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WeekendAnalysisPost 7:When Passion meets Agression (Page 4)

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by LuvMishalRaheja

ok , I totally did not like Jalal pointing the  cut in Jodha's hand to Mainavati . After all that cut was caused by none other than him . Should not he feel bad about hurting her physically ? Hurting a girl physically ? He could've put Jodha in her place by saying something else...anything...

I find lack of sensitivity very unappealing in a person .

Thats what the story is about .. how Jalal was insensitive and emotionless and how its Jodha who turned him into a human with emotions and so one expects Jodha to b the matured one in this relationship Embarrassed.. also that cut in wrist is the kind of physical pain which normally a woman loves to hv after her first night with her man .. so thats one reason why he points it out to Mainavati to make her believe that both r hving a normal husband-wife relationship , something that Jodha only wanted Jalal to say and that time he said , ok words will b mine but in my style Wink .. so yeah thats his style LOL .. and somewhere it does go with his ruthless character Ermm


I love the green dress that Jalal wore today , but they should've given him some other jacket with it , the color was not suiting .

It seemed to me that Jodha was wearing the same dress of yesterday's episode . Now , why is that ? 

Or I'm wrong n it's a different dress ? 


I laughed very hard , I must confess , when Jalal was eating that mirchi-wala food . I couldn't help , rajat gave such awesome expressions .  Jalal's teary-eyed face was thing to behold n cherish . He's soo cute at that scene . I wished Jodha to look at him , she would've understand immediately that the dishes made by her had been tampered with .

Its actually funny how Jalal who is suppose to b this brave warrior and people r afraid of him cannot eat spicy food LOLEmbarrassed .. I agree Rajat was awesome with his expression in that scene and for once we can feel that he too is a normal human somewhere who cannot take spicy food .. Embarrassed


I found nothing wrong in Jodha's behavior . Jalal was again giving her the 'blaring eye - trying to scare ' treatment .  Jodha needed to tell him that this technique won't work this time . 

She gave Jalal solid n full-proof logic about her innocence in this whole mirchi food treatment . But he lend no ears . Very fair I must say . 

Actually  both have huge ego issues , but then I guess it's a bane of royality .

See in this case I dont expect Jalal to chk the facts because his character is suppose to b all insensitive and badly brainwashed .. even though like I said in my take , I dont like how he is blindly following Ruqaiyya for advice but at the same time I m not expecting him to show sense so soon .. But in Jodha's case , I expect more maturity from her since she is suppose to hv that intelligence on her own , reason why she even wins the chess game .,.. so here I expected Jodha to doubt that someone must hv mixed something in food or else Jalal suddenly wont react in this manner but instead we see Jodha was quick to put the blame on Jalal not able to digest Amer chillies Ouch


No way I'm ready to agree that Jodha should feel sympathetic with a guy who had manhandled her just a day or two back . She has every reason to hate Jalal . It would look totally unrealistic if she suddenly goes all soft for a person who has even hurt her physically n do not show an ounce of regret . Instead Jalal mentioned that cut to Jodha's mother even . 

 I never said she should feel sympathetic .. I think u misunderstood some part of my post Embarrassed .. All I said was Jodha should not jump the gun so soon but rather try to first find out the proper facts if in future she had to take on the likes of Mahamanga , Adham khan and Ruqaiyya .. she should know who r her enemies there  rather than assuming Jalal is only her worst enemy which is not the case since we know her worst enemy out here is Mahamange followed by Ruqaiyya .. Jalal is just a weapon ..

But one thing I'm pretty much sure that had there been anyone , just ANY OTHER person in Jalal's place n Jodha got to know that his mouth was burned by eating over-spicy food , she'd have made a fuss making him eat sweets , honey etc etc to soothe his mouth .

But it WAS Jalal , so she was completely indifferent to his situation because she has no compassion for him n I think she has yet no reason to feel any compassion for him . 

 I too dont expect her to make him eat sweets or honey .. and yes if it was someone else , she would hv done that .. I m in fact happy that she is not starting to feel bad for Jalal so soon .. but all I wanted here is Jodha to do some self-thinking regarding how suddenly the food turned spicy .. who is behind it .. is it a trap against me .. thinking on those lines mayb Ermm

jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anayakhan10

Yeah though I can't stand her Ouch but I can't deny the fact that she is playing great role to make Akdha come closer to each other, she playing like cupid. She thinks she can make Jalal hate Jodha more by provoking him against her but she is making him more obsessed for her & I am really liking it. LOL And I want her to provoke him more so we would get to see much intense scenes Tongue Day Dreaming. Totally agree! they both are caged in their ego. They love to hate eachother for now but once they both will witness soft side of each other they'll definitely fal in love Wink

U know I would love to see an emotional outburst from Ruqaiyya someday when she realises that she is loosing her way because I m sure she is somewhere very insecure and scared of the fact that old Jalal is changing and Jodha is the reason Tongue
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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mehvy12

Very nice analysis! You got every point. 

I believe Rukhaiya may be feeling insecure in Jalal's attentions towards Jodha. Right now she may be passing it off as a game, but I feel she knows deep down that it's more than that. Because no matter how many times he will say that Jodha is just his present for his win, others can see she is fast becoming more than that. He is mesmerized by her. 

Totally agree with it .. Ruqaiyya is scared .. she wants to win over Jodha to make sure Jalal stops giving attention to her once she looses the game  .. but opposite will happen and then god bless ruqaiyya LOLLOL

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bamonforever

Wonderful analysis Jyoti di, however I'm much afraid that what if they change the script under pressure from the Rajputs. Ouch I just hope they don't do that, coz the story is getting gripping day by day n also it's progressing in a steady flow. Clap

I doubt script will b changed .. they might no more use the name Rajput .. and just say Hindu in general .. and also they might change Jodha's name with some excuse .. Ermm.. even if script is changed , they will not really change the main essense of Jalal-Jodha relationship as thats the main selling point of the show Embarrassed
jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MUNIASTUART

Awesome analysis jyoti.
Da weekend was gr8 wid big bang hot romantic hate wala love scene. Then mirchi wala scene. I wanted jodha 2 act maturely. She should have tasted da food bt she accused jalu. And abt ruqu i find her totally evil more dan MA. She misguides jalu which isAngry. And da flag scene jalu dreamt of jodha. Dat was a positive sign .

Yes I too expected Jodha to later go in kitchen and taste the food to see why Jalal is acting in such manner and then if she found the food normal , she could hv gone and argued with Jalal   .. I do expect Jodha here to b the more matured candidate in this relationship since Jalal has many enemies like Mahamanga or Ruqaiyya to misguide him but Jodha is not misguided by anyone and so she can think on her own .. Approve
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Originally posted by tara_211

Originally posted by jyoti06

 .. I m waiting for the day when someone like Salima will make Jodha realise about the many positives of Jalal too Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

At times, i hope that itns not someone, but Jodha herself, who slowly starts seeing how Akbar is not so mean and cruel, but i doubt that will happen coz in every action of Jalal she somehow ends up concluding it with his evil intention!

U know the start needs to b made by someone here who can tell her that Jalal has a human side too which is filled with care and respect for woman Embarrassed .. once Jodha knows this side of Jalal , then she can discover Jalal on her own Embarrassed.. so I feel Salima might b the one to make this start Embarrassed

And if Jalal was Mr.Unpredictable this week then Madam Jodha was the motormouth this week LOLLOL...Fourth comes the scene where Jodha went on and on against Jalal thinking its Moti behind her but instead u hv Jalal listening to Jodha's words and I guess this is first time he mayb standing behind and doing work of his begum like giving puja thali and all just to listen what his begum thinks about her ..Poor Jalal .. he looked so damn amused with Jodha's list of complaints against him ROFL...Even though I dint like the way Jalal is blindly following Ruqaiyya's words here Angry but still the whole temple scene was funny the way Jodha opened her complaint box against Jalal to Moti and instead u hv Jalal listening to it all and mayb thinking woww this woman has a point damn it  LOL...One thing Ruquaiyya said right though about Jodha defeating Jalal's heart slowly Tongue...Jodha is indeed defeating Jalal's heart here because his heart knows Jodha is right when she talks about how Jalal should not use her parents to play this one upmanship game with her Thumbs Up...

Definitely one of my fav scenes...It was absolutely amazing, how after listening so much he dint stop her...but continued listening to all she said. S..All he cared was what the lady had to say to him...Him quitely givng the puja thaali was like a real husband!
He dint let his Shahenshah-ness come in between and stop Jodha! It was a subtle and adorable moment of Jodha-Akbar!

I so agree with this .. he just became a typical husband there since he was so engrossed in her words .. he wanted to listen to it all and so he was ready to go to the extent of bending down and giving the puja thali .. no shehenshah-ness there TongueEmbarrassed

Last but not the least madam motormouth today too went on and on about the banjaras and their flag which again has a point reason why Jalal had to release those banjaras Tongue...Jodha's words might frustrate Jalal but he too knows they all hv a perfect point which cannot b debated Tongue... 

Jodha is lady who carries the courage to speak againts the injustice to any body...Here too the case was the same...Sumwhere it would have been nice to see what Akbars decision was without Jodhas inputs to that issue. If it was contrasting, it would have been another clash..loll! else it was another step forward to thinking matching!

I guess CVs wanted to show that Jalal's decisions somewhere r getting influence by Jodha's words because everytime she presents a valid argument which is forcing him to rethink and change in initially thought punishment .. mayb if Jodha dint open her mouth there , Jalal might hv not even listened to those banjaras and announced their punishment by blindly believing Adham khan but with Jodha putting across a valid point , it made Jalal curious to know whether those banjaras really broke any rule or not and then making a decision Big smile

Misses for the week ...

 But the whole Ruqaiyya bath scene in front of Jalal was in bad taste the way Ruquaiyya was shamelessly taking bath and Jalal kept standing like some servant in front of her asking her what to do next Thumbs Down  .. The whole dignity of a Shehenshah came down in this scene which dint go down with me at all Ouch... at times Ekta goes all extreme and destroys characters in this manner Angry .. she needs to b more careful while dealing with these historical characters Ouch

I agree BIG TIME with this...that was absolutely a BAKWAAS moment...lolll
It would have been so much better had Jalal asked Ruqaiyya to come and meet him or talked to her after she finished her bathing cum rose petal playing! Sumwhere it would have been justified, had Jalal been drunk. But with his Emperor status, he went nd talked to her was absolutely silly!

Exactly .. he was ni full senses and still the shehenshah goes upto a place where his begums take bath Ouch .. it just brings down the dignity of a shehenshah and I hope such silliness is not repeated again by the CVs Ouch

In real history , Ruquaiyya was not even this cunning .. here CVs made her into a scheming vamp now who is even dominating Jalal: The shehenshah Ouch... I hope they dont continue this for long and after chess game we see a change of heart in Jalal as he will realise Jodha is different from others and no more remains dependent on Ruquaiyya Angry ...

Mahamanga is still a elderly lady , so taking suggestion or ideas from her is understandable but Jalal taking ideas from Ruquaiyya like a helpless defeated man was a big turn off for me OuchOuch..

Yup, Mahamanga is way better than Ruqaiiya - who is being continuously shaped into Ekta ki Komolika types! 
(probably its the acting skills too!)
Again..Ruqaiyya herself plotting against Jodha is fine. But here Jalal keeps coming to her to ask ideas..whic is so not Jalal...!
I just hope they stop involving Jalal in kitchen politics. Let the harem ladies under the leadership of Ruqaiya.. sit and gossip and plot against Jodha..!

I agree .. Jalal coming for ideas is something I m not able to digest .. he is the shehenshah .. why will he take headaches in these kitchen politics of harem .. thats so not the Jalal we know .. Ouch

Jodha and her assumptions at times get too extreme Ermm

I love Jodha's character and I also understand where she is coming from .. but at times I feel she goes a bit too extreme with her assumptions regarding Jalal instead of trying to find out the real facts Ermm

Like for example , if she sees Jalal is all mad with her for spicy food , instead of assuming that Jalal is faking it or he cannot intake Amer's chilli , she could hv tasted that same food in kitchen once again to see if someone later mixed something in food Smile...

Then why this assumption that Jalal made Maan Singh his right hand so that he can prepare Maan singh to fight against his own people ?? I understand she hates Jalal for obvious reasons but why cant she believe that Jalal can make some selfless decisions too based on pure talent like he does in case of Maan singh after seeing the kind of loyalty he has for his people Approve...

I know its too early for Jodha to start seeing the positives of Jalal  , and somewhere she is right about few of her assumptions too but I feel at times she forcibly wants to make her heart believe that a person like Jalal can never take any positive or neutral decision for anyone Ermm...She has made a negative image regarding Jalal in her heart and she is hell bent on making sure that the negative image of Jalal remains intact in her heart Ouch

Somehow some of the assumptions Jodha made this week were a bit put off for me because I felt Jodha could hv done much better if instead of assuming certain things , she could tried to find out the real facts like the spicy food saga ... Ermm...

Jodha has made up her mind, that Jalal is rude cruel and mean...And unless she herself witnesses some good will of his...there isnt anything thats gonna change her opinion. When u hate someone, u just hate everything tht the person does!
Maybe the writers are just takign it to an extreme level so they can build up an interesting love story ahead(hopefully!).

Hmmm u do hv a point .. CVs might b deliberately taking it to extreme so that later on when she starts discovering the positive side of Jalal , the impact of her realisation is more Ermm

Overall the week was quite good  and inspited of few misses here and there , I m still loving the way story is progressing ahead Thumbs Up.,. started off with a big bang and Jalal-Jodha love-hate chemistry is getting better and better EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Ditto, loving the story progression as of now...hope the pace continues like this, yet there is movement in story (not just love can be any story..loll!)
Looking forward to the chess match is an interesting track in the story...Both the Begums respect stands in question. More of Ruqaiya, since she had challenged Jodha and was claimed to be the best player of Mughal sultanate!

Yess me too looking forward to the chess scene and I so want to see Jalal ka reaction when Jodha defeats Ruqaiyya Tongue

U made some wonderful pointers ClapClap.. My replies in Blue Embarrassed

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Nice post...I agree with ur each n every word!!!
The track is unfolding in an interesting way...ur post is a good entertainer on weekends...nice analysis of episodes!!!!!

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jyoti06 : Clap
Skandal 12: Clap
All other analysis : Clap...
10q for writing n sharing it with us... EmbarrassedHug

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