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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 71)

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 04 November 2013 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chavvi16

Oh ho so back with this
Cant wait for this
Will be with you soon
And one is back finally if i say so myself

So in this one geet shall fall in love with maan finally

Yes, the process of falling in love will start!Wink

And apparently arhi shall have some moments

Cant wait for this now

So lets see what you have for us today then

Hmmm so with arnie it starts huh

Well go check who is giggling mate

Ahhh who else but kushi right

She sure has gotten close to kanha right

Well how can she not after all future mami to be naa

Only if he as in his mamu don't ruin things more of course


With him one never can tell for sure

No she really is there you aint hallucinating

Arnie don't do anything with the child being present

Or you will scare him too and that shall be bad real bad

See she thought you wont be here

But her bad that you are here man

I knew it she wouldn't come while he was at home

After all khushi has no death wish you know


Wonder what song is aki on about

And how that song shall affect ahi

Am sure its bound to be heard by them

You are so right!

He is right about one thing if he don't pay attention his bhai will fry him for sure

As it is his mood is off these days due to his love being lost

Thank god anj came to take kanha away

At least one innocent is not gonna get it from arnie


Haste huye jo rote hain naa arnie they are the ones who are able to live

Really dude not helping for sure

And this incident sure is bound to get khushi protectiveness and concern out

Well she cant see him like that in pain physically naa what ever she may have done

Uff anj be careful in your quest to make sure that your chotte is okay don't forget about yourself dear

Ufff arnie what to do with you

Even though you haven't stopped taunting her since what she did khushi still wants to take care of you

Does that not say something about her arnie please look deeper into her love and don't think of it as shallow

Wish Arnie could listen to you!

Khushi you so did right thing anj would have done just that ignored her possiblility of getting hurt due to arnie

Yeh pyaar aur concern nazar aaya parr who nahin jab aap ko who apni behen ko saunp rahi this arnie

Thank god for some small mercies arnie

But I still wish he would at least once just once think about her pov about all this

He will! One day!Wink

Or at least try to know why she did what she did yaar

Is that too much to ask I wonder

Hmm with aki even arhi shall enjoy the song

But that wont last for too long naa

Man how do you do it find the appropriate song for the given situation

That is simple! You have got it in reverse! When I listen to a song, I get a vision (like getting a vision of Khushi doing marham patti to Arnav when I was listening to Do Pal Ruka) and I note it down and then go through my story plan searching for a place where I can insert the song!LOLWink

This so goes for their situation

Its gonna happen with arhi too they are here now but then they too shall separate

Ohhh khushi seeing you like that breaks my heart

So I hope she gives it all back to him and soon

And she maks him suffer after they get married of course

Just this once don't ruin the moment arnie please

Oh so beautiful moments he didn't do anything bad

Well they have only this and then back to what it was

She loves him so does he but their situation doesn't let them have their love with one another

How sad that is even worse than maneet situation

So true!

He does care for you but his ASR persona doesn't let him do that for too long

After all its his defence mechanism to hurt you as you hurt him

But the thing is even that wont help him

How can one not cry at this juncture for them

Being so close and yet so far from one another

I can sense how much attached you are to this story by the above comments!Smile

Ahhh they shall cherish this hug as this is all they have for now

He hugged her back, his hold getting as tight as possible.

But khushi this wont be for long and she knows it too

They say if your love is with you all is well but this at the moment is just an illusion of sorts

But one day you will have your love and then all shall be fine

Well home is where the heart is khushi and arnie is your heart dear

And the spell was broken as it was bound to

She hurt him once again as she had to

And he is back to being ASR and angry at her for doing this to him again

Now this question you should ponder at

Please don't give up on it

He won't!

Why did she do this go and ask her why was she so concerned for you

Just get your answer arnie but he wont am sure

She wants happiness of her sister at the cost of happiness of the love she has for you

That's what she wants but cant tell you either

Just for once in your life listen to your heart

Its right in this case but he wont will he

All this confusion can be over if you want

And only you can do it she wont

As she wont willingly ruin her sister happiness even if it costs her hers

You know Arnie and Khushi so well!

Ahhh there is Romeo number two

Hehe he has hoping to blast his younger brother but instead the love of his life cometh

That sure shut him up for sure so funny naa

Happy that you enjoyed it!

Well you didn't think you can run away from her maan

Not when she works for you mate

Funny she should think that but she is his ex well not really but it will do


Good one dev that line of his was funny

And also so true too in a way

Arrey waah tussi toh mahan ho dev

Kya opportunities use karte ho maneet ko paas lanne ke liye

Dev ki jai ho!LOL

Thank god pinky wasn't there yaar sorry but then maneet ka mamala hai naa toh chalega

Ji nahin apse nafrat nahin pyaar

Which is why he tris to avoid you so he doesn't show that love shuv to you dear

Trust me when you know apne inka kya bigada hai then all shall be fine


Haila maan your love is thinking you to be a Grinch

Man only she can think like this about him right

But then she has all the rights to do so even if she may not know it

Ahhh  this girl is funny love her as geet in comparison to soni sorry dear

As this is the real soni naa

What she would have been like had she not lost her memory

Soni and Geet are same but the reason you find them different is because due to loosing memory Geet had become confused and unsure which made her polite and sweet to everybody she met! but the new Geet is confident and also thinks that she has not lost anything major except two months of her life so she is more confident and bindaas! Plus, there is also the added bonus of being ASR's sister! Thats bound to make her more bold!

Awww her older sister packed food for her

And in the same one her veere used to take bless that's cute

God really jealous of your own brother who is trying to get the two of you closer

But hen this is gonna happen naa after all its maan


[QUOTE Wow so pasta is her fav

Hmmm they even have same fav dishes arrey waah yaar

Oh ho this is even better man

She loves pasta all thanx to maan right [/QUOTE]

Yup!Big smile

But she doesn't even know it dang it

Good question dev my man

If she really forgot you then whats with pasta being her fav

She hasn't really forgotten you

You are still in her subconscious somewhere but are able to go to her conscious mind mate

Well it was necessary to tell him this to ponder on right

Think about it maan you need to

Love dev more and more thanx to his efforts

I think my readers have started loving Dev more than Maan!LOL

The man who never knew what was going on between maneet first and was clueless before sure is making up for it all haiyye

Now she thinks it right

Why didn't you ask him when he asked you about that dear

What to do with them

Well lets just grin and bear it for now right

Really she is happy she didn't see maan yeah right as if she wont see him before going

Achaa shopping with her di

But before that some romance happens I hope

Well she fell and maan wasn't able to help her

But not for too long of course

When it comes to geet he is always there to help her knowingly or unknowingly

So true!

Awww so he showed his emotions to her finally

Well how can he not what with her fall and hurt

She has forgotten him not him though he pretends to

He just wants to be sure you are all okay

That he was gonna do seeing you fall like that to reassure himself dear

Hmm he called her soni and geet but the lady in question was too shocked to notice naa

Oh wow so what if she didn't hear him she got the chance to be so close to him and hug him too

What can be better than that

She is just too lost in him

Ahhh and finally its bitten her

The love bug has bitten her people time to be happy somewhat

Yes! Time to celebrate!

Half the battle is won this way another half to go

Well what to do he had to protect his heart under that rough and tough exterior naa after what happened

There is a lot you don't know about him but will know soon enough

Aha she wants to know more about him that's what I call progress man

Hmm so music here too for another set of love birds

Who are getting to know of their love again

She is the most precious thing for him after all she is love his life

Awww eye lock after ages

Kappa cant thank you enough for this

You are welcome!Big smile

Though for a while you gave us moments of both the couples dear

And did it so beautifully too

Well you guys will stay like that looking at one another but that's for later am afraid

Waise this dev knowingly and now unknowingly sure gets maneet more closer than before

 Wai this has to be a dream

No way would maan do that with geet

It must be geet dream for sure right

Well how can he do this when he promised that he wont do it

Waah but have to give it to her what an imagination she had naa

See told ya geet its just your imagination not what happened

At least not now wait for your wedding then this will be reality

What a drema though naa

Awww his soni sorry geet is smiling at him with love

Great first her now him it seems

These two are good at this dream romance


But when shall real thing happen

Uff just gotta wait right and then they too will have their real romance

Awww have to give them both they really love one another but of course aren't telling the other because of geet memory that's gone

Sorry that both their day dream broke but the real world had to make its entry

But no worries my dear soon very soon all this will be for real


Yipeee geet you are falling in love with your khaddos boss dear

Haiyye and it finally happens lets celebrate this woohooo


Palat palat arrey palat naa boss

And he does woohooo

Ahhh love is in the air for her again and about time too

Awww that was so beautiful scene dear

Thank you!Big smile

Driver arrey aapki bhabhi khushi ko aa jaane dijiye yeh bahut kuch bann jaayenge


Look dena zaroori hai arnie well of course its his and even maan trade mark right

And the said bhabhi is there too huh

Thank you geet m glad you are getting closer to khushi again

Well raizadas are very adamant people

And the ladies are even worse

Kya kya nahin karwa leti hain


So this is only about dress my dear

Why her why again arnie

Don't push her mate or you will regret it

She is quite because of her sister but she wont take it for too long either

Koi zaroorat nahin hai agar aise hi taunt karne waale hain

Back then it was due to love but now that isn't the case

If only back then you had told her and met her this wouldn't have happened arnie

So true!

Will you be able to see her with someone else arnie

Ask your heart that and then ask her this mate

Because you are saying it to hurt her but if you see her with someone else am sure it will hurt you more than her arnie

Exactly! Par yeh ghada samjhe toh na!

Never mess with an angry lady

Especially when that angry lady happen to be your love


She wont spare you either

You really think she will keep quiet for long

Somehow I don't think so

So be ready for her anger mate

And what she says to you

Never push anyone to a boiling point mate and you are doing just that

Apni hi maat ko bula raha hai yeh ladka

Arnie just loves to put kuraadi on his own leg nahi?LOL

Don't blame khushi is she gives you as good as you gave her

After khushi has been pushed to her limit of tolerance and that was silly of ya

So geet to know about soni

Who is her only but she don't know that yet but it wont be long either

And arnie is gonna get it from khushi

Well best of luck with that peeps

Happy Diwali to you

Hope this Diwali you get all you wished for and brings you more success

Cheers for pm

Loved reading your review! Really funny!
Thanks for the review!

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 November 2013 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Deelight

u noe wz nt able 2 sleep without readin ur update.. hd been waitin a whole week... wz awake jz 2 read it... thnx a looot fa updating !!!!
Aww! So sweet of you! Did not know you are so hooked on to my FF! Really touched to read this post!Smile
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 04 November 2013 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ruhakhan

wow the moment of both the jodis was really nice 
and yes khushi shld stand against this taunting arnav
and geet liking pasta wah this is love 
loved the  update 
do update soon
Khushi will stand against Arnav's taunts in the next chappy!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 November 2013 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Asrkkgsr

nice part.maan geet come closer.why dont khushi tell the real reaon to arnav?precap seems interesting.continue soon
Khushi wont tell Arnav the reason is coz the moment he comes to know he will break the engagement with La. And Khushi knows that a girl with broken engagement does not get married easily later!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 04 November 2013 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

Happy Diwali dear

part 59
excellent dear...
loved it so much...
especially Maan and Geet scene...

Thank you and thanks for the review!

Arnav Khushi
hmmm once again Khushi has gotten herself caught in the dangerous den...
poor her...
and Arnav hes being such a dash dash dash...
he hurt himself and Khushi was in pain...
he saw that still hes hurting with his hurtful words...

Next chapter, Arnav will get chewed by Khushi!Wink

waah Aakash kya timing hai song chalaane ki...
cant he think?
who the heck made him a businessman?


seriously Arnav give that good for nothing head and brain of urs some serious work...
at this rate everyone is gonna hate Arnav and sympathize with Khushi...

That is what I want! After chapter 64 when I will make Arnav suffer no one should complain you see!Wink

Maan Geet
this is what u call it as entertainment...

Entertainment???? Popcorn liya kya?Wink

haye i loved that scene so so so much...
Dev brought her to Maan's cabin to have lunch with them...
too good...

Thank you!Big smile

and royal ignorance was too nice...
Dev and Geet were having a good time...
whoa Geet and pasta?
didnt see that coming...

Happy to shock you!Big smile

and poor Maan he was so shocked...
waise did Geet eat pasta in KM during her stay?

She must not have but she had fed him so that was what I was referring to. Maan was so ingrained in her heart that she started liking the same things he liked. That was what I was referring to.

twas always her khilaying parathas to Dev...
tiffin box?
i remembered my school days...

Me too!Embarrassed

so she using Aakash's box...
so family and love touch in this...

I know!

Geet soon get into ur detective mode dear...
u are gonna be surprised...

Detective Geet on work from next Chapter itself!Wink

OMG the girl is so careless...
but chalo hero yahan hai tho why worry...

SuperMaan to the rescue!LOL

Maan was so scared and couldnt stop himself from getting close to her and showering her his love...
he called her Soni...
but Geet is so khoyi hui hai in his care...

She will remember him calling her Soni in next Chappy!

like this scene where Maan is Maan in fact Soni's Maan...
very good she had a live dream and Maan too had a dream...
good frequency...

Happy that you liked it!

Geet u dont know that ur AB is a knows chauffeur to certain someone...


in fact i think instead of Anjali gettign to know about this if its Geet then it will be like band baja baraat to Arnav...
she will never leave this teasing in her lifetime...

Bechara Arnav!LOL

well Geet is the only one who can make Arnav accept her stubbornness...

You almost deciphered my plot!Wink

poor Khushi...
always getting caught...
seriously Arnav u are gonna regret so much...
and am looking forward to it...

He will start regretting it from Chapter 64!Big smile

and Khushi good she has started reacting to his words...
good way to go girl...
now her anger and she left well next time Arnav is gonna get it back so much and thats gonna be the start...

So true!

he deserves all the anger and hurt...
he will realize it late?
loved it all dear...
so good...
cont soon dear...

Yup! He will realise it only when there will be 18 days left to wedding!

PS - tum somehow poori kardi about this Arnav being driver...and the precap is so interesting...
Oh wow! In some way I fulfilled your wish!!!!! Did not even realise it!LOL

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Donnaa IF-Addictz

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Posted: 05 November 2013 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
awesome update

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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 08 November 2013 at 1:19am | IP Logged

Dear Kalpana,
Put your mind at rest Big smile, your health is always the most important thing. Hence wishing you a speedy and compete get well soon. After all, I know that once you have thrown off the fever and illness, you will give us nice nice updates...LOL
So, take the time to rest, after all we don't get a good reason for being lazy everyday now do we Tongue
But once you have recovered, I want a quick and long and entertaining update.
All the best and good wishes

Edited by Mina420 - 10 November 2013 at 5:26am

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monasha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 November 2013 at 5:19am | IP Logged
Awesome Update

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