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arshi new ff truth - trust inquest updated on page 1 (Page 109)

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Originally posted by RSanaya71

Nice updateClap


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Originally posted by Meem01

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Originally posted by Meem01

aww many nice and cute moments! loved it!

thanks memo it is rare to see you
but happen happy to
find your comment
if possible
keep visiting

My pleaser!
aww! That's a new name for me 'memo' :)Big smile
My cousins, friends call me with various version of Meem!
Mimi, memon, Mimi chocolate nd what not! Bt first tm gt a new nm frm IF buddy! Yay!
I know sorry for nt commenting frequently! Sometimes I dnt get tm to comment and later I forget to comeback nd comment! Holding my ears sorry!
Love your story :) keep it up!

its ok dear
jst when anyone comment i come to know more about her 
thanks for reply

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all update on monday 

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update most probably today so rest for it Big smile

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waiting for the update...

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Originally posted by Meem01

waiting for the update...


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update tomorrow night and pm on monday til then happy raabaa vey 

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hi all please like and comment 
not done proof reading 
sorry for mistake

It was now evening; pari was still gathred with crowd and only crowd around her. As to title them as friend or family or love they should be considered but as of now pari is in her own world of truth and false. For the first time her hert is saying to be selfish, it is fear or cowarness she not care. But both are rooted out from the uncertainty to nderstand the reaction of ASR. Her arnavji for once can forgive her but ASR will never forgive such person who had played with his world like this, though it was a play of faith but was played by the oe whom he trusts. Trust,faith, lie, fear all seems as if any past wave is hit back to take her in blow of it. He same day, same tiem, same happiness, and same bride just the difference was of side of coin. On that day it was raj whose lie was tossed with pari love and today, it was pari lie tossed with that love of arnav. But in all losers is faith.

Aisha: pari tum thik ho

(pari are you alright)

Pari nod no

Aisha: itna stress apki health ke liye aacha nahi, sach toh batana hoga na, hum kisi jhooth ke basis pa nayi shuruvat toh nahi kar sakte hai

(we have to tell truth we cannt start new thigns on the base of false state)

 Pari: aur agar shuruvat hi anth tak jaane ka rasta hi toh.

( and if beginning is the way toward end)

Aisha: aap pehle se hi galat kyun soch rahi hai, pari hume arnavji ke aakhon mai aapke liye joh pyaar dekha hai voh iss choti si sachai se kahi bada hai.

(pari why are you thinking bad from start only,  have seen emmense love in arnav eyes for you, it cannt be faded off with this small truth)

Pari: aur humne uss arnav ko ASR bante hua dekhtha, jab humne pehle unka trust thoda tha.

(and I have seen that arnav becoming asr when I mishandled her faith)

Aisha: ho sakta hai par aapne uss pati ko nahi dekha joh hospital ke ward ke samne uss ladki ki eke k saas ki bikh mang raha tha, joh puri tarah se uski patni bhi nahi thi, jab toh usse bhi nahi pata tha ki voh us ladki se kitna pyaaar karta tha. Pyaar se haath chudna itna aasan nahi hai pari hume pura yakeen hai ki aapke sach se shayad aap dono ke saath mai muskhil aye par yeh saath rahege humeshaa.

( might be you are right.

But you have not seen that husband who was sititng in front of hospital praying and begging for each breath of her not even full wedded wife, he even not know that he love that girl is not eas to shove off hand from love. I know by this truth you both will have some differences but it is not so bg that you will separate. It will your love only that wins and will always keep you both together)

Pari: agar pyar mai itni takat hoti hai toh phir humara pyar raj ko kyun nahi dikha.

(if love is so powerful then why raj not see that)

Aisha: hum sache pyar ki baat kar rahe hai pari, raj aur aap ke bich kya tha Hume nahi pata par ha joh junnon, care, pyaar, possessiveness meine arnavji mai dekhi hai aapke liye voh raj mai kabhi nahi dekhi. Isliye raj aur arnavji ka koi comparison hi nahi.


(pari I am talking about true love, raj and you come under what name I don't know but the love,care,possessiveness, obsession  I show in arnaav for you I not never show in that on side of raj. That is why there is no comparison of raj and arnavji.)

Pari: pata nahi kya sahi hai par aapke vishwas par hi sahi aaj hum apni zindagi ka sabse bada davv kehlne ko ja rahe hai, bas baki sab devi maiya par hai.

(I myself not know what is right but on your trust I am ready to play biggest move of my life, and whatever its outcome devimaiya's will) 

Mamiji (to Anjali) : Anjali bitiya wheres going so fastly

Anjali : mamiji hum mandir ho kar aate hai, aaj cjote ki shadi hai na toh sab thik se ho jaye isliye

(mamiji I am going to take blessing of god as tody is big day for chote, so that all go good)

Servant: mam devyani mam is asking of baby belongings who forgot her to handle

Anjli: oh ya here thank

Anjali took out required stuff unknowingly dropping off pari letter  that she forgot to tear, at floor.

Anjali leaves

Mamiji: hello hi bye bye, Anjali bitwaa this letter

But anjli was gone far from mami voice, mami turn the letter to see arnav name on it.

Mamiji: arnav bitwaa ko denke padi

(have to give this to arnav)

Mamiji decide to give letter to arnav but same time nani called her so she gone to see her keeping letter in her purse.

Mamiji: aaye sasuma.

Evening time

 Pari was dreesed in bridal wear, entire atmosphere was glittering and blooming with beautiful scent and colors and stars. Turning a no moon nigt too beautiful ang glossy. But the same smile and glow was missing from pari face it was now too late still she can't able to tell arnav truth.

Aisha: pari aap aisa pareshan rahegi toh sabko bina bole hi sab pata chaljayega.

(pari if you will stay so tense everyone will read everything withought your need to tell)

Pari: kash aisa hota pata na humare bina kahe hi sach sabko pata chal jata kam se kam yeh sari pareshani toh khatam hoti

(i wish it could happen. all had known truth without my telling everything would have went right) 

Aisha: yeh sab badme sochaiye ga pehle aap yeh bataiya ki aapne apni dawai li

(think all this later first tell me did you took medicine)

Pari: hum nahi lena

(i not feel to)

Aisha: pari yeh kaisi zid hai aap apni helath ko lekar itni laparwha kyun hai

(pari what is this how you can be so careless for your health) 

Arnav: shuru se aadat hai, mrs raizada ki inhe meri dawai time par dena zarur yaad raheta hai lekin jab khud ki bari aati hai toh bina dawai liye inki tabiyat thik ho jati hai 

(it is her old habit, when i have to tak enedicine she dont even mistakenly do any mistake but when her chance come she get well even without medicine)

Both aisha and pari were shocked seeing arnav there but relieved too

Aisha: yeh liijiye aapki wife aur unki dawa

(so here is your wife and her medicine)

Excuse me

Arnav: thanks

As soon as aisha gone arnav quickly locked the door, and hug pari.

Arnav: miss you

Pari breaking the hug: aap yaha nani ne toh mana kiya tha na (nani had refuse to permit us to meet than how you here)  

Arnav : what the khushi yaha mai sabse chupte chupate tumhare liye aaya hu aur tum romantic hone ki bazah typical biwi ki tarah question kar rahi ho.

(what the 

khushi first i came with so difficulties after hiding from all to you and you instead of doing romance asking question like typical wife to me)

Pehle yeh dawai lo

(first take medicine)

Pari: inhe chodiye pehle aap humari baat sunai

(leave them and listen to me first)

Arnav: right leave your talk and take medicine first 

Pari quickly done with them

Arnav: slowly

Pari: ab thik hai ab toh sunei, 

(now its ok please listen what i am saying)

Arnav: shh

Arnav put finger on pari's lips and pull her closer,with his arms resting on her waist.

Arnav: kitna bolti ho  tum har baar tumhare pass kuch na kuch kehne ko hota hai , lekin ab sirf mai boluga aur tum sunogi, samji

(how much you speak, you have everytime something to tell na but today i will speak and you will be quiet understood)

Come here

He makes her sit on edge of bed, and himself seat on his knees in front of her with her hands in his.

Arnav: I am sorry. 

Chahat play recording

Pari: humme pata hai humare lakh mana karne ke baad bhi aap aaj ke din yeh recording chalu karegi. Humse itna pyar jo karti hai, aaj tak aap humera bina 1 din bhi nahi toh puri zindagi kaise jeagi.chahat maa ke jaane ke baad hum the aapko sambhalne ke liye, aapko pyar dene ke liye lekin aaj un do nanhi chahat ko shambalne ke liye koi nahi hoga na unki maa aur na hum. Khushi aur aapke bache ko aapki zarurat hai, itna toh hum apni behen ko jante hai ko joh bhi ho voh uss insan ke pass tak nahi jayegi jinke karan unki di unse durr hui chahae voh khushi ka ya khud ka  bacha.
(i know even after my lot of no you will play today this recording. you love me so much how can you live without me whole life when you cannot even live for 1 hour. chahat after mom died i was there for you to love you to hold you but today that two chahat have no one around,not there mother nor me. both child need you, i know you very well that she will not even go near that person beacuse of whom her sister life destroyed being her khushi child or your own) 


Pari: arnavji aap sorry kyun bol rahe hai.

(arnavji why are you being sorry)

Arnav: for not listening you

Pari: kya


Arnav: payal aur aakash ki weding ke din, you were right jab maine uss din tumse kuch clarification ke bare mai nahi pucha toh tab bhi puchne ka koi haq nahi tha. (she remember the day when they fought on way while returning from gupta house to rm) usk din tumhari friend ki shadi mai jab meine shyam ke naam ka tag gift wrapper par dekh toh muje bina tumse discuss kiye conclusion nahi lena chaiya tha, muje aapne ego ko side mai karke tumhari baat sun leni chaiye thi har baar uss baar bhi jab nere London jane se pehle tum baar muje samjane aayi.

(during payal and akaash wedding if i had not listened to you i had no right to ask for clarification for it  (she remember the day when they fought on way while returning from gupta house to rm) that day on your friend marriage when i saw shyam tag on gift wrapper and concluded without discussing with you i was wrong. i should left my ego and listen you every time even when i was going to london. wen you came every-time o make me understand) 

Agar karta toh di par yuh baar baar hamle nahi hote, humare bich itni misunderstanding nahi hoti, meri  kidnapping, tumhara girna, aur voh bullet bhi.

(if had done then again and again di would not targeted for being killed, between us it was not so much misunderstanding. my kidnapping, your falling from cliff, and that bullet too all can be avoided)

I am sorry

Pari: arnavji hume toh baat yaad bhi nahi aap aaj yeh sab.

(arnavji i not remember all this then why you) 

Arnav: par mai nahi bhul sakta aur na bhuluga, taki jab bhi mai tumpar barosa nahi karu toh muje apni galti yaad aajaye.

(but i cannt and will not i will remember it always so that i not repeat back my mistake and trust you)

Pari: arnavji aap tab bhi aap hume chot nahi pachucha sakte the aur aaj bhi nahi,Jis tarah aap pehle bhi humare ek pal aapke samne nahi hone par pareshan ho jate the( he remember holi day), kaise humari choti choti chot se pareshan ho jate the(he remember how he hold her for preventing to get hurt),kaise hume dard dene ke baad khud guilt mai jalte the.

Rahi baat humari health ki toh voh bhi jald hi thik ho jayegi, dekhiye kuch dino ke baad toh phirse aapki voh hi bagti,girti,aur paagali si khushi banjayege.

(arnavji you cannt hurt me at that time and even today. like how you got tense when i was not with you for even one second(he remember holi day) how you get on my small wounds. (he remember how he hold her for preventing to get hurt), how after giving me pain you fell guilty of it. 

and about my health then it will get ok, you see in few days i will become your same jumping playing and mad khushi.)

Par ek problem hai

(but there is one problem)

Arnav: what 

chahat scene 

pari:   aap bhul gayi ki ab hum aapke pass nahi hai joh aapki har galti ko sudharti thi, joh aapki zimadari ko pura karti thi, ab aapko khud ki responsibility khud lena sikhna hoga khud ke liye humare lliye hmare  jaane ke baad jitney akele aap ho jayege utne hi bhai, prem or ghar ka har sadshya.

(but you forgot that now i am not with you to guide for your mistake, to take your responsibility. now you have to become sincere and take up your responsibility for your own. for your self, for me, after i will leave as much alone you will become same will be bhai,prem and all family members.)

Ab aapko khushi aur aapke bache ke pari banna hai, prem ke liye uski angel, bhai ke liye unki dono behene aaj se aap hi toh hai,  ma aka sahara bhi, ab pari nahi balki aapko pari ka ainaa banna.

(now you have to become pari for khushi and your child, for prem his friend angel, and for bhai his sister, for mom he daughter. 

now pari is not your reflection you have to become reflection of pari. )

Bahut muskil hoga lekin impossible nahi, joh chahat humeri khushi ke liye puri dunia se ladh sakhti hai voh humare ke liye itna bhi nahi kar sakti.

(it would be very difficult but not impossible. that chahat who can fight from whole world for my happiness she cannt do such little thing to me)

 Chahat: nahi kar sakte di,nahi kar sakte, kyunki chahat pari nahi hai, chahat ke pass itna bada dil bhi nahi ki apni zindagi kho kar dusro ko khush rehna sikhaye. I am sorry shayad hum kabhi bhi aapki icha puri nahi kar payege

(no i cannot do,  i cannot because i am not pari. i dont have a huge heart like you. that i make other happy when my life itself is snatch from me. i am sorry i will never able to fulfill your wish)

 I am sorry 


Pari:  yeh


Pari show his tears to him.

Hum kadosh,sadu,ziddi, paagal raizada ko toh samjh sakte hai,Par aaj kal joh aapne yeh devdas raizada ka chera lag liya voh humse bikul handle nahi kar sakte.

(i can handle angry, mad, and stubborn raizada, but not this devdas avtaar that you had made of yourself)

Arnav: voh mai ro todhi nahi raha tha meri aakhon mai kuch chala gaya tha.Mai tumhare jaise nahi hu joh har baat mai rone lag jau

(i was not crying something was gone in eyes. and i am not like you that cry in each thing) 

Pari: haw apne hume rodhulu bola

(haww you say i cry a lot) 

Arnav: no not at all mera matlab tha ki aap jaisi samjasdhar,sundar,aur pyari ladki muje aur kaha mil sakti hai, koi bhi aapka saath pana chaiyega.

(no not at all i mean that girl like you intelligent, lovely, beautiful i cannt get anywhere, anyone will want to be with you) 

Arnav word made pari remember her rejection by raj

Pari: nahi arnavji yeh zaruri nahi ki hum aache hai, sundar hai samajdhar, aap hume pasand karte ho toh, sab bhi kare.Kya pata agar aapki jagah koi aur hota toh shayad humse pyarr bhi nahi karta.

(no it is not necessary that i am good,beautiful,intelligent, and you like me so all other too do. who know if anyone else would be in your place he would have not done love with me)

Arnav: toh voh uska badluck hai

(then it is his badluck)

Pari: arnavji

Arnav: I am right khushi yeh uska badluck hoga joh tumhe reject karge, you are special very special, aur special chiz har ek kai naseeb mai nahi hoti, aur hoti hai toh koi bhi isse apne haath se jaane nahi deta.

(i am right khushi, it is his badluck hi anyone will reject are special very special, and not everyone is bless with this , and if happen then no one will want to and let you go you from his hands) 

Pari: koi bhi nahi

(no one)

Arnav: koi bhi nahi

(no one)

Pari: koi bhi nahi

(no one)

Arnav: koi bhi nahi, bas uska dimag mere jaise karab hona chaiye

(no one just his mind should be cracked like me)

Pari hit him on his chest and then both chuckle and live the moment together in each other arm, till there was  a knock on door.

Nk: khushiji aapko sab bula rahe hai

(khushiji all are calling you)

Arnav: I swear aaj toh iss nk ka mere haathon khon ho jayega

(i swear i kill this nk today)

Nk: nanav mere bhai khushiji ko aane do baatein karne ke liye toh puri zindagi hai

(nanav mere bhai let lhushiji come you can talk even after all this you both have full life together)

Pari:  aap sab ko bata kar yaha aaye

(you came here after telling to everyone)

Arnav: obiously no, sabko waise pata hi hoga ki mai agar room nahi hu, aur tumhara bhi room lock hai toh hum kaha hoge.

(all will know that if i am not in rooma nd your room is too lock then where we are) 

Pari: ab dekhiye sab humari kaise taang kichege.

(now you see how all will pull my legs)

Nk: khushiji

Pari: nanhe ji aap jaiye hum aate hai.

(nanheji you go i am coming)

Arnavji aap bhi jaiye yaha se hume tayaar hona hai.

(now you go from here and let me get ready)

Arnav: I forgot to tell

Before pari could ask arnav stole a kiss on her lips,

Pari: (blushing): kya kar rahe

(hat are you doing)

Arnav(in her ears): you look ravishing.

Pari: yeh toh aapne kal raat hi bata diya

(this you showed me yesterday night only)

(asked pari with her shy eyes and smile with her rosy cheeks)

Arnav: (pretending to be unknown)

Kya kara tha mine I don't remember, tumhe yaad hai

(what i have done i not remember)

Pari: bikul nahi ab jaiye yaha se,

(not at all go from here)

She said pushing him out.

Arnav: one second

Pari: ab kya

(now what)

Arnav : I forgot to give this

Arnav give her gift that chahat gave him as wedding gift that pari gave chahat on her birthday.

Pari was shocked seeing it 

anjali scene 

Anjali: driver kitni der aur legagi

(driver how much time more it will take)

Driver: mam ghadi thik hone mai time lagega aap hotel se dusri gadi mangva dijiye.

(mam it will take time to repair the car, it will be better if you call for another car from hotel)

Anjali : thike


Anjali open her purse to take out mobile but was shoked to find letter missing, he search in carand everywhere her near by but not get it , then she remember her convo with servant

Anjali: kahin letter jab toh nahi gir gaya, hey bhagwan kisi ke haath agar letter lag gaya toh.Hum chote ko phone karte hai.

(is that letter fallen at that time if it get hold in anyone hand. i should call arnav)

Anjali tried 17-8 times but arnav phone was soming off, she even tried other possible number but all busy, til now she was had got into feared of getting letter in wrong hand, but sh cannt do anything

Anjali: hey bhagwan pariji ki raksha karna humara ek decision unke liye koi problem na khari kar de. 

(oh god help pariji, i fear my one decision not become a problem for her)


arnav and pari 

Pari: yeh baapa ki murti aapke pass kaise aayi

(how you have god ganesha portrayed with you)

Arnav: mere office ke staff ne gift di thi, mai tumhe dena bhul gaya, iss saman ke saath pack kar dena, aur ha jaldi aana..

(it was gifted by my office staff, i forgot to give you. pack this too with our lagguage and come soon)

I cannt wait more to make you fine forever.

Pari gave a weak smile and arna kissed her forhead

Then he leave

Soon when  he leave aisha entered

Aisha: pari aapne baat ki arnavji se

(pari what did you tell to arnavji) 

Pari who was still in shock and surprise for the gift was not listening to aisha voice

Aisha: pari

Aisha shudder her

Pari: kya,


Aisha: hum puch rahe hai ki aapne baat kari arnavji se, sach bataya unhe

(i am asking did you talked to arnavji. about your past) 



Aisha: but why

Pari: I cannt aisha, I don't have courage

Arnavji ne puri tarah unka dil humare haath mai de diya hai, hum unka dil nahi todh sakte I cannt

(arnavji has accepted me in full sense and gave his heart to me i cannt break it) 

Hum kya kare, voh nahi sah payege yeh sab hum kya kare.

(what i do he will not be able to bear the truth) 

Aisha: baapa

Aisha see the potray of ganesha in her hand

 yeh toh bikul chahat ke pass joh hai waisi hai joh aapne unhe di thi

(it is same as you gave to chahat) 

Pari: waisi nahi vohi hai hume pata tha kuch galat zarur hoga 

Aur ho gaya

(no it is the sae i was knowing that today something bad would happen and it happened) 

Aisha: pari aap galat bhi toh ho sakti hai, pehli baat chahat arnavji ki yeh kyun degi, aaj tak usne kisi ko bhi isse haath lagne diya.

(you might be wrong too pari , just think why will chahat would give this to arnav till today is she allowed someone to touch it)

Pari: par


She turned toward mirror.Only to find a biggest truth of the night ,. that was in front of her but she unknowingly not identify.

Pari:(stammer and feared) 

Aisha, yeh lenga yeh lengha toh hub...hubruuu uu waisa hai joh chahat ne humare lye design kiya tha jab humari shadi hone wali thi.

(this outfit is same as chahat designed for my marriage) 

Aisha see it and too get confused 

humare  ek ek jhoot ka iss tarah se samne ane ka matlab kya hai, agar arnavji ko bhi pata chal jayega aur phir se vohi hoga raj ki tarah voh hi hume chod dege

(how come my past and future in colliding like this again and again what is the message behind all this, if arnavji will too leave me like raj after knowing truth) 

Aisha: kyun kya app galat hai.

(why are you wrong anywhere) 

Pari: aap sahi keh rahi hai hum galta nahi hai toh hum kyun dare, bhai humesha kehte the ki chahe kaise bhi hallat ho hume himat nahi harni chaiye, ab hum sab thik kardege waise jaise hona chaiye.

(you are right why i fear if i am not wrong, bhai too tell that we should never thinking of loosing without trying, now i will make everything right how it should be)  

Aisha support pari decision.

Mami: was in her room getting ready,When her eyes fall on pari letter.

hello hi bye bye patisari ka letter arnav bitwa ko dena toh bikul forgot hi kara gaye.Koi nahi shadhi ke baad de dege.

(hello hi bye bye, i forgot to give khushi letter to arnav. leave it i will give after marriage)

She again started her make up.Then a thought came in her mind

Ek baar padh kar dekhe toh sahi, khub maza aayege phatisari ka pav pullings karne mai

(once let read it, i too see what she written in it . lit will be lot of fum in pulling her legs latter) 

She started reading letter.

Arnav was getting very impatient for waiting for pari, and when she finally came in bridal dress, walking slowly, nervousness and fear with little shyness and excitement, witnessing on her face she look like an innocent pure angel blessed to him for his lifetime.

Pari and arnav come face to face, pari lift her eyes up, waiting for arnav to read the pain inside them. But before he or she could say priest call them to exchange garland.

 Pari: arnavji

Preist: pehle ladki ladke ko varmala pehnaia

(first let bride make groom wear the garland) 

Pari do so , but nk and aakash pull him up, teasingly.Pari cannt help but smile, out of the turmoil going inside her, that caant be gone unnoticed by arnav.He come down and bend his head toward pari so that she can put the garland in his neck.And same was done by arnav then.Rituals move ahead preist started chanting holy mantra, all scene was coming in front of pari of her first marriage that was making her more afraid she not have now so much courage to bear all same,She remember how much arnav believe her, what her brother teach her to always say true, her promise to khushi to allow her daughter to say pari mom, and in all her arnavji trust that she broken.First time unknowingly whose punishment made there life hell but will not that life will able to survive.

Priest: beta apna haath aage karo

(child please move your hand to front)

Pari was in thought

Haath aage kariye

Nani: khushi bitwa

Arnav: khushi

Arnav waken her from thought

Pari: maaf kariiyaga


She forward her hand on arnavs hands

aisha: oh god please help i hope in midst of all this pari not remember something which she should not if pari's memory will come back it will be very bad for her. 

For first time arnav caant feel khushi being so close to her, his heartbeat was missing. That magical smile was missing , he thought by doing all this he will make up for his mistake and also it will be biggest and unforgettable gift for her but, her gesture were not giving sign of happiness indeed it is as if

Silence before disaster 

Chahat: I am sorry

Dai maa: chahat

Chahat : maa

Chahat hug dai maa and started crying loudly.

Chahat: aap janti hai maa , bachpan mai jab hum chote the tab hi mumma papa ko khoy diya, bhai ko toh humnee kabhi dekhabhi nahi, voh toh humesha kam ke karan bahar hi the, di ne hi hume maa,papa,aur bhai ban kar sambhala, humare liye voh sab kuch thi, unka saath, unki baatein unhe protect karna yeh sab humari life ka kab inseparable part ban gaya hume pata hi nahi chala, phir raj di ki zindagi mai aagaya aur sab badal gaya, humari di badal gayi, voh humse jyada unpar vishwas karne lagi aur hum di ko bacha nah  paye,

(you know mom, i lost my parents when i was small. and bhai was always out i have never seen him, di was only with me as my dad,mom and brother. she was everything to me. her support,talks,her safety all when become my life inseparable part i not realize. then raj came to di life and everything change my di change, she started trusting on him then me, and i not able to save  him.)

Aapko yaad hai na maa bachpan mai hum ek jagah par bethte nahi the ider uder gumte rehte the aur di humare piche bhagti thi sara time taki hume chot nahi lage, aur mai jab h gir gayi toh unhe shambhal bhi nahi paye,  ab voh kabhi nahi aayegi kabhi nahi.

(you remember mom how when i was child i kept roaming here and there , and di whole time behind me to save me from falling. and when it was my turn to save i failed. now she will never come) 

Prem: soch ka fer hai chahat, tumhare liye joh tumhare muthi mai voh tumhara hai tumhare pass, aur asal mai koi pass ya dur apne sareeer se nahi soche wale ke dil se jata hai, agar voh insan aapke maan mai hai toh aapke pass hai, phir chaye voh humare saath ho ya nah o, hume dikhe ya nahi.

(it is each one thinking for you who is in your hands she in with you near you. and in real someone far or near all depend how much he is near to heart not body. it not matter he is with us or not, we can see him or not.) 

Prem greet dai maa,a dm chahat was angry on seeing him.


                             Arnav squess her hand

Arrnav: pata hai  khushi tumhe mehsus karne ke liye tumhara mera pass hona zauri nahi, par aaj pehli baar aisa hua hai ki tum mere itne pass ho kar bhi  bahut durr ho

Kyun mrs raziada kahin muje chodena ka faisla toh nahi kar diya

(you know khushi i never want you beside me to fell you, but today being so close to me it seem as if you are very far from me. what is plan mrs raizada, are you thinking to leave me) 

Preist: ab aap phere ke liye udh jaiye

(now you both stand up for nuptial round) 

Nani: khushi bitwa aap janti hai pehre shadhi ki neev hote hai, yeh sakshi hote hai pati patni ke vishwas ke, unke pyaar ke, unke saath ke. Aaj se aap sahi manyo mai arnav ki ardhanghani ban jayege.Unka aadha hisa phir aap dono alag alag nahi balki sath chal kar iss rishte ki garima ko badaege.

(khushi you know nuptial round are base of marriage. they are witness of husband and wife trust, their love,their togetherness. now today you will be wife of arna vin real sense. his half part. now you cannt walk separately you both have to leave together forever with each other.and will increase respect of this relationship) 

Arnav: come

Pari step further when she feel  her duppata tug from back, she turned ad found it got tucked into a column made stand for decoration.

She remember


Pari and raj marriage

Preist: ab aap phere lijiye

(you take rounds now) 

 Pari and raj were taking phere, when parri was about to complete her seventh phere chahat hold her hand to stop pari. Pari and other get shocked.

Pari: chahat kya kar rahi hai haath chod mr.singhania mera intezaar kar rahe hai.

(Chahat what are doing leave my hand. Mr. Sinhania is waiting for me)

Chahat: sorry didu par hum aapko k jhoot or dhoke ke bandan mai bhandhta nahi dekh sakte.

(sorry didu but i caant let you tie a false and fraudulent relation) 

                                            Flashback end

Arnav: khushi chalo sab intezaar kar rahe hai

(khushi common everyone waiting) 

Pari: nahi arnavji hum aage nahi badh sakte, hum aapko aur dhoka nahi de sakte

(no arnavji i cannt move ahead i have cheated you)

Arnav: kaisa dhoka

(what you have done) 

Pari to crowd: hum apne pariwar se akele mai baat karni hai. aap yaha aaye hume bahut aacha lage pazr please aap sab hume akela chod de. 

(i want to talk to my family alone, i am gracious that you all cam where for us but please dont mind but we need to talk something in private) 

All crowd leave slowly

Arnav: khushi what all this, yeh kya drama laga rakha hai

Pari: dekhiye arnavji joh hum kehne ja raha hai shayad aapko takleeb ho, lekin hume kehna hoga. sab kuch aise ulajh gaya hai ki

(arnavji whatever i will say now might hurt you. but i have to tell.everything had so much mess that i)

Arnav: speak khushi


Pari: arnavji hum

Khushi: maa

(khushi come from back crying)

All were surprised seeing her like this , aisha came to her

Aisha: khushi kya hua aap

(what happened) 

But mami take her away from aisha

Mami: hum batate hai

(i will tell you)

Nani: manorma aap kya kar rahi hai

(what are you doing manorma) 

Mami; voh hi joh hume pehle karna chaiye tha

(that i should do earlier) 

Mami to khushi:  bachi abhi jaldi se yaha sabko batao tum kya keh rahi thi patishari ke bare mai.

(now quickly tell all here what were you saying about pari)

Aisha and pari can get the situation

Khushi still crying

Pari too got tears in her eyes seeing her daughter condition.

Mami: ab jaldi se bata do varna hum

(tell or i will)

Mami showed hand to her to frighten her

But pari stopped it.

Pari: humari beti se aap aise nahi baat kar sakti aapko joh kehna hai humse kariyee, usse kuch nahi

(no one will talk to my daughter like this, whosoever want to question ask me not her) 

All were shocked listening it, and arnav to be shattered will be very less  for him.

Mami: hum toh pehlee hi samaj gaye pehle tumhara yeh letter padh kar, phir jab yeh bachi tumhari photo dekh kar tumhe maa keh rahi tab.

(i understood when i read the letter and listen khushi telling your photo as mom) 

Khushi: I am sorry mom

Pari kneel down: no you don't  I am sorry

She hug her

Arnav: khushi

That one voice of the preson behind her broked pari to core, how much pain, anger, questioning, and shalen the voice was cannt be measured. Pari fall  down, and strated crying. Aisha take khushi out and making her confromtable return to pari. To stand by her side so that she can face her love.She make pari stand and take er to pari who was standing motionless with bundles of question and why for her.

Pari: arnavji hum khushi nahi hai hum pari hai, Pari ansh rathore. Ansh rathore ki behen aur pca media house ki malkin. Jike bare mai yeh myth hai ki voh mar chuki hai.Khushi toh humare yaha kam karne wali ek employee, jiska humare pheonshe ke saath affair tha, aur kuhu uni ki beti hai.

(arnavji i am not khushi. i am pari rathore ansh ratore sister and pca media house owner. all think i have died in accident and khushi was only a employee in my office and girlfriend of my to be husband.) 

She narrate full story to him.All listened it with stunned face and pity and anger.But arnav was standing a sit is as if not paying heed to her words.

Pari: humara yakeen mania arnavji hum aapko sab kuch pehle hi baatana chahte the par halat hi aisa ho gaye ki hum kuch nahi keh paye, aur phir

(trust me arnavji i wan to tell yo everything from starting but circumstances were such that i cannt and then)

Arnav : you broke my trust

Pari: arnavji

Arnav: leave

Pari: aa

Arnavji:  I said leave

He shouted a loud his voice making pari hope broke

And then leave  from there pushing her aside. 

Precap: guess 

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