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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 79)

love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 February 2014 at 5:28pm | IP Logged

feeling bad fr both khushi n arnav...plz undono ek kar do devi maaia...kyun itna tadpa rahe ho dono pyar karnewalon o alag kar na paap hai ...

aur humarein jhalli jayegi kaam se...maan ko apni dil ki baat bolne ja rahi hai...

awesome n wonderful update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also...

waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 February 2014 at 6:44pm | IP Logged
simply brilliant
loved itc

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storytellerm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 February 2014 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
awesome update
feeling bad for khushi and arnav
yahan geet is trying
but what abt arnav and khushi
plzzz kuch karo

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tmowla Senior Member

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Posted: 09 February 2014 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
gosh much pain will i handle???Cry
i cant take all this sadness anymore...please let them clear the misunderstandings!
superb update!

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 10 February 2014 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chavvi16

 so you did update this
sorry this shall be tomorrow only
and am back finally

And you are back

Hope you are better now

How come all this happens to you only

I am finally replying to all the reviews. This is the reply to review of Chapter 60!

God knows why all problems happen with me only !And this many problems did not happen in these many years! If I was superstitious I would have said "Kisi ki nazar lag gayi!"LOL

Sorry for the delay in this though

But couldn't do this in time to put this in

Hope you forgive me for it

Well lets get down to it

A lot will happen in this one

Not only will geet come to know of a certain soni that maan is mad about but also khushi will no longer listen to arnie taunts

Go girls time to show them once again who is the boss shall we

Girl power rocks!LOL

After all these guys have been given too much leverage and see where it has gotten them

Okay just kidding there don't kill me for this please

Right so geet in love are we dear

Awww aint that a beautiful feeling

And this time its not because maan is her fianc but she fell for maan only not the fianc maan

Well she fell for MSK avatar as well just goes to show she has fallen for him this time properly

Meaning and hoping she wont forget him this time around

Awww her childhood memories were so cute

Shame she had to go away from her siblings

Well the true ones at least and better than the ones she had as blood ones

She was probably no definitely much closer to raizadas than her own siblings

Actually they weren't hers but raizadas sure are

Awww so cute so one was sad to be separate from his di the other from her veere

Bless it was so cute how she tried to console anj being so small herself

That's sibling love for sure and hope this love is never gone ever no matter what

I am glad that you liked that scene that much!

Arnie dude she was making you practice naa from then only so you can listen to khushi bak bak in the future naa when she marries ya

Don't go all ASR on her mate but its gone that time and he is even more worse now

Well I don't blame him for locking himself up when geet came to stay

But whats he gonna do when he marries khushi

She too is just as bad as geet naa mate

But that he has to listen to after all cant run from your wife bak bak

Though am sure he will know of ways to shut her up right


But of course that's all after their marriage so he is safe for now

Such shame that is though

Of course he loves ya geet no matter how much you eat his head of course he don't show it

But he loves her nonetheless

Ahhh the first meeting of geet and her jiju and then anj leaving wow that's it all covered aint it

Ahhh back to the present huh

Well she sure will know why anj said that

She don't know why anj said what she said but we know why its due to her only

Hmmm blushing huh well that's good sign aint it

Agar aap unke sapne nahin dekhengi toh aur kaun dekhega

Oh they are talking about you only and so was he dear

Now she recalls it good

Oh hello anj she isn't bad she is very good

But what to do if her mind didn't let him be remembered she couldn't help it

Though in the end she ended up loving him only now that's love I tell ya

Anj you don't know that you are talking about your younger sister

Well if you did we wouldn't have this problem

But its best she don't know otherwise geet wouldn't have fallen in love truly

Well if your bvest friend loves that girl so does that girl love him

But she don't know she is the girl

Will she know more of this girl ermmm her I mean hope so

 Maybe it will help jog her memory and gain those moments lost

Dammit they didn't tell her about her

Would have helped her in remembering but no it isn't meant to be for now

She won't remember anything! It is all gone!Cry

Hope she don't ask man though that would be disastrous right

 Well maybe its best she hears it from him only of their love story

Though wont that complicate things in a way

But if it jogs her memory then why not

Shame anj doesn't know that for geet he isn't any stranger anyway

After all this is her love story too

Oh well that's that for now I guess

Saved by the bell there or not may be

Though true they don't know the full story so better she asks maan

As if he will tell her so easily

If at all but that love story of theirs will come out right

Well do you really wanna know the full story

Would you be able to believe it dear

Yes maan did love someone more than anyone and he was and still is crazy about her

She forgot him but he didn't wanna bother her (silly but what to do this is maan) so he promised himself he wouldn't tell her

And now the one who forgot him is in love with him but she don't know their previous love story that's seriously very funny I tell ya


 Not for maan of course but makes me laugh every time I think about it

Now this is destiny bringing them back together after separating them naa

I knew it she wouldn't ask him

Well duh that would be too easy wont it plus he might just bite her head off

Now she has few other sources left

Dev NT dadi arnie and of course her friend khushi

But who will she ask I wonder

Really geet how are ya connected to maan

And why this makes a difference hello you love the guy did we forget that

She didn't leave him leave him dear

Does that make sense hope it does

If she doesn't have any relationship with maan then that's the end of their story yaar but of course that isn't true

So the question remains how will she know and who will she ask about it

Cause ask she shall after all this is geet man


 Great pooch bhi toh kisse apne veere se

Who like other knew nothing of the real story yaar

And who is also at the moment busy with his miss chamcham

Kya geet yehi time mila tha bechare veere ko tang karne ke liye jab who apki bhabhi ke bare mein soch rahe the

She knows it all don't he but of course aki would hide her photo

So it seems even payal as a short name now

Wonder if khushi shall be KB then lets see that's for later for now I digress

Actually yes! She will be KB!LOL Infact, Maan will be PD after marriage! Now guess, what does PD mean?LOL

I know right she will never change with her nicknames mate

So she went and just asked him

Lo karr lo baat he doesn't even know anything about soni it seems

Well that was a waste of time right

He knows nothing about soni i.e. you so find someone else like your AB maybe he knows it all more than rest of your family of course

But of course she cant ask arnie either right

Like she said it is pretty dangerous so the only one who remains who isn't her family or his is well khushi man

But she don't know naa that khushi knows about her sorry their love story kya yaar

Wow sisnt think that you would fulfil my this wish too without me even voicing it

But what will khushi tell geet and how

True like geet is for aki same is khushi for maan

She knows it all and that's the safest option too dear

Dang she got caught well almost

Have to give it to her she sure got out of it without raising any suspicion from her veere

Its best no one knows of her love for maan at least till she is 100% sure and finds out about soni

Though the soni thing can be solved after the whole do I love MSK thing

That is what is going to happen!Wink

He really isn't much of suspicious fella though

Had she asked arnie or anj it would have them thinking more about why she wanted to know about maan like that

But luckily it was him she chose than babaji for that

Oh dear did she have to mention khushi with him present

Well good she is coming

Had been waiting for this moment since this ASR had started to come about for khushi

Lets give him a dose of his own medicine too

And this way geet too will know about maan and what happened with him through khushi

Waise will khushi tell her hope she does

Well at least someone cares for khushi unlike some who just don't give a damn after her decision which they never even asked her about yaar

I really have to stop doing this right going after arnie all the time after all he isn't wrong from his place

But then neither is khushi

Ufff I gotta stop but just cant can I not when its arnie

So geet is excited about meeting khushi

And we know why even if anj doesn't naa

Man no one can still tell about arnie heart ache

Maan all know about as he was open about it

If only he had done the same then this wouldn't happen

There I go again blaming him but then that was his doing

Well those Sundays meant to her just as much as they meant to you

Dang man not another fight between arhi and this time it shall be different

And excuse me arnie if its torturous on you its same for her

Yaar arnie agar yeh aapko dekhein toh problem ignore karein toh bhi problem

Karein toh yeh kya karein

She can only do one or the either naa mate

 Good on you girl don't let him see how it makes difference to you let him stew it a bit

And focus on your parjayiji who don't remember you either sad naa

Good that geet is taking her away from him

Warna inka toh bas ek hi sapna hai jitna dard khushi ne mujhe diya utna hi main use doonga

And this way geet can find out about soni too right

From what angle does she look happy to him


The man who could tell when his afreen was happy or not can no longer sense the same how did this come to be man

Dang not again leave it arnie don't make things worse for th two of you

How come no one knows about what arnie is upto these days or ever I wonder

Everyone sees what they want to see! Not what is going on! We people are so blind in our own problems that we refuse to see other's problem even if it is blatantly shown to us! This is the truth of the Universe!Smile

 Ahhh but it seems not anymore

Seems like geet is gonna find out about arhi well not really but she will see this which is enough

About time someone else knew about arnie behaviour and geet is just perfect for it

Do you really wanna know what your AB is doing well guess its best she fins out once again

After all she knew didn't she just like khushi about their love story

He is seriously crossing the boundaries once again

And this time she isn't gonna take it from him

Arnie don't mate unless you wanna get it from her

But then he was asking for this now there is a limit to everything right

Well how can she forgot those Sundays

Those days when she was happy though she was living in an illusion created by you

How you used to manage to see her every Sunday somehow or the other

And what not you did to see her too right

 What happened to that man where did he go and how did he turn this bitter with the one he loved or still love but is this love yes it is naa

Every sad form of it but it sure is love

Of course it never meant anything to her which is why she seems in pain when you say such things

Is he really that blind to her pain like other are to his

Well he must be if he cant see it

But no khushi enough is enough you give it back to him please dear I beg of ya

And finally she is gonna do what I really hoped she would do

So very happy about this sad but true

Now its bit to late to regret mate

And trust me this is just the start

There is only so much any person can take

And you just made her cross her tolerance level

Now be ready for some home truths mate

Here have to say love this avatar of khusi kappa

Thank you! Actually I never planned to write Khushi's thsi avatar. I had planned that she would suffer under Arnav's hate till Arnav comes to know the truth. But then you guys were so outraged on Khushi's behalf that I decided to make Khushi fight back. And there is also the face that I will go against my own morals if I let a guy treat a girl like that and get away with it.

So true all she said

You have no more rights on her remember

She isn't your GF or lover anymore

And after what you have put her through I doubt if she ever will be

But she will as the story demands it and unfortunately you are her hero

Wow she is giving back to him his style love it

What she said was right though he could have broken the relationship between him and la

But of course he didn't for the same reason she didn't

He could have told the family but he didn't either why he knows wy

Because he wanted to take revenge on Khushi!

Then why didn't he think why she did this too

Even after all this he doesn't get it does he

Man I so felt like banging arnie head on something

Patthar le aaun!Wink

Even after all she said he still is after revenge has he lost it

Well if he ever had it naa

Oh dear all this was witnessed by geet well hope she investigates it further now

That would help for sure

Very good that's why I just love this geet

She doesn't leave things half way and you gotta love her for that

So she was the only one who noticed his odd behaviour

Seems now she has lots to talk about with khushi

Not only the mystery behind soni but her AB too

Waise aapke bhai ne harkat hi aisi ki that she had to push him

Gale lagane jaisi baat to yeh karr nahin rahe the toh dhakka hi sahi


Hmmm good she saw them even if she didn't hear them its enough for her to be suspicious for sure

Hope she does solve both the mysteries for sure

Good lord she asked all at office huh

And of course no one at office knew of her

Only friends and family know of her luckily

Why luckily well then that less people to tell her and confuse her when she got her memory back

Well don't even say that as a joke adi

Soni was is and always will be maan's yaar

Koi nahin geet kissi aur ko pareshan kariya

Thank god she thought to ask at office now dev came to know about it

Waise yeh adi bhi naa ek number ka gossip girl hai

But that's good for us as dev can now plan something regarding this

Okay so it isn't he is gossiping but because of maan

And its better he told dev about it before maan finds and brings the whole house down right

I know right dev she is investigating herself that made me laugh too mate

It is better for them and it helps them get maneet closer

Hmmm good idea let NT do something too

She will be better at it

Ahhh so she didn't spare pinky for it either

She sure is hell bent to find out aint she

You know its so cute when ever she say phittay moo

I just love that Punjabi phrase! And use it regularly in my speech even though I am a tamilian!LOL

Well that's for her to know pinky and you to find out why she wanna know about soni i.e. geet

Ladki hai thi aur rahegi

And the funny thing is ladki herself is asking about herself but shame she don't know of the same


Well khushi wasn't the only one excited about her parjayiji but her veer anf the said parjayiji too was happy about the engagement

Well dear you were there

Duh you were the one naa

It all happened when you were with him shame you don't remember her as in you

Does that even make sense I wonder


Oh hello agar aapko sab yaad hota toh we wouldn't be in this mess dear

And the reason you cant recall soni is because she is you

Dang yaar this is getting weird aint it


But funny too from my pov not for others

Wow she is bound to find more about all this now

She better find out it will help us all sorry help maan out

At least one story will be back on track

Parr itni bhi kya jaldi hai

You said another twist is still left before all is okay again

Hmmm that one I shall wait for eagerly for sure

Poor geet she got caught but not by maan but sasha

Waise she is right she shouldn't ask in office

As they know nil nada zilch about maan and his soni

Who is her herself I have gotta stop saying that again and again

 As if you dont know it already after all your creation aint it sorry will try not to do it again

Well you are looking in all the wrong directions

Khushi is the best bet for sure

After all she has all the info and plus she with her it isn't dangerous like with your AB or the DD himself

Awww bless she got told off and guess sasha is right

Just don't give up on it please after all pyaar ka sawaal hai boss

Phitte moo maan ko pata toh naa chal gaya

Thank god he didn't know

That his soni is asking about her only

Then like dev said saara plan gaya kaam se yaar

Of course he shall be jealous hello she don't remember him and their love and doesn't even give him those wonderful smiles any more either


So that is bound to happen as well

Survey sure that is good idea

Waise what you said is true too

Phir NT ka kya hoga

So geet and khushi meet for her to know about soni

If khushi will tell her here is hoping so

And khushi is hit with memories of their past as in their lovey dovey moments

When khushi thinks of such cases am glad that geet lost her memory so she wont be sad

Even I think the same thing!

But then if she had the memories there would be no sadness either

Well I like it the way it is

Ohh not that one bless that was romantic bliss for arhi and even maneet right

Oh ho so geet is going about it subtly

Knowing about her as in geet family

Oops she almost called her parjayiji well she was her to be parjayiji naa

Big smile

Yes geet she was gonna call you what you think she was gonna call you dear

Damn that waiter I tell you ruined the moment or saved khushi

Depends what way you look at it

Khushi she had never really gone not really and now she is back too

Hmmm she sure got soni in

Now khushi dilemma to tell or not to tell

Well she wants her veerji to have his love back

But she also promised the said veerji that she wont tell soni urf geet about it either

Bach gayi khushi well I hoped she wouldn't but its better this way I guess

Thanx to sasha and maan khushi didn't have to tell her about her

You don't know why you are happy that there isn't anyone in maan life geet

Ufff not the denial mode here too

No don't leave her now

That LG sorry rakshash is here

You just love bashing Arnav, don't you?Wink

How does he end up being where khushi is

And this time he will be real mean for sure

After all what she said to him sure hit ASR ego didn't it

No geet don't do this but she doesn't know

Who will save khushi now I wonder no one it seems

Kismet hi kharab hai


Kahan ek din inse naa bachne ki zaroorat thi aur aaj bach naa parr raha hai

Damn this man he really likes to make things worse for himself in the long run

He is doing this on purposes and then it will come back to bite him later on of course

So true! Ab aayega asli mazaa!LOL

Great just great geet yaar that is like making sure that your new best friend is hurt

If only she knew did she forget what happened last time

Don't please arnie just this once let it go mate

Please let it go

Good she escaped in time phew man

 Well of course they are  best friends and yes both khurana brothers are right she has no idea

Am guessing he said about khushi on purpose our dev

He must know how she is doing

So whats in his mind now I wonder

Okay it wasn't his plan but just general huh

Ahhh she said the news which was bound to make him angry

Well he is right naa to keep them apart

Now go before arnie does something he shall regret later on

If he hasn't already done it maan

Hello she doesn't know why do you keep forgetting that

So maan was making sure arhi don't meet well its best naa as he would hurt her unnecessarily and she would be sad due to that

Ahhh he hasn't told arnie has he

Well he cant its not his secret to tell right

And if he tells him to lay off khushi well that's gonna make it worse

Hmmm sorry but it didn't really work out your plan

You see he still managed to make her cry despite your ministrations

Poor Khushi!

But then you cant be there all the time can ya

Doubt she is fine when arnie is involved gosh hope he doesn't ruin his love story for the future seems he might just have

 Now she remembers it the incident from last night

Well it slipped from her mind naa or she wouldn't have done this

Yes maan knows how can he not

With being his confidante and her brother

I know mystery pe mystery for you

But am sure you shall unravel the mysteries soon enough

Hope he didn't say anything more to her

Warna iski toh aisi ki taisi

I really gotta rein in my anger for arnie right


Sorry will try to do the same

Hopefully geet and khushi shall be drunk that would be so cool right

But its better that khushi and maan are drunk

Or our heros drunk

Guess we will have to wait and know

You take care till next week then

Cheers for pm

Thanks for the review yaar! It is awesome! Loved it!

Edited by Kalpana_Writer - 10 February 2014 at 10:52am
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2014 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jasminerahul

Geet is really haunted by 'soni'.hop she'll find out she was soni.cant wait 2 know her reaction.Khushi burst out at Arnav.So maan wants arshi 2 keep a distance with each other bcz of Arnav's temper.he wants 2 save K.geet realises that maan knows d fact abt arshi.hop geet wil try 2 unfold d ystery n ens up finding out her own identity as soni.usually u add songs.2day i missed song in ur update.but its fine.anyways 2 save K from ASR's temper plz let Arnav know d truth
Arre Yaar! Did you really miss my musicals so much? Did not know that! Will try to put a song in each chapter! But no guarantee haan?
Thanks for the review!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2014 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ashavi

well its gud that nw Geet has unintentionally started 2 dig abt her lost memory in the form of knowing abt Soni...
its gud that she saw Arshi fighting...Anjali s unknowingly always hurting Khushi by inviting her home when Arnav s dr at home...
Arnav s crossing the limits...he doesn't have right 2 always taunt Khushi...i am happy that finally Khushi has started 2 react and give good answers back 2 Arnav...nw i doubt had Arnav ever really loved Khushi? bcoz he never trusted Khushi nor tried 2 know the reason behind her act...he s always in his own world thinking only abt himself...
so nw Maan's reaction abt Arshi's encounter will lead Geet 2 find abt Arshi's relationship...hope atleast Geet gives her piece of mind 2 Arnav and make his realise the reality of Khushi's decision...
anyway update soon...
I will ask you the same question! In the serial, ASR loved Khushi and yet he believed Shyam when Shyam said he had an affair with Khushi. ASR married her and and tortured her. So my question is: In the serial did Arnav not love Khushi at all? My answer to your question is hidden in your answer!LOLWink
punam2712 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2014 at 11:20am | IP Logged



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