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Destiny, Fate And Love Thread 3. Chapter 54 (C) - 68 (A). (Page 100)

jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2014 at 1:32am | IP Logged
Dev noticed Geet's depressed state.Love Dev's charac here.I luv d song u used.u used it 2 show their emotions well.Finally d truth in front of Arnav.he regrets...his heart pains 4 Khushi now.what wil he do now?Waiting 4 arhi union

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fffan123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2014 at 2:40am | IP Logged
Finally caught with the .Thank God Arnav ka MU dur ho gaya. Looking forward to Geet's action and ASR's shatir dimag at work to make everything ok.

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Deelight Goldie

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Posted: 19 February 2014 at 5:51am | IP Logged
mindblowing... yipeee atlast d most awaited part of d century!!DancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2014 at 10:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

part 61
excellent dear...
too good...

Thank you and thanks for the review!

Dev Naintara
oh wow Tara is expecting...


and Dev's strategy to make her talk to Maan to escape from Maan's anger is funny...


junior Dev or junior NT?
hmm what about dono?

Hmmm... Nice idea! Will think about it!

Geet Naintara
oh so now only they are meeting like this...
sigh those days were so beautiful...

I know!

koi na hope NT and Dev's plan work soon...
so they are trying to make her remember the time she was with them and Soni...


those reminders worked on Geet or not it worked on my memory...
waah kya din the wo sab...

I know!

so Geet is now all the more curious to know about Soni...
so Geet desires Maan to feed her like that...
not to worry dear Maan will surely do that...


Arnav Khushi
seriously his only way to forget is to drink?
gadha kahin ka...


then when he regrets and repents what will he consume?
i will send him zeher...

Nice idea!LOL

OMG he went to her home...
what would have happened if Buaji was there?

I know! The horrors! (Shudder) 

this guy never ever thinks anything except himself...

Yeh toh sach hai!

is haalat mein bhi isse gussa aa raha hai?
duffer idiot...


poor Khushi...
bechara Maan...
Maan calls Geet when Arnav is drunk now Khushi calls Maan when once Arnav is drunk...
Maan i think has to change his profession at this rate...

LOL Very funny! Maan the driver who drives drunkards home!LOL

Geet Maan Arnav
hahaha here once again its Geet who is helping Maan and Arnav...
too good...
bechara Maan and Geet too...


Arnav should hear a good scolding from Maan for turning like this...
oh ho Geet dear ur Ab is enough to have troubled her a lot now u too dont trouble her and hurt her...
hope she supports Khushi later and yells at Arnav...

I have written a perfect scene just for that in Chapter 65!Big smile

Khushi Arnav
oh ho Khushi dear u still wanna see that obnoxious guy?
hope she doesnt hurt herself...

Oh! She will!

oh ho the stupid idiot gadha is back to his angry and irrational form...


yeh naya naya tarika dhoondh tha hai to hurt her with such words...
but Khushi too is giving back but its not at all enough...
the way hes doing is too much...


Maan Geet
Sasha did a good work...
and Dev well he has got one more chance and plan to implement and execute...
hahaha poor Maan...
Geet and Maan on a long drive and meeting and dinner...

Thank you!

how did she mange keeping her mouth shut this long?


hehehe poor Geet...
and Maan was controlling so much...
had Arnav been here he wouldnt have believed and also would have celebrated this silence of Geet...

He would have thrown a party!

oh ho so Geet is drunk here...
now i seriously laugh at Maan's condition...
hes the one who is caught in such positions with drunken people...

Agreed! Bechaara Maan!LOL

now Maan has called Arnav to take a drunken Geet...
her antics were funny...
hmmm she almost confessed...
and they were about to kiss...
waise did Maan and Soni ever kiss?

Nope! I am not good at writing kiss scenes yet! I have a feeling it will come out dirty and cheap and I hate that! When I write a kiss scene, I want it to be pure, perfect and beautfiul! (Not talking about the kiss but the way of writing) But will write a kiss scene for both girls once atleast for this fic!

i have completely forgotten about this...
almost kiss but Arnav arrived at that time...
hahaha so Maan too feels like this only...


lovely dear...
poor Khushi...
and Geet well thats good...
cont soon dear...
Happy that you liked this Chapter so much!

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 February 2014 at 1:49am | IP Logged
part 64 B
awesome dear...
this is a relief update in one jodi's love story...

awesome dear...
so Naaiji and Daadima are planning to leave to Lucknow together and early too...

Arnav has come to know Khushi is leaving to Lucknow...
and hes so broken...
well seriously i dont understand how come he gave up his anger since last update?
but good for him coz his already mistakes are too many and huge that he should start undo them...

Maan Geet
oh ho Geet went away with broken heart...
poor her...
Maan that was not fair...
and Dev is shocked with the turn of events...
and Maan is so heart broken...
think Geet should make Maan believe her and make him go crazy...
its Soni who made his life like this happy and full of life with her antics...
hope Geet does that well along with her Geet essence too...

both are heart broken and the song sequence u have split it nicely dear between the couples...

Arnav Khushi
Arnav is here...
and Buaji is leaving them alone...
now the truth is out and stupid Arnav has finally understood everything...
he should have hidden his identity from her this long...
idiot stupid gadha...
and Khushi is so heart broken...
now what will he do?
hope he sets things right soon...
but hope La also doesn get hurt in this...

her Arnav has to do something and there Geet has to take the first step...
nice one dear...
one relief here is the truths are out in front of the jodis...
from hereon how they gonna take is what is gonna be interesting...
Arnav better do something to make it to Khushi...
and Soni comes back in Geet in antics and doings...
cont soon dear...

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 February 2014 at 9:50am | IP Logged





Day 15 Continued...


Place - Outside Shantivan


       Arnav did not know for how many hours he sat outside his house crying for his lost love. But when his tears dried and he got his emotions in control, he decided that he had to talk to Khushi. He had to tell her that he knew the truth so that together they could find a way to stop his wedding. He turned his car around and drove off towards Laxminagar.




Place - Laxminagar


   Khushi came out of her room after many hours of crying. She had almost packed her bags and now wanted to ask Buaji if she wanted to put anything in there. As she walked out of her room, she looked at the opened door of the house in shock. Hey Devi Maiyya! Pata nahi kitne der se yeh darwaaja khulla hai! Koi chor ghus aaya hoga toh! Achcha hua aisa kuch nahi hua! Par Buaji kahaan hai? She looked around frowning but there was no Buaji around. She shrugged. Kisi aaju baaju waale ke ghar gayi hongi! She moved to the door to close it. Right as the door was about to close, a hand stopped it from closing. The door was pushed open and Khushi saw Arnav standing there. She stumbled few steps back in shock. Yeh kyun aagaye hain yahaan? Kahin humein phir se taana maarne toh nahi aaye? She tried to discern the matter from Arnav's expression. But Arnav kept a blank expression on his face and Khushi felt more nervous. Hey Devi Maiyya! Raksha karna! Arnav walked in slowly and closed the door behind him. Khushi felt her heart hammer against her chest, "Arnavji ...aap...yeh...kya?", Khushi tried to ask but her jumbled mind refused to work coherently. Arnav neared her and stood in front of her. Khushi looked at him with fear and confusion etched on her face. Arnav looked down as pain pierced his heart at her expression and he mumbled out, "Mujhe sab maaloom padh gaya hai Khushi! I know everything!" When Arnav looked up, Khushi could not stop herself from gasping. Gone was the hatred from Arnav's eyes. It was filled with nothing but love for her. NO! No! Nahi! Yeh nahi ho sakta! Arnavji ko sachchai ka pata nahi lag sakta! But even to her ears, her words seemed hollow because her heart knew what she saw in Arnav's eyes. He knew the truth and had stopped hating her. "Yeh aap kya keh rahe hai Arnavji?", Khushi pretended to act oblivious. But Arnav was not just anybody. He was the person who had understood her and then had fallen for her. She could fool the world but she could not fool him especially when he now knew that he had misunderstood her. He surged forward and grabbed her by her arms. He pulled her so close that there was no gap left between them. Arnav looked into her eyes and whispered, "Mujhe sachchai pata hai! Jaanta hoon main ki tumne mujhe koi dhoka nahi diya! Sab jaanta hoon main!"  Khushi looked at him with tear filled eyes. It suddenly hit her that Arnav knew the truth which meant that he would not taunt her anymore. The hatred he had in his heart for her is gone. Joy bloomed in her heart as she realized that he had given the place she had in his heart earlier, back to her. He recognized the joy in her eyes and pulled her close. He hugged her not wanting her to get away from him. As soon as he hugged her, she felt peace and safety in her heart. This was one thing she missed during this one year; the safety his presence gave her and peace and comfort his hug gave her soul.


   Khushi and Arnav did not know for how long they stood in each other's embrace. All they knew was that their body and mind was at peace in each other's arms and their heart sung with happiness. Suddenly, Khushi had a thought which shattered all her happiness and horror filled her heart. She opened her eyes in a flash and they filled with tears at the thought. But as she thought, she realized that she had to do this! This was their decision and they had to abide by it. She closed her eyes trying to control her tears. Once her tears were under control, she took a deep breath. She had to do this. She pushed him away from her and glared at him. Arnav frowned, "Afreen! What's wrong?" "Mat pukaariye humein us naam se! Nafrat hogayi hai humein us naam se!", Khushi shouted and hurt entered Arnav's eyes. But he smiled letting her comment slide, "Fine! Khushi! But what is wrong?" Khushi let out a sarcastic laugh, "Waah! Waah! Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada! Aapko kya laga? Aap aayenge aur kahenge ki aapko sab kuch pata hai aur hum apna sab kuch chod chaad ke aapko gale laga lenge, haina? Khule aankhon se sapne dekhna chod deejiye!" Arnav was shocked to hear her answer but he did not let it deter him. He was ready to forgive her for anything at this moment. He walked closer to her and smirked at her, "Par yahi toh hua na? Tum mere baahon mein aise aayi jaise mere baghair jee hi nahi sakti!" Generally Khushi found Arnav's arrogant style a bit endearing, but today she wanted to throttle him with her bare hands for saying those words. She shook her head and glared at him, "Woh sirf ek pal ki galti thi aur kuch nahi!..." Arnav cut her off with, "Galti?" Khushi nodded and folded her hands against her chest, "Aapko kya laga Mr. Raizada ki aapko sach maaloom padh gaya yeh jaankar hum khush honge aur aapko maaf kardenge!" Arnav looked confused, "Maafi?" Khushi looked at him with anger filled eyes, "Haan! Maafi! Ek toh itne din humein sirf taane diye, yeh bhi nahi socha ki chalo aake pooche Khushi se ki usne aisa kiya kyun! Aap hi waqil aur aap hi Judge ban gaye! Aapne apna dard dekha aur farmaan suna diya ki hum doshi hain. Ek baar bhi humaari daleel suni?" Arnav looked away from her and then looked back at her with hope, "Bas itni si baat! Main abhi sorry bol deta hoon! I am sorry!" Khushi felt like slapping him. She growled at him, "Bas kijiye! Bas hogaya! Itne taane diye, itna dard diya aur bas ek sorry?" Arnav lost his cool at that last comment. He gritted his teeth and almost grabbed his hair in confusion. He looked at her with crumpled face, "Toh aur kya karoon?" He looked at her pleadingly. Khushi shook her head, "Kuch nahi! Woh angrezi mein kya kehte hai...Haan! You made your bed! Now lie in it!" Khushi turned away but she left Arnav shell-shocked, "What?", he whispered in shock. Khushi turned back and glared at him with hatred filled eyes, "Haan! Ab aapki maafi koi kaam ki nahi! Ab aap ghar jaayiye aur apni aur humaari Di ki shaadi ki tayyaariyaan kijiye!" Khushi turned around to walk to her room. Arnav grabbed Khushi's arm in an attempt to plead to her but Khushi pulled her hand away and growled at him, "Haath mat lagaayiye humein! Yeh adhikaar nahi hai aapko! Bhuliye mat ki hum aapki saali hain honewaali biwi nahi!"


    Arnav and Khushi stood there staring at each other; Arnav with shock and Khushi with anger. But soon Arnav's shock gave away and his anger surged to fore. He grabbed Khushi by her arms and pulled her close, "Samajhti kya ho apne aapko? Maang raha hoon na main maafi? Toh itna attitude kyun dikha rahi ho? Maanta hoon maine galti ki hai! Par maafi maangne ko bhi tayyaar hoon na? Toh phir yeh sab naatak kyun?" While Arnav spoke, Khushi tried to pull herself arms out of his hands. Finally she was able to pull away. She pushed him away from her and he stumbled and fell on the sofa. Khushi towered over him and glared at him, "Bas kijiye aap Mr. Raizada aur yahaan se chale jaayiye! Humein aapki koi baat nahi sunni!" Khushi turned to walk away but Arnav grabbed Khushi's hand. The thing which stopped Khushi was with the way Arnav had grabbed her hand. His touch was gentle as if asking permission rather than the way he had held her earlier, as if he owned her. She felt her heart melt at his tenderness and she turned to look at him. He looked at her pleadingly, "Please Khushi! Maaf kardo mujhe! Aur mujhe apnaa lo! Please! Main waada karta hoon main sab se baat karoonga aur sabko manaa loonga humaari shaadi ke liye! Please!" Khushi shook her head as tears filled her eyes. She smiled at him sadly and spoke in a calm voice, "Nahi Arnavji! Jab humein aapke saath ki jaroorat thi tab aapne humpar bharosa na karke humaari Di ke saath flirt kiya! Aur phir jab humne aapki sagaai Di se hone di tab aapne ek baar bhi humaara nazariya samajhne ki koshish nahi ki! Bas apne aapko sahi maana aur humpar ilzaam laga kar chale gaye! Aapne pyaar kar toh liya Arnavji par pyaar nibhaana nahi seekha! Aapne kabhi humpar bharosa nahi kiya aur bharosa hi woh neev hai jo ek rishte ko saalon saal baandhe rakhta! Jis insaan ko humpe aur humaare pyaar pe bharosa hi nahi unpe hum kya bharosa karein!" She turned away and closed her eyes tightly. She whispered softly, "Jaayiye yahaan se Arnavji! Hum aapko na kabhi maaf kar sakte hain aur na aapse shaadi kar sakte hain! Humaare zindagi ka faisla ho chukka hai! Aapne aapki raah chuni aur humne humaari! Ab hum dono ko usi raaste se chalna hoga! Arnavji..." She turned around to look at him but he was long gone from there and the door of the house was open. She ran outside to look for him and saw him drive away. She turned around and walked inside her house slowly. She closed her door softly. The moment the door was locked she slid down to the floor and started weeping silently. Mujhe maaf kar dijiye Arnavji! Humne is tarah aapka dil dukhaaya! Humne toh aapko kabka maaf kar diyatha ! Aur hum chaahte bhi yahi the ki hum aapke ho jaayein! Par hum kya karte? Humaari shaadi hone ke liye aapko humaari Di se sagaai todni padti! Aur waise hi sagaai tootne par bawaal ho jaata hai par yahaan Shaadi ke itne paas hote hue sagaai ka tootna? Aur woh bhi badi behen se sagaai todke choti behen se shaadi karna! Humaari Di ki zindagi barbaad ho jaati Arnavji! Unki phir se shaadi shaayad hi ho paati Arnavji! Aur hum yeh nahi kar sakte! Kisi aur ki khushiyon ko jalaakar hum apne rishte ko naya naam nahi de sakte! Maaf kar dijiye Arnavji! Humein maaf kar dijiye! And she wept not only for her broken heart but also for Arnav's broken heart!




Place - Geet's Room At Shantivan


      Geet sobbed into her hands as Maan's harsh words repeated in her mind. After talking to Maan or rather accusing Maan of giving up on Soni and facing rejection from him, Geet had gone back to Khurana Constructions as her day had yet to end in the office. But there she could not properly focus on her work and had taken a half day citing headache. When she arrived home, Anjali eagerly served her food but Geet could not eat after the debacle at Maan's home. After playing with the food for a while, she excused herself citing headache and entered her room. From that time to right now, two hours had passed but Geet's tears refused to stop. Maan was her first love and getting rejection from him and that also in such a rude manner had nearly destroyed Geet. As she sat crying on the floor leaning on the bedpost with her knees drawn to her chest and her arms circling her legs, she scolded herself. Kyun? Kyun giri tu us Khurana ke pyaar mein Geet? Tu jaanti thi na ki woh kitne nirdayi hai! Office mein sab pe kitna chillaate hain! Toh phir kyun unse pyar kiya? Tujhe kya laga woh itni aasaani se tere pyaar ko sweekar lenge? But then she stopped scolding and she frowned. Ek minute! She looked on puzzled at a distance. Lekin woh toh Soni se pyaar karte haina aur Soni toh main hoon! Toh phir kyun unhonein mujhse aisi baat kahi? She mused for a while and then shook her head. Nahi! Agar woh mujhse pyaar karte toh yeh nahi kehte ki unhein ab mujhse pyaar nahi! Unhonein aisa kahaa toh shaayad yahi sach hai! Lagta hai iss ek saal mein woh apni Soni ko bhoolke aage badh chuke hain! Aur mujhe aage badhna chaahiye! She wiped her tears and got up from her place. She sat on her bed trying to forget the morning debacle but her mind kept on wondering over the same event.


    Now that Geet had let her emotions out by crying, her mind calmed down and started working; poking around Maan's memories which Geet had in her brain. Geet sat there pensively as she remembered the words written in the diary; the same diary which Geet had carried home in her pain filled daze. As she sat remembering, the words Maan had written in them, the love Maan had filled the words with baffled Geet. Koi insaan jo itna pyar kisiko kar sakta hai woh use itni aasaani se apni zindagi se kaise baahar nikaal sakta hai? Geet was confused. Maan ne toh keh diya tha ki woh mujhse pyar nahi karte aur jis Maan ko maine samjha us diary ko padhkar woh Maan ne toh yeh waada kiya tha ki woh kabhi Soni se pyar karna nahi chodenge! Toh aaj in dono Maan mein itna farak kyun? Aisa kya hogaya is ek saal mein ki us Maan mein aur iss Maan mein itna farak aagaya! Babaji! Mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha! Aap hi madat kardo! As she sat there trying to decipher the reason behind the change between Soni's Maan and Geet's Maan, her eyes fell on her legs and she remembered how Maan had taken care of her leg when she had sprained it. As she touched her ankles softly her eyes fell on her arms and she remembered the time she fell down the stairs and Maan had carried her to his cabin and had dressed her wound. She remembered the look in Maan's eyes; the love in Maan's eyes. She got up with a jerk. NAHI! Maine us din jo unki aankhon mein dekha tha woh jhoot nahi tha! Maan aaj bhi mujhse pyaar karte hain! She sat down again in confusion. Toh phir unhonein aisa kyun kahaa ki woh aage badh chuke hain? Her head felt like it would split into two. What was true? Which version of Maan was true? Today's Maan who rejected her or the Maan she saw in these fifteen days who cared for her and looked at her so tenderly. Then she shook her head. Lekin main yeh jaan ke karungi kya ki kaun sa Maan sach hain? Kyunki sach toh yahi hai na ki Maan mujhse pyaar karein ya na karein unhonein mujhe thukraaya hai! Mere dil ko thukraaya hai! Mere pyaar ko thukraaya hai! Again tears welled up in her eyes as the truth hit her and she started weeping for her broken heart.


    For a while, Geet could not stop sobbing. But when she heard footsteps near her room, she wiped tear tracks on her cheeks and tried to act normal. She did not want anyone to know what she had been through recently. Seated on the bed, Geet craned her neck to have a look at the person nearing her room. Soon, Aakash came into her view. He was talking on the phone when suddenly he stopped right in front of her door and listened to the person on the other side.  As he heard the other person, the expression on his face transformed from pleasant to grim and serious. He replied back, "Dekhiye Mr. Rana! Aap samajh nahi rahe hain! Mujhe woh hall kisi bhi keemat par us fashion show ke liye booked chaahiye! Samjhe aap! Aap bhool rahe hain ki aap ek Raizada se baat kar rahe hain! And a Raizada always gets what a Raizada wants! Aur bhale hi main apne Bhai ke strict nahi hoon par main unka hi bhai hoon! Ek Raizada kitna ziddi hota hai yeh baat aap mere Bhai se seekh hi chuke honge! Toh aap yeh baat na bhoolein toh behtar hoga!" As he completed his speech, he cut the phone and stalked away.


    Geet sat in her place stunned as Aakash's words reverberated through her brain, "And a Raizada always gets what a Raizada wants!" "Ek Raizada kitna ziddi hota hai yeh baat aap mere Bhai se seekh hi chuke honge!" As the words kept on repeating in her head, she got up and closed the door of her room not wanting for anyone to see her in this state. She sat on her bed again thinking about the words she heard, "And a Raizada always gets what a Raizada wants!" Suddenly, she saw a shadow on her left and turned to look at it. She was shocked to see a girl looking exactly like her, dressed in a traditional Salwar Kameez standing in front of her with a small smile on her face. Her hair was plaited and she wore plain Jhumkas in her ears. She blushed and spoke so softly that Geet had to strain her ears to listen clearly, "Main Geet hoon! Geet Handa! Woh ladki jise tum peeche chod aayi thi jab tumne yeh kahaa ki tum Geet Handa nahi Geet Raizada ho!" Geet looked at her in shock. Suddenly, she saw someone move to her right side and she turned to see another Geet standing there. This Geet was openly smiling, with not a tinge of shyness which the other Geet displayed. She was dressed in designer Chudidaar and her neck, ears and hands were adorned with branded designer jewellery. Her hair was left open. This Geet smirked at her and she spoke with confidence shining from her words to her posture, "Main bhi Geet hoon! Geet Raizada! Woh ladki jise Raizada parivaar ne apnaakar itna pyaar diya ki main ek dari hui, sehmi hui aur sharmaati hui ladki se ek confident, modern and outspoken ladki bani!" Geet Handa spoke up giving the real Geet a sweet tender smile, "Ab tum tey karlo ki tum kaun ho!" The Geet on the right nodded, "Haan Geet! Tum decide karo! Tum kaunsi Geet ho!" The real Geet, who till now was looking at the mirages in shock, stood up, "Yeh kaisa sawaal hai! Main Geet hoon! AD ki Baby! Veere ki favorite behen! AB ki motor mouth, MJ Aur PJ ki ek lauti beti aur DJ ki poti!" The Geet on the right raised her eyebrow eerily looking like Arnav, "Are you sure? Kyunki tum jis tarah Maan ke ek rejection sunke aise ganga jamuna bahaa rahi ho, tum Geet Raizada kam Geet Handa jyaada lag rahi ho!" The real Geet looked at her confused. Geet Raizada pointed her hand at Geet Handa, "Woh ladki jo dekh rahi ho!", the real Geet looked at Geet Handa. The Geet on the right continued, "Woh ek chote gaon ki ladki hai jo itni darpok thi ki chote chote baat par roti thi! Lekin Main...", Geet looked to her right and Geet Raizada shrugged, "Main roti nahi! Main action leti hoon kyunki main ek Raizada hoon and as Veere said What a Raizada wants that a Raizada gets'! Ab tum sochlo tum kaun ho! Itni si baat pe haar maankar rone waali Geet Handa ya apne pyaar ke liye ladne waali Geet Raizada!" She winked at real Geet and vanished away. Geet looked at her left but even Geet Handa had vanished. Geet was in shock at what she had heard. She understood what her brain and conscience was trying to explain to her but it was taking her a while to digest the words.




Place - Arnav's Room At Shantivan


   Arnav was in shock as he sat in his room. He had driven home in shock and had successfully avoided his family.  Now sitting in his room, he did not know what to do next. As he sat there, he remembered the gift Khushi had given him few days before his engagement. He got up and opened the drawer of a nearby table. He pulled out the gift she had given him; the idol of her Devi Maiyya. He held it in his hands and stared at it for a while. When he spoke his voice was filled with anguish and pain, "Jaanti ho tum! Main tumhein nahi maanta! Nahi maanta ki tum exist karti ho! Jab chota tha tab maanta tha! Par jab tumne mere Mom Dad ko mujhse cheen liya aur meri Di aur mujhe beghar kar diya main samajh gaya ki tum exist nahi karti! Tum ho hi nahi! Par Khushi tumpe vishwaas karti hai! Aankh band karke vishwaas karti hai! Toh maine socha ek baar main bhi tumse baat karke dekhloon. Atleast kisiko apni dil ki baat bataakar thoda relieved toh feel karoonga!" He got up from his seat and continued talking to Devi Maiyya while pacing the room eager to get all his frustration and annoyance out at once, "You know main Khushi se bahut pyaar karta hoon! I love her like crazy! And I know that she too loves me. Par woh mujhe maaf hi nahi kar rahi! Main kya karoon? Tumhi bataao ki main aisa kya karoon ki woh meri zindagi mein waapis aa jaaye! Tum toh Devi Ma hona! Toh bolo na kya karoon?", Arnav pleaded the idol but the idol remained quiet. He sat on the bed and placed her on the coffee table in front of him as anger coursed through him, "BOLO! Bhagwaan bolte haina tumhein? Meri problem solve karo! Meri sagaai ho chuki hai!" He raised his left hand showing the Goddess the ring, "See? Ab main kya karoon? I am engaged to her sister but I want Khushi as my wife! KYA KAROON?" He got up from the bed and went to his poolside, "I can't loose her Devi Ma! I can't! Just tell me what to do! Just tell me!" He roared suddenly, "JUST TELL ME DAMMIT!" He turned to look at the idol with anger, "Par tum kya bologi? Tum toh sirf ek patthar ki murat ho! Aur kuch nahi! Koi jaan nahi tum mein! Koi Bhagwaan nahi!" He looked back at the poolside. Tears welled up in his eyes and he went to sit back on the bed. But while sitting he slipped and sat on the floor with a thud. But instead of getting up, he sat there and tears slipped from his eyes for his confused brain, broken heart and aching soul.






Arnav and Geet make their decision while Maan and Khushi get away from Dilli!



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Woo hoo it seems I will be able to do this today

Thank god you split it into two2and that means more for us to read

You are the best for sure

Well lets see how their decision helps them out

Hmmm raizadas hain agar apni zidd poori nahin ki toh kya faiyada

Though it still wont be easy for them

It has to be done anyway

But if not maan khushi should make it hard for him

She don't have to right after all he will do that himself

He usually does don't he

Ahhh and no one saw him crying for his love

Weird but he was outside to be fair

And except maan no one knows of arhi love story either

Geet did but she forgot all that

So no one but he can help him now

What with maan being too busy avoiding his love

What will you say to her now

And will that stop her from going

Somehow the talks aren't gonna be enough

But guess at least they should talk about this right

That's the least that can be done now

And it will only strengthen his resolve to get his love back

Will she listen to you now

After all that happened mate

But yes the wedding has to be stopped

As like we all know it will ruin too many lives

And whats the point of that

Its better they stop it before three of them regret it later

As after they get married (which of curse wont happen) they cant do anything about it either right

Back to where he came from

And still buaji aint back hain

What did she go to bring man that's taken her tis long I wonder

Aww poor thing rona hi likha hai aaj kal inki zindagi mein

But not after this right

So am gonna not feel too bad about her

Ahhh she is all ready to go huh

Seems arnie will be in time to talk to her

That's all he will be able to do though

Trust me its been long and now she notices

To think had instead of arnie some thief had come then what

But no inko toh khabar hi nahin thi

Arnie while talking about other things can you also ask her to be more vigilant

Kya pata koi kuch karr de aapki khushi ko agar yeh aise hi apni duniya mein khoyi rahi

Sorry had to add that don't know why

Now she is thinking is she

Well better late than never in this case

Someone did come and go also

Again you didn't know dear

She has gotta be more alert yaar

Ahhh and he comes and just in time

Or is it at wrong time

So he is here is he cool

Well wouldn't you wanna know why he is here

He will tell ya himself why he is here

Don't worry nothing to worry about too much

Well it is but has to be said and done at least

Nope not this time no taunting warna iski toh aisi ki taisi

Sorry for threatening arnav but he needs it

Dude scare her more why don't ya

Ufff kya karein but then this is him naa

Ab pyaar kiya toh darna kya

Cant believe I just said that

Yup he sure is scaring the hell outta her

Hmmm that he is anyway good at somethings cant change

Though I wish once she too scares him but in different way

Well if she wont be fearful of your actions of closing the door what else will she do

You are the one who did this to her

Had you tried to know the reason why a year ago this wouldn't happen

Sorry sweetie he knows

Not that it canges things much

Well some day he would know and the sooner the better

Not only for you two but la as well

Really you think he will believe you now

After knowing everything he wanna rectify it if possible ASAP

Acha tab yeh understanding kahan thi when he misunderstood her

Why didn't he realise then why she did this

Ab bade aaya hai inhe janne waale

Toh kaun sa bada teer maar liya

You only know cause she told you while talking to herself

Otherwise you yourself would never have known mate

Khud toh pata karne ki koshish nahin ki

Hmmm I know all happy that he don't hate you anymore

But he is still engaged to your sister

That still needs to be worked out

But cant begrudge her some happiness there can we now

After so long she got her happiness

Let her enjoy it for now

Hmmm aww that was cute

Let them be with one another for now

Before she realises that technically nothing has changed

That will be sad to see

But what to do ehhh

Aww she missed his soothing presence

Well so did he though he tried to ignore it am sure

Haiyye seeing them like that is bliss

But this wont last too long

And when it does please let it be only after he is made to pay a bit for making her cry so much

Wow she sure forgot everything being in his embrace

Wonder what shall break this spell

And she snaps outta it

And realises who she is with and what she is doing

And once again the dream is broken

But not for too long I hope

Oh dear she is gonna push him away right

But this time you cant give in to her no matter what

Dude I thoguth you knew her well

Even then that question

Sweetie you know your afreen was bound to do that

If she didn't well she wouldn't be herself

Ahhh so many days since he called her afreen

Trust me when you come to know whats going on in her min d that smile will be wiped again

Ahhh loved how she was being sarcastic

Well yes it wont be that easy

Warna mazaa kaisa

Abhi toh khoob papad belne padenge

And she isn't wrong to say all this

Just because you know the truth things cant change just like that

Did I say that before dang memory is bad man

Love it when she shocks him don't you

Excuse me again who is he to freaking forgive her

Whats with this guy still all me, me it is with him

When pray tell me it will be about them both

Dude don't be your arrogant self

It isn't helping well what with her murderous thoughts of course they aren't

What he is saying is the truth though

But then neither can he live without her

Or did he forget that bit

Guess I have to give it to you dear you have fulfilled my wish again

Oh come on she should just forget it all

All those taunts and mean things he said about her

She is right why didn't he come ask her why she did what she did

But no he was being mulish there

Yes I loved this fiery side of her

And all she said is so true

Why didn't you ask her arnie answer her that

I know right he remembered his hurt but what about hers

And you think a sorry will cut it

Will it sooth her heart of all those vile things you said about her

Hell no it doesn't

And if he thinks it does then he has another thing coming for sure

Not his anger again

Dude you ruin things with your anger

Like you did a year ago

Yaar yeh kaam bannane ke bajaye bigadte jyada hain

No really he does

Aww baby just loved those lines from ya khushi

What apt words those were yaar

Haiyye am totally happy with this side of hers

She sure showed him that he may be ASR but she aint no less

Hah beat that dude bade aaye sab theek karne

Arrey waah ab bade plead karr rahe hain tab nahin inpe raham aa raha tha when you were taunting her

Wow she sure gave it to him

Am so prud of her right now

You have lost your rights on her mate

And you did push her futher all by yourself

Didn't I say you would regret doing this to her and that time has finally come yipeee

Please don't do something you will regret again in your anger mate

She is right in her place too mate if you are

Abbey who maafi thi

Aur kyun naa de tujhe attitude didn't you do the same to you

After all she is your lady love and maan's sister toh attitude toh banta hai

He thinks all this is drama hey kushi ki DM save him will ya though he cant be saved can he

You tell him dear that you aren't some toy

Jab mann kiya khele aur jab mann kiya chod diya

Hadh hai yaar

When you weren't ready to listen to her why should she naa its only fair mate

Hmm changed his tactics did he

Good he pleaded not ordered

But am so sorry dude that wont change her mind either

By the way who would have thought he would actually plead to her

I didnt see that coming you surprised me there cool

It aint that easy is it

And with your temper I think you might just screw it all up

Guess your actions made her lose her trust on you

And she don't wanna trust you when you didn't

This is called as karma

Ek time tha she hoped you would understand and needed you now its your turn

That was naughty of you to flirt with her sister like that just cause she didn't pay attention to him and hence ruins things by himself too

She is so right

He did fall in love but he sure didn't know how to keep that love intact

Was his love only this much that he didn't even once think of things from her pov

Yes trust and communication both are necessary in any relationship

He didn't trust her or communicate with her as to why she did what she did

See it from her pov now you didn't think for just once what she went through when yo said those things to her

How would you have felt had she said the same and you know you would do what she did

Hmmm can she really trust him to keep her heart safe again

To not break it like he did a year ago

Come on you should know this aint easy for her try to understand her but don't give up either

Ahhh who would have thought she would say that to him that their ways are separate but he forced her to didn't

Once again he didn't listen to her fully

When is he gonna stop doing that urgggh he makes me so mad sometimes

So she did forgive him should have known

She has too big heat sometimes man

But she cant make her life better at cost of her older sisters

If its possible for him to make sure neither la suffer nor they then that will be perfect can you do that arnav hope you can

How can she knowingly ruin her sister's life

If she did she wouldnt be happy and if she isn't you wont be either

You cant build your own happiness at stake of other can you it will only make you more guilty

Come now even arnav wouldn't want that

But that don't mean you give up if you do then where the hell is that ASR who gets what he wants

I might be mad at arnav but he is the one for khushi nonetheless

Geet time now weee

Poor baby is crying after maan rejection

Oyye kudiya rona mat time aa gaya hai aapko maan ko dikhane ka ki geet raizada kya hai

Aww poor thing isn't faring well after his rejection this is sad seeing her like this

Geet ab sirf aap hi hain jo sab theek karr sakti hain

Not only for yourself but for maan too

Please don't lose courage

You are much stronger than that we know you are

And I know you know that too and will find solution to this too

Oh dear you had to fall for MSK not maan cause MSK side of his is more prominent

And after the whole soni debacle MSK is back

So if you fell for MSK then you really love him

I know he seems to be mean and all but he isn't dear

Jo cheez asani se mil jaaye usmein mazaa kya geet

Good she realised that she is soni so why did he reject her

Seem she is getting there aint she

No dear that's not what you should be thinking

Koi apna phela pyaar itni asani se bhul jaye

And when that love had reached to the level it did

Surely you cant believe him in fact he gave you clues as to why he cant love ya dear focus on that sweetie

I know she will get it and soon why he did what he did

Ahh am glad she is thinking rationally

Hmmm well she should do right

He cant let go of that love

Not at all is it possible is it dear

Well that was maan this is MSK that's one difference

Another would be that he has closed off his emotions being MSK but of course he cant run from love

He couldn't when he fell for soni and he wont when he falls for geet

No change dear but he is showing it to  be

He still cares for you why else would he be worried for your well being but is just hiding it well

Of course he loves you dear

And he will never stop but he wont show it to you either

You shall have to make him show you his love

Make him believe that you wont leave him

That you will be with him forever this time and voila maan will be yours again

Please aage badh chuke hain

What rubbish that is dear

The maan who cared for you is the true one

This one was just pretending to distance himself from you but you don't go away from him

Wow that's more like it

This is what we wanted and we got it thanx sweetie

Waise she has to have her answers too

After all she is heart broken too

Seems all are heart broken okay one exaggerates there but you know what and who I mean I hope course you do

Her veere is here

Man I missed this guy

At the moment sirf inki love story qayamat hai

Baki dono stories that started with his are in jeopardy

Whats up with aki I wonder

Loved him there

He too is a raiazada after all

So what he dosnt show that side of his

He sure gave her an idea there and hopefully that arnav too

Come on buck up there geet arnav get what you want after all you are raizadas

See geet this is what you gotta do too

You have to make that man confess his feelings for you again

Loved aki there man

He just gave her such good advice without knowing he did

Come on dear you are a raizada time to show what a raizada can do when they want to

Hmmm guess she needed to see the changes in her

She aint geet handa but geet raizada

But confident you can do this

Come on who do you wanna be geet handa aur geet raizada

You can see the difference between them

Come on you have the confidence to get his love back

Hmmm her inner self is right you know

There is more of that raizada streak in you than handa

You cant give up now

Come on she is telling you what you should do chose to be geet raizadas and you shall get what you want please chose her

Geet raizada who shall fight for her love and win too

Come on you know you will chose raizada version she will for sure

And we will know what she does as geet raizada

 Uff here is our devdas it seems

Ufff yeh toh kuch zyada hi shock mein rehete hain aaj kal

What to do with him

Snap outta it will ya

Seems someone too needs to tell him he is a raizada

Aww he is fighting with God well they did give you your happiness

But what to do when you yourself reject that happiness and love

There is only so much She can do

Haven't you heard the saying God helps those who help themselves

So you gotta do that too mate

Dude you could have told geet or your di but guess that isn't possible but geet is

Well where was this love when you didn't trust her arnie

And we thoguth you could do anything

Isn't that what you keep saying surely this too you can do

Don't lose her work on getting her back

And also make sure that la don't suffer either

That isn't too hard if you really want her as your wife after all ASR can do anything right

Wow just loved seeing him like this

I know might sound sadistic there

But till he is pushed to a limit only then he does something

He wants khushi then get her

No way should he stop just cause she isn't ready to forgive him

Well my dear man its time to take your life back in your hands

Don't let fate rule you again

Grab a chance to bring her nack in your life

Only you can help yourself and her in this

You know you can do it just like geet is getting she can

Come on raizadas siblings I dare you both to get what you want

Cheers for pm

What a dhamakedar update dear

Though it was angsty but it will show them a way forward right

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What a Raizada wants is what a Raizada gets! no doubt :D
Go conquer the world Geet and Arnav ;)

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