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love, friendship and college- updated 14/09 (Page 105)

tamanna-azaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 July 2014 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pan02

ahm ahm..
finally kisi ne update kiya!!
sorry yaar late ho gaya comment karne me..
u know d reason y..

so now coming 2 d update..

it was awesome..
sharon ko sabne "shock" dene ka soch rakha hai!!
loved d teasing session b/w harshad n taani..
felt bad 4 taani..
wo kuch mis interpret na kar le isliye usne sahi chiz dekhna v chhod diya Ouch
missed viha in this update..
rey in full josh in manao taani..
could c the hurt n luv 4 her..

plz next time jaldi se update karna yaar..
dont take this long WinkTongue

thanx dear..
tujhe to personally batati hu..

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tamanna-azaan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 September 2012
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Posted: 27 July 2014 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kriti094

It was a nyc updt
taani ka tashan n rey d loverboy
i m liking this new track
n i hope swayam n harshad solve their problems soon

thanx dear..
i also hope so..
tamanna-azaan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 September 2012
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Posted: 27 July 2014 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 2111_shweta

I'm here finallyWink
Nice CS
Starting to read nowEmbarrassed

atlast u started..
hope u will like it..

i love ur comment in every chap..
with ur comment i again read all the chap briefly..
love u dear for wonderful comment..
i will update really soon..
p.s: sorry not able to rply to every comment of urs..

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tamanna-azaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 12:20pm | IP Logged

Sorry for delay but i a really busy with my some personal stuff hope u can understand i tried my best with this update..
i want to start next chapter in new thread as it will be a turn.. so pls comment so that i can soon start with the new thread..
and if anyone want to give any edit or something they can pm me..
sorry no proof reading pls ignore any mistake..

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tamanna-azaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 12:35pm | IP Logged



After the class got over   an angry swayam  directly went toward an empty class followed by sharon. sharon was too confused about swayam, an hour before he was fine but suddenly his mood is totally changed. Little she knw its related with harshad because now a days sometime he behave coldly with harshad especially in front of rey. After entering into the class swayam hit his fest in nearby table which was seen by sharon...

Sharon: swayam...

Sharon placed her hand in his shoulder but he didn't move.. so she forcefully turned him and hold him with his shoulder..

Sharon: swayam kya  hua tumhe..

Swayam: kuch nahi bas..

Sharon: pls tell me.. I knw its related to rey and importantly harshad..

Swayam looked at sharon  with a look which says I got caught..

Sharon: now don't give me that look.. Tell me the problem.. why r u behaving weird..

Swayam: I am behaving..(little angrily).. its harshad who is behaving weird..

Sharon: what r u saying ?? harshad ko kya hua..

Swayam: if u haven't noticed yet I would like to tell u that harshad is coming between taani and rey..

Sharon: what?? (swayam noded) wait taani aur rey kab se ek sath ho gaye ki harshad unke bich mai aayega..

Swayam: abhi nahi par possibility hai..

Sharon: how can u say that??

Swayam: I have seen rey's behavior toward..

Sharon: which was sometime very rude.. I mean it very rude..

Swayam: and that's becoz of harshad..

Sharon: y u r dragging harshad in between all this..

Swayam: kyuki harshad khud apne aapko ko unke bich la raha hai..

Sharon: first of all stop with UNKE BICH.. unke bich kuch nahi hai jo harshad aayega..

Swayam; y don't u understand sharon ki I think rey has a feeling for taani..

Sharon: u think..(swayam noded) aur tumhari thinking ke wajah se hum taani jo jhuti hope nahi de sakte..

Swayam: ok.. lets forget about taani and rey focus on harshad..

Sharon: phir harshad.. swayam tum harshad ko lekar itna kyu insecure ho..

Swayam: kyuki I think harshad like taani..

Sharon: I knw that..

Swayam; what??

Sharon: in fact taani also knw that.. that's y they r good frnd..

Swayam: not like frnd..(sharon gave a confused look) I think he like taani in different way u knw  what I mean..

Sharon: r u crazy.. wo bas majak karta hai..

Swayam: first I also thought the same but ab mujhe lag raha hai ki..

Sharon: ki harshad love taani.. (swayam noded) and if its so than its nice na..

Swayam: but taani rey se pyaar karti hai..

Sharon: par rey taani se pyaar nahi karta..

Swayam: u never knw.. sharon listen if rey also love taani..

Sharon: by chance..

Swayam: ok by chance then it will create a big mess.. hope u understand..

Sharon:  but I don't think ki harshad love taani..

Swayam: I hope so.. nahi to taani ka dil na break ho iske liye mujhe harshad ka dil todna padega..

Sharon: tum bhi to taani se bohat pyaar karte ho..

Swayam: bohat jyada.. she is my little cute sister..

Sharon: ya I knw.. but harshad se rudely baat karke is problem ka solution nahi nikle ga..

U need to talk with harshad..

Swayam: ok.. I will go talk with him..

Sharon: and keep it in mind that don't be rude with harshad..  uski bhi kuch feeling hai..

Swayam: I knw.. and let me remind u he is my best frnd also..

Sharon: but I don't think so when ur sister is concern..

Swayam: ok.. but I will make him understand..

Sharon: and u will try to understand him also..

Swayam: ok..

Swayam went from there..



After taani went out rey sat on the table nearby  with a disappointment.. viha saw whole scene between taarey and they came toward their frnd.. and vicky placed his hand on rey's shoulder..

Vicky: what's up dude??

Rey: vicky I think I pushed her too much..

Vicky: then pull her again..

Rey and neha gave vicky not so funny look..

Vicky: mai to bas atmosphere light karne ki koshish kar raha tha..

Rey; vicky not now yaar..

Neha understand that now rey need some advice which will encourage him and that cant be happen by vicky so she took the charge... neha sat beside rey said..

Neha: rey taani abhi sach mai hurt hai.. ye tum mujhse jyada jante ho..(rey gave I knw look) so u have to give her time.. and make sure in that time she can be comfortable with u..

Rey: its not like that ia m not trying..

Neha: I knw but u have to try harder as u only pushed her... and according to physics pulling need more force than pushing..

Rey: hmmm.. tu kahi bhi study ko lana nahi bulagi..

Neha: taunt marna band kar aur thanx kar..

Rey: wo kisliye..

Neha: tujhe encourage karne ke liye..

Rey: uske liye to kabhi nahi bolunga..(neha frown) but ek reason hai jiske liye mai tujhe thanx bolunga..

Neha: aur wo kya..

Rey: tune vicky ko mujhe samjhane nahi bola nahi to mai aur depressed ho jata..

Rey and neha laughed and vicky frowned..

Vicky; jaise neha humesha study ki lati hai waise tera bhi jaruri hai na mera majak udana..

Rey: jaruri nahi balki mera right hai hai..

Saying this rey pulled vicky in a warm hug.. and neha also joined them..

Vicky: ab ja aur apni wali ko mana..

Rey: jo bohat difficult task hai..

Saying this he went from there..



Taani went toward canteen searching harshad as harshad used to bunk classes for lame reason and do time pass in canteen.. but whenever he used to bunk class he drag taani with him.. but this time he came alone this behavior of harshad  was weird for taani but again she thought may be harshad really has some work.. taani was talking with herself sitting in a corner table of canteen..

Taani: lagta hai sach mai harshad ko koi kam tha nahi to canteen mai hota aur mujhe liye bina to kabhi nahi aata.. But usko kam de kon sakta hai.. itna bada risk only swayam hi le sakta hai apne best frnd mai confident jo hai.. par ab mai kya karu na sharon na swayam aur na hi harshad hai aur upar se maine rey ko bhi company dene se mana kar diya..

Suddenly a voice came..

Voice: tumne upar se mana kiya aur mai side se aagaya..

Taani turned around hearing the reply.. and she saw rey standing there with a grin in his face..

Taani: aap yaha..

Rey: kyu mai canteen mai nahi aa sakta.. waise bhi koi apni mistake ko yaad kar raha tha..

Taani: mistake??

Rey: mujhe reject karne ke liye..

Taani looked in rey's eyes and the word has different meaning for taani.. taani replied before she can think..

Taani: apne kabhi pucha hi nahi to mai reject kaise karti..

Rey knew what taani is thinking and what she is indicating to.. so lean toward taani with a grin in his face..

Rey : to aab puch raha hu.. tumhara ans kya hai..

Taani; mera  ans to humesha se..

Before she can complete her sentence her phone rang.. and taani she came out of rey's trace.. and shift a little bit and rey also sat properly..

Taani: wo phone...

Rey: I knw but time se ans ka wait kar raha hai..

Taani: kon..

Rey: phone..(he pointed toward her phone) ans the call..

Taani: ya..

It was sharon's call.. she is asking abt her whereabt .. while talking she was feeling nervous as rey was staring at her shamelessly.. and rey was enjoying this.. after repling sharon she cut the cal and asked rey..

Taani: aap yaha kya kar rahe..

Rey: tumhi to abhi bol rahi thi ki tumhe mera proposal.. (he waited to see taani expression which was too cute for him and continued) I mean proposal for giving u company ko reject nahi karna chahiye tha..

Taani: aap meri baat sun rahe the..

Rey: ab pls taani is baat mai fight mat start kar dena..

Taani: fight humesha aap start karte hai..

Rey: abhi tak to humne acche se fight bhi nahi ki hai.. I would love to fight with u for silly reasons..

Taani was shocked hearing rey's reply before she can complete again sharon disturb her.. but now coming there herself ..

Sharon: hi..

Taarey: hi..

Taani: tum log mujhe chod kar kaha chale gaye the..

Sharon: kuch kam tha.. but I don't think so kit um bore hui hogi..

She said eyeing to rey.. rey smiled and taani gave angry look to sharon..

Rey: tumhe kya lagta hai sharon taani kabhi mere company mai bore ho sakti hai..

Sharon: wo to mujhe taani se puchna padega..

Rey: so ask..

Sharon: no..(rey raised his eyebrow asking y) becoz tumhare ispe kuch jyada affect hai to shayad wo correct feedback na de paye..

Rey leaned toward taani.. and shift back with rey's sudden action..

Rey: is it so taani..

Taani gave irritating smile..

Sharon: oh rey I forget to tell u.. tumhe basket ball court mai koi dhund raha tha..

Rey: kon..

Sharon: I don't knw.. but I think kuch imp hai..

Rey: ok.. I will see u soon girls..

Saying this he left from there.. now only taasha were there and taani was in full mood to scold sharon  and  as soon as rey left she again started with her lecture but  sharon was lost in her thinking..

Sharon(thinking): I don't knw maine thik kiya kya ya nahi.. par abhi jab maine taani au rey ko baat karte hue dekha to mujhe laga shayad swayam sahi hai.. rey feel something for taani.. and if we r correct then he should also knw that there is nothing in between taani and harshad  so I sent him where swayam is going to confront harshad.. and I am sure harshad will clear all the doubt of swayam and it will clear reys doubt also.. I hope sab sahi ho..


after searching basket ball court rey was abt to go but he saw swayam and harshad in corner of basket ball court.. they were discussing something seriously.. unwantedly  he went to  hear them as it felt important for him..

Swayam: tu kahi taani se pyaar to nahi karta..

Harshad: ha karta hu bohat jyada pyaar karta hu... isliye keh raha hu ye sab...

Swayam; tu pagal ho gaya hai... tujhe pata hai na taani tujhe bas friend manti hai use jyada kuch nahi phir...

Harshad: par wo mujhse pyaar bhi bohat karti hai... isliye to jhagadti rehti hai...

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Humzy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Lovely update
Loved it
Continue soon
-Glitz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Aftr so lng tme
Nce update
Luved taarey convo
.Shanaya. Goldie

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Posted: 28 July 2014 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Update after so long.
Awesome update.
Loved TaaRey convo. Smile

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