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arshi new ff truth - trust inquest updated on page 1

soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
thread 4 
ready with story till now

index 1- thread 1
index 2- thread 2
index 3 - thread 3 
current chapter index 3 post of page 1 Big smile
for new reader story till now 
- below this postBig smile

x_3e3ee3a5 photo x_3e3ee3a5_zps3ffa4666.gif

it is 3rd 

cakes for you

and hug each other
as one more thread of my bad and your patients 
got over 

its happy day 

thanks all for making my journey
so beautiful and i sorry for the pain that i unintentionally given to you all 

lets celebrate the day

love you all 

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
these is my first ff do read and give me a chance 
a husband life partner of the life,our soul mate, our responsibility, our life and world there are many attributes for him. he his known by many name by a rich and handsome, tall and intelligent. and so on. 
but do you have seen any husband who is known as best friend of his wife,who is known as sister,brother,mother and by all the relative name of her. do you see a husband who never leave his wife hand even her past love i confronting him, do you seen any husband who give back her wife prestigious and  fame that was snatch by faith. 
i know arnav singh raizada a man of wealth,fame and success that created a history in love. who not only supported but give back the lost smile of his wife again to her 

though my ff had started earlier but this is a new start. due to many of you gone offfline and for new readers i have given summary till now and now starting the journey again.if you want to read previous chapter index is below in next post and if you are continuing with after summary its index link is at end of this post. due read t once and help to make it better 
i will wait for you 
i am new i will be happy if you scroll you make me your friend

Hi all

Thanks a lot for your warm comment and sorry for not updating and it will late till next week. I want to give a value to my skill before starting again this journey. So you might be wondering that why this note today. Or some might think not again. Relax today it not anything about my problems. It is about revamp of my story. We can say this is the first chapter introduction of my story

Let us start it with theme

Truth ' trust inquest

This ff is inquest of trust who claims to be there between them forever. The wrote is memoir of a girl who was happily living her each moment with her husband till a bunch of blast turned her future towards forest of twilight. Those were pulling her with him away from her life her husband. She can't be with him in spite being present there with him. She also assumes like other that now she has lost him and will have to live aloof.

But he was not smog of her opaque night but an aubade of her life who's mild and blooming ray bless strength and come with promise of new commitment ejecting darkness.

He never loved the artificial things depict of having his world build by them. He is rude, arrogant, cruel but just to hide his golden heart for the right owner. And the day he handed over his heart to her knowing that she is chained by back. He promised that he will be her happiness, love and vigor. Her land wobble he holds her in his arms. She puzzled he mapped her way; she soar her to height that were misplaced by her. Before a Tears escape he wave them away.

 Her identity was snatch by faith then how can she moves ahead with no imprint of her with her own. He said, you not need that. See that reflection in mirror, she search and found there impression blend together shining in a pearly quadrant. She question. He smile and confess. This is your identity my love. Our identity. We will find every lost shadow, it will give us strength to dug out dark secrets of past, it will help you to not become weak in front of your deceit heart.

She asked if this all are mirage like my happiness. He simply put her hand on his heart beating profusely and said look delusion doesn't speak. And like this they cross all hurdle of life by his support and her trust on him.

Trust is that ray of life which break away all dusk, and shine the path that were shaded by darken night.

These is the theme of my story truth where arshi life met with such unknown circumstances which try them hard to separate but there love serve as a weapon for them and they stay together finishing all evil.

Reason of sudden telling the story again:

1 many have left if for this month ad some back month and as now they came back I don't want to burden them with lots of update. So I have given this quick introduction so that at end if they find it interesting can resume reading again.

2 Some lost interest due to my bad moves to story

3 new reader 2-3 my blaster

Arshi di,wiwy di, sohu , and cinnu di

And one more

 reemamariyam (dear can you tell me your age so that I can know you are big from me or not and a cute shortcut of your name for remembrance)

4 and last for those who thought I am not writing about arshi. Seriously my ff is all about them only it is just to spotlight there love I have to create such situation and is doing that only.

Without consuming your precious moment. I start with character sketch. Before that I remind you that this arshi story other character are many but all needed and I will not show there too much scene

First off course

Arnav singh raizada :

He is same rich, spoilt, and rude person. Over possessive for his relation. Love his wife a lot and is a good husband in all manner.

Scene: is waiting for her beautiful wife in marriage aura to marry her with all rituals which was a gift by him. He is totally unaware of hard and painful past of her wife

Rest family of arnav and khushi is same

Pari rathore arnav singh raizada:

Pari is standing today at her most beautiful and long awaited dream her marriage dy. Her love whom she has already made her by giving his soul and her every yard to his love. Today she will be of him legally in front of all worlds. This second of life where each girl think about her after life, blush dreaming her blissful night, smudge there makeup having glimpse of their together morning there cute fight, there sweet tact's to make up with each other. Every girl wanted a friend in their husband, but she got a best friend in him, a protector, her mentor and full life.

If pari love him so much then why she stop him to apply sindoor to her forehead, why she not want to chain by his love, why she refuse to take the 7 vows with him. She wants to talk to him something but what.

Is this her past. Pari past a dreadful and horrifying memory.

Pari was a smart, well named and an owner of a media house in Mumbai. She was best reporter and a lawyer. She lives with her brother and sister. Who equally rather more than the lot word in case of loving her. It would be not wrong to say that she is neev of rathore as her surname of father is.

They are a happy family till pari was betrayed by her love, by getting in with physical relationship with one of their employee khushi kumara gupta. Pari was shattered by all this. And more as she come to know it during their pheres not only this she also came to know that day that her love raj singhania was drugging her so that she die and her all property got to him.

Pari knew from starting that raj was an alcoholic and he has habit of playing cards in short a spoil person. But she somewhere feels that he will get alright by her love. When pari get to know about raj and khushi she broke up with raj.

Pari was now recovering it was difficult but she was trying. But there were pile of troubled waiting on table for new member of office known as misfortune ltd. At same time Pari get to known that her small sister is pregnant with child of raj small brother. Pari somehow cope up with it and made them together by doing their marriage.

But this was beginning. As one day while spamming a record in store room pari get to know a truth that has bruises her past and unknown from faith that this truth will take away all remaining lights from her future. And she has to pay this by giving her life.

Lets wait to see what pari found in that file.

Then how she is khushi?

It is because of accident past 3 years happened in which khushi died after delivering a girl child and pari was burned fully. Having misinterpretation about the accident her family thought that pari died. But reality was khushi saved pari and pari was gone in comma for long time. When she wakes up her friend and doctor Aisha. Who found that pari has lost her memory half, she remembers till that raj and pari marriage broke. So being concern of accident that pari is still in danger. She said her to leave India and go to usa forever as here all think she is dead. But pari insisted to go to lucknow first and tell about khushi to her family member. When pari tell them the news, garima go into huge shock and not believe that khushi is dead. She had an illusion that pari is only her daughter khushi. So to save garima life till now pari is khushi.

But now she wants to tell all truth to arnav so she wrote a letter to him of her past as much she remembers. And wrote that if then also he accept her, he come to pick her from dargha at lucknow.


Pari past love, prem brother and ansh business partner. He is spoiled brat as live only for money and cheat both pari and khushi.


She is most important character of my story. A constraint or sometime will be a cupid to arshi. Pari small sister chahat pari rathore. The girl who not isolate her name also from her didu name I think I have to give no description or proof of what pari is for chahat. I think it will be not enough to say that they share same bounding like arnav and Anjali. It is more than that.

Chahat is a fashion designer. He shifted to London with her husband and son arrav after pari death. As her husband got a new project in india. They decided to come back. Chahat came earlier and live with her brother ansh who is temporarily came to delhi for some work. Chahat join arnav office as designer. Chahat is rude and introvert girl. She hate khushi and her daughter to core.

from past we came to know that

Chahat love her childhood friend prem but never said him. As she don't want to be far from pari. Chahat agree on pari understanding her and it was decided that pari and chahat marriage will be together

Chahat said only one thing to prem

Chahat :prem didu kehti hai ki har rishta ek nivv par thika rehta hai. Humare rishte ki nivv hai pari.Aaj se meri hi nahi balki didu ki zindaagi ki bhi zimadari tumhari hai, aaj hum ek wada karte hai ki agar kabhi bhi hume apni khushi aur didu ke bich chuna pada toh hum didu ko chunege. Kynki agar didu khush hai toh mai khush hu. Agar kabhi bhi humare rishte ke karan didu ko dhuk hua toh uss din iss rishte ka aakri din hoga.

(prem didu say that every relation has some base. Our base is pari. From today not only me but didu happiness is also your happiness. Today I want one promise that in future if we have to choose between us and didu we will choose her, because if she is happy I am also happy. If any day didu will be hurt because of our relation that would be its last day.)

And she prove that on pari and chahat marriage day after chahat and prem together brought out raj truth in front of all. They broke up as prem brother was reason on her didu pain so she not wants prem to be in front of pari and make her remember raj.

Even after knowing she is pregnant chahat decided to abort her child that the time when pari slap realize her mistake and got chahat and prem.

pari death had destroyed chahat fully.


He is karta of rathore family. Eldest son and brother of pari and chahat. His sisters are her pride, life and reason of existence. After their parents death and gone to abroad for earning money returned now. With mind the marriage of pari with her business partner and son of their father friend raj. But he gets very hurt when his decision got wrong as raj cheat pari.

Presently he is treating himself as responsible for pari death and not enjoys and participates in any function. When level of his sorrow and guilt increases his pain he even takes down consecutively sips of alcohol to suppress the waves of his defeat on field of relation.

He is soon going to shift again in Mumbai as come for pari death anniversary in delhi. He is boss of Anjali. And one day shared his pain also with her. Anjali too advise him to be happy for sake of that sister who died thinking of their happiness till last of her breath. Ansh only happiness and responsibility now is chahat,aisha and kuhu.


Khushi daughter which was adopted by pari as per khushi last wish.

Khushi : pariji. Kaha se shuru kare pata nahi, hum toh yeh bhi nahi jante ki aapko hum yaad hai ya nahi. Aap ke maan yeh sawaal zaruur hoga ki humne aapki jan kyun bachai,pariji iska jawab hai aapke samne mushkurata yeh nanhi sa parisata jo apne hume diya. Hum toh apni nadani mai isse kho hi dete par apne hume sambhala,zindagi ken aye matlab bataye, yeh samjhya ki  dosti,pyar,nafrat aur paiso se badh kar bhi ek rishta hota hai insaniyat ka. Jo aapke aur hamare bich hai. Aapko yaad nahi hoga par aapne hums eek din wada kiya tha ki humari bachi ko aap apna naam degi , usse bilkul apne jaisa banaegi islliye is nanhi si jaan ko aake havale kar rahi hu. aap iss par apni maa ka bura saaya bhi mat padhne dena, yehi humari aakri icha hai.

(pariji from where I start don't know, I even don't know that you remembered me or not. You must be thinking why I saved your life , pari the answer is infront of you that smiling angel that you gifted me. I would have lost her in my stupidity , but you brace me, taught me new meaning of life , you made me explain that from friendship,love,hatred and money there is one more relation that is of humanity. Which we share. You don't remember but you have promised me that you will give my child your name,will make her like you that is why I am giving you this little sngel responsibility. You never let on her  shadow of my wrong deeds , this is only my last wish)

A long tear escape from pari's eyes, she kissed the hands of the child and keep the letter close to her heart.

Aisha : mai bhai ko phone karti hu jab unhe pata chale ga ki tum jinda ho toh voh bahut khush jo jayege.

(I go and call bhai he will be very happy listening about you)

Pari : aisha bhai ko kuch nahi pata chalna chaiye, un sab ke liye yehi behtaar hai ki hum unse durr rahe.

(aisha bhai should not know anything , for them it is only right that I stay away from them)

Aisha: nahi mai tuje yaha akele nahi rehne de sakti,tune toh kabhi bahar ki duniya dekhi hi nahi aur phir agar us insan ne phir se tuj par hamla kiya toh.

(no I cannt leave you alone here , you have never seen outside world and if that men again attack you, then what will happen)

Pari and Aisha continusoly diccused for hours, at last Aisha gave up, but in a condition that pari will shift in usa far from danger and start a new life. Pari agree but says she will go after metting khushi's parents. And also given khusi's daughter her name khushi pari rathore. She told Aisha to give it to ansh and say that pari want that she live with them and brought up with same love and care as pari. She told that say to ansh that from today she is pari and this is only her last wish which she told to you before dieing.


kuhu is bubbly, sweet, clean heart and deflection of her mother khushi with surprisingly reflection of her adopted mother pari. Kuhu is the only reason of all rathore's existence as she is similar to pari. Kuhu know that pari is her mother not about khushi. See one day met a new teacher in her school who none other than got to be pari. After long wait pari loved her daughter and kuhu also got every inch of her mother love. Pari but took a promise from kuhu that she will not tell anyone about her.


 He is childhood friend of pari and chahat. Pari and prem are very close to each other, even pari tie rakhi to prem. And has handled her most precious asset and earning of till now her sister chahat to him. pRem too love and care for pari a lot. He even gone against his brother raj for pari safety. Prem is a lawyer, and soon shifting from London to Mumbai. He has now take over pari position and care for all her family member as pari. He still waiting for his wife love, which he known can only one person can give pari and as she is dead for him so he has lost all hope. But not skip any responsibility of a husband and is a mother and father to his child arrav.


He is father boy as he never experiences his mother love. He not knows why his mother is angry with him. He is very afraid of chahat and always be with his father.


She is childhood friend of pari and lives with them only. She is doctor and known all about pari past. She met pari again as khushi in present. When pari met with an accident and she treated her. She has also become good friend of nk. Like him she also mistake in saying idioms of hindi.

Dai maa:

She is caretaker of rathore family children and love them as her children. she is sister of garima also. And her sudden death will pave the way of pari back in her house in present.


He is a drug king and a villion of pari life. Whose one attack will end pari life. He is connected to her past. Till his entry is not happened.


Khushi brother. And was pari bodyguard and secret lover in past. He will bring pari and arnav together by bringing arnav near to pari past. 


she is garima daughter. came mumbai for work. and live with pari. she cheat on pari and made relatonship with raj. she is greedy.

Some scene necessary to understand till now.

Present :

The update end with pari going to lucknow with hope that arnav will read her letter and will forgive her.


Pari leave in a security area full of guard. They are not allowed to go out I city. They are of mumbai. And temple,house,office all are build in that only. Raj family also leave there in security area. The employee chamber are made separately little far from them so no one out is allowed to come from out.

Project rangmunch:

This project was started by pari. For the charity houses she opened. The project contain culture programme, stall by these people of her house, and many things like fashion show, food item so that this people earn own and they not depend on pari. After pari death this project was close. But now ansh opened it again and appointed Anjali as event manager.

This project will be reason of Anjali going to mumbai as project will be there only. Arnav company will be hire for fashion show there. And will play important role in future.

thats all i have for now. i can say that i am new in writing field so dont know to write big words and beautiful emotions like others popular ones. but i am improving and story i offered is something beautiful and mysterious. you will enjoy just needed to give me a chance. 

there is no complusion to read further. i am happy you gave time to it. thanks 

do like and comment 

if you find it worth share the link with other


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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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x_3e3e1ac2 photo x_3e3e1ac2_zpsecba3e08.gif

my index 

and my pm list 
like this post you will be added nd send be buddy request 
and also switch to my recently started story zindagi milegi dobara whose synopsis is bellow

it is story of arnav singh raizada, mrs. khushi  and mr. mohit shergil. khushi was brought up by his father mr sashi who was a  known name in business world. his father has no time for her she was taken care by her mother's sister madhumati. khushi was all alone in her life she too carve for her father like her mother mrs garima  who died in a accident. her life changed when she met her childhood friend mohit . they enjoyed there company and soon decided to get married. being a orphan sashi made her partner in his company and they together run the business. 
story take 3 yrs. leap 
after marriage mohit has totally changed he too became like his father in law, and dont care anything before business. being fully isolated khushi suffered from depression and think that she will also die like her mother waiting for her husband. 
story takes a twist with entry of arnav who is one of the good friend and business partner of mohit.
arnav and khushi got introduced by mohit, and later faith leave no stone unturn to bring them face to face. and they fall in love with each other. 

so now who will leave whom? will mohit undestand his wife value? will arnav sacrifice his love? will khushi cheat her relationship? 
do comment 

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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next chapter
arnav or truth 

coming on 22 august 
priest: now bride come forward to complete the phere 
pari stilled on her place
arnav:what happened dont want to do rituals common 
arnav held her hand but pari removed it 
arnav: what happened
pari: i have to tell something before it all of you 
anjali: (tensed) 
khushiji talks can be done afterwards also 
pari: no di i think this time i should listen my heart. 
arnav: khushi what the hell is this all 
pari: arnavji i am not jhuhsi i am pari rathore , ansh rathore sister.  i lied you about my 

shall i continue this ff or not 
becoz of response and i think no one 
is liking it 

and choose the banner 1 


and 3 
all are waste (i will not mind)

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sorry for double postLOL

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now comment and suggest the way to make it more good 
and please share the link 
i am new so not have many friends
but please please 
if you find it a little worth to devote some second 
do share the link 
and get know to me 
i am waiting

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congrats on new thread
cant wait to see what happens now
do they or dont they get married
and if yes how will arnie protect khushi from danger that is coming her way

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