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Dulhan Wahi jo piya Mann Bhaaye#9(completed) (Page 49)

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Sameera joined her production unit after the next day she reached Mumbai.She was so excited to enter her dream world.There she met all the unit members.Though The PH was a big name but the director was new like Sameera.It was his debue too in film industry as a director. His name was Rahul

She was asked to attend some training classes to accommodate herself according to the role.and these classes were going to be continued for few months.She joined the classes. One day at training centre she found people watching something on some news channel.She noticed that it was Maan and Geet's reception clippings which they were showing even their wedding pics. too were being  shown. That day Rahul was there  explaind maaneet's love story in short. Rahul asked Sameera-Sam they are from your town.You must be  knowing them.

But Sam replied-No I don't know them.

And she went to attend the training session.But Rahul found Maaneet's story quite interesting

After her training was over ,the shooting started. For the first few days Pammi accompanied her on the sets and then he stopped as she wanted Sam to face her life herself. Hero was two or three films old. so he was senior there and didn't give much importance to sam. But Sam didn't mind it as she didn't need anybody's attention as she considered herself quite beautiful and deserving actress.

Later she proved herself a good actress. Rahul was very strict with the unit.but when they were not working Rahul used to get mixed with all as he was the part of them. Even he ate lunch from their tiffins too. and Sam found it weird. She always thought-How can anyone have food from the tiffin of such people.

She never got mixed with them. Once Rahul invited her to join them but she refused after that No one tried to be friendly with her. Hero of the film was a nice guy but he kept himself aloof as he talked to his girlfriend in his free time.

With the time Sam was getting to be used to that atmosphere. And her hatred for geet was taking the back seat. Sometimes she was at home and pammi talked to Geet or Vicky or the Khurana family , she didn't react at all. neither annoyed nor happy. she tried to ignore. Pammi noticed it and later she  used to put the phone on speaker whenever Sam was near her to make her listen to the talk.

Once geet asked about Sam and Pammi put the phone on speaker so that Sam could hear that.Sam heard Geet that day whishing for the well being of her sister. Sam looked at her mother for a second and then she averted her gaze.

On the sets Rahul was famous among the unit as everyone knew about his perfection in profession as well as being humble in personal issues. Whenever someone was sick he never forced him to do work and made him relaxed and if required he did the work himself at the place of that sick member.

Sam started to notice his behavior. He was a good human being. He was opposite to Sam's nature. When a unit member needed money he always helped him. Once during the shoot Sam was hit by a spot light. Though it wasn't serious yet her toe bleed and that day Rahul helped her to get her in the car and he dropped her at her home himself and asked her to take proper care of herself. This gesture of Rahul touched her. Pammi too thanked him and offered him to have dinner and he instantly agreed. After having dinner he left advising Sam to take proper rest. Next day she went to set and Rahul asked her about her toe. that day he was not so strict with her. His behavior always reminded  Sameera of someone but who?She was unable to recall it. Sam tried to be friend of Rahul but Rahul never allowed her to come close to himself as he understood Sam's nature. And this negligence was making Sam fall for him. Rahul knew that Sam was not like him so he didn't try to cross the professional limit between them.

Sam was proving herself a better actress day by day. The hero,the producer even Rahul was impressed with her skill.and he praised her a lot  but only as a director. Whenever the shot finished and Rahul told her that she was awesome-Sam felt something different in her heart.and unknowingly she had started to change.

The day When Vicky informed about Geet's  pregnancy, Pammi noticed a slight smile on Sam's face. and it was a positive sign for Pammi.some where Sam was feeling that she wasn't made for leading that life in Delhi and she was grateful to Geet because if Geet wasn't there she had got married to Maan .

Few months passed.and the shooting was going to be over.Sam was feeling a strong attraction for Rahul.  But Rahul was same with her-a strict professional. Sam wanted to talk him personally but he was not giving any opportunity to her.It was the last day of shoot and Sam thought-It's now or during the lunch break Sam went to meet Rahul .As usual he was eating lunch with the unit members.

Sam-Rahul I want to talk to you

Rahul- Ya Sam.what's the matter?

Sam-Can we talk in private?

Rahul -Ya sure.we can sit in my vanity.

And they both went to Rahul's vanity. Sam noticed that It was very simple and had very limited luxuries. only an AC  and a computer.

Rahu-please have a seat.

Sam settled and said-Rahul  actually I wanted to talk to you. But couldn't have my courage. Rahul   I..I love you.

Rahul heard it and didn't react shocked or even surprised.

Rahul-Sam I could see you feeling something for me. Even I like you as an actress but Sam we are not made for each other as we are totally opposite to each other. You have seen me here as a director.I m a strict professional here but at home I m the laziest person. I look organized on set but in my personal life I m 100% unorganized. You can't eat food without forks I eat food with my hands even I don't use spoon too.I don't like to wear ironed clothes at home. Whenever I m on leave I sleep till noon .My house is just like a most untidy place. And last but not the least important fact about myself-I m an orphan and have no one to call mine. You know I don't like to eat food from outside ,that's why I eat the food with unit members. so that I can have food made at home.I will like to marry a girl who likes me as Rahul as a person that I m at home not as the Director Rahul.So I don't fit in your life. I would like to marry a simple girl who can take care of me and my house.You are an upcoming actress and will touch sky of fame some day. But I can't marry a girl working outside. You bdeserve some one perfect for you.I hope you will understand my point.

Sam was shocked to hear it.She was again rejected and that too for a very simple reason. But somehow she wasn't feeling insulted as Rahul was right in whatever he said.

Rahul-Let's go Sam.Time for the shoot. And he got up from his place.

Sam-If I was not an actress  or that stylish and in your words fussy girl you would have loved me?

Rahul-But you are not that type of girl Sameera.

Sam-Agar main waisi ban jaaon to?

Rahul-I don't want anyone to sacrifice dreams for me. I m not that selfish.

And he left.


Sam was in her vanity.She was still shocked that Rahul has rejected her.She had tears in her eyes.Today she understood that if a person want to be loved .he should become worth  to that love  first.Outer beauty was of no she was rejected as she was perfectionist in her life.Today she recalled the person Rahul was similar to-It was Geet. Rahul was just like Geet.Simple sweet and ..orphan too.He was as clear about himself  as a crystal.  

That day her inner soul asked her-Whom you will blame Sam for this rejection.You always blamed Geet for your every loss. But today Geet is nowhere .She isn't even present in your life .Still you are again proven a looser.

Sam reached house that day.and she asked Pammi-Mom Kya main sachmuch  kisi ke pyar ke layak nahin hoon?Itni buri hoon kya main.

Pammi found it strange-What happened sam?

Sam-Mom today I told Rahul that I love him but he rejected me saying that I m not like him. He finds me not suitable for him because I am stylish and live like a perfectionist. And he wants to marry a girl who is simple like him. Am I that bad mom that second time I m rejected.

Pammi-No Sam you are not know me and you are same. got I always thought first about me and my children and got nothing even I couldn't get Geet's selfish love that Vicky got But since I have started to  think for others before myself I feel good inside my heart. you know people like only simple and sweet natured person in compare to a beautiful yet arrogant person.And you know  Geet was just like that .very simple ,loving and caring that's why she got all love and I think Rahul is too like that only.

Sam- But Mom I love him.

Pammi-you will have to try hard for that.Tumhen Rahul ko yakeen dilana hoga kit um sach me us se pyar karti ho.

So Next day sam went to Rahul's house .Rahul was shocked to see her at his door.

Sam-May I come in

Rahul -off course Sam.Come in

Sam entered the house and found his house exactly like he told.she could see clothes scattered every where.He hadn't taken a bath till then.he was in his vest and shorts.

Rahul picked up clothes from one chair and asked Sam to sit there-Sam please you sit here .I m coming after few minutes .I will be just back.and he went to washroom. He returned after having the shower and found her room in all tidy shape.Sam had collected the stuff that was scattered there and put that in one corner.

Rahul-Sam you didn't need to do it.kal phir se bjkhar jaayega.

Sam-I will again make that clean. Rahul I still love you and want to prove that I m not that bad as you think.

Rahul-No Sameera I don't think that you are bad .I only said that we aren't alike in nature.

Sam-Rahul I need one chance.I have seen so many rejections. and I always blamed someone else for those rejections But I now know that I was wrong please don't reject me .I will try to make myself just like you want. Don't you have any feeling for me?

Though Rahul liked her but never thought about love as he always found sameera different from himself.But today he was seeing a different sameera. He was not that hard hearted so melted on her plea-Sam I never thought about love for you. but yes I like you as an actress and I wanted to be friend of you at the beginning but you never showed any interest. I don't know if I will be able to love you or not but we can start with our friendship. Will you be my friend? And he extended his hand .She held his hand and said-Yes Rahul I m ready to start with friendship.

Rahul smiled-ab bataao who is the person whom you blamed for your rejections.

Sam was little bit feeling awkward to tell him

Rahul-It's okey sam.If you don't want to tell

Sam-Geet.. It was Geet.The girl  who always considered me as her sister and friend but I always considered her as my competitor. She is not my real sister but my father adopted her as she was the daughter of our driver whom dad thought as his brother. After his death Dad adopted her. But I always hated her.

You remember one day you were watching the wedding clipping of Delhi based Business tycoon Maan Singh Khurana on some news chennel.

Rahul nodded at this.

Sam -The girl whom he married was Geet. Maan was my fiance first  but later he loved Geet as Geet too was just like you sweet simple and caring.I always thought that my beauty was enough to keep him tied with me but Geet made an special place in his and his family's heart. And they all rejected me as their DIL. that day I insulted Geet in front of all and told them that she was the daughter of our servent .  But Maan's father knew that her father sacrificed his life to save my dad in an attack.

Rahul felt bad for her but he said-don't you feel now that you should go to meet her and seek the forgiveness for your deeds as she was never responsible for your rejections.

Sam-Now I want to but am not sure if she can forgive me or not.

Rahul-But you should try once.

Sam-will you help me? will you be my strength in doing so.

Rahul was now feeling that sameera was really repenting so he said-haan.I too want to meet your sister.

Sam-You know she is pregnant and her delivery is due in few days. I want to see her baby.Can we have the leave for few days.

Rahul-why not. We will definitely go.

Sam's cell buzzed she looked at it.It was Pammi's call. Sam picked up-Mom

And Pammi told her that Geet had given birth to a baby girl and both mother and daughter are fine. Sam's eyes twinkled with joy-Really mom ?I m so happy.Mom I want to go with you there.

Pammi was surprised at this.She couldn't ask for more .her daughter was changing-Off course Sam and Geet will be surprised to see you. and she cut the call

Sam-Rahul Geet ne beti ko janam diya hai,. Mom is planning to go.I too m going with her,will you come with us.

Rahul- Why not? I will come with you.

And Sam hugged him-Thank U Rahul Thanks a lot.Now I m going I have to do a lot of shopping for my niece.And unknowingle Rahul too kept his hand on her back .May be he had accepted sameera.


Precap-Epilogue-2 b( Sam, Rahul and Geet Maan with Maansi)

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Main Phir se First Aayi 

Dancing graphics
Thank You Scraps, Graphics and Comments for orkut, myspace

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nice part
sam realised her mistakes
outer beauty is not one look for but it's inner beauty
now waiting for sam and geet interaction

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Nice update
finally when sam truly fall in love with rahul ...she changed n changed for good
chalo jo kaam geet pammi vicky n maan Nahi kar paye rahul ne kar dia he is the reason for whom sam is ready to change herself
woww Maaneet now hv a daughter
waiting 4 nxt update

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  wow lovely emotional update..te way sam aftr seieng rahul, we she got a true love wen she  decide to change herself for her love , now she realize te meaning of love was so lovely emotional.. te way sam wants to see her sister and ask sory , and geet to will feel hapy overwhelmed  getting her sister back,.. i love te update so much

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rahul changing sam and finally sam sudhar gayi

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wow nice update rashmi u have showed entire change of thoughts of sameera very nicely. So now sam life has settled with rahul good thing is that rahul has explained everything to sameera and she accepted it very positively.

geet delivered baby girl

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Rahul made understand Sameera... meaning of love.. it's not all abt beauty but understanding the person.. some compromises in life.. how simple & beutiful ur heart is more imp.. liked that she has changed this much.. Maneet r now blessed with baby girl.. Amazing part.. Big smile

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