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Arhi OS: Who Would Have Known?

Dalmuthuya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 1:11am | IP Logged
I forget which episode this was, but do you guys remember the lunch lady Manju in AR? She was there when Khushi first began working and always supported her when every one was making fun of her. She said a scenario where Khushi had to imagine ASR was her husband. And Lav, Pam, and Sim were the in laws. Something along those lines. Anyways this scene popped in to my head so I jotted it down. Not my best work, but I wrote it anyways because I was kind of persuaded to. Thanks Apoo. :P Anyways enjoy. 

Who would have known

Swiftly he put on his jacket checking himself in the mirror. Her curious eyes watched him carefully, pouting. Not fair, not fair at all she decided. He got to go out any time he wanted, but she, oh she could not even move an inch out of this room! Banned, he said as she clearly remembered. How dare he do this to her; 8 months of putting up with these rules. She have had enough. Today was the day she was going to finally take a stand! Now only if she could actually get up...

Hoisting herself up cautiously, she grasped the bed post for support. Honestly what was god thinking when he decided that humans should be inside a womb for 9 months? The most important question would be, why in the world didn't he give this task to the men! Finally after several failed attempts of standing up, she successfully stood smiling brightly at her accomplishment.  Now to waddle towards him... She sighed; such an exhausting job. With great determination she waddled, but before she could go any closer he turned around like lightening speed.

'Khushi!,' he exclaimed, 'What are you doing!'

'What does it look like!,' she resorted annoyed, 'I am walking towards you! Well... waddling, but it's the same thing.'

Immediately he was at her side like the protective buffoon he was. Holding her by the shoulders he tried to get her to sit down, but Khushi was not having any of it. None of this sitting nonsense! She have had enough of sitting around.

'Arnavji, stop! I don't want to sit down! I want to stand up okay. I want to walk around. I want to do something! I am so tired of sitting here and being so cautious. I WANT TO GO SOME WHERE.' Stomping her foot lightly like a little child, she cried out her frustrations.

His stern did not what so ever falter. 'No. Khushi you will sit here and rest. I am not having you do any of that! Now go, I will get you something to eat, okay?'

Khushi was not going to back down. She stubbornly looked the other way her chin up high. 'NO I will not sit in one place! Arnavji I am so bored and even our baby is bored! Why can't I just come to office with you? Please Arnavji? I can sit down there. I won't disturb you I swear. While you work I can speak with aunty manju in the cafe!,' she added excitedly clapping her hands, realizing how fun it would be.

'NO MEANS NO KHUSHI. Now go or I will carry you to the bed!,' he roared angrily. 'FINE', she screamed back, tears threatening to fall. 'BUT DON'T EXPECT ME TO SPEAK TO YOU.'  

Sighing, he cupped her cheeks and brought her close. Gently he placed a kiss on her annoyed pouty lips. 'I love you Jaan,' he whispered, causing her skin to erupt with goose bumps. Annoyed at her husband's effect she pushed him away and waddled to the bed. Right before he walked out the door, he stopped. 'Khushi, if something happens to me you would regret not saying I love you back...' That sneaky laad governor! Always manipulating her in to doing his deeds.

'I love you,' annoyed, she replied back, looking the other way. Corner of her eyes she saw him give a smirk and walk out the door. bas***d.

Moments later of staring at the ceiling Khushi sprung up. Why didn't she think of this month's back when she didn't have this huge stomach! Caressing her swollen stomach excitedly she took her cell phone number to give a call..  


Unfair; he knew it, the family knew it, everyone knew it. Somehow he did not care when it came to Khushi. She was his life, literally his oxygen and if anything were to ever happen to his Khushi and the baby he would not live. Knowing his clumsy wife he knew she would not be careful no matter how much she claimed to be. So if it meant trapping her within the four walls of his bedroom so be it. Anything to prevent her from getting hurt.

He smirked at the incident in the morning. She was such a child sometimes. The day when he got to know he was going to be a father, he knew, he would have to father two kids. One was his wife, and the other was his actual child. Even though he was not happy leaving her sulking there he was glad at least she was safe and sound in their bedroom. Or so he thought...


They knew it was her even before she entered the premises. How could they not. She had an aura, which she carried around with her. Where ever she entered mischief and joy followed a long. Nobody imagined that the woman they all laughed at 2 years ago, would be the woman they'd have to stand, and give respect for. Nor did they ever imagine that their arrogant boss would have fallen in love with the child like woman. None of them frankly cared for they adored this child like woman. Her presence was always welcomed and if they all had to be honest, they wish she'd come every day. Well, except for Pam and Sim.


'Ooh, I missed your parata's Manjuji!,' Khushi exclaimed, savoring the taste with her eyes closed. Being pregnant increased her usual bigger appetite even more. Manju laughed, 'I missed you. How come sir let you come today?'

Licking her fingers away she bit her lips. 'Well...'

'Khushi...', Manju's tone turned to a warn. 'You did not tell him?! Oh Sir is going to be so angry. Last time I saw him get angry at you was when you were working here. Again a repeat of the past.'

She shrugged and gave a toothy smile. 'But this time all I have to do is pout and storm away. Then he will come to pacify me.'

Manju gulped, 'well you better get yourself ready because here he comes!'

Atmosphere around the office changed within seconds the moment he arrived. Staff member stiffened, working faster than their usual pace. Fear and respect gripped the place; more on the fear part.  Khushi did not come to the office without a plan, oh no, she indeed did plan it all out. But seeing the sight of her husband walking in like a devil in a suit didn't exactly reassure her that the plan would work out.  Hai devi maiyya she was so screwed. Placing her hand on her tummy she prayed a silent prayer to her daughter. 'Please give me strength Adonna my love. Please give me strength.'


She was here. He knew it the moment he stepped in. The air was different whenever she was around and he always knew it in his gut. Arnav tightned his jaw. She willingly disobeyed when he told her not to move. How dare she! He was doing everything for her and their child, but no, she goes ahead and defies him anyways! Wait a second, why was he exactly surprised? This was Khushi he was speaking about. Her whole purpose in life was to always to go against his orders. Wasn't that one of the traits he secretly loved about her. Of course he would not tell her. If she by any chance got to know he'd be running around the world to stop her from doing something mental.

Taking long strides towards the cafeteria he arrived to see Khushi seated on a chair beside Manju rubbing her swollen tummy, moving her lips fast. Praying to survive his wrath perhaps. Within seconds he came to her.

'KHUSHI KUMARI SINGH RAZAIDA YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD EXPLANATION FOR THIS.' The roar of his voice echoed through the entire office freezing the entire staff at their actions.

Her palm flew to her mouth in surprise. Such a drama queen this woman.

'Arnavji! What a surprise! What are you doing here?' Smiling so innocently expecting him to fall for her trap. Who did she think he was. An idiot? Okay, maybe he was when it came to his wife. A drop of tear from her eyes and he was a goner. Not today; NO he will not fall for those tears today.

'Khushi. Stop this drama right now! Why don't you ever listen to me!'

'But Arnavji I was bored! All I did was come with Mohanji and I am just sitting here speaking with Manjuji! See, I am not even standing right now. What is the harm in that!', she whined, her eyebrows scrunching, whilst her lips pouted; again.

'Mohan brought you here?' Oh he was so fired. 'That is it Khushi! I am done with your nonsense! You're going HOME RIGHT THIS INSTANT. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE AT ALL FOR THE WHOLE DAY. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME.'

Within seconds of letting those words out Arnav regretted it. Tears sprung out of his child like wife, gliding down her cute chubby cheeks. God why did he always do this. Somehow he always managed to make her cry. At this moment it did not even matter if she acting or not. He just could not bear tears in his wife's eyes. Still he always ended up making her cry. But she it was partly her fault too for never listening to him! His Khushi... His mad, mad Khushi.


She tried getting up from her seat, but failed at the weight of her stomach. Gently he held her arms, only to be swatted away by his wife. Firmly he held on and made her sit down. Sinking on his knees he looked up at her with his puppy dog eyes; he was aware the entire staff was witnessing the entire ordeal but at this moment he did not care. His precious wife was much more important to care about wearing his ASR mask.  Grasping her hands in his, he whispered. 'Khushi... Khushi I am sorry darling. Please don't cry. I didn't mean to make you cry.'

She held her head down not looking in to his eyes. He placed a kiss on her palm. 'Khushi please angel I am sorry. I am really sorry. I promise you I will take you out from now on. Where ever you want. I will take you. Even if it means taking a week off. Please darling don't cry, and look at me.'

Slowly she lifted her head. Tears splashed on her cheeks making his heart shatter to a billion pieces. Reaching out he wiped away her tears with his thumb. 'You really will do that?', she asked quietly. He nodded giving her a smile. 'I promise.' She asked again, 'devi maiyya promise?' Smiling at his baby wife he cupped her cheeks and laid a kiss on her lips. A sound trail of gasping was heard. Arnav ignored it all. 'Devi Maiyya promise. Now stop crying okay?' Gradually the corners of her lips turned in to a full blown smile. All he needed was to see that smile for his universe to be in balance again. Cupping his cheeks she bent down and kissed him sweetly on the cheeks causing warmth to spread throughout his body.

'I love you Arnavji,' whispering, she caressed his cheeks. 'And I love you,' he whispered back placing another kiss on her palm.

'But can I still stay Arnavji?'

Standing up from his previous position he helped her up. 'Yes you can. Come, let's go to my room.' Very carefully he wrapped his arms around her and lead her towards the stairs. Walking slow paced with his waddling wife.


Pam and Sim closed their jaws from the shocking sight. 'Wow... did that just happen?', Pam asked in awe still watching them walk up the stairs. 'I don't know Sim, but I cannot believe the girl we made fun of ended up making ASR get on his knees. This so unfair!'

Hearing the conversation between the two dense girls Manju only could chuckle. Who would have thought her scenario of ASR being Khushi's husband all those years would come to past.

Who would have honestly known..


Comment and like for it inspires me. 

Note: Innocence in her eyes readers.. I have been working non-stop and finally this week I got the entire week off. I started on the chapter, but it's not fully done. I am working on it and will try to update soon as I can. Thanks for the patience. 

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Nirjhoramanisha Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 1:22am | IP Logged
Interesting os. Waiting for the update of innocence in her eyes.

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magss24 Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 1:25am | IP Logged
aww...that was amazing..loved it...

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Kamala05 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 1:25am | IP Logged
I love ur works. it simply brings nostalgia. 

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mishti_17 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 1:30am | IP Logged
That was amazing... Khushi's tears always do that to Arnav, he cant bear them.. Pam n Sim got the lesson of their lifetime.. LOL 

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please6 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 1:31am | IP Logged
I love the story it's amazing brilliant work and thank for the pm

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foreversarun3 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 1:34am | IP Logged
Wow! This was very cute and beautifully written!! Smile

It was so sweet how Arnav is being very protective of Khushi and how Khushi is a child-like woman! I especially love the part when Khushi comes to the office and the conversation between Arshi.

Awesome OS! Loved every bit of it as usual. SmileSmile 

Waiting eagerly for your FF Innocence in her eyes please update soon Smile

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thulasi_arshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 1:37am | IP Logged
lovely osMonkey Emoticon CiciMonkey Emoticon CiciMonkey Emoticon Cici

love to see this on screen..i know its impossibleCryCryCry

one of my expected scene in ipkOuchOuchOuch
thks for pmMonkey IconMonkey IconMonkey Icon

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