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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 33)

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Posted: 21 September 2013 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shalini_s

omg.. felt so bad for Maan.. hope Geet loves him on her own. and she comes back to him..

looks like Khushi MU Arnav.. waiting for the engagement..
Thanks for the review! You almost guessed my maaneet track after twist!Cry

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Originally posted by sanjana yadav

loved it
ab kya hoga
sad part
he bhagwan
i think or i should say i m nearly sure nani and anjali will pair arnav and la
ab khushi and arnav ka kya hoga
what abt maan and geet now
geet ko sab kab yaad aayega
will khurana's ever tell ki geet hi soni hai maan's love
now what will happen
plzzz sab jaldi se theek kardo
i cant see them unhappy
Thanks for the review!
About yor questions - I cant reveal about Geet's memory coming back as it will unravel the whole story!Wink  
Maan has issued warning to his family to not open their mouth regarding Soni Geet issue, so they will keep quiet except Dev and NT! They have important role later on!Big smile
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Originally posted by jasminerahul

I've nopeace of mind bcz of maan's resent also was emotional.plz unite maaneet.who iselected 4 Arnav?Lavaya or Khushi?
Yes, it is Lavanya who has been selected!
Thanks for the review!
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Originally posted by chavvi16

wooo hooo
so here it is the one which will separate maneet right
and maybe even arhi
well if not now it will happen eventually
so sad and yet it has to happen
get to it soon
so lets see how badly it affects maan
who shall be in his MSK avtaar again soon

Thanks for the review! The whole Chapter 55 is based on Separation only!

awww seeing or reading well what ever him like this is hard
he would look lost after all the love of his life doesnt remember him
and that is hard for a man like maan
as it is he hardly lets many people through to his real personna
and geet was one who really had gotten through all his barriers he had put up
she was the one who had broken the walls around his heart but now she herself dont remmeber him

Actuaaly I could not write that part at all coz I was feeling so sad. Had to grit my teeth to complete the whole update! I think Part (E) will also be as tough coz it will have Arnav suffering!

sorry dev but time cant be changed
thats one of the few things that is never in our hands
and we just have to go with the flow for sure
what ever time dishes out to us we have mould ourself according to it
after all time doesnt remain the same for too long

Wow! Loved the 5 lines! You defines time so perfectly!

so if he is heart broken now he will be given new lease of life once again by the same person only
but will have to wait for that for now

Only thoda sa wait, then you are up for a bumpy ride, Maan!Wink

wow so this is similar to what happened with his parents death
god that means she was more important to him than he realised
so much so that he is breaking down with her not remembering him

That scene reminded Maan that he was not living for himself, he has always lived for his family and he has to again sacrifice his feelings and pain for his family!

but this is just the start to his problems
aur solution bhi wohi hongi
and MSK is out
he has gotta stop hiding behind the mask
but that his defence mechanism kicking in
and to stop from breaking further this is what he thinks is best

Everyone has defence mechanism. Khushi grins to hide her pain. Geet speaks too much, Arnav becomes rude while Maan becomes stern. 

man that made me tear up if nothing did before
but even if you keep it locked in you will still have to let go of it sooner or later maan
or it will consume you for sure
but he wont listen now this isnt soni maan but MSK
well lets see what more shocks follow from this

Most shocks will end by Chapter 55 (E).

awww he is still there soni's maan
bless he had to see her once before going it seems
well how can he not after all what ever that may have happened she is still his soni
and he cant forget that ever
she will be his once again soon that much am confident about

Yep, She will be back with a bang!

but more improved than last time maybe with characteristics of geet handa in her
and we all know that he wont be able to run from her love even then
not that he is running but you know what i mean

Run????? He will run thats for sure! But our Geet will also be ready for him!Wink

well yes that he said about himself was so true and about her too
yes she has left you behind
and no maan you might not come back in her life
but she still can and she will maan

Haila!!!! You have almost discovered my plot!

she just has to after all she is your love
sorry pyaar se koi kissi ko azaad nahin karr sakta
no matter what you think now maan babu
yes your ways are separate for now
but if she herself dont come into your life again and make you the maan you were she aint geet raizada

Loved the last line! Well said!ClapClapClap

sweetie you wont mind the peace you crave as she took it with her
and he is right that he wont love another again
but going as fa as not marrying sorry but that wont be happening
dil ko toh abhi apne bandh karr diya hai
parr yeh jyada time bandh nahin rehega itna toh mujhe bharosa hai
pyyar itna bhi kamzor nahin ki itni asani se khtam aur mit jaye
bhale hi usse yaad naa ho parr uska pyaar usse  maan aapke paas zaroor keech layega
after all she has an internship in your company
but of course you shall behave like the DD (not dhak dhak but dusht daanav) with her then

Again you almost guessed my plot!Big smile

ahhh so maan went so did khuranas but there is still tension for raizadas
till they are all discharged this wont be over
so the three gupta sisters are here to help
well only they can at the moment
keep strong raizadas this is just testing period
it shall be over and soon
okay not that soon but you know what i mean
dont let the situation get to you

some people cant give themselves some rest can they

The last line was hilarious! LOLLOL

not that i blame him for wanting to see his sister and nani asap
but he could have asked for help
at least for a wheel chair or something

ASR aur wheel chair? Ha! Good joke! He has to big  ego to ask for it!

but no he is ASR naa
kuch nahin ho sakta nahin iska aur nahin hi MSK

Totally true! Kuch nahi ho sakta!

dammit yaar he should have waited for some help but no
so di okay happy now
but no nani still remains
whats she gonna ask i wonder
and is it what i fear
uff lutiya dono ki doobenewaali hai
well ek ki toh already doob chuki hai aur doosre ki bhi gayi
kya yaar koi nahin lets be positive

Yep, Naani bomb phodegi! Aur Arhi ko alag kar degi!Cry

arrey apke arnavji ne toh thaan li hai sab ko chintit karr ke rahenge
ufff khushi kya karen iss arnie ko toh sirf aap hi sudhaar sakti hain

When I read the line sudhar sakti hain a image popped into my head - Khushi running behind Arnav with a Jhaadu while he is running and shouting Bachaao!LOL

parr uska samay abhi aaya nahin hai
i knew it nani was asking about his marriage
well what else can she want from him
as it is aki is about to be engaged to the one he loves
and anj has her hubby and child too now
only you left and geet
what else would she want but for you to settle
aur aap ko bhi toh kissi se shaadi karni hai
woh baat alag hai ki inki shaadi unse itni asaani se nahin hogi
oh yes khushi its private for sure
and its gonna seal the fate of your love for arnie
but then all thanx to that ASR am afraid

Arnie ne kuraadi uthaaya aur apne hi pair pe maar diya!Cry

nani kya karr rahi hai aap
but i cant fault with what she is saying she wants her chote to be settled too
after the scare they had in relation to nani she is bound to think of her family well being

So true! This was a big jhatka for her!

and only you are who are without anyone
issi liye keh rahe the before proposing her should have told your family
parr ab jab gadbad karr hi diye ho toh DM bachaye aapko
beta this is gonna seal your fate
aap toh gaye re barah ke baav se

The idiot went and dug his own grave. Cant he atleast listen fully to what Naani was saying?

kya baat hai nani that was good of you
but she had to do it too
waise it isnt somethinf hard she is asking
but now your fate is sealed awww and he dont even know

yeh geet ke babaji aur khushi ki DM yeh gaye
arre phele naam toh pooch lete
parr nahin inhe toh harr kaam mein jaldi baaji karni hoti hai
ab bhugatiye

The last three lines were hilarious!LOL

khushi thaare arnavji ne toh beda garat karr diya
yede yeh kay kiya re
kya karein inka ab hum ab toh kuch nahin ho sakta

Sach mein in yedon ka kuch nahi ho sakta!

khushi you were right the next few words changed a lot for you
now arnie shall be her jijaji haiyyo rabba bas yahi dekhna aur sunna baaki reh gaya tha

LOLLOLLOL Laughing on the last line!

woh toh achha hai ki baad mein sab theek hoga parr abhi toh inhone sab satyanash karr diya
dammit it just aint time for lover
ek taraf geet forgot her maan
and now arnie did what he did
khushi ne bhi toh apna faisla le liya hai
ab aayega asli maaza

I always said in the start, no one is villain here. It is the circumstances and the decisions which create problems! Ab toh babaji aur DM hi bachaaye inhe!

woh kyun woh isliye kyunki ab tak dono couples ko jyada papad nain belne padhe the apne pyaar ke liye
parr ab shuru hua asli imtihaan

Mohabbat ki raah kaaton se saji hai!

and there is more to come
oh khushi you dont know but he thinks he is getting married to you
but of course thats not what it seems from your pov right
and the fun begins in real now
let the games begin fate and dentin have already made their move lets see how love copes against them now

Waah! Kya baat kahi! Loved the last two lines!

maan sorry MSK shall be coming back
and he is back once again
well like NT said he has lost the life in him
and is back to being the sadu akdoo etc etc once again
this is just the beginning of it all
just pray that she gets him back again soon
because only she can am afraid
true soni marr chuki hain parr geet ke andar toh soni aaj bhi zinda hai

Yeh baat yeh Maan kyun nahi samajh raha? Ziddi kahin ka!

but of course he wont accept it
now it is all upto to fate how to get love he lost back in his life
because that is gonna happen
yes soni would never forget him but she aint there anymore
oh maan you may have given up on your love but that doesnt your love wont be back to you
this is what we should have accepted from MSK as maan is no more too
she took him away with her
but MSK you will become maan and it wont be soni this time but geet who will do the honours
after all soni was just a shadow of geet
the real geet is the one who you will fall for again perhaps

Exactly! Ab Geet ayegi Maan ko waapis laane MSK se!

but it wont be easy for sure

Yep, it will be really tough!

after all he is MSK naa but then never underestimate the power of love (not common man here peeps)
ahhh so he will live with her memories
but thn again if geet lets you maan sorry MSK

NT and Dev will not allow Maan to live peacefully. They will do many things to get Maan Geet together!

NT dont worry your sapna will come to be
as our kappa dear can never keep lovers apart for too long right

Of course!

fikar not sab theek ho jayega vishwaas rakhiye aap

awww this was so sad seeing maan like this
and yes that was maan there not MSK
he really got to me in the whole update
well why wouldnt  he what with his love not remembering him
and forgetting their love filled memories
but i didnt know that MSK could accept defeat so easily

Maan accepted defeat coz he does not think there is any solution. For him, trying to win Geet back and then failing would be too painful. To avoid pain, he locked his feelings and turned into MSK!

parr that was maan naa
pheli baar kissi ko itni shiddat se chaha
parr usse bhi iss beraham duniya ne cheen liya
okay have lost it there sorry
but had to lighten the mood a bit

Kya filmy dialogue tha! Waah waah!Big smile

oh maan you have lost her and yet you havent
let see how she is returned back to you once again as she will be
kyunki akhir mein woh aapka pyaar hai maan
unhe toh waapis aana hi hoga

Aakhir use aane hai, jara dair lagegi!

awww that was hard to see maan break donw so much

It was hard to write too!

but when the one whom you love the most forgets you what else can you expect but pain
oh maan dil chota naa kariye yeh tasveer ek din zaroor lagegi jahan aap usse lagana chahete the
kyunki agar kismat ne aapke oyaar ko aapse cheena hai woh usse waapis bhi karegi
he sure got it bad
he is now starting to see her and its different this time too
at least back when this used to happen she was still in the same house as him

So true!

but now she is far very far
okay not that far but jab dil ke beech fasle aa jaate hain toh doori toh khalegi hi
oh man all he is remembering is her memories
as at moment he has just those
but fear not those memories wont be the only thing for you
though you shall have to wait for a while maan
saare sapne aur manokamnaye poori sawaha

LOL Really funny!

okay i know being funny here
but thats true too naa kappa

Of course!

oh maan really felt for you there
saare armaan aapke waapis se geet ki poore karengi
ahh the anguish of broken heart
that was the toughest chapter to read so far and there more to come

It was toughest to write too. 
but even that i know and can guarantee shall be done just as well as you did so far
in fact even better am sure

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

so see ya next week for this
and what a performance really you got me there and that was really mind blowing peice of work
cheers for pm

Thank you!Embarrassed

oh and before i forget just have to mention it
now i know why both MSK and ASR wear shades
so they can hide their emotions from others
after all eyes are the mirror of our soul

Never thought of it that way!

waise MSK ki oath aur ASR ki promise dono khariz ho jayengi jald hi
Thanks for the review, Kittu! Made my whole week!
Take care and enjoy the weekend!

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Originally posted by Zindagirocks_21

First of all I have to say I actually cried theoughtout the chapter! I felt the pain maan was going through. And I'm still crying while writing this.

Please dont cry! Bimaar giri toh teri mummy mujhe daantegi! Wink

It was just marvellous, loved the update.

Thank you!EmbarrassedBig smile

Maan has locked himself in his shell and is back to the maan singh khurana he was before soni entered his life. I felt so sad when dev wanted to tell maan to not hide his pain to let it out but couldn't.

Tujhe kya lagta hai? Dev will allow Maan to stay like this? Without his Soni?Big smile

The way maan told the story to geet when she was sleeping was just beautiful but sad as well. Stupid song is making me cry more! Aghh! This is not his soni anymore. He would never fall in love again or even get married. Maan was always soni and soni was maan's. I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!

You know, till now I have written many emotional scenes in DFL, but only two I have felt I have written perfectly, rest I always felt something was missing. And ironically, the two scenes are when Maan is talking to a sleeping Geet. First was before Geet realised her love for Maan, she pretended to sleep and Maan decides to tell her the importance she has in his life. And the second scene is this one. 

I can't believe khushi heard their conversation, now she thinks he agreed to marry someone else and he thinks he agreed to marry khushi when I feel like it's lavanya. It's true what nani said, you might never know when someone dies or what happens in the future.

Aur hogaya Arnav Khushi ke pyaar ka satyanash!Wink

Omg that was just heartbreaking!! The song and how he remember about the times he spent with soni, truly it was just to sad!! That was the scene where I actually started crying, I'm so glad none of my siblings saw me crying. But have to say girl you have so many twist and they always surprise me.

Ro mat! Please ro mat! Isi scene pe royegi toh aage ke sad songs mein kya karegi? Aur bahut sad songs baaki hai mere stock mein use karne ko!Wink Aur jab Arnav devdas banega tab kaise manage karegi? Man Jaage Saari Raat Mera Deewana!Cry

dadi maa is just devastated becuase she always dreamt about maan wedding and even Nt and maan telling them he will never get married is just to sad, whole khurana Family is just devastate because of losing soni and maan as well.

Arre! Dont worry! Dev aur NT haina!Wink

Hopefully everything gets better and maan becomes the maan he was with soni. I love youuu!!!!

This was just perfect, I really don't know how to describe about this part. My brain isn't working right now but just beautiful (:

Thanks for the update and the pm
Continue soon <3

Thanks for the review! And dont worry the story will have a happy ending!Big smile
With lots of hugs and kisses

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Originally posted by spvd

part 55 C
awesome dear...

Thank you!Embarrassed

but i dont like this unhappy one...
i cant see Maan like this...
its so heart wrenching...
he has got his siblings with him now to stand by him...
and what has he done...
Maan dont do this to urself...
try to win her back...

Yes Maan bhi na! Usko jeetne ke bajaaye usko bhoolne ki soch raha hai! Gadha kahin ka!Big smile

poor Dev...
oh Maan its so heart wrenching...
dont do this to urself and Geet...
i feel like slapping Maan for doing this...

Do I feel a wish coming up?Wink

the Gupta sisters are here to help the Raizadas...
Arnav is the pillar for the Raizadas but Maan is the one on the top...

Loved the last line!

oh ho what is Naniji talking and what is this idiot Arnav assuming...
he will regret it so much later...
ask the name u gadha...

Gadha! Idiot! Kya kya naam diye jaa rahe hain bechaare ko!LOL

oh ho Khushi has heard the convo and is angry and upset...
she should teach him a lesson in sooner time...
bohut ud raha that na ab he will realize soon...


oh no Maan dont do this...
grrr am saying again and again...
hes hurting himself like anything...
cant see him like this...
hes the one who is strong for both the families...
even Arnav looks upon for Maan at many times...
i just hope Maan changes his decision soon...

He won't! He is too stubborn to change his decisions!Cry

Soni kabhi nahi mar sakthi Maan...
she will always be inside u ALIVE...
and that will make u go towards her always...
cont soon dear...
Thanks for the review! Don't worry! Geet ka pyaar itna bhi khokla nahi tha ki itna jaldi sab kuch khatam ho jaaye! Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

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Place - Maan's Room in Khurana Mansion


    It was early morning and Maan was getting ready in his room when Daadima entered the room. She smiled at him but the joy was gone from her smile. She noticed Maan having dark circles under his eyes and she knew that he did not sleep the whole night. He was dressing up and his hands were moving jerkily as if he was unable to even function without Soni. She neared him and placed her hand on his shoulder. He turned to look at her with a lost expression on his face. Daadima spoke up, "Apne aapko sambhaalo beta. Warna Khurana Constructions ko kaise sambhaaloge!" Maan hugged her tightly and Daadima hugged him back. After a while Maan pulled back and wiped the tears from his eyes and Daadima could see the mask come back on his face; the same mask he wore in public to avoid being questioned or talked to, the same mask that he chose to wore to hide his hurt and pain from the world. Daadime felt her heart break while all she wanted to do was to make Geet come back into her Maan's life. But that was not possible! Daadima smiled sadly and spoke, "Manohar bte ne call kiya tha." Maan looked at her curiously. "Sab teen din mein discharge ho rahe hain. Woh chaaro bimaar ko thode din best rest pe rehna hai par baaki sab theek hai.", Dadima mumbled without using the names as she was sure that hearing Geet's name would shatter the tender control Maan was maintaining on his feelings. Maan nodded but refrained from asking about Geet. Even the name brought pain into his heart. Daadima continued, "Aakash ki sagaai adhuri reh gayi thi. Toh paanch din baad Aakash aur Arnav dono ki sagaai hai! Aur humein chalna hai!" Maan smiled properly for the first time. Toh Arnav ne apne dil ki baat ghar waalon ko bata di! Achcha hua! Kisi ko toh apna pyaar mila! Mere pyaar ko toh nazar lag gayi par Arnav aur Khushi ke pyaar ko toh kisi ki nazar nahi lagi! Unka pyaar bach gaya! He sighed softly and spoke, "Haan! Daadima! Hum sabko chalna hoga! Ghar ki dono betiyon ki sagaai hai! Humein toh wahaan jaana hi hoga!" Daadima patted his cheek all the while thinking that if Geet had not forgotten Maan even I would have been arranging for his engagement. Daadima turned to walk away when Maan piped up, "Par Daadima! I will be late!" Daadima turn to look at him. Maan continued, "Mujhe thoda kaam hai!" but Daadima could read the reason behind his latecoming on his face; he did not want to face Geet unless needed. She nodded and walked away.



  Maan picked up his phone and called Arnav. The phone got picked up from other side but before he could say anything Arnav piped up, "Toh news mil gayi! Kaisa laga news sun kar?" Maan smiled softly. He could sense the excitement Arnav was feeling. Even though he was heartbroken he could not allow his pain to affect his happiness for Arnav and Khushi. "Bahut khushi hui yeh khabar sunkar! I am really happy for you and Khushi. Chalo hum dono mein se kisko toh apna pyaar mila!", he replied sadly. "Matlab?", he heard Arnav mumble. He could sense Arnav's confusion. Maan smiled sadly, "You know what I mean!" It took few seconds for Arnav to understand, "Oh! You mean Geet! Don't worry about that. Main gharwaalo se baat karunga to get you guys engaged. Phir dheere dheere use tumse phirse pyaar ho jaayega!" Maan closed his eyes in anguish, "Itna aasaan nahi hai Arnav! Main nahi chaahta ki yeh rishta us par jabardasti se thopa jaaye who bhi phirse!" "Phirse?", Arnav asked and Maan explained, "Haan! Phirse! Main Soni ko is ghar mein laaya tha meri fianc kehkar kyunki use kuch yaad nahi tha! Use pyaar mujhse hua kyunki main uska fianc tha. Agar main yeh na kehte toh kya woh mujhse pyaar karti? I don't think so! Nahi Arnav! I want her to choose her life partner for herself. Samjhe!", his voice turned stern as if he was issuing an order and not suggesting it, "Behtar hoga ki tum is baare mein kisiko mat bataao. Apne dil mein is raaz ko kisi kone mein dafna do. Aur phir kabhi is baat ko mat chedna! Agar tumhaare dil mein mere liye thodi si bhi respect hai toh you will do this for me." He sensed Arnav hesitating and then came a reply, "Khushi ko toh pata hai!" Maan heaved a sigh of relief. This meant Arnav would keep his mouth shut. He replied, "Khushi ko main engagement ki raat samjha doonga! Make sure ki yeh raaz mere gharwaale aur tum dono ke beech hi rahe. No one should know about this." Arnav cut him off in a serious tone, "Agar Di ne Soni ke baare mein poocha toh! She knows that you like someone!" Maan took a deep breath and with a great sadness he replied, "Use bolna ki meri Soni mujhe chodke chali gayi! Behtar hoga ki hum sab Soni ko bhool jaayein aur Geet ko zindagi mein aage badhne dein!" He was about to cut the phone when he heard Arnav whisper, "Aur tumhaara kya Maan?" Maan replied with a pain filled whisper, "Main apni Soni ke yaadon ke sahaare ji loonga!" He kept the phone before Arnav could say anything. He closed his eyes and gathered his emotions. He locked them in his heart somewhere and opened his eyes. Gone was Soni's Maan replaced by a cruel, strict and anger filled Maan. This was his way of hiding his weak heart. This was his defence mechanism for coping with what had happened.







Place - Arnav's room at Shantivan


     It was the day of his engagement and Arnav was getting dressed eagerly; well as eagerly as anybody who had just got out of the hospital recently after getting stabbed brutally. He arranged his tie properly and smiled at himself. He admired himself in the mirror. Dressed in silk shirt, green tie, black trousers and black coat, he was sure he looked like prince deigned to marry his love of his life. He had chosen to wear green tie instead of his favorite red because green was Khushi's favorite color. Khushi! Tum nahi jaanti aaj main kitna khush hoon. Jab Di ne bataaya ki woh mera rishta Paayal ki behen, yaani ki tumse karna chaahti hai, meri khushi ne saari bandhan tod diye! Aaj main saari duniya ke saamne tumhein apna banaaunga! He smiled as he imagined Khushi's smile when he placed the engagement ring on her ring finger. He grinned at his thoughts! Log sach kehte hain ki pyaar mein log paagal ho jaate hain! Kya Khushi bhi yahi feel kar rahi hai? He marched towards his door but stopped. Khushi ke saath toh is waqt uski behen bhi hogi! Main usse aise baat nahi kar sakta! He thought for a while and then pulled out his mobile. He typed a message and pressed the send button. He smiled wondering whether Khushi will smile crazily or blush at his words.




Place - Guest Room at Shantivan


     Khushi placed a fake smile on her face as she observed her sisters getting ready for the engagement. While they had arrived dress up for the event, there dresses were the same that they wore for the earlier event, and Anjali had ordered special dresses for all three girls as repeating the earlier engagement night's dresses would have garnered bad comments from the society gossip ladies. As she noticed her sisters getting ready she remembered the conversation her father had with them few days' back regarding the rishta that had come for Lavanya. When her Buaji had asked about the family, Babuji had replied that it was Anjali's another brother who was elder than Aakash. At that time, Khushi had thought that Anjali had another brother along with Aakash and Chote! But it was only on the night of the engagement that she realized that it was Arnav's Rishta which had come for Lavanya. That was why she had asked some time from him because if he had announced about their relationship that night it would have ruined not only both the families' relationships but there was a chance that due to the tamasha her elder sister Paayal's engagement might have been called off too. Plus no one in her family would have been happy to know that she was seeing somebody without informing them. One wrong step from her would have destroyed her sister's life. But how would she have known that that one step of hers would have made Arnav take the decision of choosing her Lavanya Di for marriage. Yeh aapne kaisi sazaa de di mujhe Arnavji? Yeh aapne kya kiya? She felt her eyes tear up but she controlled her tears. Nahi! Hum nahi royenge! Hum aapke iss faisle ko maanenge bhi aur hum khush bhi honge humaari behen ke liye! She looked at La who was smiling at Paayal and both were laughing over some matter. Suddenly, La noticed Khushi smiling far off and she gestured her to come closer. Khushi nodded, plastered a fake smile and wandered off towards her sister.


   As the girls giggled over some things, Khushi got a message in her mobile. She opened it and her eyes widened. It was Arnav's message, "I am so happy today! I am getting engaged to you! Kya tum bhi itni khush ho? Aur kya tumne koi sexy waali saari pehni hai ya hot sa lehenga?" She stood still for a second in shock as she realized the reason why Arnav had agreed for this rishta. Arnav had misunderstood. Woh galat samajh baithe! Hey Devi Maiyya! Yeh kya hogaya? Arnavji ne galat samjha! Unhein lagta hai ki unki sagaai humse ho rahi hai! Hey Devi Maiyya! Humne unhein kitna galat samjha! Woh toh isliye is sagaai ke liye raazi hue kyunki unhein laga ki woh humse sagaai kar rahe hain! Ab hum kya karein Devi Maiyya? She looked at her smiling sisters as all types of scenarios flashed through her head. Agar humne ab kisiko kuch bataaya toh kuch bhi ho sakta hai! Babuji yeh sab is tarah sunenge toh dang reh jaayenge! Buaji yeh sab sunkar humein bhi kosengi aur Arnavji ko bhi! Phir toh na Buaji chup rahengi aur na Arnavji ke gharwaale! Dono parivaar mein daraar bhi gir sakte hai! Humaari Paayal Jiji ki sagaai bhi toot sakti hai! Hey Devi Maiyya! Aur agar hum chup rahein toh? Agar Arnavji ne humaari jagah Di ko dekha toh woh toh bakheda khada kar denge ghusse mein! Aur phir toh Paayal Jiji ka rishta toh tootna pakka hai! She looked around worriedly. Kisiko bataayein toh mushkil aur na bataayein toh mushkil! Par agar kisi tarah humne yeh sagaai karwa di toh? Arnavji kuch bol bhi nahi paayenge kyunki poore guests ke saamne sagaai ho chuki hai! Aur humaari Paayal Jiji ka rishta bhi bach jaayega! Haan! Arnavji humein kosenge, nafrat karenge kyunki hum sab jaante hue bhi sagaai ko roke nahi par apni behno ke liye hum Arnavji ki nafrat bhi sehne ko tayyaar hain! She nodded in determination. Theek hai! Hum yahi karenge! Kisi tarah Arnavji ki sagaai Di se karwaake rahenge! Suddenly she frowned. Par kaise? She thought for a while when a thought struck her. Agar hum teeno ghunghat mein ho toh? Phir toh humein koi nahi pehchaan paayega! Aur phir Di aur Arnavji ki sagaai! Hum kahenge ki yeh sab hasee mazaak mein hua! Haan! Yeh theek hai! Finally after five days she gave a real smile and talked to her sisters about her plan. Both the girls eagerly agreed and started dressing up. All three made sure that the duppattas of their lehenga were draped in same style and Paayal and Khushi wore heels so that they seemed of the same height as Lavanya. Due to the draping style and the ghunghat, their body size were hidden cleverly enough that all three looked identical except the color of their lehenga and duppatta. When Amma arrived to get them they told her the plan and all four ladies marched out of the room. But Khushi stopped for a moment and sent a message to Arnav, "Aapki favorite laal rang ke lehenge mein hum aur Jiji Jijju ke favorite rang neele mein!"




Place - The Main Hall At Shantivan


    Arnav smiled as the baby in his arms sleeped sweetly. Due to his operation he, his Di, his Naani and Geet were not allowed to stand and hence were seated on the sofa waiting for the girls to come down. Aakash stood nearby nervously looking at the stairs from where the girls would descend. His Jijaji was standing right behind his wife keeping an eye on her, making sure that she was not straining herself in any way. Maama, Maami stood near Aakash talking to guests and keeping an eye over the stairs. The Khuranas had already arrived except Maan who was to come over later as there were some meetings or so he claimed. But Arnav knew the reason behind his absence; he did not want to face Geet. Arnav had never felt as helpless as he felt today. Due to the whole Soni Geet issue, Arnav wanted to get engaged sooner before something bad happened to his love. Woh kehte haina, kahin nazar na lag jaaye! Due to his eagerness and his habit of impatience, Arnav was acting pretty restless. Knowing this his Di had handed over Kanha to him. As he cooed over the baby, he felt the guests start murmuring around. Unlike the last event, this engagement event was done on low scale inviting very few people and there was no dance programs etc. The whole Raizadas had not yet recovered emotionally from what had happened and all of them wanted to have simple engagement with none of the shor sharaba which was the highlight of the last party. Before he could look up his phone beeped indicating a message. He checked the message and frowned. It was from Khushi. Laal! Neela! What the! Suddenly, he caught the words ladkiyaan', Paayal' and khoobsurat' and he looked up in confusion. When his eyes took in the sights, they widened as from the top of the stairs descended three ladies dressed in identical dresses and style the only difference being the color of the dress. Amma followed them. The murmur amongst the crowd continued in confusion as they were not sure which two of the three were the would-be brides. Suddenly, Arnav remembered the message and smirked. Oh! So that's what you messaged about.  He got up and waited for the girls to come down.



    Soon, the girls reached the hall and the crowd gathered around them. Anjali stood up with the help of Shyam and Naaniji stood up with Maama's help. Geet, dressed in simple yellow chudidaar, remained seated as due to her head wound, moving right now meant getting dizzy. Aakash smiled at her and picked her up in his arms. He took her where the girls were standing and placed her on a chair from where she could see the proceedings. She smiled at him with gratitude and settled herself to enjoy her brothers' engagement. Soon, the crowd backed up a bit while Anjali and Naani looked at the girls quizzically. Aakash slid beside Arnav as he stared at the girls in confusion. As all of them looked at the girls in confusion, Amma spoke up, "Uu kaa haina! Khushi bitiya ko laagat rahi ki is sagaai ma thoda sa hasi mazaak hona chaahi. Isliliye uu ne ek khel socha hai! Khel ka naam hai dhoondho toh jaane'!" The crowd murmured amongst themselves in wonder while Arnav rolled his eyes. Aha! Khushi! Who else would think of such a thing? Aur upar se clue bhi bhej diya taaki we don't fail! Waah! Khushi tumhaara bhi jawaab nahi! Amma continued, "Khel bahut hi simple hai! Yeh teen ladkiyon mein se ek Arnav bitwa ki aur ek Aakash Bitwa ki hone waali patniyaan hai! Ab tum dono ko un dono ko dhundhna bina uu se baat kiye, bina haath lagaaye aur bina ghunghat uthaaye!" The crowd clapped with excitement while Naaniji and Anjali giggled. Geet cheered and whistled loudly while Maamiji looked excitedly hoping that her bitwa does not fail her. Aakash gulped and leaned towards Arnav, "Bhai! Help!" Arnav smirked, "Jo tere rang mein rangi hai, wahi teri hai!" Aakash frowned at those cryptic words but then he looked at the girls and smirked similar to his brother. The girls were dressed in red, green and blue. Blue jo mera favorite hai! Thanks bhai!



  Amma smiled and asked, "Toh kaun pehle aage aayega?" Aakash stood at his place not ready to take a step ahead. Let Bhai take a step ahead! Main kyun aage badhun? But suddenly, everyone started cheering him. He frowned. Par main toh aage aaya hi nahi? He looked towards where Arnav stood only to see him standing few steps back. Aakash narrowed his eyes. As he was not taking a step ahead, Arnav had taken few steps back making Aakash the volunteer. Aakash noticed the mirth in Arnav's eyes and rolled his eyes. Lagta hai aaj kal mere serious bhai ko mazaak bahut sooj raha hai! I will see you, Bhai! Main aapko dekh lunga! He huffed and went ahead. Buaji piped up, "Aao! Aao! Bitwa! Sharmaana nahi! Par yaad rakho! Jis ladki ko chuna usi se shaadi karni padegi! Toh zara sambhaalke! Kahin Paayal Bitiya ki jagah kisi aur ko na pasand kar lo!" The crowd tittered and laughed at that. There was excited murmuring in the crowd as some wanted Aakash to win while some wanted to him to loose so that they could tease him about it. "Come on! Veere! You can do it!", Geet screamed while Anjali closed her eyes to pray for Aakash. Arnav rolled his eyes at the ladies' display while Maamiji started sniffing ready to start tearing up if her Bitwa lost the game.



   Aakash walked ahead with confidence as he knew which one was Paayal already. He acted as if he was thinking as he circled each the girls. Suddenly, he had a mischievous idea. He took a step towards the green color clad girl and slyly looked at the blue color clad girl sideways to see her reaction. The girl in blue raised her hand as to stop him but the red wearing girl pushed the hand down. Toh aapko farak padhta hain, Paayal! Aapne mere saath khel khelne ki sochi na ab main aapko mazaa chakaata hoon! He again did the same trick and took another step towards the green clad girl. The blue clad girl again reacted by taking a step ahead. He raised his hand to hold green color clad girl's hand and suddenly, Paayal lifted her blue colored veil and shouted, "Nahi Aakash! Hum yahaan hai!" The crowd groaned at that while Aakash burst out laughing. Shyam and Geet started clapping with a grin on their faces while Paayal looked down in embarrassment. Her sisters tried to show their annoyance by nudging her and pinching her. Arnav smirked and when he caught Aakash's eye he winked at him and Aakash winked back.



  Aakash walked towards Paayal and took her hand. He turned towards his Mom who handed him the ring. He put the ring on her finger and smiled at her. She shly smiled back while the crowd cheered. Maamiji, Naaniji and Anjali teared up at seeing the engagement happening while Geet gave a wide grin. Paayal took the ring from her mom and put it on Aakash's finger. The crowd cheered and soon the family members were congratulating them. Suddenly, Shyam who was holding Kanha piped up, "Arre! Inhein hi badhaayiyaan denge ya humaare doosre saale saaheb ki sagaai bhi hone denge!" Suddenly, everyone remembered that Arnav was to be engaged today too. The crowd moved away from the newly engaged couple and Arnav strod forward towards the remaining two girls; one in green and one in red. Anjali clapped happily while Geet shouted, "Go AB! Go! Show them that hum bhi kisi se kam nahi!" Arnav turned around and stared at Geet with annoyance. Geet pouted and quieted down. Arnav rolled his eyes at her display and walked towards the girls. He did not even pretend. He simply stood in front of the red clad girl. He just lifted the hand of the girl and placed the ring. He did not even notice the color of the hand as he was staring at the girl's face. If he had then maybe he could have stopped the next thing from happening. But as he did not notice the color of the hand, he was beyond shocked when the veil was lifted and out came none other than Lavanya. Before he could even react, the crowd started cheering. He looked at the people in shock. Yeh sab taaliyaan kyun bajaa rahe hain? Yeh toh galat ladki haina? But instead of that, his Di came ahead and raised his hand in front of Lavanya while he stared at her in daze. Lavanya placed the ring in his hand and grinned happily as everyone congratulated her. Suddenly, there were clapping, whistlings and cheerings going all around as he got engaged to Lavanya. In their happiness no one noticed Arnav's shocked and dazed expression. Suddenly, his Di hugged him and mumbled, "Hum khush hain, Chote! Aapki sagaai ho gayi aur humein lagta hai ki Lavanya se achchi ladki aapko nahi mil sakti!" And then it finally dawned on him that his family had chosen Lavanya for him and not Khushi. And he had even agreed to it without knowing the truth. And now that he was engaged to Lavanya, he could not even back out. He looked up as the green clad girl removed her veil and her eyes met his. Khushi! His heart whispered. His eyes widened as he remembered the message which Khushi had sent him. Suddenly, the whole game unravelled in front of his mind's eye. Khushi knew that he was to marry Lavanya! Khushi knew! She knew the whole truth and yet she did not do anything to stop it! Khushi knew that he would have refused the engagement if he had known that he was supposed to get engaged to Lavanya! And hence, she played this gunghat game so that by the time he will come to know it will be too late for him to back out. She played with him! She cheated him! She tricked him! She betrayed him! He looked away from her remorse filled eyes. SHE HAD BETRAYED HIM! As the thought rolled in his mind, he automatically shook hands with the well wishers and hugged him family. But his mind was somewhere else; somewhere where he could process and digest the information that HIS Khushi BETRAYED him!






I know that you all are confused seeing the number of the chapter. Chapter 55 (D)????? Arre! Aur kitne parts likhegi yeh? Right? But you see, I want all the twists to end in this chapter and I want the Chapter 56 to start with a fresh manner. You will realize why I want that when you read the title of Chapter 56. So there are two more parts left of Chapter 55. And yes, that means it will drag upto (F). Actually I had planned only till (E) but then I decided to put up Naamkaran of Kanha so that you will know the name I have chosen for Kanha. Because if I did not show it now it will not be mentioned later on as all refer to the kid as Kanha only. Infact, I might even forget mentioning it, so to avoid that there will be a naamkaran part too.






The effect of the decisions made by our leads will be shown in the next chapter.

It is more of a filler chapter.


And also coming up, Arnav Singh Raizada in Devdas avatar!

Enjoy the weekend!

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yeh 55 kab khatam hoga ji
shall get to it as usual later
haila i so didnt realise that i said what you thought i and other readers might say
but thats not something that surprises me
you seem to know what we might think or say and say it before us
haila E tak hoga
koi nahin what difference does it make right
as long as more of this story i dont care agar Z tak jaye
well lets get on with it
time for engagement of payash at least is here
kissi ki toh engagement ho rahi hai

oh maan who are you hiding this pain from
your loved ones know all about it
parr ab toh inhe adaat hai aise jeene mein
okay that was bit silly but had to do it
cant see him that sad
though he has his full family with him the one who could get him through it all isnt there
bhaad mein jaaye KC for now though that will be his priority from now
unki yaad mein kya haal bana diya hai
aur yeh toh sirf shururat hai naa
chaliye apne pyaar ke imtihaan ke liye shuru ho jayiye
kyunki ek baar aap yeh pass karr gaye toh soni hamesha ke liye aapki
aur MSK ne aaj tak harna toh seekha nahin
thats one good thing i love about his MSK personality he wont let anything or anyone make him loose
ahhh so they shall be discharged soon well thats nice
and a relief for him too even if he wont say it but he feels it
well dadi knows that if she says her name the flood shall open again
so payash engagement and arnie la engagement
thenga unko unka pyaar milega
jaise aap hai naa by the end of it unka bhi yahi haal honewaala hai
well jo karoge beta wohi bharoge
so karma is here with vengeance and she is gonna bite his well you know what
i know right had geet not lost her memory it could have been his engagement too
but then usme kya mazaa hota itni jaldi inki sagaai
nahin yeh maan aur arnie ki kismat mei kuch bhi cheez hona asaan toh nahin toh pyaar kyun milega itni jaldi
aur waise agar yeh sab naa hota toh payash ki sagaai phele ho jayegi
right two daughters will get engaged together but not who you and that arnie are thinking
aur iske koi aur zimmedaar nahin sirf arnie hain
that dont surprise me aur dadi he was bound to say that
well when ever you will come you will see engaement of payash but not arhi
unke saath saath inhe bhi toh zatka lagega naa
waah ussi zatke ka hai mujhe intezaar
aane waala hai bada mazaa arnie ki dekh ke haar

maan dont congratulate arnie as of yet
becasue khushi toh inhe milne se rahi
inki bhi story hogi aapke jaisi
arrey hamari writer nardayi thodi naa hai
agar ek ko apna pyaar naa mila toh duje ko bhi nahin milega
thought both cases are very different of course
one lost his love due to unforeseen circumstance while the other lost his love due to his own follies
arnie dont be silly
maan is right here there is no point in doing what you are suggesting
pyaar kiya jaata hai karwaya nahin jaata
aur aise thop ke toh bilkul nahin
aur aap kyun fikar karr rahein hain itna khud ki love story toh sambhalti nahin aur doosron ki sudharne chale hain
aur inse yehi idea ki umeed thi mujhe
worry not our kappa dear is there for maan and geet love story
parr aapka toh bhagwaan hi maalik hai
okay just kidding there that too is under kappa guidance but not yet
after all he has to pay for his arrogance and ruining things for himself attitude
hmmm well maybe he is right
actually on this count he is right for sure
that means now when she falls for him wont be due to her being his fiance or fake one
yeh waala pyaar naa kissi dabaab mein aa karr hoga aur naa hi kiski rishtte mein bandhne jaa rahe hain iss liye
so this means now she will love him truly wont she as she wont know of the previous time
which means he shall get his love in reality with the reak geet
okay yes soni was real but without geet in it
and geet is the real deal so no more soni but geet
tabhi toh banege yeh maneet
this is creepy am rhyming nahinnn aisa nahin hosakta
okay had to throw bit of melodrama there dear cant help it am nautanki no 1 yaar
bit more than geet khushi and anji as you must have found out by now
and once again i digress sorry cant help it you know
okay arnie dont worry about khushi she wont say about maneet love story
as it is she has more things to worry about
but also in such matter she uses her common sense pretty efficiently
dont worry sweeties what if soni is no more
he will get to know geet handa and she will force him to unlock those feelings again
you can wear the maks all you want maan but that girl is gonna smash it once again after all she is your love but with even more spark than soni
okay am not saying that soni was bad but geet is even better version of the girl called soni
he may have loved soni but geet will force him to love again
you arent gonna stay single mate all your life
warna bechari geet ka kya hoga
bechari bhi toh kunwari reh jayegi naa
so this MSK will go again and all thanx to geet yipeee cant wait for that
and that am waiting for eagerly though will take some time naa but can wait for the new and improved geet sorry soni i guess
thats getting confusing should i call her soni or geet
geet right since she is back soni too is there for sure but geet is in more
does that make sense hope so it didnt to me
so where maan started from he is back to that again
geet sure has her work cut out dont she oh well am sure this challenge too she will overcome in time of course
aur waise bhi maan apne MSK roop mein hi toh sabse best hotte hain aur phir unhe maan bannane mein mazaa hi kuch aur hai ji kyun sahi kaha naa

abbe gadhe sorry for that but kya karein inhe sunte hai toh bas asie bol nikal aate hain
kya re ek baar toh naam pooch lete
i mean wouldnt you wanna confrim the name of your fiance to be
i would even if i was sure it was him confirm karne mein kya jaata hai
but no he is one overconfident chokra
aur ab hai yeh bhutega
and serves him right too for his own folly and keeping khushi in dark
but bechari khushi ka kya dosh chalo koi nahin pyaar mein keval ek toh nahin hai rota rona toh dono ko hi padega
haan woh baat alag hai ki khushi can deal with it better than him
aur phudakiye aap arnav becoz by the end of the day we all know what you shall be like my man
and i for one cant wait for his face having the smirk wiped off when he realises who he is getting engaged to that will rock on man
haan haan abhi jitna khush ko sakte hain rahiye ji baad mein toh keval rona hai beta
hmm green phene ya naa khushi toh aapki hone se rahi
and all thanx to your over confident self mate
aap toh phele se hi pagal the ab aur kuch bhi hone waale hain
sorry but she wont be feeling any excitement
in fact at this moment she must be real sad
karre koi aur bharre koi
but she shall pretend to be happy with her family and why not her la didi is getting engaged
shame that person is the love of her life but what to do
she cant snatch her sisters happiness after la break up she wont even be able to tell la about her love for the man la is getting engaged too
well i dont know about her face but yours will be worth reading for when the truth of fiance comes out
though i can just imagine it for sure if am right which i might not be
chalo at least he didnt go meet her
thank god for some small mercies for the poor heart broken girl there
no my dear man she will do neither
in fact she might end up bahaying ganga jamuna aur saraswati all together
though i hope not no pint in doing that
by god agar arnie ne isse blame karne ki koshish ki naa iss sab ke liye toh inki khair nahin
but knowing him he will blame her jab ki saari galti hai inki
waise hope then her maan veerji shall take care of arnav then arrey farz hai unka and he is the only other person who knows about arhi love saga apart from geet who cant remember anything so she aint of any use there right

see for a change i was right
she is putting fake smile for the sake of her family while crying tears of blood seeing her love being taken away
well what else can she do stop the engagement and ruin her didi life and tell about her own love
she will never do that we all know she would rather die than do that to her sister
sweetie aapke arnavji ko yeh baat pata thi ki aap payal ki behen hain
aur ee liye hi toh uu ne haan kari iss rishtey ke liye
parr bhaisaab ko yeh nahin pata tha ki aapki ek aur behen bhi hain
toh saare phasaad ki jadd aapke arnavji hi hain
see had he told you that he was akash brother then it was possible for you to tell la about your love for arnie
but since that man wanted to dig a hole for himself well things got messed up bad real bad
so now all thanx to his highness ASR you are gonna see your love get engaged to your sister instead of you my dear
satyanash ho iss nalayak ka babaji and DM sach mein
see thats why she wanted time
so she could handle this delicately but no you didnt let her handle it
in fact bcoz of your eagerness you lost her for sure
woh toh achaa hai ki baad mein ya anth mein she will be yours bcoz she cant be made to suffer for your follies now cant she
but till then khud bhi royiye ya jo bhi aap karte hain aur inhe bhi rulayi nalayak
see you should have let her handle thing as then we wouldnt be in this situation but no ASR thinks he knows the best naa when he bloody well doesnt
you know she cant let her sister suffer due to her and yet you had to hurry things along
i swear he still doesnt know khushi as of yet
or what love really is not just being selfish in it but selfless too
the day he realises that khushi will be his
she is right even if its arnie they wouldnt be happy that she kept their relationship  in the dark for so long
well she is made of sterner stuff of course but she is gonna gonna make you suffer but then its your own doing of course mate
jhoot boliye aur arnie aur apni inki aur la ki zindagi barbaad kijiye
how could you yaar kuch toh maan se seekhte yaar
chalo chaddo koi faiyada nahin abb
jo ho gaya woh ho gaya
aage aage dekhte hain hota hai kya

and she knows for sure now
that her arnavji was a bigger idiot than she thought
but what can she do now its bit late right
sexy aur hot lage bhi naa arnie she aint yours even then sorry mate you brought this on yourself
now how is she meant to make things right at the last instance
i know right he has got you in fix
neither can she say anything fearing things will get worse nor can she keep quiet
its till his fault has fault had he not hidden the truth about knowing about payash naa this wouldnt have happened as then all could have known
or he could have told the family this way at least la would have been spared
she is right about her bua though
woh toh baat ka batanar bana deti hain
haan she loves khushi same as others but she can be bit mean too yaar
see she is doomed either way
one due to her family and his the other arnie
wow even in such situations she can use her brian effectively
which she would have needed to had he not taken the decision away from her
and now for her jiji and di she is ready to bear all his anger and hatred
why did you lie to him
all ws fine but aapko bhi inki tarah aise jhoot bolne ki adaat padd gayi
yeh arnav bahut buri sangat hain sach mein bholi bhali khushi ke liyes
hahahahaha i called khushi bholi bhali thats funny no really
agar arnie mahan kaand karte hain toh yeh kaise peeche reh sakti hain
what are these two doing yaar
but ab aur yakeen hota jaa raha hai they are perefct for one another for sure 100%

sweet cheeks nazar lag gayi beta
aur itni jaldi baazi apne ki aur kaam aur bigaad diye
soni aur maan ki tarah aap ka pyaar bhi gaya
and what to say yeh toh hona hi tha
awww baby kanha is asleep peacefully not knwoing what storm is coming his mamu arnie way
well maan ka rona abb aapka rona honewaala hai be ready mate
well she just got ya mate
and you dont even know of it till it shall be too late
what else was she supposed to do
let both her sister rishta break for her love
she cant be happy with you if her sister cant be happy and you know that
or do you arnie no you wont or dont

sorry arnie but she lied
well about herself
she had to you see for her sisters
she didnt give you a clue but instead confused you
and you being so over confident fell for her trap
but aapki waali aapke fav colur mein nahin apne fav colur mein hai
basically she is matching you but you wont know until its too late
oh dear he wont know what hit him for sure
yehi hai aapki sazza ASR
well this will be good for sure

wow aki man your bhai is gonna make you the bali ka bakra
chalu cheez hain yeh
parr jinse yeh oyaar karte hain unse kam in such matters
arnie bhi naa that was naughty
no he wont choose the wrong girl but arnie sure shall
and all thanx to khushi only
dehte hain kab tak yeh haste rahenge hah she got him
nautnaki hain  yaar sari ki sari
geet giving him confidence
di being di praying to almighty for her chutke
aur inki maate ke baare mein jitna kam bolen utna achaa hai
kya family hain inki naa

waah sahi jaa rahe ho beta
he can give arnie a run for his money
after all he fell in love first
told his family about it first
and got exclusive rights on the one he loves first
yaar yeh maan aur arnav bade slow inkle iss mamle mein
well they would after all thinking with brain results in this only
chalo koi nahin inka dil toh phir bhi unhi ke liye hi dhaakta hai
well done aki my boy
tussi toh chaa gaye
and payal sweetie sure were desperate werent we
but then can ya blame her either
thay was reallly funny and naughty of aki

and the one thig we were waiting for happened
she got ya mate
and she betrayted you did she
achaa i thought you did it for her
had you found out which sister you were supposed to marry this wouldnt have happened
she wouldnt have been forced to do this
had you told her that he was chote she could have talked to her father and la about it first
had you done what aki did you would have got la
had you done what you didnt she would be with you
but you brought this on yourself
your over confidence your arrogance betrayed you
she just did what she had to to save her family rep and that of her sisters
wouldnt you have done the same for your di
and dont lie that you wouldnt have arnie

so here ends another shocking night
ahhh bless this one a loved because finally arnav paid for his deeds woohoo
though am sad too about arhi not being together
but then guess arhi and maneet shall get together in the end only
so that was that huh
another shock and twist out of the way and more to come
cheers for pm

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