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Insecurities & Relationships: Epi aug 16 (Page 5)

bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 5:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by s120

Great post di! 
The hug was just perfect Embarrassed The fear of them losing each other again was there. And Zoya should really stop with her running away dialogue. LOL How many more times does she want to run away from her marriage. LOL

yes, Asad's fear of losing her was so well portrayed by KSG and the way he looked up to pray...poor guy has been really badly hurt by their separation. The next one will devastate him...that's why nikaah needs to happen NOW

Imran is such a wimp. Angry He is putting the blame on Nikhat and showing his desperation to get married to Najma.  I wonder why nobody is asking him why his and Nikhat's engagement broke off. But I loved the way Asad is handling the situation. He was again persistent about wanting to talk to Nikhat first before taking any decision. 

i would like Asad to call Ayaan or NIkhat and find out the details about why sagai broke. Imran is really despo

And I loved Humeira-Gaffur scene. It was so poignant. 

Regarding AsYa nikaah, if they reach the altar, the wedding will take place this time but I don't know why nobody is mentioning about the nikaah. LOL Like you said, the viewers are getting insecure now. LOL  exactly!LOL

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bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anushreemishra

Wonderful post di...Gaffur and razia have always been insecure about humeira coz of her illness and today Gaffur's insecurities were even more coz Razia was not there with humeira...Gaffur was feeling guilty and he finally realizes Karma has caught up with him and the sad part is its punishing his daughters which is the hardest punishment any man can get...BTW i loved Tej Sapru today...its actors like him who make me feel bad for characters like Gaffur time to time...

yes, Tej Sapru is a fantastic actor and so is Vaqar...no wonder they have been given the grey characters because they can portray so many shades

Its rightly said"you don't realize someone's value until you lose them" andt he separation from zoya has taught asad how much she means to him and now even the thought of living a life without zoya scares the hell out of him coz he can't afford to life a where he is breathing but not alive again...yes zoya should stop with these pranks...she can pull her akru's leg in many other ways

yes, i really felt bad for Asad when Zoya pulled his leg for the umpteenth time with this kind of mazaak...she needs to be a bit sensitive

Asya scene was beautiful...I loved how zoya supported asad and her reassurances for asad that he will make the right decision makes me feel that indeed he will make the right decision...
Loved how zoya started her banter to change asad's mood and the way asad asked her nver to talk about leaving him shows how mush her support an presence matters to him...the hug was the perfect closure to this scene...i love how they draw strength from each otherEmbarrassed
yes please ab to shaadi kara do

yes, loved the way they comfort and support each other. Since Zoya has been in his life, he doesn't even care about his hatred for rashid or the other family...this is what personal happiness does to a person

A man like Imraan who can't probably look in the mirror straight is bound to be insecure...
after all its your own action and belief in yourself that makes you a secure person...
Imraan's opening statement couldn't have been worse"aapko to mere and najma k bare mein pata hi hoga"..i felt his attitude was too callous towards Nikhat and her feelings and man after all this he wants asad and his family to come and talk to hassena bi..it took some guts for him to KM but his talks ruined everything...

yes, he is really manipulating Najma . Poor Najma

I am so happy that asad and dilshad put their foot down..
I think since zoya has never met nikhat properly so she has a soft corner for najma and is supporting her and i don't think that she has realized the gravity of the situation yet...  i just hope she soon sees Haseena bi family's true colours

exactly! Once Zoya meets Haseena and realizes what really happened between Nikhat and Imran, she will help Najma make the right decision and of course ek baar tanu aa gayi tho Zoya ka paara saatvein aasmaan par chad jaayegaLOL

I felt so bad for ayaan today...he called her rajini coz he didn't want to repeat his mistake but only if he knew who was standing in front of him was humira and not rajini...

yeah, hope Humeira doesn't get upset with him as some spoiler had predicted

P.S.Asad impressed me today..Ohk i was a little disappointed with asad yesterday wen he said that if Imraan was indeed in Najma's destiny no one not even he could change that...but I was so happy to see his corcern for Nikhat today...When zoya was talking about Najma he said that not only najma but he has to think about nikhat too...in the dilshad zoya and asad scene again wen zoya said that since nikhat and imraan's wedding is off it will be ohk to meet Imraan's parents but his first priority was to know how Nikhat feels and the best part was when he told Imraan that before anyone be it Najma,Imraan or him could take any further step they need to talk to Nikhat...
Today i just loved how asad handled everything...

yeah, asad and dilshaad understand the sensitivity better than Zoya. Zoya just cares for Najma right now

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bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 5:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anushreemishra

@Shayari-i agree completely i am very sure this time asad and zoya will get married and no matter what situations they have to face they will face it together...there may be some ups and downs but they will be always be together supporting each other through everything..
I think ayaan addressed humeira as Rajini coz he didn't want to repeat his mistake...he still feels guilty about humeira's health and therefore called her rajini

I feel if they had to get married, they would have by now...all this pre nikaah romance tells me that Gul is not planning a nikaah yetConfused Sorry to be negative but we just need to be prepared and enjoy AsYa moments now like KSG said- Pause button hona chaahiye

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bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
[QUOTE=EternalFrission]a fabulous post just like the epi
love reading ur posts...:)...thanks

Thanks dearSmile

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bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 5:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Shayari-

OMG but i just realized. Shocked that would Asya SR bhi fb mein? Stern Smile

Okay i dont know how i feel about my prediction now. ROFL

unless both of them decided to stay away until they tell Dilshaad they tied the knot. ROFL

Rosh aaj tho completely dream land mein hai...write a ff insteadLOL

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bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 5:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Shayari-

Originally posted by bheegi

Originally posted by -Shayari-

Wonderful Post as always bheegs! Embarrassed

I concur with all of it.. but highlighting my favorite part:

Asad:  One experience that had shaken Asad to the core has been the separation track from Zoya and his harrowing experience with Tanveer. No wonder, he still harbors that fear of losing Zoya again. While he didn't have any issues pulling her leg, but when she returned the favor with her oft repeated statement 'main bhaag gayi tho?', poor Asad totally lost it. His insecurity and fear of losing the love of his life again was very palpable. By now, Zoya should realize that her prince charming hates this kind of 'mazaak.' As an understanding partner, she should try and stop kidding around about running away and separating from him. There are other ways of pulling his leg. Their first 'non-dream' passionate 'non-abbu related' hug was a joy for the viewers. One could sense the urgency in Zoya's expression and fear in Asad's.


BTW, why haven't they gotten married yet? Weren't the supposed to get married the day after Eid? What about the secret nikaah? Now, as a viewer, I am getting insecure!

- SPOT on. Zoe does need to stop joking around like that. But in a way I also like when she jokes around like that just to see Asad's ANGRY and SCARED face.. that was presented today.. i think that's my FAVORITE form of Asad. Embarrassed 

yes, that's something one realizes after marriage- there is always something that a spouse is super sensitive about so NEVER EVER talk about it

So whenever I can get me some of that. ROFL I dont mind. Blushing

But exactly. Quoting from my post " TOH PHIR.. Gul !!! Sun raha hai na tu?? Ouch Ro Rahe Hai AsYa aur Hum. Cry Gul Jaab miya biwi raazi toh kya karega kaazi? LOL LETS GO FOR IT NAH? " -- thats my response to them not getting married. ROFL

why the delay? Esp if they wanted to have a quiet affair...ghar par kar lein yaar

I just think this is being done on purpose. The line about her running. I think this time as well she may CONTEMPLATE running maybe cause of Gaffur's truth.. but I think this time Asad will hunt her down and convnice her and accept her.. and they WILL marry. .hence Moti Masjid pic. Wink There's an URGENCY present in AsYa now. NEITHER wants to take any risk this time. And, the lines about "Once I marry, Ill commit." I just feel like its being repeated for a reason.. that AsYa will get married and once that marriage happens, it doesnt matter what HURDLE comes between them.. and even if they contemplate hating eachother.. they will MAKE their marriage work no matter what and work out their problems..they will face whatever it is.. Embarrassed

let's see Rosh. I would rather stay silent on that one because I might say something very unpopularConfused

but is baar paaka i have no DOUBT in my mind.. then it may be a bit of a rollercoaster come wedding day.. but they will marry this time around.. esepcially if we are following the engagement symbolisms.

first time between Asya in front of everyone - first time in front of everyone their nikaah broke.

second time AsYa infront of Tanveer, Naj and Dil -- second time nikaah also infront of Tanveer Naj and Dil the nikaah broke.

Third time it was JUST AsYa-- NO EVIL eye on them..Tanveer had NO role or presense.. unlike the first two times..so this third time Nikaah will happen between the two of them only. maybe even dil and naj will be unaware.. or will find out later. 

*Edited* - from my post on page 2 of this thread:

In fact...

I had a thought..

WHAT IF, WHAT IF, after this hug they had the nikaah?.. the way Zoe said then MARRY ME.. and the look on AsYa's face.. and the fading out of the scene.

What if they went and got married that night or next morning itself? LOL FARFETCHED.. but what if they did and they show their marriage in fb? Ermm the moti masjid pic was rather grey in color too so could be a fb? Stern Smile 

Idk im just being stupid right now i guess ROFL optimistic I would say


Anyways.. my only other thoughts on today was that there was EXCELLENT performances by Ketki and Tej Sapru and even KSG cause we finally saw Asad back in his original element today. The original CRITICAL, RATIONAL, no haste decisions wala Asad was scene today. Surbi was also great because she also brought the "Zoya" character today.. the hasty, impulsive, rash decision making, why seperate two lovers type of character that Zoe always was, was scene today. These 4 stood out i think.

yeah, loved their acting for sure esp Asad and Gaffur

-I loved seeing Asad's critical face towards Imran (who i was PISSED off at today..).. because it gives me the sense that Asad wont ever accept Imran .. he will always dislike him and he seemed weary of him .. suspicious almost. Ermm

-I loved the way Aayan was ELATED to see Humz back up.. but him calling out Rajni.. Ermm was that because of worry that if he called her Humz and it was still Rajni ego, that Rajni may fall sick again? OR was it cause his heart is calling out for RAJNI.. not humz. Ouch What if Aayan fell for Rajni and not humz? Ouch Incomplete AyRa lovestory? Ouch and as for Humeira.. i thought the spoiler was that Humeira will hate Aayan? Ouch But she seemed happy to see him.. so how much does she remember and what did she forget exactly? Confused

let's wait for Monday. to see how Humeira reacts. She is quite unstable and can't trust her moods these daysLOL

Anyways a WONDERFUL episode two days in a row and QH is back on track and on a roll! Really excited to see the coming episodes!

Wonderful post once again BHEEGS! Clap Thanks rosh

I knew you'd find that prediction optimistic LOL

and naah i know yuor fears about the"unpopular" subject and SOMEWHERE deep down i also have the same fears.. but those fears are really dimishing slowly especially with change in storyline.. as for Zoya running away possibly and Asad going full on I HATE HER mode, also likely.. but i dont htink itll last LOL

yes, we don't talk about the forbidden topic here on IF even if we are all insecure about that topicWink

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bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 5:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by neenabinu

hey bheegi lovely post...
and what a HUG...loved it...
Gul...just get them married ...bas
so did razia escape? !!!
When we got rid of Billi...there come Immi to bug us!!!!

razia scene was in Gaffur's flashback

Imran doesn't give me a headache like Billi didLOL

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bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by me2you

Hi Di!

Fabulous post and very well said. Indeed, it was yet another good episode with quite a few important hings happening.

From being a hypocrite to a puppet to man with a conscience and guilt to a loving father, he has displayed every aspect of his character since the inception of the show. 
Ghafoor: I totally agree. His character has so many shades that kabhi kabhi I don't know which one to believe and which one not. As a husband, he had joined hands with his wife to do wrong things (gudiya factory ki saazish). He has sinned. big time. As a father, I pity him. Uss din, he said it right: 'woh ek lachar baap hain'
I have and perhaps will never understand these characters who have this very prestigious status in society, the so called izzatdar aadmi aur doosre taraf they have wronged very badly in their past. How can he still talk about tehzeeb, manners, behavior after all what he has done? Doesn't the burden of his sins torture him? 
Ghafoor uncle...what goes around comes around... Yeh sab kismat ka khel hain...

yeah, I think Gaffur is a man of contrasts...that's what his words and actions prove. He is not a straightforward man and makes things more complicated than they need to be

Asad: I do not want to be in his position right now. The issue he is facing now is very delicate. And I feel for him. Nikhat is as important for him as Najma. Thank God, he is not being selfish. He really wants to be and make sure that everything is sorted out from the other house before he even thinks about Najma&Imran.
Loved the way he said: 'mein yeh baat Nikhat ke zubaan se suna chahoonga'. He wants to play it fair for both sides, akher badha bhai hai, he knows and understands his responsibility towards both his sisters. I am sure things will not go smoothly, but hopefully the damage will not be that big (clash of the Khan brothers).

As Zoya said- I know you will do the right thing- 

Imran: Urgh!!! Yeh hai kya?! Uske himmat toh dekho...woh seedha Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan ke ghar ponch gaye. What did he say?? 'Pareshan mein bhi hoon' Dude, you ought to be worried about how to fix this mess in your life.
'Nikhat aur main saath mein khush nahi the' ... Kya?! Was Nikhat not happy with you or were you not happy with her? Please, get your facts clear Mr. Imran. Couldn't you see the love she had for you? Woh bechari aab tak yahi believe karti hai that you will come back to her. It was your ammi who ruined everything, thus Nikhat did the right thing to break off this engagement. 

just goes to show he is a big fat liar too...what about those late night phone calls?

The Curious Case of Humeira Siddiqui
So she is back. Our chirpy Humeira is back. Nice. But can someone please tell us a bit more about her illness? Can we go back in time when the accident happened, to know more how all of this happened. And if that is not relevant anymore, please bring some more clarity in this very rare illness. Is it an switch on-and-off character? Kabhi Humeira, kabhi Rajni aur kabhi koi aur...???
this is typical of multiple personality disorder- then can switch on and off several times a day also

AsYa Hug: Finally... This was a hug wherein we could see the longing in Zoya's/face to be with her Mr. Khan forever and ever. 
He just hopes that everything will be fine now and that the nikaah will take place. Sangeeta Di, maybe we should take matters in our own hands and get them marries ASAP. I am sure there are more volunteers at the forum who will be more than happy to help LOL

yes, i am sure the whole QH fandom would love to do that. I was happy to see the urgency in Zoya for the first time today

Just on a side-note:
From the last few episode, I have noticed that Zoya's room has become Najma's room, all of a sudden. Wasn't her room supposed to be on the first floor, upstairs? Zoya's room was the one attached to the living room, across Asad's room. Lagta hai Imran ke fikr mein bechari Najma kamra ka raasta bhool gayi hiLOL  or maybe Zoya has secretly moved out after her secret nikaah?Wink

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