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T4-ARIYA--PeHla PyArr-part 57 pg 46 (Page 29)

pinkerbell IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 7:47am | IP Logged

Arjun: riya tumhe mera ghar lena pasand aya na?

Riya: ha arjun...bohot beautiful hai..

He picked her in his arms and let her to their 


(pics ke saath full feel de rahe hoo)

room decoration...

arjun: welcome to our room mrs rawte

riya:thank u mr rawte. 

Mujhe neeche utariye aap thak gai honge na..

arjun: riya tum change karlo ..

riya: ha par.. kaise mere bag mein kal pehene ki 

saree hai bas..ayesha ne mere night wear hi nahi 

rakhe..aur saman toh bhai ke ghar pe hai..

arjun: yeh toh meine sochna hi nahi ..mere bhi 

kapde sirf kal subah pehene ke hi hai..

riya: subah tak in kapdo mein kaise rahenge?

Arjun: iski zarorat nai padegi.. mein ho na...

(looking naughtily towards riya... riya turning red 

due to this)

Arjun: riya tum abhi se itna blush kar rahi hoo.. 


Riya: arjun please..(hiding her in his chest)

Arjun: meine toh kuch kia bhi nahi..

Riya: bina kuch kare bohot kuch karne hi takat 

rakhte hai aap..

Arjun: waise riya tumhare leye ek gift laya tha..

Riya: gift mere liye.. kya?

Arjun pulled out a box from his pocket and opened 


he took her in front of the mirror ..

there were two hearts entwined ... With A and R written ..

arjun places it on her neck..

arjun: pasand aaye?

Ria: bohot pretty...

tears were rollng down her eyes..

turning her to him,

Arjun cups her face in his hands..

Arjun: yeh assonn kyon ri?

Ria: khushi ke hai... yakin nahi hota.. 

mera sabse bada sapna aaj pura hogaya ... 

hamari shadi ho gai arjun..

Arjun: achcha toh yahi baat apni dimpled simple ke 

saath kaho..

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pinkerbell IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 May 2013
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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 7:55am | IP Logged

She smiled and hugged him tight... 

he also hugged her back. 

Aftr sometime he lifted her in his arms 

took her to the bed and placed her in the middle of 

it...and sat beside her.. 

She was enjoying his love and today there was no 

fear of crossing of limits... 

no fear of moving ahead... and regretting 

will be their night their perfect one... 

night of their love..

Riya was having butterflies in her stomach , 

nervousness and anxiety were both playing in her 

heart...arjun took her hands in his and kissed her 

knuckles..she closed her eyes quickly..he started to 

remove her bangles and started kissing her 

hands... from palms to upper arm...

He did the same with the other hand ... his kisses 

were creating havoc in her and her heart beats 

moving so fast that even he could feel it...

Arjun: ri relax .. tum itna kaap kyon rahi ho.. mein 

hi ho  tumhara arjun. Riya if want to wait we will..

if u are still scared then..

riya: mujhe darr nahi lag raha and hume wait 

karne ki zarorat nahi hai..

arjun:  are u suree ri?? 

mere liye toh nahi keh rahe na..?

riya: nahi.. apko nahi lagta aap galat time pe 

baatein karte hai..

yeh raat baat karne ke liye nahi haii

she smiled and shyed looked down.. 

arjun was mesmerized to see this shy 

yet little naughty riya of his..

He slowly removed her head jewellary...

(it was that hanging thing.)

he kissed her forehead...

their eyes met their love 

was speaking bundles saying hw much they love 

each other...she again hugged him tight..

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pinkerbell IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 7:59am | IP Logged

their hug was becoming more and more intimate... 

His head was dipping more in the crock of neck ...

Arjun: I love u riya...

He placed a soft kiss on her nape...

Riya: I love u too arjun

They parted and he kept his forehead on hers.

Arjun slowly bend down kissed her every inch of 

her face,


Slowly removing the nath not to hurt her...

he kissed her nose, her cheeks.. 

and he kissed her at the corner of her lips..


Riya: arjun...nnn


He sensed the urgency that had been developing in 

both..finally he took her lips...he was kissing as if 

having the best treat of the world.. sometime slow 

sometimes he increased the pase.. he slowly 

nibbled her lower lip.. and then the upper one.. 

she gave him access to her mouth.. he tasted her 

mouth.. she was enjoying his love.. and responding 

him in all ways he wanted...with the same intensity 

and passion..he was holding on to her neck for 

balance.. and her one hand at his back and other 

in his hair...they kissed fiercely and passionately...

all their love, their wait, their passion was 

impacting in the kisss...

He felt her out of breadth so he left her lips...she 

was breathing he didn't stop with that...

he started to lossen her neck piece and removed  it 

slowly...he placed wet kisses on her neck, collar 

bone, he gave her a love bite on her neck..

Riya: aaah... arjunn...

Arjun: sorry riya.. par tum itni irrestible ho ki mein 

kya karun..aaj toh mein khudko rok nahi paunga..

Riya: mein aapko rok hi nahi rahi hoon... 

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pinkerbell IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 8:04am | IP Logged

He placed a smooth kiss to ease her pain...

he was sucking and licking her like 

she is his fav ice cream..

he moved up to her earlobes..

He removed her earnings and sucked her earlobes...

He slowly kissing her opens the pins attached to 

her saree on her shoulders... she was getting red in 

blush... he removed her palloo from the shoulders ...

she just tucked her hands behind his neck to pull 

him to her...

He dipped down to her waist and made random 

designs on her stomach, placed a trail of kisses on 

her belly button, sucked it,, licked it..

Riya: aar rrr   jun...nnn

She was just moaning his name with more and 

more eagerness..he moved up and opened the dori 

of her blouse pulled the sleeves of her blouse to 

get an excess to her beautiful curved milky 


while kissing her shoulders...he opened the hooks 

of her blouse too..she hinched a little.. 

bt there was a shy smile on her face...she was 

almost losing her senses to his intimate touches 

and kisses...she turned on her stomach and her 

back facing him.her hands placed on her sides.her 

back was bare..arjun slid a finger from her nape 

through the spine..her uneven breadths again 

became more and more heavy..

now arjun slid his hand on her bare 

her goosebumps.

Riya: arjunnn please..

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pinkerbell IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 8:10am | IP Logged

He bend down on her back and started placing 

open mouthed kisses from  her nape to her tail 

bone. He entwined his fingers with hers..

He then slowly turned her to face him..caressing 

her face,,

Arjun: riyaaa I love u so much(huskily)

Riya was quite under his spell and wanting him 

badly..her fingers were fidgeting with his shervani 

buttons... to open them...he saw her nervousness 

and eagerness both he helped her open them and 

took out his shervani. She was so eargerly wanting 

to feel him... his muscular body...and he was 

enjoying her completely...she pulled him to her 

,rained him with open mouthed kisses from his 

neck to his collarbone..she also gve him love bites 

on his chest and neck... nw it was his time to 

moan... he never thought riya would be so bold.. bt 

he was liking his bold riya tonight...nw he was 

charged to the core and couldn't wait to make her 


he tucked her hands on the bed and before 

removing her blouse he switched off the lights and 

put some soft light make her feel 

comfortable..he removed her blouse completely 

and she hugged him again to control her shyness...

scroll down for more 

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pinkerbell IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 8:18am | IP Logged

his hands were moving down from her neck to her 


riya: arjunnn please...

arjun: darr lag raha hai riya??

Riya: nahi ... bas.. arjun

Arjun: trust me riya.. I wont hurt u.. I 

promise..please let me love u...let me make u 


Riya: ... please love me.. 

make me urs me..arjun..


nw he was nowhere to stop..

he started caressing her breasts placing kisses,, 

sucking her ni... while caressing the other the same love to both her assets he 

moved down again kissing and sucking her belly 

button..her hands were in his hair pulling him to 

her again and again..he went to capture her lips bt 

she time she took the lead and captured his,...the 

kiss was turning wild from gentle.. she willingly 

gave him the assess to her mouth.. their tongues 

were fighting for dominance...

they parted whn they required to breadth..

arjun moved down to unwarp the remaining saree 

and all others clothes and his lower too...she held 

his hand bt he entwined his fingers with her..

arjun: riya I need u... I want u... want to make u 

mine me riya I wont hurt u..

riya: I trust u ...I love u... arjun please make me 

urs... urs..

he pulled a quilt on them to make her comfortable...

he was rubbing her inner thighs and kissing her on 

her neck, shoulders, collarbone, bitting them.. 

smooching the bites to take the pain..and she was 

moaning so heavily...he rubbed her c*** , slowly 

inserted his fingers...she was hell sweety due to 

pleasure and pace of his love..

riya: aahhh...aa rrr jjuuunnn

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pinkerbell IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 8:18am | IP Logged

he trusted inside her in a go.. and she cried due to 

pain and pleasure...tears were rolling down her 

eyes.his fingers made a lot of nail marks on his 

hands on his back due to the pleasure and pain she 

was going through.he kissed her tears.. and kissed 

her lips with intense passion to make her forget 

the pain...she was following his rhythm.. aftr many 

trusts inside her out.. 

thy reached their climax...and finally parted

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pinkerbell IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 8:20am | IP Logged

arjun: tum thik ho na ri?

Riya: haa bilkul thik hoon..

Arjun: I love u ri...thank u for coming into my life., 

for loving me trusting me...

riya: I love u too arjun..thank u for completing my 

first love.. thank u for completing me forever..

riya hugged him by waist and put a kiss on his 


he hugged her back..covering her in his arms... he 

put his legs on hers so there is almost no distance 

between them... 

as if there was no distance between them before 





and all teasing arjun abt something

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