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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 76)

flowers4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2014 at 5:00pm | IP Logged
awesome great to read an update after so long...continue soon

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great update dear
continue soon

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i hope things turn out better for arnav and khushi
great update after the break
glad to hear your doing ok Big smile

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sriif Goldie

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Really awesome FF dear... i fell in love with this FF...
 to this read it in one go coz i'm new to this forum...

i just loved it... awesome dear Tongue

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Day 13


Place - Arnav's Room At Shantivan


     "Chote? Chote!", Anjali entered Arnav's room calling for him. Arnav looked up from his laptop and smiled at his Di. "Achcha hua Chote tum yahin mil gaye. Ek kaam kardo na humaara!" Arnav nodded, "Haan Di! Bolo na! Anything for you!" Anjali smiled sweetly at his answer. Her Chote loved her so much. "Chote! Aaj hum Mandir jaana chaahte hain. Humein wahaan chod dijiye na! Aate waqt Shyamji humein pick karlenge. Aapko bas humein drop karna hai.", Anjali pleaded. Arnav rolled his eyes, "Di! Jitna aap Mandir jaati ho aur jitna time aapudhar spend karti ho na, I think mujhe ghar ke baahar hi ek Mandir khadi kar deni chaahiye!" "Chote!", Anjali whined and pouted. Arnav shook his head and smiled at her, "Fine Di! I will take you there!"


   After a while, when both were seated in the car, Arnav started the car with Anjali sitting beside him. "Chote! Car ko Laxminagar ke raste se le jaayiye!", Anjali murmured as Arnav drove. Arnav's clenched the steering wheel tightly as dread filled his heart. He kept him voice calm as he asked his Di, "Kyun Di?" His Di smiled and replied, "Khushiji ko pick karne. Woh bhi humaare saath aayenge!" Arnav had only one thought in his mind. Dammit!




Place - Near the Temple


     Khushi sat stiffly behind Anjali as the car drove towards the Temple. Anjali was seated in the passenger seat in the front with Arnav driving. When Anjali had picked Khushi up, Khushi was shocked to see Arnav there. Dread filled her soul as she realized that even today she was not safe from Arnav's taunts. Her dread increased when Anjali asked Arnav to stop the car and got down to buy some flowers for Devi Maiyya. But her dread turned into shock when Arnav did not once taunt her or say anything to her. She was tempted to ask him what was wrong. But she was not an idiot! She knew when to keep her mouth shut. But the confusion remained. Why had Arnav not taunted her once yet? She answered Anjali's questions quietly but her mind remained on the man driving the car.


    The moment the car stopped, Anjali got down the car eagerly and walked ahead. Khushi, seated in the back seat, tried to open the door to get down but she could not as the door got jammed. Arnav noticed her struggle and looked behind. Khushi stilled in fear. She waited with baited breath for his taunt but the taunt did not come. All Arnav did was that he got down from the car, came to her side and opened the door for her. She looked at him in shock and got down the car with the pooja thaali in her hand. She thanked her Devi Maiyya for saving her from his words and started walking. She passed by him when suddenly she felt something tug her Duppatta from behind. Arnavji! She stopped and took a deep breath scared that the moment she turned around Arnav would lash her with his bitter words. She turned around slowly and looked at Arnav only to be shocked by the expression on Arnav's face. She blinked twice to confirm what she was seeing but the expression on Arnav's face did not change. His body language screamed of defeat and his face showed intense pain. When he raised his eyes to look at her, she gasped in shock. Tears had welled up in Arnav's eyes. Her eyes went towards his hand holding her Duppatta and seeing her glance he dropped it. She took a step back and he whispered, "Khushi!" She felt tears well up in her eyes too as she realized that Arnav's voice also sounded broken. She blinked and let those tears drop from her eyes and seeing this Arnav took a step ahead. He murmured softly, "Khushi! Aaj main tumhein kuch nahi kahunga. Kyunki tumne bhale hi mujhe dhoka diya ho lekin tumse jab bhi main badla lene ki koshish karta hun dil mera hi aur tootta hai. Isliye aaj se main tumhein koi aur taana nahi maarunga. It is a promise. Lekin ek sawaal hai jo main tumse poochna chaahta hun!" Khushi looked at him with immense sadness in her eyes. He continued speaking, "Actually main tumse nahi tumhaari us Devi Maiyya se poochna chaahta hun. Kya tum mere liye yeh ek sawaal poochogi?" Khushi nodded softly and Arnav gave her a sad smile, "Unse sirf itna poochna ki unhonein mere saath aisa kyun kiya? Kyun mere pyar ko mujhse door kiya?" Khushi let out a sob at his question. Arnav turned away, "Theek hai! Main unhein nahi maanta toh mera poochna galat hai. Par tum toh pooch sakti ho na? Toh tum jaroor poochna. Ki tum jis Devi Ma pe itna bharosa karti ho, jis pe tum jaan chidakti ho, jiski tum sabse badi bhakt ho use uske pyaar se kyun alaga kiya?" He looked at her with anguish and she ran away from there sobbing because those were the same questions she herself wanted to ask her Devi Maiyya.




Place - Khurana Constructions


     Maan entered the Office and nodded as everybody greeted him. He entered his cabin and called Sasha. He asked her to bring details about their new tender. After few minutes, Geet entered his Cabin with a grin on her face. She handed him the files and turned to walk away. "Geet!", he called her and when she turned back he ordered her, "Ek kaam karo! Sasha se kehna ki kal jo maine use file di thi use complete karde!" Geet gave him a megawatt smile and Maan blinked in shock. Geet chirped happily, "Woh file? Woh file toh maine thode der pehle hi complete kardi thi. Sasha Ma'am busy thi toh maine kar diya. Main abhi use laayi!" Like a whirlwind she went and she came back after few minutes in the same manner, "Yeh rahi woh files!" Maan took the files and looked at her suspiciously. Normally, Geet was efficient but today she seemed extra efficient. What is going on here? Maan chalked it up to her usual antics and went back to work. Geet stood there for a second and then she piped up, "Sir! Kal aapne mujhe ek project ke design banaane ko kahaa tha. Woh maine bana diya. Aap jab free ho toh bata dijiye main tabhi design dikhaane aajaaungi!" Maan frowned, "Itne jaldi bana diya?" Geet nodded eagerly. Maan nodded, "Theek hai! Jaake Sasha ki help karo model ready karne mein! Clients ek ghante mein aa rahe hain!" All this time, Maan spoke, he spoke with his head down in his work while Geet stood staring at his face. Geet nodded and walked out of the cabin. The moment she walked out, Maan looked up, "Ise ho kya gaya hai? Itni mehnati? Yeh kabse hogayi?" But then he shrugged, "Mujhe kya? As long as mere upar na gire aur apna kaam karti rahe mujhe is ladki se koi lena dena nahi!" He shook his head and went back to his work.


   Outside Maan's cabin, Geet grinned eagerly. Her plan was working. Maan was getting impressed. Yesterday when Geet had realized her love for Maan, she sat and thought long about how to tell Maan her feelings. Looking at his concern, anyone could tell he felt something for her. But yet he tried to keep her away from him. Why? That's when it struck her. Maybe he was seeing her as his friend's little sister. And that is why he is staying away from her. So she decided to show him that she was a grown up and independent woman. She can be mature and she can be wise. And she was perfect for him. With these ambitions in her mind, she decided that she will show Maan how hardworking, wise and mature she was. And by the looks of it, she was succeeding. As Geet got lost into thoughts of being with Maan, she forgot everything about the investigation she was supposed to do about Maan's Soni and the rift between Arnav and Khushi. All that lurked in her head and her heart was Maan Singh Khurana and her desire to have him reciprocate her love.


     The whole day passed with Geet surprising Maan with her efficiency and quick decisions. She even shocked him when he saw tea placed in front of his chair at exactly 3 PM courtesy of Geet. By the end of the day, Maan was baffled by the change that had come into Geet. What was happening here? He wondered. But then he decided to forget it. Next day was Sunday and he was sure that by the time Monday came Geet would be back to normal.




Day 14


Place - Geet's Room at Shantivan


   "Lo hogaya siyappa! Ab ise maine kahaan rakh diya?", Geet grumbled as she searched her whole room. She looked under the bed, she checked the vase on the table, she even checked through her wardrobe but she did not get what she was searching. Anjali entered her room only to stop and stare in shock at the mess Geet had made of her room. "Hey Devi Maiyya! Yeh sab kya hai?", Anjali asked worriedly. Geet poked her out of her cupboard and huffed, "AD! Main use dhoondh rahi hun par woh mil hi nahi raha!" She went back into her wardrobe and Anjali rolled her eyes, "Par kya dhoondh rahi ho yeh toh bata do Baby!" Geet's muffled voice came out of the wardrobe, "Mera Mobile! Pata nahi kahaan rakh diya!" Anjali raised her eyebrows and then asked, "Kya tumne mobile pe call kiya?" Geet peaked out of the wardrobe with a horror filled expression, "Yeh toh maine bilkul bhi nahi kiya!" Geet scrambled out of the room to call her mobile from the landline while Anjali stood by the door of the room shaking her head. Hey Devi Maiyya! Is ladki ka kuch nahi ho sakta! Then she took a look at the mess in the room and sighed. She tied her pallu end around her waist and bent down to pick up the mess. Yeh Chote bhi aise hi hain aur Baby bhi aisi! Hamesha jaldi mein bhaagte rahenge aur inke peeche peeche humein chalna hoga inke saamaan uthaane ki liye. Shukar hai bhagwaan ka ki Chutke ko aisa nahi banaaya warna in teeno ke peeche peeche bhaagte hum paagal ho jaate! Chalo Anjali beta! Kaam karo! Kuch saalon baad Kanha bhi apne Maamu aur Maasi ki tarah cheezein bikhraake yahaan wahaan bhaagega aur unke peeche bhi humein hi daudna hoga! Uff! She continued cleaning the room.


    Geet called her number from the landline and waited for it to ring in the house. The ring went on but she could not hear any ringtone from nearby. She roamed the whole house while calling her mobile but nothing worked. Where was her Mobile? She wondered. Suddenly, someone picked up her phone, "Hello?" Geet bit her lip. Yeh aawaaz toh jaani pehchaani nahi hai? "Hello! Kaun bol raha hai?", she mumbled. "Memshaab! Main Khurana Constructions ka watchman bol raha hun! Aap kaun bol rahi hai?" Geet furrowed her brow for a second. Mera mobile Office mein hai? Then it struck her. Yesterday she was talking on the phone while packing her purse. She must have left it there while coming home. She closed her eyes and shook her head. Geet! Tu na ek number ki Jhalli hai! She replied, "Main Geet bol rahi hun! Yeh mera mobile hain jo main Office mein bhool gayi thi! Use sambhaalke rakhiye. Main kal subah aapse le lungi!" Pat came the reply, "Arre! Geet Memshaab aap! Theek hai! Theek hai! Kal subah aapko aapka mobile mil jaayega!" Geet kept the receiver down and slapped her forehead. Hey Babaji! Main bhi kya jhalli hun, nahi? She was walking away when a thought struck her. Office toh Sunday ko locked rehta hai aur watchman generally Office ke baahar rehta hai! Toh ise kaise mera mobile mila? Mera mobile toh main mere desk pe bhool aayi thi? She went back to the phone and called her mobile again. When the watchman picked up she nearly shouted, "Yeh mobile toh maine desk pe rakha tha! Aapko kaise mila? Office toh aaj band hai aur aap toh baahar baithte ho?" The watchman let out a laugh, "Woh Khurana saab aaj kisi kaam se Office aaye hain toh Office kholna pada. Kab se aapka phone baj raha tha toh Saab ne bola kaun hai dekhlo! Toh humne phone utha liya!" Geet felt excitement bubble inside and she asked eagerly, "Kaunse Khurana Saab?" She prayed that it was that Khurana which she wanted. The watchman replied, "Bade Saab! Maan Saab!" Geet let out a squeal and then remembering the watchman on the other end of the phone she composed herself, "Theek hai! Main abhi aati hun phone lene!" She went to keep the phone when the watchman's voice came, "Lekin Memshaab aap kyun aa rahi hain? Hum haina! Hum phone ko sambhaalke rakhenge!" Geet shook her head, "Nahi! Nahi! Main aa rahi hun! Woh kisi ko phone karna hai aur uska number phone mein hi hai! Main aa rahi hun!" She kept the phone down and turned around to see Anjali there. "AD! Main Office jaa rahi hun. Mera phone wahin hai!" She let out a squeal and kissed her AD's cheek as she ran away. Anjali stood there stupefied. Yeh Office jaane ke liye itna uchhal kyun rahi hai? Aur woh bhi Sunday ko itni excitement? Poor Anjali! She was totally confused.




Place - Khurana Constructions


    Geet got out of her car excitedly. Main Maan ko aaj bhi dekhungi? Haaye! Aaj toh meri chaandi hai! Thank you Babaji! Thank you! She ran towards the building only to stop in shock. There stood the watchman grinning with the mobile in her hand. Hogaya Siyappa! She thought as she walked towards the watchman. That's it! Maan ko dekhne ka chance gaya! Ab yahin se ghar jaana hoga! Kyunki upar jaaungi toh Maan kyun main aayi poochenge aur mere paas upar aane ka koi bahaana nahi hai! She pouted sadly. As she took the mobile and morosely went back to the car a thought struck her mind and she grinned eagerly. Maan had asked her to submit the new design on Monday. And she had decided to come early on Monday and do it. But what if she wanted to work on it today? Geet sighed. All the documents related to design was in the Office na? She made a sad face. Then she had to go into the Office to get it right? She mock pouted and then grinned. Perfect idea Geet puttar! Very good! She mentally patted her back and turned around. She went up the lift and entered the Office. She went to Sasha's cabin and picked up the files she needed for the Project. While taking the files, Geet kept on glancing towards Maan's cabin hoping for his one glimpse but Maan was seen nowhere. After a while, Geet had enough of searching and taking the files, she walked out towards the lift. Her eyes focused in the files in her hand, she forgot about Maan but what she did not notice was a figure walking towards the lift. It was Maan. "Geet!", she heard Maan's voice and looked up to see Maan standing in the lift. Her eyes widened in shock and she trudged towards the lift happily. Chalo! Aakhirkaar Maan ka deedar ho hi gaya! Thank you Babaji! She entered the lift. "Tum yahaan?", Maan asked her. Geet nodded, "Kal aapne mujhe ek design banaane ko kahaa tha uski files main yahin bhool gayi thi. Wahin lene aayi thi. Aap yahaan kaise?", she spoke up trying to make small talk. Maan looked straight ahead not giving her a single glance, "Ek urgent mail bhejna tha aur documents Office mein the!", his voice was stern and Geet gulped. Lagta hai Maan aaj baat karne ke mood mein nahi hai!


    Suddenly, the lift started shaking and Geet got scared. Maan also looked around worriedly. Geet grabbed Maan's arm in fear. Maan looked at her in shock. Just like it started, the lift stopped shaking and came to a stop and the lights went out. "Hey Babaji! Yeh kya hogaya?" Maan rolled his eyes, "Babaji ko kya pooch rahi ho? Babaji ki electrician hai kya?" Geet whipped her head around and glared at Maan. Maan ignoring her glare pulled his mobile out and called the security office. Soon, he was talking to the watchman and explaining the problem. Watchman promised to call an electrician and Maan pocketed his mobile. Meanwhile, Geet slowly got closer to Maan. By the time Maan had ended the phone call, Geet was clinging to Maan. Maan glared at her, "GEET! Yeh kya kar rahi ho?" Geet looked around hoping to see something in the darkness, "Sir! Mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai!" Maan's eyes softened at her words and he tenderly replied, "Don't worry Geet! Thodi der mein electrician aake sab theek kardega!" Maan felt Geet nodding against his arm. They stood there for a while and then Maan suggested they should sit down as their legs might start paining soon. Geet agreed and they sat down. Maan got a call from the Watchman that electrician was here and claim to repair the lift in few minutes. As Maan relayed this to Geet, Geet felt disappointment well up in her. Bas kuch aur der! Phir main Maan se phirse dur ho jaaungi! Kyun Babaji? Kyun yeh electrician itne jaldi aagaya! Thoda time nahi laga sakta tha? Jaise filmo mein hota hai waisa mere saath kyun nahi hota? She pouted and sighed.


    After twenty minutes, the lights came on and Maan smiled. He stood up making Geet stand up too. "Dekha Geet! Light aagayi!", Maan murmured looking around waiting for the lift to start moving. Geet morosely nodded. Suddenly, the lift started moving and not expecting this Geet lost her balance and fell on Maan. Maan fell on the lift's wall and slid down with Geet in his lap. Before they could move, they were lost in each other's eyes. Their hearts started beating fast and taking a breath seemed an effort. As they sat there, Maan cupped Geet's face and his thumb traced her lower lip. Geet closed her eyes at his touch. Maan leaned in towards her when the lift opened bringing them out of their dream world. They both scrambled to get up and as soon as the lift was open Maan briskly walked out angered by his behavior. Yeh kya kar raho Maan? Tumhein Geet se dur rehna hai kuch bhi ho jaaye!


    Maan walked away but Geet remained behind. She was in shock at Maan's behavior. She took few steps behind and her back touched the wall. She slid down and sat on the floor as her mind relieved the moments where she was about to kiss Maan. No! Kiss main nahi woh karne waale the! Ek minute! Suddenly, her brain started working. Maan mujhe kiss karna chaahte the! Yaani ki woh bhi mere liye wahi mehsoos karte hain jo main unke liye mehsoos karti hun! She grinned eagerly and got up. Gaye kuve mein Maan ko impress karne ka plan! Main abhi jaake Maan ko apne dil ki baat keh deti hun! She ran outside in search of Maan only to see Maan's car drive away. She huffed in anger. This is not fair Maan! Ek bye toh bolke jaate! She took a deep breath! Koi nahi Geet puttar! Kal Office mein aate hi Maan ko apne dil ki bol de! Then she let out a sad sigh. Poora ek din Maan se dur rehna hoga! Hey Babaji! She sat in her car and drove away.




Place - Living Room of Shantivan


      Arnav was sitting in the living room along with his family when the door bell rang. He looked up to see Khushi enter the house along with Buaji. He looked away. He did not want to see her. He did not want to see her at all. The pain was too fresh right now. The wound was too raw at this moment. He got up and walked away to his room. Khushi had her eyes down and the family members were greeting Buaji happily that no one noticed Arnav sulk away. After having small talks, Buaji got to the main point of coming to the place, "Hum aap sab ko mithaai dene aaye hain!" Buaji grinned happily while the Raizadas looked confused. Suddenly, Khushi was brought out of her thoughts by Buaji elbowing her, "Ae titaliya! Bataao apni khabar!" Khushi looked at the family as if she was a deer caught in headlights and blinked twice as if she had just come back to this world. Then she gave all of them a smile, "Humaari TYBCom ki result aayi thi kal shaam! Hum iss baar bhi top kar gaye!" "Top?", Buaji exclaimed. Buaji looked at the family and exclaimed proudly, "Poore Lucknow University mein Top aayi hai!" All of them excitedly congratulated her and Buaji asked her to distribute mithaai. Khushi eagerly pulled out a dabba from her bag and distributed the mithaai. She even fed the sweets into Anjali's and Aakash's mouth instead of just handing it to them. Then she pulled out another dabba from her bag and handed it to Anjali, "Arnavji ke liye sugar free mithaai!" Anjali pushed the dabba back into Khushi's hands, "Toh humein kyun de rahi ho? Jaake apne Jijaji khud de aao! Chutke ko apne haathon se khilaaya na toh Chote ko bhi apne haathon se khilaao! Aakhir woh bhi tumhaare Jijaji hain!" Others agreed and egged her to go and feed Arnav. With dread in her heart Khushi climbed the stairs and neared Arnav's room. Behind her, Anjali and Geet were asking Aakash to sing and entertain Buaji.




Place - Arnav's Room at Shantivan


    "Arnavji?", Arnav heard Khushi whisper and tightly closed his eyes. Why was she here? Khushi stood on the threshold of the room and stared apprehensively at Arnav who was seated on the bed working on his laptop. She spoke quickly scared of his anger, "Arnavji! Woh hum TY ki exam top kar gaye hain isliye mithaai laaye the. Aapke liye sugar free waali laaye hain." She wandered in, placed the dabba in front of him and turned around to run away when, "Ruko!", Arnav spoke. Khushi stilled in her place scared of what would next come out of his mouth. "Aakash ko apne haathon se khilaaya! Mujhe nahi khilaaogi!", Arnav whispered his eyes still on the laptop. Khushi's eyes widened; Matlab Arnavji ne neeche kya hua yeh dekha bhi aur suna bhi! She slowly turned around and looked at Arnav with trepidation. Arnav just murmured, "Khilaao!" Khushi swallowed but walked towards him. She nervously sat beside him. Suddenly, they heard guitar being strung alongside Aakash's voice humming.


Tu Ne Jo Na Kahaa

Main Woh Sunta Raha



Khaab Bunta Raha


She pulled a Jalebi out of the box and Arnav took a small bite.


Tu Ne Jo Na Kahaa

Main Woh Sunta Raha



Khaab Bunta Raha


Arnav's pain filled eyes met Khushi's sad eyes.


Jaane Kis Ki Humein Lag Gayi Hai Nazar

Iss Sheher Mein Na Apna Thikaana Raha

Dur Chaahat Se Main Apni Chalta Raha



Khaab Bunta Raha


Arnav ate the remaining bite of Jalebi and Khushi got up to walk away. Arnav caught her hand from behind. "Khushi! Mere paas baitho! Kuch der ke liye hi sahi! Please!", the devastation in her voice compelled her to turn around and sit beside him.


Dard Pehle Se Hai Jyada

Khud Se Phir Yeh Kiya Vaada

Khamosh Nazrein Rahein Bezubaan


Khushi felt tears well up in her eyes as they sat there in silence.


Ab Na Pehle Si Baatein Hai

Bolo Toh Lab Thartharaatein Hain

Raaz Yeh Dil Ka Na Ho Bayaan


Arnav placed his left hand on Khushi's right. Khushi took a deep breath at his touch.


Ho Bayaan Ke Asar Koi Humpe Nahi

Hum Safar Mein Toh Hai Humsafar Hai Nahin


Khushi pulled her hand away and got up from the seat.


Door Jaate Raha Paas Aata Raha



Khaab Bunta Raha


Arnav caught her duppatta and stopped her from moving. "Khushi!", he softly called her. Khushi turned to look at him. "Pichli saal tumhein jab results mile the...", Arnav mumbled while looking down, "Toh tumne mujhe kuch diya tha?" Khushi's eyes widened as she remembered. He looked at her and delivered the line, "Kya is baar mujhe woh nahi milega?" Khushi's eyes filled with tears as she sat back beside him.


Aaya Woh Phir Nazar Aise

Baat Chhidne Lagi Phir Se

Aankhon Mein Chubta Kal Ka Dhuan


She placed her hand on his shoulder and leaned closer to him.


Haal Tera Na Humsa Hai

Iss Khushi Mein Kyun Gham Sa Hai

Basne Laga Kyun Phir Woh Jahaan


She kissed his cheek softly.


Woh Jahaan Dur Jis Se Gaye The Nikal

Phir Se Aankhon Mein Karti Hai Jaise Pehel


She pulled away and they stared at each other.


Lamha Beeta Hua

Dil Dukhaata Hua



Khaab Bunta Raha



She broke the eye connection first and looked away.


Tu Ne Jo Na Kahaa

Main Woh Sunta Raha



Khaab Bunta Raha


He tried to stop her but she was faster this time. She got up and walked away.


Jaane Kiski Humein Lag Gayi Hai Nazar

Is Sheher Mein Na Apna Thikaana Raha

Dur Chaahat Se Main Apni Chalta Raha


She turned at the threshold and looked at him. He smiled at her sadly and she ran away.


Bhuj Gai Aag Thi Daag Jalta Raha...






I am happy to announce that this is my last Author Note because from now on whatever I want to inform you guys it will be posted in my Index Thread. For those who don't know, I have starting posting in My Index Thread about the progress I make with my stories. This is not a once in a while thing. It is a daily update thing. Daily before going to sleep I post the progress of the current chapters I am working on. So bookmark the pages and check it daily for you will find something new daily!


This is not for your benefit only! It will benefit me too! For example, I can ask for your opinions too by posting there. So keep it bookmarked. In short, this is my way of communicating with each and everyone of you!


Thank you and Enjoy!






The song is from the Movie New York (2009) picturised on John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif sung by Mohit Chauhan!





Geet confesses her love to Maan and

Arnav comes to know that Khushi is going to Lucknow!

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Welcome back dear

Boy this is it right

All the twists shall be over with

Hmmm a lot will happen right

Hope it don't take me too long

If not tonight by tomorrow shall comment back

And it was not last night but today sorry for this

Well this is the one where loads will happen

Khushi will be getting ready to leave to lucknow back to her family

And geet realisation of love will be ssen

And how maan reacts to the same

God knows how he will react to this

Well maybe not this one but soon she will have to tell him

And well then we just gotta wait and see what happens when she confesses to maan

So we start with arnav do we

Okay lets see what he does today please make him stop doing this

Or it will be that much harder for him when all is well

At the rate he is going nothing will be well

Hope khushi makes him pay for all this later on

That would serve him right

Inka ego naa kuch zyada hi bada hai brother

Aww isn't it sweet to see their sibling bond

Shame that anj didn't know of his love story or she could have helped him

But he did keep it hidden

Mandir mein kya khushi bhi hogi

I rather they not face off once again

Before she goes off to lucknow but am sure they will right

Actually that might be good idea

As your wife to be too will do the same

Will be easier then if they have mandir nearby mate

He really loves teasing his di don't he

Well nothing wrong in that

In fact its good right to have such close bond between brother and sister

Better than what geet brother did at least

Uss brij kit oh main okay lets not go there shall we

Or waste of time that shall be

Well great anj thanx for that

So near khushi again

As if their last face off wasn't enough

Of course khushi would be going too

Why wont she

Have to make life that much more complicated for them right

Hmmm so how do they face one another after her returning his gift to her

Hope they can both be civil to one another this time around please

Though I have doubts on that

Something or the other triggers them to be mean to one another

Well not something but their love which has been snatched from them

Dammit indeed mate but not only for you but for khushi too mate

Ahhh well of course how can she relax with him around

There was a time when she could relax but not anymore

I know right she must be thinking before going also I have to bear his taunts

Well hope he keeps quite and don't make it worse for himself and of course you

Phew there is hope for them yet

He didn't say anything and that's good news for sure

As long as they keep civil towards one another that's good

Good she didn't ask him why he is quite

Why poke the sleeping beats leave it as it is dear

Arrey even he must have realised that there is no point to it

After all you give it back to him

So both parties are hurt and he is taking the diplomatic approach

At least I hope that's what he is doing

With arnav you never knows whats going in his mind

Hmmm that was close for her right

But once again he didn't say anything

And that's good right

Phew she really is scared of what he might say to her right

Who would have thought this day would come for them

Being so close and yet so very far from one another

I don't think its arnav with your duppatta probably stuck in the car

As these damn things bound to do

Okay he did hold her duppatta

Man seeing him like this sure was heart breaking

Man how did they come to this

That he cant even be with her without being bitter

That their love has been tested well and truly

Seeing him defeated like this sure isn't what any one us wanted

Even though he did ask for it

Oh my they both are so heart broken right

Why did this day have to come

Why did they have to separate and not be with one another

But that's part of the story and this phase too shall go away right

It will take time and a lot of working on the writer's part but am sure she will make it okay eventually

Well she didn't really betray you but it was circumstances that made her do this

Because she too loves you just as much as you do

You just couldn't see it as you were too involved in your own pain

But hurting you hurts her too

Just like it does with you

Wonder what he is gonna ask her

And if she can really answer him even

That's one question even we wanna know about

But then I think I know the answer to it

Though am sure the reason isn't gonna change much

Kyun jab alag hi karna tha inke dilon mein pyaar jagaya

It would have been better if they never fell in love

Right arnie but dude if that hadn't happened we wouldn't have any story

Toh kya hua agar aap nahin maante unhe

Parr unse yeh sawal toh karr sakte hain naa

Kaise poochengi yeh sawal

Jiska jawab unke liye sunna bhi utna hi khathin hai jitna aap ke liye

Man that was one hell of an emotional scene

You sure got me there

When he asked in a broken tone from his love why did God do this to them

Why did he snatch his love from him

And even from her

Though since they have snatched that love am sure time will give them their love back too

It just has to happen right

Ahhh maan and geet again

Hmmm does she behave differently with him now she knows she loves him

Or still the same old geet

Lets see shall we

Okay so she isn't behaving how she had been behaving with maan before after her realisation

That's something right

Boy if she keeps giving him smiles like this he sure is gonna go crazy

But then that aint such bad idea right

Yeh itna shocked kyun hain ji

Pheli baar toh aapko dekh karr nahin muskura rahi hain yeh

But its first time after their separation though right

 Seems she is gonna be whirlwind of your life again mate

And hope you are ready for that maan

Do you really wanna know why she is being extra efficient

Hawww ek toh she is working more and he is being suspicious

Had hai yaar maan

Ji aaj kal aap ke saath aur time spend karne ka muakka mille toh yeh badi jaldi jaldi kaam karr rahi hai ji

Isn't that just cute

Yeah right as if mate

Iss ladki se koi lena dena nahin

Really mate who are you kidding

Well except yourself there mate

Hmmm this is just the beginning of it all mate

Aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya

Aur kitne shocks lagne waale hain inhe

I knew it he isn't gonna make this easy for her

She will confess but after that confession well things could be hard for her

At the rate he is going it seems like that

Oh boy hope she is geared up for this challenge for her love

But am sure she will be

Maan heumien toh laga tha ki yeh mehanti hain

Aap itne shocked kyun hain ji yeh janne ke baad

Okay all this to impress maan

Good going my dear

But trust me it wont be easy road for you from now

Your realisation of love is just the first step there is more to come

 Hell yes he does feel for you

But he wont let you know of the same either

He might just try to deny you of the same

With him you never know either

Both maan and arnav are hard to understand

But once geet and khushi understand them then it all becomes easy

Nope its not friend little sister that is keeping him away

It's the fact that you were his first love and you forgot him

But then how is she to know the real reason right

Kya baat hai future patidev ko impress karne mein hain ki who arnav ki kewal choti behen hi nahin balki unka khudka bhi wajood hai

Well she sure is going the right way for that to happen

And hope he will be impressed with her

But that still wont change much either

He will still run away from her for sure

Sweetie in all this you forgot one thing for sure

Soni the woman he loves who is you

She really will have to think about that angle soon enough

Ahhh arhi well what to say about them

Well it is her first love so she forgot those important things too

When you are in love guess you just don't see anything else

And come one its her firt time that she remembers her love right

So let her bask in her new found love

Soon enough she will know she has to know more about soni and arhi

Wow so she is impressing him goodie man

Aww she even put tea for him

Wait he drinks tea I thought he too is fond of coffee like arnav

Dude like I said this is nothing

Hawww can you really forget her

As if he can forget her if he could well again this wouldn't be happening

But its just self-preservation from his side right

Please she is not gonna come back to normal

And certainly not that easily

Wait what do mean by normal abhi abnormal hai kya

When and how come I didn't see that maan

God she is cute when she baffles him

Now not did she lose man

This girl naa she loses something or the other

But its so funny when she says lo hogaya siyapa

Seriously I just love this dialogue of hers

Kya dhoond rahi hain yeh ladki

Man she sure made her room a right mess

So much so even anj is shocked to see this much mess

What did you lose this time dear

Its something small for sure though

Okay she lost her mobile

Ahhh then it makes sense why she made such mess of things

See had your AD not been there what would you have done girl

That's the first thing you should do when you cant find your mobile

Unless of course if its on silent then this is the best way to find the mobile

I know right anj inka sach mein kuch nahin ho sakta

Kya room ka haal bana diya hai inhone

Bless as if her chotte wasn't enough messy person even baby is messy

Man they are more alike than it seems right anj

Arrey you don't have to worry soon enough

Soon there will be someone else running after them for their things

Like khushi and maan at least I hope they will help these two out

They need them for sure for all that and plus they love them too

I know right socho apne teen chote bhaiyyo or behen ke peeche inhe yeh sab karna oadhta toh inka paas toh koi time hi nahin bache kiski aur cheez ke liye

Oh yeah soon her little kanha will follow their steps

But by then you will have two sister in lays to help you out right

Where did she leave her mobile

Not in the house for sure

Oh ho so she left it at work

Of course she did

These days her focus is more on maan and impressing him than her own things it seems

We all will agree with your that evaluation

Aap sach mein jhalli hain

But theni love this jhalli side of geet

Hey she is right

Even I didn't think that

If the watchman is outside and she left her phone by her desk

How on earth did the watchman get inside to hear it when he is outside

 Acha its maan in office

I swear to God inhe hain naa office mein hi camp out kar lena chahiye

Jab dekho tab bas kaam kaam aur kaam

Of course only maan would work on the freaking weekend

Not dev yaar

Unki biwi hain jo at the moment pregnant hain

So he would be spending his time with her

Unless of course if there was an emergency which it aint am sure

Of course she is gonna go now

Since she knows that her man is there in office

She gets the chance to see him on Sunday too

Yeh toh arnav waala hisaab ho gaya yaar

Really you cant wait another day for the phone now right

Man she was so cute when she was making all these excuses to get her phone

And all due to the fact that maan is at office

Ufff anj seems you only knew of aki love story

Baki saari love story aap ko bina pata hi ho rahi hain

Oh ho Anjali they all keeping you outta the loop man that's sad

But not long to go for sure

Your little sister is happy because she is gonna get the chance to see the man she loves on Sunday

And that's why she is so excited to go to the office

There maan was thinking he wont have to deal with her on Sunday

And that she will be back to normal by Monday

Fat chance of that happening mate

And he will soon know that too

Course geet get more chances to see him

Because god knows how he shall react once he gets to know that you love him

Aww poor thing she didn't get the chance to see him

Iss watchman ki toh bet she is so thinking about that

Bless that was so funny she was so happy and now she is down again

Being so close to seeing her love and then not getting to see him

What is cooking in that brain of hers I wonder

Babaji save maan from her actually why bother right

So that's what she is thinking

Wow over efficient ho gayi hain pyaar mein

Must be the first time itna koi efficient hua hoga kissi ke pyaar mein yaar

So she is turning into a workaholic too

But all for love right not like maan who is trying to forget that love

She is lucky he had given her work to do that she can do without raising too much suspicion

But where is the man she is looking for

There he is wooohooo

And he must be thinking what is she doing her on Sunday

Geet he wont ever reply to you lovingly till the dude don't break his own promise to himself

Well he will have to break it some day but not now

Well she came running to see you

But of course she cant say that to you on your face now can she

So she went for work excuse thankfully

Hmmm jaise ki who kabhi bhi baat karne ke mood mein hote hain bhi

Jab se soni inki zindagi se gayi hain well he is back to being MSK

And even with the soni in geet now falling for maan isn't gonna change things right

Well when she is scared she isn't gonna grab onto you who else will she grab

As it is you were the only person in the lift with her

How to be freaking sarcastic you gotta learn it from both maan and arnav

Dono iss kaam mein mahir hain

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that they got stuck in the lift together

Or maybe not obly time shall tell

What do you thinks she is doing

Yes she loves you but seriously that's not the reason why she is coming so close to you

So just be nice to her mate she is scared

OMG this girl is such nautanki for sure

Like really did she say that

Unfortunately for her the electrician is on time

Or more like he would be scared that the main boss would murder him if he aint there soon and the lift aint repaired

So less time but make the best of it dear

Aise maukka roz roz nahin aate hain ji

Dude itna bhi khush hone ki zaroorat nahin hain

There geet is sad that the lift is working again and you are happy

Well this I so didn't see coming

But what a scene yaar

She fell on him due to suddent movement waah kya baat hai

Arrey waah kya baat hai

Ankhon hi ankhon mein ishara ho raha hai ji

Well this eye lock is way overdue in my opinion

Bet neither wants to take their eyes from the other but will do so

This is the limit yaar


Why so many miss on their kiss yaar

Damn that was so annoying that once again something stopped them from kissing


That way things will be less complicated for sure

Dude you love her that fact you cant change

And no matter how much you try running from her you will only come more closer to her

No really that's so the case here now

You both were gonna kiss one another

Both wanted it so badly

Ahhh well yes he does feel for you what you feel for him

But there is still a big problem in your way dear

And that problem is you only

No dear don't be so hasty as to confess

Give it bit of time will ya dear

Waise bhi when you will tell him you love him god knows how he will react

So its best for her to enjoy till then right

Don't confess in office dear

Kissi ne sunn liya toh phir kya hoga yaar

Ahhh back to arhi huh

So khushi is here one last time before going back right

He doesn't wanna see her as it hurts too much and she also thinks the same

No one does notice him when he is sulking

And I thought his di would at least notice something is off between arhi

But even she didn't though geet did

She too is busy in her love world to see anything amiss between arhi too

Wow she sure did well

Awww that sure was cute

At least some good news there man

But that didn't last for too long the good mood

Why do they do this

But then the family don't know naa

Sheesh this is not gonna be easy for her either

The more she tries to be away from him the more they push her towards him

Well he is more than her jiju to be

He was and still is her first love

Geet yaar did you forget what maan said

That don't let arhi come fact to face with one another

Even am dreading this now

Ahhh why are yoy making this harder for her too mate

And you said it hurts you when you do this to her

Then why now arnie

A sad song is it aki is famous for it

So she is gonna feed him she would have done that gladly before but now well what to say right

But this time its his emotions that can be related to this song right

Oh god seeing them like this is heart wrenching

These could be the last moments she gets to be beside him

 As she is leaving for lucknow soon

Of course she cant tell him that

And when they come face to face next he will be marrying her la di

Well he might not marry her in the end but he will be her jiju naa

And that will be driven home seeing la and arnie together

Neither of whom is happy with this marriage of course

Even am gonna cry soon if this song don't finish seeing them like this

Well she was bound to take her hand away from his

 She don't have any rights on him anymore does she

Last year things were different and you know it

But then his heart doesn't want things to change between them

Though they have changed and so much

So she did give him what she gave him last time

 Good that the family didn't come with her

Or if anyone had seen her doing that well things could have gotten outta hand

Oh what time has come that they cant even share their happiness or pain with the other right

There is still time arhi please don't do this to yourself

And not to forget la

You will be making not only yourself miserable but her too

But seems neither is gonna stop this wedding due to family right

Ahhh even am feeling sad seeing them like this

Though not for too long

Now things are once again gonna change aint they

Well for one khushi is going back to lucknow

And the weddings are coming closer

Not to forget geet confession

A lot is gonna happen and soon wont it

And cant wait for that now

Okay that's it from me

Cheers for pm

Got that was emotional update for arhi

Cute funny and yet sad for maneet too

Edited by chavvi16 - 08 February 2014 at 8:32am

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Rattyswami Senior Member

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Posted: 07 February 2014 at 11:36am | IP Logged
men!!! they are so cluelessShocked

yaha Maan apni Soni ko avoid kar raha hai because he thinks she doesn't love him...but SHE DOES

aur wahan Arnav apni Afreen se kehta hai ki woh heartbroken hai, uske betrayal ki wajah se...lekin kyun usse Khushi ki ankho mein uska dard nahi dikhta????Confused

After all agar Khushi itni hi heartless aur selfish hoti toh usse Arnav ke dard se koi farak nahi padta..
par usse farak padta hai damn itAngry yeh devdas kab apni ankhe khole ga...

Ab sub kuch Devi Mayiya aur Babaji ke hath mein hai...wohi in chaaro ki kashti ko paar laga sakte haiBig smile

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fffan123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2014 at 11:52am | IP Logged

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