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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 63)

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Place - Maan's Cabin At Khurana Constructions


     Maan was burning in anger as he paced to and fro in his cabin. His hands were clenched in fists. Yesterday, almost after a year, Geet had entered his dream. He saw her dressed in the pink saree which his mother had chosen for her Bahu and her smiling face was inviting him to spend sometime with her. He had woken up from the dream drenched in sweat. Ek saal! Maan thought. Ek saal hua woh mujhe mere sapno mein bhi nahi mili! Aur kal! Ek baar kya woh mere baahon mein aa giri mere ehsaason ne mujhe daga de diya! Kitni shiddat se maine un ehsaason ko band kar diya tha dil ke ek kone mein! Kal Geet ke ek baar meri baahon mein girne se woh jasbaaton ke darwaaze khul gaye! Bas! Kya itni hi meri sehenshakti hai? He shook his head. He went and sat on the chair. He closed his eyes and the scene of Geet in his arms flashed in front of his eyes. He got up with a jerk and looked around in confusion. Nahi! Mujhe is ladki ko apni zindagi se door karna hi hoga! He nodded and marched towards the cabin door. He opened the door and BAM! Slammed right into Geet who had been sent by Sasha to hand him some files. Down they went and Geet fell down with Maan on top of her.


    The moment Geet had fallen she had closed her eyes. Now, she slowly opened her eyes only to see Maan staring at her. She stiffened in shock and stared back. She was not supposed to get this close to him! It was not good for her crush! Her mind belatedly reminded her. But Geet was too lost in Maan to pay heed to her brain. She stared back at him with the same loving eyes Maan once saw on Soni's face. Maan was transported back into the world of past where Maan and Soni were together. He stared at Geet with love and desire written on his face. Suddenly, someone cleared their throat. While Maan did not hear it as he was too lost in his Soni, Geet heard the noise and looked around from her position. There stood Adi, Sasha, Pinky, Tasha and rest of the staff all looking at her and Maan with expressions ranging from worry to amusement. She looked at Maan in worry and whispered, "Sir!" Maan did not budge. "Sir!", Geet whispered loudly but still no response. Finally Geet pinched him on his right arm and Maan came out of his reverie, "Ouch!" He rubbed the pinched spot all the while glaring at Geet. Geet gave him a sorry expression, "Sab dekh rahe hain Mr. Khurana!" That brought Maan out of world and back into the reality where Geet was not his Soni. He got up from the floor and dusted him off all the while glaring at the gathered crowd. The crowed vanished at his glare while Geet got up adjusting her Duppatta. Maan turned and glared towards her. He was angry on himself for not controlling his feelings. And all his anger found its target; Geet. "Geet!", he barked and Geet turned her attention on him. He fumed, "Tum dekhke nahi chal sakti, andhi ho kya?" Geet's jaw dropped open. Hey Babaji! Yeh toh ek accident ko bhi mujhpe blame kar rahe hain! Main kal sahi thi! Yeh achche insaan nahi hai! She opened her mouth to defend herself but Maan had not finished, "Pata nahi kaun hai woh jisne tumhein yahaan naukri di! Jab dekho mujhse takraati rehti ho! Aankhen hai ya button! Phir se takraayi toh tumhaari khair nahi Miss. Raizada!" He turned around and marched away leaving behind a confused and angry Geet. She looked up and mumbled, "Hey Babaji! Kis khadoos se paala padwaaya hai aapne! Jab dekho daantta rehta hai! Ab aap hi mujhe inse door rakho Babaji!" She huffed and walked away to tell Sasha that she will never enter Maan's cabin for any more work.




Place - Arnav's Room In Shantivan


     Arnav typed on his laptop as Anjali entered his room. "Chote? Humaara ek kaam kardoge please?" Arnav looked up and smiled, "Sure Di! Bolo!" Anjali smiled at him, "Woh aaj shaam ko humne Khurana family aur Buaji aur Khushi ko ghar bulaaya hai raat ke khaane par! Lekin baahar bahut baarish ho rahi hai! Toh kya tum Khushiji aur Buaji ko pick up kar doge please?" Arnav wanted to scream. Arnav wanted to shout that he did not want to go. He did not want to see her face but he calmly replied, "Sure Di!" Anjali smiled and walked away while Arnav grabbed a paper and crumpled it with his hand putting all his anger into it.  




Place - Outside Buaji's House In LaxmiNagar


   It was pouring cats and dogs when Arnav reached Laxminagar. As Arnav parked the car outside the house, Buaji and Khushi came out of the house holding an umbrella and opened the car door. They sat behind Arnav when suddenly, Buaji exclaimed, "Haayre Nandkisore! Hum toh bhool hi gaye! Mandir se Prasad laaye the jo Shantivan ma sabko baantna tha! Uu ko lena toh hum bhool hi gaye! Hum abhi uu ko lekar aavat hai haan bitwa!" She was about to get down when Khushi grabbed her hand, "Hum jaate hain Buaji!" Buaji shook her head, "Arre! Titaliya! Toh ko nahi maaloom ki us dibbe ko rakha kahaan hai humne! Hum le aate hain!" And she walked away leaving behind Arnav and Khushi alone in the car. Khushi gulped knowing very well that Arnav would not leave the chance to taunt her. And surely after a while, Arnav piped in a casual voice, "Waise Khushi ek baat bataao!" His casual voice would have told any listener that he was just doing common talk but Khushi could sense the ulterior motive behind it. She knew that whatever Arnav spoke next would bring pain for her. She waited with bated breath. Arnav leaned back on the driving seat, "Tumhein baarish mein naachna bahut pasand haina!" She felt pain pinch her heart as their two dances in the rain flashed through her mind. Arnav turned around and gave her a smirk. Her heart skipped a beat in anticipation of his next words. "Aur kitne ladko ke saath aise baarish mein dance kiya hai? Ya main hi pehla hoon?" Khushi's jaw dropped open and tears welled up in her eyes as his words registered her brain. How could he think of her in such a way? Did he never love her? Suddenly, the door of the car opened and Buaji entered with a dabba in her hand, "Lo aagaye hum! Chalo Arnav Bitwa!" Arnav turned around and started driving. Khushi looked out of the window to hide her tears from Buaji. As tears rolled down her face, Arnav stared at her from the rear view mirror and smiled satisfactorily.  




Place - Dev's Cabin In Khurana Constructions


     It was evening and Maan sat on Dev's chair while Dev fiddled with the radio on the window. There was cabin adjoining Dev's cabin and had a glass partition between both the cabins. This was Sasha's cabin where Geet sat today waiting. Geet was waiting for Aakash to pick her up as this was their daily routine.  While most of the staff had gone home, Geet was still staying behind as Aakash had extra work and had warned her to wait for him. Dev had decided to stay back due to some work and Maan had come over to the cabin claiming that he would wait for Dev and both would go home together. Anyone else would have believed that claim but Dev saw through it clearly. Maan wanted to make sure Geet went home with Aakash and hence, had stayed back to make sure of that and also had come into Dev's cabin to keep an eye on Geet. Dev shook his head. Aur Bro kehte hain ki woh Geet ko bhool chuke hain! Ya Right! Aur kisiko jaake ullu banaao Bro! Because I know the truth. Suddenly music played through the radio and Dev smirked. Perfect song for perfect moment!


Kaise Bataayein

Kyun Tujhko Chaahein

Yaara Bataa Na Paayein


Maan looked up from his place and right at that time Geet looked across the cabin. Maan and Geet's eyes clashed.


Baatein Dilon Ki

Dekho Jo Baaki

Aankhen Tujhe Samjhaayein


Maan averted his eyes.


Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na


Dev smirked at Maan's reaction.


Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na


Maan closed his eyes not wanting to look at Geet and feel his feelings erupt in his heart for her.


Milke Bhi

Hum Na Mile

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun


Geet dressed in purple saree having icecream date with him flashed through his eyes.


Meelon Ke

Hai Faasle

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun


Geet and him posing for family photographs flashed through Maan's mind.



Hai Silsile

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun


Vision of Geet dressed in Red and White Saree entering Shantivan passed through his eyes.


Sapne Hai

Palkon Tale

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun


Maan opened his eyes in shock not wanting to remember those days and feel the pain of loosing Soni.


Kaise Bataayein

Kyun Tujhko Chaahein

Yaara Bata Na Paayein


Geet curiously looked as emotions flashed through Maan's face pain being prominent one out of them.


Baatein Dilon Ki

Dekho Jo Baaki

Aankhen Tujhe Samjhaaye


Ek gaane ne Mr. Khurana ki yeh haalat kyun kardi? Geet wondered.


Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na


Maan looked around to forget the painful memories only to look at Geet's face.


Nigaahon Mein Dekho Meri

Jo Hai Bas Gaya

Woh Hai Milta Tumse Hubahu


Kyun mujhe tumse pyaar hua Soni? Tumse door hi main behetar tha! Maan thought.



Jaane Teri Aankhen Thi Ya

Baatein Thi Wajah

Hue Tum Jo Dil Ki Aarzoo


Maan noticed Geet staring at him and turned away.


Tum Paas Hoke Bhi

Tum Aas Hoke Bhi

Ehsaas Hoke Bhi

Apne Nahi


Aise Hain

Humko Gile

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun


Geet frowned. Ek pal ke liye laga Mr. Khurana yahaan nahi kahin aur the!


Meelon Ke

Hain Faasle

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun


Tu Jaane Na


Aakash came into the office and waved at Maan and Dev.


Tu Jaane Na


He hugged Geet and both walked away.


Tu Jaane Na


Geet while walking turned around and looked at Maan once and then walked away.


Tu Jaane Na




Place - Arnav's Car Driving Through Streets of Dilli


    "Arre! Babua! Tanik zara radio on kari dyo! Is wakhat bade achche gaane laagat hain radio ma!", Buaji piped up as Arnav navigated the car through the rain filled roads. He nodded and started the radio.



Jaane Na Jaane Na Jaane Na...


Tu Jaane Na


Khushi looked up in shock as the song played.


Khayaalon Mein Laakhon Baatein

Yun Toh Keh Gaya

Bola Kuch Na Tere Saamne


Arnav gripped the steering wheel tightly. Kitna kuch kehna chaahta tha tumse! Lekin tumhaare us dhoke ne mujhe tumse nafrat karne par majboor kar diya!



Hue Na Begaane Bhi Tum

Hoke Aur Ke

Dekho Tum Na Mere Hi Bane


Kitni ajeeb baat hai Arnavji! Aap Lavanya Di ke hone waale pati ho par phir aapki dil aaj bhi mere paas hai! Khushi smiled sadly.


Afsos Hota Hai

Dil Bhi Yeh Rota Hai

Sapne Sanjota Hai

Pagla Hua


Arnav glared at the roads as the singer crooned.


Soche Yeh

Hum The Mile

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun


Kyun mila main tumse Khushi? Kyun? Arnav shouted in his mind.


Meelon Ke

Hain Faasle

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun


Ab hum bahut door hogaye aapse Arnavji! Khushi thought.



Hain Silsile

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun


Why doesn't this song end dammit? Arnav wondered.


Sapne Hain

Palkon Tale

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun


Khushi wiped her tears discreetly.


Kaise Bataayein

Kyun Tujhko Chaahein

Yaara Bataa Na Paayein


Why? Why do I still love you Khushi? Arnav questioned.


Baatein Dilon Ki

Dekho Jo Baaki

Aankhen Tumhein Samjhaayein


Humpar ek baar bharosa kar liya hota Arnavji! Khushi thought.


Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na


Buaji smiled, "Kitna achcha gaana haina Titaliya?'


Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na


Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na




Place - Shantivan


     Anjali smiled as she welcomed the Khurana Brothers into the house. The rest of the Khurana family had already arrived along with Buaji and Khushi arriving with Arnav. Dev and Maan met with the Raizada family and soon groups were formed with Buaji joining Daadima, Naaniji, Maama and Maami into discussing the upcoming wedding, Khushi and NT joining Anjali and Geet in playing with Kanha. Dev joined Aakash where they spoke about their college life and Arnav and Maan went off to the corner to discuss business as usual. The only persons missing were Shyam, Annie and Arjun with Shyam going away for some work and Annie and Arjun returning to Mumbai after the naamkaran of Kanha. They will return to Delhi for the weddings. After a while, Anjali announced that dinner was ready and the whole clan met at the dining table to eat. The whole dining time was filled with chatter as various types of people gathered discussing their lives and the lives of their loved ones.


   Once the dinner was done, all of them gathered around in the living room. Suddenly, Geet vanished to the sleeping areas of the house and after a while emerged with her brother's guitar. Aakash rolled his eyes and shook his head. Yeh Geetto bhi na! Jab dekho gaana! Geet handed the guitar over to her brother with a smug grin on her face. Aakash with a defeated look on his face mumbled, "Bolo! Aaj kya gaaun?" The elder people laughed at his defeated look while Geet replied, "Why did you break my heart?" Khushi looked at Arnav in shock while Maan took a sharp breath. All three of them felt the words said by Geet were what they were feeling themselves. Anjali huffed, "Yeh kya baat hui Baby? Har waqt sad song! Kanha ke naamkaran par bhi aapne sad song ki farmaaish ki thi! Aur aaj bhi sad song!" Geet gave her a sad smile, "Kya karoon Di? Jab Brij aur uske saathiyon ne mujhe band kar rakha tha toh yehi sad songs dimaag mein ghoomte the! Tab se in sad songs se pyaar hogaya hai!" The way she said it made the people in room feel upset for her past. Suddenly, Geet grinned, "But Veere! Mujhe yahi gaana sunna hai! Please!" Seeing her pleading face, Aakash gave in and strummed his guitar.



Why Did You Break My Heart


Arnav looked at Khushi accusingly.


Why Did We Fall In Love


Khushi pondered the same question.


Why Did You Go Away Away Away Away


Maan closed his eyes trying to ignore the memories swirling inside his head; the memories this song reminded him of.


Dil Mera Churaya Kyun

Jab Yeh Dil Todna Hi Tha


Arnav looked away in anger.


Humse Dil Lagaaya Kyun

Humse Mooh Modna Hi Tha


Arnav looked at Khushi again and this time their eyes met.


Dil Mera Churaya Kyun

Jab Yeh Dil Todna Hi Tha


Khushi averted her eyes as the hatred Arnav's eyes were depicting started piercing her heart.


Humse Dil Lagaaya Kyun

Humse Mooh Modna Hi Tha


Maan looked at Geet who was enjoying the song.


Why Did You Break My Heart

Why Did We Fall In Love

Why Did You Go Away Away Away Away


Geet swayed sideways as she enjoyed the song.



Dil Ko Dhadakna Tu Ne Sikhaaya

Dil Ko Tadapna Tu Ne Sikhaaya

Aankhon Mein Aansu Chupe The Kahin

Inko Chalakna Tu Ne Sikhaaya


Arnav closed his eyes as tears of pain and betrayal trailed through his cheeks. He wiped them away discreetly.


Seene Mein Basaaya Kyun Dil Se Jab Khelna Hi Tha


Why Khushi why? Arnav wanted to ask.


Humse Dil Lagaaya Kyun Humse Mooh Modna Hi Tha


Arnav wandered off to poolside excusing himself by citing phone call as reason.


Dil Mera Churaya Kyun


Khushi looked away as tears threatened to well up in her eyes.


Why Did You Break My Heart

Why Did We Fall In Love

Why Did You Go Away Away Away Away


Aakash smiled at Geet as he strummed the guitar while singing.



Milti Thi Nazrein Jab Bhi Nazar Se

Uthte The Shole Jaise Jigar Se

Saanson Se Nikla Jaise Dhuan Sa

Banta Tha Mujhse Jeete Na Marte


Maan looked down as memories of his and Soni's romance assaulted his mind leaving him breathless. Dev and NT noticed Maan's reaction and smirked at each other.


Aag Kyun Lagaayi Jab Bujhaaye Bin Chodna Hi Tha


Why did you leave me Soni? Maan wondered.


Humse Dil Lagaaya Kyun Humse Mooh Modna Hi Tha


Geet's eyes reached Maan and she frowned. Why Mr. Khurana looked as if he is in pain. What is going on here?


Dil Mera Churaya Kyun

Jab Yeh Dil Todna Hi Tha


Maan looked up and his eyes met Geet's eyes.


Humse Dil Lagaaya Kyun

Humse Mooh Modna Hi Tha


Geet took a sharp breath as she noticed the intensity of Maan's stare. Her eyes widened and she looked away.


Why Did You Break My Heart

Why Did We Fall In Love

Why Did You Go Away Away Away Away


And the night ended with one soul thinking about why Mr. Khurana was looking so sad while the other three souls missing the ones they loved.




Place - Khurana Constructions


     Maan stood in the conference room as Geet went on chattering in front of him while waving her hand around in excitement. They had gotten an order of constructing a housing society consisting of row houses just recently. Maan had called Sasha over so that together they could go through the requirements and Sasha could make the design. Sasha instead of coming had sent Geet over saying that Geet should start getting involved in the work. Maan could not go against Sasha as she was training Geet. Hence, Maan decided to endure Geet and the memories which would assault him at her arrival. And here he was with Geet, listening to her chatter. While what she was speaking about was in sync with the requirements cited by the clients, her hand waving and dreamy expression reminded him too much of Soni which was getting harder for him to bear. He was inches away from hugging Geet and never letting her go. These all feelings led to Maan being frustrated by Geet's antics and hence he erupted, "GEET!" Geet stopped her chatter and stared at Maan in shock. Maan roared, "Jab se tum meri zindagi mein aayi ho meri zindagi ka chain chala gaya hai!" He glared at her and marched away out of the room. Geet stood there with her mouth open, "Maine kya kiya?", she asked in an innocent voice. She looked up, "Dekha Babaji! Kaise hai mere boss! Ek dum khadoos! Veere kuch bhi kehlein sach toh yahi hai ki Maan Singh Khurana ek rude aur akdu insaan hain! Lekin aapne bhi kisi aisi vaisi ladki se panga nahi liya hai! Main Arnav Singh Raizada ki behen hun! Aise nahi chodungi aapko! Agli aapko baraabar jawaab doongi! Dekh lungi aapko Mr. Khurana!" She huffed and walked away.



   Meanwhile Dev who was hiding outside and listening to the antics of Maan and Geet, smirked. It was he who had suggested to Sasha to send Geet to meet Maan instead of herself. Aur mera plan kaamyaab ho raha hai! Dono lado! Aur lado! Tabhi toh pyaar hoga! Aur phir ... Dev started singing in his mind. Aaj Mere Bro Ki Shaadi Hai! Aaj Mere Bro Ki Shaadi Hai! Dev walked away singing marriage songs in his head.




Place - Shantivan


    Arnav glared at the girl sitting beside his Di on the floor playing with Kanha. His Di had invited Khushi over to play with Kanha as Anjali thought that Khushi must have gotten bored while staying in the house in the afternoon. As he glared at Khushi under the pretense of working on his laptop, his Di spoke, "Waise Khushiji! Lavanyaji ka favorite color kaun sa hai?" Khushi smiled at her, "Di ko laal rang bahut pasand hai!" Anjali giggled happily, "Arre! Waah! Humaare Chote ka favorite rang bhi laal hi hai!" She turned to look at Arnav and asked teasingly, "Haina Chote?" She winked at him and Arnav got an idea to hurt Khushi by making her jealous. He kept his laptop aside and leaned forward, "Haan! Di! Infact, mujhe lagta hai ki shaadi ke baad Lavanya ko bhi laal rang ki saadiyaan apne cupboard mein stock karke rakhni chaahiye just for me!" Anjali giggled while Khushi looked down. Arnav went straight for the kill, "By the way Di? Won't Lavanya look beautiful in red? Ek dum pari lagegi nahi?" Anjali nodded and Arnav looked at Khushi, "Right Khushi?" He looked at her expecting her to be hurt at his words but when she looked up there was smile on her face, "Haan Arnavji! Di toh Laal rang mein bahut hi khoobsurat lagti hai! Infact, pata hai aapko Anjaliji ek baar na..." She went to chatter about one of the incidents happened in their childhood while Anjali reacted to each and every part narration with equal vigour. Arnav leaned back in disappointment as his plan to hurt Khushi flopped. But what Arnav did not know was that Khushi was hurt but she did not show it on her face.




Place - Outside Khurana Constructions


     Maan walked out of the company premises while talking on the phone. He absentmindedly noted that it was raining heavily outside. Before he could stand for a moment, his driver brought over his car. He nodded to him and opened the car door. As he sat in, the call ended and he looked outside right in time to notice Geet standing a bit far away but under the company entrance roof trying to keep herself safe from rain. His driver started the car but Maan asked him to stop. He rolled down the window and shouted, "GEET!" Geet turned to look at person calling her but the moment she noticed it was Maan calling she bit her lip not knowing how to respond to him without being rude. Maan asked the driver to go in reverse and soon Maan was face to face with Geet. "Tum yahaan kya kar rahi ho?", Maan asked worried for her safety. Geet sniffed but decided to deign him with her answer, "Veere late ho gaye hain! Toh unka wait kar rahi hun!" Maan nodded and asked the driver to wait for a while. Geet frowned and piped up, "Aapko wait karne ki jaroorat nahi hai!" Maan glared at her, "Jaroorat hai!", his eyes softened, "Tum meri employee ho! Aur tumhaari safety meri zimmedaari hai!" "Par?", Geet mumbled but Maan cut her off, "Mujhe kuch nahi sunna! Main tumhein yun akele chod nahi sakta. Samjhi!" Geet nodded. Soon, it was half hour but Aakash had yet to arrive. Geet felt bad. Because of her Mr. Khurana was stranded here. "Mr. Khurana! Aap chale jaayiye! Main sambhaal lungi!" Maan sent a glare her way and she quieted down. Soon, Aakash arrived and he met with Maan and talked for few moments. Then Aakash and Geet went to their car. As Geet sat in, she looked out of the window. Maan was still staring at her. She hesitated but after a second waved at him. Maan almost forgetting himself, smiled and waved back at her. Geet leaned back in her seat as Aakash drove the car. Waise Mr. Khurana itne bure bhi nahi hai! Thode short tempered hain! Thode rude hain! Lekin dil se ek achche insaan hain! Bas ek baar koi unki aankhon se us udaasi ko nikaale dein toh woh aur bhi achche lagne lagenge! She smiled at her thought as the car drove away.






If you guys remember, before the twist I used to cover two days in one chapter. This way I covered two months in which all the leads fell in love.


The same way, here I will cover two days in one chapter and this way Chapter 57 to 63 will cover 14 days after which on 15th Day i.e. in Chapter 64 there will be a twist which will bring the story back on track!


So according to my plan this Chapter contained Day 3 and Day 4.

Next update will cover Day 5 and Day 6.


By the way, Day 1 started on Monday. And the story started in the month of April 2012 and the mega twist came in the start of June 2012. Now Chapter 56 started in the mid of June 2013. Keep note of the timeline or you will get confused while reading the story!





The first song is from the Movie Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani (2009) sung by Aatif Aslam and picturised on Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif.


The second song is from the Movie Akele Hum Akele Tum (1995) sung by Anu Malik and Kumar Sanu picturised on Aamir Khan and Manisha Koirala.





Arnav and Khushi share a moment while Geet starts to fall for Maan.

Stay tuned next Friday for the next Update!


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Hopefully today my net won't betray me
Let's see shall we

Poor maan I so feel for him

Well not as much as I feel for his geet though

Oh ho so she is back in your dreams

Wearing your mother given saree for her bahu wow

And this was bound to happen which is why dev gave geet this job

He wanted those feelings of love for geet that you have buried in you to be alive again

And you did just that

Well your heart for sure did

But of course this wont be enough for maan to be with his love again

Ufff at least in your dreams don't run from her itna toh aap karr sakte hain ji

Ek saal hoy a 50 saal pyaar toh aap unhi se hi karenge and you know it

You can try to keep her away but the truth is you cant really succeed dude

Ufff maan you feelings aren't some clients or employees that they will listen to your MSKness

They will do what they think is right

And for your feelings and heart she is the one naa

Waise jitni bhi koshish karr lijiye but you cant let those feelings for her stay buried some deep corner of your heart

They are bound to come out when you see her feel her and that's what happened

Ufff abb pyaar toh aisa hi hota hai you cant supress it even if you wanna so sorry maan or is it MSK you cant win against it and you know so

Well there he wanted to send her further from him but instead she seems to be getting closer

What a timing my man now that's something

Maan kya baat hai aap ke toh bhaag hi khul gaye

But of course you wont let that get to you that easily

After all you are in your DD mode naa

What a scene that is and after so long too haiyye main toh flat ho gayi ji

 Sorry dear this just isn't in your control to be away from him

You have been too much apart from him but not anymore

Arrey inhe apne crush ki padi hai aur wahan maan ka control aur mushkil hota jaa raha hai

Kya situation paida kari ji aap ne ji

Dude snap out of it chaddo why bother

That's the second time mate and in the office too

Sheesh adi pinky and tasha  and full staff oh ho bas inhi logon ki kami thi

Wow he was too lost in her and she had to do something to bring him out of his stupor for sure

Don't you glare at her mate she tried to bring you back to reality but you were too lost in her

And here comes his MSK mode for sure

Haila khud toh dekh kar nahin chal rahe the aur inhe blame karr rahe hai

Bechari geet inki toh kismet hi kharab hai ji

Oh ho don't come to such conclusions dear but of well now that you have that's okay too

Aap ki aankhon ko kya hua who bhi toh button jaisi ho jaati hai with her close by

Man that was bound to happen

If it didn't well then it wouldn't be MSK naa

But that's a start anyway hai naa so lets continue with that

So she don't want to be near him are ya sure sweetie

When we all know that isn't the case but further from it right

Sorry babaji cant listen to that pray of yours

 Ahhh so here cometh ASR yeh toh MSK se bhi do kadam aage hain

Ufff him and his anger issues

Poor khushi yaar

She is the one who is faring out the worst and all because of one mistake of breaking his heart

After all according to arnie only he is heart broken while khushi is being so happy and living her life peacefully

As if its even worse for her not only has she lost her love to her sister but she cant see her sister with that love but she has to for now

Great so this means he is gonna be a rakshash again aint of course what else to expect

Just once I wanted for him to think of it from her pov

But guess that wont be happening

So I hope she makes him pay for all this he is doing now when all is well

That will teach him few things for sure

Arrey yeh bua bhi naa give him more chances to taunt khushi

But then she don't know naa

No wonder khushi was willing to go and get the Prasad to avoid him

But guess her luck is not going well for now

Don't make it worse I keep saying it but he wont listen

Rakshash laad governor

Now how is he gonna taunt her with buaji absence

I would like to see him try it in front of other agar itni hi himmat hai inme

But if he did then this situation wouldn't have come either would it

You know what arnav you are asking for your own down fall

Khushi don't just don't give a damn to him please

He is not worth it at the moment if at all

Dammit arnav even I have doubts if you ever loved

What kind of love is this that takes satisfaction I making her cry

He just cant be understood by me but then he was betrayed or so he thinks

At least just once as his right of being her love he should have asked why she did what she did

But no why would he after all he is ASR aint he sad man real sad that attitude of his is gonna cause him to loose a lot one hopes

What is dev up to now with the radio I wonder something good for sure

Uff inka pyaar bhi ajeeb hai naa

But then love is strange in itself for sure

He wants to be sure that geet goes off safely but cant go fight for that love

Yaar sach mein kaise premi mile hain hamari geet aur khushi ko

Well phela pyaar hai aur uppar se they both are useless when it comes to heart emotions and stuff

And the only ones who made them feel those things aren't with them so this right

I know who is maan fooling except himself man

As if it is hard to forget your first love whom you still love and will continue to love no matter what

Dev you are right perfect song for maneet that is one of my favs

 Naino se nain ladh rahe hai kya baat hai ji

Kab tak aap apni nazar inse churayenge maan

Well yes she doesn't know now but that wont be for too long either

Aap unhe dekhein ya naa you still cant keep your love for her buried for too long

Haiyye FB of all their moments wow that was perfect there

Dude you haven't really lost her but how to tell him this right

Ahhh geet if you knew why he is like this well we wouldn't be in this situation but what to do this too was necessary naa

Kya Karen bechare ne apna phela pyaar khoya well not really but he thinks so naa

As if he can forget any memories related to her ever and with her in front of his eyes at KC even more harder not that we would want him to forget her love ever

Pyaar kabhi pooch karr nahin hota hai maan bas ho jaata hai

And you cant stop yourself from falling no matter what

Kab tak yeh appne nazrein inse chura paayenge even I wanna know

He was very far off in that land where just the two of you were there geet

 Hmmm so her ride is her some relief for maan or not

Jaate jaate she gave him one last look waah kya baat hai

No don't buaji these songs only bring them sadness but she  don't know dammit it why didn't anyone know that was the major headache in their love story

Very few knew of their love compared to maneet

Oh dear this is such sad times for them all

Well you had the right to say something to her once before you started hating her but you didn't do that either

That sure is true his heart is with her while the same is true for her

But he is hell bent on breaking that heart dear

Actually even she wants to know why she met you not just you arnav

Well you are far from him only because of your one decision but as if you had any choice right

 But I wish you had told him just once why you did what you did knowing he wont ask

Thought he also never gave you that chance

Because arnav love cant be gotten rid of that easily I just said same for maan

 But the two of you think that love can be gotten rid of just because you don't have your lover with you sorry but it don't work like that ever

Yes if only he did but he didn't and look what happened right well what to do this love lark was new for him so this was bound to happen

 If both maan and arnav didn't do what they are doing that would be so not them naa

Yes it's a good song but not if you are heart broken then it just makes that heart break even worse and makes you cry too

And so they meet again but of course we still have so much heart break about what to do

So all went in their own groups minus few who aren't here

Well guess annie and jun shall be back in time for the weddings to right partners hai naa

Geet yaar tere veere ko sirf sad songs hi kyun sujhte hain

Jabki inko inka pyaar mil chukka hai

Dude when you know you cant win against your little sis why do you even bother

Lo this time it wasn't aki who sang the sad song but geet herself suggested it why yaar

As it is there is enough sadness with her adding more to it

And isn't that the more reason not to listen to such sad songs but guess it goes with the modd of the lovers so why bother

Hmmm one side its arnav accusing his love and the other maan asking her why she did this to him

Oh ho these sad songs sure are making them think of their bhooli bisri yaadien

Wow it sure again is appropriate for these four lovers

Man I feel so bad for these lovers but what to do no one can win against their fate or destiny but the same will give them their love back

Great there she is enjoying the song the only one but then only because she don't remember well that is the biggest headache naa

Tears and only tears for them all but not for too long I know so this sad phase shall be over soon we just gotta be patient shame that is one thing I never can be

Aki is the only one who can smile as he is the only one out of these who got his love naa

Ahh his brother and his wife they are still routing for maneet love unlike his rest of family and also helping him win his love back too thank god for small mercies

Well she left you only to come back again to you only mate

Geet he is in pain as his love doesn't remember him and its you that love

What to do love can be bliss but it can also be painful very much so

Maan it seems nothing is going in your favour right

Well when once again is destiny bringing your love back to you don't go back from it mate

Haw not again yaar

Ab iss mein iss bechari ka kya kasoor that you didn't fight for her love

That you cant forget her love but she forgot you

Am sure had she a choice she wouldn't have forgotten

Dekh lijiye gaa we so want you to do what you are threatening

Tabhi toh mazaa ayegaa naa kyun

Don't spare him next time my dear

You show him hell from you and make him realise that you aint no pushover

Aye haiyye so it was dev plan huh

I swear he is even better than rest well experience naa so he can help his bro get his love back

Last time also they fell in love slowly slowly due to their fights only and this time too naa

Bas beta dev don't get caught by maan or you are so doomed for sure

Well anj she knew that already

I knew it he would do this again but why does it matter you hate khushi so why make her jealous

But of course he will do it wont he

Dude she is easy but not that much

And you are underestimating her too she has a lot of endurance for such things

Finally she aint letting it show how much she is hurt by his remarks

It had to be done or he would break her too much and then all could be ruined naa

I knew it she wont show her hurt when he mentioned la and red sarees sorry but she is made of sterner stuff

So are we gonna just look at her standing there or give her a lift too mate

Well how can he stop worrying for his love no matter what happened

But of course this time geet wont make it easy for him either

Kya excuse diya hai inhone well sach toh bol nahin sakte toh yehi sahi

He shall never listen to you about this no matter what you say to him

Oh ho maan we waved back to her good that's some progress for now

He will be out of his sadness once you are back with him dear

And of course our maan is good looking

So this is how her love started for him again

And that will help only further to him only

Haiyye kya baat hai kya solid chapter tha boss

And luckily this time my stupid net didn't let me down wooohoo

So lets see what else is in store for maneet and arhi

What ever it is am sure it will be rocking and fun too

Cheers for pm

Edited by chavvi16 - 25 October 2013 at 2:36pm

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Gudiyeet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 October 2013 at 11:44am | IP Logged
nice update
thanks for pm

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shiv456 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 October 2013 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Nice update I feel bad for khushi

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sanghita0000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 October 2013 at 11:57am | IP Logged

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drashtimeetu IF-Dazzler

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Awsome update
Loved it

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Barkah Goldie

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Awesome & Wonderful update
Love it

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ILoveFF IF-Dazzler

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very nice ... feel bad for Maan, Arnav and Khushi

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