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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 67)

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 October 2013 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by archa2810

they could have talked n cleared everything... why don't arshi just talk for once
If Arnav and Khushi were that smart that they would actually talk to each other then IPKKND would have ended ages ago instead of last year!Wink

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 October 2013 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

part 58
excellent part dear...
enjoyed it so much...

Thank you!
And thanks for the review!

Maan Geet
poor Maan now itself hes losing his patience and heart...
abhi tho sirf shuruwaat hai...
aur uski yeh haalat...
bechara Maan...

You are so right! Yeh toh shuruvaat hai! Maan ki toh aur band bajegi! Geet will make him reach his breaking point. LOL

the dreams are back full fledged...
all the more to torment Maan and tease him...
and also make him always on his toes or say think about Geet in mind or heart...
yippee second clash...
very good every day they are gonna collide...
day 2 and second clash...
Maan is drowned in his Soni and Geet has a crush on Maan?
that soon?

Geet has a crush on Maan coz somewhere her heart still loves Maan. She thinks of it as crush but it is actually the love she has for Maan in her heart. But she does not know about it and thinks of it as a crush!Big smile

then it wont take time for her to fall for him...
its gonna happen soon...

I am making Geet fall in love with Maan in 15 days. On the 15th day that is Chapter 64, there will be a twist which will bring the story back to main track.

Maan babu what are u gonna do now?
if he gets to know Geet is having a crush on him then he himself will take the matters in his hands and maker her fall for him without any disturbance...

Errr... no! If Maan comes to know that Geet has a crush on him he will distance himself from her more. If you remember in the show, Maan first was hating the fact that he loved Geet coz accepting his love means allowing Geet to break through the defensive wall he had built around himself. Here also Maan will do the same. He will hide himself behind his walls. Already he is doing that. That is why he gets angry when his feelings show up in front of Geet coz that means his wall is breaking and he does not like that!

but that will be too easy and Geet will try to kick the feeling out...
sigh so have to go by Maan's way...
arey people why are u all disturbing the love birds?
oh ho the khadoos wont change...
is it only HER fault Maan dear?
Geet is back to her sherni avatar...
door rakho?
woh tho nahi hone waali dear...

Exactly! Maan kuch bhi karle Geet will always be around him, whether it is due to fate or Dev's plan.Wink

Dev is orchestrating the way to romance or at least think about the past for Maan...
Maan is protecting her so much but still stays away...

I know!

so Aakash is her driver for pick up and drop...
good they all are very protective of Geet...

They are protective coz last year's events have left an impact on the family! 

Geet doesnt know its all her Dusht Danav's thinking and doings...
the flashbacks were refreshing dear...

Thank you! Had to read all my old chapters to get those scenes right!Embarrassed

poor Maan...
hes in so much pain after thinking them...
Geet is really a clear observer...
shes seeing through things more better than anyone be it for her life and love or her bro Arnav...

Exactly! I made her so observant for a reason! Later on it will help her with Maan and also she will play a key role in getting Arhi together! You just wait and watch errr... read!Big smile

Dev is doing everything subtly and hope Maan doesnt realize it all soon...

No no! Maan will not come to know about Dev's planning!Wink

Geet's chatty nature is making Maan to think of his Soni...
well well well Maan's dil ki baat baahar aana shuru kardi...
well his words are gonna make Geet ponder over them...

Yes! Geet will keep on pondering and that will lead to her investigating about Soni! Which will lead to her falling for Maan!Big smile

her 'maine kya kiya' was cute and funny...
thats the spirit Geet baby go for it...
fight with him, argue with him, make him break the wall and resolution to stay...

Dont worry! Geet will break his walls!

wow Maan is always present to safeguard his Geet...
glad he saw her there and stayed back...
well instances like this are making her think more on Maan and get to know his heart inside...
hes a sweetheart Geet baby...
and u will fall in love with him so much and deep...

So true!

Arnav Khushi
oh ho Anjali is sending this idiot to khushi?
Khushi beware the stupid fool gadha is coming to ur place...

Idiot???? Stupid???? Fool???? Gadha???? Wow! Yaar! So many names for one guy!ROFL Really funny!

OMG that was seriously below the belt Arnav...
how the hell could he talk to her like that?
is this his real feelings for her?
and his faith on her character?
did he ever love her?
hurt her but is this the way?

Dont worry! Khushi wont leave him next time! And one day Arnav will regret his words! Phir aayega asli mazaa!

he wil never be able to take back the words and the marks they have left on Khushi's heart...
this is the second time hes doing this...
so double punishment...
let him grovel the most and Khushi think on forgiving him...
but she shouldnt forgive him easily...
i wanted to sympathize Arnav but i think he doesnt deserve that at all...
poor Khushi...

Go ahead! Dont sympathize! I felt the same way when I was watching the serial! That is why I have kept his character reactions similar to hhow he reacted in the show! I did not want anyone to sympathize with him. So that when he grovels for Khushi, no one will hate Khushi for rejecting his apology!Big smile

sigh Buaji kyun namak chida rahi hai aap?
poor Khushi...
seriously Arnav are u blind to NOT see her pain and her sad face?
i cant believe this guy...
yes she betrayed u but couldnt he see her pain?
if he cant then Khushi is an awesome actress...
she hid her pain so well but whats the use?
Arnav u dont deserve to claim u ever loved Khushi...
damn no...

Arnav cannot see her pain coz he is lost in his own pain. It is human nature to ignore other's pain when you are suffering. It is human nature to think that their suffering has highest form of pain. And when did ASR show compassion for other's feelings? Dont worry! Uska bhi waqt aayega!

oh ho again the rude cruel ASR is back...
why is Khushi getting stuck with him always like this...
is he trying to make her jealous?
well she has crossed all those long back Arnav fool...
she has given up on her life and heart...
well take that back u idiot...
if he is a tit bit smart he will see through this one instance and think about why Khushi has changed like this...
but i dont have much hopes on this idiot until its too late...

You are so right! By the time, he comes to know there will be only 15 days left for the wedding.Cry Phir aayega asli mazaa!LOL

Khuranas and Raizadas
oh its a family meeting and enjoying the dinner and time...
the groups are so nice...
the baby is the highlight here...

Happy that you liked it!

oh ho Geet is back to her saddy songs...
sigh Geet baby come out of that...
OMG her explanation was so emotional...
cant blame her...
but come on sweety u have this family in fact families...
and Maan do something to this...

Dont worry! Maan will make her sing love songs soon! O re Chabeela! Sajeela! Saawan beeta jaaye! Thats all I will say!Big smile

hmm Aakash's songs are making the lover boys to remember their past love and make them go through pain...
am not gonna comment on Arnav unless he changes his ways to vent his anger on Khushi...
insensitive self-centred foolish jerk...
Geet once again saw Maan's pain...

Arnav will get his comeuppance!Big smile

loved it so much dear...
Maan and Geet's scenes are so nice...
but cant say that for Arnav and Khushi...
Arnav is being really an imbecile...
hope he realizes that soon...
oh 2 days happenings...
thats gonna be interesting...
slow and awesomely taking their love stories...
so till 64th chapter Khushi is gonna be in pain and Arnav is gonna break her?
Arnav has to get double punishment and it will increase if he hurts her in THIS way...
if its not possible to make that here write an OS to make him regret, repent and grovel...
hope this FF reaches 100 parts...
cont soon dear...
Dont worry! Pretty soon Khushi will fight back against Arnav! And Arnav will suffer! And no need for OS, Arnav will regret, repent and grovel in this FF itself!Wink
And this FF will not reach 100 parts coz if that happened I would get bored by then! But then, the one shots I was planning based on wish list if I add those one shots with this FF, it might reach 100 parts!Wink Oh well! Let this story reach Chapter 64, then we will think about the future!

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Originally posted by Mina420

Hi Kalpana Smile,
 what nice updates you gave us. Geet is back and being thrown back into Maan's liveLOL. Maan might not know but he is very lucky to have such a caring brother. To be honest, I am happy to see Dev playing such an important role now, while he was mostly side character in the earlier bits.
And more over, Geet is affeted by Maan's presenseEmbarrassed. She might not remember him in future but what will Maan do once he realises that Geet is in love with himEmbarrassed? Will he accept her as Geet or will he feel that she is not his SoniOuch??? So many possibilitiesGeek.

As for Arnav and Khushi... what to say about them? Khushi sacrificed her love for her familyCry but does she really think that Arnav and Lavanya will be happy with this arrangementDead? And our hot headed Arnav, dear me. He will be a lot more hurt once he finds out that Khushi did not betray him but was under a misconception just as himShocked. What I wonder is why Anjali hasn't noticed anything yetDead, I thought Arnav's siblings/family would have noticed something till now. Plus, didn't you indicate that Lavanya was hiding something in the previous partsConfused? What about her?
Eager to read more, it provides me with a much needed break from my hectic schedule...
All the best and thanks for the pms

Dear Mina,

     Really glad to read your review after so many days! And yes, you are so right! Maan is one lucky fellow in my story to have such a loving family! You know I never thought of giving Dev so much important role coz I thought most people hated Dev so had planned to keep him in side roles only. But recently Dev has been appreciated so much that I decided to give Dev more stronger role here. Really happy to know that my decision is appreciated!Big smile

     Oh my! You almost discovered my plot for Maaneet when you asked about Maan accepting Geet or not! But I wont tell you which guess of yours is right. But you will enjoy the twist in Chapter 64! That's a guarantee!Wink

    And about Khushi, Khushi does not know whether Arnav and Lavanya will be happy or not! She just hopes that both will move on in their life. I know! Kind of foolish! But that is our Khushi! And yes, Arnav will get a Jhatka in Chapter 64 when he comes to know the reason behind his engagement to Lavanya!

    And as far as Anjali is concerned, I have kept her deliberately Obtuse. I dont want anyone to notice Arnav's haalat except Geet. By the way, in the serial also Anjali never noticed anything. So I have kept her just the way she was in the show. And the main reason the family does not know is that Arnav is really good at hiding his emotions. Remember, even in the show, no one knew that he did not love Khushi and married her just because of misunderstanding. So the family not noticing it here is not that surprising.Wink

   About La, she is not hiding anything. Whatever she was hiding I have showed it away. She was just hiding her broken heart. Thats all! And that is why, she said yes to Arnav's proposal. She was so broken hearted that she said yes to the first proposal that came. That is all her story is! But once, NK arrives her heart will mend too!Big smile

     Ok! Have I cleared all your doubts? If no, then do ask! I love answering questions when it comes to DFL coz it makes me feel like I am a famous writer or something.EmbarrassedLOL

All the best for your studies and enjoy the Diwali,

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Place - Shantivan


     It was around 10 in the morning, Arnav noted as he absentmindedly checked the time while adjusting his tie. For last few days he had been working from home but today one of his important clients were coming to office and hence he decided to personally go and meet them. As he sat down to tie his shoelace, he heard giggling coming around from the poolside. Arnav stiffened. Yeh kaun hai? He got up in confusion and wandered to the poolside. His eyes widened as he noticed Khushi playing with Kanha by the poolside. He blinked twice but the vision was still in front of him. But the moment he realized that Khushi was here, anger surged through his veins. Kyun? Dammit! Kyun? Kyun aajaati ho baar baar mere saamne mujhe apne dhoke ki yaad dilaane ke liye! He opened the poolside door harshly and Khushi looked up. Her eyes widened. Yeh yahaan? Anjaliji toh keh rahi thi ki aaj yeh Office jaayenge! Isliye toh hum aaye yahaan pe! Warna hum toh inke yahaan hote hue is ghar mein kadam bhi na rakhein! Hey Devi Maiyya! Ab hum kya karein? Raksha karna humaari! She gulped and turned her attention towards Kanha.




Place - Aakash's Room in Shantivan


     Aakash fiddled with his media player on his computer. Where is that song? He wondered. Today morning a song started in his head and started haunting him and he wanted to play it so that he can get the song out of his head. Agar is meeting mein main gaane ke baare mein sochunga toh Bhai mujhe maar daalenge! Behetar hoga ki main yeh gaana yahi sun loon aur is gaane ko dimaag se nikaale dun! He nodded and searched through his computer for the song.




Place - Poolside


    Arnav walked towards the poolside all the while glaring at Khushi. As he neared her, Anjali came in to pick up Kanha. Arnav stopped at her entry. Anjali and Khushi chatted for a while and Arnav glared at Khushi as she let out a laugh. Yahaan mera dil jal raha hai aur tum has rahi ho! He did not notice when his hand grabbed a glass kept on a table nearby. As he watched Khushi giggle and laugh, his hand gripped the glass tighter and tighter and soon the glass broke.


  Khushi and Anjali looked up at the noise of glass breaking and Anjali shouted, "Chote!" As she walked towards her Chote, she did not notice the broken glass on the floor. Khushi stopped her just when she was about to step on a glass piece. She pulled Anjali away while Arnav stood there staring at his hand in shock. "Aap jaayiye aur Kanha ko khaana khilaayiye! Hum Arnavji ko dekhte hain!", Khushi ordered Anjali in a concern filled voice but Anjali hesitated. Khushi gave her a reassuring smile and Anjali walked away with Kanha but not without giving Arnav a teary glance. Khushi turned towards Arnav and walked towards him all the while skirting around the glass pieces on the floor. She had sent Anjali away because she knew that Anjali would have gone towards Arnav without caring that she might get hurt too. As Khushi reached Arnav, she noticed Arnav staring at his hand. She softly grabbed his hand and he looked up with a glare. His hard gaze softened when he noticed the tears welling up in her eyes. She quietly dragged him to his room and made him sit on the bed. He stared at her as she pulled out the medicine box nearby and started cleaning the wound. Arnav felt his heart fill with love as she did the cleaning. Looking at her tear filled eyes and concerned expression; he did not have the heart to taunt her today. As he stared at her, she applied medicine in his hand and then started dressing it.




Place - Aakash's Room


   Aakash smiled as he finally found the right song. Perfect! He pressed the play button and sat down to enjoy the song.




Place - Arnav's Room




As the notes of Violin floated into the room, Khushi concentrated on bandaging Arnav's hand.


Do Pal Ruka

Khaabon Ka Carvaan

Aur Phir Chal Diye

Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan


Arnav stared at Khushi as she bandaged his hand.


Do Pal Ki Thi

Yeh Dilon Ki Daastaan

Aur Phir Chal Diye

Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan


Khushi felt Arnav's eyes on her but she concentrated on the hand she was working on.


Aur Phir Chal Diye

Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan


As the bandaging was done, Khushi got up to walk away when Arnav caught her hand in his. Veena was being played in the song when Khushi turned to look at Arnav; her expression showing vulnerability at the thought of getting taunted by him. Notes of Violin wafted through the window as Arnav got up from the bed still holding her hand.


Tum The Ke Thi Koi Ujli Kiran

Tum The Ya Koi Kali Muskaayi Thi


Arnav slowly pulled her close and she complied like a puppet.


Tum The Ya Sapno Ka Tha Saawan

Tum The Ke Khushiyon Ki Ghata Chhaayi Thi


He slowly cupped her face with his uninjured hand.


Tum The Ke Tha Koi Phool Khila


She closed her eyes at his touch only realizing now how much she missed his touch.


Tum The Ya Mila Tha Mujhe Naya Jahaan


He placed a kiss on her forehead.


Do Pal Ruka

Khaabon Ka Carvaan

Aur Phir Chal Diye

Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan


She opened her eyes and stared at his love filled eyes.


Do Pal Ki Thi

Yeh Dilon Ki Daastaan

Aur Phir Chal Diye

Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan


He gave her a sad smile.


Aur Phir Chal Diye

Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan


She looked down confused by his sudden care for her.


Aa... aa...




He nudged her with his hand to look up as again notes of violin filled through the air.


Tum The Ya Khushboo Hawaaon Mein Thi

Tum The Ya Rang Saari Dishaaon Mein The


Her eyes filled with tears at his loving expression.


Tum The Ya Roshni Raahon Mein Thi

Tum The Ya Geet Goonje Fizaaon Mein The


He wiped her tears away and shook his head slowly signaling her to not cry.


Tum The Mile Ya Mili Thi Manzilein


He gave her a smile and she could not resist herself.


Tum The Ke Tha Jaadu Bhara Koi Samaa


She got on her tip-toes and hugged him tightly.


Do Pal Ruka

Khaabon Ka Carvaan

Aur Phir Chal Diye

Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan


He hugged her back, his hold getting as tight as possible.


Do Pal Ki Thi

Yeh Dilon Ki Daastaan

Aur Phir Chal Diye

Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan


She shed tears of joy at finally being his arms.


Aur Phir Chal Diye

Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan


He felt as if everything was right as long as she was with him.


Aur Phir Chal Diye

Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan


She felt as if she was home.


Suddenly, they heard Anjali calling for her Chote. Now that her Kanha had been fed, she was more worried about Arnav and came to see him. Khushi realized in what position they were and pulled away from Arnav harshly. She looked at Arnav in horror and ran away. Arnav felt as if his life was leaving him. "Khushi", he hollered and she stopped at the door. "Ab aap pe haq humaara nahi, kisi aur ka hai!", saying this Khushi ran away. Arnav stood there aghast at her behavior. He felt his anger bubble while confusion clouded his mind. What the! What was that? Ek taraf pyaar se haath pe marham lagaati ho aur doosri taraf dil jalaati ho! Why is she confusing me? Jab dressing kar rahi thi ek pal ke liye laga ki woh bhi mujhse pyaar karti hai, par phir ab kyun aisa kahaa? What the! Ek taraf mera dil todti hai aur doosri taraf pyaar bhi jataati hai! Kya hai yeh sab Khushi? Tum chaahti kya ho? Mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha! Arnav sat down on the bed holding his head in his hands. I fell like you still love me then why? Why did you break my heart? I am so confused Dammit! Mera dimaag kehta hai that I should hate you for what you did to me but my heart... My heart says something else! Damn you Khushi! Damn you for getting me confused! Damn!




Place - Khurana Constructions


    Maan waited in his cabin for Dev to arrive. It was lunch time and both of them were supposed to have lunch together. As the cabin opened Maan got up to blast Dev for coming late. They had a meeting in next hour and his brother was dilly dallying around instead of coming for lunch. But his words dried in his mouth when instead of Dev, Geet came in. Maan's eyes widened. The whole morning he had done everything to avoid Geet but it seems his good luck had stopped right now. Maan sat on his chair and browsed through the papers unwilling to even look at Geet. Geet frowned at this. Hey Babaji! Ignore toh aise kar rahe hain jaise main unki koi ex-girlfriend hoon! She glared at him. Right behind Geet, Dev entered. Dev ushered Geet in when he noticed Geet standing by the door. "Arre Geet! Andar aao! Andar aao! Ise apna hi cabin samjho!", Dev piped up. Maan looked up at these words and glared at Dev for uttering them. Dev gulped and gave him a smile, "Bro! Woh Geet ki lunch partner Pinky aayi nahi! Toh bechari canteen mein akeli baithi thi! Toh maine kahaa mere saath chalo aur lunch karo! Mere best friend ki behen ko aise akela thodi chod sakta hun!" Geet gave Dev a smile at those words while Maan glared at him for even thinking about such ideas. Geet noticed Maan's glare. Itni nafrat mujhse! Ab maine kya bigaada hai inka Babaji! Sach mein Babaji, duniya ka sabse bade khadoos hain mere boss! She thought this as she recalled the movie she had seen with her Veere when she was small and had come to Shantivan to visit the Raizadas. The movie was called The Grinch Who Stole The Christmas. She glared at Maan. Nahi! Khadoos nahi Mr. Grinch hai! Woh Grinch jisne Christmas churaaya tha! Aur yeh hain jo KC ke employees ki hasi churaate hain! She made a face and sat down in the chair in front of Maan's desk with Dev sitting beside her.


     For a moment there was no talking as waiter came from the nearby Hotel serving them with food while Geet opened her small tiffin carrier which Anjali had lovingly packed for her. As they started to eat, Dev noticed the tiffin and smiled, "Yeh Anjali Di ne pack kiya hoga na?" Geet smiled at him and nodded. Dev started speaking, "Mujhe ab bhi yaad hai. Jab hum log School mein the tab aisi hi ek carrier Aakash leke aata tha school ko!" Geet giggled, "Yeh wahi hai! Veere toh ghar jaate hain khaana ke liye aaj kal! Toh AD ne yeh mujhe de di!" Dev nodded while Maan glared at Dev for making Geet talk. He also felt jealous when Geet gave a wide smile to Dev. His glare soon started alternating between Geet and Dev as he continued eating. Dev and Geet both ignored his glare and Dev piped up, "Waise lunch mein kya hai? Di ne kya banaaya?" Dev hoped it was parathas knowing very well that his Geet Bhabhi loved eating parathas. Hence, it was a surprised Maan and Dev looking at Geet when Geet replied, "Pasta, my favorite dish!" Maan's heart skipped a beat as he realized that Geet was calling his favorite dish as her favorite too. Dev looked at Maan in surprise and then back at Geet. Unable to stop himself, Maan spoke up, "But tumhaari favorite toh parathe hain, with lassi!" Geet finally deigned Maan with a smile, "Haan! Accident ke pehle toh thi par pata nahi kyun accident ke baad se mujhe pasta pasand aane lag gaya!" As she continued eating, Dev smirked into his food while Maan was lost in his thoughts. Soon, the lunch ended and Geet wandered away with her tiffin carrier. Dev finally gave his opinion to Maan. He smirked at Maan and mumbled, "Aap toh keh rahe the ki Geet aapko bhool chuki hai toh aaj kya tha Bro?" Maan looked at Dev in shock as he understood what Dev was implying. Dev gave him a smug smile, "Face it Bro! Geet bhale hi aapko bhool chuki ho lekin aap uske zehen mein itne utar chuke ho ki bhoolkar bhi woh aapko khud se alag nahi kar paayi!" Dev left the cabin leaving behind a confused and shocked Maan.


   Meanwhile, Geet who was about to enter Sasha's cabin stopped for a moment. Lekin Mr. Khurana ko kaise pata ki I like Parathas. She frowned for a moment then shrugged. AD ne bataaya hoga! And she entered the room forgetting the lunch discussion not knowing that some cabins away a certain Mr. Khurana was thinking about her.




Place - Khurana Constructions


     It was a beautiful Saturday, Geet thought as she got down the stairs in hurry. She did not see Maan at all the whole day and had successfully avoided her Khadoos Boss. But now she wanted to hurry home because she was already working late in the Office. Infact, she was sure that except her, Sasha, Maan and Dev no one was there in the Office right now. But that was not why she getting down the stairs in a hurry. She wanted to reach home faster today as she and Anjali were planning to go on shopping and it was already 7 in the evening. The lift was under repair and hence, she was using the stairs to get down. She did not notice that almost ten minutes after her departure Maan had followed her foot steps and decided to go home.


     As Geet got down the stairs in a hurry, she lost her balance and slipped few steps. She rolled down the stairs and fell flat on her back. For a moment, she stayed like that unable to comprehend what had happened exactly. After few seconds, she realized that she had fallen down the stairs because of her own stupidity. She slowly tried to sit up and realized that she was alright except for few scraps on her body and breathlessness due to fear. She took a deep breath trying to calm her running heart when suddenly she heard someone shout her name, "GEET!" She looked up and there stood Maan Singh Khurana on the top of the stairs fear and shock written on his face as he stared at her. As soon as he noticed her looking up at him, he got down the stairs. The moment he reached her, he crouched down and hugged her tightly. Geet's eyes widened in shock. Yeh Mr. Khurana ko kya hua? He pulled away and checked her face looking for some injury. Then he gave her whole body a glance and then he cupped her face, "Are you alright? Tum theek toh ho? Jab maine tumhein neeche girte dekha toh main bahut dar gaya tha! Tum theek toh hona Soni? Tumhein chot nahi lagi na Geet?" He hugged her again. Geet did not notice Maan calling her Soni. All she noticed was that Maan was worried for her. She felt her stomach erupting in butterflies as she hugged him back. Her heart started beating faster as she realized that this was the first time her crush was so close to her. She closed her eyes wanting to enjoy this moment.


    Geet was so lost in Maan that she did not notice Maan pulling away. She did not notice Maan scolding her for being so careless. Maan kept on scolding her but she just stared at him lovingly. He got up and dragged her up too. He noticed her arm bleeding a bit and he dragged her to his Office. But she did not noticeit. She just stared at him lovingly as she realized how much he cared for her. She felt as if she was seeing him for the first time. She did not know till now that he had a kind heart hidden behind his hard exterior. She wanted to know him more, understand him more, learn him more. As she stared at him, he dragged her into his Cabin. He searched for the first aid box in the room and after finding it he brought it near her. He made her sit on the chair and started cleaning the box.


    Both Geet and Maan did not know that Dev who was in his cabin was listening to music while finishing his pending work. Dev had a habit of playing the songs loudly when Maan was out of Office. As Maan started cleaning the wound, notes of piano mingled along with flute wafted into the room through the open cabin door.



La la la la...

La la la la...

La la la... la la...


La la la la...

La la la la...

La la la... la la...


Dekha Jo Tum Ko

Yeh Dil Ko Kya Hua Hai
Meri Dhadkano Pe Yeh Chhaaya

Kya Nasha Hai Haan


Maan attended to Geet's hand treating it as if it was the most precious thing in the world.

Dekha Jo Tum Ko

Yeh Dil Ko Kya Hua Hai
Meri Dhadkano Pe Yeh Chhaaya

Kya Nasha Hai Haan

Geet stared at Maan lovingly with a small smile on her face as he tended to her arm.


Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye

Deewana Kho Na Jaaye
Sambhaalu Kaise Isko

Mujhe Tu Bataa

Maan looked up and his eyes clashed with Geet's eyes. They stared at each other lost in each other's eyes.


Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye

Deewana Kho Na Jaaye
Sambhaalu Kaise Isko

Mujhe Tu Bataa

Geet felt her heart beat speed up at the love she could see in Maan's eyes.


Dekha Jo Tum Ko Yeh Dil Ko Kya Hua Hai


Maan looked back to her hand and started applying medicine.

Meri Dhadkano Pe Yeh Chhaaya Kya Nasha Hai


Geet stared at Maan's face wishing they could stay this way forever.


As the music started, Maan kissed Geet's hand and pulled her up. She looked at him in surprise. He pulled her close and placed his hands on her waist. She placed her hands on his shoulder. Slowly they swayed to the music. As they swayed, Maan smiled at her. Geet shyly smiled back.


Bheegi Bheegi Alko Se 
Chori Chori Palko Se 
Kyon Mera Sapna Churaaye


Maan kissed her forehead.

Jhuki Jhuki Ankhiyon Se
Dheeri Dheeri Batiyon Se
Kyon Mujhe Apna Banaaye


Geet shyly looked away.

Meri Nazron Pe Chhaye
Khushboo Ke Jaise Aaye
Mera Tan Mann Mehkaaye

She looked up at him and tried to move away.


Saason Mein Yeh Pal Pal 
Jaane Kaise Hulchul
Kuch Bhi Samajh Mein Na Aaye

She turned to walk away but Maan caught her hand.


Shararat Ho Na Jaaye

Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye
Sambhaalu Kaise Isko

Mujhe Tu Bataa

Maan pulled her close and hugged her tightly.


Shararat Ho Na Jaaye

Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye
Sambhaalu Kaise Isko

Mujhe Tu Bataa


Suddenly, she felt her hand pain a bit and she looked in front. Maan was sitting there applying medicine to her hand. She blushed as she realized that she was daydreaming about their dance.


Soon, the music began and Maan put band-aid on her hand. He got up and was about to walk away, when someone caught his hand from behind. He turned around only to see Geet standing there with love in her eyes, the same love he saw in Soni's eyes. His breath caught as she smiled at him.


Meri Hai Yeh Mushkil
Ab To Yeh Mera Dil
Bas Mein Huzoor Nahi Hai

She came close to him and cupped his face with both her hands.


Itna Bata De Mujhe
Kaise Samjaaon Tujhe
Mera Yeh Kasoor Nahin Hai

He kissed one of her hands and she smiled at him with tears in her eyes.


Chaahe Hum Chaahe Bhi Toh
Pehre Lagaaye Bhi Toh
Kaise Din Raat Ko Roke

He shook his head and wiped her tears away.


Aag Bina Yeh Jale

Zor Na Koi Chale
Kaise Jazbaat Ko Roke


She hugged him tightly and he hugged her back.

Yu Chaahat Ho Na Jaaye


Someone tapped his shoulder.


Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye

He looked ahead to see Geet standing in front of him.


Sambhaalu Kaise Isko


Maan looked away as he realized that he was daydreaming about Geet remembering him.


Mujhe Tu Bataa


Maan walked away from the cabin and stopped by the door.

Yu Chaahat Ho Na Jaaye


Geet looked on as Maan walked away.


Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye


She placed her hand on her heart which was beating pretty fast. Yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai?

Sambhaalu Kaise Isko


She wished he would turn around once.


Mujhe Tu Bataa


She looked at him full of hope.

Dekha Jo Tum Ko

Yeh Dil Ko Kya Hua Hai


She smiled softly as butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

Meri Dhadkano Pe

Yeh Chhaaya Kya Nasha Hai


Maan turned around to look at her once.

Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye

Deewana Kho Na Jaaye
Sambhaalu Kaise Isko

Mujhe Tu Bataa


Her eyes widened as she noticed him looking at her. She did not know why but she felt content and happy with his glance.

Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye

Deewana Kho Na Jaaye
Sambhaalu Kaise Isko

Mujhe Tu Bataa


Maan smiled absentmindedly and walked away.




Place - Somewhere in Dilli


     "Waah AD! Mujhe nahi pata ki AB doubles up as a driver also!", Geet giggled as she, Anjali and Khushi sat in the back on Arnav's car. Arnav glared at Geet through his rear view mirror but remained quiet as Geet and Anjali chattered on. He noticed Khushi avoiding his eyes which made his anger stronger for her. He gripped the steering wheel tightly while focusing on his driving. Anjali wanted to go shopping for Kanha and had dragged Geet into the plan. The plan was made in the morning itself. Geet had come home later but Anjali was still adamant to follow her plan. As their car passed near LaxmiNagar, Geet stubbornly demanded that Khushi also joined them. And hence, here he was being driver to Geet, Anjali and Khushi. Soon, his two sisters had decided that they would buy one dress for all three of them just for fun. Khushi kept on refusing for any new cloth but the Raizada sisters were as adamant as Arnav and soon they wore down Khushi's resistance.


   As soon as the car reached the stores, Geet got down excitedly and Anjali followed her excited sister. By the time Khushi could get down, both the sisters had vanished into the stores. As Khushi was about to get down, Arnav piped up, "Waise Saaliji!" Khushi's heart throbbed painfully. She disliked it when he called her Saaliji but wasn't that her relation to him now? She looked at him well aware that he would not loose this chance of taunting her. Arnav gave her a lazy smirk, "Aaj bhi aaun tumhaare liye kapde chunne ya koi aur ladka chaahiye tumhein iss baar?" Khushi looked at him confused. He glared at her, "Arre! Waah! Itne jaldi bhool gayi! Jo engagement mein tumne pehna tha woh meri hi toh choice thi!" Her eyes widened as she remembered shopping for Sharara and buying a blue and white one. She remembered how she had seen Arnav and thought of it as imagination. That was not her imagination! He had actually been there. Arnav gave her smug smile, "Lagta hai yaad aa gaya! Bataao na! Aaj main aaun kapde chunne ya iss baar koi naya ladka chaahiye?" Khushi felt her breath leave away as the implications of his words hit her. Bas hogaya! Ab hum aur nahi sunenge! She got down the car, slammed the door and marched away without showing any reaction. In the car, Arnav slammed his hand on the steering wheel' angry due to her no reaction. Itne jaldi main tumhein chodunga nahi Khsuhi! Main tumhein utna hi dard doonga jitna tumne mujhe diya hai!






And that covered Day 5 & Day 6. Next up Day 7 i.e. Sunday and

Day 8 meaning Monday!





The first song is from the movie Veer Zaara (2004) picturised on SRK and Preity Zinta sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Sonu Nigam.


The second song is from the movie Kasoor (2004) picturised on Aftab Shivdasani and Lisa Ray sung by Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu.





Geet hears about a girl called Soni and gets curious about it

while Khushi fights back against Arnav's taunts!


So tune in to IF for an interesting Chapter of DFL next Friday night!

Have a happy weekend and Happy Deepavali!

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coolflora Goldie

Joined: 21 August 2011
Posts: 2204

Posted: 01 November 2013 at 11:25am | IP Logged
ok so I am firstShocked

I was waiting for half hour

finally you updated

I read your reply and I am getting more curious now

but whatever it is it will surely be something good

coming to update

i truely love the first song it perfectly suite them

thank god arnav though arnav didnt behave rudely with her at that time

but he was again on his ASR way when he call her saaliji i so hate it

coming to maan and geet

dev is best at least he is trying to unite them unlike maan himself 

so geet like pasta now

it wad cute scene both dreaming about each other

maan call her soni seeing getting hurt but geet didn't notice

geet already falling for him

waiting for next

cant wait

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 October 2011
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Posted: 01 November 2013 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Oh ho so back with this
Cant wait for this
Will be with you soon
And one is back finally if i say so myself

So in this one geet shall fall in love with maan finally

And apparently arhi shall have some moments

Cant wait for this now

So lets see what you have for us today then

Hmmm so with arnie it starts huh

Well go check who is giggling mate

Ahhh who else but kushi right

She sure has gotten close to kanha right

Well how can she not after all future mami to be naa

Only if he as in his mamu don't ruin things more of course

With him one never can tell for sure

No she really is there you aint hallucinating

Arnie don't do anything with the child being present

Or you will scare him too and that shall be bad real bad

See she thought you wont be here

But her bad that you are here man

I knew it she wouldn't come while he was at home

After all khushi has no death wish you know

Wonder what song is aki on about

And how that song shall affect ahi

Am sure its bound to be heard by them

He is right about one thing if he don't pay attention his bhai will fry him for sure

As it is his mood is off these days due to his love being lost

Thank god anj came to take kanha away

At least one innocent is not gonna get it from arnie

Haste huye jo rote hain naa arnie they are the ones who are able to live

Really dude not helping for sure

And this incident sure is bound to get khushi protectiveness and concern out

Well she cant see him like that in pain physically naa what ever she may have done

Uff anj be careful in your quest to make sure that your chotte is okay don't forget about yourself dear

Ufff arnie what to do with you

Even though you haven't stopped taunting her since what she did khushi still wants to take care of you

Does that not say something about her arnie please look deeper into her love and don't think of it as shallow

Khushi you so did right thing anj would have done just that ignored her possiblility of getting hurt due to arnie

Yeh pyaar aur concern nazar aaya parr who nahin jab aap ko who apni behen ko saunp rahi this arnie

Thank god for some small mercies arnie

But I still wish he would at least once just once think about her pov about all this

Or at least try to know why she did what she did yaar

Is that too much to ask I wonder

Hmm with aki even arhi shall enjoy the song

But that wont last for too long naa

Man how do you do it find the appropriate song for the given situation

This so goes for their situation

Its gonna happen with arhi too they are here now but then they too shall separate

Ohhh khushi seeing you like that breaks my heart

So I hope she gives it all back to him and soon

And she maks him suffer after they get married of course

Just this once don't ruin the moment arnie please

Oh so beautiful moments he didn't do anything bad

Well they have only this and then back to what it was

She loves him so does he but their situation doesn't let them have their love with one another

How sad that is even worse than maneet situation

He does care for you but his ASR persona doesn't let him do that for too long

After all its his defence mechanism to hurt you as you hurt him

But the thing is even that wont help him

How can one not cry at this juncture for them

Being so close and yet so far from one another

Ahhh they shall cherish this hug as this is all they have for now

He hugged her back, his hold getting as tight as possible.

But khushi this wont be for long and she knows it too

They say if your love is with you all is well but this at the moment is just an illusion of sorts

But one day you will have your love and then all shall be fine

Well home is where the heart is khushi and arnie is your heart dear

And the spell was broken as it was bound to

She hurt him once again as she had to

And he is back to being ASR and angry at her for doing this to him again

Now this question you should ponder at

Please don't give up on it

Why did she do this go and ask her why was she so concerned for you

Just get your answer arnie but he wont am sure

She wants happiness of her sister at the cost of happiness of the love she has for you

That's what she wants but cant tell you either

Just for once in your life listen to your heart

Its right in this case but he wont will he

All this confusion can be over if you want

And only you can do it she wont

As she wont willingly ruin her sister happiness even if it costs her hers

Ahhh there is Romeo number two

Hehe he has hoping to blast his younger brother but instead the love of his life cometh

That sure shut him up for sure so funny naa

Well you didn't think you can run away from her maan

Not when she works for you mate

Funny she should think that but she is his ex well not really but it will do

Good one dev that line of his was funny

And also so true too in a way

Arrey waah tussi toh mahan ho dev

Kya opportunities use karte ho maneet ko paas lanne ke liye

Thank god pinky wasn't there yaar sorry but then maneet ka mamala hai naa toh chalega

Ji nahin apse nafrat nahin pyaar

Which is why he tris to avoid you so he doesn't show that love shuv to you dear

Trust me when you know apne inka kya bigada hai then all shall be fine

Haila maan your love is thinking you to be a Grinch

Man only she can think like this about him right

But then she has all the rights to do so even if she may not know it

Ahhh  this girl is funny love her as geet in comparison to soni sorry dear

As this is the real soni naa

What she would have been like had she not lost her memory

Awww her older sister packed food for her

And in the same one her veere used to take bless that's cute

God really jealous of your own brother who is trying to get the two of you closer

But hen this is gonna happen naa after all its maan

Wow so pasta is her fav

Hmmm they even have same fav dishes arrey waah yaar

Oh ho this is even better man

She loves pasta all thanx to maan right

But she doesn't even know it dang it

Good question dev my man

If she really forgot you then whats with pasta being her fav

She hasn't really forgotten you

You are still in her subconscious somewhere but are able to go to her conscious mind mate

Well it was necessary to tell him this to ponder on right

Think about it maan you need to

Love dev more and more thanx to his efforts

The man who never knew what was going on between maneet first and was clueless before sure is making up for it all haiyye

Now she thinks it right

Why didn't you ask him when he asked you about that dear

What to do with them

Well lets just grin and bear it for now right

Really she is happy she didn't see maan yeah right as if she wont see him before going

Achaa shopping with her di

But before that some romance happens I hope

Well she fell and maan wasn't able to help her

But not for too long of course

When it comes to geet he is always there to help her knowingly or unknowingly

Awww so he showed his emotions to her finally

Well how can he not what with her fall and hurt

She has forgotten him not him though he pretends to

He just wants to be sure you are all okay

That he was gonna do seeing you fall like that to reassure himself dear

Hmm he called her soni and geet but the lady in question was too shocked to notice naa

Oh wow so what if she didn't hear him she got the chance to be so close to him and hug him too

What can be better than that

She is just too lost in him

Ahhh and finally its bitten her

The love bug has bitten her people time to be happy somewhat

Half the battle is won this way another half to go

Well what to do he had to protect his heart under that rough and tough exterior naa after what happened

There is a lot you don't know about him but will know soon enough

Aha she wants to know more about him that's what I call progress man

Hmm so music here too for another set of love birds

Who are getting to know of their love again

She is the most precious thing for him after all she is love his life

Awww eye lock after ages

Kappa cant thank you enough for this

Though for a while you gave us moments of both the couples dear

And did it so beautifully too

Well you guys will stay like that looking at one another but that's for later am afraid

Waise this dev knowingly and now unknowingly sure gets maneet more closer than before

 Wai this has to be a dream

No way would maan do that with geet

It must be geet dream for sure right

Well how can he do this when he promised that he wont do it

Waah but have to give it to her what an imagination she had naa

See told ya geet its just your imagination not what happened

At least not now wait for your wedding then this will be reality

What a drema though naa

Awww his soni sorry geet is smiling at him with love

Great first her now him it seems

These two are good at this dream romance

But when shall real thing happen

Uff just gotta wait right and then they too will have their real romance

Awww have to give them both they really love one another but of course aren't telling the other because of geet memory that's gone

Sorry that both their day dream broke but the real world had to make its entry

But no worries my dear soon very soon all this will be for real

Yipeee geet you are falling in love with your khaddos boss dear

Haiyye and it finally happens lets celebrate this woohooo

Palat palat arrey palat naa boss

And he does woohooo

Ahhh love is in the air for her again and about time too

Awww that was so beautiful scene dear

Driver arrey aapki bhabhi khushi ko aa jaane dijiye yeh bahut kuch bann jaayenge

Look dena zaroori hai arnie well of course its his and even maan trade mark right

And the said bhabhi is there too huh

Thank you geet m glad you are getting closer to khushi again

Well raizadas are very adamant people

And the ladies are even worse

Kya kya nahin karwa leti hain

So this is only about dress my dear

Why her why again arnie

Don't push her mate or you will regret it

She is quite because of her sister but she wont take it for too long either

Koi zaroorat nahin hai agar aise hi taunt karne waale hain

Back then it was due to love but now that isn't the case

If only back then you had told her and met her this wouldn't have happened arnie

Will you be able to see her with someone else arnie

Ask your heart that and then ask her this mate

Because you are saying it to hurt her but if you see her with someone else am sure it will hurt you more than her arnie

Never mess with an angry lady

Especially when that angry lady happen to be your love

She wont spare you either

You really think she will keep quiet for long

Somehow I don't think so

So be ready for her anger mate

And what she says to you

Never push anyone to a boiling point mate and you are doing just that

Apni hi maat ko bula raha hai yeh ladka

Don't blame khushi is she gives you as good as you gave her

After khushi has been pushed to her limit of tolerance and that was silly of ya

So geet to know about soni

Who is her only but she don't know that yet but it wont be long either

And arnie is gonna get it from khushi

Well best of luck with that peeps

Happy Diwali to you

Hope this Diwali you get all you wished for and brings you more success

Cheers for pm

Edited by chavvi16 - 01 November 2013 at 3:18pm

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Deelight Goldie

Joined: 12 September 2012
Posts: 1105

Posted: 01 November 2013 at 11:37am | IP Logged
u noe wz nt able 2 sleep without readin ur update.. hd been waitin a whole week... wz awake jz 2 read it... thnx a looot fa updating !!!!

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