OS Amarprem Chapter 48 Part 2 page 2 (Page 2)

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Another Wounderful update Clap Lub it Heart
Love how pratigya move to Krishna and he also put his hand to protect her the way he support her when she was going to fall Lub all the feelings Day Dreaming
Waiting for next Dii update soon Hug

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part 2


                                              Bile rose up in her throat as Shailendra hugged Pratigya , sniffing loudly €˜oh€I am going to miss my precious daughter€.. but she is going as the bride of the Thakur Family€..what else would a father want?€™ €€€€€€. She stood like a statue, wishing to die €€€€. Women around them sighed , one gushing €˜not to worry minister €€€. Ur damaadji will be treating her like a queen€€€.€™ A muscle pulsed in his jaw as krishna walked quickly to the black audi RS 5 waiting , all decorated , dragging pratigya out of the false grip of her father, by their knot €€she felt relief spread over her the moment she was out of the grip of shailendra€.€€  sajjan put a calming hand over krishna€™s right shoulder as chandu held open the door€€€€€Krishna smiled at sajjan n climbed in €€€€her tear strained eyes met the cold stare of sajjan n she suppressed a shudder as she climbed in , turning her eyes to look at the general direction of the window of her mother€™s room€€€€€.

                                           Krishna n Pratigya were looking out of their respective windows , each slowly becoming increasingly aware of the other€™s proximity €€€€ Chandu was driving n he kept his eyes to the front €€..  Pratigya just wanted to cry , let out all the pain n sadness n fear inside her €€€€.. Krishna could increasingly feel the urge to turn n just look at her , anywhere over her, but he gritted his teeth n glared outside €€€.. they drove in dead silence n chandu was reminded of their journey home after the attack during night€€€€. Krishna felt the despair n fear in her as slowly his mixed feelings of anger n desire mellowed down€€€€.he looked around at her , confused €€€€€. Her face was turned in the opposite direction n his eyes trailed down her ridiculously covered  n decorated body n down to her mehandi covered hands , wondering why was she feeling so desp€€€€.  His thought jumped back to his dream when he had practically searched for his name in her hands €€€€ he closed his eyes in frustration n opened them, his eyes falling on the knot which tethered them to each other€€€€€. He stared at it long , feeling strange as he couldn€™t feel any aversion to the way he had been tied to something , her!, all this time€€€€€.. he found that he wasn€™t looking forward to untie it soon , when some minutes ago he all but wanted to untie it €€€€ he clicked his tongue in frustration n turned towards the window again€€€€€€€.

                                                Pratigya could feel his eyes on her n she moved closer towards the window , her hands mashing her skirt over her knees€€€ she felt both relieved n a sense of loss when his eyes finally moved away €. She let out an inaudible gasp as she saw his face reflected in her window€€€.. her eyes followed his gaze n guessed that now he was looking at the knot €€€he looked so handsome€! stop!€€she averted her eyes , cursing herself , but found herself glancing at his reflection from under her wet lashes €. She continued to gaze at his reflection n felt herself calm down, the knot in her chest loosening a bit€€€. She felt relaxed,  till he turned his face away , a flash of anger n frustration across his features, startling her€€€€.  He is really mercurial! €€ n his mood changes just like that€.!  she thought , a faint smile breaking her lips, slightly annoyed€€€€ she stared ahead in shock, blinking as she realized what was she doing €€€ she was thinking about him again !!!! €.. n smiling !!!! when all her world was hurling towards destruction, she was smiling €. N that too thinking about the various silly mood swings of that devil!!!... she closed her eyes in pain, praying for the nightmare to end€€.



                                                               The pandit opened the door to find angad standing in front of him€€€ he squinted at him , trying to place him€€€..angad smiled , stepping in , as he said €˜I am angad€.Ma Sahib€™s son €she send me to€€™ €˜oh €. Come inside malik€..€™ said the pandit, bowing n allowing him to pass€ angad felt smug €.malik ! €that sounded n felt good€€€ very soon , he will be the real malik€he mused €€™pls sit , malik€.its too late, but then again would u like to have tea or coffee or anything?€™€inquired the pandit politely €.€™no nothing €€™ declined angad , getting impatient €..€€™I have been looking up preventive solutions malik, n I think if a proper shiva puja is conducted we could minimize the effect €€.but it will come to pass , nevertheless€.€™ Sighed the pandit  sitting down on a chair opposite angad€€€€ angad eyed pandit in dislike€one one hand he has called him malik n he has the audacity to sit in front of him€! He forced himself to let go of the matter €.the pandit should remain alive till he knows all the facts €. €˜what will come to pass? What solutions? €sorry, ma didn€™t tell me exactly€..€™ began angad carefully €€ the pandit looked at him confused €€™didn€™t ma sahib tell u?€™ he asked €€ €˜well, no€.actually€.. may be the matter is of atmost importance €..€™ angad said offhandedly , laughing €€. €˜anyways , she told me to tell u that she is coming here soon to discuss the matter €€. In the meanwhile why don€™t u tell me what€™s going on€? €˜ the pandit felt a bit weird at the edge in his voice€. €˜er€ I don€™t know€.its..complicated..€™ he mumbled , still confused€€€..

                                                        angad was losing his patience , but he continued €˜yeah , ma also said like that€but panditji , is there anything to worry? I mean all r excited about the marriage n r we not  paying attention to something important?  €˜ he asked, trying to sound genuine €.. €˜yes n no €! €˜ sighed the pandit, feeling at ease at his concerned tone €€€€ €˜I know u r all excited about the marriage n I had warned ma sahib to postpone the marriage €..but ofcourse chote thakur wants things his way, so ma sahib told me€€€.but what€™s done is done€! Let€™s hope the possibilities remain as possibilities n nothing worse happens!...€™  angad stood up, trying to rein the excitement in his voice €˜what ? is there any problem with this marriage? See, I am very fond of my brother€.younger to me ofcourse, n so he is the jaan of the house €pls tell me€.what is it..? €˜ the pandit looked at angad as his confusion was triggered again €€€€ €˜er€ this marriage will endanger chote thakur€™s life€€. May be even the girl€™s too€.. but not to worry €˜ he added hastily as angad€™s eyes widened €€€ €˜its just the time €..this time, precisely €€€ once chote thakur crosses the age of 26 all will be well€€€..€™ €€ €˜what do u mean? He will die soon?€™ whispered angad , his eyes glinting in unmistakable anticipation n excitement  n hope but  disbelief too €€€.. n for the first time , the pandit noticed all the underlying emotions €€€€.. he tensed , standing up uncertainly ..€™malik€when would ma sahib come?€™  angad stood up too , abandoning his well mannered behavior , an evil smile playing across his lips as he said€€€™she will come€. €.€™ His voice turned hoarse with excitement €˜Tell me what is going to happen? Will he die soon?€™ €€.

                                                        Pandit looked horrified at angad , stepping back , his eyes darting around the hall n towards the door€€  €˜what r u talking about malik? He is ur brother ! why do u want him dead?€™ asked the pandit, his voice laced with anger n panic€€€.. €˜€™brother ! my foot! €˜ shouted angad , deranged €€ the pandit backed away , his eyes darting to the near by vase€€€€€ but angad was quicker he charged forward n caught the pandit by neck , his face contorted in anger €..€™he is not my brother! He is my enemy ! I am the elder one but he gets to enjoy the riches all bec my mother is the daughter of a mistress!!! €€€€ people fear him n even  respect him !!!! while they look at me as scum !!!...n the girls !!!...they r fighting over themselves to be his slave n all I get is his left over!!! €˜ he spat , tightening his grip over pandit€™s throat €€€. Pandit struggled , kicking out €€€.his knee hit angad squarely on groin n he doubled up in pain, releasing the pandit with a groan €€€..the old man scrambled away , choking n coughing n shouting for help€€€. €˜u bas***d€!€™  shouted angad , his hand taking hold of the vase n flinging it on the old man€™s head €€€€ the man lunged sideways trying to avoid it but collided with the nearby wooden sculpture n fell down €€€€. Angad was beside him n stamping him down on his stomach in a moment€.the old pandit howled in pain €€€€ €˜what do u want ? I don€™t know anything  €€ ps leave me€.pls€..€™ the pandit pleaded €€€.. €˜don€™t waste my time n energy , u old fool€.. tell me , what did u see n their kundalis? How long will he live? €..tell me nicely  n I may let u die calmly or else u will die terribly ! €™ angad smacked him across the face€€€€€ blood spurted from pandit€™s mouth as he groaned in pain€€€. €˜no ! I won€™t tell€€ I€.am a loyal servant to thakur sahab €..€™ shouted the man as he pushed angad off him with his feeble hands with all strength he could muster €€€€.angad staggered back hitting his head on to a pillar €€€€


                                              the pandit scampered up , terrified as he limbed across the room to the land phone €€€€angad€™s hand went for his gun but he stopped as his cunning mind alerted him...using the gun would alert the neighbors €€€€. Also there will be an enquiry by Chandu as the pandit , even though out of service is still their family pandit €€€€€ n Chandu n by extension Krishna will know what happened as he had taken his regular gun n not the illegal one €€€€. The pandit had barely reached the telephone when angad plunged a broken wooden piece from the fallen sculpture down his back €€€€.. the blood curdling scream of pandit was enough to waken the whole street n angad just ran, after trying to haul the pandit€™s bleeding body near to the toppled sculpture to make it look like an accident, looking around if he had accidently left any thing that might point at him€€€..    



                                                    The pandit opened his eyes, groaning in pain €€€€.. his eyes streamed as he forced himself to keep them open n tried to crawl , blood gushing from the wound on his back€€€€€. Once he reached the telephone stand he exerted himself to stand , his teeth gritted in pain , hands flying erroneously to grab on to the table €€even when life was being sucked out of him , his thoughts swirled around his maliks €€€ chote malik was in grave danger ! n its his own cousin who is after his life ! as if all the other enemies  rn€™t enough€..! €..trying to keep his eyes open , he dialed the only contact number he knew of  about the Thakurs , after he was thrown away from their service €€€their public directory land line number €€€€..

                                                    Sumitra was finishing  the decorations near to the staircase in the main hall when the phone rang €€€. All servants looked curiously at the phone as the land line was seldom in use , unless it was some emergency €€€€ sumitra looked at the phone in confusion as the head of the servants , rakesh looked at her , unsure €€€€ she nodded at him n he picked up the phone , nervous , but indicating the others to resume their work€€€.€™is malkin there?€™ rasped the pandit into the phone , willing himself to speak €€€€ rakesh looked up at sumitra , startled as he heard the dying man€™s voice €€€™who r u ? €˜ he asked curtly into the phone €€€™I€am€. Shankar lal€. Pls€. give the phone to€.to malkin€€™ the pandit gritted out , his legs threatening to give away €€. Sumitra walked over to the phone in confusion n anxiety as rakesh offered the phone to her , calling €˜malkin €€. I think there is some problem€€it€™s our old pandit €.shankar lal€.. €˜  sumitra took the phone , burning in tension €. €˜malkin€!!! €. Chote malik €.. ! he is in danger €.. he €the bride €€ they €.their life€€in danger €€€˜ the pandit choked into the phone €€€.€™what ? what r u saying €?€™ sumitra inhaled sharply , fear clawing at her throat €€€€™choti malkin ?...€™ the pandit was finding it difficult to believe his dying ears €€of all the people  that woman had to attend the call!!! €.. oh what had he done €..! he had alerted the enemy itself €.! He had thought that ma sahib will attend the phone , but €€ didn€™t he hear that choti malkin was thrown into some cellar down the haveli !!!!  his mind reeled as pain clawed at his now parched throat €€€ sumitra was frantic €.. what was he saying ? after all these years why was he calling? N he seemed €€€oh!€€.. he seemed as though he was in pain €€.. as though he was €.dying ?€€.. or falling unconscious ! €€€.. n what was he saying ? that her son€™s life is in danger ! n the girl€™s too !!!! €€€€.

                                                 €˜what €. Pandit ji€pls talk €€ what were u saying ? what happened to u? r u alright ?€™ she shouted shrilly into the phone , rakesh looking at her in confusion €€€€.. the pandit€™s dying eyes flickered open with a new found vigor as he heard the genuine , true concern in the voice of a woman he thought was bad all these years €€€ €˜choti malkin ! €€ur son €. His life is in €danger €.. pls€.save €. Him€.. the girl€.. her too€.. €˜ he said , trying with all his might to stay alive €€€. €˜shankar ji €.. what r u saying ? my beta €..krishna €.. ! is he alright ? what happened to u €..?€™ shouted sumitra into the phone , suddenly feeling weak €€€€. €˜save €.them€.. angad €.he€ traitor€..€™ the pandit collapsed to the floor , finally, unable to stand €€€€€. €˜hello€.? panditji€€ ? hello€.? €˜ sumitra said frantically into the phone €€€€€.. meera, who was checking whether the guests n thakurs were arriving or not , entered the hall smugly ,saying €˜hurry up, they r at the gate€€€€™ which was absolutely unnecessary as the guards at the gate already sounded the bell in the corridor to alert them€€€€€ the servants ran a last sec  search to make sure the everything was alright while sumitra dropped the phone in consternation , not before meera hearing her frantic shout  n the look of shock in her face€€€€ meera frowned at sumitra€™s retreating back, shocked€€€. That woman used the phone! N who was this pandit ji? €€€€ she will have to tell ma sahib about this! N may be she will get some new jewelry , she mused walking swiftly towards the maids , standing not so near to them, flaunting  her new gown n necklace , her eyes following sumitra as she disappeared behind the curtain along the kitchen corridor €€€€€

                          hope u liked it Embarrassed



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very less of kriya... so... u know what we all want and soon bring it on... 

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Wonderful UpdateClap

I hope Sumitra won't be harmed, since Meera heard her scream and say panditji because she will tell Gayatri. 

The Kriya scene was nice they are so drawn to each other regardless of how hard they try to deny it. Tongue

Waiting for the next update
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Posted: 23 August 2013 at 11:51am | IP Logged now Sumitra knows that Krishna-pratigya's life is in danger...hope she told all this only to chandu...
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It's like reading a novel , wish I could skip angad but very interesting 
Pls next update more of kriya 
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superb update dhanya
want more kriya seen Embarrassed

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