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Dulhan Wahi jo piya Mann Bhaaye#9(completed)

gorgeousqueen. IF-Stunnerz

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Hello Friends.
Here is Thread 9 of my FF-Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Mann Bhaaye

Thank You Scraps, Graphics and Comments for orkut, myspace
  for appreciating my work

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Maan -a normal guy from a rich family setlled in a small town ,studies in Mumbai n lives in hostel

Sameera-girl friend of Maan,studies in same school,also lives in hostel.Her family lives in Delhi n is very rich

Geet- lives in Sameera's house with Sameera's family .A bright student

Maan's Family- Daadi, Father,Mother(a family full of love n respect
for each other)

Sameera's Family-Mother n 10 years old younger brother,Father died of heart attack(a family which attached to each other but thinks for ownself first

Geet's Family -You will know about her with Maan only


kab tak kisi ke ahsaano tale jiyungi?Kya kabhi mauka nahin milega mujhe in ahsaano ko utaarne ka
kaash main un logon ke liye kuchh kar paati aur azaad ho jaati is guilt se ki main un logon ke liye kabhi kuchh nahin kar paayi

                                       For pm add me at -    pmatrash

                                                        My New FF-Maasoom Ishq

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gorgeousqueen. IF-Stunnerz

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Saturday scraps, comments and graphics

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-indu- IF-Rockerz

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Updating status lagake kahan bhaag gayi?Cry

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gorgeousqueen. IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by -indu-

Updating status lagake kahan bhaag gayi?Cry

ye lo 
main aa gayi.WinkWink
updating in few minutes

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Originally posted by rashmivaish

Originally posted by -indu-

Updating status lagake kahan bhaag gayi?Cry

ye lo 
main aa gayi.WinkWink
updating in few minutes

kiss smiley scraps for orkut, myspace, facebook

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Last Part

Maan entered his room but Geet was nowhere to be seen.He went to her room as her belongings were not completely shifted to Maan's(now their) room.he saw a  red dsaree kept on bed so he could make that Geet was in washroom.Though she was going to take time so he too went to his room to have bath as he had a great task in her hand to pacify his red apple.

He quickly went to his room.and after having bath he returned to Geet's room and witnessed a beautiful scene there.Geet was almost ready in that red saree.she was looking as fresh as morning rays.her locks were all wet and water was dripping from them on her back and face.he went behind her and encircled her from behind. But Geet jerked his hands.

Maan-Geet I m sorry yaar.wo jaldi me muh se nikal gaya.

Geet-But why my name?It was so embarrassing.  you saw with your eyes how they were giving us their teasing looks. I m angry and I m not going to talk to you.

Maan-achchha .then I can do whatever I want to do with you because you are not talking to won't say no to me.and he again slid his hand in her waist

Geet snapped on his hands-No way. You cannot even touch me.

She moved from there to go but couldn't move as maan held her saree and she turned to give him a glair but she found herself in his arms as he was standing very close to her.Maan wasn't expecting that turn so he got a jerk and fell on bed taking Geet with him.Now maan was on bed with his back and Geet was on him with her stomach. Her wet locks covered maan 's face and he got lost in the fragrance of her shampoo plus bath soap. she was smelling like a flower shop . Geet's whole wait was on him and he held Geet by locking his both hands on her back.Maan too had taken shower so his his cologn was acting like a drug on Geet.she wanted to lose herself in his fragrance but her anger was taking a front seat seeing herself helpless in front of Maan .

Geet-Maan pls leave me.

Maan-but you were not talking to me.

Geet-Maaann  mujhe jana hai .Maa will be waiting for me.

Maan-not until you forgive me and he held her more tightly.

Get was feeling butterflies in her stomach.and her face expressions were changing and Maan was noticing that. Her body was getting lose so her resistance too. He slowly brought his hand on her face and removed her wet locks from her face. Geet closed her eyes being unable to look in to his eyes.Maan caressed her face with his thumb thus creating goose bumps in Geet's body.Geet left her body completely relaxed on him,so maan brought his other hand to on her face and he cupped her face in to his palms and starred at her trembling lips.With a jerk he turned and now Geet was on bed and Maan lower half was lying on the bed and upper half was almost on Geet.Geet's face was all red with shyness.Maan softly bent on her face and first kissed on her both eyes one by one then took her shivering lips in his and Geet cluched his shirt in her fist to control herself but unknowingly she responded him and started to kiss him back.few moments later they parted away and maan looked at Geet and called with a soft yet husky voice-Geet.look at me.but geet refused to do that and then Maan kissed her again on her cheeks and he started to move toward her ears then on the shoulder and then moved toward her neck .Geet  was lost in his passion but snapped opened her eyes as she felt his lips on her neckand she moaned-Maaann

It was the first time Maan heard his name in that moaning voice and his own name was sounding different from her mouth he too reciprocated-Oh Geet I love you jaan. Geet smiled to hear that new word for herself from him. Maan kept her forehead on her's to make his breathing calm.After few minutes both were calm and composed.

Maan-So did you forgive me now?

Geet frowned her eyes-Why should I?

Maan-Arrey itna sab hone ke baad bhi tumne mujhe maaf nahin kiya?

Geet-You were doing this all for that forgiveness and I thought..and left her sentence incomplete.

Maan-What did you think, Geet why I was doing that?and he winked at her

Geet-That was so mean Maan.I m not going to forgive you at any cost. more over I will not leave you without punishing  now you for your mistakes .

Maan-arrey yaar tum phir se gussa ho gayi.I didn't mean that to say like this.I mean yaar itna pyar karne ke baad to koi bhi melt ho jaayega.

Geet-Not me.

Maan-Okey tell me what is my punishment?

Geet-Not fair Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.galati sabke saamne aur punishment akele me? And she smirked at him.

Maan-what do you mean? What are you going to do with me wo bhi sabke saamne?

Geet-That you will see Maan Singh Khurana that how this Geet Maan Singh Khurana takes revenge from you that too before all .and she didn't realize how she called herself with authority. And Maan was ready to die on that Geet Maan Singh Khurana.He smiled to hear that and bowed  to surrender himself to her-As you wish Sweet Heart.I m ready to accept any punishment.

And Geet stormed out from there to show him how angry she was on him. maan took a deep breathe-I love you Geet and be always like this.

But both didn't realize one thing in this whole love session that they had crossed few milestones without any effort in the journey of being physically close. and  Geet had  reduced her shyness in a natural way  to come close to Maan.


Geet reached where all were sitting and all smiled to tease her.Nupur cleared her throat-Hii did you sleep well or played  a game with mosquitoes in the lawn.

Pinki-Didn't you see Nupur how comfortably she was sleeping?machchhar ki kisko fikr hogi tab.

Geet pouted hearing them-Tum mere dost ho ya dushman,pahle hi mujhe itna ajeeb lag raha hai ab tum log bhi mazaak bana rahe ho. And she rose from there and went to the kitchen where  Salma and Priya  were preparing breakfast  and Savitriji was collecting the ingredients for kheer which Geet was going to prepare for the rasoi ki rasm.she took blessings from all

All ladies to smiled to see her.but said nothing. Geet looked at all with puppy face and seeing her like this they couldn't control their laughter.Geet was watching them with such a look as she was going to cry.

Geet-Maa do you still think that I had asked Maan for the ice cream?

Savitriji-Arrey beta.why are you saying so?don't we know Maan and you? I know that maan would have asked you.

Priya-Geet . don't think much about that.actuelly wo apni dadi par gaya hai aisi hi harketen karega.

Dadi-ye lo kya zamana aa gaya hai khud ki bahu aa gayi to saas ko taane maar rahi ho priya.and she wiped her fake which Geet and Salma smiled.

Priya-come on Maan stop your overacting. Geet today you have to prepare Kheer for all as it is your first rasoi's a custom.

Geet-ji maa. Don't worry .i will do it all can join the others in the hall . I will bring kheer there after preparing it.

Though Geet was not new there so no need to ask about anything. Ladies went out.

Geet prepared kheer and after that all had breakfast,Get was not looking at Maan and Man was trying to get her attention but all went in vein.

After finishing the breakfast all set in hall in a relaxed mood.Geet brought kheer for all after serving it in bowls.she first served to the elders and then to all as she reached near Maan, he forwarded his hand to take a bowl but she ditched him by moving  from there and Maan pouted and gave her a puppy look but Geet had decided to punish him.Friends noticed that and Mayank asked Maan-abhi bhi gussa hai. Tu mana nahin paya?

Maan-Yaar I tried hard par wo aur jyada gussa ho gayi.

Samrat-May God save you from your wife and all laughed to hear that.

Finally Geet brought two bowls one for Maan and other for herself.Maan quicly  took it with a smile .He loved Kheer a lot and was dying to taste it as everyone was prasing Geet for such a delicious kheer.He shove a spoon in his mouth full with kheer but couln't swallow it.Geet muffled her laughter.Maan gave her an angry glair and Geet raised her eyebrow as saying-this is your punishment.

Kheer had salt instead of sugar and maan couldn't say a word as every one was enjoying the kheer. But he too was Maan  so he swallow the kheer and gave Geet  a smile,He took another spoon and ate.Now Geet was confused at his behavior-how can he eat this salty kheer? Kahin galati se maine apni wali bowl to nahin de di .She took a very little kheer in spoon and tested it-No her kheer was sweet.

Maan naughtily smiled at Geet and then said-Maa ye meri biwi ki pahli dish hai shadi ke baad to I want to feed her from my bowl.May I ?

All friends clapped for it.Now Geet was tensed. Maan came near Geet and took a spoon full of kheer to her mouth.Now Get could 't say no and she opened her mouth imagining the taste of that salty kheer,she closed her eyes due to the fear of tasting the kheer.But she didn't feel that salty taste in her mouth.she opened her eyes and saw maan eating that kheer-Actually Geet I have changed my mind you can have your own I don't want this tasty kheer with any one not even you.Geet understood why Maan didn't fed her

Maan tried to take another spoon of that salty kheer but felt a hold on his hand.Geet stopped him from eating that kheer one more time-No Maan. Please don't eat that.I m sorry.

All were watching them with confusion.

Ram-kya hua. Kheer is too tasty Geet.Why are you stopping him?

Geet-wo .. papa his Kheer is not tasty as I added salt in it to take revenge for his morning mistake. And then she fed him from her own bowl to make his taste better.and again said sorry to him for her prank

Maan-No problem Geet galati to maine ki thi na.and he caressed her face with live not caring how all were reacting to it.

 All were gapping at them 'kya Jodi banayi hai bhagwaan ne?

Savitriji was very happy to see Get as she could see herself in her. After that all gave shagun to Geet for making that Kheer.Savitriji gave an additional gift to her for forcing Maan to eat that salty kheer .She gave Geet her kangan which her husband gave her on her first wedding anniversary.

Priya-Maa now you are making me jealous of my own DIL.You never gave me those kangan even once to wear.

Savitriji-It's because you were not worth were always simple and obedient DIL and wife.Geet and Maan are my  and your FIL's true successors. They both are like we were.kisi se nahin haarne waale. So geet deserves them the most. And she kissed her and hugged her.

All were watching those strange relations with a smile. Maan too felt happy to get Geet as his wife.He realized well that he had got a wife who could stand for herself.

Ram-Maan Geet  don't make tired your self with getting busy .have some  rest in the day as evening will be tiring for both of you . you will have to receive so many guests at your reception.

Both nodded .

All chatted for some time and boys helped Ram in supervising the arrangements for the reception.

Maan was still searching chances to be with Geet but girls were making it difficult for him.Geet was enjoying his condition and smiling to tease him. Maan was no less-Will see you in the night.your saviors will be not with you then.

And he went to his room and slept for some time as the evening was going to be tiring for them. Geet too stayed with Girls in and took some rest there.



Ram had invited almost whole city to attend the reception of his children. Media too was there to cover that event. They were also given some photographs of wedding too .Though KC was a fast growing company and Maan was the youngest MD among the business community so everyone was eager to know about them.And Ram obliged all.

Everyone welcomed the most adorable couple of thecity.They were looking inseparable in matching outfit.Maaneet greeted all the guest.Media telecasted it on their news channels explaining the personal status of Kurana family.

Guests gifted them so many presents and Geet and Maan kept smiling at them through whole evening.


Finally the reception was over. All friends bid a bye to them as they were ready to leave.both hugged their friends saying a thanks to them once again for whatever they did for them.

Maan and Geet reached to their room-Geet was tired so laid down on bed for some rest .She was still in her reception outfit.

Maan-Geet  feeling tired?

Geet-Hmmm.You know my jaws are paining because of that constant smile which I had to put on my face.I think Today everyone except us had enjoyed  a lot. My mouth was watering to see all relishing the food which was being served.

Maan laughed a lot to hear it-Geet only you can think so weird like this.

Geet-Maan sachchi ,I m serious.Mujhe lagta hai ki shadi me dulha- dulhan ke alawa sab masti karte hain.

Maan-Now go and change .you will feel relaxed.

Geet-first you do .I will do later.

Maan-Okey and  he went taking his night wear.he returned and asked her to change.Geet got up and went.Mean while maan ordered Ramesh on intercom for two coffee. Geet came out of washroom after having a warm bath and saw the coffee at table-coffee wow .Thanks

They both stood in balcony while sipping their coffee.climate was little dense and rain could start any time.

Maan-Now feeling better?

Geet-Hmm 'coffee with this wonderful weather can make anyone feel better. Aur agar bearish ho jaaye to bonus.

Maan-You love rain a lot right?

Geet-yes. it's amazing. And she felt a drop on her head-Lo baarish shuru ho gayi. and soon rain started to pour heavily.geet got her wish fulfilled . she stretched her arms to engulf that rain but found Maan standing at the door of the room-Kya Maan wahaan kyun chale gaye?Come on .See it's so cool.she pulled Maan in the rain and started to threw raindrops on his face.

Maan-Geet kya bachchon ki tarah behave kar rahi ho? stop this.

Geet-Arrey kabhi kabhi bachcha ban jana chahiye.dekho kitna maza aa raha hai.Till now Geet was fully drenched and her nightwear had stucked to her body,giving  very clear view of it to Maan.aan looked at Geet playing in the rain without any fear and she wasn't aware of her position.Maan stood very close to her and starred at her,Geet's eyes met with His and found him starring at herself. She looked then at her physical condition and stopped at once at her place. Maan  cupped her face and looked at Geet's trembling lips,Geet couldn't bear that gaze of Maan and hid herself by hugging him There was no other way to hide herself in that open area..But Maan parted her away from himself and caressed her lips with his thumb.Geet couldn't control herself now feeling something differently and she maoned his name-Maann

Maan lost all his control and took her lips in to her and this time the kiss was more passionate and Geet was responding him very positively. she clutched his shoulders tightly.and Maan's hands were roaming on her back and was awakening the desires in Geet,soon they needed air and Maan left her and tried to move away from her but she held him. maan found some thing different in Geet's eyes.

Maan-Geet.Kya hua ?and Geet hugged him tightly 'maan.. please love me

Maan looked at her 'Geet are you sure?

Geet-Very sure.I love you Maan .and Maan was too happy to hear that. He kissed her all over herface and geet was all shy to see her maan like this-I love you too Geet.He scooped Geet in his arms and went inside the room. he maid her lye on the carpet as they were fully drenched and water was dripping badly from their bodies.he moved his fingers in her hair and Geet closed her eyes.Maan leaned on her and closed all the distances between them.

That night nature witnessed two souls converting in to one through the eyes of rain and blessed them.and the sound of rain suppressed the sound of their moaning and loving to each other.


In the morning Geet woke up first and found herself on bed sleeping fully on Maan.She was covered with Maan's shirt.She smiled to see the care of Maan for herself.She tried to get up but found herself caged in his arms.Maan opened his eyes-chupke se kahaan jaa rahi ho?

Geet-Maan subah ho gayi

Maan-Really? but someone didn't wish me good morning.

Geet-Sorry.Good morning Maan

Maan-ye kaun sa tarika hai apne pati ko morning wish karne ka?

Geet looked at him with suspect.and Maan turned himself bringing Geet on bed-Let me teach you and he kissed her on her lips softly-this is the way to wish your hubby to make his morning beautiful .Geet hid  her face in to his chest and smiled-Maan now leave me.

Maan-Hmmm.. and he left her without any resistance. Geet got up but  couldn't climbed down from the bed because her legs were bare and Maan was watching her. He could understand her hegitation-It's okey Geets.he left the bed and moved in the washroom and Geet woer her night suit.


Geet came after having a bath.she was wearing a green and yellow chooridaar and looking very beautiful.she sat infront of dressing table to get ready.She took the little box of vemillion in her hand to fill her partition but felt a hold on her hand.Maan was standing there holding her hand,he took that box from her hand and opened it.He took out a pinch of sindoor between his fingers and put in in her partition.Geet was constantly looking at him.Then he lifted the mangalsutra and tied it around her neck.Geet didn't interrupt him from doing any thing.Then he helped her to wear her bangles. Finally he put a small bindi between her eyebrows and kissed her on her forehead.Geet being over emotional hugged him and said-I love you Maan.I love you more than my life.

Maan -I love you too Geet and and will always love you.chaahe hum kitna bhi jhagdea kyun na Karen but this love will never reduce,no matter how many up and down we see we always will love each other like this Promise me Geet

Geet-I promise you Maan. we always will be like this only

and. he engulfed her in his protective and strong arms.

They had come across so many hurdles but now they were one and their journey after becoming Maaneet had started to face new challenges of life.



                                       For pm add me at -    pmatrash

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