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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 116)

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Waiting for updt

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nice teaser

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dont worry Daadima ur bahu Geet is smarter than ur khadoos pota...
she has planned how to make him accept her...
u are gonna be entertained at Lucknow now...
cont soon dear...

PS - oh so thats that...well cant wait for teaser i couldnt remember that but in the update would have but now that u have said cant wait for the update...

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Day 1 at Sheeshmahal


Place - Entrance of Sheeshmahal


      Anjali stood on the threshold of Sheeshmahal with tears in her eyes as she took in her childhood home in front of her. She had come here last year too but this year the significance of their visit seemed to make the house more special to her. She saw the hall where her Chote used to play, the balcony overlooking the hall from where her mother used to stand and call for them, the Mandir in the left side where daily whole family used to pray Devi Maiyya. She was brought out of her thoughts by a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see her Chote smiling sadly at her. She hugged him tightly and he kissed her head trying to comfort her. After a while, she pulled away and entered the house holding her Chote's hand. This house had seen nothing but pain but now Anjali was determined to fill it with happiness. Behind Anjali and Arnav, Aakash smiled as he remembered that this was the place, this very hall where he had first met his Miss. Cham-Cham. Will she remember it too? Following Aakash was rest of the family and behind them Daadima, Dev and Naintara entered. Anjali stopped mid hall and turned to smile at the both the clans, "Yeh hai humaara Sheesh mahal jise yahaan ke log pyaar se kothi ya badi kothi bulaate hain! Ab tak is ghar ne sirf dard dekha hai lekin hum chaahte hain ki is ghar mein kuch dino ke liye sirf hasi ki kilkaariyaan gunje! Toh aap sabko humse promise karna hoga ki aap sab in dono shaadiyon ko poori tarah enjoy karenge aur is ghar mein agle aath dus din ke liye khushiyaan hi khushiyaan hogi!" All of them listening to her, smiled and nodded. Anjali continued speaking, "Waise humne yahaan aane se pehle hi yahaan ke naukaron se keh diya tha ki ghar ki saaf safaai karde aur humaare Chote ke assistant Aman ke haathon sabke rehne ke liye kamro ka plan bhi bhijwa diya taaki saare kamre ek dum perfect aur aapke individual tastes ke hisaab se ho! Toh aayiye main aap sabko apna apna kamra dikhaa deti hoon!" She smiled at all of them and walked away with everyone following her. Sheeshmahal resembled a small castle and hence, had many floors each floor having many rooms in them. Anjali had made sure that all the families had their family members in the nearby rooms and Khuranas, Raizadas and Guptas had their own floor to themselves so that everyone would get ready for all the functions without any hassle. She even left some rooms in ground floor for far away relatives and some corporate clients.  


    As everyone followed Anjali, Naaniji grabbed Daadima's hand, "Maan Bitwa kahaan hai Savitri?" Geet perked up at the mention of Maan and listened to the conversation carefully. Daadima smiled, "Maan bete Mumbai gaye hain kuch dino se. Aajaayenge Annie aur Arjun ke saath!" Dev heard their conversation and spoke up, "Dadi moms! Aap dono Maan Bro ki tension mat lijiye! Meri abhi unse baat hui hai! Woh do ghante mein pahunch rahe hain Annie aur Arjun ke saath!" Geet grinned eagerly. Aayiye! Aayiye Maan! Aapki Geet aapki raah taak rahi hai!


   After reaching their rooms, all took their own time to get fresh and then gathered in the main hall where the elderly sat on the sofas and chairs and the young ones took to the bean bags except Anjali and Naintara who took to the sofas as Anjali could not sit on the bean bags due to her leg and Naintara was pregnant.


    While sitting down, Dev made sure he was sitting somewhere out of sight of the elders but near Naintara. As Geet passed by him, he grabbed her hand. Geet turned to look at him and he gestured her to sit near him. Geet sat nearby and NT winked at her. As the elders started chattering about the weddings and Aakash and Arnav discussed their work, Dev gestured Geet to come close and whispered, " You know Bro Mumbai jaane se pehle shaadi ke liye saari packing karke gaye the! Apne saath sirf do teen kapde leke gaye the!" Geet frowned, "Toh?" Dev adopted an innocent face, "Aur woh bag mere paas chod gaye the! Aur main us bag ko apne saath le aaya hoon!" Geet looked at him in confusion. Why was he telling her this? Dev rolled his eyes. Yeh samajh kyun nahi rahi hai? Then he remembered that she did not know everything about Soni and Maan's time together. Dev smirked, "Main yeh sab isliye keh raha hoon kyunki Soni jab humaare ghar pe rehti thi na tab woh hi Bro ka kamra sajaati thi, unke liye kapde choose karti thi, you know vagaira vagaira..." Dev trailed off but Geet got the hint. She grinned eagerly and then Dev spoke, "Toh chalein?" Geet giggled and they got up making sure no one noticed them. Dev squeezed NT's hand as he passed her and NT squeezed back signaling that she would cover for them.


    As Dev guided Geet on the arrangement of Maan's wardrobe and room, he told her about how Maan had gotten confused when Soni had started choosing clothes for him because she thought it was her duty. Geet laughed as Dev imitated Maan's anger and both continued doing the work while joking about Soni's antics.




Place - The Gupta House at Lucknow


    "Hum dekhte hain Amma!", Khushi hollered when the bell of their house rang. Her Amma, Buaji, Paayal and Lavanya were packing their things as they were to shift to Sheeshmahal in the evening. Amma had wanted to do her daughters' haldi, mehendi and marriage in their house but Raizadas and Khuranas had convinced the family that shifting to Sheeshmahal and doing all the rituals and wedding there would be convenient and less time consuming. After a lot of convincing Amma and Buaji had agreed and but kept a condition that the first thing after the marriage the brides and grooms will do is come to the Gupta House for Bidaai. Everyone had agreed to that and now everyone was packing and making sure nothing was left behind.


    Khushi opened the door but there was no one outside. She frowned in confusion and was about to close the door when her eyes fell on a Bouquet on the floor. She picked it up and was shocked to see that it consisted of her favorite flowers, Red roses. She gulped, her mind immediately flashing to Arnav taking her to the rose garden after asking her her favorite flower. She stared at it for a second and then shook her head. Nahi! Yeh Arnavji ka nahi ho sakta! She closed the door when her eyes reached the card attached to the bouquet. She gulped as she recognized that it was Arnav's writing. As she looked closely her eyes widened to impossible proportions. There written on the card was "To the future Mrs. KKGSR!" Khushi gulped. Hey Devi Maiyya! Yeh Arnavji ne kya bhej diya! Her eyes filled with tears at the words and her mind went in shock as she mechanically placed the bouquet into her bag and packed it away. When her mother asked who was at the door Khushi lied that it was some kids playing pranks. But as the shock went away, anger rise to fore. How dare he! How dare he send her such a card when after 10 days he was going to marry her sister! Fuming in anger, she continued to pack.




Place - In front of Arnav's room at Sheeshmahal


     Lunch had just gotten over and Arnav was about to enter his room for some relaxation before Khushi's arrival. He knew very well that she must be fuming in anger because of the bouquet he had sent. He wanted to take rest before he started his effort to win her over. Just when Arnav was about to step in, his arm was grabbed from behind and he was dragged away to the nearby balcony. He was in shock for a second as it registered that his assaulter was his baby sister, Geet. As Geet sat him down in a wicket chair in the balcony and took the other chair in front of him she excitedly questioned him, "Toh bataayiye! Aapka plan kya hai?" "What plan?", Arnav was genuinely confused. Geet rolled her eyes, "Arre! Khushi ka dil jeetne ka plan!" Arnav frowned, "Woh plan? See it is like this...", suddenly he paused, "Main tumhein kyun bataaun mera plan?" Geet rolled her eyes again, "Arre! Buddhu! Bhool gaye! I am supposed to help you!" Arnav shrugged, "When I will need your help, I will call you!" Geet narrowed her eyes, "Matlab aapke paas koi plan nahi hai!" Arnav glared at her, "When did I say that?" Geet pouted, "Main koi buddhu nahi hoon! Sab samajhti hoon! Aapke paas koi plan nahi hai isliye kuch na bataane ka naatak kar rahe ho!" Arnav scowled, "What? You know what! Forget it! Even if I wanted to tell you my plans, I won't tell you now. I am not going to discuss my plans with you!" He got up when Geet piped up, "Arre! Aapke paas plan nahi hai toh naaraaz kyun ho rahe ho! Nahi hai toh nahi hai! Usmein kya hua? Main hoon na! Don't worry! Mere paas bahut saare ideas hain!" Arnav rolled his eyes and looked at her skeptically, "Oh really?" Geet nodded eagerly, "Infact, here is my perfect idea. Khushi ko kidnap kar lete hain! Aur tum dono ki mandir mein shaadi kara dete hain!" "WHAT?", Arnav roared and Geet shushed him. Arnav looked around making sure no one was listening and angrily whispered, "Tum paagal toh nahi ho gayi ho!" Geet pouted, "Idea pasand nahi aaya? Mere paas aur ek idea hai! Aap na marne ki acting karo! Woh daudti hui aapke paas aayegi!" Arnav shook his head. He prayed to Devi Maiyya to make sure that Maan did not turn insane due to Geet's antics after their marriage. He turned to her and mumbled sarcastically, "Isse bhi jyaada filmy idea nahi hai?" Geet smiled happily, "Haina! Aap na Sheeshmahal ke sab se oonche tower pe chad jaao aur announce kar do ki agar aapki shaadi Khushi se nahi hui toh aap wahin se jump karke apni jaan de denge!" What the! Arnav looked at her scared. Has his baby sister gone crazy? Agar wahaan mera pair phisla toh? I will be a goner before anyone could say ASR! Yeh ladki mujhe marwaake chodegi! Before he could say anymore, Geet continued to chatter about the various other ideas she had. Arnav shook his head and pinched his nose. He was sure he would get a headache soon at this rate. "You know what?", Arnav roared making Geet pause. He glared at her, "I will be able to plan agar tum do minute chup ho jaao toh! Main jaa raha hoon.!" Geet pouted, "Par kahaan?" Arnav growled at her, "Bachpan mein jaise tumhaari bak bak se bachne ke liye apne aapko apne kamre mein lock kar deta tha, waise hi aaj bhi lock hone jaa raha hoon!" He walked away swiftly leaving a confused Geet behind. Maine kya kiya?


    Arnav entered his room and locked it. After few minutes, he heard Geet calling him and knocking on the door. "Go away!", Arnav shouted but Geet continued to bang on his door. After few minutes, the knocking stopped and Arnav heaved a sigh of relief. Suddenly, he heard Geet shouting, "Agar abhi aapne yeh darwaaza nahi khola aur mujhe apna plan nahi bataaya toh main... main... haan ... main sabko bata dungi ki aapke dil mein kaun rehti hai!" Arnav's eyed widened. No! She wouldn't!


   Geet smirked and waited but the door did not open. She huffed and shouted, "AD! AD zara idhar ...", she was cut off as Arnav opened the door, grabbed her arm and yanked her in.


    Arnav glared at Geet while Geet grinned back. Arnav huffed and sat on the bed defeated. Geet grinned excitedly. AB was going to tell her the plan now! Yippee! Arnav took a deep breath, "Mera plan bahut simple hai! Main Khushi par itna pyaar jataaunga, itna pyaar jataaunga ki use haar maankar mere pyaar ko accept karna hi padega!" Geet frowned, "Par AB mujhe ek cheez samajh nahi aati! Aap Khushi ko manaane ke peeche itne kyun pade hain? Gharwaalon se ya AD se bol dete toh sab kuch do minute mein theek ho jaata! Gupta parivaarwaale Khushi se ek second mein haan bulwa lete!" Arnav smiled at her and spoke softly, "Yahi cheez main tumhein pooch sakta hoon! Tum bhi toh Di se kehke Maan se shaadi kar sakti ho, right? Di ke manaane par Maan bhi iss shaadi ke liye tayyaar ho jaata? Hmmm?" Geet smiled hesitantly as she understood the reasoning behind Arnav's decision. Arnav smiled sadly, "Hum dono unka dil jeetna chaahte hain Geet! Un par zabardasti apne aapko thopna nahi chaahte!" Geet patted Arnav' shoulder gesturing that she understood him and walked out of the room.




Place - Daadima's Room at Sheeshmahal


      Daadima sighed sadly as she sat on the sofa in the room. NT, who was looking through the medicine box for Daadi's daily after-lunch medicine and Dev, who was lurking around his wife, looked at Daadima worriedly. She had been sad for few days and Dev and NT both had only inkling as to why Daadima was sad. They felt that Maan might have been the reason behind Daadima's sadness. NT took the medicines and the glass of water and walked towards Daadima. She sat beside her and handed over the medicines. Daadima had the medicines with water and NT got up to walk away when Daadima caught her hand and made her sit beside her. NT worriedly glanced at Dev. Daadima mumbled so sadly that NT had to strain her ears to listen to her, "Mere Maan bete ko kya ho gaya hai? Jab se Soni gayi hai tab se ek dum badal gaye hain! Ek dum ghussail, ek dum serious! Muskuraana toh jaise bhool hi gaye hain! Humein Babaji se kuch nahi chaahiye NT! Bas humaara pehle waala Maan humein waapis dila do! Please NT Beta! Hum humaare Maan ko haste hue, khush hote hue dekhna chaahte hain! Hum unki shaadi dekhna chaahte hain! Unki zindagi baste hue dekhna chaahte hain! Humein aur kuch nahi chaahiye! Aur kuch nahi!" Saying this Daadima hugged NT and started weeping softly. Seeing this Dev came running towards them and kneeled in front of Daadima. He shared an alarmed glance with NT and then after a second he nodded to her signaling her that it was time they told her everything.  NT closed her eyes in relief and Dev spoke up, "Daadima! Hum aapse kuch kehna chaahte hain!" Daadima pulled away from NT and focused on Dev. Dev started telling her the story of Geet and Maan. He did not give all the details; just that Geet had fallen for Maan but Maan was not accepting Geet's love. He ended the narration with the fact that NT and Dev were helping Geet in winning Maan's heart back.


   At first, Daadima was shocked at the news and then happy that Geet fell for Maan again but was angered at Maan's reaction. It took her a while to understand the reason behind Maan's rejection and when she realized it she took a deep breath and asked Dev to call Geet in. After few minutes, Geet arrived with Dev. In the way, Dev had explained how Daadi knew everything and how she was worried for Maan. As Geet walked into the room, she kneeled in front of Daadima and gathered Daadima's hands in her hands, "Aapne mujhe bulaaya Daadima?" Daadi smiled at her future Daughter in Law. She cupped her face and gave her a kiss on her forehead. "Beta! Aaj hum aapse kuch baatein karna chaahte hain aura apse kuch maangna bhi chaahte hain!" Geet gave a sweet smile to her, "Kahiye Daadima! Aap jo kahengi main woh sunoongi aur aap jo maangegi woh main doongi!" Daadima smiled at her bahu and spoke, "Humaare bete Maan bahut achche insaan hain! Sabse achche bete hain, sabse achche bhai hain! Aur humein poora bharosa hai ki jab unki shaadi hogi tab woh achche pati aur achche pitaah bhi saabit honge!" Geet smiled shyly at her words. Daadima chuckled at her reaction but then grew somber, "Par humein ek hi baat ka darr hai ki kahin woh apne parivaar ke liye apne khushiyon ka tyaag na kar de!" Dev and NT looked at each other sadly while Geet frowned confused at Daadima's words. Daadima smiled sadly at her and spoke slowly, "Humaare Maan ne apni zindagi mein sirf dukh dekhe hain! Jab Maan chote the tab humaari bahu cancer ki wajah se chal basi! Marte marte Maan se kasam le gayi ki woh Dev aur Annie ka khayaal rakhenge! Tab se Maan ne Dev aur Annie ke liye hi jiya hai! Kabhi bhi apne sapne ki ya apne ichchaaon ki fikar nahi ki! Dev aur Annie ne toh kabhi Ma ki kami mehsoos hi nahi ki Maan ke hote hue! Humne bahut koshish ki, ki hum Dev aur Annie ka dhyaan rakh sakein lekin Bahu ke maut ke baad humaare bete ek dum toot gaye aur humein KC ko sambhaalna pada! Aur is wajah se Maan ne apna sab kuch Dev aur Annie pe kurbaan kar diya lekin apne baare mein socha nahi! Phir jab hum NT aur Arjun ko is ghar le aaye unke Ma aur Papaaji ke maut ke baad, toh Maan ne inhein bhi apnaake apne upar aur zimmedaariyaan le li! Phir jab humaare bete ki maut hui woh bhi isliye kyunki woh apni patni ke baghair nahi reh paaye, toh Maan ne poori tarah ghar ka zimma liya aur humne KC ka! In sab mein kisi ne yeh dekha nahi ki Maan ek 15 saal ka bacha tha aur uski umar khelne koodne ki thi, apne bhai beheno ko sambhaalne ke nahi! Aap samajh rahi ho na beta, kyun humaare Maan itne serious aur mature bartaav karte hain? Kyunki bachpan se unhonein yahi seekha hai! Atleast Arnav apne ma papa ke maut se pehle haste the, khelte toh the, humaare Maan ko toh woh bhi karne ka mauka nahi mila! Phir ek do saal baad humaari tabiyat kharaab hui aur Maan ne poori KC apne haath mein le li jab ki tabhi woh college bhi jaa rahe the! Itni sab zimmedaariyaan lete lete woh toh hasna toh kya, jeena bhi bhool gaye! Wahi kiya jo hum sabke liye theek tha, apne baare mein socha hi nahi! Ab toh aapko samajh mein aa hi gaya hoga ki Maan itne strict aur serious kyun hai?" Geet nodded and smiled sadly, "Haan! Daadima! Main samajhti hoon!" Daadima smiled softly, "Phir humne unki shaadi humaari saheli ki poti Sameera se tay kardi!" Geet looked at her in horror. Was her Maan married? Hey Babaji! Yeh kya jhatka de rahe ho mujhe? Daadima looked amused while Dev & NT chuckled at her expression. Daadima smiled, "Aap dariye mat Geet beta! Aapke Maan ki shaadi nahi hui!" Geet heaved a sigh of relief then promptly blushed as she realized that Daadima, Dev and NT could understand her feelings so easily. Daadima continued, "Shaadi ke din Sameera apne sapno peeche bhaag nikli aur humaare Maan ko mandap par akela chod diya. Hum bahut guilty mehsoos kar rahe the us waqt kyunki Sameera humaari pasanad thi. Is guilt ki wajah se humein heart attack hogaya! Us waqt se Maan aisa koi kadam nahi leta jiski wajah se hum mein se kisika dil toote!" Geet looked at her in horror as she connected the dots and realized what impact Soni's forgetting Maan must have had on the whole family, "Aur maine... Maine aap logon ko bhoolkar, Maan ko bhoolkar is ghar ko kitna dukh diya hai! Ab main samjhi ki Maan kyun mujhse door rehna chaahte hain! Maine jo kiya uske baad woh toh mujhse nafrat kar rahe honge!" Geet felt tears well up in her eyes as she realized the consequences of her memory loss. Daadim shook her head and patted Geet's cheek, "Arre Beta!  Aap galat samajh rahe ho! Maan aapse bilkul naaraaz nahi hai! Woh toh bas darte hain apne dil ko kisi ke hawaale karne mein. Aap jab unhein bhoole tab unhein realize hua ki dil tootne se kitna dard hota hai. Ab humaare Maan us dard se darte hain. Kyunki Soni ne jo dard diya usse woh mushkil se ubhar paaye hain." Geet nodded as tears coursed through her cheeks, "Bas Daadima! Main aapka ishaara samajh gayi! Main samajh gayi ki aap nahi chaahte ki main Maan ki zindagi mein phir se aaun. Haina?" NT and Dev looked at Daadima in horror while Daadima chuckled and tapped Geet's cheek lightly, "Kamli hogayi kya aap? Arre! Aap humaare Maan ki zindagi mein aayi tabhi toh Maan hasne lage, pyaar karne lage, jeene lage! Aur sabse badi baat apne liye sochne lage! Apno ke liye jeena chod, aapke aur unke future ke liye jeene lage! Hum aapko kaise Maan ki zindagi se jaane dein? Hum toh yeh bataane ki koshish kar rahe hain ki Maan aapke pyaar ko kyun thukra rahe hain! Haan! Toh hum kahaa the? Oh yes! Maan dil tootne ki darr se aapse door reh rahe hain lekin woh ek baat bhool rahe hain ki is baar unhein darne ki jaroorat nahi hai! Kyunki jab aapko unhein bhoolne ke baad bhi unse pyaar hua toh iska matlab toh yahi hai aap bani hain unke liye! Is baar toh aapko juda karne waala bhi koi nahi haii kyunki khud Babaji ne aapko milaaya hai!Aur humein poora yakeen hai ki aapke parivar waale bhi is rishte se khush ho jaayenge!" Geet smiled at Daadima's words. Daadima grabbed Geet's right hand, "Toh hum yeh kehne ki koshish kar rahe hai ki Maan ka darr bebuniyaad hai lekin woh yeh nahi samajh rahe! Unhein aapko samjhaana hoga!" Geet looked at her wide eyed. Daadima nodded, "Ji Geet beta! Aapko Maan ko samjhaana hoga. Waada kijiye humse ki aap Maan ka haath kabhi nahi chodenge! Jab tak woh aapko apna banaayenge nahi tab tak aap koshish karti rahengi! Iss raaste mein aapko bahut niraasha milengi beta kyunki Maan ek bahut ziddi insaan hai lekin aapko koshish karte rehna hoga! Waada kijiye humse, Geet Beta, ki aap humaare ghar Khurana khaandaan ki bahu bankar jaroor aayengi, humaare Maan ki dulhan banke jaroor aayengi!" Geet smiled through her tears but nodded, "Ji Daadima! Main waada karti hoon! Tab tak koshish karti rahungi jab tak main jeet nahi jaati!" Daadima smiled proudly at her. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and they turned to see Arnav standing there. He smirked at Geet, "Oye Motor mouth! Tera Mission Mohabbat Sheeshmahal ke darwaaze pe khada hai!" He smiled at others knowingly, showing that he was here for a while and he got a basic gist of what must have happened in the room and walked away. Geet grinned eagerly and then turned to look at Daadima. As she caught Daadima's knowing look, she promptly blushed, "Main jaaun?" Daadima chuckled and nodded. Geet ran away still blushing while Dev got up and walked behind her saying that he wanted to welcome Annie and Arjun. Daadima smiled happily as she realized that soon her Maan's life will be set too. NT smiled, "Daadima!" Daadima turned to look at her. NT spoke eagerly, "Woh ek saal jo bura tha woh chala gaya! Ab achcha waqt aaya hai, haina?" Daadima nodded and they hugged each other happily.





For those who have forgotten the older chapters (which is possible coz I wrote the first chapter nearly two years back) here are the details about the older chapters I am referring to in the story.


1. The scene where Khushi is referring to red rose garden is in Chapter 48!

2. About Dev and Geet's discussion, they were talking about Soni's action in Chapter 21!






Today I fulfilled a wish! Here is the detail!


1. Wish by Spvd (Deepa) on Page 18 of Thread III - To see Arnav and Geet together and Arnav bechara gets tortured by Geet's bak bak. - Fulfilled today!




Ok guys! I am taking a break from DFL writing for one week as I have two exams on this Sunday and both are the toughest! Once it is over, I will get back to my darling DFL! (LJ will continue coz I am using LJ as a stress buster plus I promised myself I will end LJ before this exam) Also it will take me some time to put up next update! So expect an update directly on 16th March! Thank you for understanding and please be patient for a while coz next when I start writing I won't take a break till DFL ends!


And the reason this chapter is divided into two parts is because I want the whole first day at Sheeshmahal in one chapter but did not want to put more than 4000 words in one update so had to divide it! The remaining part of the first day at Sheeshmahal will be continued in Chapter 66 (B) on 16th March!


Take care and be patient,



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nice update...Big smile

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Awesome update dear...
so maan and khushi should be ready for their partners pranks... all the best geet n arnav...

daadi explaining maan stubbornness to geet while expressing her love to maan might have to face many difficulties and should be strong to face them was too touchy...

in a way geet was already accepted by maan family and shez getting maans family help to woo maan back... but what abt arnav... nobody is there to help him... so sad...?

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Arnav shud implement Geet's ideas. ROFL
nice update Kalpana.

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Well this is the start of it all peeps

The wooing by raizada siblings of their love

Who aren't making it easy for them

Well they shouldn't either man

After all phir mazaa kaisa ji

Now this makes it more fun for sure

Hmmm so back to pavilion for arhi

This is where their love story started

As did payash and their love story has been successful

Thank god for that

Don't want all devdas now do we

Sorry just kidding maaf karo bhai if offended you

So let the games begin shall we

And these shall be fun

To make their love remember their love and trust its gonna be hell of a journey right

Right lets gets down to it shall we

Awww it cant be easy being back here

Neither for anj or our arnie

After all it was their childhood home

Where they had fun frolic were with their parents

But also where some bitter memories also remain

Last year it was to find the brides for her chote and chutke

Now her little borthers are getting married

And to the women they chose here too

Though for now its arnav la wedding jus for now

Ahhh yes some memories can never be driven away

Though its best they don't either

Even if they are bad dear

Ahhh arnie knows what his di is going through

After all they are both going through the same aint they

What can I say here

As long as they have one another and their family well all shall be okay wont it

I should hope so right

It cant be easy for them

But to get rid of those horrible memories its time to fill it with new better and happy ones

And it seems sheesh mahal will also see romance betweem arhi maneet and payash

Something new for sure

That's the spirit anj am sure that soon it will be filled with happiness

And some day you all can come back again when they all have their kids too

Filled with kids laughter and naughtiness

Yes of course aki this is where you met miss cham cham

And arnie too met his lady love

Can she forget it I doubt that payal would after all this is where their love stories started naa

Awww so she is telling about it to khuaranas

Well this place will be special for them too soon

If geet plays her cards right which she shall

Your wishes shall come true dear

And there shall be lots of fund and frolic you just wait and watch sweetie

Hell yes she don't know what is to come

And what shall happen

But there shall be happiness soon and don't I just look forward to that

So maan aint here yet huh okay that's nothing to worru about he shall be here soon

Aman what would they do without him

One good thing that he don't interrupt his boss here

With his phone calls warna iski toh

As it is too many interruptions to their love story no more yaar

It's a small castle hmmm makes you think of price and their princess

Which makes for good fairy tale

And of course that is coming true too in a way

Oh ho so families shall be together

This is good for arnie and geet

After all easy access to their love right

Even am wondering the same nani

Where on earth is maan man

And when is he getting here

Of course geet too wants to know about his whereabouts

Bless she sure was all ears to this conversation weren't she

Hmmm hope he cometh soon man

We all are waiting for her to start on making him believe his love again

Maan bro ki chinta ka kaam jald hi kewal geet ka hoga

They can all chillax and let her do the worrying and scolding

But there is still time to that

Arrey waah kya good news di hai dev aap ne

Dil khush karr diya hamara bhi aur geet ka bhi kyun hai naa geet

Ahhh of course she is waiting for him and eagerly

And we are waiting for you to start wooing him

And make him fall in love and this time trust that love too

Awww all are chiiling out huh

Hmmm so all in all its relaxed time and taking it easy huh

Bless that's cute for sure

Loved this chilled out atmosphere

Dev what are you doing I wonder

Why did he want his bahbhi to sit next to him I wonder

Well does it matter am sure there must be a reason right

What are these two upto I wonder

Aur waise bhi she as in geet is there family too

And soon she will be it officially too

If maan lets her which he shall

Aki and arnie here too you guys are on about work ufff

Poor payal and khushi well same will be the case for geet too

What has that gotta do with your bhabhi

Unless he wants her to sort his clothes out and put them in

Like a wife would do

Or did I get that wrong hope not

Yippee I was right woohoo

Like she once used to

Remember she don't know what soni used to do

Memory loss mate

Aao ki bhi memory loss ho gayi hai kya

Chalo he told her that's something for sure

So now she shall be doing what soni used to

Awww isn't that cute

Remember how they both used to chose others clothes and all

That was real cute

And gave insight into their future domestic life together

I loved those days and now there shall be return of those days haiyye

Geet ko toh ishaara hi kafi hai

So now let get down and do what soni used to

So he knows that his soni now geet still cares

Oh ho dev and NT sure make cute couple

How they cover for one another

Hopefully we will see the same for maneet as well

And our arhi too and the other couples perhaps

Maan bhi naa bade confused soul the

She did it for duty I think not

That was her way of showing she cared right

Soni was so cute and this geet who was soni even more cute

No really man

Maan wont know what hit him soon

So be ready to welcome back your soni mate

She is making sure you have your soni back

Ahhh they are getting ready to shift too

Good arnie will see his lady love soon too

That's nice all are gonna assemble in sheesh mahal

Who is at the door

Dare I think its arnie

With him you never know right

So all the functions will be at sheesh mahal

Well that's good naa

All shall be together

Making it easier for some of them right

By that I mean geet and arnie of course

But that much harder for maan and khushi to avoid them

They were right to conduct them all in same place

Less time consuming for sure

But am thinking more for geet and arnie there

Than others for now at least

Arrey shaadi toh hone dein

Pata nahin kaun kiski dulhan banegi

Well we all know there shall be change in dulhans

La wont be arnie but khushi

La might be someone else's dulhan right

Bidaai mein toh aath din hain

Aur inn aath dinon mein bahut kuch hone waala hai

Aur job hi hone waala hai bada mazaa ayega uss mein

Haiyye cant wait for the fun to begin

Which it has with this chapter naa

Hain koi nahin tha bahar

How is that possible I wonder

Well it is very much possible when certain someone is being naughty

It was arnie for sure

Hello who else but him would get her the bouquet of red roses he is the only one who knows

Okay not only one but only when who else could send them to her

Ahh yes the rose garden trip that was cute

Well sorry to say it was him

And after reading the card yo can be certain it was him only dear

He has started his wooing dear

It cant be for la as you have those initials

With that of future initials as well

He is so naughty aint he

If someone saw that card and flowers what will she say

Well khushi they are called red roses your fav

Sorry just had to do that dear

Oh sweetie what else would he do

Hey she took them that's something right

Even if it made her cry

Yeah right arnie and a kid well sometimes he is

Oh boy now she is mad at him

And why not he is getting married to her sister

Even then he is sending flowers with message like that

Yeh toh gaye

Naaa she wotn say anything that's for sure

She sure is mad at him

But then that's nothing new either

So now to arnie is it

He knows her so well that's nice

Well be prepared for angry khushi

What else would she be if not mad

Has someone else seen the roses and message she was doomed you know

So many questions she would have to answer mate

Aur waise bhi once she comes he cant relax either can he

Then he has to be on his toes to woo her

But will he get the rest I wonder

Nope don't seem like it

And why all thanx to geet man good

Don't know why he is so surprised

This is geet we are talking about she was bound to do something like this eat his head we hope

Good practice naa for future when khushi does the same with her bak bak

Well good she got hold of him

The man don't even have a freaking plan it seems

What plan he says

If this keeps up then forget khushi

Aapke bhai naa ajeeb hain

No wonder he fell for khushi she can be ajeeb too

What do you mean tumhe kyun bataun

Hawww ek toh geet ne inko encourahe kiys ki yeh khushi ka mann jeete

And now he says main kyun bataun tumhe

Hadh hai yaar

Isse naa short term memory loss hai kya

How will she help you if she don't know the plan

Of course he has no plan

No wonder he don't wanna tell her

Oh man what to do with him right

Hawww itna gussa kyun arnie

She is only trying to help ya

She aint gonna leave him now will she

Ab toh yeh inko inhe plan de karr hi rahegi hai naa

And that shall be fun

Poor arnie he wont know what hit him

Well he will know but wont be able to do anything about it

Did she really say what I think she said

Oh yes she did

Kidnap khushi and then marry in mandir

Waah kya plan hain

Pagal hai kya yeh

It will be alright if maneet do that

But if arhi do that well then there will be trouble for sure

This time I agree with arnie pagal ho gayi hain kya

Agar galti se bhi kissi ne sunn liya toh yeh toh gaye

Aise idea isse aate kaise hain yaar

Bade khatarnak idea hain inki tarah

Hmm she suggested the same idea khushi gave in serial for payash

Ab toh mujhe yakeen ho gaya hai geet aur khushi ki khoob jamegi when arhia dn maneet marry and the boys keave the girls together

They already gelled pretty well and now even more

Sorry arnie he will turn mad he already has in her love

And as if you wont be stuck with same situation

After all these two are pretty similar dude

Arnie kya karr rahe hain

Don't give her more options to get such ridiculous ideas please

But no he had to be freaking sarcastic ther didn't he

And she did come up with more filmy solution

Why are you freaking encouraging her mate

Sach mein don't you know this girl by now that she would have such ideas for sure

Well he is right to be scared man

Aise ideas jo de rahi hain

Agar gir gaye toh kuch khas nahin

Zayada se zayada aap swarg ko sidhar jayenge

Aur kam se kam aap ki haddi pasli toot jayegi

Of course yeh aap ko marwa ke rehengi

Awww she just cant stop can she

Wonder how bad his headache shall be

And this is why he calls her motor mouth don't he

Awww he finally lost it at her

But it was cute scene to see

I mean arnie and geet bond sure was funny

Shame he don't think the same

Oh bless she drove him away

And then she says what she did

That was so funny

Thanx to one of your readers wish we got to see ummm sorry read such hilarious scene for sure

Now he knows better than to ask for her help

Or next time he will tell her of his plan

This way he will have a plan ready

Kya sarr khaya naa geet ne arnav babu ka hehehehe

And still she don't let go of him

She sure is one of a kind

Poor arnie he will not be rid of her

Not till she goes and lives with maan of course

Must give it to her once she decides to irritate someone she does it pretty well

Inke toh peeche hi padh gayi ji

And then she threatens him as well

That she will tell who he really loves

And knowing her she will probably do the same too

Arnav if I were you I would come out of your room

Gosh this geet is too much

But loved this little scene between this set of siblings

Waah dhamki bhi di toh kya

Beta arnav ab inke haathon aap ki dukti nabz aa gayi hai

She wouldn't would she arnav

Really I thought you knew her better than that mate

She was so gonna get him into trouble

Haila she was gonna call anj man

And if that happened well then he shall be doomed I tell ya doomed

This girl is good ion threatening peeps aint she

Ahhh all that just to get him to spill the beans

Wow kitne papad belne padhte hain inke wajah se uff

So whats the plan

We also wanna know naa

Simple plan is it but what

Awww that sure is cute plan

Hope it does work and hope it don't back fire either

No geet that wont work

I know that's the easiest way to go about this

But she as in khushi doesn't want that does she

Because then this way la wedding shall stop

Then who will marry her

She wont risk that for sure

After all had she wanted to do that she would have done that ages ago

She wont go for her happiness at cost of her sister's

And that arnav knows now

Plus like arnav said all would be okay

But then it wouldn't be because they wanted to

But because family asked them to

That's not gonna make maan and khushi trust their love again

Then it would be just duty for them even though they love their respective partners

He is right though

If they force their love on them its gonna make things worse

Glad they had that talk

Pyaar zabardasti se karenge toh forget them

It would be kinder to let them go

Awww he finally got it didn't he what love is

Well what true love is goodie

Whats got dadi worried

As if we don't know

It has to be situation with maan only

Guys I guess its time to let her in too

Tell her about geet being in love again

And that she isn't gonna let go of her love now

Man I so feel for dadi

What with maan not giving gete a chance or himself

We all know why she would be this sad

Only one reason and person maan of course

Man seeing dadi like this is harder than seeing maan like this

She has seen so much and now on top of all that she has to see maan like this

Cant be easy for her right

Well NT might not be able to get maan back

But someone else can

And that's his soni only and she is gonna get him back

Awww dadi aapne toh hamare muh ki baat cheen li

Even we want the same for maan

And of course for geet as well

And am sure that will happen

Dadi your maan will be back and we will be rid of MSK

So try not to stress out too much please

Yup good they shall tell her now

Well its better this way

Seeing her like this best to tell her

Or she will take more tension

Once she knows that things shall be okay with maan well then she need not worry about him

And so she knows the latest developments

No need to tell her all of it

Or she might just worry more

But she knows enough for now

That geet isn't gonna let go of her love who happens to be maan

And that soon he shall be back to being maan again who used to smile

So the fact of matter is that geet loves maan again but maan isn't accepting the same

But the difference now is that geet is determined to win him back

And no matter what happens she shall win him for sure

Chahe kuch bhi ho jaye ab toh yeh maan ko phir se deewana karr ke hi rahengi

Oh boy he is in more trouble aint he

Dadi is mad at him for rejecting maan

Bechare bahut hi kismet ke maare hain

She was happy that geet loves her grandson but of course with maan not accepting it well she isn't happy anymore

Phew good he wasn't there though

Warna maan kit oh khair nahin thi

Good she understood why maan was being like this

Aww so she meets once again her pota bahu

And she shall be her pota bahu for sure

Lagta hai maan toh gaye

He has strong opponents now

All are in team geet mate so you have no where to run

Yup she is her pota bahu man

So glad that she still will be maan dulhan

Hmmm well this talk was gonna happen

Needs to be done right

Am sure you will do and give dadi what she wants

We all know maan is good though dusht at times

Parr iss barein mein who kuch nahin karr sakte

Okay just kidding

Yes he shall be good hubby no doubts about that

But isn't being a father bit of a stretch right

As in I know he shall be good father but still time

Okay have gotta stop butting in like that

Oh come on dadi she was bound to get shy when talking about their future children

But lets get to serious matters

That's what he is doing in a way

Yup he has seen lots of tragedy losing his mother at such young age and all

Itne se bache parr itni badi zimmedari

Which he did manage to fulfil very well for sure

He has looked after his younger siblings pretty well

Ahhh so his dad wasn't able to cope with his wife death

Dadi had to take care of KC

So it was maan who took care of his siblings

And to do that he never thought of himself

So guess its time for him to live his life too

Good that she came into his life

He had started living again but even then that was snatched from him no fair

But now she is back to him and he will have his life again just for himself

Wow it seems he has been looking after everyone and thinking of their dreams and wishes that he really did forget himself

Now that cant be easy right

And yet he did it so well for sure

Wow he did so much in such small age man

And he lost his dad in between all this

Now we know even more why he seems to have given up

As since he has been small he has only lost and now he fears that with geet too he will lose her again

Cant say I blame him for being this way

But yes geet will have to make him live again for sure

I know he lost his innocence as it too was his time to chill out with friends and not be serious but guess that wasn't meant to be

Ahhh seems maan never had the childhood others did including arnie

So this means that she has to make him smile laugh and love again

As he never had that and he bloody well deserves it man

Man maan what did you do

She is right he took over everything never thought of himself

And when he did and got love for first time even that was nstahced from him

No fair naa shee yaar

Sab samajh gaye ji

So now its time to make him losen up and bring happiness and colour in his life no matter what

Wait sam kahan se aayi

No way would he be married and would fall in love with ya

Dadi must you give us and geet such jhatkes please

Acha so he was gonna marry sam huh interesting

We get to know more about maan

She needs to know this to plan accordingly right

Well inhe toh darr lagega hi naa after all inke maan ki baat hai

All can understand your feelings including the one you love

Just that he don't wanna make himself vulnerable again dear

Hawww bechare maan ko mandap pe chod gayi

Come on man that is bad

Why didn't she just tell him before

Am sure he would have understood

And it would have saved him lot of grief too

Oh dear sam ki wahaj se dadi ko heart attack bhi aaya

Arrey yaar this story is getting more grimmer

Ahhh this explains why he doesn't wanna be back with her

No matter how much he loves her

But for him his family comes first

And with geet forgetting him it also affected his family

So he is doing all this more for family and less for himself

No he can never hate you

As hating you would mean hating herself

Plus you didn't really do this on purpose did you

How were you to know that this would happen

That you would forget him

Some things aren't in your control geet

Yup dadi is right he cant hate you or be angry at you not really

Though he may pretend to be angry he isn't really

Just is afraid what if you forget him again

He wont be able to gather himself again if that happens right

Jab dard inhone diya hai toh uska marham bhi yehi hongi

He may be afraid to let his heart break again but we know that this wont happen now

Come on yaar he had enough of grief time for some happiness back in his life

Don't be silly geet

She wants the opposite to happen

She want you back in his life as that was when her maan was happy

And how can she not want that

Yaar yeh geet ne sach mein NT or dev ko mini attack de diya tha when she said that she whouldnt come in his life

He started living due to you why will she want you to stay away from him

I know right as if dadi would want her gone

Not when geet is her only hope for her grandson

Arrey waah dadi that sure was right

She is right though

The fact geet fell in love with him again after her memory loss only goes to show that she is the only one for him

And no matter what she will be his love only

I agree again with dadi

Babaji ne hi inhe phir se milaya hai

Aur ab inka dil nahin tootega

But of course to explain this to him wont be easy

After all he is one stubborn dude

Hmmm I know her family will want the two of them together

This way the relations between the families will strengthen naa

Haan maan inki ek naa sunn rahe

Parr inko toh unhe manana hi hai chahe kuch bhi ho jaye

Yeah geet you have to make him realise that this time all will be okay

No she will never leave his hand

And am sure she wont give up either

As the alternative is too horrible to contemplate

Yes the road ahead is hard and lots of disappointment she has to face

But like dadi said only she can be the future mrs MSK

And with dadi asking for this it has to happen

Yipeee and now geet promised her to be hi wife and she shall win just have to yaar

Arnav here too and with such good news

Her maan is here man

Kya baat hai arnav kya naam diya inke mission ko aap ne bhai

Well he has all the rights to know about this

After all geet inki choti behen jo hain

Nahin yahin rahiye aur mat miliye

Sorry had to be sarcastic there

But so cute when she was asking for permission naa

Yup maan's life shall be set and why not right

Hell yes that one year was just a bad phase

Now time for happiness to make its come back

And that's what is gonna happen

Aww that was such informative chapter

We gotta know why maan was being this way more than we did before

Time for love to blossom again yipeee

Cheers for pm

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