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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 66)

spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 October 2013 at 1:58am | IP Logged
part 58
excellent part dear...
enjoyed it so much...

Maan Geet
poor Maan now itself hes losing his patience and heart...
abhi tho sirf shuruwaat hai...
aur uski yeh haalat...
bechara Maan...
the dreams are back full fledged...
all the more to torment Maan and tease him...
and also make him always on his toes or say think about Geet in mind or heart...
yippee second clash...
very good every day they are gonna collide...
day 2 and second clash...
Maan is drowned in his Soni and Geet has a crush on Maan?
that soon?
then it wont take time for her to fall for him...
its gonna happen soon...
Maan babu what are u gonna do now?
if he gets to know Geet is having a crush on him then he himself will take the matters in his hands and maker her fall for him without any disturbance...
but that will be too easy and Geet will try to kick the feeling out...
sigh so have to go by Maan's way...
arey people why are u all disturbing the love birds?
oh ho the khadoos wont change...
is it only HER fault Maan dear?
Geet is back to her sherni avatar...
door rakho?
woh tho nahi hone waali dear...

Dev is orchestrating the way to romance or at least think about the past for Maan...
Maan is protecting her so much but still stays away...
so Aakash is her driver for pick up and drop...
good they all are very protective of Geet...
Geet doesnt know its all her Dusht Danav's thinking and doings...
the flashbacks were refreshing dear...
poor Maan...
hes in so much pain after thinking them...
Geet is really a clear observer...
shes seeing through things more better than anyone be it for her life and love or her bro Arnav...

Dev is doing everything subtly and hope Maan doesnt realize it all soon...
Geet's chatty nature is making Maan to think of his Soni...
well well well Maan's dil ki baat baahar aana shuru kardi...
well his words are gonna make Geet ponder over them...
her 'maine kya kiya' was cute and funny...
thats the spirit Geet baby go for it...
fight with him, argue with him, make him break the wall and resolution to stay...

wow Maan is always present to safeguard his Geet...
glad he saw her there and stayed back...
well instances like this are making her think more on Maan and get to know his heart inside...
hes a sweetheart Geet baby...
and u will fall in love with him so much and deep...

Arnav Khushi
oh ho Anjali is sending this idiot to khushi?
Khushi beware the stupid fool gadha is coming to ur place...
OMG that was seriously below the belt Arnav...
how the hell could he talk to her like that?
is this his real feelings for her?
and his faith on her character?
did he ever love her?
hurt her but is this the way?
he wil never be able to take back the words and the marks they have left on Khushi's heart...
this is the second time hes doing this...
so double punishment...
let him grovel the most and Khushi think on forgiving him...
but she shouldnt forgive him easily...
i wanted to sympathize Arnav but i think he doesnt deserve that at all...
poor Khushi...

sigh Buaji kyun namak chida rahi hai aap?
poor Khushi...
seriously Arnav are u blind to NOT see her pain and her sad face?
i cant believe this guy...
yes she betrayed u but couldnt he see her pain?
if he cant then Khushi is an awesome actress...
she hid her pain so well but whats the use?
Arnav u dont deserve to claim u ever loved Khushi...
damn no...

oh ho again the rude cruel ASR is back...
why is Khushi getting stuck with him always like this...
is he trying to make her jealous?
well she has crossed all those long back Arnav fool...
she has given up on her life and heart...
well take that back u idiot...
if he is a tit bit smart he will see through this one instance and think about why Khushi has changed like this...
but i dont have much hopes on this idiot until its too late...

Khuranas and Raizadas
oh its a family meeting and enjoying the dinner and time...
the groups are so nice...
the baby is the highlight here...
oh ho Geet is back to her saddy songs...
sigh Geet baby come out of that...
OMG her explanation was so emotional...
cant blame her...
but come on sweety u have this family in fact families...
and Maan do something to this...
hmm Aakash's songs are making the lover boys to remember their past love and make them go through pain...
am not gonna comment on Arnav unless he changes his ways to vent his anger on Khushi...
insensitive self-centred foolish jerk...
Geet once again saw Maan's pain...

loved it so much dear...
Maan and Geet's scenes are so nice...
but cant say that for Arnav and Khushi...
Arnav is being really an imbecile...
hope he realizes that soon...
oh 2 days happenings...
thats gonna be interesting...
slow and awesomely taking their love stories...
so till 64th chapter Khushi is gonna be in pain and Arnav is gonna break her?
Arnav has to get double punishment and it will increase if he hurts her in THIS way...
if its not possible to make that here write an OS to make him regret, repent and grovel...
hope this FF reaches 100 parts...
cont soon dear...

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flowers4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 October 2013 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
Awe feel bad for maan and kushi...fabulous update...keep it up

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Deelight Goldie

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Posted: 28 October 2013 at 8:24am | IP Logged
awesom update.. totally lovd it.. cant wait till friday... pl update sooon..!! din want tis part to end soo sooo soon!!

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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 28 October 2013 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Hi Kalpana Smile,
 what nice updates you gave us. Geet is back and being thrown back into Maan's liveLOL. Maan might not know but he is very lucky to have such a caring brother. To be honest, I am happy to see Dev playing such an important role now, while he was mostly side character in the earlier bits.
And more over, Geet is affeted by Maan's presenseEmbarrassed. She might not remember him in future but what will Maan do once he realises that Geet is in love with himEmbarrassed? Will he accept her as Geet or will he feel that she is not his SoniOuch??? So many possibilitiesGeek.

As for Arnav and Khushi... what to say about them? Khushi sacrificed her love for her familyCry but does she really think that Arnav and Lavanya will be happy with this arrangementDead? And our hot headed Arnav, dear me. He will be a lot more hurt once he finds out that Khushi did not betray him but was under a misconception just as himShocked. What I wonder is why Anjali hasn't noticed anything yetDead, I thought Arnav's siblings/family would have noticed something till now. Plus, didn't you indicate that Lavanya was hiding something in the previous partsConfused? What about her?
Eager to read more, it provides me with a much needed break from my hectic schedule...
All the best and thanks for the pms

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Donnaa IF-Addictz

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Posted: 29 October 2013 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
nice update
loved it

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 31 October 2013 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chavvi16

Hopefully today my net won't betray me
Let's see shall we

Thanks for the review!Big smile

Poor maan I so feel for him

Well not as much as I feel for his geet though

Oh ho so she is back in your dreams

Wearing your mother given saree for her bahu wow

And this was bound to happen which is why dev gave geet this job

Exactly! Dev ki mehnat aise hi thodi na waste jaayegi!Wink

He wanted those feelings of love for geet that you have buried in you to be alive again

And you did just that

Well your heart for sure did

But of course this wont be enough for maan to be with his love again

Ufff at least in your dreams don't run from her itna toh aap karr sakte hain ji


Ek saal hoy a 50 saal pyaar toh aap unhi se hi karenge and you know it

You can try to keep her away but the truth is you cant really succeed dude

Ufff maan you feelings aren't some clients or employees that they will listen to your MSKness


They will do what they think is right

And for your feelings and heart she is the one naa

Waise jitni bhi koshish karr lijiye but you cant let those feelings for her stay buried some deep corner of your heart

They are bound to come out when you see her feel her and that's what happened


Ufff abb pyaar toh aisa hi hota hai you cant supress it even if you wanna so sorry maan or is it MSK you cant win against it and you know so

Well there he wanted to send her further from him but instead she seems to be getting closer

What a timing my man now that's something

Big smile

Maan kya baat hai aap ke toh bhaag hi khul gaye

But of course you wont let that get to you that easily

After all you are in your DD mode naa

What a scene that is and after so long too haiyye main toh flat ho gayi ji

Achcha laga last line padhke!Big smile

  Sorry dear this just isn't in your control to be away from him

You have been too much apart from him but not anymore

Arrey inhe apne crush ki padi hai aur wahan maan ka control aur mushkil hota jaa raha hai


Kya situation paida kari ji aap ne ji

Dude snap out of it chaddo why bother


That's the second time mate and in the office too

Sheesh adi pinky and tasha  and full staff oh ho bas inhi logon ki kami thi


Wow he was too lost in her and she had to do something to bring him out of his stupor for sure

Don't you glare at her mate she tried to bring you back to reality but you were too lost in her

And here comes his MSK mode for sure

Haila khud toh dekh kar nahin chal rahe the aur inhe blame karr rahe hai

Bechari geet inki toh kismet hi kharab hai ji

So true!

Oh ho don't come to such conclusions dear but of well now that you have that's okay too

Aap ki aankhon ko kya hua who bhi toh button jaisi ho jaati hai with her close by


Man that was bound to happen

If it didn't well then it wouldn't be MSK naa

But that's a start anyway hai naa so lets continue with that

So she don't want to be near him are ya sure sweetie

When we all know that isn't the case but further from it right

Sorry babaji cant listen to that pray of yours


 Ahhh so here cometh ASR yeh toh MSK se bhi do kadam aage hain

Ufff him and his anger issues


Poor khushi yaar

She is the one who is faring out the worst and all because of one mistake of breaking his heart

After all according to arnie only he is heart broken while khushi is being so happy and living her life peacefully

I can feel the sarcasm here!Big smile

As if its even worse for her not only has she lost her love to her sister but she cant see her sister with that love but she has to for now

Great so this means he is gonna be a rakshash again aint of course what else to expect

So true!

Just once I wanted for him to think of it from her pov

He will! One day!Smile

But guess that wont be happening

So I hope she makes him pay for all this he is doing now when all is well

That will teach him few things for sure

He will pay!

Arrey yeh bua bhi naa give him more chances to taunt khushi

But then she don't know naa

No wonder khushi was willing to go and get the Prasad to avoid him

But guess her luck is not going well for now

Don't make it worse I keep saying it but he wont listen

When did ASR listen to anybody but himself?

Rakshash laad governor

Now how is he gonna taunt her with buaji absence

I would like to see him try it in front of other agar itni hi himmat hai inme

But if he did then this situation wouldn't have come either would it

So true! Maan toh ise dho daalta! Aur phir Anjali ise kachcha chabaa deti! Phir Naani aur Buai bhi toh peeche nahi rahenge! Aur phir Geet ka keher bhi barsega! in short, agar Arnav ne Khushi ko sabke saamne taunt kiya toh uski full on band baji!

You know what arnav you are asking for your own down fall


Khushi don't just don't give a damn to him please

He is not worth it at the moment if at all


Dammit arnav even I have doubts if you ever loved

What kind of love is this that takes satisfaction I making her cry

He just cant be understood by me but then he was betrayed or so he thinks

This is how he behaves when he thinks he has been betrayed. By the way, dont ask me how he thinks. I just write what I saw in the show! If you want to understand him, better contact the writers of the show!LOLWink

At least just once as his right of being her love he should have asked why she did what she did

But no why would he after all he is ASR aint he sad man real sad that attitude of his is gonna cause him to loose a lot one hopes

So true!

What is dev up to now with the radio I wonder something good for sure

You are so right!

Uff inka pyaar bhi ajeeb hai naa

But then love is strange in itself for sure

So true!

He wants to be sure that geet goes off safely but cant go fight for that love

Yaar sach mein kaise premi mile hain hamari geet aur khushi ko

LOLSo true!

Well phela pyaar hai aur uppar se they both are useless when it comes to heart emotions and stuff

And the only ones who made them feel those things aren't with them so this right

I know who is maan fooling except himself man

As if it is hard to forget your first love whom you still love and will continue to love no matter what

Dev you are right perfect song for maneet that is one of my favs

Mine too!

 Naino se nain ladh rahe hai kya baat hai ji

Kab tak aap apni nazar inse churayenge maan

Well yes she doesn't know now but that wont be for too long either

Aap unhe dekhein ya naa you still cant keep your love for her buried for too long

So true!

Haiyye FB of all their moments wow that was perfect there

Dude you haven't really lost her but how to tell him this right

Ahhh geet if you knew why he is like this well we wouldn't be in this situation but what to do this too was necessary naa

Kya Karen bechare ne apna phela pyaar khoya well not really but he thinks so naa

As if he can forget any memories related to her ever and with her in front of his eyes at KC even more harder not that we would want him to forget her love ever


Pyaar kabhi pooch karr nahin hota hai maan bas ho jaata hai

And you cant stop yourself from falling no matter what

Kab tak yeh appne nazrein inse chura paayenge even I wanna know

Pata nahi! Tab tak kitne Chapters lagenge calculate nahi kiya!Wink

He was very far off in that land where just the two of you were there geet

 Hmmm so her ride is her some relief for maan or not

Jaate jaate she gave him one last look waah kya baat hai

No don't buaji these songs only bring them sadness but she  don't know dammit it why didn't anyone know that was the major headache in their love story


Very few knew of their love compared to maneet

Oh dear this is such sad times for them all

Well you had the right to say something to her once before you started hating her but you didn't do that either

That sure is true his heart is with her while the same is true for her

But he is hell bent on breaking that heart dear

Actually even she wants to know why she met you not just you arnav


Well you are far from him only because of your one decision but as if you had any choice right

 But I wish you had told him just once why you did what you did knowing he wont ask

Thought he also never gave you that chance

Because arnav love cant be gotten rid of that easily I just said same for maan

 But the two of you think that love can be gotten rid of just because you don't have your lover with you sorry but it don't work like that ever

So true! Dono ke dono ullu ke patthe!LOL

Yes if only he did but he didn't and look what happened right well what to do this love lark was new for him so this was bound to happen

 If both maan and arnav didn't do what they are doing that would be so not them naa

So true!

Yes it's a good song but not if you are heart broken then it just makes that heart break even worse and makes you cry too

And so they meet again but of course we still have so much heart break about what to do

So all went in their own groups minus few who aren't here

Well guess annie and jun shall be back in time for the weddings to right partners hai naa

Geet yaar tere veere ko sirf sad songs hi kyun sujhte hain

Veere ko nahi soojhte! Aakash ka bas chale toh woh sirf romantic gaane gaaye! But it is Geet who is requesting such sad songs!

Jabki inko inka pyaar mil chukka hai

Dude when you know you cant win against your little sis why do you even bother


Lo this time it wasn't aki who sang the sad song but geet herself suggested it why yaar

As it is there is enough sadness with her adding more to it

And isn't that the more reason not to listen to such sad songs but guess it goes with the modd of the lovers so why bother

Hmmm one side its arnav accusing his love and the other maan asking her why she did this to him

Oh ho these sad songs sure are making them think of their bhooli bisri yaadien

So true!

Wow it sure again is appropriate for these four lovers

Man I feel so bad for these lovers but what to do no one can win against their fate or destiny but the same will give them their love back

Great there she is enjoying the song the only one but then only because she don't remember well that is the biggest headache naa

Wasn't it ironic that Geet is the only one enjoying it while rest of the three were feeling so sad?

Tears and only tears for them all but not for too long I know so this sad phase shall be over soon we just gotta be patient shame that is one thing I never can be

I know! Even I am impatient to write the rest of the parts but kya karein! My hand cannot type so much so fast!Cry

Aki is the only one who can smile as he is the only one out of these who got his love naa

So true!

Ahh his brother and his wife they are still routing for maneet love unlike his rest of family and also helping him win his love back too thank god for small mercies

Aren't Dev and NT awesome?Wink

Well she left you only to come back again to you only mate

Geet he is in pain as his love doesn't remember him and its you that love

What to do love can be bliss but it can also be painful very much so

So true!

Maan it seems nothing is going in your favour right

Well when once again is destiny bringing your love back to you don't go back from it mate

Haw not again yaar

Ab iss mein iss bechari ka kya kasoor that you didn't fight for her love

That you cant forget her love but she forgot you

Am sure had she a choice she wouldn't have forgotten

Dekh lijiye gaa we so want you to do what you are threatening

Tabhi toh mazaa ayegaa naa kyun

Don't spare him next time my dear

You show him hell from you and make him realise that you aint no pushover

Dont worry! Geet Maan ki bolti band jaroor karegi!

Aye haiyye so it was dev plan huh

I swear he is even better than rest well experience naa so he can help his bro get his love back

Last time also they fell in love slowly slowly due to their fights only and this time too naa

Bas beta dev don't get caught by maan or you are so doomed for sure

No! Dev wont get caught!

Well anj she knew that already

I knew it he would do this again but why does it matter you hate khushi so why make her jealous

But of course he will do it wont he

Dude she is easy but not that much

And you are underestimating her too she has a lot of endurance for such things

Finally she aint letting it show how much she is hurt by his remarks

It had to be done or he would break her too much and then all could be ruined naa

I knew it she wont show her hurt when he mentioned la and red sarees sorry but she is made of sterner stuff

Exactly! Our Khushi is stronger!

So are we gonna just look at her standing there or give her a lift too mate

Well how can he stop worrying for his love no matter what happened

But of course this time geet wont make it easy for him either

Kya excuse diya hai inhone well sach toh bol nahin sakte toh yehi sahi


He shall never listen to you about this no matter what you say to him

Oh ho maan we waved back to her good that's some progress for now

He will be out of his sadness once you are back with him dear

And of course our maan is good looking

So this is how her love started for him again


And that will help only further to him only

Haiyye kya baat hai kya solid chapter tha boss

And luckily this time my stupid net didn't let me down wooohoo

So lets see what else is in store for maneet and arhi

What ever it is am sure it will be rocking and fun too

Cheers for pm

Thanks for the review! And I hope my story keeps you hooked in future too!Wink

Edited by Kalpana_Writer - 02 November 2013 at 12:37pm
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 31 October 2013 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by coolflora

arnav acting cruel now make him learn the truth fast
i like this dev at least he is trying to make them together
the big twist i know arnav will learn the truth and geet will also fall in love with maan and may confess too

You are awesome! How did you guess it so perfectly? You understood my plot ek dum perfectly. But I bet you even you wont be able to predict what will happen next after Chapter 64!Wink

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 31 October 2013 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ashavi

well i think Maan was a much better and sincere lover than Arnav...
atleast Maan always thinks abt Geet's safety and happiness even if he s in this much pain...
loved their office encounters...poor Maan s trying his best nt 2 show his true emotions 2 Geet...
love Dev for his efforts 2 bring Maaneet 2gether...
well i pity Khushi for falling for a man lik Arnav who never trusted her and s nw thinking so low abt her and seeking pleasure by hurting her...
if Khushi forgives him soon then i will kill Khushi with by bear hands as Arnav s hurting her 2ooo much vtout trying 2 find actual reason of her act...all he can and will think s only abt himself...selfish guy...don't pity him even a bit...
waiting for Geet 2 fall for Maan...
awesome update...
update soon...
Dont worry! Arnav will suffer! Khushi might forgive him but she will make him regret his decisions! Even after misunderstanding ends, Arnav wont be able to get his Khushi easily! That is for sure! You just wait and enjoy!

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