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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 91)

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That was quick

Not that is bad really

In fact its better you updated this early

Will take me time

But will try to do it by today should be able to

God save geet from maan

And also the other way around too of course

And wonder if he will tell her about soni

But will he say she is soni

Somehow I doubt it man

Okay guess will know and soon

So here goes then

This is it for maneet right I hope so

Aww she is so happy man

Ahhh but how long will that happiness last lets see shall we

Wow she really is on edge

Well wouldn't you be if you were gonna confess to the one you love

Love this restless energy in her today

But am afraid that this wont bode well for her

Hell yes something special is gonna happen in her life today

Now it remains to be seen if that's good or bad for her

But it is bound to change things for her for sure right

Okay so lets not forget MSK

His life is also gonna change today

After her confession

Which she thinks is the right time to go about it

Wonder if he will think the same

I know he loves soni and geet isn't that girl

But the fact that this time she fell for MSK means she really must love him

As when she was soni she fell for maan and we all know that there is more to maan persona

Don't forget the MSK in him too

Waise like dev had said when maan had given her letter of working in KC working with maan isn't easy and she found out just how hard it is for sure

Well that's what drew her to him

Not the ever soft and romantic maan but MSK the toughie

Lets pray that things will be well for them

If not by end of this one then soon enough

And I know you will make it all right for maneet and also arhi when the time comes naa

Okay enough of my babble there lets get down to the nitty gritty of this shall we

Why does she call him mr khurana though its cute

But aint it bit formal more formal than calling him maan sir

 Though what else should she call him maan like soni used to well she doesn't have those rights

Or more like she doesn't remember the righst she has on him

She sure is full of energy for sure today

Hmmm I wonder if its because of what happened in the lift between them that he isn't here

Making sure not to interact with geet too much

As that just makes him think of his lost love

But he cant avoid her for long either

As if she will let him right

Am sure she is right

Bahut kuch gadbad hai ji for sure

What's up with him I wonder

I hope she gets to the bottom of it soon enough

She will when has she ever left him alone that she will do so now right

Am sure aaj toh aapke pyaar ka ixhaar ho jayega

Parr uske baad kya hoga babaji hi jaane naa

So where is the dude then

Well he will come face to face with her soon enough

Is she asking babaji or telling babaji about her confession of love

 She is one unique piece though

 Ahhh so lets see whats up with lover boy yes he is lover boy even though he tries hard not to be

 Dev will you stop alerting maan to your presence good he stopped himself in time

God knows what mood maan is in and what he might have said had he caught dev

Must say love this side of NT for sure

Her pregnancy sure is bringing out new side of her naa

Okay exercising that means he is disturbed

And that too this vigorously

Gaye kaam se

Gayi bhains pani mein yaar

Lagta hai after the latest incident he is taking it out on himself for not being able to stop himself from falling for her more and more

And that don't bode well for anyone involved

NT you and geet think the same but kya kaare jab maan nahin jaana chahate

We can guess why he is avoiding her but how long will he or can he avoid her

NT give your hubby some credit yaar

If he knew wouldn't have told you

And also he wouldn't be sneaking up to see what maan was upto

After all you both are in this together naa

I know right waise toh he is in that office way too much

But when he needs to go he skips it

Hmmm must say agree with dev there

As it is maan isn't in good move and then if dev goes and asks him whats wrong he is bound to snap at him or do something more too

Well if neither of them will ask him whats up how will they know why he is still at home

Though can we really blame them for not going and asking him why he is so upset

Well of course he is angry with himself with his situation

And with the fact that his love forgot him

Only one person can make him feel various emotions at the same time

Your bhabhi to be geet of course

Waise at least they are trying to find out why he is so mad

But I doubt his secretary can tell you much

They also cant ask the one person due to whom he is this angry either

Kya yaar aisi situation mein karrein toh kya karrein

Aww there geet isn't very happy with the fact that she isn't able to confess her love to maan

Koi nahin hota hai

Can do it next day too

As if she has the patience to wait that long right

Arrey yaar jab pyaar ho jaata hai toh kuch aur thodi naa soojhta hai ji

Hain as if he knew that you were confess your love to him  and so he didn't come

Though it seems he didn't come due to you only

Aww poor thing so sad her love isn't there

And she really wanted to confess but he made her wait

Hey you did too and still are making him wait

So it seems that he is returning the favour too

Even though neither of you wished to do so to the other

Aww bless she isn't happy bunny is she with maan no show at office

Wait kariye that's all you can do for now dear

Unless you wanna go to hi house and confess

Waise neither office nor his home are appropriate for her to confess her love to maan

But as if she has any other option right

Unless he comes over to hers for some reason and then she can confess

Naa hi ghar mein kaam aur naa hi office jaana

Waise must give it to NT she is good aint she

The way she got all this info and without raising any one's suspicion as well

Well dev think about it now

He isn't working at home nor is he going to office

Now what could have happened that he is well avoiding going to office

And am sure once they get thinking they shall know to reason why

She got it didn't she

That he is mad and frustrated and who can make him do so

Well only one person right peeps

I know right I slapped me forehead too when dev said toh to NT when she told him about geet asking about maan

Really are you seriously being dense on purpose or didn't get the significance of what your wife just said to you

I think it's the latter rather than the former

After all though he may be slow in grasping things about maneet once he got it he was the one with NT who has been working tirelessly to get maneet back together again

And he has succeeded somewhat with geet falling for maan

And he gets it finally man

Basically its all due to the one person

Well only that person can make him this frustrated with himself right

I know right NT every time you guys manage to get them closer maan resists it

And what with his promise or was it oath to himself that he wont force his love on her

Or go after her well it makes it so much harder for you guys and also geet

I mean karrein toh kya karrein agar maan aise hi geet se bhagate rahe

Dev you were spot on in your analysis something did happen between them

Well it happened twice between them man

This fact am still not over with but will let it go for now

I know he will fight himself to stop coming closer to her

But of course that shouldn't deter dev NT aur geet I hope

As with him you have to be after him to make him accept his love again

I know what happened wasn't in any of their hands but now it is

And if he lets go of this opportunity well then it wil be that much harder for these two and geet to make him see sense

Though not impossible either

Aww loved that dialogue of NT and so agree with her

Enough of this cat and mouse game time to get them face to face

So that they can deal with this

Ahhh so telling geet about soni hmm that's good pan

But they cant say it outright to her

Am sure NT has a plan for that too right

Not to tell her directly about soni but let geet know of her

Does that make sense I hope so

Seems the truth of soni shall be out and soon

Hmmm how will geet deal with that

And will that change her love for maan somehow I think not

Wonder NT ke dimaag mein kya khurafati idea aaya hai

 Well what ever it is I look forward to it

They didn't oh but they did

So it seems that the confession shall happen in KM

Well this should be good then

So NT called geet with some important files to KM giving her the chance to confess

That NT I tell ya she is a genius goodie

Of course this way no one will be suspicious at the office a=or come to know about maneet

As peeps in KM already know about maneet love story

This way no outsider will come to know what happens and that's better this way

Ufff geet aap aam ginne naa guthli ka kya karengi

Shouldn't we be happy that you got the chance to confess

Weren't you the one who was berating the fact that you didn't get the chance to confess to babaji jus few hours ago

Waise I must say she is one smart cookie

She did try to figure out why she had to come give the files

Who toh koi bhi de sakta tha

But I hope she doesn't give up this chance to go to her future house again

She thought it might be because maan wants to meet her

But then she realises that is bit far fetched

Haiyye kash aisa hota ki unhone hi bulaya hota as he cant stay away from you

Chalo abhi nahin toh baad mein hi sahi

Must say loved her that hope about maan

See like I said you focus on your love confession baaki sab ka kya karna hai

Though I am in two minds about this confession

I want her to tell him that she loves him

But I also don't want her to tell him

As I know he wont be taking it well when she does confess

Itna toh mujhe bhi pata hai ki yeh khush toh honge after hearing her confession but he wont want to confess back

In fact he might just do the opposite of it for sure

After all he is maan singh khurana

Unka toh funda hi alag aur nirala hai kyun

Ahhh so not many peeps are gonna be there in KM when geet comes

Good going there NT dev its best that way

And also easier for maneet too

So NT and dadi went away to NT appointment good the less peeps the better

They are right their confrontation is gonna be explosive and why get dadi in the middle of it

Let them work it out or not in their own time right

Dadi is bound to interfere and that at this point can make it worse for maneet

They have to go through this on their own no matter what the outcome

Seriously she called her hubby a simpleton

Kya kya nahin karr rahe hain yeh maneet ke liye

Dev soni toh dilaa denge parr mujhe kyin lagta hai he wont be happy about that

Well lets see shall we how this plays out

Aww poor thing is nervous and of course she is bound to be right

After all jo who karne jaa rahi hain it changes course of their lives

So of course she is gonna be scared right

Well I think its about time she confessed no point in delaying the same

And in the end the sooner it is done the better

Oh ho dev had been observing his bhabhi to be

And he is gonna give maneet their space huh goodie of course he is

Or else how will she confess to him with dev being there with them

And if dev is with them well maan will makes excuses and run away from geet as he has been doing since their lift encounter

Ahhh so she is sent to his room to know the truth of soni

Well they cant tell her so sending her to his room maan is bound to have left clues about soni right

Toh kya fauj le karr jaane ka plan hai maan ke paas

Sorry for being sarcastic there with geet couldn't help it

Come on dear lets get this over with

Dev isn't gonna spy on them is he

Well he gotta or else how will they know the outcome of their this plan

Not his room but her old room huh

Wow these guys are good for sure

Soni and geet do have to cone face to face

But will she be able to take this truth of hers

Well she has to right or else how will things go forward

Ahhh he had locked her room and now dev is sending soni urf geet to the same room

Geet chill maar yaar

Well maan se phele aap unke phele pyaar se milengi

Aur who bhi koi aur nahin aap hi hain

Well this is it for sure

She has reached the right room

Her old room in this house

So it shall be out today wont it

Hell yes she don't know how important this day really is

And not for the same reasons that she is thinking it to be

Well this happens to be your room

And the reason why everything is covered in sheets is because maan wanted to keep this room safe and sound also because he couldn't bear to see this room and not breakdown probably

Well you shall know and soon why you have been sent here

This room has secrets to unlock about your past which is related to your future too dear

Geet this room has been locked for more than a year since you last vacated it dear

This room is very important for you and maan and your love story too

And she comes face to face with her past

Seeing herself with khurans sure shocked her well it was bound to

As she thinks she hasn't met them before when nothing can be further from the truth

Yup it is from the time of your second memory loss

Or was it the first god let not go there shall we

This is the time you forgot when you were with khuranas

Yes you did live with them of course you did that you already knew

But there is more to this mystery dear

Nope not wrong dear it is your room and soon you will know more about yourself as soni I hope

Ahh she gets proof that its her room

But that's not all she will find in this room of course

Ahhh this picture of her wearing that pink saree that maan mom left for maan wife to be

Those were the days right

Yes dear NT was hoping that by giving you that saree you might remember something

Plus what is supposed to be yours is bound to find its way to you again

Ahhh so it was the book that she saw

The ones with his pictures with her right

It is his book that she see so I was half right then

Well it was either this book or that letter

Letter has been used already so the book it is then

I know I agree with her once again

He is like that since childhood

But he looks so cute in that

Haila this is what she said in chapter 45 too when she didn see any pics of his after maan was 12

Am glad now you asked me to re read chapter 45 or wouldn't have known about this

This is what happened in that chapter too

Her coming across what he as in maan felt for her

So it seems history is repeating itself

Wasn't it after she read the whole book and what he said about her she started to realise she loved him right

Am guessing this line must be when he lost his parents so of course he seemed sad

Well those lines are about you dear of course

Well soni anyway which is also you

So this is how she knows of soni being her

Waise I don't remember if I said this before but the lines that you wrote from maan pov of soni sure were something

Seem she will know of who soni really is

His love and also these days known as geet raizada

Ahhh the moment of truth draws closer

Soon geet all your answers about who soni is and why he is keeping her name as soni shall be clear to you dear

Ahhh do I rememeber the song jaadu bhari aankhon waali suno man those were the days for sure

Well she  did leave him but she is back too dear

 Geet soni unhe chod karr chali toh gayi hai lekin waapis bhi aa gayi hai

Well he was sure about her leaving him as he knew the day she gains her memory she might just forget him

And when you did forget him he knew what he feared did happen

Yes geet all about soni will be clear to you

Sweetie that was you dear

Aapke maan se sirf aap hi liptangi naa

Man she is jealous of herself only

Dear he did say that was his imagination

Well she isn't just his past but his present and of course her future as geet if not soni

No she isn't still in coma

She is all okay and better but she did forget her maan

And now look at the twist of fate she has fallen for him again but she doesn't remember who she was before

I know we were all horrified when you went in coma but then you came outta it too

Yes of course he still loves her and you since you are her

No not really your prem ki naiyya doob nahin sakti

And you will know why that's the case soon enough

And we are eager to know your reaction on knowing what happened to soni or who soni really is

This is weird right

Geet knowing about soni who is none other than herself

Haan soni theek hai parr unhe bhul gayi hai geet

Uske bas mein hota toh woh maan ko nahin chodhti but it want in her hands

She is bit odd there well not really but yeah kinda

On one hand she was jealous of soni and on the other she is relieved that her love's love is okay

Again that don't make any sense there

You know I remember when this jiya dhak dhak jaaye usd to be played on this tv show I used to watch kasam se

After that when ever that song is played I used to imagine the main protagonists from the show jai and bani and did the same when he said those in your this story sorry parr aadat se majboor the ji

Well hell yes he did make her deewani of his but fate had other plans too

I know right who would have though he had it in him to be this romantic but then he was only like this with you dear

No one else can make him go through all that except you

And he does love you like that too or is it just for his soni

No it isn't just soni he feels that for geet too if their encounters is anything to go by

Haiyye that song main toh bas teri chahat mein is my fav and it sits well with our passionate maan

Sweetie she didn't leave him leave him

And she does love him but well you shall know soon enough about why she left him dear

Oh dear your love isn't in love with someone else

And it seems she will know who soni is soon

She saw her handwriting what soni sorry geet wrote in this book after reading it

Wahi likha hai ji jo aapke dil mein hain inke liye

Read on dear and you will know it all

And she knows finally who his soni was

No other than herself of course

And that sure shocked her well of course it did

Yes you are were and will be the only mrs MSK ever

Soni bhi aap hain aur unka pyaar bhi

She still didn't get it well how can she right

That you are his soni dear

He loves you and only you

Read on till the end then you will know what happened

How soni once again became geet and forgot those two months with maan

I know  dear its confusing sometimes he calls you soni sometimes geet

Bo wonder she is thinking if she really is soni but you are

No you are his soni

Koi aur explanation nahin hai

Time to accept the truth dear and its complications

She doesn't wanna believe it not that I blame her but it is the truth

Yes dear finally its proved to you that soni and geet are one and the same

Yes the devastation left by soni on maan isn't imaginable but now you know why he behaves the way he does with you

Well its not like you did it on purpose

But yes your not remembering him hurt him like nothing before

So much so that maan became MSK again

Ahhh she doesn't know why she left him still

Memory loss again and maan wouldn have written about that too

And his promise as well am sure I hope so as then all shall be clear to her

Aww she is hating herself for leaving him

But like I said before wasn't all in your hands

Destiny and fate played with you guys and this happened

Well that promise has to be broken

And by none other than you geet

Only you can give him hi love and life back

God reading that promise once again made me cry

Well wouldn't it do and now with her reading it makes it that much worse

After that he didn't write anything dear

But she figures it out for herself don't she as to why she left him

She didn't really leave him but she forgot him

I know right we all said that to him

That's it you are gonna give up

And one of the readers even slapped him in his dream for giving up on you like this

But now that you know you have to make him fall in love once again

Well dear he has faced similar storms and he thought that once again his life has played with him so he gave up

But what ever happens you must give up remember that

Hmmm seeing it from her pov it does seems much worse him giving up on her just like that

Well am glad she is thinking of his pov too

Though I still think that he shouldn't have gone to that extreme either

Now its all on her aint it how she will bring her love back to her love which is her

Hey babaji am not making much sense today more than usual

Yaar these conflicting emotions in her for maan sure are fun to read

One minute she is all angry with him for letting her go so easily than the next she understands why she did that

Aaj toh maan gaye aur future mein bhi

Now she isn't gonna give up on their love and that's where it gets that much more fun

Woohooo geet is back and in form baby look out MSK she is not gonna give up on this

No dear it wont be that easy

In fact I bet he is gonna make it harder for her

 Well you cant freaking forget her because she is your love

 She only forgot you because of memory loss but you don't have that

But of course he will try to forget her as if she is gonna let him though

Dude when it gets to geet you cant do anything but care for her get closer to her

Its just not in you to get away from her no matter how much you try

Maan you cant run away from her

Now that she knows she wont let you

And don't forget she too is future mrs khurana so she isn't gonna give up on their love like you did

Really this should be worth watching

No more geet and just when geet herself is thinking to get closer to him he is thinking this

Abbey yaar negative sochna zaroori hai

But no he has to dwell on the negative

Yeh nahin soch sakte that she could have fallen for you again and this time she wont leave you but of course why would he think that

Now its all on geet right

Sweetie drool over him later focus on your mission

Well geet your maan is pretty strong but when it comes to matters of heart kya kahen he is kinda weak there maybe you can help him be strong there too

Nahin she don't remember but that don't mean she don't love you

Dammit she had to tell him and that broke him but she couldn't hide it either now could she

Is he really gonna do this

Hell yes he is

I cant believe that he is gonna say what he is


But he is right maaan man he is asking for it now

Ahaaa who bhul gayi toh kya aapne bhi unhe yaad dilane ki koshish kyun naa ki

Kaisa pyaar tha aapka ki itni jaldi haar maan gaya maan babu

Maan don't force her to do and say things she don't wanna

Well time to see her anger too I guess

She is right too maan and you know it

What she said you could have done it

If she forgot you then you should have made her remember

Yeah right you don't love her who is he kidding there

Does he reallt think by saying all this to her she will break

She may seem to but she will come back

And she will make you fall in love with her too

You cant run from love maan

No matter what you do

You couldn't run then and you cant run now

This time love will get hold of you again

And that I can guarantee

Wowser that was explosive to say the least

And it started another battle for love and this time geet will win this battle

She may have been heartbroken now with what he said and how he rejected her love but am sure she wont leave him to be

Dekhte hain maan aap kab tak apne pyaar se bhaag paate hain

Let the love games begin

Hats off you did it again and surpassed anything I imagined this chapter would have

Cheers for pm

Well I managed to do it on same day woohoo though it took me too long I guess sorry

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saima4744 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2014 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Update was simply awesome.
Song was wonderful.

Amazing chapter.
Loved it.
Tf pm.

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jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2014 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Geet finally realized that she was soni.Loved dat she regretted 4getting Maan as he loved her very much.Maaneet confrontation was so nice.Wen he said he doesn't luv her she was upset.her pain made him upset.
loved this a lot:Main aapko bhool gayi toh kya hua? Aap toh aa sakte the na? Mujhe yaad dila sakte the na? Aur mujhe yaad nahi toh mujhe phir se apne pyaar mein deewana bana sakte the na?
Maan is trying 2 b away from her.its too gives pain 2 both of them.plz unite them

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Padfoot_Prongs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2014 at 10:16am | IP Logged
MAAANNNAngry. I'm breathing fire. He needs some slaps. 
Stupid, Idiot, Gadha.AngryAngryAngryAngry

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jduke IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2014 at 10:28am | IP Logged

Sorry posted twice.

Edited by jduke - 12 February 2014 at 10:28am

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tmowla Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2014 at 10:35am | IP Logged
nice one

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sanghita0000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2014 at 10:35am | IP Logged
nice part...Smile

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love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2014 at 10:38am | IP Logged
yeh kya kar diya maan apne haatho se hi apne pyar ko durr kar diya...gr8 maan singh khurana phirse dard na paye issliye apne hi pyar ko durr kar diya...such a coward he is...maan agar sach mein mard hote toh iss prblm ka samna karta...durr nehi bhagta prblm se...

superb n beautiful but painful update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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