazar se girate rahege. Baki faisla tumhara hai

(this is your appointment letter. Anjali I don't care what happened today, this job is your need not my and remember if you choose this and stand on your own feet this same people will praise and if stand here only the will keep abusing you)

Anjali: but sir joh task aapne muje diya voh toh pura hua nahi

(but I have not finish the task you gave)

Ansh: agar tumhe lagta hai ki  mai tumhare saath biased ho raha hu toh tum sahi ho, lekin usi wajah  tum nahi uski wajah meri jaan hai, meri behen. Jo tumhari hi tarah in hi halato ka shikaar ho gayi fark itnahai ki voh iss duniya mai nahi aur tumm zinda ho, aur tumhare pass wajah bhi hai zindagi ki tumhari beti. Aage

( if you think I am biased with you you are right, but it reason it not you it is my life my sister. Who like you trapped into bad fortune and die, this is only difference between you both, ayou have reason to live your life, rest)

Its all upto you. Bye

He takes blessing from nani and says her goodbye

Nani : maaf karna beta ap pehli baar yaha aaye aur yeh sab

(I am sorry for all this)

Ansh: aap guilty feel mat kariye agar aapko apni beti par bharosa hai toh aapko kisis se darne ki zurrat nahi.

(you don't feel guilty trust on your daughter and not fear from any)

Ansh leave but stop seeing pari standing alone in dark who walked out of function while ago

Pari: thanks

Ansh: it ok

Aap mind na kare toh ek baat bolu

(if you not mind can I say something)

Pari: ji

Ansh: sach takleeb deta hai, aanso lata hai, par ek sach yeh bhi hai ki sach ko koi nahi chupa sakta. Agar aap sahi hai toh aapko dusri ki fikar nahi karni chaiye, agar aap sach ke raste pe chale ti hai toh raah mai kitni bhi problem aaye akri mai jeet appki hoti hai.

(truth is a play of pain,gift lot of tears, but this is also true that no one can escape from it. If your right then don't think about other. If you walk on this way you will always win never lose)

 Aisha( angry) : khushi abhi nahi.

(not now)

Khushi: I am hungry.

Arnav: aisha let it be, but there is deal,

Khushi: kaisi                                               

Arnav: aapko apni doll se meri dosti karvaani padegi.

(you have to make me friend of your doll)

Khushi nervously looks at her doll, then biting her lips she nod

Khushi: par only for 15 minute

Arnav: ok

Aisha: I am so sorry mr raizada she is spoilt brat, sorry

Arnav: actually I am enjoying, more because she is copy of my wife,

Aisha smiled weekly, with fear if arnav will know khushi truth.

Then arnav take her to ice cream palor. Khushi jump seeing so many icecream and clap her hands, then she got into choosing the flayor from boucher, with little on her chin, she pout her lips for the rejected flavour and carvefollow with liping water fon her lips which come seeing her favourite flavour, Arnav adored her from far, which was not gone unnoticed by aisha

Aisha: you like kids

Arnav: no not before khushi I mean my wife cam to my life, infact if she will know abouth this all she wwill faint with shocked, but love changes all

 Aisha: it is evident

Arnav: and I like this changes, even we are waiting for our first child news eagerly, finger crossed

Saying this arnav went to help khushi, leaving aisha in tension

Aisha( to herself) : pari pregnant, oh god,pari please tell mr raizada whole truth or bfore it get too late how I make him explain that what will happen if his wish will come true. This truth is relaed to that night which pari only not remember how I explain arnav about it. I have to take steps before it too late, and we losse pari again. 

 Pari was confused how can there be so simirality between two diff person, his brother too say her this.

Pari: promise.

Ansh: what

Pari realize she is not in past

Pari: thanks for help

Ansh leaved but came back must to his surprise too.

Ansh: voh hu

he keep his hands on pari head and bless her

ansh: best of luck .

pari try arnav again

pari: please arnavji pick it up, aaj hum aapko sab kuch bata kar hi rahege. 

 Arnav on his knees

Arnav: so junior khushi kaunsi icecream pasand aayi aapko

(so which icecream you liked)

Khushi: ha hume ghod mai udhaiye

(pick me in arms)

Arnav: kya


Khushi: please udaiye na

Arnav does what she said and make her stand on platform of palour.

Khushi: unkle hum eek pink,ek white, uske upar chocolate or bahut sari cherries, on top cream dla kar dejiye.

Vendor see at arnav, arnav nod. And khushi get her favourite icecream, she get happy and kiss arnav cheek

Khushi: thank you

Arnav: welcome


(lets go)

Finally arnav reach to seesh mahal.

Arnav:   come

Aisha:  one second mr raizada

Aisha clean khushi face and grabbing the oppournity t o talk to khushi, he explain her.

Aisha: you remember your promise you will not tell pari mom here.

Khushi: ok

(khushi become sad)

Aisha kisses her forhead

Aisha: good girl

Khushi simply wrap her on aisha arm, keeping her chin on her shoulder.and legs on her waist.

Arnav: what happened .

                                                Aisha: nothing, voh safar se thak gayi isliiey.

                                                (she is just tired)

Payal as see aisha entering. Fastly take pari to door

Pari: arram se payal , aisi halat mai aapko bhagna nahi chaiye.

(carefully payal you should not run in this state)

Payal: sorry, par aapka gift aagaya.

(your gift came )

Payal show her to aisha from window, pari was happy and surprised too

                                                 Pari: thanks

Aisha came in

Aisha: hello mrs raizada, how you doing,

Pari: fine thanks for coming

Khushi face lit up listening pari voice she turn her face and was about to throw her on pari but stopeed, remmbriing her promise.

Khushi: goodmorning miss

Payal: yeh kaun hai

(who is she)

Khushi: jiji yeh pari ki beti hai, khushi rathore,

She said emphasing the word khushi, making her know that she is her sister child.

Payal: khushi( payal whispered with tears in her eyes)

Arnav: aisha soory I have to leave actually little tired, khushi please upppar chalo,

Pari: hum voh


But before she protest arnav drag her to room. 

Payal: beta humare pass aayo.

(come to me )

 Khushi see at aisha.Aisha say yes Khushi go in arnav arm. Payal hug her tight, and kiss her on all face, khushi not say anything just wipe her tears from her small hand, payal kiss her palms

Bikul khu

Aisha plead her

Humara matlab hai apni maa par gayi hai

(I mean she is like her mom)

Khushi: i hume garden mai kehle jana hai.

(I want to go in garden)

Payal does so and khushi run to garden, aisha too go behind her but stop by payal.

Payal: thanks apne jo bhi khushi aur humare liye liya

(thanks for everything you done for khushi)

Aisha: dekhiye meine jo bhi kiya sirf apni dost pari ke liye kiya, varna aapki behen khushi ne toh kuch bhi kehne ya karne ki gunjaish hi nahi chodi thi. Excuseme muje sham ke liye tayaar hona hai.

(see whatever I done only for my pari. Whatever your sister did after that thre was no choice of second cahce. Excuseme I have to get ready for evening)

Khushi was playing in garden when a throne stuck in her feet, she cry.

Aisha: dekha kaha than a humne ider uder mat khudha karo ab lag gayi na

(see I told you to not run here and there now you got hurt)

Ansh: aisha

Ansh speak seeing aisha and khushi here while he was going back to delhi.

Aisha: bhai aap ider

(bhai you here)

Ansh go to khushi

Kitni exhaust dikh rahi, aur kadpe bhi saare karab ho gyae kiske

(you look so tried and your clothes too all got dirty how)

Aisha: voh icecream

Ansh: what aapne icecream khayi voh bhi bahar ki. Jante hai kitne bacteria hote hai unme

(what you ate icecream of outside you know how many bacteria it has.)

Aisha isliey mai khushi ko bahar le jaane se mana kar raha tha .

(that is why I not agreed khushi to go out)

Aisha: relax bhai doctor mai hu aap nahi, khushi ko kuch nahi hoga.

Ab app ghar jaiye waha bhi pooja hoggi.

(relax bhai I am doctor not you, you go home and relax there must be pooja too)

Ansh: nahi muje nahi lagta khushi aur tumhara akele rehna thik hai. I will stay

(it will be not right to leave  you and khushi here alone)

Aisha: nahi

(aisha scream)

I mean it not needed bhai, waha aapki jyada zarurat hai, chahat ko I promise I will take care of my and khushi,

Ansh: ok if u insist. Par wapis akele mat aana, ok muje phone kar dena

(but don't come alone in return,  call me)

Aisha: ji

Nk: don't worry mai aisha ji ko fak duga

(I will throw aisha ji)

Aisha slap her own face,

Nk: (thought) oh god, iss half fried hindi ke bhoot ko yaha kyun bheja

(why you send him here)

Ansh: sorry

Nk: its ok don't worry

Aisha: nk shhh

Bhai he meas drop

Ansh : aur voh kis khushi mai

(and why)

Nk: khushi kaunshi khushi aapki ya meri

(which khushi your one or ours)

Ansh: chodna tumhe hai toh tumahari hi khushi offcourse

(you have tp drop so your khushi only)

Nk: but muje khushiji ko nahi chodna

(but I don't want ot drop khuhiji)

Aisha: bhai yeh paagal hai, din bhar majak karta rehta hai, aap jaiye na hum aapko call karte hai

(bhai he is mad all time crack jokes yo go I will call)

Nk: but I was

Aisha: khushi come lets go inside

Bye bhai

Ansh: bye

Khushi: bye mamu

Ansh: come here

He kisses khushi cheek.

Ansh: ok now be good girl okay, and take care of masi and don't be naughty, promise

Promise, and kiss him too

Nk: oh emotional

Nk : wait aisha I too

Nk was also in wish to follow her if aansh would have not hold her collar from back

Ansh: aisha se kuch kam hai ,

(any work from aihsa)

Nk: nahi no never no chane =

Mai toh bas general khatidari

She is our guest so just helping her out

Ansh: no need.

Voh apni help khud kar sakti hai.

So keep distance

Nk got firtened

Nk: offcourse one arm distance

Actually I will only not enter the area she is in

You don't worry

Bye bye

Safe distance


And run from there

Ansh: cartoon

 Arnav:  khushi yeh kya hai

Pari: kya

Arnav: 30 miss call. I mean seriously I told you I was in meeting

Pari: sorry but baat aisi hi thi

Arnav: ok tell

Pari: isse pehle aap humse shadi kare hume aapko batana hai ki

(before marriage I want to tell you that)

Nk, and akkash and all other bump into room. Arnav see them in anger

Akash: sorry bhai yeh nkk bbhai lekar aaye, nk bhai aap bhi na chaliye

(nk lets go from here)

Pari was getting irritated

Pari: arnavji hum yeh keh rahe the ki

(arnavji I was telling that)

Nk:  oh nanav hum yaha jane ke liye nnhi balki tumhe le jaane ke liye aaye hai

(nanav we not came to go we came to take you)

Arnav: muje kyun

(why me)

Aakash: voh nani ne kaha hai ki ab aap aur khushiji shadi hone tak ek dusre ko nahi dekh sakte

(nani told that till marriage you cannt see khushiji )

Arnav: wht rubbish

I don't believe this ok

Nani: par hum karte hai chote  aur aapko humari baat manni hogi bas

(but you have to listen and agree to it chote)

Arnav: fine

Nani: khushi bitiya aayea hum aapko mehendi laga de

(khushi come I apply you mehendi)

Pari: ji

Nani leaves

Nk: chhalo nanav

Nk drag arnav but his eyes was fix on pari only which were about to wet, he never saw her so shattered and worry, he thought she will be the most happiest person listening about their marriage but from the time he old her she is so tense and sad tht now he to getting afraid of the her silence


Pari: arnavji hume aapse baat karni hai aur abhi hi karni, uske bina hum faire nahi lege,

(arnavji I want to talk to you an dthat too now, else I will not finish this rounds)

Mamiji: kaunsi talks phati sari, pari rathore ke bare ai ya apni beti ke bare mai

(whih talks pati sari, about pari rathore or your daughter)

Ansh and Anjali in car

Ansh: don't worry we will reach on time

Anjali: humse itni badi galti kaise ho sakti hai humne letter kaha rakh diya, agar voh kisis ke haath lag gaya toh, saari galti humari hai hum agar unhe sach kehne se mana nahi karte toh aaj yeh sab nahi hota.

(how can I be so silly, I lost the letter if some one find it it all my fault I have only said her to hide the truth)





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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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hi all buddy my new id 
and give me chance to edit your 
favorite moment

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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hi all soon i ma planning to open a chat club 
which will full ipkknd adda
you can share videos 
invite your friend 
share your stories 
play game 
request stories or 
ff you want 
even start your 
also can discuss your thought 
and things about related to 

so please press like if anyone interested with 
any ideas to share Big smile

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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free gif of ipkknd 

for more request and buddy sovini creation 

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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fast rest your comment for update 
today at night Big smile

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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shall wait for same

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by chavvi16

shall wait for same


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