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Dulhan Wahi jo piya Mann Bhaaye#9(completed) (Page 69)

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Epilogue 2b

Ram had gone to complete the formality for Geet's discharge from the hospital.Maan was with Geet helping her in getting ready and handling Maansi.Today she was going to home with Mansi.Savitriji and Priya were waiting for them at home to welcome their new life of their house.Though Geet was fit and fine but was weak as she lost lot's of blood in her delivery and Dr.instructed Maan to stay away from Geet for some time as it would affect her health.Maan assured theDr.


Geet and Maan were standing at the door as Savitriji asked them to stay there and Priya welcomed that small angel in to there house.Geet came in and saw Pammi there-Mom Aap ? I m so happy to see you.

And Pammi hugged her-I m happy too for you Geet.and I wanted to see my granddaughter so I m here.But I have someone else too with me who wanted to meet you.

Geet-Kaun Mom.and Pammi signaled in one direction.Geet looked there and found Sameera standing there.Geet clutched Maan's arm  and Maan Held her with her shoulder in a protective way.Sameera came towards her and Geet Leaned more on Maan.Sameera came and stood in front of her. Rahul too came with them and noticed all the expressions of Maan and Geet.He could understand their relations without saying anything after witnessing that tension in Maan and Geet

Geet-Sam. What did I do now?

Sam rose her hand and Geet closed her eyes but felt a soft touch on her cheek.She heard Sam's voice-Geet. And Geet opened her eyes and looked at Sam.she saw tears in Sam's eyes and next moment Sam was hugging her-Geet I m sorry.Please forgive me whatever I did.

Sam had already asked Savitriji and Priya for their forgiveness for whatever she did in her jealousy. Both had forgiven her as they hadn't have faced any big loss because of her.

Geet was shocked to see Sameera like that.Maan was no less than Geet.

Geet parted away from Sam and looked at her.she witnessed truth in her eyes.Geet wiped sam's tears-Sam maafi maangne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai. I never had any complaint against you.On the other hand I m very grateful to you .I got Maan only because of you.

Sam-I know Geet that you were never angry on me but still I want to say sorry because I was very wrong. Maan I also want to say sorry to you too.

Maan-It's ok sam.I don's have any grudges against you.mera pyar mujhe mil gaya.Geet  is with me that's all I needed.

Maansi was with Priya Geet looked at her and said-Maa ..see my Maansi is luckier then me. She got her maasi just after entering this world. I had lost all the hopes to see Sam like this. But it happened today.

Priya-God never do wrong with good people Geet. It was your dream to see your whole family together. And see all are with you today.

All heard Vicky-Mere bina family complete nahin ho sakti.Sam looked at Vicky .he was standing there with a pouted face. Sam smiled to see him and came near him-Vicky Please I m sorry I behaved very rude with you too.apni badi bahan ko maaf kar do.

Vicky looked at Geet she was smiling and seeing this Vicky too smiled to see sam-Come on di aap bhi kya yaad rakhogi .maine aap ko maaf kiya.lekin aap ko aise hi rahna padega .meri achchhi wali di banker.

Sam-I promise Vicky and both siblings hugged each other

Ram -Geet first you sit down.and you will not stay in your room for few will be staying down stairs so that we can take proper care of you.

Maan helped Geet to sit there- Papa I think you are right. Then they noticed Rahul there.maan looked at him and then at pammi and Sam.

Pammi-Maan This is Rahul Sam's director  and now friend.


Geet noticed a shy smile on Sam's face when Pammi  introduced Rahul.

Geet-Hmmm.. Rahul.. so you are the reason for this change in my sister. Ab tak to tum  jaan hi gaye hoge hum sabke bare me.

Rahul-Yes Geet .Actually Sam told me about you and Maan and I was eager to meet you both.So I came here with her.

Geet-really ?Is this the only reason you are here. ?Thank U so much.

Sam to priya-Aunty may I take Maansi in my arms.Please

Savitriji-Why not sam? Maasi ho tum uski .It's your right.

Sam took Maansi in her arms and kissed her cute little face .Maansi got disturbed by that and made a face to this. All smiled to see Maansi reacting like this.

Sam-lo isko bhi pata chal gaya that I m not a good girl.

Geet-No Sam.She is angry with you for accepting her mother after such a long wait.

Sam-Geet I m really?

Geet- Not again Sam.I m your younger sister so have the right to complaint you against yourself.


Priya-Geet beta now take rest as it's not good for your health to sit like this.Maan Take Geet to the room.I will  bring Maansi too.

Maan settled Geet in the bed and tucked her in duvet. Then he looked at maansi-Geet I still can't believe that she is with us. I love her so much.Or you can say I love her the most.

Geet-This is not fair Maan.Beti ke saamne mujhe bhool jaaoge to kaise chalega?

Maan-how can I forget you abhi to bahut saare prince or princess chaahiye mujhe.

Geet-Maaannn. She has come two days ago aur tum doosre bachhon ke bare me baat kar rahe ho.

Maan-Arrey abhi nahin baad me and he winked at her.Geet hid his arm-Besharam.

Maan-Sab tumahra asar hai. And he kissed her at her cheek.and just then they heard some sound of clearing the throat.Maan turned and found Rahul and Sam at the door

Sam-Actually the door was open so  we..

Geet was red with shy but said-don't worry sam  Yahaan ye sab room ke bahar bhi hota rahta hai.Log shamless ho gaye hain. Ghar ke badon ka bhi darr nahin hai.

Maan-Ab apni biwi se ishq karne ke liye ghar ke logon ki permission leni padegi?

Rahul was so impressed with the bond of the family that he couldn't stop himself from saying-I must say Maan,You all are wonderful persons.  You are a big name in business world but no one will believe to see you like this that you are the same MSK.

Maan-Rahul Family doesn't need any attitude, we complete each other. Everyone is tied with other one and knows the real self of each other. so why the showoff? Business ko chalaane ke liye ek attitude maintain karna hota hai because there are our competitors.

Geet-Rahul  can I ask you something?


Geet- Is there only friendship between you and sam or something else is there?

Maan noticed that Sam was little sad at this.

Rahul-Geet right now we are friends only.

Ane Geet didn't ask anything.Just then Maansi woke up and started to cry.Nad Maan got restless-Geet why she is crying?

Geet-Maan be calm.Infants are only like this. Nothing is to be worried.

Maan-I don't know .Please isko chup karaao. And Sam was seeing Maan with an aww. How soft this man was.He was really a gem and deserved only a gem like Geet.

All went out and Geet fed Maansi to make her calm.


Maansi was now one month old.

And she was lifeline of Maan.He loved her to the core.Maansi too started to respond, And Shequickly started to responded Maan whenever she heard his voice.She tried to look here and there to catch her papa and Maan loved that reaction of his doll.sometimes when she cried and Geet wasn't around and Maan took her in his arms she instantly stopped crying as she was only crying in waiting her father to pick her up.

Geet was always surprised at her response. She said-Maan You have done some magic on her.I take care of her for full day but it seems that she only waits for you to come.

Maan-Geet.she is my daughter, so is possessive for her father like her father is for her and Geet pouted at this-Meri to ab koi kadr hi nahin rahi.

Maan-Kisne kaha?It's not like that

Geet-Off course it's only like that.Tabhi to ab tum mujhe pyar nahin karte.

Maan pulled her in his arms-Geet that day will never come in my life when I will not love you. Right now I m only following what doctor asked me to do.Ek baar DR. permission de to main tumhen chhodunga nahin.and Geet hid herself in his arms being unable to hear his flirty talks.


Promotion for Sam's film started and one day Rahul Sam and the Hero of the movie were in Delhi.Maan insisted Rahul and sam to stay at KM during that promotion. And they agreed.

Both reached Km and all chatted for some time. All of  a suddenMaan asked Rahul-Rahul  sam you both are still friends or things have changed?

Sam bowed her head as Rahul still was behaving like before and she understood it clearly that he didn't love her.

Rahul-Actually I want to say something. I want to say it to sam. Sam you  never asked me again so I couldn't say it .Now Maan has asked so  want t say that I.. I..Love you Sameera and want to marry you. But you know na that I m an orphan and alone too  so I m afraid that I will be able to give you a dreamy life.

Geet heard that and shouted Raahuull ..    ye pyar ka izhaar kar rahe ho ya apni problem suna rahe ho. Tum ladke na professionally chaahe kitne bhi aage kyun na nikal jaao lekin in maamlon me phisaddi hi rahoge.

Rahul got scared at this and Maan and Sam with whole Khurana family bursted in to a laughter seeing Rahul Like this.

Maan-This geet is the real Geet.. Rahul now onward you will be facing only this lioness Geet.

Rahul-Oh I was so scared

Maan- Rahul.. yaar Say straight na that you love Sam. and for other problems we are here.

Rahul-Maan actually I m feeling nervous to see your family.mere paas to family ke naam par koi nahin hai.I think Smeera to will be expecting the love and care of a family that I will never be able to give her

Ram-Why are you saying so Rahul.Hum log hain Na .Consider all of us as your family. Let'd do one thing.Me and my family will be on your side at the time of your marriage.

Geet-NOOO papa .That's not possible .then which side I will take .meri to dono hi family hain.

Maan-For marriage you will be on Sam's side as you are her sister.After marriage you will be again on our side.

Geet-haan ye theek rahega.But Maansi is too will I enjoy the marriage?

Rahul-Geet It will take time as we are doing the promotional tours for our movie.It will take two or three months. Maariage can take place after that only.

Geet was happy to hear that-main mom ko bata doon Rahul are you sure that you will marry Sam?

Rahul looked at sam -If Sameera is agree to marry me and Sam blushed to hear Rahul's talk- Off course I will marry you.and I will try to be like the girl you wanted to marry.Even I m ready to leave the industry too.

Rahul-that we will decide later.

Geet asked Savitriji to Inform pammi about it and she obliged her.Pammi was happy for her daughter actually both daughters.She was still repenting for ignoring Geet .She could see Geet's happiness brought the happiness in her other children's  life too.


After three months

Maansi had turned in to a cute devil as she was being pampered by all her family members.Now she recognized all her family members. But still Maan was her favorite. Whenever he came from office it was his first duty to take his Maansi in his arms and kiss her .If he forgot to do so that devil used to turn in to a bad devil and her tears started to flow in the form of river and forced Maan to curse himself for ignoring his doll.and he had to pay for it because maansi  never left him that evening.

Rahul ans Sam's marriage was nearing.maan decided to make all the arrangements at KM itself.As it was the venue for groom's rituals.Rahul was feeling overwhelmed for this gesture of Maan.

Geet was on Khanna house as she was attending the marriage as Sam's sister.She was there from two days.Though Maan missed his both devils but had no complaintss as they were performing their duties towards their families. Maansi too was missing her father and was disturbing Geet in the evenings as it was the time for Maan to come from office and love to her sweet daughter.

Geet had some tests done related to her health before going to Khanna house . On the day of marriage maan received the reports of Geet and those said that geet was absolutely fine and they could now proceed with their married life once again.Maan was so happy to know that and he thought to plan something for His Geet.


They all were at Khanna House.Rahul was waiting for Sam for marriage rituals to get started and Maan'eyes were searching only for his wife. Maansi was already in his arms as she missed his savior a lot and wasn't ready to leave him.Priya and Ram tried to take her as they too missed her but when papa was here she didn't need anyone.

Geet brought Sam to the mandap. All rituals took place.Maan went and stood near Geet.Geet looked at him and smiled.Maan slid his hand in her waist as he missed her a lot.Geet too didn't resist as she was no less than maan.


Time for bidaai and Sam took leave from her mother and brother.all eyes were wet but were happy too as there was no more guilt, remorse, jealousy and hatred.

Maan and Geet settled on front seat of the Car with maansi in Geet's lap.and Sam and Rahul were on back seats.Sam looked at her mother. Pammi smiled at her as she was blessing her for her better life.Maan drove the car towards the KM.


At night Sam was in the room and Geet was accompanying her.Maansi too was with her.She made Maansi  lye on  bed near Sam.Maan had ordered the organizer to decorate the room for their first night and It was beautifully decorated.

Elders were in there respective rooms as they were tired.

Geet and sam were talking .they heard Maan and Rahul coming towards the room .Istantly Geet went to the door and locked it. Sam shook her head on this.Maan and Rahul reached near the door. Maan wished Rahul all the best and turned to leave .As Rahul tried to open the door he found it locked  from inside.

Rahul-Maan the door is locked from inside.

Maan was surprised at this.he asked rahul to knock at the door again and Rahul did the same.The door opened and maan and Rahul were shocked to see Geet there.

Maan-Geet what are you doing here.

Geet-Maan you are forgetting something.This is a ritual and I m here to take some shagun from Rahul.

Rahul-Shagun? But I don't have anything right now.

Geet-No problem .you can stay outside of the room till you got a gift for me.

Maan-Geet you are Sam's can't do this as this ritual is performed by only grooms relative.

Geet-How it is possible?You gave shagun to Gunjan Nupur Pinki and Jia on our first night.

Maan-Haan but they were from my side.

Geet got confused and Rahul was smiling to see Geet.Maan wanted to laugh loud to see geet so confused.

Geet-But maan Pinki was my friend and you gave her shagun too.

Maan-Geet she was the girlfriend of Adi then so she was too my friends fianc and was from my side.

Sam was too wanted to laugh to see her sister.May be  she was matured   at times still she was innocent and Maan was fooling her so easily.

Geet was about to leave the door to give entry  to Rahul but -Okey I understood. theek hai  to phir aaj ke liye main Rahul ki sister ban jaati hoon ,hai na Maan. Mujhe shagun to har haal me chahiye.Rahul was gaping at Geet with disbelief.she was such a sweet girl that she gave him a sacred  relation unknowingly.Maan was too impressed with his Smart Geet and he looked at Rahul.Rahul was  having tears in his eyes.

Rahul-Geet I will give you whatever you want but on one condition only

Geet-really.?Bolo kya codition hai?

Rahul-Tumhen ek din ke liye nahin balki puri life ke liye meri bahan banna padega.

Geet looked at Rahul first and then at Maan.Maan nodded his head in yes.

Geet smiled while looking at Rahul-Why not Rahul. Chota bhai to tha hi but I have a big brother too now.

Rahul's tear spilled from his eyes.Geet wiped those tears and hugged him.

Rahul-Now tell me what you want?

Geet-Rahul I want you to keep my sister always happy.I know she has a loose tempered nature but you can see that she is trying to change herself. I only want you to be her strength in life. Be patient with her.

Sam heard it and she really repented for her deeds now.Geet was such a selfless girl How could she thought of Geet to snatch her happiness.She promised to herself for making up for all her deeds

Rahul-I will do whatever you say.Don't worry.Maan and you are the ideal hubby and wife for us now.we both will try to become like you.

Maan- ab agar emotional scene ho gaya ho to chalen this is there first night,so give them some time for themselves too.

Geet-haan to maine kab mana kiya.and she winked at Sam. And Sam blushed at this.Maan came in and lifted Maansi in her arms.She was sleeping now. He held Geet's hand and went from there giving some privacy to newly- wed couple.


Maaneet reached their room and Geet was seeing the room with big eyes.

Geet-maan what is this.Why this room is decorated.

Maan-Because this room was missing you and Maansi from two days.

Geet saw that there was a decorated cribe too for Maansi.maan made sleeping Maansi settled in cribe.

Geet-Something else is too there. Bataao na kya baat hai.

Maan pulled her towards her . He packed softly at her lips -Geet .I got your reports this morning and it said that you are all fit and fine so...and he left his sentence incomplete and Geet too didn't need to hear it.


 Her cheeks were red with blush. Maan saw her and said.-So is my red apple ready to be eaten by her love and Geet hid herself in his chest.

Maan too held Geet more tightly and few minutes later they were roaming in their passionate dream world.


That year maan got Most successful and Youngest achiever award for his project as it was the biggest project in India which was handled by the youngest MD of construction business world.

Geet-the girl born in a driver's family who later turned an orphan but It wasn't her Destiny. she was now the most successful architect. Nothing was there that she needed and couldn't have. She had most handsome husband who could give his life for her.a family that loved her like it's own daughter and never let her allow to remember her bad phase when she had no one in her life. Geet's every dream was now fulfilled.She was the happiest soul of the world



This was my last update on this thread and was the longest update of this FF.I will miss this FF very much.After all you all know me only because of this FF.I want to say a big thanks to all of you to support me throughout this journey of  Dulhan wahi Jo Piya Mann Bhaaye.I love you all for that .

Please for the one last time hit the like and leave your precious comments.For silent readers-This is your first as well as last chance to post your comment hereLOLLOL-Rashmi


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me first
awesome updateClap
geet and maan shocked to see sam in KM
geet happy when sam hugged her and accepted her as sisterBig smile
mansi not leaving her daddy and gets angry when he ignores herTongue
rahul confessed his love and they got married
maan teasing his red Apple alphabetsApple alphabetsApple alphabetsApple alphabetsApple alphabetsWink
loved it Di
going to miss this FF

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amazing ending dear
love it 
w8 fr more

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it was a  beautiful ending 
loved itSmile

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update sam rahul married rahul getting love from khuranas fab

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read all parts in one go
its superbbb yaaar
mere pass wrds hi nhi hai express karene ke liye
cute love story of maaneet

bilkul different
sab kuch aisa lag rha tha jaise meri aankon ke samne ho rha hai

maan ka geet ke liye feel karna
geet ka sab ke liye selfless love

jitna pyar maaneet se kiya utni hi  nafrat sameera se aur uski mom se ki

diver ki beti hai to kya yar wo insaan nhi hai kya

wo sapne nhi dekh sakti
geet aur vicky ki bonding jus wowww
lagta hi nhi ki woo dono sage bhai behan nhi hai

maan ki puri family kitni achi thi aur daadi puri nautanki

finally sameera aur pammi ko akal to aayi
simply superbbb
thnks for thi wonderful FF

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Just loved it thanks 4 this lovely ff

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Really loved this FF so much...SmileSmileSmileSmile
Please start its Season 2 Too...
Its A request...SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

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