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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 122)

fffan123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2014 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Yay I am first... Party Dancing

Anyways jokes apart. Loved the update. NK is truly GolMaal and he is going to create chaos in hearts of Maan and Arnav and make them green with jealousy and envy.

Was laughing like anything when I was reading Arnav's reaction to Khushi's interest in NK.Also loved Maan's reaction. Looking forward to next part.

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 March 2014 at 11:37am | IP Logged

First before I start on this story must mention the jodi names for dev tara annie Arjun and of course out newest couple to be nk and la

So for nk la it was lana funny right sorry but cant think decent one

Annie Arjun is junnie which you liked

But this couple is the hardest I tell ya

Dev tara maybe dent is the best name

Unless peeps come up with better names there

Hope they do come up with better name

But till then I shall be using the names above for couples when they are mentioned

This is the one which sees the entry of nk huh

Cool that is nice

And also my wish and that of others will be fulfilled

As in jealous arnie and maan

That is always fun to see you know

And now we get to see errrm sorry read it

Waise maan being jealous is good thing for geet

As he proves it to her that he still loves her

And that is a morale booster for geet am sure

She needs to after all with this dusht danav

La's ex who gives a damn about him

Now that she has new dude in her life

I don't mean arnie of course who is too busy with his afreen at this given time

Well if he wont be busy with her then who yaar

Chalo must get down to it

Enough of my babbling

Well lets see what more happens in this one

Poor jealous lover boys feel bad for them not they sked for it I tell ya

This had to happen for sure

Well sweetie I think who apne aap ko arnav samjhate hain

Sorry had to do that

Waise she is right you know he is such rakshas

But hers nonetheless hai ki nahin

Though he sure is confusing her for sure

What with his hot and cold behaviour man

So she is complaining about him irritating her

Not for the fact that he is saying such things to her who is gonna be his saali

Well of course she wont be that but she is that for now right

Wait did that even make sense

Hope it does to you though

No jo who karr rahe hain who sach mein sahi hai

And about time he did this

Not irritating her but trying to get his love back of course

Oh ho she is on jalebi making spree

That cant bode well for others

Hmm so she is upset about it a lot

She must be with the jalebi making

Chalo acha hai it is effecting her there

And that's what he wants and so do the readers naa

Waah ek hi din mein arnav ne inke raaton ki neend

Aur din ka chaain cheen liya

So much so she had to go and make jalebis in sheesh mahal

Waise hopefully their I mean khushi and also payal too first rasoi will be in this place only

Then khushi can make her jalebis as she would be tensed there

And we all know why

Okay that's me going way too ahead of time I tell ya

Baap re itni jaldi uth karr jalebi bana rahi hain

Wait soyi kab yeh jo uthi itni jaldi hai na

Good the servants weren't there though

They might have got right heart attack if they saw her like this

Making so many jalebis like that

Arnav my dear boy ab rakshas ko rakshas naa bolengi toh kya bolengi

Waise haan he is her rakshas and rajkumar too

Two in one he is

Good thing she hasn't seen him yet or she will be cribbing even more

God I missed this between arhi man

Thanks to that foreign client he got the chance to see her like this so early in the morning

Without others knowing about what he is doing

As in staring at his saali and not biwi to be

Should I be scared for khushi or arnie when he said how he is gonna trouble her

As this is khushi he is on about

She knows how to answer back to him too

Or did he forget ki khushi kissi se kam nahin

 Khushi doesn't realise he is there drooling over her

Wait did he call her sweetheart yup he did haiyye

Hello khushi you didn't even react to him calling you afreen sweetheart and even listened to his demand which in future will be common once they marry

Ahhh there she snaps outta that trance didn't she

Now she realises what she was about to do

And who asked her to make the tea

Hmmm I had always wanted them as in one of the boys to do that

Say hi to their lady love by waving hi

He is right khushi you didn't have any problem with him calling you afreen

Which is opposite of what you said to him in the last one

Kya karein inhe react kaise hoga if you call her with those names for her

Haiyye kya baat hai naa him being all lovey dovey I like that side of his

Hmmm even I wanna know that khushi how did that happen

You were so behaving like his wife there

Socho this is what it will be like kya future hai

Good one arnie he got her there didn't he

Well what do you have to say in your defence dear

Kuch toh kahiye parr kya kahein yeh

Hmmm this heady feeling that he is making her feel its been ages that we read this

Well this is getting interesting here with arhi

He is gonna make her faint soon if he doesn't stop now

He got her there almost but then with her sister name she snapped out of it

Waise kya solid emotional dialogue bole arnav ne

Chaa gaye boss

Had me swooning over him

But of course khushi is made of sterner stuff

Ahhh yes the reality id harsh for la

Until and unless khushi finds someone who will take la after arnav breaks his marriage with la she cant agree

She cant do this to her elder sister now can she

She isn't selfish like that even if she wants to

Arnat try to also understand why she keeps pushing you away

Only then you can progress with her

For her at this moment of time though she may love you to bits but its also true that she loves her sister just as much

And she would never jeopardise her life for her love

Damn this is sad naa

Arnav and his anger when will he learn to control it

Dude it was this anger and ego that got you in this situation in the first place

Please at least this time think rationally mate

Inka kuch nahin ho sakta

That's so not the way to try to woo her mate

In fact he is making it worse for himself

This isn't just about you arnav

Don't forget she too is part of this equation

Just once think it about it for her please and stop being so silly

But of course he cant as this is ASR we are taking about not arnav

Ahhh their first meet so much has happened since that

And the way they met wow that was so magical

Haiyye that brings back those sweet memories

Finally he snapped outta his rage that isn't gonna help matter

But is just gonna make things more difficult than they are

Hey I remember when geet called arnav khushi's ranjha

Forgot about that almost

Damn this is worse for arhi

 Like I said before I think that with maneet there is no one else in the equation

But here they have la to think about naa

 And that makes it worse I think

Really that was so cute and funny

Afreen khushi khushi afreen

Ahhh bless these two are just hilarious at times like this

Cant believe they are doing this yaar

Violence will not solve anything dear

Look who is saying that me wow didn't think I would say something so outta character

Though am with khushi wanting to bash his head

But not now that was when he was being right jerk to her then I wanted to bash him up

Omg these two are too much

Sometimes even three much

Sorry poor joke that

What are they little kids fighting for a name

Ahhh thankfully he stopped

Man so glad no one heard them or else it would be hard to explain wont it

Well he stopped as she was getting real mad and he didn't wanna risk making things worse

He is improving now he gets her much better

Shaadi ke baad jo bulana hai bulaiyo

Shaadi toh ho jane diyyo

Yeah right sorry arnav's afreen you shall be

We have all decided your fate with him

You can make him pay for it for the rest of your life while being married to him though

This time it shall happen warna bahut rona aayega hum sab ko

And am sure writer don't want that

Arnav you know very well that wont happen then why say it

Hawww teasing her for that

Haiyye kya solid dialogue bol karr gaye yeh

So true right

Yeh inki thi hai aur rahengi

 He went dreaming of his afreen taking the said person sleep away man

Ufff ek pair gaya toh doosre ka aana honewala hai

Wow they all are excited but then of course what with their love in same place how can they not be

So geet too is up this early but her for different reason of course

Wow over excited geet is always fun to read about

Really her mind is being naughty wanting to sneak into maan room

Giving am sure poor maan a right heart attack with family if they come to know of it

Shame she wont do it well not long when both shall be in same room so that's okay for now

She is good girl true but like you said true that she is free to think of it

After all its nothing wrong in thinking

And its not as if she is thinking of sneaking into some strangers room either its her maan we are talking about

Not her being fan of jalebi too

Cool more things for khushi and geet to bond over I hope

See kissi aur ke bhi kaam aayi yeh jalebi

I swear jalebis help lot more than one gives it credit for naa

Aapki hone waali bhabhi ne banayi jalebi

Ek minute khushi inki bhabhi bhi hongi aur nanad bhi

Waah double rishta kya baat hai

Arrey khushi ne banayi hai toh delicious toh hogi hi naa

She is right in her guess

Her eldest bhabhi to be made it

She is gonna call her KB when arhi get married

But khushi will be calling her parjayiji

Confusing ho jaana hai naa

Hello unki shaadi ho jayegi aap tab ho naa ho unke saath

You too could be getting married to her veerji maan naa

Geet bhi naa kitna door ki sochti hai

Ek baar shaadi ho jaane de phir jo banwana hai banwana apni bhabhi se

Hmmm good she is thinking about that too

Well she is feeling all those emotions thanx to your AB of course

Really do you even have to ask what could have happened

Duh AB the toh kuch naa kuch toh hona hi tha

Aapko kya lagta hai unhe akele chod dene se saara mamala theek ho jayega

Arrey khushi itni asaani se haan kaise karr degi

Chalo inhe samajh aaya ki khushi itni jalebiyaan kyun banayi

Sirf jalebi se pet bharna bhi nahin chahiye

Doodh jalebi khaani chahiye waah kya nashta hota hai who waah

Parathe bana rahi hain yeh

Hey remember when she used to make parathe for khuranas

Dev used to love those didn't he

Well this geet and khushi what ever they cook is usually enough to feed whole house wow that is something

That's good they can cook so much will come in handy for them only

Now who is coming in the kitchen

Please let it be maan then we can have maneet moment in the kitchen too like arhi just did

 Woohooo peeps its maan only

Waah kya baat hai maan bhi aa gaye chalo acha hai

Waah yeh toh already taiyyar bhi hog aye kya baat hai  

But then it is so geet cant chose his outfit this is funny I tell ya

She tried it last night too haila this she didn't use to do

But who am I to complain about it

Dude its none other than the person who are trying to escape from mate

Waah he is asking her for food

 What a good opportunity for geet right haiyye

Lagta hai Babaji bhi geet ke saath hain

Man she was all happy and so am I when she found who graced the kitchen while she was there and even asked for food

Maan sorry dude too late now sit down and eat your eat that she is gonna give like a good boy

Damn he knows how to deflate all her excitement

Maan this is silly man

Come on if you are hungry cant you have her food also

I know you don't want to accept he love but what has food gotta do with that

Its wrong to insult food you know

That was mean yaar

Hadh hai maan aap ka kya karrein

Waise geet iss baat ka aap bhi chunn chunn ke badla lijiyega

Khane ke liye bhi aap ne mana karr diya maan

 Hmm yahi hota hai jab kissi ka dil dukhate hain aap maan

Kisne kaha tha over smartness dekhane ki ab bhugatiye

Now I so agree with geet why do it when you don't know how

Uff inka tension badhane mein kya maza aata hai inhe

Well you are there so now you can take over the job of looking after him

Men really cant look after themselves that well anyway I have noticed

Ahhh brings back memory of soni doing the same

What more proofs does he want that his soni is still alive

Well if she wont worry who will maan

Now your family isn't gonna bother I hope dadi herself has asked geet to come in your life and take over it completely

Haiyye he was being her maan again

Aww being all lovey dovey making her blush kya scene hai

Damn that was broken too he is back to reality kya yaar

He is still ignoring his feelings for her lets see for how long that will go on

Geet he is being MSK again sweetie

Hadh hai yaar

Yeh maan bhi naa kya karein inka

Bless its so cute when geet is mad at him and mumbling things about him

Dekh lena sweetie I really want you to

Remember chunn chunn ke badla lena geet

 Haila yeh dekho hadh hai

Phele mana kiya aur apne aap ko chot bhi pahuncha di aur ab paratha khaa rahe hain

Maan aap ka hum kya karein

Oh hello the taste cant change naa after all the person who made it is the same

Is he kidding me

You know khushi felt like banging his head I feel like doing it to maan here

She is soni only ufff maan

Geet hi soni hai soni hi geet

When will you understand that maan

The day you do all will be okay for you

Oh hello toh kisne mana kiya tha parathe khane se jab geet ne kaha

Well she kept her side of bargain in a way

Though she forgot you but she did remember you

And she didn't leave you either

This time you yourself are separating your soni from you

She still loves you and so do you mate

Maan she is away from you its you who wont let her come near

Ahhh so she hadn't gone she saw it all good

Aww that must have made her happy he had her parathe

But his words sure made her sad

See she is also saying the same she is here only

Its you who wont accept the fact mate

I know right memories can be made again man

As long as the person you want to make those memories with is there

Go geet its time to be more direct no more letting him run dear

Haha he just made her stance more stronger now babaji being with her and your family well sorry to say she isn't gonna spare you no more

Aww she is off to make more plans to woo maan

Poor maan he wont know what is about to hit him

Ahhaaa so all are here for breakfast minus two good all are now awake and busy with the wedding preps

Oh ho taiyyari shuru ho gayi hai

 They have to be don't they after all it's a home where two or maybe more wedding will happen and lots is to be done too

Ahhh nk is coming aint he that am really excited for as finally la will have her man too

 Is that nk room being decorated must be right

Yeah where is la man

Ek dulhan hone waali dulhan missing hai re

Acha she is sleeping due to lateness and being so tired

Aww that's cute

Who the hell is this GM

Meant to say that with paratha making and geet talking about him but forgot

And wow can she scream or what

Wait why does she call nk GM hain bahut confusion hain ji

At least I hope its nk for whom she is doing all this

Payal am sure even you will know soon geet is like this only

Poor payash they get caught a lot these days

Arjun really is loving this aint he teasing payash

Geet chill maar yaar

Abb yeh ladki mujhe daaara rahi hai

No wonder she fell in love with maan

Inka bhi para chadh jaata hai maan ki tarah

Especially when things aren't done right

And khushi asked the one question we all wanna know the answer to

Who is this person she is meeting after ages I wonder

Kuch jayada hi excited dikh rahi hain yeh nahin

Itna toh maan ke liye bhi excited nahin thi yeh maan beware

Wow so much mystery for nk haan

This is so cool for sure

NK babua ab aa bhi jayiye aap

It is nk for sure

Buaji not your nk but yes that was funny

Ufff bauji and her nandkishore that was funny yaar

Oh ho itna time ho gaya inhe mille hua

Chalo at least payash ki shaadi mein toh aa rahe hain

Well how on earth will he take his dluhania with him that soon

Acha arhi ki shaadi ho naa ho uss din hope lana kit oh ho jaye

Arnie nobody asked you

Am sure after he arrives he might not like to have nk here even more

Arrey waah geet and nk being good friends

Well of course they would be naa

Dono kafi similar se jo hain

Lively and light hearted peeps

Maan beta you are gonna know more of geet and nk friendship

Wonder how he takes to it though

Wow they really seem to be close maan are ya listening to this mate

Hmmm mami words sure are affecting maan

Kuch hua kya maan yeh sab sun karr

But why should it make any difference to you

After all she isn't your soni so she can be friends with who so ever she wants

And it shouldn't bother you either

But of course that cant be the case either hehehe

Ufff BF karne ke baad bhi sach mein kya kahen

So she is getting things ready for her bestie it seems

Oh ho mere GM kya keh rahi hain aap

Maan isn't very happy about it either

Oh ho dadi aap ko pata hi nahin hai khushi expert hai jalebi bannane mein

As madhu bua just pointed out

Aww poor thing ribbed all due to certain rakshas

Aur dekho kitne khush ho rahe hain yeh arnav babu

Hmm lagta toh mujhe bhi hai ki aane waale kuch dino mein khoob jalebiyyan banne waali hai

Maan really he is her best friend why is it bothering you

Of course its bothering him man jealousy that he is feeling man so glad my wish is fulfilled

Oh now I get it GM means golmaal

Him and his hindi ke DM and Babaji who ton poochiye hi mat

Bilkul sahi naam choose kiya geet ne as usual

What does he call her and why is she blushing so much at that

Aisa kya bulate hai who inhe

Maan is getting more and more jealous haiyye

Well he is right in calling her pataka

Very appropriate isn't it for geet

Maan of course isn't very happy why would he be

Someone is calling his soni pataka naa that he cant bear

Maan cool it dude its nothing like ou were thinking

Yeah she is one firecracker as maan know it too well now

NK bhi naa he is too funny and cute man

And he isn't even here yet and making all laugh

Oh ho maan still angry of course he would and soon so will be someone else naa

Hawww kabootar that is mean arnie

Dude that's not the only thing you shall be complaining about soon

And you will know what you more you will be complaining about

 Oh ho so khushi too wants to know more of nk

He is pretty interesting our nk babua

No wonder geet nk aur khushi ki banegi they are pretty similar

And that is making him as in arnie mad too

Please aap mein aisa kya hai joh yeh aap ki life mein interest le

Jab dekho LG banne raheta hain

Oh ho he is here finally wow

La tera dulha aa gaya aap kahan hain

Aki that was good observation

Yeh nk aur geet bhi naa

That of course must be driving maan mad

And with what mami said made it even worse

Arnie chipping in his suggestion too

But lets see how he will react to nk when he goes after his afreen

That will be fun for sure

Actually not introduced to right bhabhi but that's okay

Oh yeah he hadn't seen hi jiju had he since he never attended anj wedding

I just realised we don't have Jodi name for Anjali and shyam need to think of them too naa

Maan was bound to do that to his hand

Beta nk yeh toh sirf haath ka aisa haal kiya hai

Inka bas chale to aur kuch bhi aapka dabaa dein

Oh ho so he is off in his tutti phooti hindi

Dude not julab but gulab

Yeh we can see why you call him GM now

And now its arnie turn to want to strangle nk

Geet bhi naa kya jale pe namak chidak rahi hain

Anj you are so good aint you

Now she made arnie become shocked with what she said about nk and his afreen

Beta arnav ab pata chala maan pe kya beet rahi thi

 Hmmm he is living up to his name our nk

Itni saari gopiyan hai inke ird gird

Paar kanha toh kewal radha ke the naa  

Aww he was so excited to have geet's sorry his pataka's parathe

Well she made them for you especially

Aww he is so cute haiyye he is perfect for la I tell ya

Arrey waah nk ko geet ke parathe tab khane ko mille jab inhone pheli baar banaye the

Maan isn't very happy about his though

Nk toh maar khan eke kaam karr rahe hain

Maan inhe ab naa chodenge

Geet inhe khilayegi naa ab toh maan aapko naa chodenge nk

Aww for sure but a certain someone is hopping mad aint they

Maan isn't bery happy with turn of events it seems cool

La where are ya dear

Hello itne parathe khan eke baad yeh lucn bhi karenge

Mainnu ki inke marzi ji

And there she is la

Haiyye he is smitten by her

Shame that for now she is engaged to be married to arnav

But don't worry not for too long dude

Wow indeed mate aapki hone waali biwi hain yeh

Wow is nk forward or what

But la is no less either

She said am taken

Yes but not for too long

You will be his dulhan only

She isn't taken not really

Haila not khushi she really is taken

Koi nahin you will get the one you liked initially mate

Haiyye main wari jawan kya baat hai

Kya update tha

Dil khush kitha aap ne kalpana waah waah

Jitna kahe kam hai ji

And there is more to come haiyye

He sure is creating lots of chaos for both arnie and maan good going dude

He just came and chaos he already created hehehe

Cheers for pm

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khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 March 2014 at 11:38am | IP Logged
hi thanks 4 da pm n wonderful update, well written

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Padfoot_Prongs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2014 at 11:44am | IP Logged
dono ka kaam ek se chla diya.
Bechara NK. maan or arnav use jinda gaad denge. LOL

he is in constant danger. Tongue

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-indu- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2014 at 11:48am | IP Logged

Wow nice update...

Jealous maan and Arnav...maza aagaya...

Khushi ki jilebi aur geet ke parathe mujhe bhi khane hain

NK aaya...maza aaya...waiting for more jealousy scenes...

Edited by -indu- - 20 March 2014 at 11:46am

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 20 March 2014 at 11:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by khwaishfan

hi thanks 4 da pm n wonderful update, well written
Thanks for the review dear!Big smile
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2014 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mannu_minnie

dono ka kaam ek se chla diya.
Bechara NK. maan or arnav use jinda gaad denge. LOL

he is in constant danger. Tongue
Yes! Dono ke liye ek se kaam chalaaya! Warna doosre ke liye naya character invent karna padhta aur idhar pehle se hi itne character hain ki naya invent karna matlab sab confuse!LOL Isliye NK se kaam chala liya!
I loved the line - Maan or Arnav use jinda gaad denge ROFL I just imagined it aur meri hasi ruk nahi rahi!LOLBig smile
Poor NK!
Thanks for the review!Big smile
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2014 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -indu-

Wow nice update...

Jealous maan and Arnav...maza aagaya...

Khushi ki jilebi aur geet ke parathe mujhe bhi khane hain

NK aaya...maza aaya...waiting for more jealousy scenes...

Happy that you liked those scenes! More jealousy scenes coming soon!
Thanks for the review!Big smile

P.S. Khushi ki jalebi aur Geet ke parathe tumhein mil jaayein toh mujhe bhi khila dena!LOL

Edited by Kalpana_Writer - 20 March 2014 at 12:03pm

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