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KaShArHi_Krishi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 6:30pm | IP Logged

Hello All!!! This is a special gift for Lareefa Di. We wish her all the very best for the new phase in her life. Have the very best marriage and marriage life.

This is an OneShot. Most ideas were given with Mohit Bhaiyaa, with some from me too, and it was written by me. Since I am not a writer, this is gonna be very crappy!!! LOL

If you like it, meri tareef karo and if you don't like it, Mohit Bhaiyaa ko blame karo!!! Wink Tongue

Have Fun Reading Heart

Love You La Di Heart We wish you all the very best for your future.

Today was a special day. While some thought this day as a union of two souls while others believed this was a day of mistakes and horrible choices. However for Lareefa, this was the day where all her dreams will come alive. Her marriage...the day she had been waiting for a long time.

Bindya Chamkegi

Chudi Khankegi

Lost in her thoughts, Lareefa wore her bangles. While her attendant finished her hairstyle, Lareefa dreamed about her new life with her husband. If only her friends from IC...

*Tring Tring*

Both girls snapped their eyes towards the phone. Mildly blushing, the attendant left to attend the phone and thus leaving Lareefa alone. She stood up to get more jewellery from the cupboard when she heard a knock.

Thinking it was one of her cousins, she said "Come In,"

Lareefa looked confusedly at the person at her door. There stood a tremendous beautiful chasmish lady. Raking her head, Lareefa still couldn't put a name to the face.

"Who are you?"

A shocked look appeared on her face. "What The," She said, unbelievingly, "You don't know me?"

At Lareefa's denial, the strange beautiful lady continued, "Umm I have so many hubbies. I am a balika vadhu."

Irritatedly, Lareefa snapped, "If you are a balika vadhu, what are you doing here? Go to the Colors channel  and romance with your husband and ex-husband."

Sighing, the girl pondered over her stupidness yet the witty comment. To help turning on the tubelight moment, she continued, "Your other name is Tamatar Di"

Lareefa gasped and her eyes widened. Hope began to build up in her heart. No way would...

Now rolling her eyes, the stranger finally revealed her identity, "If you still don't know, I will give you one more clue. You guys call me Gutter Queen even though I am the Innocent Queen."

Shocked out of her life, Lareefa shouted, "No Way In Heaven are you Krishi. Dammit, if you are, I will faint."

"No," Krishi shrieked amusedly, "If you faint, what will I tell Jeeju. I don't want to ruin your perfect wedding. Jeeju will kill me. Then what about your wedding ni..."

Making Krishi pause, Lareefa asserted, "Yeah You are Krishi. I think you are obsessed with wedding nights, do you want your own?"

Chuckling, Krishi answered with a wink, "Oh I already many nights with my multiple husbands."

Another person entered behind Krishi and sarcastically said, "If you are done discussing the wedding night...Can I come in?"

Pushing Krishi away, she attacked Lareefa in a tight hug and cutting off the oxygen supply within her.

Trying to push away her attacker, however Lareefa had no such luck.

Running out of air, Lareefa gasped out, "Wh..Who A..Are Youuu?"

Slightly pushing Lareefa away, the stranger pouted with a small frown. With exaggerated anger, she growled, "How can you not recognize your Juggie baby?"

Crossing her arms, Juggie baby turned away while giving Krishi a mischievous wink.

Feeling like her dream was coming true, Lareefa screamed out of joy, "SANDYYY!!!" She threw her arms around Sandy, squashing the air our of her.

Laughing slightly, Krishi commented at their dostana, "I wonder if I should change the Dhula name to Sandy. Seems like you are celebrating the first part of SuhaagRaat here. La Di, Jeeju ko batao?"

With a wink towards Krishi, Lareefa said, "I don't have a problem but you know na...Sandy ke Pee Prakash are very possessive. They love Sandy too much to see her with anyone else."

Laughing, Krishi and Lareefa Hi-5ied leaving Sandy to pout. Glaring at her two soon-to-be ex-sisters, Sandy readied to stomp out. However, Lareefa and Krishi held her arms to stop her and Krishi whispered, "Don't go out warna you will get busy with Pee Bros. Aakar you are Pees Ki Patni."

Lareefa burst out laughing at the comment while Sandy's face turned red. Lareefa couldn't help but comment, "Aww look at her blushing face."

At this comment, Lareefa and Krishi Hi-5ied again. Before Sandy could retort back, a knock rang out. And there entered Lareefa's attendant who was helping her get ready.

"So how was the surprise," she asked while giving Sandy and Krishi a light hug. Shocked out of her mind, Lareefa asked confused, "You guys know eachother?"

Nodding her affirmation, the attendant answered. "Yeah. They called me and signaled me to leave the room."

Lareefa was touched at the extent of the surprise. This was the best surprise ever. Her perfect day really turned out to be the perfect day. She had her family. She had her dream man. She had her friends...if only more of her friends...

Interrupting Lareefa's thoughts, Sandy instructed the lady to leave so Krishi and herself could get their sister ready for the big day.

The girls idly chatted about everything and anything. However during a break, Krishi sighed, "I wish Anky Di was here."

Sandy nodded, "I know right. That drama queen would liven up the party with her stupidness."

Lareefa agreed. Wistfully,Lareefa echoed her sister's feelings, "I wish that too. I want all my ICG friends to be here. Close to me."

"Friendwa Friendwa par likha hai, closewa hone ka naam."

Hearing the strange voice, Lareeda raised her head. "WHAT THE," Lareefa shouted. She was getting more and more surprises.



Ankita ran towards Lareefa in slow motion filmy style. All the other three girls rolled their eyes at her. Anky and her drama.

Shaking her head at Ankita, Lareefa hugged her tightly. With tears in her eyes, Lareefa expressed her love with her eyes. She just couldn't believe that her sisters were with her.

However Sandy, not leaving a moment to harass Ankita, teased her,"And like always, Anki Di is always late. Even when giving something a or when going to office."

Krishi explained to Lareefa how Sandy was making a VM with audio messages however Ankita didn't give her the message until the last minute and after a lot of pleading. She also explained how her beautiFOOL voice sounded like a drunk monkey. At that comment, all girls burst out laughing at Ankita's red angry face.

With a sickly sweet smile, Anky retorted, "Krishi, when are you going to sleepwa?"

Ankita burst out laughing at Krishi's irritated face, and ignoring her sisters, Ankita scolded Lareefa, "Aray La, get ready soon. I have to go to the office. Its time for work. Lunch is also about to happen. So I will catch you all later."

Again another voice could be heard, "Yeah La, let her go. She has to do Lezzwa Vey with her boss. Drama queen kahiki. Even here at a wedding, you won't leave your signature lines."

Lareefa looked like she was about to faint. A human brain can only withstand a certain amount of surprises and this was nearing the maximum extent.

"You are here too?" Lareefa asked unbelievingly with an open mouth.

Giving Lareefa an hug, Aarti explained, "Yeah It is a surprise," with a sly grin, aarti continued, "By the way, La, I made a thread for you. Where is my treatwa?"  

Having no words to explain her feelings, Lareefa group hugged everyone. It was an emotional moment for all. A Reunion.

"Haila, Lady ASR ke bina huggies...How dare you all?"

Used to hearing strange noises, Lareefa whispered, "It must be Shree."

Just as she turned, arms surrounded her neck...tightly. Shree had given her a tightwala hug which left everyone breathless.

Breathing heavily, Lareefa gasped out, "Oye Don Shree, Leave me. I don't want to die on my wedding day."

Finally, Shree left her as Lareefa tried to capture some oxygen.

Now finally wanting answers, Lareefa demanded an explanation, "How are all of you together?"

Everyone started speaking at the same time to inform their journey and idea to her. Lareeda heard everything and understood nothing. Finally having enough, she shouted, "BAS. One by one."

Krishi started the explanation, "We are wanted to be there for your special day."

Continued by Sandy, "So we asked everyone and they approved the idea."

Followed by Ankita, "We are pitched in money wise and bought tickets and arrived here."

Further explained by Aarti, "We met here at the airport and left together towards your house."

And Shree finished the explanation, "We kept in contact with your attendant who informed us about your whereabouts."

Shocked, Lareefa couldn't help but comment, "So you all lazy people worked this hard for me. I love you all so much."

Each girl nodded as if they worked hard enough to make a pathway through a mountain. Once again, they all shared a group hug.

Wanting to end the tears, Sandy said, "La, enought of this emotional moment. I am getting latewa for my class. Jaldi kar. Ready ho," Without letting anyone reply, Sandy continued, "But its okay. I can bunkwa. After all I bunk college everyday."

At this everyone started laughing therefore eliminating the emotional environment. Before they could get ready for the wedding, a furious voice could be heard.

"Get lost all of you. You all forgot this innocent bachi," Facing Lareefa, the stranger continued, "Can you believe it La Di, My 'responsible' sisters left me alone. Thank god that I found Shillu Di and Tori Di. They helped me find my way here. Warna I could have been lost never to be found as a hungry..."

Rolling eyes at her drama, Aarti teased, "Haila, Megha mein DQ ki aatma. Apna natak ban kar."

Laughing at Maggie, Ankita continued from where Aarti left off, "Aray itne saare log mile the...ab ek do ghum jaye toh kya."

Lareefa hugged a open-mouthed yet unshocked Megha. Megha knew how her sister could get. Crazy and annoying.

Lareefa, then next, hugged Shillu and Tori.

Shillu asked her signature line to Lareefa and her sisters, "You guys had dinner, my darlings?"

With a huge smile, everyone nodded. Before they could further talk, someone knocked the door and asked them to bring Lareefa down for the wedding.

All the girls formed a half circle around Lareefa and proceeded downstairs to the marriage hall.

Krishi, being the nice and innocent queen, whispered to Lareefa, "La Di, are you excited for the wedding? Or the wedding night?"

Other nor being the ones to be left behind, teamed up against Lareefa.

"Ofcourse, we finally know about the thin line between pleasure and pain," Ankita teased.

"But I am sure she will be too busy with Jeeju to come online and chat," Shree winked at Lareefa.

"Waise, any idea or plans for honeymoon?" Sandy questioned in a naughty voice.

"You should go somewhere cold so you can cuddle and much more," Tori suggested with a smirk.

"Or you know somewhere warm so there is less layer of cloth..." Before Aarti could complete her sentence, Megha covered her mouth.

At Aarti's confused look, Shillu answered her silent question, "there are people eavesdropping"

By the time they reached in the hall, Lareefa looked like a ripened tomato. She had the perfect name...Tamatar!!!

They walked towards the stage...towards Jeeju and made Lareefa sit beside him.

Sabreen gazed at Lareefa with romantic eyes. He wished they were alone to talk.

Feeling his gaze upon her, Lareefa couldn't help but blush and sneak shy glances towards him.

All the girls shared naughty looks. How can a marriage occur without any teasing? With a mission in mind, all the girls moved towards the Jodi-Made-In-Heaven.

"Hi Jeeju," Megha smiled innocently. Well it looked innocent to strangers but Lareefa knew that something evil was brewing in her mind.

"So your to-be-wife talks a lot about you," Shillu teased the couple causing both of them to blush. However Sabreen looked curious to know what the talks were about.

"All good I hope," Sabreen joked with his Saaliyaas.

Ankita, being the drama queen, sighed, "Uhh Yeah, all good," with a faint smile, she continued, "Just some stuff here and there."  

Sabreen looked worried before he cleared his expression, "Meaning?"

"She just shared her feelings about you and towards this wedding. To tell you the truth...wait Rehne Do. Its okay, why ruin the happy atmosphere," Krishi sighed while giving a secret wink to her crime partners.

Lareefa couldn't help but just shake her head at her sisters These naukantis...

Sabreen's expression grew more worried in each second.

Suppressing a grin, Tori continued the drama, "True that Krishi. I mean they are getting married. Why ruin their perfect day. Jeeju, don't worry. So tell us, How are you?" Tori ended in a perfectly casual tone.

Unable to withstand any more curiosity, Sabreen finally said, "I am fine. But you were saying about Lareefa's feelings..."

Shree smirked, "Oh that. She said that she can't wait to be with you alone."

Aarti continued, "And also cannot wait for the honeymoon"

Sandy, not being the one to left behind, finished, "And that she want to make many babi..."

Before Sandy could finish the sentence, lights went off. Everyone looked around to find the source of the missing light.

Just then, there shone two limelights. Sharing curious glances at eachother, the girls, bride and the groom waited to see the show. Thankfully the lights were off so no one could see Lareefa and Sabreen holding hands and blushing.

There stood two girls ready to dance.

Bole Chudiyaa, Bole Kangana

Hai Main Hogayi Teri Sanjana

The two girls pointed towards Lareefa and Sabreen as if expressing their emotions. And MashAllah, both girls were great dancers.

And really, can the ICG sisters remain silent without commenting.

Ankita yawned, "This is so boringwa..."

Aarti rolled her eyes, "What Crap..."

Shree cracked her knuckles, "Let her finish, then I will show what is a performance..."

Maggie grinned, " This must be my Koi si di..."

Sandy gushed, "Aww Her dress is so cuteee..."

Shillu smiled excitedly, "I love their dance. I wish I could join them."

Krishi stood open-mouthed, "Shit guys, This is Pawas Saibha and Merz Di..."

Tori retorted, "That explains this bakwaas performance...ATTACK..."

All the ICG sisters throw the magically appeared tomatoes at Paawani and Merz. Their "cute" dress in fully stained in red. While Paawani and Mer stood frozen from shock and anger, the other girls stood proud and smug.

The Dhula and Dhulan just stood there enjoying the show. This has to be the best wedding ever conducted in the universe.

Lareefa runs towards Paawani and Merz. No one can teach manners to her sisters. Lareefa wanted to hug them badly but didn't want to ruin her dress.

She faced Shree, Aarti, Sandy, Ankita, Tori, Shillu, Megha and Krishi, and glared at them.

"Don't glare at us Di, their dance was so boring," Ankita snickered.

Everyone nodded to support their sister silently. Sabreen was just looking at his Saaliyaa and to-be-wife with amusement.

Sandy looked questioningly at the two tamatar juice girls, "You didn't tell us you were coming too?"

Finally Paawani rose out of shock to respond, "We were going to surprise you all but..." She despairingly looks down at her dress. However Merz continued, "But we got surprised instead." She glared at her soon-to-be-ex-sisters.

At this, everyone burst out laughing, even Lareefa and Sabreen. They were a funny red sight. Finally after the laughter session, Paawani and Merz left to change and entered just in time for the pheres.

Wedding garland ceremony

Just then, Krishi sees a shadow. A shadow was running behind the backstage. Feeling suspicious, Krishi called her fellow Bond Detectives and ran to investigate.

With MissionImpossible backgroung music, they sneaked towards the shadow. Finally Don aka Shree caught the shadow goon and everyone started beating it. And due to the dark, face wasn't visible.

Aarti threw a punch on the face.

Ankita kicked his knees and knocked him out.

Sandy slapped his face almost breaking his jaw.

Megha pulled the man's hair and slapped him.

Tori punched his stomach and threw him a few feet away.

Shillu repeatedly slapped the man.

Shree jumped on the man and punched anywhere she could.

Paawani took out her heels and started hitting the man with her chapals.

Merz kicked the man causing him to fall down.

Krishi threw a kick in a man's most sensitive place.

Everyone continuously slapped and kicked the shadowed man.

"How dare you? Who are you?" Sandy growled out.

The man whispered with very little strength, "BB, is it you?"

Shocked, Sandy shouted, "Everyone STOP," After everyone stopped, she continued, "BB?"

The shadowed man sounded like he was crying and whispered out, "Yeah...its meee."

At this, Sandy burst out laughing. She laughed loudly and uncovered the face of the shadowed man.



"You duffer"


"Naukress Garbagewala"

"Mohit Princess...Tu Yahannn"

"Bhai, Tu yahan kaise aayi"

While tears leaked out of his eyes, he murmured, "Ayi nahi aaya Di. I am not a girl." Looking towards Ankita, he continued, "Anku Di, today your wish to beat me up fulfilled."

All the sisters couldn't help but laugh at their brother. He truly is a duffer.

Shillu asked in a confused tone, "But what were you doing?"

Trying to stand up, Mohit winced out, "I was hiding Jejaji's shoes."

Once again laughter session occurs when Megha steals the shoes and runs to hide them. Mohit tried to run after her but ended up falling and wincing.

Together, all of them head towards the marriage hall. They were just in time for pheras. The girls stood in the front while Mohit stood hidden behi

Lareefa looked at her sisters and sighed. She wished her bachaa was here.

Just then the sisters parted to make way for their pricess who screamed, "Laaa Diii"

Lareefa looked shocked and then squealed with joy, "Meri Bachaaa, You are here yoo," looking at her sisters and brother as a whole, she smiled with tears, "This really is the best day of my life. It is my wedding and you all are here too. I love you all so much."

After saying that, Lareefa and everyone else had tears in their eyes and shared a group hug.




It was time for Bidaii of the new daughter-in-law and the ICG friends. Just before leaving, everyone said in chorus, "Update the SR soon..."

With a wink, they left.

At the airport, Mohit started beating up his two sisters Krishi and MEgha since they are younger than him and in turn, they got Mohit arrested. So the girls partied in a club while Mohit rotted in jail.

Please wish our sister Lareefa.

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KaShArHi_Krishi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 6:31pm | IP Logged
Res For Mohit Naukress

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aNkItA.C IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
La love you sweetheartHug
Wish you and jeeju a very happy married lifeParty
" Dur rehke bhi HUM SAATH SAATH HAIN"Heart
Now coming to the OSD'oh
wait m still laughing like a mad personROFL
okh lemme start from the beginningSmile
La getting ready for the marriageDay Dreaming
then entry of krishLOLLOLLOL followed by sanduTongueTongueTongue but krish u left sandu's heroes LOLLOLLOL * HP OP JPROFL
then sandu talking about meShockedShockedShocked it made me ROFL wa
and yeshhh i have a berrryyy boootifulll voicewaBlushing
then pushpee's entry LOLLOLLOL * she should advise La to read KKGSR honeymoon updates*Blushing
haaye meghu's entry was also damn goodEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Chillu said " had dinner darlings?" there alsoROFL
We all had  little convo with jeeju * haaye*Day Dreaming
Merz and Richu's dance wasErmm
Then the highlight of the OSROFL
MOHIT's ENTRYROFL cnt stop laughingROFL
I wish this particular scene cms true dt too as soon as possibleROFL
One big bear hug krish for this scenewaROFL
And the separation of La and us was emotionalCryCry
Tori giving tips to LaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Now coming to the end partLOLLOLLOL
All of us parting and mohit jailwa meinROFL
Love you Mohit and Krish for this awesome OSHeart
And La we all are waiting for the written updates of your SRBlushing

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Moonshadow. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
*wiping my tears*Cry
It was both emotional and funny...but 99% fun..
I laughed, laughed and laughed that I got tears in my eyes..
I so want this shot to happen in our real life...
I loved detailing of each ICG member...
Krishi's gutter n multiple husbands.. Anki Di's Dramawa.. with her crapwa.. Aarti di snorting DQ di... La di calling me Juggie... Haha.. u mentioned Anki Di's voice here.. LOL Did I ever say that? Though it was my thoughtTongue.. How did you know?
Shree, Tori, Megha's dhamekadar entry..
Shillu di's "Had dinner darlings?" made me ROFL
And me bunking college... was that too necessary to add here?Tongue
Tori giving naughty honeymoon ideasLOL
So, we got Jeeju to chat with us.. LOL! La di blushing... 
Paaws and Merz's dance.. It was not bakwas.. I loved it..
And finally our princess BB's entry.. ROFL!
And he calling me BB with that broken face and I'm recognizing him is the best part.. LOL
He is such a duffer.. trying to hide Jeeju's shoes and megha.. bang on!
Haha.. We wont forget about that SR I guess..LOL
And we partying while BB sitting in jail is classic!
Just love this..
I want this to happen...
and Krishi.. your writing is awesome.. Infact you have to start writing...
LOve u all so muchHeart Muahhhzz

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NotKidding IF-Sizzlerz

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I'm crying !! We're a family INDEED !! Krishi and Mohit fab job guys !!! I Love ya , no HATE YA :P

Coming to the OS !!ROFL
Mohit princess entry OMG ROFLMAO !!! HahahahahhahaROFLROFLROFLROFL
I've to get tomatoes Awww Poor me and Merz :PLOLEmbarrassed
Tori and her naughty ideas blehhh :DWink
Sandy and Anku di buawhahahhahahhaLOL
Krishi baccha u r balika vadhu no doubtwa :d and meghu u must kill princess ;)AngryAngry
Shillu di and aarti di hahhahhahahhahhahahaSmile
I Love it totally like crazzzy  !!!!

Edited by ..Paawani.. - 17 August 2013 at 2:55am

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NotKidding IF-Sizzlerz

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And It's Paawani fr heaven sake :'( not Pawaani :P

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NotKidding IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
Will be editing my comment !!!! Let me ROFL like an idiot !!! guuud job outstandinggg !!!!!!

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Moonshadow. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 11:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..Paawani..

Will be editing my comment !!!! Let me ROFL like an idiot !!! guuud job outstandinggg !!!!!!
where were u? missed u

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