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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 37)

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 9:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by archa2810

khushi should have talked to arnav about it... this could b avoided
Yes, you are right! But this Khushi we are talking about! The girl who thinks she knows the best! In show too she married Arnav for sake of her family and sister, remember? She will do anything for her family and I am showing only what Khushi would have done! Not how we want things to happen!Wink

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ILoveFF

for such a shrewd business man ... he seems to have taken somethings for granted...
a big decision without even talking ... am not feeling bad ... but angry towards Arnav... and he cant point out on only her... he is equally in mistake too
Agreed! Even in the show he used to take decisions without asking others! Remember the wedding of Payash where Arhi came married?
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ashavi

hmmm feeling really bad for Maan...but i agree with him...last time Geet was somewhat forced 2 love him...nw Geet will have 2 select him on her full wish and whole heartedly...but feeling really really sad for Maan...his heart is bleeding for Maan...

so first Khushi misunderstood Arnav on his decision of getting engaged nw Arnav has misunderstood Khushi for letting his engagement happen...

hope Khushi opens up her heart infront of Maan and he wud make Arnav see sense...

loved the naughty Akash and shy Payal...der engagement was only happy thing in dis update...der moments were sweet...
update soon...

Finally! Finally someone who understand why I separated Maaneet! Thanks for that!

Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shalini_s

omg... Khushi was too much... I hope Arnav becomes ASR again to get his love back..
felt bad for Maan.. but loved his explanation.. he is so perfect..
Wow! You almost guessed my future track for Arhi!Wink
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Asrkkgsr

nice part.why khushi doing this to them?if will affect three lifes.waiting for arnavs outburst to khushi.
hope everything will be fine soon
Thanks for the review!
Khushi did thsi for her sisters and parents! For her her family is more important than her happiness that is Arnav!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetnoni

Amazing update!!

Poor arnav he thinks hes getting engaged to khushi but unfortunally its la. I just hope he wont misunderstands khushi about the fact that she knew he was gonna get engaged to la. I wonder what he is gonna do now!!

Really looking forward for ure next update so continue soon:D
OMG! You almost guessed Arnav's reaction. He is going to misunderstand!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Suppi_4_u

Khushi here is thinking about her and his family reputation and here arnav is thinking abt him getting betrayed.. 
arre end this sadwala track soon kalpana 

Thoda time lagega!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 28 September 2013 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Before I reply your review let me tell you that I am sorry! I am sorry for not replying earlier! I forgot about it totally! Was so worried about exams and writing the stories fast so that I can update before Saturday (I have to get up at 5 AM on Sunday for the exam so want to update earlier) I was so worried about all those things that I forgot to reply this! SO sorry!Cry This is the first and last time this has happened! Sorry! Now onto the reply! 

Originally posted by chavvi16

yeh 55 kab khatam hoga ji
shall get to it as usual later
haila i so didnt realise that i said what you thought i and other readers might say
but thats not something that surprises me
you seem to know what we might think or say and say it before us

Kya karein? I know how annoying I can be! And I know how much of my antique-giri you guys can handle!Wink So I can easily predict what you guys think next!LOL

haila E tak hoga
koi nahin what difference does it make right
as long as more of this story i dont care agar Z tak jaye

Haaye! Dil khush kar ditta tussi yeh last line likh kar!Big smile

well lets get on with it
time for engagement of payash at least is here
kissi ki toh engagement ho rahi hai

When I wrote this part, even I was like finally! Coz inki engagement toh chapter five se planned thi!Wink

oh maan who are you hiding this pain from
your loved ones know all about it
parr ab toh inhe adaat hai aise jeene mein


okay that was bit silly but had to do it
cant see him that sad
though he has his full family with him the one who could get him through it all isnt there
bhaad mein jaaye KC for now though that will be his priority from now
unki yaad mein kya haal bana diya hai
aur yeh toh sirf shururat hai naa
chaliye apne pyaar ke imtihaan ke liye shuru ho jayiye
kyunki ek baar aap yeh pass karr gaye toh soni hamesha ke liye aapki

Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasaan Itna Samjh Lijiye! Ek Aag Ka Dariya Hai Aur Doobke Jaana Hai! Waah Waah!WinkLOL

aur MSK ne aaj tak harna toh seekha nahin
thats one good thing i love about his MSK personality he wont let anything or anyone make him loose
ahhh so they shall be discharged soon well thats nice
and a relief for him too even if he wont say it but he feels it
well dadi knows that if she says her name the flood shall open again

Daadima is walking around eggshells when it comes to Maan!Wink

so payash engagement and arnie la engagement
thenga unko unka pyaar milega
jaise aap hai naa by the end of it unka bhi yahi haal honewaala hai

Yep! Two devdas and one paro! Maan Arnav and Khushi! 
And the way I am planning the story, For Maan, Paro will be Soni while Chandramukhi will be Geet!WinkLOL Thank God! I did not plan La to be Chandramukhi for our Arnav Babu!LOL

well jo karoge beta wohi bharoge
so karma is here with vengeance and she is gonna bite his well you know what
i know right had geet not lost her memory it could have been his engagement too
but then usme kya mazaa hota itni jaldi inki sagaai
nahin yeh maan aur arnie ki kismat mei kuch bhi cheez hona asaan toh nahin toh pyaar kyun milega itni jaldi

Separation hi mein pyaar ka main mazaa hai! Aur twists mein hi toh readers ko mazaa hai!Wink

aur waise agar yeh sab naa hota toh payash ki sagaai phele ho jayegi
right two daughters will get engaged together but not who you and that arnie are thinking
aur iske koi aur zimmedaar nahin sirf arnie hain

Agree with you totally! Blame Arnie's ego!

that dont surprise me aur dadi he was bound to say that
well when ever you will come you will see engaement of payash but not arhi
unke saath saath inhe bhi toh zatka lagega naa
waah ussi zatke ka hai mujhe intezaar
aane waala hai bada mazaa arnie ki dekh ke haar

Waah Waah! Waah Waah!Wink

maan dont congratulate arnie as of yet
becasue khushi toh inhe milne se rahi
inki bhi story hogi aapke jaisi
arrey hamari writer nardayi thodi naa hai
agar ek ko apna pyaar naa mila toh duje ko bhi nahin milega

Exactly!Big smile

thought both cases are very different of course
one lost his love due to unforeseen circumstance while the other lost his love due to his own follies
arnie dont be silly
maan is right here there is no point in doing what you are suggesting
pyaar kiya jaata hai karwaya nahin jaata
aur aise thop ke toh bilkul nahin
aur aap kyun fikar karr rahein hain itna khud ki love story toh sambhalti nahin aur doosron ki sudharne chale hain

LOL Loved the last line!

aur inse yehi idea ki umeed thi mujhe
worry not our kappa dear is there for maan and geet love story

Yes! Main hoon na! The lekhak nad the sutradhar of this story!Big smile

parr aapka toh bhagwaan hi maalik hai
okay just kidding there that too is under kappa guidance but not yet
after all he has to pay for his arrogance and ruining things for himself attitude

Exactly! I hate arrogant guys and want Arnav to have a good fall from his high horse!Thumbs Up

hmmm well maybe he is right
actually on this count he is right for sure
that means now when she falls for him wont be due to her being his fiance or fake one
yeh waala pyaar naa kissi dabaab mein aa karr hoga aur naa hi kiski rishtte mein bandhne jaa rahe hain iss liye
so this means now she will love him truly wont she as she wont know of the previous time
which means he shall get his love in reality with the reak geet

Congo! For being the first one to decipher my plot!Clap

okay yes soni was real but without geet in it
and geet is the real deal so no more soni but geet
tabhi toh banege yeh maneet

Phir serhyme! Yaar tum pichle janam mein shaayar thi kya?????LOL

this is creepy am rhyming nahinnn aisa nahin hosakta
okay had to throw bit of melodrama there dear cant help it am nautanki no 1 yaar

OMG! Even I am a nautanki yaar! My friends even nicknamed me that!Wink

bit more than geet khushi and anji as you must have found out by now
and once again i digress sorry cant help it you know
okay arnie dont worry about khushi she wont say about maneet love story
as it is she has more things to worry about
but also in such matter she uses her common sense pretty efficiently

LOL Loved the last line!

dont worry sweeties what if soni is no more
he will get to know geet handa and she will force him to unlock those feelings again
you can wear the maks all you want maan but that girl is gonna smash it once again after all she is your love but with even more spark than soni

You are so right!

okay am not saying that soni was bad but geet is even better version of the girl called soni
he may have loved soni but geet will force him to love again
you arent gonna stay single mate all your life
warna bechari geet ka kya hoga
bechari bhi toh kunwari reh jayegi naa
so this MSK will go again and all thanx to geet yipeee cant wait for that

Even I am eager to write that part!

and that am waiting for eagerly though will take some time naa but can wait for the new and improved geet sorry soni i guess
thats getting confusing should i call her soni or geet
geet right since she is back soni too is there for sure but geet is in more
does that make sense hope so it didnt to me

Made sense to me though!

so where maan started from he is back to that again
geet sure has her work cut out dont she oh well am sure this challenge too she will overcome in time of course
aur waise bhi maan apne MSK roop mein hi toh sabse best hotte hain aur phir unhe maan bannane mein mazaa hi kuch aur hai ji kyun sahi kaha naa


abbe gadhe sorry for that but kya karein inhe sunte hai toh bas asie bol nikal aate hain
kya re ek baar toh naam pooch lete
i mean wouldnt you wanna confrim the name of your fiance to be
i would even if i was sure it was him confirm karne mein kya jaata hai
but no he is one overconfident chokra
aur ab hai yeh bhutega
and serves him right too for his own folly and keeping khushi in dark

You are so right! He deserves it!

but bechari khushi ka kya dosh chalo koi nahin pyaar mein keval ek toh nahin hai rota rona toh dono ko hi padega

Khushi also little bit deserves it! Why did she hide this from her parents? That is a wrong thing to do right? My dad always says ki aise draame hote hain because we are not transparent! We hide things! So somewhere somehow I feel Khushi deserves it!

haan woh baat alag hai ki khushi can deal with it better than him
aur phudakiye aap arnav becoz by the end of the day we all know what you shall be like my man
and i for one cant wait for his face having the smirk wiped off when he realises who he is getting engaged to that will rock on man

Even I enjoyed writing that scene!

haan haan abhi jitna khush ko sakte hain rahiye ji baad mein toh keval rona hai beta
hmm green phene ya naa khushi toh aapki hone se rahi
and all thanx to your over confident self mate
aap toh phele se hi pagal the ab aur kuch bhi hone waale hain
sorry but she wont be feeling any excitement
in fact at this moment she must be real sad
karre koi aur bharre koi

I know!Cry

but she shall pretend to be happy with her family and why not her la didi is getting engaged
shame that person is the love of her life but what to do
she cant snatch her sisters happiness after la break up she wont even be able to tell la about her love for the man la is getting engaged too
well i dont know about her face but yours will be worth reading for when the truth of fiance comes out  

He he he!LOL

though i can just imagine it for sure if am right which i might not be
chalo at least he didnt go meet her
thank god for some small mercies for the poor heart broken girl there
no my dear man she will do neither
in fact she might end up bahaying ganga jamuna aur saraswati all together

LOLLoved the last line!

though i hope not no pint in doing that
by god agar arnie ne isse blame karne ki koshish ki naa iss sab ke liye toh inki khair nahin
but knowing him he will blame her jab ki saari galti hai inki

You have nailed Arnie perfectly! He will blame her! The idiot!

waise hope then her maan veerji shall take care of arnav then arrey farz hai unka and he is the only other person who knows about arhi love saga apart from geet who cant remember anything so she aint of any use there right

Maan is too much in his own pain to worry about Arnie's hatred towards Khushi!Unhappy

see for a change i was right
she is putting fake smile for the sake of her family while crying tears of blood seeing her love being taken away
well what else can she do stop the engagement and ruin her didi life and tell about her own love
she will never do that we all know she would rather die than do that to her sister

You understood Khushi perfectly too!

sweetie aapke arnavji ko yeh baat pata thi ki aap payal ki behen hain
aur ee liye hi toh uu ne haan kari iss rishtey ke liye
parr bhaisaab ko yeh nahin pata tha ki aapki ek aur behen bhi hain
toh saare phasaad ki jadd aapke arnavji hi hain
see had he told you that he was akash brother then it was possible for you to tell la about your love for arnie
but since that man wanted to dig a hole for himself well things got messed up bad real bad
so now all thanx to his highness ASR you are gonna see your love get engaged to your sister instead of you my dear
satyanash ho iss nalayak ka babaji and DM sach mein

Oh God! You review is too hilarious!ROFL

see thats why she wanted time
so she could handle this delicately but no you didnt let her handle it
in fact bcoz of your eagerness you lost her for sure

Saare fasaad ki jhad Arnie ka ego superiority complex hai!Unhappy

woh toh achaa hai ki baad mein ya anth mein she will be yours bcoz she cant be made to suffer for your follies now cant she
but till then khud bhi royiye ya jo bhi aap karte hain aur inhe bhi rulayi nalayak


see you should have let her handle thing as then we wouldnt be in this situation but no ASR thinks he knows the best naa when he bloody well doesnt
you know she cant let her sister suffer due to her and yet you had to hurry things along
i swear he still doesnt know khushi as of yet
or what love really is not just being selfish in it but selfless too
the day he realises that khushi will be his

Agreed! Arnav ne pyaar to kiya par nibhaana nahi seekha! Jis din seekhega tab sab theek ho jaayega!

she is right even if its arnie they wouldnt be happy that she kept their relationship  in the dark for so long
well she is made of sterner stuff of course but she is gonna gonna make you suffer but then its your own doing of course mate

Yes, suffering will be there! First Arnie will make her suffer and then she will give back as good as she got!Wink

jhoot boliye aur arnie aur apni inki aur la ki zindagi barbaad kijiye
how could you yaar kuch toh maan se seekhte yaar
chalo chaddo koi faiyada nahin abb
jo ho gaya woh ho gaya
aage aage dekhte hain hota hai kya

and she knows for sure now
that her arnavji was a bigger idiot than she thought
but what can she do now its bit late right
sexy aur hot lage bhi naa arnie she aint yours even then sorry mate you brought this on yourself
now how is she meant to make things right at the last instance
i know right he has got you in fix
neither can she say anything fearing things will get worse nor can she keep quiet
its till his fault has fault had he not hidden the truth about knowing about payash naa this wouldnt have happened as then all could have known

Totally agree!

or he could have told the family this way at least la would have been spared
she is right about her bua though
woh toh baat ka batanar bana deti hain
haan she loves khushi same as others but she can be bit mean too yaar
see she is doomed either way
one due to her family and his the other arnie
wow even in such situations she can use her brian effectively

Of course! After all she is Khushi yaar!

which she would have needed to had he not taken the decision away from her
and now for her jiji and di she is ready to bear all his anger and hatred
why did you lie to him
all ws fine but aapko bhi inki tarah aise jhoot bolne ki adaat padd gayi
yeh arnav bahut buri sangat hain sach mein bholi bhali khushi ke liyes

About your last line - LOL

hahahahaha i called khushi bholi bhali thats funny no really
agar arnie mahan kaand karte hain toh yeh kaise peeche reh sakti hain
what are these two doing yaar
but ab aur yakeen hota jaa raha hai they are perefct for one another for sure 100%

Again for the last line - LOL

sweet cheeks nazar lag gayi beta
aur itni jaldi baazi apne ki aur kaam aur bigaad diye
soni aur maan ki tarah aap ka pyaar bhi gaya
and what to say yeh toh hona hi tha
awww baby kanha is asleep peacefully not knwoing what storm is coming his mamu arnie way
well maan ka rona abb aapka rona honewaala hai be ready mate
well she just got ya mate
and you dont even know of it till it shall be too late
what else was she supposed to do
let both her sister rishta break for her love
she cant be happy with you if her sister cant be happy and you know that
or do you arnie no you wont or dont

sorry arnie but she lied
well about herself
she had to you see for her sisters
she didnt give you a clue but instead confused you
and you being so over confident fell for her trap

If Arnav had thought logically at that time, many problems would have solved! But Arnav is known to be impulsive and emotionally decisive! Serial mein bhi toh impulsively Khushi se shaadi ki thi!

but aapki waali aapke fav colur mein nahin apne fav colur mein hai
basically she is matching you but you wont know until its too late
oh dear he wont know what hit him for sure
yehi hai aapki sazza ASR
well this will be good for sure

wow aki man your bhai is gonna make you the bali ka bakra
chalu cheez hain yeh
parr jinse yeh oyaar karte hain unse kam in such matters
arnie bhi naa that was naughty

Happy that you liked that scene! Put it up to lighten the mood of readers who must have been dreading this chapter!

no he wont choose the wrong girl but arnie sure shall
and all thanx to khushi only
dehte hain kab tak yeh haste rahenge hah she got him
nautnaki hain  yaar sari ki sari
geet giving him confidence
di being di praying to almighty for her chutke
aur inki maate ke baare mein jitna kam bolen utna achaa hai
kya family hain inki naa

Haina ek dum antique!WinkLOL

waah sahi jaa rahe ho beta
he can give arnie a run for his money
after all he fell in love first
told his family about it first
and got exclusive rights on the one he loves first
yaar yeh maan aur arnav bade slow inkle iss mamle mein

Even I find it funny when I think about it!

well they would after all thinking with brain results in this only
chalo koi nahin inka dil toh phir bhi unhi ke liye hi dhaakta hai
well done aki my boy
tussi toh chaa gaye
and payal sweetie sure were desperate werent we
but then can ya blame her either
thay was reallly funny and naughty of aki

and the one thig we were waiting for happened
she got ya mate
and she betrayted you did she
achaa i thought you did it for her
had you found out which sister you were supposed to marry this wouldnt have happened
she wouldnt have been forced to do this
had you told her that he was chote she could have talked to her father and la about it first
had you done what aki did you would have got la
had you done what you didnt she would be with you
but you brought this on yourself
your over confidence your arrogance betrayed you

Daanto! Daanto! Aur daanto!

she just did what she had to to save her family rep and that of her sisters
wouldnt you have done the same for your di
and dont lie that you wouldnt have arnie

He actually married in the sow  just for his Di! Toh he cant blame Khushi over this! But unfortunately when it comes to our pyaare Arnav Babu logic toh phoor udh jaata hai! Out of the window!Wink

so here ends another shocking night
ahhh bless this one a loved because finally arnav paid for his deeds woohoo
though am sad too about arhi not being together
but then guess arhi and maneet shall get together in the end only
so that was that huh
another shock and twist out of the way and more to come
cheers for pm

Thanks for the review, dear!
Yes many more to come! So brace yourself and tie your seat belts tight! Kyunki picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!Big smile

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