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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 38)

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

part 55 D
awesome dear...
too good...

Thank you!
And thanks for the review!

the twists have started happening in Arnav's life too...
deserves him right for being too confident and thinking only about himself...

He so deserves it for being so arrogant!

cant see Maan like this dear...
hes so hurt and in pain...
glad will get to see the MSK avatar of Maan but its too hurting to see him like that...

Yes, MSK Avatar will be back but Maan's hurting will not stop soon! It will take time! But yet you would enjoy the next parts! Yeh toh pakka hai!

Arnav though hes a support to Maan but he himself is gonna be with Maan in this pain...
look at the irony...
so Maama and baby are getting close...
well Arnav u might need this in future to console urself...
coz ur mistake and high thinking is gonna land u in trouble and heart break...
hope the baby will give him support and distraction...

Yes The baby will be the only ray of light in Arnav's life for a while!

so Khushi has come to know that that her family was talking about Arnav and La...
well the fool she is should have immediately told Arnav...
seriously why are the leads so dense in such matters and behave like the damn sacrificers and create and multiply the problems 1000 times worse?

I know you want them to sit and talk the whole thing out but can you actually imagine Arnav and Khushi doing that? I mean that is so against their personality! They are dense from the start of the show! And I have kept them dense here too!LOL

this is gonna cost her so much...
damn it...
she also gotta know that Arnav was thinking about her as the chosen bride still she didnt do anything...
seriously such a foolish girl...

Oh come on! What else do you expect from Khushi! She is not one of the the brightest tools in the box!

its better to stop it happening with small trouble and pain rather destroy everything and cause much more humiliation...
but our leads everywhere (i mean in every show) will do the cruelest and foolish things by considering every single damn thing but ignore the most only important thing...

So true! And the comedy is after madmouthing the leads for being stupid we still continue to watch the show without fail, isnt it?Wink

Arnav should make her suffer this time along with his stupidness and over confidence...

Oh! Dont worry! Arnav will make sure that Khushi suffers! Woh use aise nahi chodega!Big smile

how much time would it have taken for him to ask the name?
ab bhugto...
and Maan should seriously blast Arnav and mostly Khushi for this...

NA! My Maan is too drowned in his own sorrow to scold them!

if shes considering her sister and family's happiness then she should never reconcile with Arnav...
let her stand on her stand forever...
stupid fool...
and she misguided Arnav too...
hadnt she told him about the color identification he would have used his smartness and brain for once this time...
and this time i will blame Khushi so much for her stupidity...

Both are stupids! From the start of the show I have said that! But then my dad always say, When you watch the idiot box, watch it like an idiot! Dont use your brain and never think of logic!!! I think that rule applies here too!WinkLOL

poor Arnav...
he would feel so betrayed and he does feel so...
hope he never forgives her for that...

Arre! Par forgive nahi kiya toh story kaise aage badhegi????

Aakash and Paayal were funny...
this helped Aakash so much but Paayal was smart and possessive...

I always felt in the show Payash were smarter than Arhi! Even here also they are smarter!Wink

its a pity Khushi didnt get that brain from her sister...
now if Arnav breaks the alliance with La later wouldnt it hurt her so much later?

Errr...NO! You will come to know later why La will not be heartbroken! And I will have happy ending for everybody! Dont worry! La is not going to tyaag her fiance to Khushi or any rubbish like that! Ek tyaagi (Khushi) sufficient hai is family mein!Wink

and what the hell was Khushi idiot thinking?
that Arnav will accept this in his life?

Errr... But he is planning to accept it! Of course in anger but he is going to accept it!Cry

then she never understood Arnav...
she can never nor will he let her rule his life like this...
hope she gets good lesson for this...

That she will!

poor Arnav...
Geet's cheering was the only thing i felt relieved...
but missed Maan though...

Maan's entry in next part! Deliberately did not show him here coz next chapter will have Maan in almost all scenes!

so finally all the twists have come and passed...
now waiting for the happy waala twists...

Happy waala twists will start from Chapter 56 for Maaneet and Chapter 64 for Arhi!

dont let Arnav forgive Khushi easily and make her repent for her actions so much...

That I will!

and make Geet and Maan meet again and again...

Oh GOD! You guessed my next track for Maaneet!

what happened with Maan and Geet was destiny and fate but what Khushi did was so intentional to break Arnav like this...

Na! It was fate who played the game in Khushi - Arnav life too coz Fate knew that this is how Khushi would react in such situations! I mean you tell me the Khushi you know from the show, would she have reacted differently? No! Coz Khushi is made that way! Ready to sacrifice anything for her family. Didn't she marry Arnav in the show for her family? 

the precap is kinda so opposite...
it should be Maan who would be like Devdas coz his love forgot him and Arnav the angry young man since his love betrayed him...

Maan is angry coz anger makes us hide our other emotions! This is from personal experience. When I am hurt I always act angry to hide my pain! My dad scolds me when he is worried for me! Anger is the best way to hide your true emotions and that is what Maan is doing! And Arnav here is beyong Angry young Man situation. He has reached broken man situation! Isliye bevda!

PQUOTE] par yahan to ulta hai...
Maan is like the angry young man and Arnav the Devdas...
i so feel like hitting khushi idiot on her head...
make her cry for doing this idiocy and spoiling everything with full sense... [/QUOTE]

Dont worry! Khushi will suffer! Meri guarantee!

and make Arnav fall for La and let Khushi see that and realize her folly...

Oh teri! Tum toh poora story badal dogi yaar! No! Arnav will not fall for La but he will act like that to give Khushi pain!

had she stopped it then and there, only a lil' damage would have been caused and that too between the 2 families alone but later its gonna be known issue and talked about one and cause more humiliation...
pata nahi humare leads in the shows and stories will ever realize that...

As I said earlier, Be an idiot when you are watching idiot box!

i so hate the stupid dramas they make when they are in the focus to reveal everything but do absolutely nothing on time and later create so much problems...

Even I hate it! Par kya karoon? Character ke haathon majboor hun! But dont worry! This story will not go total rona dhona style like in serials! This story will have more awesome moments! Bas ek baar Chapter 55 khatam ho jaane do!

cont son dear...

would like to see Maan and Geet more and Geet and Arnav...
Khushi has spoiled my mind completely...
poor Lavanya she will feel cheated once again...
courtesy Khushi idiot...
Thanks for the review And La will be fine!

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Place - Living Room of Shantivan


   Arnav looked around with a confused expression. He was confused as to could his Afreen betray him? How could you do this to me, Afreen? How could you? Tum toh meri Afreen thi na? Phir kyun mera dil toda? He looked around at the happiness shuning on his family members' faces. Kitne khush hai yeh sab! Kisliye? Kyun? Kya kisiko ko mera dukhta hua dil dikhaayi nahi deta? Kya kisiko mera dard sunaai nahi deta? His eyes looked aroung hoping that somebody would sense the pain in his eyes and console him. Suddenly, his eyes caught another eyes looking at him with same pain. Arnav looked across the room where Maan stood staring at him in horror and pain. In that moment Arnav understood that Maan had seen the engagement. Arnav felt that he was back in the past where his parents were dead and Maan had comforted him. He wished he could hug Maan again and cry like he did those days. Maan!, his heart whispered hoping that his mentor would make him feel normal! Suddenly, his eyes went to Maan's hands which were clenched into fists and he noticed that Maan was staring somewhere else. He looked into the direction of Maan's stare and found Khushi standing desolately with pain written on her expression. Arnav's eyes hardened in anger and he turned back to Maan. Maan marched towards Khushi with his body language showing nothing but anger. Arnav took a few steps and stepped in Maan's path. Maan looked at Arnav and Arnav shook his head. Maan looked at him in shock but Arnav's expression did not change. Maan looked away showing his disagreement with Arnav's decision but did not move. Arnav turned towards his room and Maan followed him.




Place - Arnav's Room in Shantivan


    "Yeh tum accept kaise kar rahe ho Arnav?", Maan whispered as both of them stared at the pool standing by the sliding door. Maan had entered the house right at the time when Amma had announced the game. He had shook his head at that; only his sister Khushi could plan such things! And when he saw Arnav striding confidently towards the red clad girl; he knew that Khushi must have sent him a clue or else Arnav would not have been this confident. But it was a shock to Maan when the girl turned out to be someone else and everyone celebrated as if the girl was the right bride. This confused Maan and then he got another shock when Khushi removed her veil but did not react to the engagement. What was happening here? One thing he understood and that was that Arnav was happy about getting engaged with Khushi but Khushi had planned the game. That did it! Already he was suffering; he did not want Arnav to feel the same pain. He marched towards Khushi wanting to ask her what she was playing at when Arnav intervened! Now both of them stood by the poolside unsure of their future, their life and certain only about the pain both will suffer due to loss of their love.


    "Bolo Arnav!", Maan gently spoke and turned towards Arnav. Arnav just stood there stupefied. Maan turned Arnav towards himself and grabbed his shoulders. "Reply me Chote!", Maan whispered while shaking Arnav's shoulders. Suddenly, Arnav pushed his hand, turned towards him and shouted, "TOH PHIR KYA KAROON?" Maan was thankful that he had closed the door while entering the room. Arnav continued shouting, "KYA KAROON MAIN?" He looked at Maan in horror and pain. Slowly he whispered, "Kya karoon main?" He fell on his knees and Maan knelt down. Arnav hugged Maan as tears came out of his eyes. After his dad's death Maan was the person whom Arnav considered as a mentor cum father. He pushed Maan away and wiped his eyes, "Dhoka usne diya! Jhoot usne kahaa! Aur dard mujhe mila! Galti uski par dard toh main hi seh raha hoon na?" Maan sat on the floor and mumbled, "Toh us waqt kuch kahaa kyon nahi?" Arnav raised his red eyes and looked at Maan, "Kya kehta? Jab tak kuch bol paata sagaai ho chuki thi! Saare logon ne dekh liya tha! Agar main kuch bolta toh meri family ki izzat mitti main mil jaati! Naani bahut dukhi hoti! Di ki hasi ruk jaati!" Then he turned to look at Maan with anger filled eyes and his voice raised a bit, "Aur kyun bolun main kuch? Bolta toh kya hota? Uss Khushi Kumaari Gupta se meri sagaai hoti! Us ladki se jisne mujhe abhi abhi dhoka diya! Us ladki se jo jaanti thi ki meri sagaai Lavanya se tai hui hai phir bhi use rokne ki koi koshish nahi ki! Us ladki se jisne mera mooh band rakhne ki liye woh ghunghat waala game khela aur mujhse jhoot bola ki woh red lehenge mein hai! No way! Maan!" Arnav got up and stood staring at the wall. His stance screamed of determination, "Nahi Maan! Ab yeh shaadi hokar rahegi! I will marry Lavanya and I will show Khushi that I am happy! Usne jo dhoka diya hai us dhoke ko main kabhi nahi bhulunga! Main ab Lavanya se hi shaadi karunga! Maine use dil chaaha tha par usne mere dil ke saath khela! Ab main use bhool jaaunga! Us jaisi ladki se shaadi karne se achcha hai I will marry Lavanya! I promise you Maan! I will forget her!" He wiped his face removing every evidence of his crying, walked towards the door, opened it and walked away. Maan sat there for a while staring at the swinging door. He slowly whispered, "Par Arnav pyaar ko itni aasaani se bhula nahi jaa sakta! Nahi hota aisa Arnav!" Suddenly, he frowned, "Par Khushi ne aisa kiya kyun? Arnav use bhale hi jhooti ya dhokebaaz kehle jitna main Khushi ko jaanta hun woh aisi nahi hai!" He took a deep breath, "Lagta hai Khushi se baat karni padegi!"




Place - Living Room at Shantivan


   Maan walked around searching for Khushi when, "Mr. Khurana!", a soft voice called him. Maan turned to see Geet sitting on the sofa smiling at him. His heart skipped a beat as he saw her smile at him. For a moment he thought his Soni was back but then he realized that she called him Mr. Khurana and his Soni had never called him that. He walked towards her slowly as if not wanting to go there and yet her smile was pulling him. She patted the seat beside her and he sat all the while staring at her. Geet blushed in embarrassment and mumbled softly, "Woh mujhe pata chala ki aap hi ne meri jaan bachaayi! Us ke liye thank you bolna tha!" Maan nodded. He was unable to do anything but nod. "Thank you Mr. Khurana!" Her words brought Maan out of his thoughts and he got up with a jerk. Main iske paas kyun aaya? Mujhe Geet ki zindagi se door rehna tha! His mask came up on his face and he sternly spoke, "NT ne tumhein tumhaari cheezein di?" Geet was confused by the change of topic but shook her head. "NT!", Maan shouted and Geet jerked a bit. Maan's shout reminded her of her brother Brij who used to roar the same way. Geet assured herself that Maan was her Veere's friend so he must not be as bad as her Brij Veerji! By the time Geet calmed down, NT had arrived. Maan glared at her, "Tumne abhi tak Geet ko uske cheezein nahi di?" NT gulped seeing the mask back on her Vadde Veerji's face and shook her head. He glared at her and she turned towards Geet and handed her her things. Geet took it with a smile. NT explained, "Is mein tumhaare saare certificates hain aur kuch choti moti cheezein!" Geet nodded. Suddenly, they heard Daadima calling NT and NT excused herself. Maan stalked away while Geet rummaged through the bag. She smiled as she noticed all the documents in it. That bag contained all the keys to the lock of her dreams; the dreams which she will turn into reality after she completes her final year. Suddenly, her hand touched a cloth and she pulled it out. It was a pink colored Saree. She frowned; Yeh kiski hai? She wondered. She shrugged and put it back in her bag.


  NT smiled as she noticed Geet pull out the Saree in confusion. She smirked; Vadde Veerji! Kitni bhi koshish karlo par Geet toh Khurana khandaan ki bahu thi, hai aur rahegi! Aur woh saree joh aapki ma ne apni bahu ke liye pasand ki thi woh ab uski sahi jagah pahunch chuki hai! She turned back to the discussion going around her with renewed excitement.




Place - Near the pool side


      Khushi stood at the poolside staring at the water. She had just come up wanting to shed some tears before anyone could notice her sad face. Suddenly, she felt someone grab her arm from behind and she was turned around. She came face to face with an angered and bitter looking Arnav. "What the hell are you doing?", Arnav growled. Khushi felt tears trail down her cheeks due to Arnav's painful grip, "Ji... Hum toh... hum toh..." Arnav pulled her closer and Khushi felt his breath on her face, "What hum toh hum toh?", Arnav hissed. Khushi pushed him roughly with her hands and Arnav left her hand and stumbled back in surprise. Khushi wiped her tears and glared at him, "Aap hote kaun hai hum se yeh poochne waale?" She turned around and prayed in her heart to Devi Maiyya to give her some strength to lie in front of Arnav.


   Arnav had walked around searching the hall where everyone was congratulating him. Annoyed at the wishes, he came up here for solace only to find the reason of all his pain standing in front of him staring at his pool. As he grabbed her, he felt satisfaction from seeing tears in her eyes. After what she had done to him, she deserved each and every one of those tears. When she pushed him, he was shocked at her question. How dare she ask him this question? How dare she! He marched towards her and turned her around. "Bahut mazaa aaya hoga na tumhein meri yeh haalat dekhte hue!? Bahut achcha laga hoga na mera dil tootta hua dehkkar?" Khushi stepped back in glared at him, "Bakwas band kijiye Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada! Chhupaaya toh aapne tha humse apni sachchai ke baare mein! Dhoka toh aapne diya tha humein! Aap humaari jiji ke jeth hain yeh baat aapne humse chipaai! Aur aap humpar ilzaam laga rahe hain?" She turned around as pain pierced her heart. She knew that Arnav was innocent. She knew that he did not lie to her, she knew that he did not know that she was his brother's hone waali saali till the engagement day! But she wanted him to hate her! And the best way to that, was to make him feel that her decisions were nothing but result of her need for revenge! That way he will think of her as a petty woman and start hating her!


   Arnav stood aghast watching Khushi's back! How did she know? Use pata tha ki main naatak kar raha tha us raat jab Di ne mujhe usse milaaya! Isliye she broke my heart!! He frowned; for my silly game she broke my heart! Just because of my one decision she decided to destroy my life! What did I do by lying to her? Did I take her advantage? Did I use her or something? Then why she destroyed my life? For her petty revenge? Bas yahi tha tumhaara pyaar Khushi? He took few steps back as his eyes shed out few tears of sadness. But then he looked with anger and hatred filled eyes at Khushi's back, "You will regret this! Khushi Kumaari Gupta! You will regret this! I will make you regret this! Mani tumhein chain se jeene nahi dunga Khushi! I will never leave you in peace!" He turned around and stalked away while she broke down crying and fell on her knees. "Arnavji aap humein nafrat karein ya humein kosien, hum bas yahi chaahte hain ki aap humse itni nafrat karein ki aap humaari Di ko apna lein aur apni aur unki zindagi mein khushiyaan bharein!"



    It was half hour later when Maan came up the poolside searching for Khushi. He wanted answers and he wanted them now! As he reached the poolside, he stopped and stared at the visage of Khushi sadly. Khushi sat near the poolside hugging her knees to her chest crying out her heart. Maan went and sat beside her dropping his legs in the pool while he kept a hand on Khushi's head. Khushi turned in surprise and the moment she noticed him she hugged him and cried. Maan hugged her back and let her cry for a while. After a while Khushi let go of him and wiped her tears with her duppatta. "Kyun kiya aisa Khushi?", Maan's gentle voice brought Khushi out of her reverie. She turned towards him and Maan could read the pain in her eyes, "Aur kya karte hum? Humaare paas aur koi raasta nahi tha!" Maan frowned and Khushi explained her reason behind her decision. She explained the whole back story of how Arnav's rishta had come for La and she thought it was someone else. Maan closed his eyes and cursed Arnav in his mind. If Arnav had not hidden his identity then this mess would have never happened. Khushi conclude her words with, "Agar humein pehle pata hota ki jo rishta Di ke liye aaya hai woh Arnavji ka hai toh hum yeh sab ko hote hue rok sakte the! Par humein bahut der se pata chala! Ab hum sirf ro sakte hain aur apne nasseb ko kos sakte hai!" Maan hugged her sideways and Khushi leaned on his shoulder. After a while, Maan whispered, "Tum apne behno ke liye apni khushiyaan tyaag rahi ho!" "Aap bhi toh wahi kar rahe ho! Kisi aur ke khushiyon ke liye apne pyaar ko tyaag rahe ho!", Khushi whispered back and Maan looked at her in shock. Khushi smiled at him and mumbled, "Hum wahin the jab Anjaliji Naaniji ko bata rahi thi ki aapki Soni aapko chod kar jaa chuki hai! Hum tabhi bahut kuch samaj gaye!" Maan smiled at her sadly and she placed her head on his shoulder and they stared at the pool in front of them. "Aur kya karta Khushi? Uspar yeh rishta main zabardasti nahi thopna chaahta!", Maan whispered. Khushi nodded, "Hum samajhte hain!" After a while Khushi let out a mirthless laugh, "Kitni ajeeb baat hain Veerji! Hum dono pyaar mein ek saat gire aur saath hi apne pyaar ko kho diya!" Maan smiled at her sadly again and Khushi felt her eyes tearing up. She hugged him and sobbed while Maan consoled her.




Place - Girls Room at LaxmiNagar


    Lavanya sighed as she removed her earrings and placed it in front of her. They had just come back from Shantivan. Paayal stood behind her helping her by removing all the pins from her hair. Khushi was in the kitchen helping their mother. After a while, Lavanya noticed Paayal staring pensively at a distance. Lavanya shook Paayal's hand, "Kya hua Di?" Paayal looked at her and spoke in a serious tone, "Tum khush toh ho na is rishte se?" The bangles in Lavanya's hand fell down as she looked at her sister in shock. She looked away in confusion, "Yeh kaisa sawaal hai Di?" Paayal shook her head, "Sach bataao! Tum khush ho na?" Lavanya bit her lips as she thought on how to answer the question. She avoided looking at her elder sister's face and bent down to pick up the bangles, "Haan! Di! Main khush hun!" She collected the bangles and placed it in a safe box. Paayal shook her head, "Humein lag raha hai ki humaari behen humse jhoot bol rahi hai! Kyunki jis Lavanya ko hum jaante the use toh love marriage karna tha! Arrange marriage se toh woh nafrat karti thi!" Lavanya hesitated wanting to tell her Di everything. She turned around overwhelmed by her feelings, wanting to get the burden away from her heart but before she could speak, Amma called Paayal and Paayal mumbled, "Tum yahin rehna. Humein humaare sawaal ka jawaab chaahiye!" She walked away and Lavanya took a deep breath. She gulped and closed her eyes. Ab main aapko kya bataaun Di? Yeh bataaun ki kaise kisi ne mera dil kitni berehmi se toda hai? Ya yeh bataaun ki mera pyaar par se vishwaas uth gaya hai? Ya yeh kahoon ki maine yeh rishta sirf apne gharwaalon aur Papa ke liye kiya hai? Maine toh shaadi na karne ka faisla liya tha par kya karoon? Main apne Papa ko khush dekhna chaahti hun! Aur yeh khushi mujhe unki aur aap sab ke shakal pe tab dikhegi jab meri ek achche ghar mein shaadi hogi! Bas mujhe aur kuch nahi chaahiye! Mere saare sapne aur armaan toh is toote dil ke saath toot gaye! Ab toh bas main aapki, aapke amma, bauji, buaji, mere papa aur Khushi ke liye jee rahi hun! She sighed and started removing rest of her jewelry. Suddenly, Paayal entered the room and spoke up, "Humein jawaab chaahiye La!" Lavanya put on a fake cheerful smile and got up from her seat. She hugged her Di tightly. She spoke in faux cheerful voice lying all the way, "Di! Main bhi love marriage hi chaahti thi! Par yeh rishta kisi aise waise ka nahi the Great ASR ka hai! I mean main Fashion Designing ka course kar rahi hun Di! Aur humaare studies mein ASR ki baat na ho, its impossible! ASR toh mere idol jaise hain! Aur unse meri shaadi is like dream come true!" She left her sister and walked towards the window. She stared outside with sorrow filled eyes, "Aur pyaar ka kya hai? Woh shaadi ke baad ho jaayega na?" But in her heart she knew she would never be able to fall in love again with anybody be it a common man or ASR himself!




Place - Soni's room at Khurana Mansion


      Maan stared at Soni's portrait. She looked so beautiful in the pink saree which his mom had selected for his bride before her death. He felt tears trickle through his cheeks but he made no motion of wiping it. He stared at the portrait without blinking his eyes. He was jarred out of his reverie when the landline phone rang. He checked the number on the cordless; it was from Shantivan. He frowned; Is waqt kaun phone kar sakta hai? He looked up at the time; it was 12 AM. He took the call and before he could speak a soft voice piped up, "Hello?" He stilled his breath as he recognized the voice. The voice again mumbled, "Hello? Hello! Main Geet bol rahi hun! Kya main Mr. Maan Singh Khurana se baat kar sakti hun?" The voice was hesitant and whispering and Maan felt a fear enter his heart. Sab theek toh hai? He cleared his throat, "Maan here!" There was a pause in the air and Geet's voice came out in a whisper, "Mr. Khurana! I need your help! Sab so rahe hain and I don't want them to know this! Agar unhein pata chala toh AB bahut ghussa honge! Please help me!" Maan took a deep breath and mumbled, "Problem kya hai?" "Ji ... Woh", Geet hesitated, "Woh AB ... mera matlab hai Arnav Bhai engagement ke baad ghar se baahar chale gaye kuch kaam hai kehke! Jab 10 baje AD ne call kiya toh woh bole ki woh late honge! Sab so gaye! Par abhi jab meri neend khuli toh main Bhai ke room mein unko check karne gayi kyunki engagement ke baad se woh thode alag lag rahe the! Mujhe unki fikar ho rahi thi! Room mein gayi toh woh nahi the! Jab call kiya toh woh ek dum behki behki baat kar rahe the jaise unhonein pee rakhi hai! Par woh toh generally peete nahi hai! Mujhe bahut dar lag raha hai! Aap please check kar sakte hain!", till now she spoke very slowly but now her speech turned faster, "Main gharwaalon se bhi baat kar sakti hun par kya haina AD ne bataaya ki Bhai sirf aapse dil ki baat karte hain aur mujhe lagta hai AB ko apne dost ki zaroorat hai. So please...", she trailed off and Maan sighed and mumbled, "Fine!" Geet' voice took on an excited tone, "Really thank you thank you thank you thank you! Thank you so much for doing this for me! Main aapka aur AB ka wait karungi! Bell mat bajaayiye warna koi jag jaayega! Knock kar dijiye! Main darwaaza khol dungi! Thank you! Thank you so much!" The call ended and Maan closed his eyes trying to calm his fast beating heart which had increased its pace the moment Geet's voice reached his ears.




Place - In a bar somewhere in Delhi


    Arnav smiled sadly as he drained another peg in front of him. He was sitting on a stool in front of the bar leaning on the bar table. He pouted sadly, "Kyun mujhe chodke jaa rahi ho Khushi? Kyun?" He drank another peg which the bartender kept in front of him and sighed softly, "I miss you, Khushi! You broke my heart pretty badly! Main tumhein kabhi maaf nahi karunga! Nope! Never!", he murmured sadly. Suddenly, his phone rang and he picked it up. He listened for a moment and then shouted loudly, "HELLO MAAN!" Some people turned around to look at him but looking at his bloodshot eyes, unkempt hair, dislodged clothes and his swaying figure they shook their head. Ek aur bevada! Jaroor devdas types hoga! Lakdi chod gayi hogi! The crowd thought. Luckily, even with the bar filled with people no one recognized him as he looked totally different from his regular avatar of ASR.


    Arnav heard the reply and pouted. Then he whispered, "Theek hai! Main dheere se bolunga! Waise tum phone se kyun baat kar rahe ho! Yahaan aao na! Mujhe tumhaari jaroorat hai! Mera dard sirf tum hi samajh sakte ho? Tum nahi samjhoge mujhe toh kaun samjhega? Come and join me please." He ended with a pleading note and listened for few minutes, then mumbled, "Bar ka naam?" He pouted and asked the name of the bar to the bartender. The bartender replied and Arnav quoted the name on phone. After nodding for a while, he smiled woozily while swaying to and fro, "Theek hain Maan! Come soon!" He looked at the phone and waved at it with his other hand. He pocketed it and placed his head on the table in front of him, "Bartender! Ek aur yaar!" Another peg was knocked down when a singer cleared his voice in the orchestra area, "This song dedicated to all people who have lost their love once in their life!" He strung his guitar and started singing. Arnav closed his eyes.


Mann Jaage Saari Raat

Mera Deewana


Arnav opened his eyes in confusion.


Mann Maane Na Yeh Baat

Ke Woh Tha Begaana


He looked at the singer dejectedly.


Mann Jaage Saari Raat

Mera Deewana


He straightened up and took another peg down.


Mann Maane Na Yeh Baat

Ke Woh Tha Begaana


"Kyun? Khushi Kyun?", he whispered.


Hai Khud Se Hi

Khafa Khafa


"Mere ek jhoot ne meri Khushi ko mujhse alag kar diya! Sab meri galti hai!", Arnav whispered.


Kya Chaahiye

Nahi Pata


He closed his eyes as tears fell from them.




Paaya Woh Na Chaaha

Chaaha Woh Na Paaya


He stared at his left hand where La had placed the ring.


Jiske Peeche Bhaage

Woh Saaya Hai Re Saaya


Khushi's face flashed in front of him.


Kya Kya Raste Dhoondhe

Kya Kya Dukh Na Paaya

Par Saaya Thehra Saaya

Ke Haathon Mein Na Aaya


As the musicians played the music, Arnav hid his face in his hands. Saaya ho tum, Khushi! Jo main kabhi paa nahi sakta! Tumne mujhe tumse itna door kar diya, ab toh tum meri zindagi mein ek saaya hi ho! Aur kuch nahi! Kyun Khushi? Kyun?


Koi Subaah


Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder.


Jo Main Uthun


He looked towards the person; it was Khushi.


Bujhe Agan


He smiled at her. She smiled back. He was about to hug her.


Mile Sukoon


She vanished.




Ginta Rehta Taare


He remembered her kiss on his cheek.


Lautun Main Angaare


He remembered her face when he proposed to her.


Jag Se Ladta Phirta


He remembered his father's betrayal.


Yeh Jag Ko Thokar Maare


He remembered his mother's death.


Kheenche Kheenche Baithe


He remembered Khushi's promise of not leaving him.


Baithe Baithe Bhaage


He closed his eyes as the song talked about his situation.


Na Sunta Khud Ke Aage

Yeh Paagal Ho Gaya Re


Kyun yeh mere saath hua? Arnav wondered.


Paaya Woh Na Chaaha

Chaaha Woh Na Paaya

Jiske Peeche Bhaage

Woh Saaya Hai Re Saaya


He remembered the feeling of confusion and dread he felt when the red clad lady turned out to be Lavanya.


Kya Kya Raste Dhoondhe

Kya Kya Dukh Na Paaya

Par Saaya Thehra Saaya

Ke Haathon Mein Na Aaya


He remembered the anger in Khushi's voice when she accused him of cheating her and lying to her. Yeh tumne theek nahi kiya Khushi! Theek nahi kiya! I hate you Khushi! I hate you!


Hai Zindagi


He tried to get up from his seat but could not.


Muhaal Kyun


He placed his hands on the bar and got up with its support.


Banaa Liya


He took a step forward but lost his balance.


Yeh Haal Kyun


His hold on the table saved him from falling.




He let out a sarcastic and bitter laugh.


Uljha Uljha Rehta

Na Sunta Na Kuch Kehta


As his laughted subsided tears came out of his eyes.


Sooni Sooni Aankhon Se

Reh Reh Paani Behta


He took another step forward.


Toote Saare Naate

Haara Main Samjhaate


He lost his balance again.


Bichde Din Aur Saathi

Ke Waapis Nahi Aate


He fell down on the floor.


Waapis Nahi Aate


He sat up and placed his elbows on his knees.


Waapis Nahi Aate


He hid his face in his hands and let out a soft cry.


Yeh Dard Kyun


Tears spilled out of his eyes as he sobbed his heart out.


Yeh Pyaas Kyun


Maan entered the establishment and looked around.


Phira Karein


Maan noticed Arnav sitting on the floor.


Udaas Kyun


Maan marched towards Arnav.


Yeh Ranj Kyun


Arnav felt someone touch his shoulder.


Talaash Kyun


He looked up to see Maan; he smiled at him sadly.




Maan's heart melted when he noticed Arnav's tearfilled eyes, sad smile and rest of his attire.




Arnav hugged Maan and buried his head in his chest.


Thandi Aahein Bharke

Jeeta Hai Mar Marke


Maan hugged him back as if trying to shield him from all the pains of the world.


Pyaasa Reh Gaya Hai

Yeh Dariya Se Guzarke


Arnav let out a cry blubbering Khushi's name in between.


Dhoke Se Nazar Ke

Jhonke Se Umar Ke


Maan felt like he was facing a teenaged Arnav who had just lost his mother.


Ret Ke Mahal Sa

Deh Gaya Hai Bikhar Ke


"Yeh kya hogaya Khushi?", Maan mumbled.


Thandi Aahein Bharke

Jeeta Hai Mar Marke


"Chalo Arnav! Ghar chalein!", Maan spoke.


Pyaasa Reh Gaya Hai

Yeh Dariya Se Guzarke


Arnav did not respond but soon his sobbing quieted down.


Dhoke Se Nazar Ke

Jhonke Se Umar Ke


Maan pulled himself away from Arnav and helped him get up.


Ret Ke Mahal Sa

Deh Gaya Hai Bikhar Ke


Arnav got up and leaned on Maan for support; his face blank and emotionless with only his eyes showing his pain.


Kyun Khaabon Pe Tere Saaye Hain


Arnav felt all his hopes and dreams shatter into thousand pieces.


Dil Kyon Hai Tanha Mera


Maan looked at Arnav sadly.


Kyun Khaamoshi Hai Jubaan Meri


Arnav remained quiet as they walked through the bar.


Ashqon Se Keh Paaun Na


Only the tears continuously falling from his eyes showed how heart broken he was.


Kyun Dard Hai Itna

Tere Ishq Mein

Rabba Ve

Rabba Ve

Rabba Ve

Rabba Ve


Kyun Dard Hai Itna

Tere Ishq Mein

Rabba Ve

Rabba Ve

Rabba Ve

Rabba Ve


   Both left the establishment and reached the parking lot. Maan helped Arnav sit in the passenger seat of his car and climbed into the driver's seat. As he started driving, he thought Arnav had slept away when suddenly Arnav mumbled, "Kyun Maan? Kyun? Kyun woh mujhse alag hui?" Maan did not reply. Soon, Arnav quieted down and went into sleep. Maan felt a tear trickle down his cheek, "Yahi sawaal toh mujhe bhi khaaye jaa rahi hain! Bas farak itna hai ki tumhaara jawaab Khushi de sakti hai. Lekin mera jawaab Soni nahi de sakti!"




Place - Living Room in Shantivan


    Geet felt someone knock on the door and hurried to open it. There stood Maan with Arnav leaning on to him. Geet moved away from the door and Maan walked in all the while supporting Arnav. He led Arnav to his room while Geet closed the door and hurried after them. Maan placed Arnav on his bed while Geet hurried to remove Arnav's shoes and cover him with blanket. Maan turned to walk away, "Main chalta hun!" "Suniye...", Geet mumbled. Maan stopped but did not turn as he did not want to see her face. He knew her face will only bring him pain. "Thank you!", Geet whispered. Maan nodded and walked away. Geet pouted; Arre! Thank you ke liye welcome toh kehte ya phir mention not hi bolte! Bade ajeeb hai yeh AD ke MS! Then she shrugged and went to close the main door.






This song is from the movie Bittoo Boss (2012) sung by Shahid Mallya picturised on Pulkit Samrat! If you have not listened to it, then do listen. This movie's all songs are awesome!


And I merged Kyun Dard Hai Itna (Male) with this song because whenever I listen to the song Mann Jaage I am reminded of Kyun Dard Hai Male Version. And when the show itself has provided us with such an awesome song then why not use it?





The Naamkaran of Kanha and a song performance by Aakash Singh Raizada!

And it will be the last part of Chapter 55! Phew!





Maan was driving his car on a lonely road when suddenly a girl jumped on the middle of the road right in front of him. He got shocked and put on the brake. The car was about to hit the girl when it stopped. Maan got out of the car in anger but before he could say anything the girl spoke up, "Main Deepa hun! Aur aapko kuch dena chaahti hun!" Maan frowned. Before he could speak, Deepa gave him one tight slap and shouted, "Yeh thappad isliye coz you gave up on Geet. Uske peeche jaake usko pataane ke bajaaye tum yahaan baithke ro rahe ho! You idiot! Tumhein toh aur maarna chaahiye!" She gave him a tight slap on his other cheek.


Maan sat up on his bed with a jerk and looked around his surroundings in shock. He realized that he was dreaming. Dream tha! Uff! Then why he felt his cheeks throb? He lied down and closed his eyes. Soon he was asleep with his dream forgotten.


Kaisa laga, Deepa? You mentioned in Chapter 55 (C) that you wished to slap Maan remember?

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 October 2011
Posts: 30355

Posted: 28 September 2013 at 10:14am | IP Logged
and you are back again
shall get to it as usual
and am back
wait when did i go away
okay have lost it even more pardon me will ya

waah jab khud karte hain tab kuch nahin
yeh bahgwaan yehi mile the inhe
dono ki kismat phooti hai re
ek dusht daanav aur ek laad governor
tab se me me me chal raha hai inka
kya karein inka
chalo chaddo ji joh hona hai woh hona hi hai
really can you not think why she did this
and as if you left her ay choice mate
but no why will ASR think about it from her pov
egoistic arrogant little man urggg he makes me so mad at times
arrey waah ek apni khushi ke liye yeh baaki ko duhki dekhna chahenge
do you know what could have happened if you went for your afreen and not la
kitna bada bakheda khada hota
parr nahin inhe doosron se kya matlab
okay gotta stop bashing the guy
pheli baar pyaar kiya hai
aur abhi bhi nahin samajh paaye pyaar ko ji
pyyar kewal paana nahin hota
pyyar tyaag bhi hota hai balidaan bhi
aur doosron ko dukhi karr ke khud ka pyaar paana pyaar nahin hota arnav
yeh baat jis din bhi aapke samajh main aayegi ussi din aapko pyaar ka matlab samajh aayega ji
tab tak stay clueless dude that you are
well yes he can see the pain
but that in khushi's eyes
that you funnily enough cant see
she herself aint happy doing this
but what else should she have done
snatched her sister's happiness
like i said before if you had told her she could have nipped this disaster inn the bud but no you didnt
now suffer for it
jhoot bol karr koi bhi rishta aage nahin badhta hai
so for maan his priority is khushi and not arnie
unfortunately not the same way we had hoped
hmmm but that sure mad him more mad
wait why is maan being mad at khushi
really it seems inn dono ladko ko pyaar ke sahi maane hamari ladki ko sikhane hi padenge
they dont know love in its true form as of yet
really maan what were you gonna do
sam as arnie make a scene and make life hell for all invloved
yeh koi business nahin hai ki kuch bhi kiya jaa sakta hai
waqt ki nazakat ko samjhiye maan aur aap bhi arnie
dont ruin it for payash and your families
and try to understand why khushi did this

seriously you think she is playing arnie
really you have gotta be kidding me
hello wasnt arnie doing the same
and you know why she did this
pata bhi hai aapko ki yeh sab inki hi wajah se hua hai
what could she have done maan
just get engaged to him breaking her sister's heart and that of the family
aisa pyaar mein naa toh yeh khush reheti aur naa hi arnav
and here i was hoping that maan would understand her feelings and the reason why she did this
but then i forgot these two are more like one another than i thought they were
sach mein DM babaji what do i do with them
not that i can do much but someone can
and that will be our girls only
so arnie ki badi padi hai aapko
joh game inhone lhela that bhul gaye
aur sach mein agar aap inhe apni behen m,aante naa toh yeh naa sochte
think just for a moment from her pov
has anyone tried that no they havent have they

dhoka toh kewal khushi ne diya hai naa
aap ne toh unhe bilkul bhi dhoke mein nahin rakha
and what crap is this
dard sirf aap ko hai
arrey haan khushi toh khushi ke maare phooli nahin samaa rahi hain
badi khush hain aap ki sagaai apni di kke saath hotte hua
tabhi toh unka dil toot raha hai parr kya karen woh itni matlabi bhi nahin hain ki aap ke pyar mein andhi ho karr apne parvivaar apne behno ki khushiyan cheen le
waah maan sirf inka dard dikha aapko
khushi ka nahin
yeh nahin socha ki yeh karke unka kitna dil toota
arrey agar inhone apna pyaar khoya hai toh phir khushi ne bhi lhoya hai
parr nahin hamdardi toh keval chotte se hain
ho kya raha hai yeh
really these idiots seriously
aa gaye naa apne asli roop mein ASR
what else to expect from him
now that his anger ego and attitude is put in his ASR personna he didnt even wanna know why she did it
ek baar poochne mein kya jaata
but no why would he
he is ASR and dare anyone play with him
and if they do they shall pay for it
agar itni hi chinta thi parivaar toh phir chup chup karr pyaar kyun kiya
bata kyun nahin diya apne aur khushi ke baare mein
parr nahin inhe toh kissi ko nahin batana tha
arrey khushi ko laga aap unke saath khel rahe hain
jab tak sach pata chala bahut der ho gayi thi
well now why dont we just listen to our brain and do things ASR way
bhale hi usmein inhe lavanya se bhi shaadi kyun naa karni pade
waah what else to expect from ASR at this time
aur jab itna bhadkane ke baad yeh keh rahe hain khushi se baat karni padegi
by god dono ka haina murder karne ka mann karr raha hai
kalpu sach sach boliye aur koi ladke naa the hamari ladkiyon ke liye
kab sudhrenge yeh log
wow ASR has just gone and made things worse for himself even more
well best of luck following  what you said
yeh pyaar hai arnav naa ki koi deal aur business ki kissi bhi tarah bhul jayenge isse
i feel like banging my head on the wall now
or better yet ASR head on the wall
but wont too much violence you see
lets see them trying to forget their love
they wont be able to do it
only geet did but then that was just bad luck
and she will remember it too or better yet fall in love properly this time

sach mein yeh maan bhi kuch kam nahin
and he just got his MSK mask on
well he is only fooling himself there and no one else
awww this is their first talk after her memory loss
well the second memory loss
maan you just said that it aint easy to forget love then why did you forget the same mate
ufff kya ho raha hai naa
parr bada mazaa aa raha hai
kalpu my dear tussi sach mein cha gaye ji
of course maan dont wanna talk to her too much
warna dil ko aur chot lagegi yeh soch soch karr ki soni inhe bhul gayi
thank you shank you kaha jaa raha hai
parr geet yeh agar aap ki jaan naa bachate toh phir aap inki jan kaise banti ji
ahhh but she dont know naa such shame
abbe kya karr raha hai
she is comparing you with brij
man thats the worst comparision ever
if he comes to know which he wont luckily he will blow a fuse
lo abb yeh bhi love story phir se shuru hone se phele usse bigaad rahe hain
koi nahin yeh toh hona hi tha
warna geet dusht daanav ko phir se phighlaye gi kaise hai na
well that saree is yours
or the woman you were
wait now i get the year wait that maneet were supposd to be apart from
she needs to finish her studies and then join KC right
yup that makes sense why the year  thing was mentioned
she has to complete her studies only thens he will be with him again
hmmm but in that one year a lot is gonna happen
yes NT he is back to being MSK
doesnt really surprise me
after all he became maan for soni
and she aint there anymore so back to the pavillion
but chill dear if she can do that once she can do it again as well
awww she dont know the importance of that saree as of yet
maybe in future she will do right
good one NT real good
so what if he said he wont get back in her life
but geet is was and will be your love and of course your future wife
and by doing what she did NT just ensured that maneet do end up together eventually
the saree your mother had kept for her bahu reached its destination
even though the recipient knows nothing about that yet
and even maan wont be happy but who cares about that
dont you just love NT for that
yeh huyi naa choti behen ka farz waaf dil khush karr diya inhone

and there we have the broken and sad khushi
well she too knows how to mask her pain
for the sake of her family
even if its breaking her little by little
well wouldnt it just do that to her
after all the one she loves so much isnt hers
but is gonna be her jiju
of course i know that wont happen but for now he is that right
and why am i not surprised that before maan got to her arnie did
well he aint happy to see her
and am guessing he would wanna get his answers at least
but it seems she will lie to him
khushi itna toh inhe haq hai janne ka
yeh toh mat chiniye inse bhi aur apne aap se bhi
but of course she cant show whats in her heart right
as she isnt that type of girl uff kya musibat hai ji
excuse me you think she is happy
you were happy to see her in tears wow now thats love for ya
actually you are accusing him right
he knew all along that you were payal sister
he did hide it from you
funny right she thinks she is accusing him wrongly but she isnt
he aint innocent of this deed
but the poor girl dont know that what she is saying is so true
now thats some coicidence that she is saying exactly the truth but without knwoing about it
sweetie you hit the truth
you want him to hate you well after lsietning to this he wont
well he better not warna iski toh
sorry dear after what you said unknowingly he shouldnt think of you as petty or that you are seeking revenge from him

oh wait i forgot this is ASR we are talking about
even after being confronted about the truth he still has no shame
and still is blaming her
aap kya inki zindagi nark bayenge arnav
woh toh yeh khud karr rahi hain
taki aap inki behen ko khush rakh sake
isse kehte hain pyaar arnav not what you had for her
did he even love her i wonder
if he did how could he not know that khushi is not like this
he should know his afreen that well at least
but it seems he doesnt or else he would have seen through her pain she was hiding
or the fact that she is lying to you
and for whom you and her sister's happiness
but what did he do ridicule that love oh ma kya kkarun main inka

shame he didnt come when she said all that behind arnav back
then he would have known
and wouldnt need to ask her
man i cant see her like this
its even worse than what happened with maan
that was all due to destiny but here she had to kill her love for the man she loves
oh maan will you be able to hear why she did this will you
see now you know why
it was all due to arnav hiding about his true identity
like i have said countless times before had he not lied they wouldnt be in this position
oh god i just though of something
and its not good what am thinking of
that is what that man also known as ASR do to make her life hell
please let him not do what i think he would do or else he will loose her even more
but he will so do what i fear he will do
dammit this is gonna be worse for khushi than arnav
seee she did say what i said she could have done had she known
and why didnt she know
because a certain someone didnt tell her did he
well no it wont be all doom and gloom for ya khushi
because he too has to suffer
kyunki unki bhi toh galti hai
naa woh aapse chupate aur naa yeh naubat aati
see you too are doing the same
dard aap ko bhi hai aur inhe bhi
naa hi aap geet ko force karna chahate hain
aur naa hi yeh apni behen ko dulhi dekh sakti hain
what she said was so true right
kya kismat hain inn dono ki yaar bahut kharab hai

oh great it seems la aint happy about this either
whcih just makes this whole thing pointless
oh khushi wish you can hear this
it would help but now its late aint it
neither will la break it nor would khushi let her love come between them
at least dont lie to her la she is your di
unhe toh aap bata hi dijiye please
and you do wow i just love these sisters bond right
awww dammit her mother came at wrong time
why did she say what was in her heart in her mind
bet now what she tells payal will be heard by khushi
hence she wont back down either
this is just bad luck i tell ya
she too is doing this for family
arrey yeh dono bhi naa
ek baar toh apne baare mein sochti
but they just arent like that right
wait who broke her heart
so this mean neither is ASR gonna be happy
nor is la and of course not even khushi
yaar aisi shaadi ka kya matlab
two ar ruining their lives for love one for his ego
now thats the differene between them all
parr phir bhi zibndagi toh teeno ki hi barbaad ho rahi hai
shayad aage chal karr naa ho par abhi toh hai naa
she will never fall for ASR
ASR will never be able to love her either
and khushi too wont be able to forget ASR
hainnn yeh ho kya gaya

oh ho yahan man is lost in her memories
wahan geet calls him just when he is remembering her
waah kya connection tha boss
but it wasnt about maneet now
oh dear it seems dear ASR has gone into devdas mode
and about time too man
oh dear the poor girl is worried for her AB
well what else could she do but call maan
after all maan is closer to him than anyone else
and the one who was closer well she is the reason for this right
kya HP express ki tarah bol rahi thi yeh
poor maan's heart right
listening to his love and yet cant tell her of it
well for now ASR is of importance
only cause he is freaking drunk man
god knows what he will do in that state right

and there he is
our very own devdas arnav
man who would have thought she would reduce him to this
i miss you but will never forgive you
lo karr lo baat
chadhi huyi hai aur phir bhi ASR banna na chodenge yeh
ufff iss devdas ko koi le ke jaao re
maan my man where are ya mate
good naa they didnt know it was ASR
warna izzatka faluda bann jaata
abbe dheere bol maan ke kaan ke parde khaade ga kya
yeh toh keval geet ka haq hai
haila kitni chad gayi hai ki bar ka nam bhi nahin maloom
aur phir inhe bhi bula rahe hain bevdaa hone ke liye hadh hain
satyansh ho yeh toh aur bhi peeye jaa rahe hain
arrey aise gaane toh mat sunaiye warna yeh kya karenge bhagwaan jaane
kuch naa hi karre toh achaa hai boss
chalo kuch toh akal aayi inhe peene ke baad
parr yeh samajh jayegi tel lene jab hosh aayega inhe
well like she said its due to your one lie only
aur saaya arnav kabhi peecha nahin chodhta hai
toh iska kya matlab hua ki woh bhi aap ke saath hi hongi
parr saath ho kar bhi saath naa hongi saath
really you hate her 
you cant hate her deep down even you know that
sach sach boliye arnav at least to yourself mate
oh dear well this was bound to happen
what happened sure hit him hard well it was supposed to so he would know what it feels like
well your stories are so simlar and yet they arent
he can get his answers from khushi but maan cant
ahhh the tragedy of it all

oh ho geet aap nahin jaanti
ussi baat ka toh rona hai ji
but what to do dear
he is back in his MSK mode so all this was gonna happen
you will know more of it soon enough
well thats that for now or is it
nope it aint is it
well she is right for sure
kaisa pyaar hai aapka
itni jaldi aap haar maan gaye maan
aap MSK yeh ya nahin
lagta hai deepa dear yeh kaam toh phir geet ko hi karna hoga
so baby naming ceremony and akash performance
well at least one brother got his love
only because he was clever enough to make sure they got him for her
as in telling family and letting them do it all
had our heroes done the same this wouldnt have happened
oh well something else would have happened right
cheers for pm
and so sorry for bashing maan and arnav so much
but they make me so mad for sure sorry
will try not to do that again i hope
hope your back is better now dear

Edited by chavvi16 - 28 September 2013 at 3:42pm

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Asrkkgsr Goldie

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 10:43am | IP Logged
nice part.feeling bad for arshi and maan.what will happen next?hope arnav will find out the truth regarding khushis decision

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ILoveFF Goldie

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 11:51am | IP Logged
ray of hope ... Lavanya is not happy ... harsh reality .. noone is happy
except the people who arranged things.

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archa2810 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
The two people in pain r the only ones who can understand... The mess is jst because of hiding facts from each other... Poor guys

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jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Poor arshi.hop Arnav's MU abt Khushi will go soon.Hop d truth cums out.La does'nt luv arnav.thats a relief.loved maan-geet scene.both of them bond vcery well.the pain they undergo is also sequence mixed with rabba ve is emotional

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sweetnoni Goldie

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
Emotional update but a good one:)

Just feeling sorry for almost everyone. So even la is hiding something haa..i just hope the truth comes out asap!!

Looking forward for ure next update.
Contine soon!!

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Siddhima-AR FF: Fate, O.S.C.Fate [Completed]

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Author: malluangel   Replies: 297   Views: 61700

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