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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 57)

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Posted: 16 October 2013 at 1:34am | IP Logged
part 56
whoa a leap...
awesome dear...
that too whole one year...
will u post the what all happened in this one year on Maan and Geet's lives?

oh its Geet who had gone to London for further studies...
but her loud mouth and words havent changed a bit...
good for her and us too...
the entertainment would have gotten affected if she had changed...
hahaha Arnav and Geet are too much honestly...
with Geet we get to see this side of Arnav...
even with Khushi we never gotta see this...
the grumbling and cribbing and fighting etc etc etc of Arnav is so so so hilarious...
that was so touching to see Maamiji and Maamaji and Aakash's closeness...
she has got a better life with the Raizadas and family...
seriously the car scenes was so fantastic...
well i think it will be Geet who will find out about Arnav's pain before marriage...
baaki sab pe koi bharosa nahi...
its coz Arnav has very well maintained that till now...
the kid was cute...
seriously Geet's life has changed so much with these people...
in fact shes living now only i mean right from the time she escaped from there and landed in Maan's life and till now...
Dev called Geet?
a kiss and hug to Dev darling...
what did he tell her and convince her?
i just wanna know the convo...
way to go Dev...
shes the naughty one here...
but compared to Maan's Soni, this version is kinda much matured...
but i love Soni's cuteness...
and in this Geet its like matured cuteness that is naughtiness...

OMG poor Khushi...
the women in the family have faced so much...
but Maan and Dev came up at the right point and supported them and support them now too...
the ladies have worked so much and have now succeeded in the lives now to live happily and with better sophistication...
they have shifted to Lucknow and lived without any problem...
so Khushi is coming to Delhi with Buaji...
and they never came face to face till now?
Khushi idiot...
now bhugto...
poor Arnav hes gonna be so tough on her...
well he was betrayed by her when only with her he has ever opened and bared his soul...
why no Maan in this?
twas all about Geet and Khushi...
and thoda Arnav...
though Maan was there in the picture but not direct involvement like Arnav...
hope u are able to understand what am trying to say...
Maan in this was through Khushi's thoughts...
the story is moving forward and looking forward for Geet and Dev...
cont soon dear...

PS - why arent u posting this link in the thread dear? this is also MG only though multi-starred this also dear...i dont think anyone would oppose that in the thread...

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Posted: 16 October 2013 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chavvi16

What the a year has gone

LOLMila na Jhatka!LOL

Well that year went by quick

But am guessing lot happened in the year

And why not right

Many things happened in Geet and Khushi's life but Maan and Arnav's life remained same!

So all the twists are over after this one

And the lover shall meet in the next one

But will it be that easy I doubt it right

You are right! Have more than 15 chapters before this story ends!

 Wait did arnie go away from here

Please tell me he isn't married to la

Please dont give me nightmares by saying that! Arnav married to La??? Main apni readers itni buri tarah se dil nahi dukha sakti!Wink

And if he isn't what happened with that

I really need to be more patient right


But unfortunately that is one virtue one doesn't have

It must be arnie only no wait it is possible for nk to come right

After all he too is missing for sure

And you said you will get him too

So it might just be him right

NK will enter after Chapter 64! Not before that!

What the well all that was wrong guess then

Oh well even better right

Its geet who was coming back

Wait where did she go I wonder

Again shall wait and know right

Oh ho so she had gone abroad to finish her studies

Does that mean she shall work in KC soon

Yup! Geet in KC in next chap!Big smile

Well one hopes so

And finally that love story shall start again

Wonder how maan shall react though if she comes there though

Reaction in next chappy too!Big smile

Glad she had raizadas though

As her own were just pathetic family man

What they did hope no one else should do to their own child man

And she is back with a bang for maan

Hope he is ready for this incoming hurricane he wont be but that's what I want

Maan is not going to give in so easily! He will also put tough fight!

Awww bless bhai behen hot oh aisa

And not geet sibling right

They so care for her am sure she was meant to be their sisiter only but inke ghar naa paida huyi toh kya hua


Anj chill maar yaar she is back naa

Ab khoob mann kare inhe daatna aur roothe rehena she will be with you guys obly

Well till she is ready to go to khurana mansion when she marries maan


And there aint no if about that

So this is why she couldn't come to his birthday huh

Well what could she do about this

Well of course if she too has arrogance how will she be able to take maan arrogance

That would spell disaster for maneet right

So true!

Ek toh hain hi arrogant ab doosre bhi hongi toh bann gayi inki love story

Sorry for calling maan arrogant though please don't bash me too much

Why should I bash you? You are right! Maan is arrogant!

Little much is understandable

Chalo geet is still geet

She cant change yaar warna maan ka kya hoga


Aur waise bhi I love the jhalli geet to anything else any time right


And she is back to get her man hahaha that was funny

Okay maybe not right sorry

Some things can never change though and its better that way

Well he is and always shall be infinite times much than her own brother

He did the duties of a brother better than that creep

Okay don't wanna talk about him and ruin me mood

Warna feel like killing him this time

Am glad she got aki as her brother he is so sweet understanding and so tolerating of her antics than arnie hai naa

Awww love their bond man

They are the cutest brother and sister duo

Aww! So sweet of you to say that!

So are others but they are the sweetest for sure

Not that am saying others aren't

Yeah why don't I dig this hole more and more there for myself


Ahhh what would she have done if no aki huh

Well she wouldn't have been able to escape as her veere thoughts kept her going while in captivity

Agreed! Without Veere's support and thoughts she would not have been able to get away from there!

Don't worry yeh baat aap logon ke palle naa padegi ji

But that's fine too

Geet dpnt worry you have your family here with raizadas

And after marriage the khuranas

They will make you forget the pains given by your biological family soon

Mami she is your little gilr the one you might not have given birth to but just as precious or even more right

Guess god just wanted you to meet geet and decided that's your baby girl

Well said!

How many years did that thingy person jailed for

Hope a long long time

And hope we don't hear of him unless to torture the man

How long he is Jailed???? Hmm... (Thinking right now) (After a while) Dont know and dont care! He is not coming back and thats all I care about!Wink

That always does the trick for sure mama bhi naa what to do with him

But its worked and that's what matters for sure

So she still considers her dad as dad but that don't mean manohar isn't her dad of sorts

Ahhh geet would have forgotten that bit about her dad naa like she did maan


Even if she didn't remember she was told and that's why she don't hate him like others right

But of course that don't mean she will forgive him as he too was part of it but that's for later on

Apne devdas kahan hain I wonder

Both of them not just maan but arnie too

And hope they both happened done something silly in between this year leap please

Devdas!!!LOLThe way you asked was really funny! Maan is not there coz this chapter is dedicated to changes in one year and only Geet and Khushi's life changed, so Maan is not in this one. Arnav is there coz he is related to Geet. So had to put him in here. 

And here comes one of the devdas

Well geet someone will have to be with kanha

He is just one cant bring him to airport naa

Maybe when you come back from your HM some time later then he can come

LOL For a while, I was like HM???? (Scratching my head) And then I was like Ohhh!LOL

And since that will happen later well then he would be older naa so anj can bring him too

Hawww had hai arnie

Itni hi shanti inhe pasand hai naa toh khushi ke saath kaise denge

Aur waise bhi aap ko shaanti suit nahin karti

Naa hi aap ko aur naa hi maan ko kyun


Bade sachai ki baatein karr rahein hain yeh

Uff here they start again don't they

And this is just between the siblings soon enough it will be for the couples too right

That will be even more fun for sure

Their nok jhoks but for now this is entertainment enough man

This nok-jhok was to establish the interesting relationship between Geet and Arnav. It is also my way of showing how Geet brings out Arnav's emotions. Warna he remains so serious most of the times. But here her antics makes him express his annoyance for her. Their relationship is also important in the future tracks!

Akdu toh yeh hain ask khushi she too would say the same

And even he is right about her but he is gonna be in trouble for sure

La bhabhi wont be your bhabhi dear

Inhe toh kewal khushi hi thek karr sakti hain

Ahhh that's still going on naa

Dammit neither are happy with the wedding though are they

Chalo at least geet noticed about his sadness regarding his marriage

Someone did finally right

Gayi bhains paani main ek yeh hi thi jinhone notice kiya aur who bhi taal gayi baat ko

Ufff ab kaise pata chalega well pata toh chalega hi

Dont worry! Geet itni bhi bewakoof nahi hai! Chapter 65 will have Geet coming to know about Arhi's truth!

As they shall to marry the one they are supposed to marry whom they were naa

But how that shall be revealed will have to wait and watch naa

Bless little kanha man

He is annoyed with his maasi huh well don't for too long

Ahhh so guptas didn't come for his birthday either

Dammit the wedding is coming closer

Well dammit only for arhi and la

Baaki payash I am happy for

At least they got their happily ever after

Big smile

Awww such happy and emotional reunion aint it

Well this was gonna happen naa

After all they had just got her back after such ordeals

But now she is here for a while

More than a while if maan has his way though hehehe

Good thing aki interrupted wanra water works would never stop that much is for  sure

Baad mein bhi kiya jaa sakta hai ji abhi thoda fresh toh hone dijiye geet ko

Aki I didn't know she didn't know her way to her room

But that's okay itne time baad mile hain and he wants to be with her more

Exactly! He wants to have more time with his dear Geetto!

What the

What does she mean by dev singh khurana

What did dev do I wonder

Well guess we shall know and soon

Seems he has played his part of sorts

If not direct approach but he has done something good at least someone did something right

What Dev did you will know by next chapter!

Don't worry wait till your bhabis come

Am sure they shall forget their office and all

Well they better or their brides wont be too happy


Kya Karen aap ki bhi kismet aisis hi hai geet

After all even maan is workaholic

But only she khushi and payal can sort their hubby out yaar

Just had a thought! Geet, Paayal and Khushi after marriage form a club for their pass time. Club's name: WOW! Which means Wives of Workoholics! Coz with their husbands working all the time, kuch toh timepass chaahiye na!Wink

Oh ho so no office but still of course they work

How can they stop  right

Bechari geet khushi and payal you so feel for them in such cases


Well this will have to be one of the moves geet

Go anj tell your brother to stop being so workaloic yaar

Khushi ka kya hoga yaar


And she didn't do anything wrong

At least eta peacefully then work no one will stop you am sure

Oh teri chuhiya sach mein arnie that's the best you can come up with

Actually, Arnav can come up with way better taunts but I suck at writing them! Kabhi kisiko aise naamo se bulaaya nahi na!Wink

Aur aap ki di inka hi saath degi

Aur inka hi kya apni furutre bhabhiyon ke saath hi hongi so don't sweat it

Over exaggeration much you guys thand paa lo

She shall have to do same for her hubby naa our geet when she marries maan

Or is it gonna be different when these three are married

Tab they might chuck their work for their wives but I bet then their wives wont care

ROFL Just imagined Paayal dressed in sexy saree comes in front of Aakash who is hooked onto his work on his laptop but the moment he notices Paayal he chucks his laptop without caring where it fell and tries to get close to Paayal but at last moment Paayal walks away citing boredom! ROFL This is what I thought when I read the last line!LOL

Tab aayga asli mazaa naa

What no wait what

What happened for these guys man

This is bad real bad

They lost their dad's all three of them

No wonder they couldn't come

Oh man this is bad they are now fatherless

Why did so much tragedy had to happen

Seems it will get worse before it gets better

What to say here man

Feel for the sisters but no one can fight with fate and destiny naa

But for this to happen makes things even worse and harder for them

Actually I needed a good reason for the marriage to be delayed by a year plus I wanted Khuranas to get close to Guptas. So killed the fathers!OuchEmbarrassed

At least she had her brother with her right

Seems khushi had to be strong for them again

She lost not only her biological parents but her bauji and another father figure

But if she falls weak who will support the rest right

So the khurana brother came to their rescue when needed

As did the rest of raizadas and khuranas of course

Maan you should know what ever may come they wont accept your offer

But then that wouldn't have stopped him from offering after all the girls are his sisters naa

And he cares for them deeply

Dammit it seems tragedy pe tragedy ho rahi hai

Which means time for good times to come their way


There is only that much bad luck and sadness going on right

Time for happiness and hope to make them stronger

 Wow even though much has happened am glad that these women were able to pick up the pieces

The way they managed to rise from this shows lots of courage

And that one gotta admire in them right

Am glad they pulled through for now

But time for them to make another move right

Well since two of the daughters are getting married in delhi they shall have to move bases

The marriage will happen in Lucknow! Naaniji announced it in the past one year but the info will come out in later chapters!

Yes the marriage shall be lavish but of course amma is right in her case too

What did maan say to khushi

Him and his brother have been great support to the girls right

Especially khushi who needed him the most

Hmmm waise khushi ki shadi kiske saath hogi who toh pata hai

Parr kaise hogi pata nahin

Parr la ka kya hoga yaar

NK haina!Wink

Awww maan offered to pay for his sister's wedding aint that sweet of him

Well how could he not yaar they are his sisters

Waise one thing I wanna say here before I forget

The relationships formed in this story are beautiful

Not only the ones between the actual siblings but others too

This is truly a family orientated story right

And am glad to be part of this sorry had to say that

Aww! That is so sweet of you to say! And I am glad that you are part of this awesome journey named DFL! Really happy that you were with me when I started it and really want you to be there when I end it! And dont feel sorry for saying such wonderful words! Really boosted my confidence by saying that! I always love shows which show good family bonding and where families are more of a support and less of people filled with hatred towards leads without any reason! So showed the same bonding in my stories too! I have planned two three stories with Maaneet and Arhi combo which I will start after this story ends and there also you will find the same supportive families!Big smile

Back to maan and his declaration then

Well it wont surprise anyone if amma and bua though

They couldn't accpe it but then our maan too is very stubborn fella

Well in such cases you gotta be stubborn for sure

Ahhh with man help and support things are going smoothly for gupta family

But they gotta go back to delhi and start preps for the double wedding

Wedding will be in Lucknow! But they are going to Dilli coz the house has been empty for a year so they want to put it to use by renting it to someone!

And that's where arhi shall meet too

Ahhh that's gonna be hard but its gotta be done too

 So khushi is going to delhi

Hmmm so arhi meeting sooner than one thought

Who is the tenant I wonder

That I shall wait for hope its someone who can help arhi too

Nahi Nahi! The tenant is of no importance! The only reason I put the house for renting is so that Khushi can come to Dilli and Arnav and she clash!

But that's too much to ask of and I cant do that

Well that person better be a decent person right

Kash inka bhi sharp brain kuch aur use mein kiya jaa sakta

But guess that's early days yet right

 Yes you lost your love and dad to in that year

So much happened but there is still more to come

Pyaar bhi hua tha aur iqraar bhi hone waala tha parr sab kuch gadbad ho gayi thi

How do you think he is dear same as you but of course wont say or show it

Wait why will she be meeting arnie sooner than expected

Well that's better naa

All the love birds shall meet and soon

So he didn't see her once when he visited

Why does that not surprise me man

Ohh so they all meet again and then what

Well lets see how that face off shall work

Man this is gonna be thrilling for sure

Even I am  excited for writing it! You know when I wrote the leap I was like finally! Coz the scenes till the leap chapter had been planned from last year and it reached now only! Felt so relieved! I was like now I can work on some fresh scenes not the scenes which have been roaming around my head for a whole year! Because till leap I had imagined all the scenes but after leap the plot is ready but each and every dialogue and expression have yet to be planned! Felt so fresh minded when I wrote Chapter 57!

And you my dear take your time next week

I would you rather not stress your hand even if it means no update next week

That is so sweet of you!

Take care and see you with another thrilling chapter of this

So leap was the next twist pakka all twists are over

No they cant be right after all maneet and arhi wedding too is kind of twist naa

Err... No! Not all twists are over! There will be another twist in Chapter 64 and 65 an after that there will be twists which will lead to the climax and that is the wedding!

Cheers for pm

Wow it brought so many changes didnt it this one year

And it shall shape the story ahead too right

Too right!
Thanks for the review!
And really eager to read your reaction to my new update!

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Originally posted by Zindagirocks_21

First of all awesome update, loved it as I usually do.

Thank you! And thanks for the review!

It's Kanha naamkaran day! Yayyy. He will be finally named. Arnav hiding his pain and being glad that his Di is way to happy to notice his pain and plus he's good at acting on hiding his pain. I just feel to bad for him, hiding his pain just because his family is very happy. Agghhh!!! Even he has a heart, even he gets hurt. He's no god, he's a human!! Than whyyy??

Because he loves his Di a lot!Smile

Finally arnav found out that lavanya is khushi sister, finally! At least one misunderstanding is over about lavanya being khushi sister. But arnav would be arnav and he would show khushi the consequences of rejecting him. Damnn too much going on.

 Yes, Arnav can be self centered sometimes that he cant think from others point of view!

OMG geet is naming the baby haha! The suspense she put was hilarious. If this happened in the show I would be laughing so much at arnav, akash and Shyam expressions. Her nicknames are just to funny! But happy that she named the baby after the god. Yayy!!

Yes, even I wished the same while writing!

I laughed to much at arjun and dev. Ahh full tridevo family. It was hilarious, and how nt pinched him to tell him to be quiet and stop laughing , warna biwi se pari ghi!! Yes you go dev only geet will be the khurana mansion badi bahu and no one else, even maan said that!! I can't wait for the reunion of geet and maan. Will be epiccc.

Even I cant wait for that!Big smile

Awee college days! Poor akash go. Stuck with two of his bestfriends girlfriends, if he didn't let any guys come close he gets beaten and even if he does he'll still get beat up by dev and Arjun. Poor poor akash!! He got stuck with it. Awe PayAl being sad about how her fianc went through that and on top he was taken to hospital many times. Poor akash bitwa.

Yes, poor Aakash!

I wish my college was like that, so much fun and masti! But no I have freaking brown creepy guys over here staring at me and my friend. Totally creepy!!

Same here dear!

Well the song he sang totally goes with the situation that going on.
Both maan and khushi promising their lovers! Maan promising geet that he would always be there when she would need help and that she would go way far, and become something! And khushi saying that she wishes arnav to be happy and forget her, and that she would meet him in her dreams where he would not see her unfaithfulness but faith that she has in their love. Really mind blowing update. Hey atleast geet looked at maan when akash was singing the song. That's a start to something.

That is why I chose that song! Coz it suited the situation! 

No one saw the anguish, the pain those three are going through. Everyone is blinded by the happiness that no one could see them in pain.

I have noticed this happening many times! When you are happy you dont notice another's sadness!

Well I don't watch those two shows, but knowing ekta kapoor and the way her shows are it would be epic lol!


Don't feel bad that I cried, If I cried it means it was for a reason and one awesome reason, and yeah maan would never share his pain with someone else and I truly wish he shares his pain with atleast someone.

That is so sweet of you! And Maan will be fine pretty soon! Geet haina!

OMG I have been listening to that song non stop haha. Shudh desi desi romance. Well I can't wait for my ASR to be back with a bang!!! Love him way to much to see him in pain...

Even I love that song! But my fav from the movie is Gulabi! Will write a Maaneet One shot on that song one day! It is that awesome! Yes, ASR will be back with a bang! Kyun Dard Hai Itna Tere Ishq Mein! Rabba Ve! Rabba Ve! Rabba Ve Rabba Ve! That is all I will say!

Thanks so much for the wonderful update and continue soon :)
Thanks for the pm
Love you <3
And thank you for reviewing! I know that you are busy with college! So am glad that you gave my FF some time!

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Originally posted by Zindagirocks_21

Awesome update as usual!

Thank you! And thanks for the review!

At first when I read that it says one year leap I was like oh okie. Than I read it again and I was like WHAT THE!!


Must say a lot of things have changed. I thought it was arnav who went abroad but it was geet! I'm so glad that she changed her surname to raizada! She deserves it. Whole crying and all was awesome. Mamaji was like calm down akash mother or else your makeup will get messed, and I loved how right away she stopped hugging geet and started fixing her makeup, really no matter what she will always worry about her makeup and that is the reason why I love manorama mami jii!!

 Happy that you enjoyed this part!

Well geet is back but I wonder how maan went through his life without seeing her face :(

Even I wonder. Hmmm... (Taking my thinking pose right now) After a while, er... no idea!Wink

Geet and arnav arguments are hilarious, he's like aagi waapis loudmouth!

Happy that you liked their banter. I also enjoyed writing it!LOL

Yay Kanha is one year old. Awe so cuteee. Everyone is mad at geet for not coming on his birthday, haha I love geet even though now she is a raizada, except her fashion sense everything else is the same. She is still the same chirpy, loud and funny geet.

Yes, Geet is the same! Cant change her right? Warna tum readers mujhe dho daalte!Wink

And I'm glad that she finished her studies, and also on too that she started calling manorama her mother but Mamaji still as PJ, since she still had soft spot for her father for actually coming and giving her certificates and telling her to be aware of the goons and move ahead in life.

I will always say that girls should be allowed to study and I will promote that message through my stories too!LOL Must have been a social activist in last janam!Big smile

OMG no way! Bauji and lavanya dad both of them died. I never expected that to happen, holly shit. It was a bi shock to me. I feel sad for the Gupta family that they had to go through this, but I got really happy when maan and dev stepped in and took the responsibly of the guptas! You guys rock and I truly love you.

I wanted a reason for the marriage to be delayed in a year and to Khuranas to get closer to Guptas, so killed the fathers!Embarrassed

Now a days even your own family betrays you on hard times, but they didn't even though not be blood related they were there for the gupta and I am so proud that they did so.

The things they must've gone through this hard time is just to saddening, but I'm glad and proud to say that these ladies stood up and wiped their tears and took care of te house and also the sweet shop which is more popular than it was before.

Go ladies! Girl power rocks! I will always promote girl power through my stories!Big smile

Arnav ignoring khushi and only coming to meet gupta family when khushi isn't home. One year without khushi seein him and him seeing her, how must he be feeling? Sad for sure. When geet said that she'll tell lavanya bhabi during the argument in the car he stopped talking even she noticed the difference but took it as office tension.

Arnav is feeling sad, angered, betrayed and broken hearted. You will see his reaction to Khushi soon!

During the dinner time in raizada house when geet took both akash and arnav phone I though that maybe she will see that arnav is looking at khushi picture, that's what I thought I'm like maybe arnav is looking at khushi picture. But it didn't happen.

Na! That scene was there only because I wanted a scene where Anjali announces that both brothers will work from home. And the reason that announcement took place was because I wanted Arnav to be home when Khushi visited so that they could have their scenes while Maaneet Story gets on track!Wink

Well the wedding is in a month, damnn girl when will the lovers be reunited!! I can't wait for them to be back together.

Khushi goin back to Delhi with buaji! Geet going to the KC for her job. This is getting more interesting.

Thanks for the pm and I continue soon also good luck with your exam.
Love you
Yes, next eight chapters will be interesting, And then there will be twist and then this story will be back on track. Till then, in the eight chapters, there will be pain for Maan, Khushi and Arnav!
And enjoy your college!

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Originally posted by Mina420

Oh my god, so much happedned... my exam is coming soon too, I will try and comment properly as soon as possible...
It is ok! I understand! Best of luck for your exams!
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Originally posted by Ashavi

wow...the leap was really a treat 2 read and was much needed one 2oo...

Thank you!
And thanks for the review!
I think you are the only one who has said that this leap was a needed one! Thanks for that!

feeling bad for Khushi,she faced so much in this one year...he lost her love,her father...but hats off to 5 ladies of Gupta house...they have managed 2 come out of the pain and even take their shop 2 new heights of success...Khurana family is truly a wonderful family...they supported Gupta's through thick and thin even when they vr not blood related 2 dem...

I always wanted the bond between Khuranas and Guptas to be strong due to future twists. So killed the father and also the fathers' death gave me a reason to delay the wedding by a year! My main goal was to give a year break so that Geet can complete her studies and join KC and for that one idea had to put in so many twists! Phew!

happy that Geet accepted Raizada surname and completed her Dev has offered her job in KC...waiting 2 see Maaneet interactions and how Geet realises her love for Maan...

Very eager to write those parts!Big smile

waiting 2 see how the separated lovers and going 2 reunite...but i want Arnav 2 know that all this mess happened only bcoz he had hide his identity from Khushi else she cud have avoided it somehow...hope he doesn't taunt her or hurt her when they meet again...

update soon...

Oh Arnav will come to know that it was his fault in Chapter 64! Not before than that! You see till Chapter 64 Geet has to fall for Maan then only the Arnav knowing the truth will take the right turn. So till then enjoy the story!

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 October 2013 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dishashah4176

nice update bt i feel arnav should have been with khushi in tht phase of life if he loves her as he claims
I agree! But Arnav is feeling too betrayed to care about Khushi! He wants to be there but her betrayal is stopping him!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 October 2013 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by coolflora

nice update
all of them were separated for a year
i feel so sorry for guptas 

finally they going to meet i hope at least arnav find out the truth and he stop thinking khushi betrayed him
Arnav will know to know the truth in Chapter 64! Not before that!

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