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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 42)

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 October 2013 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zindagirocks_21

Chapter 55 (D)

Amazing update as usual!
Thank you!
And thanks for the review!

Maan why are you hiding your pain from others, everyone can see that you're going through a lot of hurt and pain. I just feel so sad for him. Talk to someone maan, talk to your dadi.
You will always love soni maan no matter what. The way he cried on dadi shoulder was just to emotions and than putting that mask back on :( pleassseee nooo!!

Maan will never talk to anybody about his pain! He is used to hiding his emotions from others too much! He hid his emotions and remained strong for Dev and Annie when his parents died and now again he is remaining strong for his family!

OMG even maan thinks that it's khushi who arnav is getting engaged too! But this happiness of arnav and maan will soon turn into pain, and hurt by their loved ones.


Arnav is so happy that he is finally getting
Engaged to khushi and that now she'll be all his, but the shock
HE is about to get will be the death of him.
I was so happy when arnav texted khushi and told her about how he was so happy that they are getting
Engaged and that now she'll be his, I actually thought khushi might do something to stop this but no she didn't!  

What could she have done? There is no guarantee that the matter would  have been solved without the tamasha and arguments! There was a good chance of Payash rishta breaking! 

I wS just so angry with khushi that even after finding our about the truth she still didn't do anything but I can understand that from her perspective! She can sacrifice her happiness for her family, her sisters and that's what she did. She purposely planned the game and texted arnav about the wrong color so that it would be lavanya who he would pick!

Yep! She played the trick! Happy that you understand her point of view!

Arnav shock and hurt/pain was just too much!! He was betrayed by his afreen and i truly felt sad for him. I can't seee my arnav go through that.

Awww! Dont worry! Your fav ASR will be back with a bang!

Sorry for the late reply, have been busy with school. Just read the both parts. Please forgive me for it. Loved your update as usual <3
I understand! Chalta hai! Atleast you reviewed! Late hi sahi! Study hard and focus on your goal! Best of luck!

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 October 2013 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zindagirocks_21

Chapter 55 (E)

OMG I'm actually crying, I can't even imagine like that, though he did cry in the show but still. He is so hurt by the person he loves, he felt like he was teenager again and that he lost his parents again. It was so sad!

Thanks for the review! Oh teri! You cried! Feel so bad yaar! 

Maan was shocked as well, he thought that khushi is just playing a childish game but when he saw lavanya in khushi place he was hell shocked too!
Only he can understand what arnav is going through and only he knows how to console him!

 Exactly! Only Maan understands Arnav's pain!

Truly how can anyone be blinded, couldn't they see the pain arnav was going through couldn't anyone see that!!!

No one can see coz everyone is happy in their own world! This is something which happens in our real life too! Only people who are good observers can notice such things!

Ohh maan is angry and walking toward khushi to confront her, hit arnav stopped him.

Dii I have to say that the way you portrayed Arnav's scenes were just mind blowing, out of this world!! And that's a truth.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Really happy to read that! (Grinning like idiot right now!)

The way arnav cried for khushi and how he was like she betrayed him, how he loved her dearly and that's all he wanted back as well not the pain. I was shouting in my head when arnav said that he will marry lavanya and show khushi that he can be happy without her, but what maan said was a hardcore truth! You can't forget the person you love no matter what, though his situation is different than arnav, but same at some point too.

Really touched that my work affected you so much!

Khushi I feel so bad for her as well! That she had to sacrifice her love for her family sake, and how arnav was like why khushi why?
He thinks as if she broke up with him becUse of only one of his lies, aweee! Khushi please don't do this. Don't let arnav hate you!! Damnn arnav threatened her that he will not let her live in piece and really any guy in this situation would do that.  

Yes, he threatened her! Coz thats what he always did in the show too! Remember?

Maan and khushi both crying for their lost love, at least maan talked to someone and khushi as well! I feel so sad for them. That how on the same day both of them lost their love.
Both of the consoling eachother, brothers never leave their sisters in peace and sisters can never watch their brothers in pain.

Yes, siblings bond is one of the most beautiful bond in the world!

OMG nooo way! Arnav is drunk shit!
When maan picked up the phone even I was like hmm who is calling him at night, but it turns out to be geet and I'm fine with that lol. She was so worried about arnav that she just had to call maan and tell him about it.
Poor maan his heartbeat got so fast just by hearing her voice that's what love is, you go crazy by just hearing their voice. One crazy love!!

Haay re! Crazy Crazy Wazy romance!Wink (Singing a song from Shuddh Desi RomanceBig smile)

Ohhh arnav don't cry, your making me cry too much again becUse I just finished watching ghajini and cried so much. Khushi will never leave you! She loves you too. And on top if that the sad song :(  

You watched Ghajini before reading this! No wonder you were crying after reading it!

When maan came and consoled him was just way to emotional!
OMG seriously next chapter is the lAst!!
I'm shocked but loved this chapter
Do update soon and thanks for the pm Hun.
Love you
Happy that you liked the update so much! Thanks once again for the two reviews!

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 October 2013 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

part 55 E
awesome dear...

Thank you!
And thanks for the review!

poor Arnav...
feel so sorry for him...
hes so angered and feels so betrayed...

Arnav was total heart broken! Writing him like that was a big challenge!

and wow Maan saw all these happening...
and the protectiveness he feels for Arnav is so so so nice...
he just wanted to blast at Khushi but Arnav stopped him...
cant blame him too at that time...

Arnav stopped him coz he did not want a tamasha when his Di was so happy!

he saw his family being so happy and stopped himself...
but only Maan could see him...
Arnav hadnt u disclosed everything before yeh naubat aati hi nahi idiot...

Exactly! The idiot!Angry

oh ho now hes out venge it all like this...

Of course! He has to come in his ASR avatar! Warna yeh story Arhi ki kaisi! Arhi and maaneet stories are incomplete without ASR and MSk avatar!Wink

but still what Khushi did is all so foolish...
Maan gonna talk with Khushi...
and Arnav is so badly hurt in this...
oh wowww Geet called Maan and initiated the talk...

Yep! Poor Maan!

but Maan darling is so hurt...
hes not even ready to face her...
ut her one smile did everything...
NT is too smart...
way to go dear...
hope her tryign doesnt go in waste...

It wont go waste! That saree has its own role to play in this story!

Geet saw the saree and kept it inside...
very good Arnav yell at her...
she deserves it...

She so deserves it! Sacrificing idiot! I dont know how many times I must have cursed her while watching the show! Her sacrificing act always got me angry!

and she is still lying to him...
damn it Khushi...
and Arnav has decided to marry La...
in dono ka kuch nahi ho sakta...
gadha gadhi hai dono...

Agree! Totally agree!

they have lied and played with their lives so much...
all coz of their foolishness...
so Maan is the only one here to be a matured and intelligent...


and Khushi told him everything...
and Maan knows its allcoz of one mistake of Arnav's and to have stretched that too much for its own good...
and Khushi has no idea about this...
wow nice pairing...
Khushi and her Veerji (Maan)...
and here Geet and her AB (Arnav)...


kamaal ki paring hai...
OMG La is all set to marry Arnav...
who is that guy who cheated her?

Some idiots named Rohan or Rahul! Cant remember! Mentioned it in the earlier chapters!Wink

she has completely given up on love and her life and wishes now...
and Paayal has no idea about it...
shes also unhappy and just doing everything for others' sake...
poor La...
hoe will she accept and react when she comes to know about Arnav and Khushi later?

You wont have to worry about La! She will also have her happy ending!Wink

oh am missing Soni so much...
wish to see that Soni in Geet soon dear...

Sure you will!

and Geet and AB together...

Sure! You will! That is one thing for sure!

Soni is really a cute soni and Geet is thoda sa matured for me to accept to fell extent...
would like to read on her to get attached to her Geet character instead of Maan's Soni...

Yes, Geet is thoda mature but that is because Soni did not face what Geet faced! Soni was a girl without her memories; the memories which made her Geet! Pretty soon you will meet a the real Geet!

oh shes talking with Maan and asking his help...
chalo good shuruwaat...
Maan now u can never escape from her...


u were trying to move away from her life completely but see fate is making u to come in front of her and talk with her...

Thank you!

this excited and too much talking Geet is reminding of Soni so much...
this is what i wanted too see...

Happy to know that you are satisfied!

wow Geet saw through Arnav too...
looks like Maan and Geet are in the same wavelength and frequency...


too good...
bechara Arnav...
Arnav bana Devdas...
what did Maan yell at him?

He did not yell! He just asked where are you? Thats all!

the scenes was damn funny for me...
the convo to be in particular...
that one scene made me smile...

LOL Happy to read that!

he looked like the kid Arnav to Maan...
poor him...
his anchor is Maan...
sigh Maan ke liye kaun hai?
only him...

Agree! Poor Maan!

dont worry Maan u will get ur Soni soon and Geet will be with u always...
nahi tho i wont leave kalpu...

Oh teri! Have to start working on next chappy soon!Big smile

these 3 people i like their personalities...
Maan, Geet and Arnav i mean...
theres something in them that really attracts me in this FF...

Oh really!!! Actually I like these three out of Arnav, Khushi, Maan and Geet! I dont know why but I dont like Khushi that much! Find her too dumb for my tastes! Geet was shown dumb in the show but I accepted that coz she was treated badly at her house but Khushi does not have any excuse to be so dumb in the show! So did not like her at all!

nice part but very painful...
cant see Maan in pain and feeling so furious seeing Khushi's idiocy and Arnav's pain...
cont soon dear...

Thank you!
Even I am feeling furious about Arnav and Khushi! But then I should not coz this is my story!Wink

P S- oh thank u dear...i slapped Maan...good deserves him and it really did wake him up...thappad yaad thi par main nahi grrr...naam bhi yaad nahi kiya...par thappad ka feeling unfair Maan...but koi na if it really makes him realize and change his will...thanks dear...
You are welcome! And sorry he forgot you! Kya karein? He is so in love with Geet that he does not notice any other girl!Wink Na! Your thappad wont change him! It is only Geet's love which will change him! That was just a dream that he forgot also! After all if he remembered toh meri poori story ki band baj jaati na????Wink

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 October 2013 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chavvi16

and you are back again
shall get to it as usual
and am back
wait when did i go away
okay have lost it even more pardon me will ya

LOL Loved the start of the review!

waah jab khud karte hain tab kuch nahin
yeh bahgwaan yehi mile the inhe
dono ki kismat phooti hai re
ek dusht daanav aur ek laad governor
tab se me me me chal raha hai inka
kya karein inka
chalo chaddo ji joh hona hai woh hona hi hai

LOL Loved this para! Really hilarious! 

really can you not think why she did this
and as if you left her ay choice mate
but no why will ASR think about it from her pov
egoistic arrogant little man urggg he makes me so mad at times

He drives me mad too!Angry

arrey waah ek apni khushi ke liye yeh baaki ko duhki dekhna chahenge
do you know what could have happened if you went for your afreen and not la
kitna bada bakheda khada hota
parr nahin inhe doosron se kya matlab
okay gotta stop bashing the guy

You are so right! Gadha hai yeh ASR gadha!

pheli baar pyaar kiya hai
aur abhi bhi nahin samajh paaye pyaar ko ji
pyyar kewal paana nahin hota
pyyar tyaag bhi hota hai balidaan bhi

Dont worry! He will understand soon!

aur doosron ko dukhi karr ke khud ka pyaar paana pyaar nahin hota arnav
yeh baat jis din bhi aapke samajh main aayegi ussi din aapko pyaar ka matlab samajh aayega ji
tab tak stay clueless dude that you are

LOL Clueless dude!!!!!! LOL

well yes he can see the pain
but that in khushi's eyes
that you funnily enough cant see
she herself aint happy doing this
but what else should she have done
snatched her sister's happiness
like i said before if you had told her she could have nipped this disaster inn the bud but no you didnt
now suffer for it
jhoot bol karr koi bhi rishta aage nahin badhta hai


so for maan his priority is khushi and not arnie
unfortunately not the same way we had hoped
hmmm but that sure mad him more mad
wait why is maan being mad at khushi

Because Maan did not know the real story behind Khushi's decision!

really it seems inn dono ladko ko pyaar ke sahi maane hamari ladki ko sikhane hi padenge
they dont know love in its true form as of yet


really maan what were you gonna do
sam as arnie make a scene and make life hell for all invloved
yeh koi business nahin hai ki kuch bhi kiya jaa sakta hai
waqt ki nazakat ko samjhiye maan aur aap bhi arnie
dont ruin it for payash and your families
and try to understand why khushi did this

Dont worry! Maan is more mature than Arnav! He will handle this better! 

seriously you think she is playing arnie
really you have gotta be kidding me
hello wasnt arnie doing the same
and you know why she did this
pata bhi hai aapko ki yeh sab inki hi wajah se hua hai
what could she have done maan

Arre! Maan did not know Khushi's reasoning yet! Once he will know he will support her!

just get engaged to him breaking her sister's heart and that of the family
aisa pyaar mein naa toh yeh khush reheti aur naa hi arnav
and here i was hoping that maan would understand her feelings and the reason why she did this
but then i forgot these two are more like one another than i thought they were
sach mein DM babaji what do i do with them
not that i can do much but someone can
and that will be our girls only
so arnie ki badi padi hai aapko
joh game inhone lhela that bhul gaye
aur sach mein agar aap inhe apni behen m,aante naa toh yeh naa sochte
think just for a moment from her pov
has anyone tried that no they havent have they

That is why he decided to talk to Khushi before reacting!

dhoka toh kewal khushi ne diya hai naa
aap ne toh unhe bilkul bhi dhoke mein nahin rakha
and what crap is this
dard sirf aap ko hai
arrey haan khushi toh khushi ke maare phooli nahin samaa rahi hain
badi khush hain aap ki sagaai apni di kke saath hotte hua

Well said!Clap

tabhi toh unka dil toot raha hai parr kya karen woh itni matlabi bhi nahin hain ki aap ke pyar mein andhi ho karr apne parvivaar apne behno ki khushiyan cheen le
waah maan sirf inka dard dikha aapko
khushi ka nahin
yeh nahin socha ki yeh karke unka kitna dil toota
arrey agar inhone apna pyaar khoya hai toh phir khushi ne bhi lhoya hai
parr nahin hamdardi toh keval chotte se hain
ho kya raha hai yeh
really these idiots seriously

Sach mein idiots hain!

aa gaye naa apne asli roop mein ASR
what else to expect from him
now that his anger ego and attitude is put in his ASR personna he didnt even wanna know why she did it
ek baar poochne mein kya jaata


but no why would he
he is ASR and dare anyone play with him
and if they do they shall pay for it
agar itni hi chinta thi parivaar toh phir chup chup karr pyaar kyun kiya
bata kyun nahin diya apne aur khushi ke baare mein
parr nahin inhe toh kissi ko nahin batana tha


arrey khushi ko laga aap unke saath khel rahe hain
jab tak sach pata chala bahut der ho gayi thi
well now why dont we just listen to our brain and do things ASR way
bhale hi usmein inhe lavanya se bhi shaadi kyun naa karni pade
waah what else to expect from ASR at this time

So true!

aur jab itna bhadkane ke baad yeh keh rahe hain khushi se baat karni padegi
by god dono ka haina murder karne ka mann karr raha hai
kalpu sach sach boliye aur koi ladke naa the hamari ladkiyon ke liye

LOL Nahi yaar! Hote bhi toh agar main unko idhar daalti toh baaki readers mera gala ghont dete!Wink

kab sudhrenge yeh log
wow ASR has just gone and made things worse for himself even more
well best of luck following  what you said
yeh pyaar hai arnav naa ki koi deal aur business ki kissi bhi tarah bhul jayenge isse

Exactly! He is such an idiot!

i feel like banging my head on the wall now
or better yet ASR head on the wall
but wont too much violence you see


lets see them trying to forget their love
they wont be able to do it
only geet did but then that was just bad luck
and she will remember it too or better yet fall in love properly this time

She will be back in love soon!

sach mein yeh maan bhi kuch kam nahin
and he just got his MSK mask on
well he is only fooling himself there and no one else
awww this is their first talk after her memory loss
well the second memory loss
maan you just said that it aint easy to forget love then why did you forget the same mate
ufff kya ho raha hai naa
parr bada mazaa aa raha hai


kalpu my dear tussi sach mein cha gaye ji

Thank you!EmbarrassedBig smile

of course maan dont wanna talk to her too much
warna dil ko aur chot lagegi yeh soch soch karr ki soni inhe bhul gayi
thank you shank you kaha jaa raha hai
parr geet yeh agar aap ki jaan naa bachate toh phir aap inki jan kaise banti ji
ahhh but she dont know naa such shame

Really shame!

abbe kya karr raha hai
she is comparing you with brij
man thats the worst comparision ever

Kya karein?? She does notknow him well! Varna she would have never done such comparisions!

if he comes to know which he wont luckily he will blow a fuse
lo abb yeh bhi love story phir se shuru hone se phele usse bigaad rahe hain
koi nahin yeh toh hona hi tha
warna geet dusht daanav ko phir se phighlaye gi kaise hai na


well that saree is yours
or the woman you were
wait now i get the year wait that maneet were supposd to be apart from
she needs to finish her studies and then join KC right

Exactly! You got my future track pretty well!

yup that makes sense why the year  thing was mentioned
she has to complete her studies only thens he will be with him again
hmmm but in that one year a lot is gonna happen
yes NT he is back to being MSK
doesnt really surprise me
after all he became maan for soni
and she aint there anymore so back to the pavillion


but chill dear if she can do that once she can do it again as well
awww she dont know the importance of that saree as of yet
maybe in future she will do right


good one NT real good
so what if he said he wont get back in her life
but geet is was and will be your love and of course your future wife
and by doing what she did NT just ensured that maneet do end up together eventually


the saree your mother had kept for her bahu reached its destination
even though the recipient knows nothing about that yet
and even maan wont be happy but who cares about that
dont you just love NT for that
yeh huyi naa choti behen ka farz waaf dil khush karr diya inhone

Yes, I love her in this FF so much! NT rocks!

and there we have the broken and sad khushi
well she too knows how to mask her pain
for the sake of her family
even if its breaking her little by little
well wouldnt it just do that to her
after all the one she loves so much isnt hers
but is gonna be her jiju
of course i know that wont happen but for now he is that right


and why am i not surprised that before maan got to her arnie did
well he aint happy to see her
and am guessing he would wanna get his answers at least
but it seems she will lie to him
khushi itna toh inhe haq hai janne ka
yeh toh mat chiniye inse bhi aur apne aap se bhi
but of course she cant show whats in her heart right
as she isnt that type of girl uff kya musibat hai ji


excuse me you think she is happy
you were happy to see her in tears wow now thats love for ya
actually you are accusing him right
he knew all along that you were payal sister
he did hide it from you
funny right she thinks she is accusing him wrongly but she isnt
he aint innocent of this deed
but the poor girl dont know that what she is saying is so true
now thats some coicidence that she is saying exactly the truth but without knwoing about it
sweetie you hit the truth
you want him to hate you well after lsietning to this he wont
well he better not warna iski toh
sorry dear after what you said unknowingly he shouldnt think of you as petty or that you are seeking revenge from him

Confusions! Confusions! Confusions! This misunderstanding is creating too much confusion in Arhi's life!Wink

oh wait i forgot this is ASR we are talking about
even after being confronted about the truth he still has no shame
and still is blaming her
aap kya inki zindagi nark bayenge arnav
woh toh yeh khud karr rahi hain
taki aap inki behen ko khush rakh sake
isse kehte hain pyaar arnav not what you had for her
did he even love her i wonder

Errr... He did love her yaar! But he uses his brain too much and that brings up the problem! Dil se socha hota toh yeh naubat hi nahi aati!

if he did how could he not know that khushi is not like this
he should know his afreen that well at least
but it seems he doesnt or else he would have seen through her pain she was hiding
or the fact that she is lying to you
and for whom you and her sister's happiness
but what did he do ridicule that love oh ma kya kkarun main inka

shame he didnt come when she said all that behind arnav back
then he would have known
and wouldnt need to ask her
man i cant see her like this
its even worse than what happened with maan
that was all due to destiny but here she had to kill her love for the man she loves
oh maan will you be able to hear why she did this will you
see now you know why
it was all due to arnav hiding about his true identity

Exactly! I always said he will rue the day he hid his identity!

like i have said countless times before had he not lied they wouldnt be in this position
oh god i just though of something
and its not good what am thinking of
that is what that man also known as ASR do to make her life hell
please let him not do what i think he would do or else he will loose her even more
but he will so do what i fear he will do

Errr... what are you thinking about? Do reply! You are confusing me!

dammit this is gonna be worse for khushi than arnav
seee she did say what i said she could have done had she known
and why didnt she know
because a certain someone didnt tell her did he
well no it wont be all doom and gloom for ya khushi
because he too has to suffer
kyunki unki bhi toh galti hai
naa woh aapse chupate aur naa yeh naubat aati
see you too are doing the same
dard aap ko bhi hai aur inhe bhi
naa hi aap geet ko force karna chahate hain
aur naa hi yeh apni behen ko dulhi dekh sakti hain
what she said was so true right
kya kismat hain inn dono ki yaar bahut kharab hai

The line said by Khushi to Maan in the end had been planned from the time I started writing this story!

oh great it seems la aint happy about this either
whcih just makes this whole thing pointless

LOL Funny na????

oh khushi wish you can hear this
it would help but now its late aint it
neither will la break it nor would khushi let her love come between them
at least dont lie to her la she is your di
unhe toh aap bata hi dijiye please
and you do wow i just love these sisters bond right
awww dammit her mother came at wrong time
why did she say what was in her heart in her mind
bet now what she tells payal will be heard by khushi
hence she wont back down either
this is just bad luck i tell ya
she too is doing this for family
arrey yeh dono bhi naa


ek baar toh apne baare mein sochti
but they just arent like that right
wait who broke her heart

Some guy called Rahul or Rohan! Cant remember! I mentioned it in my earlier chapters!

so this mean neither is ASR gonna be happy
nor is la and of course not even khushi
yaar aisi shaadi ka kya matlab

Kuch bhi nahi!LOL Is liye yeh shaadi hogi bhi nahi!LOL

two ar ruining their lives for love one for his ego
now thats the differene between them all
parr phir bhi zibndagi toh teeno ki hi barbaad ho rahi hai
shayad aage chal karr naa ho par abhi toh hai naa

So true!

she will never fall for ASR
ASR will never be able to love her either
and khushi too wont be able to forget ASR
hainnn yeh ho kya gaya

Yeh wahi hua jo manjoore writer hua!LOL

oh ho yahan man is lost in her memories
wahan geet calls him just when he is remembering her
waah kya connection tha boss

Kismat connection ho jaaye!LOL

but it wasnt about maneet now
oh dear it seems dear ASR has gone into devdas mode
and about time too man
oh dear the poor girl is worried for her AB
well what else could she do but call maan
after all maan is closer to him than anyone else
and the one who was closer well she is the reason for this right
kya HP express ki tarah bol rahi thi yeh
poor maan's heart right
listening to his love and yet cant tell her of it


well for now ASR is of importance
only cause he is freaking drunk man
god knows what he will do in that state right

So true!

and there he is
our very own devdas arnav
man who would have thought she would reduce him to this

Kaun kambakhat peeta hai bardaasht karne ki liye!!!LOL

i miss you but will never forgive you
lo karr lo baat
chadhi huyi hai aur phir bhi ASR banna na chodenge yeh


ufff iss devdas ko koi le ke jaao re
maan my man where are ya mate
good naa they didnt know it was ASR
warna izzatka faluda bann jaata
abbe dheere bol maan ke kaan ke parde khaade ga kya


yeh toh keval geet ka haq hai


haila kitni chad gayi hai ki bar ka nam bhi nahin maloom
aur phir inhe bhi bula rahe hain bevdaa hone ke liye hadh hain
satyansh ho yeh toh aur bhi peeye jaa rahe hain
arrey aise gaane toh mat sunaiye warna yeh kya karenge bhagwaan jaane
kuch naa hi karre toh achaa hai boss
chalo kuch toh akal aayi inhe peene ke baad
parr yeh samajh jayegi tel lene jab hosh aayega inhe


well like she said its due to your one lie only
aur saaya arnav kabhi peecha nahin chodhta hai
toh iska kya matlab hua ki woh bhi aap ke saath hi hongi

Arre waah! Never thought of it like that!

parr saath ho kar bhi saath naa hongi saath
really you hate her 
you cant hate her deep down even you know that
sach sach boliye arnav at least to yourself mate
oh dear well this was bound to happen
what happened sure hit him hard well it was supposed to so he would know what it feels like
well your stories are so simlar and yet they arent
he can get his answers from khushi but maan cant
ahhh the tragedy of it all


oh ho geet aap nahin jaanti
ussi baat ka toh rona hai ji
but what to do dear
he is back in his MSK mode so all this was gonna happen
you will know more of it soon enough
well thats that for now or is it
nope it aint is it
well she is right for sure
kaisa pyaar hai aapka
itni jaldi aap haar maan gaye maan

He so deserved Deepa's slap!

aap MSK yeh ya nahin
lagta hai deepa dear yeh kaam toh phir geet ko hi karna hoga
so baby naming ceremony and akash performance
well at least one brother got his love

Aakash got his love coz he did everything with his heart! But these idiots think by brain and create too many problems especially Arnav!

only because he was clever enough to make sure they got him for her
as in telling family and letting them do it all
had our heroes done the same this wouldnt have happened


oh well something else would have happened right
cheers for pm
and so sorry for bashing maan and arnav so much
but they make me so mad for sure sorry
will try not to do that again i hope
hope your back is better now dear
It is ok! Go ahead and bash them anytime! I will enjoy it and might join you too!LOL
I dont know why but I kept on laughing while reading your review! It was so hilarious! Mazaa aagaya padhte hue! My back is lot better! Thanks once again for your awesome review!

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CHAPTER 55 (F). The Naamkaran






Place - Hall at Shantivan


      Arnav greeted the guests milling around the room while walking ahead. He wandered to the door where his Di was standing. It was the day Kanha was to be given his proper name and many of the guests had already arrived to witness this auspicious event. "Di! Aap yahaan kya kar rahi ho? Aapki zaroorat wahaan hai! Dekhiye! Naamkaran ki vidhi bahut jald shuru hogi! That Panditji is saying that the mahurat has already begun!", Arnav told his Di as he pointed towards the middle of the hall were the Panditji was already seated in front of the havan kund with Shyam sitting nearby with Kanha in his arms. Arnav was lucky that his Di was too happy these days to notice the sadness in his voice. Of course there was also the fact that Arnav was good at acting and hiding his emotions from his Di. "Chote! Baat kya haina! Hum Lavanyaji aur Paayalji ka intezaar kar rahe hain! Woh ek baar aajayein toh hum bhi chain se vidhi ke liye baith sakte hain. Aur waise bhi naamkaran ka mahurat aur ek ghante tak hain!", Anjali replied. Arnav nodded and was about to walk away when Khushi entered the hall with Lavanya and Paayal with their family following them along with Lavanya's papa who had come to meet his samdhis for the first time. Khushi was chatting with both the girls and giggling all the way. Arnav felt a pain in his chest. Here he was heart broken and there she was happy and smiling! Was her love that fickle? He turned his face away unable to look at her anymore. Anjali smiled at them, "Kya baat hai Khushiji? Aaj aap bahut muskura rahi hain?" Khushi grinned and replied chirpily, "Haan! Khush toh honge hi! Humaari dono behno ke hone waale Bhaanje ka naamkaran jo hai!" Arnav looked at Khushi in shock. Lavanya was her sister! That's when he remembered his sister telling him about the rishta for Paayal's sister. So Di was talking about Lavanya and I thought she was talking about Khushi! He looked at Khushi again and felt his anger bubble. Tumne mujhe thukraaya na Khushi! Ab main tumhein chain se jeene nahi dunga! Ab toh tum mere ghar aati jaati rahogi apni behno ki wajah se! Ab main tumhein dekhlunga Khushi Kumari Gupta! Dekhlunga tumhein!



    Soon the other guests arrived along with Maan and his family and the naamkaran vidhi started. Anjali and Shyam were seated on a floor with the rest of the family sitting behind them. The guests were seated a bit away. After doing all the poojas and rituals, the Pandit asked the child's bua to step ahead to give the child the name. Anjali explained that the child did not have any bua and hence, her sister would name the child. The Pandit asked the Maasi to step ahead. Geet smiled and got up for the pooja. She sat beside Shyam and took the baby in her arms. The Pandit asked her to whisper the name into the child's ear and then tell the name to rest of them. Geet whispered the name and then looked up, "Humaare ghar mein AD, AB aur Veere ka naam A akshar se shuru hota hai! Toh maine Kanha ka naam A akshar se socha hai! Aur AD ko bhagwaan par bahut vishwas hai isiliye maine iska naam bhagwaan ke naam se rakha hai! Iska naam Bhagwaan Shivji ka hi doosra naam hai! Aur iska naam hai..." she trailed off and looked around. Some looked at her curiously while some looked at her with dread, Arnav, Aakash and Shyam being the part of latter. Aakash narrowed his eyes, "Geetto! Suspense mat badha!" Anjali pouted, "Haan! Baby! Jaldi bataao na!" Geet giggled and mumbled, "Theek hai! Theek hai! Par SJ I want my neg haan!" Shyam rolled his eyes, "Haan! Baba Haan! Aapka neg aapko mil jaayega! Par Saali Sahibaji pehle naam toh bata dijiye!" Geet grinned and loudly spoke, "Iska naam hai Aniket! Aniket Shyam Jha!" The guests around them clapped and cheered while Arnav, Aakash and Shyam heaved a sigh of relief mentally. Chalo achcha naam socha hai Saali Sahiba ne!, thought Shyam. Geet handed over the baby to Anjali and smiled at her, "Dekha Di! Ab aapke bachche ko do do bhagwaan ka naam mila hai! Aniket matlab Mahadev aur Kanha matlab Vishnu Bhagwaan ke avatar!" Anjali nodded and smiled at her baby. The rest of the rituals continued.



     Arjun smirked and whispered into Dev's ear, "Lo! Pehle hi is ghar mein Vishnu the ab Shivji bhi aagaye!" Dev frowned, "Vishnu?", he whispered. Arjun nodded, "Shyam toh kanha ka doosra naam hai! Pehle Vishnu ab Shiv bas ab ek Brahma baaki hai! Woh aagaye toh is ghar mein tridevo ka vaas hoga!" Dev let out a laugh and NT standing beside him pinched him, "Hasna band kijiye aap!" Dev winced and whispered to Arjun, "Sahi kahaa tha Arnav Bhai ne Geet Bhabhi ko interesting naam soojte hai!" Arjun looked at Dev in shock, "Woh ab tumhaari Bhabhi nahi hai Dev!" Dev shook his head, "Geet meri Bhabhi hai! Chaahe Bro kuch bhi bolein! Mere liye meri Bhabhi Geet thi, hai aur rahegi! Aur mera vishwaas hai ki ek din woh Khurana Mansion mein bahu bankar jaroor aayegi! Woh dono ek duje ke liye hi bane hain! Aur agar woh dono ek nahi hue toh main unhein paas laaunga! Par main Geet ko Khurana Khaandaan ki bahu banaakar rahunga!" Arjun sighed but did not reply back.



    Soon all the guests went away and only the Raizadas, Khurana and Guptas remained. All of them were seated in the hall chatting and joking. Aakash, Paayal, Khushi, Lavanya, Geet, NT, Dev, Arjun and Annie were seated on the floor while rest of them sat on the sofa behind them. While the elders i.e. Daadima, Naaniji, Maama, Maami, Buaji, Bauji, Amma and Lavanya's papa were all discussing about the marriage planning and Arnav and Maan seated a bit far away discussing their business, the remaining youngsters were discussing their current lifestyle and jobs. Soon, the topic turned to college days, "College days ke baare mein sochu toh mujhe sirf music yaad aata hai, singing competions, dances etc etc.", Arjun mentioned remembering those days. Dev smiled, "Haan yaar! Kya din the woh! Main, Arjun, NT, Annie aur Aakash! Sab saath mein kitni masti karte the! Kabhi singing competitions, kabhi dance performances, kabhi debates toh kabhi sports! Life was fun yaar!" Geet smiled and piped up, "Maine suna hai ki aap aur Arjunji ne jab college khatam kiya toh aapne Veere ko apni girlfriends ka bodyguard banaaya tha?" Dev and Arjun burst out laughing while Aakash smiled sheepishly. Paayal, Khushi and Lavanya looked at them with curiousity written on their faces. They wanted to know the whole story. After a while Dev calmed down and nodded, "Haan! Woh kya haina! Main aur Arjun ek saal pehle hi graduate hogaye! Aakash, NT aur Annie ek hi batch mein the aur humse ek saal junior! Toh hua yun ki hum dono jaante the ki humaare college chodne ke baad sab ladke humaari girlfriends matlab NT aur Annie par line jaroor maarenge toh humne Aakash ko yeh kaam diya ki woh humaare girlfriends ki raksha kare!" As soon as he said this, Annie burst out laughing while NT grinned. Geet pouted, "Kya hua?" NT shook her head but Annie replied, "Tumhaare yeh Veere bhi na! I tell you Geet!", she again burst out laughing while Aakash smiled sheepishly again scratching his head. Annie calmed down after a while and mumbled, "Main isliye has rahi thi kyunki jab yeh dono", she pointed to Arjun and Dev who were grinning at Aakash, "College chodke gaye toh agle saal kayi ladke hum par chance maarte the aur jab bhi Aakash unhein rokne jaata toh use maarne ki dhamki dete the!" Geet and Paayal looked at Aakash with wide eyes as NT continued, "Bechaare humaare Aakash Babu! Humein bachaayein toh ladko se maar khaayein aur humein na bachaayein toh Dev aur Arjun se maar khaayein! Dono taraf se yahi maar khaate the!" Paayal and Geet stared at Aakash open mouthed while Khushi and Lavanya burst out laughing. "Phir kya hua?", Paayal asked in a sad tone no doubt feeling bad that her fianc had to face so much for friendship. "Haan! Kya hua?", Geet asked too wanting to know her Veere's fate. NT replied, "Hota kya tha? Yeh Anjali Di ke Chutke un ladko se maar khaate kyunki yeh unke aur humaare beech aaye aur hum aur Annie Principal ke paas jaakar un ladko ki complaint karte the! Phir Principal un ladko ko suspend karte the aur hum aur Annie Aakash ko Hospital le jaate the!" As soon as she said this, all people around them burst out laughing while Aakash shouted indignantly, "NT! Ek hi baar main hospital gaya tha yaad karo!" NT calmly looked at him and raised an eyebrow. After a while, Aakash wilted, "Theek hai! Teen chaar baar hospital gaya tha!" Again, there was laughter around him. He pouted and looked down. Suddenly, a hand reached out and held Aakash's hand. He looked up to see Paayal smiling at him. He squeezed her hand as if assuring her that he was fine. Geet cleared her throat and looked pointedly at their hands and they moved their hands away. Aakash smiled shyly while Paayal blushed as Geet looked at them knowingly.



   "Waise Veere! College ke din se yaad aaya! Aap toh College ke time par bahut saare awards jeete the na singing mein?", Geet spoke after a while. All were jerked out their thoughts by this question while Aakash frowned at Geet, "Aise kya pooch rahi hai Geetto? Har summer vacation mein kitni baar tu ne mujhe gaate hue suna hai! Aur College mein main jab bhi kuch bhi jeet ta tha tujhe hi toh pehle call karke bataa tha!" Geet nodded and then shook her head, "Mujhe yaad hai! Par aap mujhe sachchi bataao! Aap awards jeet te the na?" Aakash rolled his eyes, "Haan! Main jeetta tha!" Geet grinned, "Toh abhi ek gaana gaao na!" Aakash's eys widened, "No way! I won't sing! Kitne saal hogaye gaa ke! Ab main nahi gaaunga!" Geet pouted and mumbled, "Apni Geetto ke liye bhi nahi gaaoge?" She looked at Lavanya and when Lavanya met her eyes, she looked at Paayal and looked back at Lavanya and winked at her. Lavanya nodded her head and spoke up, "Kya Aakash Jiju! Hone waali Saaliyaan baithi hai aapke saamne aur hone waali wife bhi hai aur aap hain ki gaa hi nahi rahe!" She nudged Khushi who was lost in her thoughts and Khushi looked at her and then at Aakash. She spoke in a soft tone, "Haan! Jijaji! Gaayiye na!" As all the ladies in the room including Daadima, Naaniji, Maami and Anjali looked at him sadly as if he was punishing them by not singing; he shook his head and mumbled, Geetto! Jaa mere room se mera guitar le aa!" The ladies let out a cheer and Geet ran to get the guitar.



  Soon, Aakash had his guitar in his hands and eager audiences in front of him. He closed his eyes for few minutes and opened it. He looked at all of them sadly and mumbled, "Par main kya gaaun?" Half of the younger generation slapped their forehead while the elder generation shook their heads. Geet pouted and mumbled, "Veere! Aaj subah aap ek gaana gaa rahe the apne room mein jjab mein aapko milne aayi thi! Woh gaana gaayiye na!" Aakash shook his head, "But that was a sad song Baby!" "Toh kya hua?", Anjali spoke up, "Sad ho ya happy! Hum sabko bas aapke aawaaz mein ek gaana sunna hai!" All of them agreed with her and Aakash sighed, "Theek hai! Bhula Dena just for you!", he pointed at Geet and Geet grinned eagerly. He strummed his guitar and sang in a soft voice.


Bhula Dena Mujhe

Hai Alvida Tujhe

Tujhe Jeena Hai

Mere Bina


Maan looked away from Arnav and their discussion as his eyes reached Aakash and the words penetrated his mind.


Safar Yeh Hai Tera

Yeh Raasta Tera

Tujhe Jeena Hai

Mere Bina


Maan's eyes reached Geet as his mind wished her good luck with her new life.


Ho Teri Saari Shoharatein

Hai Yeh Dua

Tujhi Pe Saari Rehmatein

Hai Yeh Dua


Khushi's eyes reached Arnav who was staring at some distance. Humein ek hi cheez chaahiye Arnavji! Aap khush rahe aur bahut tarakki karein!


Tujhe Jeena Hai

Mere Bina


Bhula Dena Mujhe

Hai Alvida Tujhe

Tujhe Jeena Hai

Mere Bina


Khushi closed her eyes and prayed that Arnav would forget her.


Tu Hi Hai Kinaara Tera

Tu Hi Toh Sahaara Tera

Tu Hi Hai Taraana Kal Ka

Tu Hi Toh Fasaana Kal Ka

Khud Pe Yakeen Tu Karna

Banna Tu Apna Khuda


Haan Geet! Apne aap pe yakeen karna aur life mein bahut aage jaana! Maan wished in his heart.


Tu Hi Hai Kinaara Tera

Tu Hi Toh Sahaara Tera

Tu Hi Hai Taraana Kal Ka

Tu Hi Toh Fasaana Kal Ka

Khud Pe Yakeen Tu Karna

Banna Tu Apna Khuda


Arnavji! Aapki tarakki mein humaari khushi hai! Khushi thought as a tear trickled down her cheek.


Fiza Ki Shaam Hoon Main

Tu Hai Nayi Subah

Tujhe Jeena Hai

Mere Bina


Aakash sang with closed eyes.


Tujhe Jeena Hai

Mere Bina


 As Aakash strummed the guitar Paayal smiled at him admiring his thoughtful form. Lavanya nudged her and giggled as Paayal blushed. Arnav glanced at Khushi and looked away in pain. Maan closed his eyes at the pain he was feeling in the heart. Geet glanced at Maan but looked away as NT talked to her. Khushi looked at Arnav and looked down.


Khilengi Jahaan

Bahaarein Sabhi

Mujhe Tu Wahaan



Khushi smiled sadly; Humein aap ab humaare khayaalon mein hi milenge!


Rahengi Jahaan

Humaari Wafa

Mujhe Tu Wahaan



Wahaan aapko humaari bewafaai nahi wafaa hi milegi, Khushi thought.


Milunga Main Iss Tarah

Waada Raha

Rahunga Sang Main Sada

Waada Raha


I promise you Geet! Jab bhi tum problem mein hogi main tumhein milunga us mushkil ke aur tumhaare beech khade hue! Maan promised while staring at Geet.


Tujhe Jeena Hai

Mere Bina


Jeelo apni zindagi Geet! Main tum par apne pyaar ka bandhan nahi daalunga! Yeh Waada Raha! Maan promised.


Bhula Dena Mujhe

Hai Alvida Tujhe

Tujhe Jeena Hai

Mere Bina


Aakash sang as Anjali wiped a tear from her eyes at the thoughtful lyrics.


Tujhe Jeena Hai

Haan Mere Bina


   Everyone clapped as the song came to end while the youngsters patted his back and shook his hand. Geet gave him a hug and whispered "Thank you for singing for me!" while Paayal gave him a pride filled smile. In between all this, no one noticed Khushi's tear filled eyes; Arnav's anguish on his face and Maan's heartbroken expression.







The song is from the movie Aashiqui 2 (Year 2013) sung by Mustafa Zahid.


Phew! Finally ended the Chapter 55. Here is an interesting fact. The unedited version of Chapter 55 has more than 21000 words and 46 pages of MS Word! I don't know how long the edited version would have gone!






I know that none of you expected me to update today but what can I do? Got exam on Sunday so have to sleep early on Saturday! So today itself I upated! Next week back to Saturday updates!


And I know that it is too short compared to my usual updates, but I had to end it here. Next part had to start in the chapter only! You will know why when I will post the chapter next week!




A final twist (for now) for which Ekta Kapoor shows are famous for!

Can you guess which twist?

Here are some hints:

Bade Achche Lagte Hai had the twist twice in recent months and Pavitra Rishta had the twist three times until now.

If you still haven't guessed, no problem! You will know about it, the moment you read the title of Chapter 56!


Take Care and Enjoy


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ek din phele
you mean chapter 56
hope i have time to do this today
or else it will be tomorrow
lets see shall we

Wow so more twists our way huh

Not that I mind

The more twists the more fun it it

And with you giving update a day early even better

Shame that I wasn't able to comment on same day but what to do

One cant give half-baked response now can one

Wooohooo finally kanha shall be named

And our aki gives a performance what can be better than that

Nothing well lots of things but there is time and place for that too

Oh I hope your back is better now

Okay so lets get down to it shall we

Wonder what happened in the six days from the last encounter of our couples who are no longer together

Dude chillax its not like kanha can be named without his parents being present right

Yes luck is on your side for that matter only

Because had that not been the case she would have picked up on your sadness

After all she is your di she knows you the best

Really that one thing of hiding your emotions from your di has made it worse for you

Then maybe all this wouldn't have happened

No actually it would have no matter what right

Warna story kaise badhti bhai

Oh ho toh guptas ka wait ho raha hai ya sirf iss ghar ki hone waali bahus

Well hope khushi comes but on other handi don't want her to come

There is only so much even she can keep her emotions from him

Funny if no one can get your sadness same is true for khushi

So she is here ufff so near and yet so close

Now he isn't her lover but jija to be

Man she never would have thought when she fell for him that they could share that relationship with him

But then fate had other plans right and destiny isn't with her either

Which is why she had to lose her love to it

Don't be silly her love was never fickle

Do you know how much it took her to be like this

Well if he knew he wouldn't be thinking all this

Oh arnie she is probably breaking as much on the inside as you if not more

At least maan knows about your pain so you can talk to him

But khushi cant even do that as maan isn't with her well not that we know of

So la dad is here

Hmmm that one was the person missing from all this

Wait they got engaged without her dad being there

How did that happen I wonder

Oh well he is here now naa

Uff she is happy for her sisters not for herself

Dude now you found out did ya that la and khushi are sisters when its this late

And really must I keep repeating this

Guess I gotta what else should she do

Break her sister heart and get engaged to you herself mate

Uff this is leading to ASR coming out

And when ever he is there well things only get worse for arnav

Same as when MSK is there maan suffers the most

Wow what to do with him

He never has understood her

And it seems he never will either

 Why did she have to fall in love with arnie only well that's because its arhi story plus he was the only kunwara left

Just once mate I would have loved it if you thoughts all this from her pov but no that doesn't seem likely as of yet

Oh ho no bua well she can be both I guess our geet

Well so the time is here it seems

Kanha wonder what he shall be called

Well lets read and find out

Dude arnie and others stop feeling so scared am sure it will be good so chillax will ya

But no they aren't wrong to feel what they do right

Susp[ense naa badahe man that no fair

Let her do it aki its only fair naa

Wow she sure is stretching it knowing that she can

Not that I mind of course so funny this scene is

Bet you must have at least laughed through geet's this side right

Waah kya naam choose kiya hai

Aniket aww that real cute for sure I love it dear what a name you chose for him

Dudes really don't be silly she never would have names aniket anything that bad

Haw she would have thought a nice name only

It's the pet names that are bit weird

Wow so he has names of two from the TRILOGY

Aint that just perfect for little ASJ sounds nice that right

Yup more of Vishnu bhagwan aura abb Shiv bhagwan bhi

Awww that is so cute man

Hey that's what I just said just one name left out

Maybe with payash kid or arhi kid that trio of names can be completed too

Or even maneet kid right

Man that's naughty of those two

NT you were so right to pinch your hubby

Oh hello just because maan said that he wont force geet

And that he has let go of her don't mean that she wont be his bhabhi

Only she shall be his bhabhi and no one else

And that is one fact we know for sure

Just like khushi will be aki bhabhi man

How when that happens remains to be seen for sure

Wow so true it seems both hubby and wife have more faith that maneet shall be together than maan

Well what to do maan doesn't believe that she will be his once again but she shall be

She will be a khurana bahu and only that yaar

Wow I just love how dev said he will get them together

If not maan himself his little bro sure will get them together

That I shall look forward for

I remember you saying that dev shall bring maneet closer and now that time has come right

Oh ho those sure are the days

When in college enjoying with friends relaxing chilling with them before entering the cut throat world of looking for jobs happens

Those days cant be forgotten can they

Poor aki man what all he hasn't done for jun and dev

Man he was their GFs BG yaar

And why because him being in the same year as the girls so he was the only one left to protect these two girls from unwanted advances or something like that

What did aki do that it made them laugh so much yaar

Man you are finding so much about him and about time too

Awww poor aki man they used to scare him huh those boys

Well I don't know why they bothered knowing that NT and Annie would never think about anyone else

But he still had to do what they told him naa poor thing

Hope he wasn't beaten up though by anyone else

Hey that was bad time for him right in that way

One side those boys who wanted to date the girls and the other side his friends who wanted him to look out for their girls

Sheesh talk about ek taraf khayi tog duji ore kunwa

Awww payal don't be that sad dear but then she has all the reasons to right

Poor thing used to get beaten up

But then the girls would comaplina of the same and get rid of those boys

Parr kya kya nahin kiya aki ne unn dono ke liye

That bad huh that he ended up in hospital baap re baap

Okay just once well that is some relief for payal and us

Well that wasn't true was it

It was more than once man poor little aki man

Feel so sorry for the dude yaar

Oho don't worry your miss cham cham is there for ya in midst of all this leg pulling

Hmmm chup chup karr romance ho raha hai kya baat hai payash

Geet sure made the love birds the only one who got the right partner and their partners shy huh

Lage rahiye geet go for it

Oh ho our aki is a singer cool man

Hmmm why is she asking as if she cant believe it

This girl sure  is very funny right

See this is why she was saying it

Why you saying no aki sing na

Or was it supposed to be for in your SR dude

Naaah cant it be well that could be one reason to say no right

Hmmm so he finally relented under so much emotional attyachar

Awww dont you just love it when the girls make the boys do things through this

That is the best way tomake them agree for things they dont wanna do

And it works every time too

Sing something anything will do mate

Which ever way your mood takes you

But why was he singing sad song in the morning thats what I wanna know

Well seeing how our dear maneet and arhi are in such sad place it would be just perfect for the situation

Even if you dont know about the same mate

Man its so hard to see maan wanting to be with geet and yet not

Though he could have tried it again naa

Guess not this time it will have to be geet only

Yup of course you did khushi but arnie dont know the same

He thinks you betrayed him and just played with his feelings when that is further from the truth

Well sache pyaar ko bhulna asaan nahin and you know it khushi

Funny how this song is depicting maan and khushi sadness which they cant show to either geet and arnav right

Ufff so much tragedy going on aint it

I cant take it okay not true its okay for sure

Only payash seem to be the ones getting what they wanted

And with the one they wanted their life with

Oh khushi not just in dreams my dear as arnie has things planned for you which aint anything good though

Well you betrayed him cause you had to warna you wouldnt have done that at all

Wow maan so you shall stand between trouble and her

Well then that will happen more and more as she is a chalti phirti disaster queen right

Itna sab kuch karr sakte hain parr unke mann mein apna pyaar ki jagah nahin bana sakte

Hey babaji what to say here not much this maan i tell ya ufff

Funny no one knew three hearts that are broken

None saw that did they hope they shallknow and soon

Well at least in arhi case though i doubt it

what more twist are you thinking of

Since i dont watch either shows i have no clue of this

But then can wait for it till next week

Every time i think you cant astonish me more well you prove me wrong and am glad too

Cheers for pm

Edited by chavvi16 - 05 October 2013 at 10:57am

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Ashavi Goldie

Joined: 31 August 2011
Posts: 1412

Posted: 04 October 2013 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
wonderful update...
nice name...Geet selected a wonderful name...
the lyrics of the song was so apt 2 describe the emotions of Arshi and Maan...
loved the flashback of NT,Dev,Akash,Annie and was really nice 2 see their bonding...
it was really nice update...
update soon...

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sutapasarbabhom IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 February 2012
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Posted: 04 October 2013 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Wonderful update aniket is sweet name geet do gd job i think she gv lik ad ab very fel bad for arnav maan kushi u describe vry butifuly their pain during song sequence this stry is vry touching thanx for ecpt mx budy rqst waiting for update

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