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Maaneet OS-A Night To Remember Contd. UPDATED Pt3/Pg4

anky_s Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 9:10am | IP Logged
Hello Friends !! Anky here...

Here I am back with the 2nd part/upadte of my ever first Maaneet One Shot. I hope I will live to your expectations. I know I delayed like hell so much that IF has actually closed the topic  Cry  but I am really sorry for the delay. Please maaf kar dena!

Not wasting any more time I am giving the 2nd update for this FF. Read & enjoy. Smile


Thread 1: 

Thread 2: 
Part # 2: Scroll Down

Part # 3:

                                                         Part # 2

Geet looked at him & moved away a little with his intimidating looks & said, "kuch nahi. Waise ab aapne tent lagaya hai toh kuch khane ke liye bhi hoga! Mujhe bhook lagi hai." Geet said to escap his wrath & Maan shook his head & went inside to get food for them. Geet sighed as Maan went inside the tent to grab something to eat, "Uff...bach gayi warna Cheeteh ki jagah Maan kha jate mujhe ! Par sochne wali baat yeh hai ki Maan yahan aaye kaise? Unke kaise pata chala ki main yahan hoon? Geet...bhool gayi woh Maan Singh Khurrana hai - antaryaami jinhe har baat pata hoti he hai. Chaddo unse he puchh lungi."


Here Maan went inside, well call it luck or anything but he had carried enough food with him. Its his habit to carry all necessary things while camping and today that habit of his paid off."Abhi madam ko bhook lagi hai khana chahiye aur thodi der pehle khud he kisi aur khana banne wali thi. Yeh ladki ek din mujhe pura pagal karke chhodegi. Aaj main chhodunga nahi isko. Yeh itni badi bewkoofi kaise kar sakti hai." Maan thought as he took out the eatables & made his way outside only to find Geet looking at the arrangements or say basically inspecting!


Maan had set the whole tent & also had set the bonfire before he had gone into the forest to get more wood. The tent was fully lit with lanterns & candles being placed inside & outside respectively. It was indeed looking beautiful thought Geet looking around."No matter what but whatever Maan does he do it with perfection." mumbled Geet.  Maan who had came outside tent looked at Geet & spoke, "Stop looking for intruders Geet. No one is going to crash our Dinner Date!" he spoke with a glint of mischief in his eyes & voice. Geet's mouth went wide open listening to his remark. "Mr. Perfection my foot, he is surely a Dusht Danav only!" thought Geet hearing his words.

Maan arranged the dinner table for them as he was least expecting Geet to do the honors. "Gosh! This girl is insane. Here I should be angry on her for doing such stupid act and it is just the other way around." Maan though while laying the dinner table. Once done, he looked upto Geet only to find her lost somewhere. He sighed guessing she must be thinking about her past life. 

<font color="#339900">

 He went near her and stood right behind her looking into the same direction where Geet was staring. Geet had sensed him behind her but didn't turn & spoke, "Maan, you know when I was kid, I used to come there on the lake with Rajji, Varsha & Brij veerji." Maan looked at her surprised hearing about Brij. She sensed his confusion & spoke, " Veerji was not always like this. He used to love us more than our parents but then things changed & he became such ruthless. I won't blame him only, he is like this because of Daarji. He was the best brother any one can have but Daarji's blind beliefs had spoiled everything." A small drop of tear flowed down her eye as she recalled her past. Maan wrapped his hand around her shoulder to comfort her while his other hand moved up to wipe away that single tear.

<font color="#339900">


Maan held her securely in his embrace while Geet put her head on his shoulder and cried silently. Maan knew she had got emotional but he didn't know how to soothe her. They stood there like that for few minutes and then Maan broke the silence, " Geet, please forget those bitter memories. We should not remember the past which is painful. And anyways, now it's all gone long behind. So, don't give pain to yourself." Geet looked upto him & nodded giving a small smile. But then remembering something she asked him,"Maan how did you know that I am here?"

Maan looked at her sharply making her understand that he is still not done with her and her doubt got cleared when he said, "Geet, I always keep an eye on you as I know very well that how much you enjoy getting into troubles. But this time you have gone little too far by ignoring my warning. You have to gonna pay for this." Geet just gulped down fearing what he would do now. Maan got that she is scared now & smirked inwardly. Then without saying anything he led her to the dinner table.


"Khale Geet, jaise bakre ko halal karne se pehle uski khatir hoti hai waise he teri bhi ho rahi hai." thought Geet while having dinner. Looking at Maan's calm composure Geet was sure of the upcoming Dhamaka! Maan was thoroughly enjoying the rapidly changing expressions on Geet's face. He couldn't help but smile slightly at her antics. "Pagal" he murmured. Geet was just dreading the dinner so she can escape but was it even possible! So, once they were done with the dinner Geet immediately got up on the pretext of being sleepy but Maan caught hold of her wrist & pulled her towards himself.

<font color="#cc33cc">

Maan looked intently at her & spoke in gentle voice, "where were you running Geet?" Geet didn't say anything just stood there looking down. Maan held her chin with his thumb and index finger & raised her so that she could look in his eyes but what he saw in her eyes shook him. Tears of guilt were brimming in her eyes which panicked him & he spoke soflty, "Geet". She couldn't held back and started crying.  Maan cupped her face his palms wiping those big fat tears and spoke, "shhh Geet. What happen? Tum ro kyu rahi ho?"  While Geet spoke in between her cries, " I am sorry Maan. I shouldn't have come here like this. I know I trouble you a lot but trust me I just wanted to let that Rasika know that she can't do whatever she wish & that you are not alone.  I couldn't control when she was insulting you for no reason."  Maan smiled at the reason of her outburst & said while cupping her face, "It's okay Geet. I know you didn't do it purposely. Perhaps I would have done the same if I were in your place. But Geet you could have atleast told me. Agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh main kya karta, haan?"


Geet looked at Maan who was looking at her concern & worry fully written on his face. Geet just kept looking into his eyes which held so many emotions but she couldn't figure out them. Maan found her lost in him & said again, "Geet, do not do this ever again. You know I am always there for you & you know you can trust me, right?" Geet just nodded her head in acceptance. "Promise me tum aisa phir kabhi nahi karogi. I can't afford to lose you." Geet just looked at him unblinkingly hearing him. Maan too didn't know how those words came out of his mouth but he had felt the need to say them. Geet promised to him & said, "I am sorry Maan & I promise I will never do this again." Maan smiled & said, "Good, now come sleep it's very late."


Maan turned to go inside the tent but was stopped when he felt a tug on his hand & looked behind to see Geet standing at her place. He raised his eye brow inquiring what now to which Geet came in front of him & spoke, "Maan aap itne acchhe kyu ho?" Maan was thoroughly startled with her question but before he could say anything Geet spoke again, "You have been helping me in all the troubles I have faced. You have been the iron shield between me & trouble. You helped me even when you didn't know me. You fought against all odds for me, to protect me. You never thought twice about it. You even married me even after knowing whatever happened back in HP. You never cared for my past. All you cared was me. Why Maan, why you did so much for me? I toh can't even return you the favor. All I give you is worry & troubles. Phir bhi aap..." she was silenced by Maan as he kept his finger on her lips and spoke, "Chup! Bilkul Chup! Kitna bolti ho tum. Complete chatter box ho." Geet pouted her lips listening to his remarks making Maan chuckle.

<font color="#00cc33">

<font color="#00cc33">

Maan held Geet by her shoulder & spoke looking into her hazels, "Geet whatever I did for you was not any favor. I did what I felt was right. I saved you when we first met because I found that to be right. I supported you in everything you did because you were right. Geet main hamesha jo sahi hai uska sath deta hoon & you know it. I married you because you were right but that is not the only reason. I married you because I knew I wanted to spend my life with you. I knew I wanted to grow old with you. I knew that you are a disaster queen but I knew the life would be very interesting & lively with you. I had always admired your courage to stand for the right. I married you because I was touched with your affection for your friend for whom you were ready to die. I was shockingly surprised when I got to know that it was your friend Varsha who was pregnant but you helped her to ran away & took everything on yourself. You knew you could have died but still you stood by your friend. I knew I wanted to spend my life with a girl who knows the value of relations in life. I knew that I was falling for you with every passing moment. Infact, when I had seen you for the first time here surrounded between those goons, I had felt a certain pull towards you. I couldn't bare to see you in danger. For a moment I felt my own life is in danger. At that time I couldn't realize why I had felt that way but later on I realized that Meri Jaan basti hai tum mein, it was because I was falling in love with you. Pata nahi kaise par aadat ho gayi hai mujhe tumhari Geet. Aur kab yeh aadat zarurat ban gayi pata he nahi chala. Yeh Maan Singh Khurana adhura hai tumhare bina Geet. I don't know when & how it happened perhaps my heart knew that I loved you even before I met you." Maan concluded with a contented smile on his face.


On the other side, Geet stood stunned listening to him. It took her time to digest whatever Maan had said. She knew Maan cared for her but she never had a clue that her Maan loves her so very much. She too had feelings for him. Well, yeah she had started falling for him when she has joined his office as his secretary. His caring nature & possessiveness towards her had made her fall for him. Then the whole marriage thing too added fuel to the fire. She had fallen for him long back but realized only when Rasika had threatened to get Maan arrested. She couldn't let that happen to HER Maan, so here she was. Geet kept gaping at Maan trying to decipher the emotions she was feeling & whatever Maan said. She found Maan looking at her expectantly & all she could say to him was, "Itna pyar karte hain aap mujhse aur mujhe kabhi kuch pata nahi chalne diya. Kabse karte hain aap mujhse itna pyar?" to which Maan just smiled & said, "Hamesha se!"

To be continued soon...

Please leave your valuable suggestions...  Smile  fingers crossed I hope you guys would like this. Embarrassed

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Sri_Radha IF-Stunnerz

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Yupiee me firstTongue
Welcome back dear with your long updateHug
Great updateClap
Loved maaneet dinner dateLOLWink
Maaneet confrontation awesomeEmbarrassed
Loved maan confession to geet...SuperbEmbarrassedTongue
Continue soon
Eagerly waiting for next Day Dreaming
Thanks for pmSmile

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Welcome back was missing your Maaneet stories Big smile

Gosh this was amazing!! So beautifully written loved it Embarrassed

Can't wait for the next part!! Update soon:)

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Smile  nice udpate.. aftert long time.. Geet is so cute

thnx for pm.. waiting for next
dumas IF-Stunnerz

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awesome update loved how told her his feeling so cute beautifully done awesome update thanks for the pm

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amazing!! So beautifully written loved it Embarrassed
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awesome update buddy
after so long u came bck
welcome bck buddy
do cont soon
thnx fr d pm
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hi thanks 4 da pm n superb update! Beautifully written! Loved it! Awesum pics! waiting 4 next part dear

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