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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 52)

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Posted: 12 October 2013 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by honeygrape

bookmarking the story...
just read this update n story sounds very interesting...gonna go bk n read from the beginning when i get tymSmile
Thanks for bookmarking! And take your time and read the work! 
Really glad to entertain you!

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Originally posted by pips27

i always like the song sequences in ur ff Big smileBig smileBig smile
lovely update and hope to read another part soon EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Oh wow! Really??? Glad to read that!
Thanks for the review!
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Originally posted by prerna1

awesome story dear
just come across this story and loved it
awesome story great characters and beautiful writing style
loved it
waiting for the leap and hope atleast arhi misunderstanding got cleared
and add me in your pm list
Thank you so much!
Really happy to hear that my story could entertain you!
Hope that I am able to maintain your interest in future too!
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Originally posted by chavvi16

ek din phele
you mean chapter 56
hope i have time to do this today
or else it will be tomorrow
lets see shall we

Wow so more twists our way huh

Not that I mind

The more twists the more fun it it

And with you giving update a day early even better

Shame that I wasn't able to comment on same day but what to do

One cant give half-baked response now can one

First of all, thanks for the review! Second of all, review toh kiya! That is enough! Aaj karo ya kal not a problem!

Wooohooo finally kanha shall be named

And our aki gives a performance what can be better than that

Nothing well lots of things but there is time and place for that too


Oh I hope your back is better now

Lot better! Thanks for asking!

Okay so lets get down to it shall we

Wonder what happened in the six days from the last encounter of our couples who are no longer together

Dude chillax its not like kanha can be named without his parents being present right

Yes luck is on your side for that matter only

Because had that not been the case she would have picked up on your sadness

After all she is your di she knows you the best

Really that one thing of hiding your emotions from your di has made it worse for you

Then maybe all this wouldn't have happened


No actually it would have no matter what right

Warna story kaise badhti bhai

Oh ho toh guptas ka wait ho raha hai ya sirf iss ghar ki hone waali bahus

Well hope khushi comes but on other handi don't want her to come

There is only so much even she can keep her emotions from him

Funny if no one can get your sadness same is true for khushi

So she is here ufff so near and yet so close

Now he isn't her lover but jija to be

Man she never would have thought when she fell for him that they could share that relationship with him

But then fate had other plans right and destiny isn't with her either

Which is why she had to lose her love to it

Don't be silly her love was never fickle

Do you know how much it took her to be like this

Well if he knew he wouldn't be thinking all this

Oh arnie she is probably breaking as much on the inside as you if not more

At least maan knows about your pain so you can talk to him

But khushi cant even do that as maan isn't with her well not that we know of

Hey! Never thought of it that way! Arnav atleast Maan! Khushi has no one! Poor Khushi!Cry

So la dad is here

Hmmm that one was the person missing from all this

Wait they got engaged without her dad being there

How did that happen I wonder

He he he! (Grinning sheepishly) I actually forgot putting him in the scene during the sagaai!EmbarrassedBig smile

Oh well he is here now naa

Uff she is happy for her sisters not for herself

Dude now you found out did ya that la and khushi are sisters when its this late

And really must I keep repeating this

Guess I gotta what else should she do

Break her sister heart and get engaged to you herself mate

Uff this is leading to ASR coming out

And when ever he is there well things only get worse for arnav

Same as when MSK is there maan suffers the most

Agreed! MSK and ASR are the worst part of Maan and Arnav! And they will come back in chapter 57! Phir aayega asli mazaa!

Wow what to do with him

He never has understood her

And it seems he never will either

 Why did she have to fall in love with arnie only well that's because its arhi story plus he was the only kunwara left

LOL Toh Khushi ke liye GopiKishan mangwaa dun?Wink

Just once mate I would have loved it if you thoughts all this from her pov but no that doesn't seem likely as of yet

Oh ho no bua well she can be both I guess our geet

Well so the time is here it seems

Kanha wonder what he shall be called

Well lets read and find out

Dude arnie and others stop feeling so scared am sure it will be good so chillax will ya

But no they aren't wrong to feel what they do right

Susp[ense naa badahe man that no fair

Let her do it aki its only fair naa

Wow she sure is stretching it knowing that she can

Not that I mind of course so funny this scene is

Happy that you found it funny!Big smile

Bet you must have at least laughed through geet's this side right

That I did!

Waah kya naam choose kiya hai

Aniket aww that real cute for sure I love it dear what a name you chose for him

Dudes really don't be silly she never would have names aniket anything that bad

Haw she would have thought a nice name only

It's the pet names that are bit weird


Wow so he has names of two from the TRILOGY

Aint that just perfect for little ASJ sounds nice that right

Yup more of Vishnu bhagwan aura abb Shiv bhagwan bhi

Awww that is so cute man

Hey that's what I just said just one name left out

Maybe with payash kid or arhi kid that trio of names can be completed too

Or even maneet kid right

Oh teri! Hey Bhagwaan! What shall I name the kid? Brahma?????ShockedConfused

Man that's naughty of those two

NT you were so right to pinch your hubby

Oh hello just because maan said that he wont force geet

And that he has let go of her don't mean that she wont be his bhabhi

Only she shall be his bhabhi and no one else

And that is one fact we know for sure

Just like khushi will be aki bhabhi man

You are so right in Bhabhi matters!

How when that happens remains to be seen for sure

Wow so true it seems both hubby and wife have more faith that maneet shall be together than maan

Well what to do maan doesn't believe that she will be his once again but she shall be

She will be a khurana bahu and only that yaar

Wow I just love how dev said he will get them together

If not maan himself his little bro sure will get them together

That I shall look forward for

I remember you saying that dev shall bring maneet closer and now that time has come right

Yup! From Chapter 57, Dev and NT's plan will start!

Oh ho those sure are the days

When in college enjoying with friends relaxing chilling with them before entering the cut throat world of looking for jobs happens

Those days cant be forgotten can they

I can't and I am sure you can't either! Feeling nostalgic right now!Cry (Bawling on the floor) I want to go back to College right now! Waaah! (Quietening down) OK! That was a little dramatic!WinkLOL

Poor aki man what all he hasn't done for jun and dev

Man he was their GFs BG yaar

And why because him being in the same year as the girls so he was the only one left to protect these two girls from unwanted advances or something like that

What did aki do that it made them laugh so much yaar

Man you are finding so much about him and about time too

Awww poor aki man they used to scare him huh those boys

Well I don't know why they bothered knowing that NT and Annie would never think about anyone else

But he still had to do what they told him naa poor thing

Hope he wasn't beaten up though by anyone else

Hey that was bad time for him right in that way

One side those boys who wanted to date the girls and the other side his friends who wanted him to look out for their girls

Sheesh talk about ek taraf khayi tog duji ore kunwa

LOL Poor Aakash!

Awww payal don't be that sad dear but then she has all the reasons to right

Poor thing used to get beaten up

But then the girls would comaplina of the same and get rid of those boys

Parr kya kya nahin kiya aki ne unn dono ke liye

That bad huh that he ended up in hospital baap re baap

Okay just once well that is some relief for payal and us

Well that wasn't true was it

It was more than once man poor little aki man

Feel so sorry for the dude yaar

Oho don't worry your miss cham cham is there for ya in midst of all this leg pulling

Hmmm chup chup karr romance ho raha hai kya baat hai payash

Chup Chupke Chup Chupke Chori Se Chori! Chup Chupke Chup Chupke Re!Wink 

Geet sure made the love birds the only one who got the right partner and their partners shy huh

Lage rahiye geet go for it

Oh ho our aki is a singer cool man

Hmmm why is she asking as if she cant believe it

This girl sure  is very funny right

See this is why she was saying it

Why you saying no aki sing na

Or was it supposed to be for in your SR dude

Naaah cant it be well that could be one reason to say no right

Hmmm so he finally relented under so much emotional attyachar

Awww dont you just love it when the girls make the boys do things through this

That is the best way tomake them agree for things they dont wanna do

And it works every time too

Sing something anything will do mate

Which ever way your mood takes you

But why was he singing sad song in the morning thats what I wanna know

About Aki singing sad song in the morning, that was nothing. I have this habit of singing any song that comes into my mind at anytime and that habit I gave to Aki! Most of the time, you will hear me singing sad songs as they are slow so you can give it your twist by changing the ptich or turning it classical! That  is one of my timepass and gave that habit to Aki!

Well seeing how our dear maneet and arhi are in such sad place it would be just perfect for the situation

Even if you dont know about the same mate

Man its so hard to see maan wanting to be with geet and yet not

Though he could have tried it again naa

Maan is scared! Once burnt twice shy you see! Even in the serial, when Maan came to know that Geet is pregnant instead of asking her questions, he just got angry! Because that is his way of protecting himself from hurt. Maan masks his hurt with anger and lashing out! Maan withdraws into himself to avoid getting hurt and that is what he did here!

Guess not this time it will have to be geet only

Yup of course you did khushi but arnie dont know the same

He thinks you betrayed him and just played with his feelings when that is further from the truth

Well sache pyaar ko bhulna asaan nahin and you know it khushi

Funny how this song is depicting maan and khushi sadness which they cant show to either geet and arnav right

That is why I chose that song!

Ufff so much tragedy going on aint it

I cant take it okay not true its okay for sure

Only payash seem to be the ones getting what they wanted

And with the one they wanted their life with

Oh khushi not just in dreams my dear as arnie has things planned for you which aint anything good though

Well you betrayed him cause you had to warna you wouldnt have done that at all

Wow maan so you shall stand between trouble and her

Well then that will happen more and more as she is a chalti phirti disaster queen right

LOLChalti Phirti DisasterLOL Can I use that some where? Mazaa aajaayega!

Itna sab kuch karr sakte hain parr unke mann mein apna pyaar ki jagah nahin bana sakte

Hey babaji what to say here not much this maan i tell ya ufff

Funny no one knew three hearts that are broken

None saw that did they hope they shallknow and soon

Well at least in arhi case though i doubt it

what more twist are you thinking of

Since i dont watch either shows i have no clue of this

But then can wait for it till next week

Every time i think you cant astonish me more well you prove me wrong and am glad too

Cheers for pm

Thanks for the review! And I hope you enjoy the upcoming twist named Chapter 56!!

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Posted: 12 October 2013 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

part 55 F
awesome dear...
nice one...

Thank you!Big smile
Thanks for the review!

lovely but lil' painful...
Geet named the baby so cutely and nicely...
the 3 men were so tensed about that...
hahaha that was funny...

Happy that you found it funny!

does Aniket mean that?
never knew...

Actually I was just thinking of a name which goes well with the Jha Surname and also has A letter to start. Then Aniket name came into my head, so I decided to check the  net to see its meaning as Geet had to explain the name also. When I came to know that Aniket is another name of Shiva I was totally surprised and delighted! And I thought this seems perfect!

oh so Arnav has realized his confusion...
and also realized that Khushi intentionally misguided him...
well he shouldnt leave her easily...
Geet's short forms are funny...
doesnt she get confused with the letters?

Don't know about Geet, but I feel lucky that I don't get confused!Wink Jokes apart, all nicknames are just shortforms of the name most people are called. So it is not that tough to remember! Especially when Geet has been using those nicknames from her childhood!

Dev is back with his funny words and lines...
wow good for u Dev...
why didnt i think of him before to bring this Maan to line...
forgot about Dev...

Dev has many chances to play cupid! As I said from start Dev will play important role in getting Maaneet closer! You will see his cupidgiri in Chapter 57!Wink

well Naina has done her share now waiting for Dev's turn to do something for Maan and Geet...
hahaha looks like Geet's Veera yani ki Aakash was the scapegoat in college...
funny days...
but what about Maan and Arnav's college days?

Oh Come on! Do you actually think those sadu guys would have had happening college life? Jokes apart, in my story, the time Maan was studying for college he was handling his business too while when Arnav was studying college he was too focused on getting rich enough that no problem touches his Di! So I dont think they would have had time for fun at that time!

oh idiot Aakash why did u have to choose and saddy waala song?

Ab kya karein? Gewet heard him only while singing sad song! Maybe if she had come earlier she could have heard a happening song!Wink

poor Arnav and Maan especially...
cant see Maan like this...
Maan aise waade nahi karo...
oh ho people look at Arnav...
at least Maan has some support from his family and they are not ignorant but the Raizadas are so ignorant and unawares...

Oh! Never thought of it that way! Till now was feeling sad for Maan but now feeling sad for Arnav!

chota tha part par its ok chalega and finally 55th part is over...
a new beginning is gonna start for these 4...
cont soon dear...
Yes, new beginning!
Thanks for the review!

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   Place - Airport in Delhi


      "Aur kitna rukna padega?", mumbled Anjali as she looked here and there searching for her sibling. Right beside her stood Maamiji looking around eagerly, "Ab tak toh cushtum (custom) waala kaam bhi ho jaana chaahiye!"  "Dheeraj rakho Manorama!", Manohar Maama replied while patting his wife's shoulder. All waited eagerly for the foreign return member of their family. Behind these three stood Aakash sighing and checking watch constantly, "Jyaada hi waqt hogaya nahi?", he piped up worriedly. Anjali turned around and nodded with worry on her face too. All four waited eagerly for the darling member of their family to return. Suddenly, Anjali spotted somebody and squealed, "Babyyy!" She got a squeal back in answer, "ADdd!" and a human hurricane came running and slammed into Anjali. The hurricane was none other than our very own Geet! Dressed in a sleeveless designer green chudidaar with goggles on her eyes and a Gucci handbag in her hand, Geet looked like a typical rich spoilt brat returning from her vacation. But that was far off from the truth. After her brothers' engagement, Geet renounced her surname and took upon Raizada as her surname. Soon, she joined Delhi University for her last year studies in Bachelor of Architecture after which Arnav got her internship in one of the renowned Architecture firm in London. Even though her results had arrived few days earlier she could not come home sooner. Today was the day she returned from London to her home for past one year, Shantivan in Delhi.



   Anjali pushed Geet away gently and turned around, "Humein tumse baat nahi karni!" Geet pouted, "Par AD kyun?" Geet called Anjali AD from her childhood as Anjali Di was too long for a five year old Geet. Anjali replied sadly, "Tum apne Kanha ke janamdin pe kyun nahi aayi? Tumhaare bhaanje ka pehla janam din tha!" Kanha was Anjali and Shyam's son who had turned one year older few days back. Geet sighed, "I am sorry Di! But what can I do? Flight hi nahi mil rahi thi! I tried Di! I tried! Par yeh flight waale! Khasmaanu khaane! Ek bhi seat nahi mila!" Even after staying in London for few months and being the sister of Raizada brothers there was not one drop of arrogance in Geet! She was the same loud, sweet, humble, chirpy and swearing in Punjabi Geet! There were few minor changes in her like her dressing sense! Whereas earlier she used to wear simple salwar kameezes, these days she wore designer chudidaar mostly designed by AR. Even though she wore designer clothes and accessories and drove around in lavish cars, her nature had not at all changed in this one year.



     "Arre Arre! Apni AD se hi milogi? Veere se nahi!", Aakash piped and Anjali smiled at Geet and nudged her towards Aakash. Geet hugged Aakash tightly and mumbled, "I missed you Veere!" From their childhood Geet and Aakash shared a strong bond. For Geet, Aakash was more of a brother than her own brother Brij was. The bond only grew stronger as they grew up. It was Aakash who motivated her to fulfil her dream of becoming an architect. Their bond was so strong that Geet called Maamiji and Maamaji as MJ and PJ respectively as Aakash at that time used to call Maamiji as Mummyji and Maamaji as Paapaji! Hence, MJ and PJ became short form for Mummyji and Paapaji! The irony behind this was that Aakash started calling his mom and dad as Mummyji and Paapaji because that was what Geet called her own parents. The whole Raizadas had laughed when Aakash and Geet declared the names they had kept for Mamorama and Manohar while Aakash and Geet had wondered why everyone was laughing! Geet had even gone to the extent of calling Naaniji as DJ as Daadiji was what Aakash called her!



   "Bitiya?", whispered Maamiji and Geet pulled away from Aakash and turned around. She looked into Maamiji's tear filled eyes and hugged her tightly. "Ma!", she whispered softly. After her own family's betrayal, Geet was left heart broken. This was when Maamiji had stepped in the role of mother consoling Geet when she needed and cheering her when Geet felt down. While Geet still called Maamiji as MJ, whenever she felt emotional she reverted to the term, Ma! And as far as Manorama was concerned, Geet was her daughter from the time she stepped into the house as five year old kid. Manorama had always wanted a daughter after Aakash's birth but was declared as unable to bear children anymore. Geet was the daughter she wanted but never got. When Geet had to go to the court for giving the statement against her brother Brij, it was Manorama who became her biggest support. It was Manorama who cried in relief with Geet when Brij was sentenced to jail. Soon, the waterworks started by both the ladies while Aakash shook his head and Manohar sighed, "Aakash ki ma! Sambhaalo apne aapko! Warna make up kharaab ho jaayega!" That did the trick as Manorama pulled away from her foreign return daughter and wiped her tears. Geet stopped herself from giggling as Manohar winked at her. She hugged Manohar and mumbled, "PJ!" While Geet accepted Manorama as her mother, she did not allow anyone to take her father's place. Few days after the engagement, NT had mentioned something to Anjali which Anjali later informed Geet. Anjali told her that when Geet stayed in Khurana Mansion, her father had come to visit her and had handed over her certificates and documents and had asked her to move one with her life and also had warned her about the goons behind her. This had left a soft spot in Geet's heart for her father. While he would never get back the respect he had before her memory loss, her father would have a special place in her heart for supporting her dream and giving her back the most precious possessions of her life; the certificates which symbolized her education and her future.



    Soon, the whole family marched towards the parking lot when Geet spoke up, "AB aur DJ  kahaa hai? Aur SJ bhi dikhaayi nahi de rahe? Aur mera Kanha kahaa hai?" AB was short form for Arnav Bhai while SJ was short form for Shyam Jijaji! Before anyone could reply, a SUV came and parked in front of them. Anjali smiled, "Lo aa gaye tumhaare AB!" The car door opened and all of them got in. Maamaji sat in front while Maami, Anjali and Geet adjusted in the middle with Aakash seating himself in the back. Anjali spoke up, "Tumhaare Jijaji aur Daadi ghar par hain tumhaare laadle bhaanje ke saath!" Geet nodded.



    Arnav started driving. Geet sitting behind him chirped up, "Hi AB!" Arnav rolled his eyes while mumbling, "Aagayi sar dard! Ab meri shaanti bhang!" Geet narrowed her eyes at him, "Kya kahaa aapne?" Arnav shrugged, "Sachchai!" Geet pouted, "Agar main sar dard hun toh aap aap..." she fumbled a bit, "Haan! Aap Mr. Akdu ho! Akdu Singh Raizada!" Arnav replied back, "Aur tumhaara naam Geet nahi Shor rakhna chaahiye kyunki tumhaare mooh se Geet nahi sirf noise baahar aati hai!" Geet's jaw dropped and she let out a scream, "VEERE! AD!! Dekhona yeh mujhe kya bula rahe hain!" Anjali quietly mumbled, "Chote!" Arnav turned around, "DI! Aap mujhe kyon bol rahi hai! Ise boliye! Kabse mera dimaag kha rahi hai!" "Shuruvaat aapne ki thi!", Geet shouted. "Bhai...", Aakash tried to get his word in but was cut off when Arnav glared at him through rearview mirror. Geet folded her arms and pouted, "Aane do Bhabhi ko! Lavanya Bhabhi se kahungi ki aapki khoob khabar le!" Arnav quieted down at those words. Amidst the happiness of the family he had almost forgotten that he was supposed to get married to Lavanya soon. Geet frowned as she noticed Arnav's silence. Yeh AB ko kya hua? Ab tak toh unka jawaab aa jaana chaahiye! Yeh toh humaara bachpan ka khel hai ek duje ko taane maarna! Toh aaj AB ko kya hua? She thought for a while. Shaayad Office ki baat se pareshaan honge! She shrugged and joined the ladies discussion over the latest designer jewellery.




Place - The Hall in Shantivan


     Naani smiled as Geet reached the door of Shantivan. She took the aarti thaali from the servant standing by and took aarti of Geet. As soon as Geet entered the house, the first thing she did was that she took Kanha from Shyam standing nearby and hugged the boy. "Alle Mela Laajkumaal! Kaichcha hai tu?", Geet spoke in baby talk. "Maashi!", the boy garbled. "Kanha aapse naaraaz hai Saali Sahiba! Aap unke birthday pe jo nahi aayi!", Shyam spoke and Naani nodded, "Kanha bhi naaraaz hai aur hum bhi! Ek taraf udhar byaah ki tayyaariyon ki wajah se Gupta Parivaar nai aa paaye aur idhar aap nahi aayi! Apni maamiyon aur maasi ke baghair humaare Kanha ne apna pehla janamdin manaaya!" Naani sniffed imitating her bahu Manorama and Geet made a baby face. She handed Kanha over to his mother and hugged Naani from behind, "Aww! Meri DJ mujhse naaraaz hai! Koi baat nahi! Main apni DJ ko manaa lungi! Bas ek baar DJ mere haath ki Lassi peele woh sab ghussa bhool jaayegi!" Naani turned around and Geet was shocked to see tears in her eyes. "Daadiji!", she whispered softly and Naani smiled. She patted Geet's cheeks, "Aapan ko pata nahi ki tohaar DJ ne aapan ko kitna miss karat rahi!" Geet felt tears well up in her eyes. She hugged Naani tightly, "Maine bhi aapko bahut miss kiya DJ! Aap sabko bahut miss kiya!" Maami and Anjali smiled tearily at the reunion and noticing them about to start their waterworks again, Aakash announced, "Ab bas hogaya yeh mel milaap! Geet ko jaake fresh ho jaane do! Baad mein jitna baat karna hai kar lena!" Everyone nodded and dispersed off slowly all the while hugging Geet or patting her cheeks. Finally Aakash and Geet were only left behind. He smiled at her and hugged her tightly. He pulled away and mumbled, "Aaja! Tujhe tere kamre tak chod deta hun!" She smiled softly and walked with him.




Place - Geet's Room at Shantivan


    Geet came out of the bathroom dressed in a bathrobe. She opened her suitcase to remove her clothes when her eyes fell on a letter wedged in between the pages of a book kept in the suitcase. She removed the letter and smiled at it. She remembered the phone call she had done few days back and reply she got. Main aa rahi hun, Mr. Dev Singh Khurana! She thought excitedly.




Place - The dining table at Shantivan


     There was laughter and chatter galore at the table with the arrival of Geet. Her anecdotes of London had the Raizadas in splits. "Waise Di!", Geet piped up and Anjali looked up from feeding Kanha, "Mujhe toh shaadi ka ek bada tension hain!" Anjali frowned. Geet continued, "Agar shaadi ke din bhi mere dono bhai Office chale gaye toh?" She pointed with her fork at her two brothers who were focused more on their Blackberry Mobiles and less on the food in front of them. Anjali huffed, "Yahi tension humein bhi thi! Isiliye humne in dono par ban lagaayi hai ki jab tak shaadi nahi hoti tab tak ghar se kaam karenge aur Office sirf important kaam ke liye jaayenge!" Geet let out a giggle, "Bilkul sahi kiya aapne!" Then Geet noticed her brothers' focus on their Blackberry and smiled mischievously. She got up from her place slowly and walked towards her brothers. She stood behind them and winked at Naani and Maami sitting in front of the boys. Both hid their smiles behind their hands. Geet looked at her brothers who were lost in their Blackberry. Her hands moved swiftly and snatched the Blackberrys from their hands. "What the!" "Geetto!", her brothers let out their shouts while Geet ran and hid behind her sister, "Khaane ke table pe no kaam!" Arnav growled, "DI! Isse kehdo ki mere saath chedkaani na kare!" Anjali frowned, "Theek hi toh keh rahi hai! Khaane ke table pe no kaam!" Arnav glared at Geet, "Waah Di! Yeh chuhiya kya aa gayi aap toh apne Chote ko bhool gayi!" "Chuhiya?", Geet shouted indignantly. Aakash agreed with his brother, "Haan Di! Jabse Geetto aayi hai aap toh apne Chutke ki bhi sunti nahi hai!" Anjali rolled her eyes, "Tum dono ne yeh kaise keh diya? Humaare liye tum teeno ek samaan ho! Lekin Baby ne jo kahaa sahi kahaa. Khaane ki table pe on kaam! Chalo! Ab chup chaap khaana khaao! Humein aur koi behes nahi sunna!" Arnav and Aakash grumbled and glared at the sisters but continued eating while Geet gave a smug grin to both of them.




Place - Gupta House in Lucknow


     While there was happiness at the Raizada House, Shantivan there was sadness spread in the Gupta House. Khushi wiped her tears and stared as the pooja for her father and uncle was being done. She and her whole family were dressed in white and all five ladies; Khushi, Lavanya, Paayal, Amma and Buaji shed tears for the ones who were gone. Exactly one year ago, the whole family had come home from the naamkaran of Kanha when Lavanya's father had got a call that his godown was in fire. The whole family was in panic as he owned a kirana store and all the wholesale stock was kept in the godown. This was a big loss for him. Khushi's Bauji had decided to accompany him to help him up and had asked the girls and ladies to keep Lavanya with them. The next morning the family had to go into mourning as the bus carrying Khushi and Lavanya's father had fallen down some valley and no one was left alive. Due to this incident, the weddings also had to be postponed as in some of the cultures it was a rule that in the house were death had happened there can't be any kind of celebration for a year.



     Khushi stared at the fire in the havan kund in front of which Maan and Dev sat doing all the rituals. After listening to the news of their father's death, Lavanya and Paayal were devastated. Both the girls had hugged Buaji and Amma and had cried their hearts out. All four of them were too lost in the grief to take any decisions or think about their future. That is when Khushi came forward and made the decisions. She was only one less affected by the deaths as she had already gone through the tragedy of loosing her parents once in her childhood. She contacted the Raizadas and the Khuranas about the news with a plea of help as she was unsure as to what to do next. While the men of both the families went to retrieve the bodies, the ladies came forward to help Khushi take care of her family by consoling Amma, Buaji, Paayal and Lavanya and making sure that all of them did not go on empty stomach for too long. Soon, the funeral was arranged and that is when the main problem had come. It was the sons or the son-in-laws who did the last rites. But who was to do here? Before Arnav or Aakash could take a decision being future son-in-laws, Maan and Dev had come forward claiming to be the girls' brothers. This had earned the Khurana brothers undying gratitude from Amma and Buaji. Maan had not only done the last rites but he also offered to take care of the family financially. That was when Amma refused politely citing that her husband had left behind a mithai shop while they will also gain money after selling Lavanya's father's store. Khushi came out of her reverie as the pooja ended.  Maan and Dev hugged all of the young ones while taking aashirwaad from the older ladies and soon they were off to Delhi citing business reasons for not staying back for a while.



    Khushi sighed as she sat between her family listening to them talk about Buaji's Delhi waala house. So many things had changed in the house in this one year; Khushi mused. A month after the death of the family patriarch, Lavanya went back to her hostel to finish her last year. Khushi joined her College for final year. Buaji permanentely shifted over to Lucknow and helped Amma take care of the mithai shop while Paayal started helping with the accounts. While Khushi helped by delivering the mithai orders in the evening Lavanya also pitched in by making posters promoting the store in her spare time and mailing it to Khushi who posted them all over Lucknow. Hence, with the support from each other the five ladies continued to manage the store and their life smoothly.



    Khushi smiled as the discussion turned towards the upcoming marriage. Buaji wanted lavish wedding for her nieces as money was not a problem now while Amma did not want to take too charity from the Khuranas. Khushi interjected claiming that they were not getting charity from Khuranas but the sons of this family were paying for their sisters' wedding. Even after hearing Khushi's words, Amma refused to budge. As the argument continued amongst Amma and Buaji, Khushi went back in past remembering the day some months ago when Maan had come to meet them wanting to check how they were faring.



    Khushi had come home eagerly dragging an excited Paayal behind her. Maan was seated on the sofa chatting with Amma and Buaji. Khushi had burst out the moment she arrived claiming that they had made a huge profit due to a large order they completed on time last week. She showed the ladies the accounts book. Amma had eagerly replied that now she can start saving for both Lavanya and Paayal's wedding and later on for Khush's wedding also. Buaji had also become excited thinking that her nieces would get married with all the pomp they deserved. That is when Maan had intervened, claiming that he would take care of the expenses of Lavanya, Khushi and Paayal's wedding as he was their big brother and wanted to do something for them. Amma and Buaji had violently protested but their protests had gone unheeded as Maan refused to budge. In the end, both the ladies had to compromise. Hearing this, Khushi and Paayal got excited and started thinking of using the money for house repairs and shop expansion. When they conveyed their plans to their family, it was met with approval by Maan and reluctant agreement from Buaji and Amma. Soon, the house was whitewashed and painted while the repairs were done in each and every room. Gone was the dilapidated house and in place of it stood a proud house of Guptas. Khushi had even added more workers in the Sweets shop allowing Amma and Buaji to work in their own pace. Soon the sweets shop became more famous than it was during Khushi's father's time. Khushi was sure her father would have been proud in seeing his shop become so much famous. All three girls with their hard work and support had made for themselves a better lifestyle.



    Suddenly, Khushi was brought out of her daydream by Buaji, "Ae! Titaliya! Ka soch rahi hai? Chal! Tayyaari nahi karni hai ka? Ek ghanta ma humaari bus hai!" Khushi nodded and walked off to her room. Khushi was going to Delhi with Buaji. As Buaji had shifted to Lucknow permanently she had wanted to rent her Delhi house in Laxminagar. As the house was under lock and key for a year, Buaji decided to take Khushi with her to help her clean the house and make it livable to the tenants. Plus, Khushi's sharp brain would also help her in deciding whether the tenant was right for her house.



    Khushi sighed as she remembered the last time she had gone to Delhi. It was approximately one year two months to that day. Kitna sab kuch badal gayi is ek saal mein nahi? Hum Arnavji se mile, pyaar hua, dil bhi toota aur humaari dono behno ki sagaai hui! Phir humne apne Bauji ko khoya! Lagta hi nahi ki ek saal hogaya! Aisa lag raha hai ki ek janam beet gaya ho! She smiled sadly as Arnav's face flashed in front of her. Kaise honge Arnavji abhi? She thought about him as she often did when she was alone. Even though the Raizadas had come to visit them many times, Arnav always came when he was sure she was not at home. So in this whole year, she had not met Arnav at all. She sighed as she remembered that her sisters will get married in one month and soon she will come face to face with her Arnavji! Hey Devi Maiyya! Jab hum unke saamne honge toh kya karenge? But Khushi did not know that she would come face to face with Arnav sooner than she thought.






Please clap for the following people: flowers4u, Deelight, coolflora, ruhakhan, jsweetyj, prerna1. These are the people who had guessed about the leap with my hints! I hereby declare them as TRUE SERIAL WATCHERS! Good job you people!

(Clapping for you guys right now)






I have exam on next Sunday i.e. 20th Oct, so if my update gets delayed then please forgive me! If I do not update by Saturday then I will update till Monday!


But I might even update by Friday as I want to give my hand good rest a day before exam! So it will be either Friday or Monday! Please be patient! Thank you!






The parted lovers meet again!

And let the fun begin!

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posts: 30355

Posted: 12 October 2013 at 11:53am | IP Logged

What the a year has gone

Well that year went by quick

But am guessing lot happened in the year

And why not right

So all the twists are over after this one

And the lover shall meet in the next one

But will it be that easy I doubt it right

 Wait did arnie go away from here

Please tell me he isn't married to la

And if he isn't what happened with that

I really need to be more patient right

But unfortunately that is one virtue one doesn't have

It must be arnie only no wait it is possible for nk to come right

After all he too is missing for sure

And you said you will get him too

So it might just be him right

What the well all that was wrong guess then

Oh well even better right

Its geet who was coming back

Wait where did she go I wonder

Again shall wait and know right

Oh ho so she had gone abroad to finish her studies

Does that mean she shall work in KC soon

Well one hopes so

And finally that love story shall start again

Wonder how maan shall react though if she comes there though

Glad she had raizadas though

As her own were just pathetic family man

What they did hope no one else should do to their own child man

And she is back with a bang for maan

Hope he is ready for this incoming hurricane he wont be but that's what I want

Awww bless bhai behen hot oh aisa

And not geet sibling right

They so care for her am sure she was meant to be their sisiter only but inke ghar naa paida huyi toh kya hua

Anj chill maar yaar she is back naa

Ab khoob mann kare inhe daatna aur roothe rehena she will be with you guys obly

Well till she is ready to go to khurana mansion when she marries maan

And there aint no if about that

So this is why she couldn't come to his birthday huh

Well what could she do about this

Well of course if she too has arrogance how will she be able to take maan arrogance

That would spell disaster for maneet right

Ek toh hain hi arrogant ab doosre bhi hongi toh bann gayi inki love story

Sorry for calling maan arrogant though please don't bash me too much

Little much is understandable

Chalo geet is still geet

She cant change yaar warna maan ka kya hoga

Aur waise bhi I love the jhalli geet to anything else any time right

And she is back to get her man hahaha that was funny

Okay maybe not right sorry

Some things can never change though and its better that way

Well he is and always shall be infinite times much than her own brother

He did the duties of a brother better than that creep

Okay don't wanna talk about him and ruin me mood

Warna feel like killing him this time

Am glad she got aki as her brother he is so sweet understanding and so tolerating of her antics than arnie hai naa

Awww love their bond man

They are the cutest brother and sister duo

So are others but they are the sweetest for sure

Not that am saying others aren't

Yeah why don't I dig this hole more and more there for myself

Ahhh what would she have done if no aki huh

Well she wouldn't have been able to escape as her veere thoughts kept her going while in captivity

Don't worry yeh baat aap logon ke palle naa padegi ji

But that's fine too

Geet dpnt worry you have your family here with raizadas

And after marriage the khuranas

They will make you forget the pains given by your biological family soon

Mami she is your little gilr the one you might not have given birth to but just as precious or even more right

Guess god just wanted you to meet geet and decided that's your baby girl

How many years did that thingy person jailed for

Hope a long long time

And hope we don't hear of him unless to torture the man

That always does the trick for sure mama bhi naa what to do with him

But its worked and that's what matters for sure

So she still considers her dad as dad but that don't mean manohar isn't her dad of sorts

Ahhh geet would have forgotten that bit about her dad naa like she did maan

Even if she didn't remember she was told and that's why she don't hate him like others right

But of course that don't mean she will forgive him as he too was part of it but that's for later on

Apne devdas kahan hain I wonder

Both of them not just maan but arnie too

And hope they both happened done something silly in between this year leap please

And here comes one of the devdas

Well geet someone will have to be with kanha

He is just one cant bring him to airport naa

Maybe when you come back from your HM some time later then he can come

And since that will happen later well then he would be older naa so anj can bring him too

Hawww had hai arnie

Itni hi shanti inhe pasand hai naa toh khushi ke saath kaise denge

Aur waise bhi aap ko shaanti suit nahin karti

Naa hi aap ko aur naa hi maan ko kyun

Bade sachai ki baatein karr rahein hain yeh

Uff here they start again don't they

And this is just between the siblings soon enough it will be for the couples too right

That will be even more fun for sure

Their nok jhoks but for now this is entertainment enough man

Akdu toh yeh hain ask khushi she too would say the same

And even he is right about her but he is gonna be in trouble for sure

La bhabhi wont be your bhabhi dear

Inhe toh kewal khushi hi thek karr sakti hain

Ahhh that's still going on naa

Dammit neither are happy with the wedding though are they

Chalo at least geet noticed about his sadness regarding his marriage

Someone did finally right

Gayi bhains paani main ek yeh hi thi jinhone notice kiya aur who bhi taal gayi baat ko

Ufff ab kaise pata chalega well pata toh chalega hi

As they shall to marry the one they are supposed to marry whom they were naa

But how that shall be revealed will have to wait and watch naa

Bless little kanha man

He is annoyed with his maasi huh well don't for too long

Ahhh so guptas didn't come for his birthday either

Dammit the wedding is coming closer

Well dammit only for arhi and la

Baaki payash I am happy for

At least they got their happily ever after

Awww such happy and emotional reunion aint it

Well this was gonna happen naa

After all they had just got her back after such ordeals

But now she is here for a while

More than a while if maan has his way though hehehe

Good thing aki interrupted wanra water works would never stop that much is for  sure

Baad mein bhi kiya jaa sakta hai ji abhi thoda fresh toh hone dijiye geet ko

Aki I didn't know she didn't know her way to her room

But that's okay itne time baad mile hain and he wants to be with her more

What the

What does she mean by dev singh khurana

What did dev do I wonder

Well guess we shall know and soon

Seems he has played his part of sorts

If not direct approach but he has done something good at least someone did something right

Don't worry wait till your bhabis come

Am sure they shall forget their office and all

Well they better or their brides wont be too happy

Kya Karen aap ki bhi kismet aisis hi hai geet

After all even maan is workaholic

But only she khushi and payal can sort their hubby out yaar

Oh ho so no office but still of course they work

How can they stop  right

Bechari geet khushi and payal you so feel for them in such cases

Well this will have to be one of the moves geet

Go anj tell your brother to stop being so workaloic yaar

Khushi ka kya hoga yaar

And she didn't do anything wrong

At least eta peacefully then work no one will stop you am sure

Oh teri chuhiya sach mein arnie that's the best you can come up with

Aur aap ki di inka hi saath degi

Aur inka hi kya apni furutre bhabhiyon ke saath hi hongi so don't sweat it

Over exaggeration much you guys thand paa lo

She shall have to do same for her hubby naa our geet when she marries maan

Or is it gonna be different when these three are married

Tab they might chuck their work for their wives but I bet then their wives wont care

Tab aayga asli mazaa naa

What no wait what

What happened for these guys man

This is bad real bad

They lost their dad's all three of them

No wonder they couldn't come

Oh man this is bad they are now fatherless

Why did so much tragedy had to happen

Seems it will get worse before it gets better

What to say here man

Feel for the sisters but no one can fight with fate and destiny naa

But for this to happen makes things even worse and harder for them

At least she had her brother with her right

Seems khushi had to be strong for them again

She lost not only her biological parents but her bauji and another father figure

But if she falls weak who will support the rest right

So the khurana brother came to their rescue when needed

As did the rest of raizadas and khuranas of course

Maan you should know what ever may come they wont accept your offer

But then that wouldn't have stopped him from offering after all the girls are his sisters naa

And he cares for them deeply

Dammit it seems tragedy pe tragedy ho rahi hai

Which means time for good times to come their way

There is only that much bad luck and sadness going on right

Time for happiness and hope to make them stronger

 Wow even though much has happened am glad that these women were able to pick up the pieces

The way they managed to rise from this shows lots of courage

And that one gotta admire in them right

Am glad they pulled through for now

But time for them to make another move right

Well since two of the daughters are getting married in delhi they shall have to move bases

Yes the marriage shall be lavish but of course amma is right in her case too

What did maan say to khushi

Him and his brother have been great support to the girls right

Especially khushi who needed him the most

Hmmm waise khushi ki shadi kiske saath hogi who toh pata hai

Parr kaise hogi pata nahin

Parr la ka kya hoga yaar

Awww maan offered to pay for his sister's wedding aint that sweet of him

Well how could he not yaar they are his sisters

Waise one thing I wanna say here before I forget

The relationships formed in this story are beautiful

Not only the ones between the actual siblings but others too

This is truly a family orientated story right

And am glad to be part of this sorry had to say that

Back to maan and his declaration then

Well it wont surprise anyone if amma and bua though

They couldn't accpe it but then our maan too is very stubborn fella

Well in such cases you gotta be stubborn for sure

Ahhh with man help and support things are going smoothly for gupta family

But they gotta go back to delhi and start preps for the double wedding

And that's where arhi shall meet too

Ahhh that's gonna be hard but its gotta be done too

 So khushi is going to delhi

Hmmm so arhi meeting sooner than one thought

Who is the tenant I wonder

That I shall wait for hope its someone who can help arhi too

But that's too much to ask of and I cant do that

Well that person better be a decent person right

Kash inka bhi sharp brain kuch aur use mein kiya jaa sakta

But guess that's early days yet right

 Yes you lost your love and dad to in that year

So much happened but there is still more to come

Pyaar bhi hua tha aur iqraar bhi hone waala tha parr sab kuch gadbad ho gayi thi

How do you think he is dear same as you but of course wont say or show it

Wait why will she be meeting arnie sooner than expected

Well that's better naa

All the love birds shall meet and soon

So he didn't see her once when he visited

Why does that not surprise me man

Ohh so they all meet again and then what

Well lets see how that face off shall work

Man this is gonna be thrilling for sure

And you my dear take your time next week

I would you rather not stress your hand even if it means no update next week

Take care and see you with another thrilling chapter of this

So leap was the next twist pakka all twists are over

No they cant be right after all maneet and arhi wedding too is kind of twist naa

Cheers for pm

Wow it brought so many changes didnt it this one year

And it shall shape the story ahead too right

Edited by chavvi16 - 12 October 2013 at 1:40pm

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Zindagirocks_21 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 October 2013 at 11:56am | IP Logged
First of all awesome update, loved it as I usually do.

It's Kanha naamkaran day! Yayyy. He will be finally named. Arnav hiding his pain and being glad that his Di is way to happy to notice his pain and plus he's good at acting on hiding his pain. I just feel to bad for him, hiding his pain just because his family is very happy. Agghhh!!! Even he has a heart, even he gets hurt. He's no god, he's a human!! Than whyyy??

Finally arnav found out that lavanya is khushi sister, finally! At least one misunderstanding is over about lavanya being khushi sister. But arnav would be arnav and he would show khushi the consequences of rejecting him. Damnn too much going on.

OMG geet is naming the baby haha! The suspense she put was hilarious. If this happened in the show I would be laughing so much at arnav, akash and Shyam expressions. Her nicknames are just to funny! But happy that she named the baby after the god. Yayy!!

I laughed to much at arjun and dev. Ahh full tridevo family. It was hilarious, and how nt pinched him to tell him to be quiet and stop laughing , warna biwi se pari ghi!! Yes you go dev only geet will be the khurana mansion badi bahu and no one else, even maan said that!! I can't wait for the reunion of geet and maan. Will be epiccc.

Awee college days! Poor akash go. Stuck with two of his bestfriends girlfriends, if he didn't let any guys come close he gets beaten and even if he does he'll still get beat up by dev and Arjun. Poor poor akash!! He got stuck with it. Awe PayAl being sad about how her fianc went through that and on top he was taken to hospital many times. Poor akash bitwa.

I wish my college was like that, so much fun and masti! But no I have freaking brown creepy guys over here staring at me and my friend. Totally creepy!!

Well the song he sang totally goes with the situation that going on.
Both maan and khushi promising their lovers! Maan promising geet that he would always be there when she would need help and that she would go way far, and become something! And khushi saying that she wishes arnav to be happy and forget her, and that she would meet him in her dreams where he would not see her unfaithfulness but faith that she has in their love. Really mind blowing update. Hey atleast geet looked at maan when akash was singing the song. That's a start to something.

No one saw the anguish, the pain those three are going through. Everyone is blinded by the happiness that no one could see them in pain.

Well I don't watch those two shows, but knowing ekta kapoor and the way her shows are it would be epic lol!

Don't feel bad that I cried, If I cried it means it was for a reason and one awesome reason, and yeah maan would never share his pain with someone else and I truly wish he shares his pain with atleast someone.

OMG I have been listening to that song non stop haha. Shudh desi desi romance. Well I can't wait for my ASR to be back with a bang!!! Love him way to much to see him in pain...

Thanks so much for the wonderful update and continue soon :)
Thanks for the pm
Love you <3

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