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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 108)

khwaishfan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 February 2014 at 11:06am | IP Logged
hi thanks 4 da pms n awesum updates! Well written! Smile

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 February 2014 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chavvi16

Welcome back

So glad you are back

Thank you!

But i think this might take me a while

Hell yes 18 pages aren't done fast by me unfortunately am slow typist

It is Ok!

And Thanks for the review!

Plus I wanna take my time you came back after a long time

Errr... Sorry about that!

So have to make sure that I do this right no

Well then lets get down with it then

Wonder what new storms are coming these two couples way

Ahhh so geet after effect of the drinks huh


Apke bhai toh bhai ab aap ne bhi poori kasar karr di peekarr tunn hone ki

 Ahhh the headache or hangover I never know and hope will never know how bad it is

I don't know it too par TV mein bahut dekha hai!LOL

But have heard it can be a right pain for sure

Why is your head paining sweetie well I don't know maybe because you drank for the first time dear and your body isn't used to it


Ahhh so arnie is here for his sister

He would know wouldn't he how she is feeling

Since he went through this just recently

So he is angry is he

Pray tell me why

Because she drank well unlike you it was by mistake


And also unlike you it wasn't to drown her sorrows

Lets see what he says to her then

Geet now its not gonna taste nice is it dear

This will help with your headache dear

Its time to enlighten the girl why you are making her drink this and whats wrong with her

And he tells her what this is

Wow her reaction sure was worth it right


Poor thing of course cant believe it

Well how can she yaar

She isn't one of those girls you drinks naa

So it will come to her as a shock that she did get drunk

How much does she remember I wonder

Waise its not like she did much

At least she didn't harass maan that much

Okay who am I kidding right

Arnie jyada naa ulchaliye aap

Wait how does he know of their almost kiss

Errr... No! But he knew her enough to know how much she must have annoyed Maan!Wink

Duh he came just when she was about to kiss him

But then I think he is referring to her calling him those names more like


Yes geet you did say and almost do that to maan

Forget it being maan but to your boss

That is so funny not really for geet though

And why is he so freaking happy that she troubled maan

Sharam nahin aati aapko arnie bechari bacchii ka iss halat ka mazaa luttete huye

Sweetie you shouldn't expect anything else from him

He isn't aki now is he

So true!LOL

Agar aapke maan dusht daanav hain toh yeh bhi ek number ke rakshas laad governor

Babaji se complain karr ke koi faiyada nahin ji

That's not gonna stop him from enjoying this situation of yours


As if he would or could do that geet

He might not like to see you more than necessary as his heart breaks more and more when you don't remember him


But lets not forget that its your dream to work in KC which he cant just get ruined now can he

Acha arnie aap bade ucchal rahe hain

She knows about what you did when you were drunk

So if I were you I wouldn't say anything more to her mate

She is right here for sure aapne kya kam udham machaya tha when you were drunk

He keeps forgetting he too got srunk just few days ago

And instead of helping her he is making fun of her haw

But of course he was bound to get angry that he is trying to help her and she is instead scolding him

Really that's so typical arnie reaction

I know!

Defensive badi jaldi ho jaate hain yeh kabhi kabhi

So true!

Waise geet is right in calling him drama queen too

He aint no less than that sometimes

And he can give even his di a run for her money in that department sometimes

Guess sangat ka asar hai


And I don't mean his sisters but his once upon a time lady love khushi

Or has he always been like that

I think he was like this from the start!

Chalo at least he didn't know of that arnie I mean and their kiss miss

So she does recall it all

Yup! LOL

But that makes it even harder for her right

Ab babaji bhi kay karr sakte hain geet beta

Jo ho gaya who toh ho gaya

Ab aap unhe kiss karne ki koshish nahin karengi toh aur kaun karega

After all haq hai aapka

So true!Big smile

But she don't know that poor geet

I am sure well am hoping he don't mention that

Or else it will be that much harder for them both

Arrey aap taiyyar toh hoyiye aage jo hona hai who ho karr hi rahega

And am sure you will come up with something for sure dear I hope

Lets see how maan reacts after that incident of almost being kissed by his soni

 He would have kissed her right had she not fainted on him

Of course! Maan hai, Bhagwaan nahi! How long will he be able to stay away from her?Wink

Or would he have kissed her I wonder if she hadn't fainted

Guess we shall never know huh now

Wait what he is ignoring her haawww aisa koi karta hai kya


She aint gonna make it easy for him either

 Well let her just say what she wanna maan

Maan bhi naa kya Karen inka yaar

As if she would spare you even if you get in there mate

She can still come cant she mate

Geet where you gonna tell what happened between the two of you infront of them all

Have you lost it dear


But then guess cant blame her

She just wants him to talk to her

Good he stopped her in time then or all would have known what happened between them

And that he cant let happen right

Geet seriously are ya kidding me dear

Maan inhe aisa ghoorne se kuch nahin hoga

Really did she actually put all the blame on him

And she said ki he is good looking so she tried to kiss him

Not making it easy is she for herself

Dig a hole for yourself sweetie more why don't you

Isn't that Geet good at in the serial? Digging hole for herself?LOL

Haila did she say any girl would try to kiss him

Aisa naa kahiye aap ko hi bhaari padega baad mein

Haan that's what she means maan

No more like that she is getting attracted to you and is once again falling in love with you again that this happened

Is she trying to make this worse for herself this situation

Well I like this geet she is so cute and funny

Happy to read that!Big smile

And her reasons are getting cuter by the minute it seems

Does she even realise what she has been saying to him

Yaa abhi bhi chadhi huyi hai inhe

That is our Geet! Totaly motor mouth! Mooh aur dimaag ka koi connection nahi!LOL

Not really justifying yourself dear but making things that much harder for yourself more like

Chalo thankfully maan has forgiven her

As if he wouldn't but she sure wasn't helping her case for sure

Awww she sure knows how to push all his buttons don't she

Well she wants to be sure naa that he really forgave her and not just saying it to make her feel happy

Hmmm chalti phirti disaster queen is back

And she has gone and gotten into some disaster once again

Chalti phirti Disaster Queen???? I liked that!LOL

He actually lifted her bridal style

Well don't they say practice makes perfect right

ROFL I so did not expect that last comment! Practice???? LOL Very funny! Achcha hua paani nahi pee rahi thi main, Or else I would have drenched my keyboard! LOL

And he does need lots of practice when that does come to be

As in her being his bride of course

If she wasn't shocked at him lifting her in his arms then what else would she be

And of course maan cant see her in pain no matter what

Bhale hi kitne promises karr le khud se but he cant help but worry and wanna take care of her

So true!

Ahhh if he wont care for you who will

But yes he is bit complicated person your maan

Though I am sure if anyone can understand him its you

I know he confuses you with his behaviour being hot and cold

But that's all to save his heart from breaking when you cant recall him and that's it

Only you can make this side of his come out again dear only you

Soni never went away from your life

But now the geet who was soni has just come out

Wait does that make sense hope so

It does make sense at least for me!Big smile

Ahhh once again going for the kiss

Will it happen this time I hope

Nope of course not damn these phones

Could it not have rung few minutes later

But no it had to ring just then and ruining the moment

LOL By the time this FF ends, everyone is going to hate phones I believe!Big smile

And also making maan gain his sense back

Ji aapke mr khurana aapko kiss karne waale the

But he didn't due to that phone guess its good he didn't

Or could have complicated their relationship even more


Ji aap bhi chahati thi ke who aapko kiss karein

And this is happening cause you are starting to fall for him dear so cool right

Hmmm so she is analysing her feelings for him goodie

But ek bhabhi toh change ho jayengi phir gadbad naa ho jayenga anj


Ahhh well lets wait for that to happen and then we can deal for it

Abbb agar inki shaadi khushi se ho rahi hotti ohir bhi yeh yehi sochte ki the girls can buy their own sarees after getting married somehow I am not convinced on that one

LOLAgreed! I think he would have actually gone behind her and selected Sarees for her himself! Wink Remember he did it once before the engagement fiasco!LOL

Khushi ke liye yeh sab asaan nahin parr kya karein agar aapki behen inhe bula rahi thi sarees pasand karne ke liye

After all she knows them better don't she and you mate better keep that anger in check

Oh man all that was okay but anj left her with arnie

Oh boy what is he gonna do or say this time

Oh boy he is so gonna be regretting all this when he knows that it isn't her fault only that the two of them aren't getting together

But while he is at his ASR self well lets see how much poison can he spew against her

And what she shall answer him

He is really only in the end demeaning his love but in his anger he has forgotten it all

So true!

Ahhh you are lucky your di came back or what she would have answered back to you well trust me it wouldn't have been nice for sure to hear for you

Aww she is falling in love and analysing her feelings for maan yipeee

That's progress right he as in maan has started to come in her dreams not long to go is it now

Yes your heart is saying you are in love with him

So she was dreaming the same things as he has been cool

Geet sharmati bhi hai kya baat hai

I know! LOL Shocking, nahi?

And she has started seeing him near her now

Wow this is progressing and well for sure

Well this is getting so cute

Maan hi maan ho rahe hain

Kahin iss imagination ke chakkar mein kuch gadbad naa ho jaaye geet se

Sheesh she is now seeing maan in her brothers too

This is getting kinda dangerous for her man

Wow she is seeing him everywhere

Bach gayi maan nahin hain yahan

Or is she really saved guess will have to wait and watch don't we

Doubt her imagination will stop playing with her now that she is in love with him

Back to arnie huh so what's she gonna say to him now

Damn don't push her mate or else she could go too far from you

But I like it that she doesn't take it from him either

That's why I love this strong khushi

Happy to hear that! Even I prefer female leads to be strong!Big smile

So she has returned his first creation back to him

His love for back to him and he let her

No she didn't just do that

Not only to him but herself too

Their relationship is going even more down hill than one though

Wonder how you are gonna make sure it all goes well again

Oh my it wont be easy will it

So she has freed him and herself

But did you forget that there is something of his you still have and might continue to have even if he wont accept it

His heart is still with you dear and will remain there and yours with him

Dil toota hai toh kitna dard hota hai naa

Aur yahi inn dono ke saath ho raha hai

 Sheesh so she will come face to face with maan

But will think that she is hallucinating as she has been oh dear this should be good


That's because none of them were real dear but this one is

Ahhh maan sure is confused at her this behaviour

Cant understand whats wrong with her huh

She didn't just poke him

Yup! LOL

Well that's the best way to know if he is real or not

And of course he was real

Poor geet just isn't her day is it

So true!ConfusedLOL

Maan aap toh phele se hi inke pyaar mein paagal hain

Aur kya hak pagal honge aap

 That was close wasn't it acha hua kuch jyada naa hua

Sheesh this is getting pretty dangerous for her

Bless this love illness is taking its toll aint it on her

Well this is her saying I need to have serious talk with ay

The poor thing is confused and needs your help she does

Ahhh finally she asked what she needed to ask

And now she can get her answers from her di

Wow anj that was beautiful description of love so true what she said right

Happy to read that!Smile

But that didn't happen with her so more confusion for geet

Though what anj says later sure makes more sense to her that so what this didn't happen with her don't mean geet isn't in love

Good advice there anj

Come on now geet close your eyes and ask your heart who lives in it

And then you shall know my dear

Man she is so cute at times aint she

The way she was asking her heart to tell her whats or more like who is in it

Waise dil aapka hai toh confuse toh karne ke chances hain but it wont

And she gets her answer instantly don't she

Uff your heart is trying to tell you something

That he is your love but he loves soni in you

Yes yes and more yes you are in love and with maan

Well that's one thing outta the way

LOL Chalo! Ek tension khatam hua! Lets head to the next! LOL

But this is where her more pressing worries shall start in a way

Kyunki maan ne toh taiyy karr liya hai ki he wont interfere in her matter

Well not that promise has to be broken by geet only

Ji inhe aapse phir se pyaar ho gaya hai

Aur iss baar yeh aapko bhulengi nahin

Well your first love is once again your first love

Hain what am I saying right

Totally right!

Wow seeing her in love is so nice

But her relaisation of love is just the start

Well at least it's a start nonetheless right

Oh ho so happy song this time then thank god


 It would be with her realisation of her love to her same love

Wait she is signing and no one heard her

Hain how is that possible well it is possible

Arre! Itna bada ghar hai! So it is possible! LOL

And its better they don't know well not yet anyway

Oh god this is so cute and funny too

Aww the feeling of rist love and this time this love wont be forgotten is so special aint it

Wow you did it so perfectly her falling and realising her love for him haiyye so beautiful

Thank you! The writer takes a bow!LOL

Not to forget magical as well

Its nice to see her like this once again

Ahhh the feeling of love not describable is it

Sambhal ke with kanha geet but seeing her so happy its so relaxing for sure

Okay so someone did hear her singing

Not just anyone but her di too

 Well she is happy that she is in love with maan

And we are happy that she is happily in love with maan again

She is confusing them all isn't she

 But what to do she is in love and he cant keep her happiness in anymore

And I don't want her to keep it in either

Badi mushkil se toh yeh din aaya hai ji

Bless hope her happiness remains well lets see how she reacts to him being in love

But then it was with her

That still remains to be solved but I know you will solve it perfectly


Arnav toh of course will think she has lost it even more

 He used to feel that too when khushi was with him but well lets not go there shall we

Or else I might just cry

This is so cute

Haiyye I don't have words to thank you enough for this

Then don't thank me! Just keep on reviewing like this! I am just happy reading your review!

 Her realisation of love and her happiness

Ahhh well I hope this dreamland don't shatter either

 Guess only time will tell what happens

But we know in the end all shall be okay wont it of course it will you will make all better again

Wow that was perfect did I say that

Well if I did will say it again perfect dear

Thank you!Embarrassed

Awww buaji is reminiscing the good old days

When the frills were so young

Time really does fly it seems when your daughters are getting ready to go to another house leaving you behind and their countless beautiful memories

No too long to go for their double wedding to happen as khushi keeps telling buaji

But lets see if it will be double wedding or instead four wedding

No! Only double wedding! Then after a month another double wedding! Oops! I just wrote a spoiler!LOL

For those couples who aren't married yet

Lets wait and watch out for that

Ahhh her titaliya what to say here for her

She is trying and so hard to let go of her love to her sister

But it just isn't easy is it to do that

No matter how much of a brave face she is putting we all know that it aint easy for her

And how can it be right

But she will do just about anything to get her la di married to arnav

Now all depends on fate and destiny

Will it let he lover separate or reunite them again

Sad naa hot oh kya hongi buaji and she cant even share her sadness with you

As that will give just cause more confusion and heart break

Ahhh good that her buaji got convinced with her words but of course we all know how much her heart isn't ready to let go of him and with his constant taunts its making it that much harder for her

Oh ya they will be separated the sister with this wedding gonna happen

Or will they separate if what is supposed to happen in the end well then she will be with her jiji

Don't know about where her di will be but am sure all shall work out for the best

Di will be in the same family only in different country! Uh oh! Another spoiler!LOL

What is she thinking now

But she has to get away from his harsh words and that isn't possible till she is still here

Maybe this will be best for her and her heart

And its not like they were gonna stay here for too long either

They had to go back eventually and help ot in the wedding preps happening in lucknow with their family

So she got permission to go away and back to her family

Well what she said is right too

But I don't know how much of what she said in the end about being arnav saali is gonna be true

Well lets wait and watch for that

It wont be easy for either when that does happen

But for now that will have to be

So she is leaving delhi and him behind for now and going back to her family

If he gets to know about it will he do anything can he do anything now

Or is it all in the hands of time and the writer now

That was okay you didnt come back

Take as long as you want

Not really going anywhere am I

I will still wait for it as patiently as I can

Okay you must forgive me for not being upto mark here with this one

Don't say that! This one was perfect! Loved it!

Am bit rustic but will be back in form soon

Cheers for pm and this was just wow no really

Thanks for such a lovely review! Loved reading it and had fun replying it!
Thank you!Smile

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 February 2014 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zindagirocks_21

Welcome back first of all! I thought something bad mustve happened to you, which it did! Having not scored good marks is a bad news, I barely even passed my exams which I was happy about. We knew that someday you'll be back.

Thanks for the support and believing in me!
Thanks for the review!

 Lol you want believe how excited I go when I saw that you updated and that too during college! Haha my friend were like is she crazy or what.

Big smile You made me happy with that comment!

Back to the update now.

Awe poor geet, she got drunk and she didn't even rememember about it until arnav told her, arnav is havin so much fun at her problem. He's like this is the only entertainment I can find with my situation lol. Yes geet you tried to kiss maan and your boss. Don't be ashamed some day soon you'll be married to him.  

That is Arnav and Geet's equation. They enjoy seeing each other in trouble but when troubles comes their way, they fight for each other too!Smile

OMG seriously saying that she is sorry about last night Infront of the staff. Thank god maan stopped her before she said something else.

She did the same thing once in the show too! LOL She talked about some issue in front of the whole staff and Maan had to drag her inside the office just so that the staff doesnot get to listen! LOL

She indeed is crazy, instead of asking forgiveness and saying nothing like that will happen again, she instead is praising about maan and Infront of him too. Saying he's so good looking. Lol I wish I had a courage to do that.

Was it courage or plain foolishness? Depends on whom you are talking to!LOL

Yes finally she realized that she is In love with him. She even started imaging him everywhere , in arnav, in akash etc. she really is so cute! I loved the scene when she is singing and she takes arnav phone and runs away. Hahaa that is family, they love to bug each other. Nice discription anaji about love and all. Well I hope someday I find someone that I can't live without.

Don't we all wish for that someone dear? SmileWink

Arnav's words are truly hurtful, like I'm not khushi but it stills hurts me how he treats her and talks to her. It's too much to stand.

He did the same thing IPKKND, remember?

Khushi is so brave to actually stand up to him and not cry Infront of him but answer back. Way to go girl, she got guts to do. Well I'm glad she returned the sari he gave her but at the same time I feel try sad for them. They love eachother but because of family's they can't do anything. Oh no she is going back. But at least she won't have to hear about all the taunts from arnav. I hate how Anjali keeps in calling khushi for some reason. Because this way it gives arnav the chance to insult khushi. He felt heartbroken when she said those words and gave the sari back and he should be feeling that. I hope lavanya soon finds about this and helps khushi.

No one will find out about this affair except Geet! And she will be the one to help Arhi!Wink

Lets see what arnav says in the next chapter and what geet does.
Thanks for the update
Loved it as usual.
Continue soon <3
Thank you so much for your review! Loved hearing from you! Will reply your mail once my exam ends! 

Take care and with lots of hugs and kisses,
Kalpana, your elder sis!

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Originally posted by Ishque

i can understand what you feel i have gone through the same phase where you loose all your interest in anything that you do and you feel as if you are not worthwhile doing anything. I am happy that you are back keep posting and the best thing is that when you are in such situations please talk to some one who will not judge you by any means and talk with you just for what you are thats what i did and the person i could confide in was my mom.
 Good luck for your studies give first priority to your personal life if you have time update
Thank you for your kind words! I did talk to my parents and they did console me! But I am my criticizer and I am my harshest judge! I have kept so much high expectations from myself that one fall from the pedestal drives me crazy! The best way handle such situation is to leave me alone as I am stubborn and people talking sense in me feel like they are talking to a brick wall! LOL So concentrated on studies, got my marks back to normal and came her to get back into writing groove! 
Thank you once again for your kind words!Big smile
prerna1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 February 2014 at 7:25pm | IP Logged
Awesome update dear
liked it very much...

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2014 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

part 62
awesome dear...
loved it so much...

Thank you! And thanks for the review!

hahaha that was hilarious...
enjoyed that scene was so much...
Geet was so shocked to hear and remember what all she had done the previous night...
and Arnav well when hes like this i like him and his antics but with Khushi feel like hurting him...
poor Geet baby...
how is she gonna face Maan now?

Happy that you liked this side of Arnav! I have made Geet and Arnav those type of siblings who would always tease and taunt each other but the moment a problem is in front of them they would actually combine forces! You find Arnav showing more of this side in this fic from now on!Wink

Maan Geet
hahaha Geet was running behind Maan to explain herself...
and Maan was not giving in but her words made him to take her with him...
OMG what was she doing?
explaining and clarifying ya phir aur embarrass herself well not embarrass but almost confess...

But isn't that something Geet used to do in the serial too? Speaking what is in her mind and then slapping her hand on her mouth and shaking her head while Maan would glare at her! Those were my favorite scenes so decided to write one myself!

and Maan poor him...
that was so funny...
but her injury stopped him from yelling at her...
the care and concern comes automatically...
oh wow even in the sober state they were gonna kiss...

Happy that you found it funny!

Arnav Khushi
nice one...
Anjali's presence made him sit quiet...
but he got his chance again...
so insensitive...
that was such an insult...
so Khushi gave him the saree and also told him off...
Arnav felt something but will he ever realize soon...
stupid gadha...

In your latest review, you mentioned that you were confused as to why Arnav stopped taunting Khushi! Well, this scene was the reason! When she gave back the saree the words she used pierced his heart and he realised that if he taunted her she will not be quiet and her words will hrut him as much as his words hurt her. So to stop from getting hurt, he stopped taunting. That is why in the end of this scene the line : He felt something break inside him. That was this realisation. Sorry! I did not write that scene more clearly and clarify this!Embarrassed

hahaha Geet is imagining Maan everywhere...
at this rate how is she gonna face him in the office?
shes gonna do something for sure...

so Maan is here in the office but Geet doesnt know that...
and her antic was so funny but lovely...

Glad you enjoyed it!Smile

Geet Anjali
so Geet finally asked Anjali...
Anjali is really surprised...

Geet has finally realized her feelings and love for Maan...




so Khushi has decided to go back to Lucknow...

well lets see what Mr. ASR does now...

cont soon dear...

Thanks for the review! Enjoyed reading it!Big smile

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 February 2014 at 1:55am | IP Logged
oh thats the reason he stopped taunting...hmm ab samjhi...good for to refrain from getting hurt by her words and actions he stopped himself doing the same...self centered idiot...but now everythings out so leaving him else would have used some more words...hehehe...

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saima4744 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2014 at 4:52am | IP Logged
nice i.

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