Channel V Dil Dosti Dance


Channel V Dil Dosti Dance
Channel V Dil Dosti Dance

Rythmic Mischief Swaron OS

JJ_Holic IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 11:53am | IP Logged
Hey guys so this is me Harshita with a swaron OS(againLOL).This one is special because I wrote this for my Doll's birthdayWink.I am now sharing this with you guys hope you like it.Do read and review.Cheers
Disc was completely packed for the night.The heavy bass from the speakers was shaking the walls of the place.BASS one of the most popular and rocking disc in the whole city.It was a paradise for all the ones who were a fan of good music.The place was famous for its killer DJs Rey&Kriya and off the chains cocktails.It was the most crowded place in the whole mumbai especially on weekends.Today was no different.Huge crowd was celebrating their weekend there.the song playing suddenly changed and a classic upbeat hip hop track started.The crowd hollered a defeaning decibel appreciating the awesome music.Soon the dance floor started filling.A group of five boys came to the floor at the same time as a group of five girls came up to the floor from the opposite side.Because of the less space both the groups were irritated as they could not enjoy.Soon the game of pushing and pulling started and a guy stepped forward and shouted 
he was Drop dead handsome.Tall and muscular with features to die for.His silky long messy hairs were just begging to have fingers run through them.He was devil in disguise.his charming looks and angelic smile were a thick cover over his bad boy bratty attitude.
His yell surprised everyone and the music stopped suddenly.Everyone was shocked and surprised by the incident while he was surprised to hear another feminine voice mixed with his, yelling STOP too.He looked to his right to figure out who did the voice belong to and thats when his eyes fell on her.She was perfect.Hypnotic Olive green orbs as big as saucers.A body which would make even Adonis drool over her.Legs which just went on for miles and were perfectly tanned she was gorgeous.He was too lost staring or say drooling at her.
Gi:Done gawking
Hearing her voice he came out of the trance and so he put on his bratty attitude and replied
Gu:Huh in your dream
Gi:You never will be
Gu:whatever don't give yourself so much importance
Gi:well the drooling says something else
Gu:Me drooling over you yeah right,anyways stop wasting my time and get off the dance floor and let the dancers dance
Gi:As if your time is not already wasted oh and yeah let the dancers dance so go on leave the floor
Gu:are you deaf by any chance
Gi:are you dumb by any chance
Gi:Sharon Raiprakash you jerk
Gu:Shekhawat swayam shekhawat it is
Sh:copying bond so lame ,whatever just get off and let us dance
Sw:No i was here first
Sh:Ughh real mature coming first does not make you a dancer.
Sw:i dont have to become one babe i was born a dancer
Sh:Oh really so you were born dancing HIP HOP
the two were going back and forth with the insults and everyone else was gawking and laughing at their antics but the manager of the Disc was not at all happy so he shouted
Ma:Stop both of you.This is my disc not your warzone.So either dance or get out
Sw & Sh:I will not dance with him/her on stage.
Suddenly manager's daughter SANSKRUTI came forward.
Kr:I have a solution 
Kr:Face off.I will sing the song and you both will have a dance face off whoever wins gets the dance floor fair enough
Sw & Sh:*smirking* Done
everyone was intriguied by now for the hyped face off.Sharon and swayam both were glaring daggers at each other.Sharon signalled with her hand loser to him in response he just winked and blew her a kiss and her cheeks turned pink both with blush as well as anger.
Suddenly the beat started and Sanskruti(Kruti Doll)started singing 

Just watch me girl
Be ready, I'm coming for you
My body just felt it I knew, tonight is the start of something new
The way you dance, makes we wanna get down and show you
That we can become one, not two
As we move to this beat like crazy

Move it, move it, move it, move it
Let's rock it, rock it, rock it, rock it
We can even pop it, pop it, pop it
Tonight is on

Swayam started first with lyrical hip hop.He signalled sharon to watch him dance.He slid on the floor towards her and sat there on his kness in front of her before jumping and standing straight in front of her so close that she could feel his breath on her face.He then moved back and did an awesome half split and then an apple jack and a then stood up and did some awesome popping and locking steps,some liquid pooping and some bee boying too.He was dancing flawlessly.Sharon was stunned but she kept her face neutral and acted unimpressed.He was dancing as if it was nothing, crisp and effortless.It was just natural and so amazing.the croud especially girls were hooting like crazy and he was enjoying immensely while she wanted to kill each and everyone of them.

Boys step up to the party
Grab a girl and move your body
Do like me and my shorty
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Ooh

with these words he skipped to her and held her tight from her waist and pulled her close.She being unprepared bumped into his chest.Her eyes were wide open with  shock but he paid no heed.He dipped her and then pulled her back up in a swift motion.He then twirled her around and stood behind her and swayed her a little then left her with a twirl.With the end of this he motioned her to dance and beat him with a super cocky smile.Sharon was still stunned with what he did but she composed herself soon and just smirked at Him.
Sh:(in mind)Oh you will so regret challenging me Douchebag.I'll show you who the winner is

It feels like, we've been doing this for years
The crowd is reflecting our moves, amazing what a beat can do
Now follow me (follow me), and pop that body clap your hands
Turn around on one two (say: Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Ooh)

Move it, move it, move it, move it
Let's rock it, rock it, rock it, rock it
We can even pop it, pop it, pop it
Tonight is on

with the start of the music she walked to the floor in a comlete sensual way swishing her hips side to side as if teasing him.She started with a bang.She did a full split and then stood up and did a back flip.She then looked to the audience and motioned them to follow her,She popped her body and then turned around and clapped once and then twirled back and sang with Kruti say OH OH OH OH OH.She then did a cartwheel and then some brilliant popping and locking.Swayam was shocked.He was amazed by her sheer Brilliance .She was perfect.She was gliding on the floor with such grace that he was spellbound her each move was perfection in itself.ALl the boys in the crowd were going crazy.The way she did Bee boying and Hip Hop was a big turn on for him.But his surprise was not over yet.

Girls step up to the party
Grab a boy and move your body
Do like me and my honey
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Ooh

With this she moved toward him and clutched his T-Shirt and dragged him to the dance floor.She held on to his shoulders while she rolled her hips making a perfect O while looking directly in his eyes.He was too stunned to do anything.Then she twirled around him in spins and stpped directly in front of him and smirked at him and mouthed loser.

Sanskruti stopped singing and then shouted to the crowd
Kr:Well its decision time People.So shout as loud as you can for the one you thought was the best
All the girls shouted their throats out and the sound was defeaning.
Kr:Hmm well impressive lets see if Sharon wins this
All the boys screamed loudly.The sound was as loud as before.
Kr:looks like its a tie people but we all know face off's never end in tie so a final face off.A duet.Lets see who wins
Sharon and swayam were both frustrated but still somewhere they wanted to dance with each other.They both stood in the centre of the floor glaring at each other.
soon the music started once again and kruti started singing

Baby look at us, the way we move
From side to side, it's all so smooth
With every step we take, it just get better
Girl no doubt we got it together
Baby look at us, the way we move
From side to side, it's all so smooth (Ohh)
With every step we take, it just get better
Girl no doubt we got it together

with the start of music he put his arms around her petite waist and they both started doing amazing and fast paced tango.Their moves were spontaneous yet it felt like they have reheared this performance million times.Their eyes never left each other for even a second.The moves were getting prefect with each passing second.At the end he hooked her one leg up and she wrapped it around his waist as he pulled her closer than ever.They were panting because of the strenous performance.Without any thought they were leaning closer and closer and soon their lips were just mm apart.THey could feel each others warm breath on their lips.They both looked into each others eyes then lips as if asking for permission.Soon both closed their eyes as an approval.Their lips were touching now but suddenly the crowd cheered loudly as the music stopped bringing them out of their trance.They both looked at each other with shock and wonder.Before they could move Sanskruti started again
Kr:Looks like the fight is over people.I guess both lost something and won something else entirely saying so she winked at Swaron and left.
Swayam without paying heed to anyone dragged sharon out of the club to the back alley and pinned her to the wall.
Sw:You are mine.You were meant to be mine always Siren Sharon.
Sh:As you were mine too Swayam the lover boy.
saying so they both leaned in and soon their lips connected in the most passionate kiss ever.Their lips were moving in perfect sync.THe kiss was slow and languid yet passionate.She was pulling his hairs at the nape of his neck while his fingers were tangled in her dark curls.Soon their tongues crossed the confines of their mouth and danced with each other.After the need to breathe became too much both came up for air.He rested his forehead against hers and said softly
Sw:enjoyed the roleplay Mrs.Shekhawat
Sh:you know I did Mr.Shekhawat.Who knew majnu boy can be such an actor.You fooled everyone.
Sw:Same as you did my love for a minute i believed that it all was real.Your diva side is such a turn on
Sh:As is your bad boy side Ughh I so wanted to kill every girl staring and lusting after you
Sw: do you think I was amused to see guys checking you out with their filthy eyes.
Sw & Sh:we should do this again sometime.
With that they both shared a heart laugh and left for their home.

Kruti doll this is a special birthday OS for you.I hope you like it doll.

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JJ_Holic IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 11:53am | IP Logged
Res Sanskruti(Kruti doll)

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Sanskruti_tanha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cenation123

Res Sanskruti(Kruti doll)

aab mai kya likhu di , pehle hi itne taareef kar chuki hun fir bhi mai coment karne ke liye res marti hun . u noe me relly well LOL

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BhaviJas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

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varsh-mayur Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
awesome OS harshuSmileSmile loved Naughty SwaronWinkWink and their face offSmileSmile

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-spongy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 12:20pm | IP Logged

superb yaar harshita
i loved it a lot...
it was amazing
naughty swayam-sharon were amazing Thumbs Up
they were a treat to read..

and face off was rocking
really well written OS
thanks for the PM
please do write more

kruti dear
happy birthday once again..
tune khub fun kiya hoga i know

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piyu_swaron IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 12:23pm | IP Logged

wonderful os harshi.. i loved it.Big smile.
loved naughty swaron, face off.. & their hot nd romantic Tango dance..Embarrassed
crowd ke samne kiss it was hotBlushing
loved the twist.. Swaron acting as strangers bt actually they r husband nd wife 
sanskruti u played an imp role

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VruShan_MaNan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
I read this OS at Sans birthday thread and maine tab AT pe sabko bola tha this is one of the best OSs I have ever read.Clap
Harshuuu brilliant work, like seriously main teri fan ho gayi hun after reading this OS.Star
Loved it so much.Heart
And humare SwaRon ki naughty chemistry..Hayeee love them so much.Day Dreaming

Sans tu toh badhi lucky hai, you got such brilliant OS on your birthday as a gift.Wink

So a big huggg to Harshuuu.Hug

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